Sponge Bob: The Masonic Episode


The only thing Squidward wants in the world is to be back in the Cephalopod Lodge, a secret society for fish with tentacles. This is not the first time a Sponge Bob cartoon refers to Freemasonry. This also reminds me a lot to this Tom and Jerry Episode.


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This is the reason I stopped watching this show. Its loaded with illuminati references like this. As soon as this episode came out I knew SpongeBob was a bad program to watch.



here's a vid i just made with illuminati/masonry references.


hey does anyone remember the simpsons episode when homer tried to get into the secret club that no one would speak about to him i bet they have alot of scary things in that one


Hey VC in the new G.I. Joe Renegades , there is a episode where the Joes on the run find a religious society group that worship the llight and had prymids, all seeing eye and all that stuff. Now this show protrayed the light as mind controlling and bad and all the folks in there were transformed when they saw the light . They were mind controlled and brainwashed by it . the light and the temples were bad in this episode a.

The reason I bring this episode up is because after it aired, the series was put on hiatus …


This is how to disguise p**n in cartoons for the kids.

Long Distance

So they're introducing secret societies to kids in this episode as they have introduced fast food, love, entertainment, driving, tanning, flying, partying, in a lot others.

It's not a subtle reference but a clear Secret Society episode. What's secret about it? Nothing. I see no harming at all. I think there's a bit of over-reaction.


awwww. i used to love spongebob.. :((

Here's a new one for you, VC…enjoy.



thanks for mentioning this. In another episode, I don't know if you saw it but Patrick and Spongebob were "BLOOD THIRSTY" and they actually drank BLOOD with straws. Imagine what is being fed to our kids

AND remember Fred Flinstone and Barney Rubble attended the Water Buffalo Lodge ?

With the horned hats?

The signs (and symbols) have been around a really long time…


I think whats most interesting to me is the fact that never do they even go near the subject of what Squidward's lodge actually does and exists for. You'd think at some point Spongebob would ask "soo what do you do in the lodge?" or "what is the lodge?" but they just brush that aside.

They'll show themselves and be okay with us knowing they are there, they will never tell us the truth.


What truth to tell us. Imagine every twisted and horrible thing and they're behind it. You just have to look into their dead eyes. Their eyes mirror their dead souls. They're everywhere, fashion, entertainment, music, politics and banking. We're into NWO already, look at the havoc, the wars, the drug smuggling, the lack of ethos in everything. The pedos and drug dealers get away with a slap on the wrist. And they live long lives to inflict more terror on normal people.


Yeah I remember seeing and being disturbed by this, and my nephew was watching it!! He's not allowed to watch such things.

free one

vg please i want u 2 talk about the illuminati card game which has predicted some events


To all those of you who are demanding that this show be taken off air, get a grip. It's a cartoon, and it's a damn funny cartoon. My nieces and nephews love this show and they wouldn't understand or give a damn about the symbolism. I was also exposed to many Disney films as a child, and here I am now at 20 years of age, an avid fan of this website. You're taking things to the extreme. Kids are allowed to be silly – that's part of what being a kid is about! Spongebob forever! Hahaha 😀


I'm disappointed with Tom & Jerry. I couldn't give a flying fig for Sponge. I never liked that trash and Simpsons. Snoopy was good.


Makes me sad because I really used to love this programme

Further evidence in:

Arthur – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yVFaYdo6A0

& Tom & Jerry – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8hSvacxqR1o

Sporty Spice

Someone on this site did a break down of every Sponge Bob character and what they represent in American society (eg. Sponge Bob as the classic American, Patrick as the stereotypical American, etc)

For some reason, this episode made me think of Ren & Stimpy, who were kings of the new agenda back in the 90s along with stoners Beavis and Butthead.


DO you have the link to that breakdown? Sooo interesting Id like to take a look


Why was S wearing underwear and it was a huge deal but yet he puts a shirt on and had NO underwear on. I'll never understand cartoons.

Of course I see the obvious symbolism. But a child won't. Most average children don't even know what a secret society is or what Freemason's are. So, gimme a break, when you say your child or sister, etc won't be watching this cartoon anymore. Are you gonna take every show they enjoy away from them? iCarly. Hannah Montana (if it still plays reruns), and whatever else they enjoy. There is a catch to every show out there. Kids aren't reading these articles. So, I highky doubt they are aware.

You can shelter children as much as you want. But you won't stop them from learning about the world and it's way. They will grow. They will acquire knowledge. They will form opinions. And they will live their lives. You can cover their eyes and ears all you want. But ultimately you can't control EVERYTHING they see, hear, think, and do.


A child won't see the symbolism, but would you really want a programme influenced by these people to be able to influence your child or a young family member?

The fact that children don't see the symbolism is even worse as it affirms that the show does not include masonic influence as a joke, as what child would understand it, but as a way to indoctrinate the children.


The initiation with the Jellyfish and eal makes me think of FightClub with the chemical burn. The history behind the ceremony, the self inflicted torture to show loyalty and conviction, and entering a higher level of "illumination" and consciousness over those who you have now surpassed.


My electric shock nightmare at the hands of the CIA's evil doctor

By Celia Imrie

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1372700


No… Spongebob as well?! T_T


A lot of people's dads are Freemasons so most kids are probably semi-aware of them. This IS poking fun at secret societies, not glorifying them. Plenty of children's shows contain references that kids won't get so they will have crossover appeal to adult or teen viewers.



The bit on the RFID microchips freaks me out the most!!!


Considering that Plankton is a one-eyed plankton married to a computer and he's always trying to dominate Bikini Bottom, even turning everyone into slaves in the movie…

Also, I have always noticed that Spongebob is like a brainwashed slave. He was very happy when Mr Krabs made the Krusty Krabs a 24-hour joint because he can work more hours. He will even work without pay.

And of course there's that episode when Squidward supposedly turned into an ice cream and Spongebob and Patrick had to go to the magic shop. That magic shop was full of symbols.

I guess I watch too much of this stuff.


now i can say i've seen it all