Sixth Study in Recent Months Links Mercury in Flu Shots to Brain Damage, Autism


In the Vigilant Citizen article entitled Dumbing Down Society Part 2: Mercury in Foods and Vaccines, the most common sources of Mercury were described along with its devastating effects of Mercury on the human brain. Mercury is even more toxic on the undeveloped brains of children who, are the ones absorbing the most mercury through vaccines. In fact, children receive no less than 21 vaccines before the age of six, many of them containing Thimerosal, a mercury-based compound used as a preservative. Despite efforts by some groups to dismiss or discredit researchers linking mercury-laced vaccines to brain damage (including autism), many new studies keep proving the contrary. Here’s an article about the latest study on the subject (you can read the abstract of the study here).

Yet another peer-reviewed, scientific study proving the connection between the mercury in medicine and human illnesses has just been released.  The latest study is the sixth one published in recent months.  This report specifically examines the harm inflicted on developing fetuses and children by Thimerosal, a mercury-based compound routinely used as a preservative in flu shots.

Members of non-profit groups like the Coalition for Mercury-free Drugs (CoMeD) are actively sharing the latest scientific data about the dangers of medical mercury with the public, largely because they recognize that the mercury in Thimerosal is a factor in numerous childhood diseases.

Thimerosal is the Eli Lilly trade name for sodium ethylmercurithiosalicylate when used as a preservative in vaccines and other drug products.  It is also known as “Thiomersal” in Europe and “Merthiolate” when used as an antiseptic.  Consisting of approximately 49.6% mercury by weight, Thimerosal has been phased out of many vaccines in the United States because of concerns about its “potential risk.”  However, it is still in most flu shots even though much safer, cost-effective alternatives are already being used.

The newest study about Thimerosal, from the University of Brazil, warns that while vaccines are essential to the well-being of children around the world, the use of Thimerosal should be reconsidered.  The author, Dr. José Dórea, reviews the published science which demonstrates that infant exposure to the amount of Thimerosal in vaccines is toxic to human brain cells.

A number of recent studies have further suggested that the mercury used in everyday medical products, such as flu shots and amalgam, or “silver” dental fillings, contributes to causing a wide variety of illnesses, including autism and other developmental diseases in children and Alzheimer’s disease in adults.

Currently, the United Nations Environmental Programme is working to create international mercury regulations by 2013, and the European Commission is expected to announce their findings about health risks associated with mercury-based fillings this month.  The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is also re-evaluating the safety of mercury-based fillings.

While governmental groups around the world consider the dangers of mercury, the debate over Thimerosal continues to grow.  When Bill Gates recently made remarks insinuating that people who question the safety of vaccines were killing children, many critics of Thimerosal were shocked because they agree with the need for vaccines and want to maintain public confidence in the vaccine program.

Rev. Lisa Sykes, President of CoMeD and mother of a mercury-poisoned child, responded, “Mercury is known to cause serious harm, especially to fetuses and children because of their smaller size.  Why remove Thimerosal from pediatric vaccines only to inject it into pregnant women and children with recommended flu shots?  They removed Thimerosal from other vaccines, so it should also be removed from flu shots.”

– Source: PR Newswire


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Does anyone have any more info about this?

I have talked to my childs pediatrician several times about the dangers of vaccinating. She says that the risk of them getting the virus is greater than the risk of the vaccine. This pediatrician is very dedicated and caring about my childs health. Why in the world would she lie? I do not think there is a conspiracy going on. Please comment.

I have autism: nice to know it's because of vaccines….. >:(

Gosh this stuff is harsh…ever since i was little i refused to get any type of vaccine..maybe a sign ahah everytime they had thoose school injections a refused to even show the notices to my parents and now i look back at the students all lined up pulling up their sleves while looking at me like i'm full of some diease… i feel no need for thoose things, theres nothing better than a natural way of fighting these problems and even preventing them so far only 4 injections lets hope no more 🙁

I'm glad we have VC to show us these things in writing.

Keep your chin up, Brittany- you are doing the best you can. And like someone else pointed out, there is more to the Bible than Revelations- so don't lose touch with the entire message you are supposed to receive! Try reading Ecclesiastes. Maybe I am just partial- but it helps me feel better when I want to 'care' too much, haha

Sorry I was at the beginning comments. I'm in English AP class right now. No I'm not uneducated. I was just in class at the time. I was supposed to be doing something else but I was on this site.

I have to write fast cause I got to go…

Yea but anyways, yeah I agree I honestly believe it's either my generation or the next generation when Yeshua is coming I just know its soon. I just really want to save my little brother so he will know. It makes me so sad because he is my life he is only 7 and to see him walking around singing these songs sometimes he talks about sex and stuff !Already! and my mom dosent seem to care and it hurts it really does.

In short, babies who follow the recommended vaccination schedule are injected with nearly 5,000 mcg (5 mg) of aluminum by the time they are just 1.5 years old. The FDA considers levels of aluminum up to 0.85mg to be “safe,” so you do the math on the risk involved here. Dr. Donald Miller advises the following: 1. No vaccinations until your child is 2 years old. 2. No vaccines that contain thimerosal (mercury). 3. No live virus vaccines. 4. The following vaccines should be given one at a time (not as a combination vaccine), every six months, beginning at age 2: a. Pertussis (acellular, not whole cell) b. Diphtheria c. Tetanus d. Polio (the Salk vaccine, cultured in human cells) And that would be pretty much it as far as vaccinations. Your pediatrician will not like this schedule, but if you have reviewed the evidence and still feel your child… Read more »

I don't think the pertussis vaccine is available separately. And if I'm going to limit vaccines, why even both with the polio one? Because of horror stories about iron lungs? We may as well start vaccinating for smallpox and the plague if we are so worried about viruses that haven't been in the western hemisphere in decades.….

When I was young I hardly had any vaccines, which were all recommended by the Government. Now the kids are asked to have 3-4 times more vaccines. Quite telling.

Thanks, Stella

Not all vaccines contain mercury but then again too many contain aluminium which is nasty. Read the labels, search on the net, don't just buy what they sell. Don't have combined vaccines, always leave a gap of several months between them. There is no reason to start vaccines at 2 months. Babies 6 vaccines at 2 months done in 2 minutes. Use your common sense. They aren't even capable to walk at 2 months. VC please inform peeps about aluminium in vaccines as well. Before 2004, vaccines routinely contained mercury (as Thimerosal), an extremely toxic metal, which may have contributed to the increase of children developing autism, hyperactivity, speech disorders and a number of other developmental problems. [JKN ref 2] Thankfully, this is no longer added…but another poisonous metal, aluminium, is still present in most vaccines available on the NHS. [JKN ref 3] Aluminium is also highly toxic and implicated… Read more »

I dont get it is it all vaccines that contain Mecury because the ones in school that we get every so often i always refuse because i dont believe in them i think they just dumb you down and the people that give them say that i am uneducated and refusing for the wrong reasons .. am i doing the right thing by refusing them?

yes you are doing the right thing. the human body has an innate capability of healing itself, given the proper tools (nutrition). vaccines are unnecessary but you will find most advocate it because they don't realize there is a better way (the natural way).

so what i say to people when they say they dont want the flu…… i say… dont put the virus in your body. put vitamins and minerals in so your body can do what it has evolved to do- heal itself. good luck.

Sadly, my son was vaccinated before I found knowledge of their dangers. He’s diagnosed as on the ASD. I’m sure him being vaccinated is what caused his condition. However, the God I serve who is the King of kings & Lord of lords, gave us word before he was born to our pastor that despite appearances our son would be fine. His word cannot return void & our son is a miracle of faith. He is progressing beyond their comprehension. And although I’ve had my moments of weakness, I stand firm on His promise. My son however, will not be receiving a single vax again in his life!

Bless you faithful! And your son!

Thank you Sarah, bless u as well 🙂

By the way, one of my kids has eczema on its hands for 6 months. The doctor prescribed 2 different creams and it didn't improve. A friend told me about calendula which comes from a plant. I ordered a cream I found (quite cheap I must say) with calendula and aqueous cream and it was gone, 2 years ago. And last year I found an article on BBC news that aqueous cream aggravates eczema.
Go figure.

Dr R Halvorsen is an interesting physician. Just google him. Vaccines, Atopy and Allergy: Problems and Solutions – Dr Richard Halvorsen Dr Halvorsen described how, as a GP working in London and doing a bit of medical writing on the side, he had little specific interest in vaccination until he was asked to write an article on the MMR controversy when it broke in 1998. His research for the article suggested that there was some evidence, if slightly tenuous, that there could be a problem with the MMR vaccine. However, when he turned to the Department of Health and to other government bodies for evidence that the vaccine did not cause a problem, he found none at all. Concerned, he started to offer his own patients single vaccines rather than the triple jab. Looking further into vaccines, he became alarmed at the inclusion of mercury in most vaccines, and then… Read more »


God will bless you faithful…

Thank u Forerunner, I really appreciate that..God be with u always 🙂

I don't understand why my posts were deleted, but whatever…

I posted a personal story on here a while back about my middle niece and what I believe the vacc's did to her when VC had diff article w/the same subject. I said it then, and I will say it again. I'm a nurse and if the day comes that I have children, they WILL NOT be vaccinated. With what I know now, with everything that's been shared with me by Doc's and other nurses on the subject, I will no way let it happen. And as a health care professional my only advice to other ppl is the same thing, protect yourselves and your babies, cus the vacc's are like playing russian roulette…. 'Nuff said

I believe that mercury is dangerous

And anytime the media try to push something so eagerly I have my suspicious

That is why I wanna tell people to be wise and always question everything and to always precheck any information your givin by anyone.dont swallow blindly and don't trust anything 100 percent

Just remembered about this article I read a few weeks ago regarding the Flu vaccine being offered to children….for FREE, What the hell!

"FREE flu vaccines may be offered to all children in a review of Australia's immunisation policy, as two of the nation's top medical researchers clash over safety.

The federal government's Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) is considering adding the flu vaccine to its list of recommended childhood immunisations, which include those against potentially lethal polio, hepatitis and whooping cough."

Great article VC, thank you.

@Sarah Connor I have to say a big thank you to you, you posted a link on VC the other week and now I have done even more reading and research, I'm surprised you didn't put this link up!! xx

After reading this article it got me thinking about the Aboriginal population here in Australia. Our Indigenous population have been let down by our government in so many ways, the most being health care and education in saying that I would bet money on the fact that the Aboriginal population would also have a non existent or very low rate of Autism in their communities.

Cheers Down Under! I am so glad you and I few others I've seen are diggin that site!! It was quite the find imo. Christians/Patriots/Survivalists – exposing the adversary in all realms! Love it. I haven't gotten to everything there yet so I didn't know he had the Amish studies posted, but came across those years ago in my vax research! It is as plain as plain can be. No one has yet to conduct a vaccinated vs unvaccinated study on the human population, the results would be too damning. Mary Tocco is keeping a list however, and hoping to be able to do one in the future. I have my boys on the list, happy to participate should she get the chance. Andrew Wakefield did however, conduct a vaccinated vs unvaccinated study on primates along with scientist from 5 other Universites…..he and his collegues are trying to get it… Read more »

I think its really easy to spot the things in society that keep us repressed. Sure there are reasonable laws (murder, theft) which make sense in maintaining stability…

but then you have these status quo extremist reactions. YOU DIDNT GET A VACCINE!? OMG OMG OMG SOMEONE HELP THAT CRAZY MAN!!! YOU'RE SMOKING MARIJUANA?!?!? YOU DON'T HAVE THE LATEST CAR?! I hate s**t like that- mostly because we dont realize that we're living in a police state.

I can't even kill myself without being arrested. WTF. (It's not that I really feel the need to, but THATS MY RIGHT, NOT YOURS).

ieu[iahgieahnbglkjb FREEDOM? MORE LIKE FREE DOM?

actually its not free


What up with the mercury in the fillings? Babylon would do that.. I have one of the silver ones, should I think about getting it removed or what; like all of us, I'm trying to remain healthy and uncorrupted as possible.

samething goes with MSN or MSNBC..when u want to comment on an article either is closed for comments or just cant simply post. smh

A little bit of this a little bit of that!

a little bit of mercury in my tooth,

a little bit of poison in my food,

a little bit of aspartame changes my mood,

a little bit of junk food makes me feel good!


LOL!! a little bit of fluoride why you mad? a little radiation ain't that bad a little bit of swine flu they line up fast!! a little bit of chemtrails for your ass a little GMO will make them grow! a little bit of debt we make them owe A Guaranteed method to make them slow.. @Freedom lol i had to join in..that was fun These Evil Genius bastards plan is well underway and the majority will believe whatever they say til the end…but I must say its nice to come to this website and see like-minded people who are well aware of whats happening and see can through all the LIES…even when they admit to their LIES people cover their eyes and plug their ears because they don't want to believe this nightmare is REAL…i felt like that at one point but i was still wearing Ninja Turtles Pajamas… Read more »

A website of doctors and nurses speaking out…….

By the way, autism is curable. Look up Dr. Buttar and see his protocols. It calls for chelation and detoxification. The beauty of the way God designed us humans is, whatever you put in, can be removed…naturally.

GR is a great resource for recovery options as well. There are tons of before and after videos that will attest to this! Awesome point Michael!!!