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28 Comments on "Snuggly the Security Bear: Wiretapping is about Love!"

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Creeps me out….. Like A LOT

lol these are some dark times we live in. and it is already happening everthing in that video has been done pretty much give or take a few details. the NWO motto should be ''guilty until proven innocent.'' ( and even then we can frame you.)

Since when is Saudi Arabia safe?

This is seriously the best thing I have seen in a while. It puts my thoughts into perspective so now I can show my friends and family WHY it is NOT okay to accept this!

Oh sheeeeeeesh.

…. (continuing your reply) …Y'all; twas a dream!

This definitely is the future,in friendlier terms

God help us… I already feel shackled.

There are chemtrails in the sky around 0:16.

Nah! Those are CON-trails. Please use "common sense". LOL!

do you know chemtrails?

do you know sarcasm?

Personally, I prefer Pedobear. 😉

Wow, this has me scared…I hope it dosen't happen though….I'd loose my mind!

Sorry Rockie,Echelon has been around for years. It covers email,sms,fax,internet,and phone/cell calls.

this isn't real. someone just made it for fun. jeez i believe vigilant but alot of the time he doesn't tell aboutthe real source, and adds fake stuff.

Someone made this to denounce the fact that everything is Wiretapped…Did VG write somewhere that it was per say, on tv? Did he say it was a new publicity stunt launched by the government? No… He just found the video and tought it was well made and intelligent, so he shared it on his website… There's nothing fake there my friend…


What your really saying is"i'm not smart enough to get the joke".

VC isn't adding something "fake". It's just someone trying to show people who don't read articles or listen to radio shows like Prison Planet and Infowars what is actually going on. He was just sharing something not trying to say the government made it for television.

not to be in-your-face too, but the person who did that KNEW that something like that would happen. it's supposed to be a joke. He even used the all-seeing eye on the satellites at 1:12, so he knew something's up.

Ha ha ha ah!! Notice the chemtrails in the sky at around :20.

that was good xD

Lol this was funny.

Hahaha! xD

Umm… WTF?

If I didn't know better, I would think that they're making fun of someone. Seriously it's so out in the open..

somewhere on top!

Soon this is really how it's goin to be!