Snoop Dogg on Conspiracy Theories (video)


Ever wondered what was Snoop Dogg’s stance on vaccines, wireless chips, 2012 and government involvement in drug trafficking?

…Me neither.

But, after watching this video, I can’t help but say: Snoop got some interesting insights and I pretty much agree with everything he says.

Don’t watch if offended by profanity or weird hats.

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Snoop Dogg is full of crap. Watch the video on youtube where him and Tupac are in suits and Tupac is talking about uniting the black community. Snoop Dogg just sat there with this blank stare on his face. That man KNEW Tupac was going to die soon. Snoop had info about what was going to happen to Tupac. Tupac was the only rapper in that entire group that was trying to distance himself from the negative image that was being bestowed uolpon the blacl community. The Illuminati knew that Tupac had a MAJOR influence on not only young black youths but youths in general. They were afraid that with his speeches he was conducting around that time, that blacks would wake up and leave all the drugs, gun violence, and negative stuff alone and progress to a much more wise, positive, professional attitude. As a result, they killed him….killed… Read more »

Lions dont kill deers snoop, you see we dont have deers in Africa lol

Only Snoop can be "who he is" and still play golf with Lee Iaccoca and be invited to Prince Williams bachelor party. He's got some charm…

P.S. He sold his soul to the Devil, (Murder was the case -video-) why is he offering up this info?

my audio isnt working 🙁

@Tom To answer your question…

"Keep it real" is a frais used in hiphop meaning being honest. There are many various way of saying it. [keep it 100, keeping it real ect] its not about using profanity to keep it real its telling it like it is. Its just slang. Started late 70's early 80's.

Hiphop back then has ALWAYS been about struggling. The West coast is what made gaster rap in the 90's. Now its just a bunch of garbage there speaking about clothes and money all the same different beat. No one speaks about the struggle if they do its under ground. I dont like corny rappers such as DRAKE and NIKKI.

right now im blasting immortal technique.

hope it answered your question

I do not believe him. He also sold his soul:

In fact, I think that the fascistic new world order image that alex jones and co. are showing us, is only there, that we fight against it, so we will not notice that we are getting infiltrated at the same time by the new age religion / spirituality.

I think that we will have a hard time to fight against it, but their real goal is that humanity wins over them to reunite the world under the new age religion. When we won, we think, that we have done it, but in fact it was only a deception.

That is my opinion…

The one video, snoop actually looks sober! I've always like him! I don't know why.. he's just always stood out! (I don't even listen to rap.. can't stand it!) But I agree with everything he's saying.

first, snoop dogg was high. plain and simple. but some of the theories that he spoke of in his commentary does give me pause to think and ask the question 'what if there is truth to it'. there were also some things that he spoke of that are true. for example, the theory on flu shots is not a theory but a given. nine of ten, if you go get a flu shot, you will get the flu. now according to what i was told when i was fighting breast cancer, every last one of us have that 'cancer' gene in our bodies but it often lies dormant and it only takes something to trigger it and to cause it to manifest and turn into the disease. it is the same thing with these flu shots. you can be totally healthy and then you go get the flu shot and… Read more »
Hey VC maybe its time you have a section on false truthers….there are LOADS AND LOADS out there. These people are the worst, worse than anybody else. In fact I can think of some people on top of my head Oprah Winfrey, Noam Chomsky, Martin Basheer, David Icke and ALL his cronies, most the people that appear on CNN, BBC, et al that appear to be giving an ''independent'' view, Dan Brown, JK Rowling, theres so many of them but you need a section on them because they're causing some confusion amongst people. Also all those interesting ''religious'' people that appear on TV, the entire Mormon church in America, most the ''celebrity endorsers'', all the members save a few from all the royal families, especially the ones in Europe, but including the ones outside of Europe, all the leading members of the Vatican, including the Pope, All the religious, political,… Read more »

Snoop makes good beats though stick to making music.

What-ever dude. Snoop is a complete sell-out. He also has no idea what he's even talking about. ''Lions eat deers, theres more deers''. Well its not about the natural order and cycles present in the heirarchy of the animal kingdom anymore, its about human interference in every single aspect of the natural environment….FOR THEIR OWN ADVANTAGE. We're not actually supposed to interfere with these things let alone manipulate them, DESTROY ENTIRE SPECIES, DESTROY BILLIONS OF SPECIES BEFORE THEY CAN EVEN EXIST (Read a few reports on whats going on in the Amazon from independent environmentalists if you can't believe this), We are literally CHANGING THE STRUCTURE of ENTIRE SPECIES OF ANIMALS, GENETICALLY MODIFYING THE PLANET WE LIVE ON…..FOR OUR OWN USE. Its too late now the PENDULUM will SWING THE OTHER WAY as it always has when an abuse of anything occurs throughout history. These types of videos are even… Read more »
He had a goal. Earlier in the discussion we mention all the ways he discredits himself by using one bogus theory, he has the appearance of being high, surrounded by alcohol, wearing a stupid hat. He mentions a few things that are correct like the government being involved on both sides of the drug war – fighting what it is creating. I like that you mention his flawed logic. If you have ever been to an area where 80% of the rainforest has been decimated– it does not come back and neither do it's inhabitants. It's permanent- some of these ecosystems are delicate takes hundreds of years to regenerate– but they are declining day by day. Snoop is a disinformation agent, both to discredit and lead astray- Why else would he put on the drugged out image on their? This wouldn't be the first rapper or actor who puts on… Read more »

Just watching that related "weather" video made me feel high as hell on marijuana. Makes me wanna buy a chunk of quality herb and watch all these videos in chro-no-lo-gi-cal order, yo.

Respect, Snoop Dogg. I'm glad they didn't do to him what they did to Tupac, although it's still sad to see the way things on Earth developed in support of poverty and how the shadow government creates miseries on top of that for no apparent reason!

Well, if Snoop Dogg says it, it's GOT TO BE true! Right?

Interesting. Question and forgive the spelling: Isn't the corilla bear hat Snoop is wearing resembles a mask enough to symbolize a personality duality? What about the party items like the smokes, the bag of presumably 'weed', boos, and otherwise materialistic unnecessary items particularly the shows, are these items not akin to the articles on the music industry that symbolize the control mechanisms? The logo looks familiar to me, but I can't place it at the moment… What about the 'news team'? The female Stormy Fronts is essentially posed for a provacative photo shoot. 1). Vaccines V Fruits/etc. Could the connection be GMO genetic modified food and Big Pharma? Don't both in simple terms promote genetic manipulation? 2). Bluetooth? I'm not familiar with this one very much, but I really don't need a cell… There is an RFID chip that allegedly possesses a kill switch inside it, but it's not really… Read more »

People say snoop "keeps it real" because whenever you see him no matter how rich he is or how famous he has become, he always acts the same. Thats his personality whether others like it or not, I think most ppl respect that.. i may not agree with him all the time but he is funny as hell

@tom, The phrase" Keeping it real" simply means someone who is honest and tells it like it is. Theydont really care what others think they tell the truth. They dont "put on"(or as young ppl say "front") for others they are being true to themselves. It doesnt always refer to person who is "shucking and jiving" which i think is a nice way to say acting ghetto or "hood" which is a stereo type. I think certain behaviors are more of a socio economic standard of living than necesarily a race thing. For instance Ive seen ppl living in a trailer park exhibit similar behavior to a pp living in the projects…granted there are cultural differences

It doesn't matter the content was very true if you don't like it you cant do anything about it the reason black people are the way we are is because of white people.They threw us into the ghetto and broke us down like fractions until we got confused and started killing each other instead of working towards unity

Funny 😀 had to turn the volume way up to understand what he was saying though Lol snoop always sounds like he's high.

i just love snoop

I get the feeling that most of the people who post commentary here are young people–which I think is wonderful! Please don't misunderstand me. And I realize perhaps I'm just older and come from a time before rap music and when acting thuggish was not celebrated. I see that just about everyone that has contributed a comment with regard to this video supports this type of behavior. Not only that, but encourages it and thinks it is cool. And, as I said in reply to someone below, I often see young people today saying that such things “keep it real”. I don't know where this now-common phrase came from, but it seems that it is applied today mainly to those who carry themselves in a shuck-and-jive way, act thuggish, and make heavy use of profanity. But I would like to ask why behaving that way is thought to be anymore… Read more »

Tom you sound like a gentleman I'm happy to know there are still some left.

I always think I'm crazy for thinking certain things (bluetooth), and then someone comes along and confirms it or says something similar and I feel "not so crazy". Thanks.

just saw "murder was the case" vid…. contradictions…. glad to hear him speaking up though

LMAO…….'blow up 100mil peoples heads'. wasnt expecting that.

omg.. vc do you read this stuff???? LOL your website has been hijacked by tea party folks!!! lol @nellie are you aware that the conditions of those whowhere in said ghettos was not fantastic to begin with… plz get a grip.. as someone who has family members fall prey to the crack blitz of the 80's we were just leaving the 70's an era in which we experimented with mind altering substances ad nauseum . Going into the 80's cocaine was seen as the "rich mans " high.. it was not available to those who werent of a certain class this was and is still the drug of the elite. When the poorer people were introduced to this new concoction they called crack they thought " how bad could this be… its a rich man thing!" So thousands of innocent youngsters who just wanted to have a good ol fashioned… Read more »
*Great post Vc .. one thing that i have noticed about this site tho is its increasing presence of those who say they are fundamentalist christians… to be clear.. i myself am a christian.. meanin i believe in the teachings of JC.. however, the truth movement as it is currently called is being destoryed by both pseudo intellectuals who believe there is no god and the christian purists.. who believe everything the KJV of the bible says, without lookin @ the texts and history of the church objectively Why am i even sayin this ? Well.. simple.. i noticed alot of people on here chastising snoop for smoking "dope" .. this annoys me. While i can go on a 800 paragraph tirade i simply wont I'll just encourage you to be vigilant and do your freakin research on the plant b4 you talk ish… Nowhere in the bible does it… Read more »