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Singularity: Kurzweil on 2045, When Humans and Machine Merge



Singularity: Kurzweil on 2045, When Humans and Machine Merge

Singularity: Kurzweil on 2045, When Humans and Machine Merge

Time Magazine recently published an interesting article on Ray Kurzweil, probably the most vocal promoter of transhumanism. Here’s an excerpt:

“Take the question of whether computers can replicate the biochemical complexity of an organic brain. Kurzweil yields no ground there whatsoever. He does not see any fundamental difference between flesh and silicon that would prevent the latter from thinking. He defies biologists to come up with a neurological mechanism that could not be modeled or at least matched in power and flexibility by software running on a computer. He refuses to fall on his knees before the mystery of the human brain. “Generally speaking,” he says, “the core of a disagreement I’ll have with a critic is, they’ll say, Oh, Kurzweil is underestimating the complexity of reverse-engineering of the human brain or the complexity of biology. But I don’t believe I’m underestimating the challenge. I think they’re underestimating the power of exponential growth.”


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this is slightly random to me but there are quite a few people who are against any talk of Christ or the bible at all.. don't you guys find it weird that something "silly or senseless for weak ppl" has been accurate again and again? I think that says quite a bit. Other people delve into things that open them up spiritually that have nothing to do with Jesus Christ and that is ok. But anyone with a Bible is not clued into science and the reasonable way things should work. People are worshipping so many things nowadays. Technology, money, sex, drugs, etc. All of these forms are accepted as normal and logical when they destroy people all the time. We never hear about the flip side. Of course the mark of the beast is not literally what it seems to be. Half of the world would freak out. The enemy is sneaky and therefore he will bring it in in such a way where it says even those who claim to be devoted to God will be deceived. This is why prayer and study is important because if we cannot discern what just isn't right, we will fall right… Read more »



I ignore people that bash others (unproved too) for their spiritual beliefs or for their love of the Bible. I would never waste my time arguing with them. Leave a fool to their folly.


Meant to say unprovoked not unproved.


For some strange reason, the media has started promoting "bio-hacking" and "nootropics", as though they're just regular habits or cool new lifestyle trends… And I find it disturbing, because in my humble opinion they're in line with the transhumanist agenda. Any thoughts on this?

Zak pera

Will the singularity in 2045 Lead to omnipotent AI?

Zak Perea

Will the singularity in 2045 Lead to omnipotent AI?

Zak Perea

Will the singularity in 2045 Lead to omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent AI?

Zak Pera

Will the singularity in 2045 Lead to omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipotent AI

Zak Perea

Will the singularity in 2045 omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent "god-like" AI?

Zak Perea

Will the singularity lead to omnipotent


No machinery in my system. No RFID chips in my system.

I'd rather take a headshot than cope with NWO.


i think this image reminds me about matrix, this movie is so important in these times , lookin back in the past ,i never would thought about the posibility of hooking up a human with a machine , until I saw the picture in this article , and of course i´ve red many articles about the new trend: "transhumanism" I think in certain way, there is a chance that the elite wants us hook up in a reality where they can control us , like matrix , and of course there is a big agenda going on, like the video games , they are becoming so real , the playstation , wii , and are articles that mentions virtual games (like the tron movie and many others ) , i think this tecnology is designed to merge us gradually in a reality where we can be manageable. maybe it´s difficult for us to predict where this trend wiil end up , and how our lives can change , but one thing is for sure , we´re just a little puppets and of course the powerful people are trying to buy us, and sell us the idea of becoming like a… Read more »


Yaawn! You guys are such hypocrites!! Next time you end up in hospital, tell the doctors not to hook you up to life supporting machines and when you walk out (that if your still alive) do not use an electric wheel chair….We are already using trans-humanist technology suckers. If your against it burn your local hospitals!

Lim Lynn

did you know that hooked life supporting machine saves lives especially you or others got involved in accident that doesn’t mean it’s H+ since others such as nurses or doctors recommend to help accident victims to survive till them wake up from their coma.


the kurzweil approach, simulation, is useful but irrelevant philosophically, because in a non-deterministic universe any mismatch between the correct representation of the organism and its planned behavior will be corrected. In other words, you substitute the work of a hypothetical soul with statistical data (gathered from the behavior of hypothetical souls) and have a perfect replica, and maybe you even try to use it as proof that no soul exists while nothing has changed- all in good faith, of course. A better approach is to design a simulation of a world with different rules than ours (gotta simplify, see how much resources IBM watson used), see if life emerges `by itself` (which doesn`t yield significant value as an experiment to prove or disprove the creator, see later) see if self awareness emerges by itself (ditto), generally "play god" with it. Note the author of that simulation is not a god but a "demigod" because he is not in full control of it, the simulation shares the same reality of the creator. Instead, a hypothetical transcendent god creating our universe, would create time too, so the concept of "randomly emerging and freely behaving life form " according to a life form's… Read more »

Max Gianni

I love how groups like Tokio Hotel, and the Black Eyed peas are trying to brainwash teens into thinkin being a Android/Robot makes you look "cool" and hides all this subliminal messeging behind will.i.ams severe autotune. in I Gotta Feeling, if you strip the backing vocals you can here "Join Us WHOOO HOOOO" Join Us Tonight"


watch it, Tokio Hotel is not part of the Illuminati. >>


"We can make your sorrows, pain, anger and heart ache go away"

Don't we already do it chemically with drugs and such?


You know it wouldn't be hard to make ppl want to be transhuman if you make being human so unbearable that you beg for an alternative.

I.E. pollute the water, food supply, mind, body, mutations, disease etc.

Sounds like the Matrix only this is already happening…


That's the problem right there, that these people are basing their lives on faith. That's a pretty massive gamble if you ask me. Why not live a good and just life because it's the right thing to do? And why not help yourself when it comes to things like this instead of waiting for Christ to come around again or something because I have a feeling that's probably not going to happen. Having faith in God isn't going to change the way outside forces affect your life; you are the one that does that.



You are so very right!!


That's true… but doesn't validate or invalidate objective realities on either side. "Goodness" and "badness" are relative. It would be one thing if faith alone is the requirement for proof for some. It wasn't enough for me in my agnostic and unsure days.


What some people call spirituality can't really exist because it doesn't have any physical manifestation. Spirituality is simply a human emotion. And like all emotions it is entirely within one's own mind.

"What of those who have experienced a physical manifestation of a spirit/Spirit they ID as a god/God?"

They have simply misidentified what they experienced. The physical manifestation they experienced was obviously a manifestation of something else, not God. There cannot be any physical manifestation or proof of something that does not exist. They need to get their emotions under control and not let their emotions control them.

Believe in whatever works for you. I'm not trying to convert anyone. Just trying to get them to use a little logic as opposed to using only emotions.

Why not?

Faith is a poor substitute for logic and reason.


I see.

Thank you for answering and not being nasty.


This is ridiculous there is no such thing as machines being humans its like

cloning it defies the act of life and every thing we believe in this guy should

be ….. i dont realy know what to say he is mad to think a human can be

replaced by a machine. Any thing electronic dealing with a computer can be

hacked and used for bad and good wether these so called humans made

from robotic parts they can be currupted as well. The laws of physics and

biology say this is mad and i do as well…..


Maybe he's a robot


When I got that magazine in the mail a couple weeks ago, I thought to myself "Oh, boy!!! And on a national magazine too!" Then I thought about VC and here it is. It's scary how they are coming out into the open with it.


the singularity is probably the most important thing to happen since we grew a brain, no one is going to b forced to become transhumane that would be evil but to hold others back that want to is also evil as for a machine having a soul that is questionable what if a complex machine hacks itself a biological body does that count as having a soul judging tomorow by today standard is as riducules as passing judgement on the past with todays standards plus maybe some of u are happy being flesh and blood ordinary people but some of us would love to explore thu universe if that means modifying my genes to constantly heal i can live with that though i always wonder how much memory a person could hold and how that would affect u as a person i for one choose to b good and see no issue with transcending my biology

oh yeah GOD is in the laws of the universe and he created both light and darkness its up to u to pick a side may the force b with u live long and prosper


Machines don't have souls. If Kurzweil wants to experiment with fusing computers into his own body, let him do it, but leave me out of it. You've only got the one body, if you mess it up, you're toast.

Zak Perea

Will the singularity lead to omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent AI?

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