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SOPA and PIPA Postponed…But Not Cancelled



SOPA and PIPA Postponed...But Not Cancelled


I am not a fan of big, over-the-top statements, but it is safe to say that the future of the internet is currently being decided. Will it remain a haven of free speech or will it become another tool of governmental and corporate control? A “fight for the internet” is taking place. On January 19th, the FBI shut down the popular file sharing site Megaupload while anti-SOPA protests took to the streets and the world wide web (you might have noticed that Wikipedia’s blackout). In case you didn’t know, SOPA and PIPA give the US government unprecedented authority to shut down websites without prior notice (see the article I published about SOPA back in November for more information).

Seeing that an overwhelming majority of internet users oppose this legislation and that its potential enactment has caused nothing less than a major uproar in the internet world, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid used an old trick: He postponed the vote for SOPA, which was scheduled for January 24th, to a later date, hoping that the negative publicity surrounding the vote would die down. As you know, voting for ridiculous law in a context of general indifference is the elite’s favorite way of proceeding. It is up to us to stay vigilant, to not forget about this awful piece of legislation and to make sure our voices are heard until SOPA and PIPA are thrown in the garbage – where they belong. Here’s an article about the postponing of SOPA and PIPA.

Senator Reid: PIPA Vote Postponed

The anti-SOPA Day of Protest ripples continue to spread. On Friday morning, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) put the brakes on a PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) cloture vote. The vote was originally scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 24.

“In light of recent events, I have decided to postpone Tuesday’s vote on the PROTECT IP Act,” said Reid in a statement Friday morning.

In a cloture vote, the Senate decides whether or not to end debate on a bill and bring it forward for a final up-or-down vote. For such a vote to be successful, three-fifths of the Senate (or 60 Senators) must vote in the positive.

Sen. Reid previously said that “we need to work on this and we’re going to — I will hope we can have a manager’s amendment when we get back here in a week or 10 days and move forward on this. It’s important that we try to do this on a fair basis and I’m going to do everything I can to get that done” during a Jan. 15 interview on NBC’s Meet the Press.

On Wednesday, major websites such as Wikipedia and Reddit went dark to protest PIPA and its sister bill in the House of Representatives, the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). Facebook and Google, which came out against SOPA and PIPA in a public letter written late last year, provided users with information about the bills and contact information for elected officials. Google also launched an online petition, which gathered over 7 million signatures by Thursday morning.

SOPA and PIPA made it into the CNN-Southern Republican presidential debate Thursday night, with each candidate denouncing the bills to some extent.

Supporters of the two bills consider PIPA and SOPA necessary new tools in the fight against online piracy and copyright infringement. Opponents claim they give excessive power to copyright holders and the federal government, and that they risk making the Internet slower and less secure while also stifling online freedom of speech and digital innovation.

Do you think it’s good that the Senate is taking more time to consider PIPA? Let us know in the comments below.

– Source: Mashable


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I bet it's Walt Disney's greatest scheme ever


this changes make people think about going back to basics….no internet, no mobile phones,no tv, no fashion industry…etc…just the simple life that was once….


Eish! Freedom? All this talk of freedom. Freedom left long ago, when two or three gathered together and called themselves a huddle, a family, a clan, a tribe, a nation state and left behind a delusional, pathetic mob, who bleet incessantly on about being free. Forget it, you are all too soft in the middle to recognize freedom if it smacked you in the gob and pissed on you. The Lords of all of you control everything already. What they have to convince you of is that you are still free – which isn't difficult. It is time to saunter back into the forest, climb into a bloody bearskin and go berserk! It is time to get mad. Mad people are free!

Lavantavius R

this doesn't just affect Americans this affects everyone.

Jaquie Ang

i think the reason why it is postponed is because they HAVE to WIN THE ELECTION first. hahahaha!! after winning, then they can resume the fate of the SOPA. 🙂 if they decide to approve of it now, they won't get the votes of the people. hehe. my take on this issue. it is election season, is it not?


Apparently these kinds of laws are popping up around the world…


Not at all glad that it's postponed. The senate clearly sees the opposition of many people, both from the internet and the real world. This is like the 'calm before the storm'. They're waiting for the fanfare around SOPA and PIPA to die down so that when they get around to vote for it, there wouldn't be a big uproar about it. Just get over it senators and just vote against the bills!

A bit unrelated to my piece but I think these bills are the US gov't's way of controlling the world, since most sites are based in the US. Just saying.

Sharfaraj Mowla

I hate Sopa & Pipa.

Illuminati Agenda

They clearly don't need 'SOPA' or 'PIPA' – they'll just come and smash you door down and steal all your stuff regardless, as we've seen recently with megaupload.


i don't mean to be mister negative or pessimistic,but isn't this an inevitable occurence?i mean mustn't the great dream of sir. francis bacon come into true fruition by the establishment of a new world order,where there are the perfected men,the military class and the altruisitic herd that is to be ruled for the greater good of the cumulative society?in my opinion,this sopa thing will eventually become law and the majority of people won't really care about it,i mean come on,sure we as the public are powerful,but everytime you see the elite orchestrate something to fullfill their needs it seldom fails (9 11 anyone?)so if they could do something as powerful as that and dupe us into believing it was the act of "an extremist terrorist" what's to stop them from passing a document that's purely draconian?a sudden crisis at a convenient timing to ensure that the public remains calm when such measures are taken looks like the best way to go for them,i'm just saying.a sudden widespread internet crisis…but i don't know, i'm just guessin away.


I am not certain what to think….is this just a way of the elite tightening the screws slowly to get us under full control? I have a feeling it is more of a…."Look over here while we do some worse damage over there"


maybe this may seem weird but…i dont know but when it comes to"observing people" and "mass control' ,i feel like i 'm having a deja vu. it's that strange feeling that i feel like this happened to me once,iin a very distant time. maybe i'm crezy. but i truly had to speak my mind and where else i could have done that if here on vigilant citizen? try to understad,i didn't make this comment to attract any attention or smth else, it's just a very nasty and weird feeling… mind control,fear,medicines,mind intoxication and subliminal messages – i wear the god i have a deja vu on these. i'm 22 and had started feeling this since i was 15-16….i dont know what to say anymore…your comments will be welcome:) be aware ,take care and stay vigilant

kamakazzze mindstate

This is for you people thinking the 'illuminati' is not controlling the truth movement and injecting new age beliefs:

Please repost this image in the forum.

Grandmasters thinking 15 steps ahead and the sheep can barely think 3 steps ahead.

Step your mental game up.


I will only say: I agree with Aurelia.


Have a nice day


I'm sure the Illuminati is smiling somewhere………………………

This is what they want. Ahem.


Fuck the us Government this takes alot of aour freedoms away

maru. the free ant

I want to go to Washington DC and kick some ass!


i'm sorry but why wasn't there any protests when NDAA came in exactly? Surely that is more important than the sodding internet. I mean yeah sure the internet is great for freedoms but it's useless if you're behind bars for apparently being a threat to national security, aka the rich.

i mean the only reason wikipedia, google etc. are getting angry about it is because they lose money, they're not doing it for the same reasons as us, come on people! i think it's more important that we protest against NDAA, concidering that is the most threatening law they've got atm.


The NDAA bill didn't get much attention in the mainstream media. It was passed on Christmas eve if I'm not mistaken, so not much people were aware of what was going on until it was too late. Many bills get passed on the eves of big celebrations because TPTB know no one is paying much attention during those times.

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