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40 Comments on "SkyWatch Mobile Guard Towers Coming to a Police State Near You (video)"

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Hey vigilant, I'm a 17 yr old in Madison! Please make an article about what's going on here! The kids in Madison are showing that we will fight for our rights! Scott Walker's agenda is somewhat illuminati? I mean he literally wants to surpress the public's voice completely

I think it's about time the animals started looking out for us. I mean, we have PETA and ASPCA and all so I think it's about time the frogs, mice and other animals get together and come up with some sort of people preservation thing. You know, slap a fine on a bear for eating someone, jail a skunk for malicious behavior, that sort of thing.

It all started with Lies…. We grew up watching Black & White videos taken from old reel to reel tins of Adolf Hitler, The Nazi's, The SS, The Camps, The Gas chambers, The Ovens, The Fields with Ashes 10'-12' deep X 3 Football Fields long of Human Ashes. The Mass Graves, The video's of Men, Women and Children being Shot in large trenches. Today… We have Digital HDTV Color Images and Video of Torture. Sodomy, Water-Boarding, Black Prisons, Prisoners displayed in some of the most humiliating positions to degrade their personage and religious beliefs, Helicopters (Collateral Murder) of News Reporters Gunned Down. (Everyone in Iraq had Armed Guards for Security.) Bombs dropped on streets with 30 Plus people walking and withing 2 minutes they were all dead. 3,000 Plus Taliban in Afghanistan that surrendered and were placed in cargo containers and as the U.S. Military stood there the containers were… Read more »

Never doomed. There will always be a resistance. Always. But yes the video although comical is sadly metaphoric in ways I try and not imagine. Many of us are frogs simply adjusting to oppression and well the killing of those limited freedoms we have.

We actually have these where I live :/

I live in New Orleans. I only see them in the French Quarter, specifically on the ends of Bourbon Street.

We already have those everywhere in Memphis TN.

They have one of those at our mall here in Indiana

there was one in my neighborhood after a shooting happened.. it stayed for 3 weeks almost.. its really not a good neighborhood, im sorry to say i actually felt safer when i got off the bus and had to walk those 3 dark bloques to get to my building.. that thing was there, and if something were to happen.. police was there u know..

So you kill some poor frog to make your point. Point well taken, devil owns you too!!!!

It's sad to say I'm not surprised…



We already have these in Columbus, Ohio. I've seen them all over the place, especially during large events downtown. I've even heard people say "how grateful they are that they know that they will be safe." It makes me want to hurl.

MISPELLINGS Better Version

I see how Bought the frog & the guard tower can be seen as one… see Knowing we are in danger will alert us to stay off (like the frog) but “ajusting” to our surroudings can get is in some Hot stuff…not cool..But Love the reality.cant live in denial eighter.

I see how bought the frog & the things that are talk about the guard tower can be seen as one…nowing me are in danger will alert us to stay off (liek the frog) but "ajusting" to our surroudings can get is in some Hot stuff…not cool..But Love the reality.cant live in denial eighter.

It would be so funny to squirt super glue into the joints so they couldn't raise them up.

the frog analogy is perfect

also did anyone notice at the beginng, "rated R: (for) Really happening now" nice one

im active in a particular branch of military service for the united states. i had never in my life(im 31 yrs. old) heard the term "micro manage". its the soldiers time, whether it be personal time or duty time or whatever, nco's & officers can and will manage every aspect of life and theres nothing u can do about it. theres so much that goes on a day to day basis in the military and how ppl are treated that u wouldnt believe. if u have never served u will never fully grasp or even understand. its something that Has to be experinced. DFAC's (Dining Facility) or Mess Halls used to serve resonable tasty/good food. not anymore, they change the way they cook the foods. they serve more healthier foods if it can be called healthier. its hard for me 2 eat the food in DFAC's anymore. my body rejects… Read more »

… I'm waiting for the day that instead of these kinds of watch towers, they build big all-seeing eye pyramids with policemen at the very top of them just watching everything. Or maybe there will be cameras…

We had those guard towers in Iraq and Afghanistan. I see them in NYC all the time. It is cozy in there.

animal cruelty! u boiled a frog alive u a*****e! i hope u end up dead like the frog was in the end of all this! ur heartless and cruel!!!

Man, I swear these animal people go crazy over animals. They would kill you over an animal, lol. I don't believe in the unnecessary abuse of animals, but sheesh! There are people dying everyday and children being abused everywhere and care about a d*mn frog, wth…??

You're not thinking in the wider context of things.

If people who love animals see an animal getting hurt- they will be upset.

if people saw a person getting hurt- they would be upset.

Do you think animal lovers watch movies of human trafficking, child abuse, destruction of cities by weather and other tragedies people go through and shrug their shoulders?

Its because the video of an animal getting hurt is right in front of us so we will react. If the video above was of a child getting hurt, we would react too.

And you totally missed the point!! It's how we're desensitized and how it makes it easier for outrageous measures to seem ordinary. I wonder if that's some type of program, the whole animal lover thing. I mean hey, I love animals too, but at some point you just get ridiculous!!


LOL! What an absolute gullible idiot. It's because of people like 'Peeping Out' that I know this Illuminati stuff is bullcrap, because it's mostly the illiterate and the unintelligent who believe it.

*sighs* Animals hold more wealth to you than a human life? It was used to make a point…

I think our government is doing a fine job, I would never question them.

I sincerely hope that's sarcasm.

I see you got jokes

Fantastic video. I love the truth.

poor frog…

but as for us… seems like we are doomed.

Well actually the frog's situation is a metaphor for ours. The change is so gradual we do not recognize the danger. That's genius and hilarious at the same time.

Exactly! Great video and message, really.

i am certainly not laughing! it's not funny at all! … first, i hope the frog at the end was not real because it is cruel to kill an animal just so dumb people continue to not get it and be dumb, secondly, is it funny that america is becoming everything BUT a free nation?