Singularity: Kurzweil on 2045, When Humans and Machine Merge


Time Magazine recently published an interesting article on Ray Kurzweil, probably the most vocal promoter of transhumanism. Here’s an excerpt:

“Take the question of whether computers can replicate the biochemical complexity of an organic brain. Kurzweil yields no ground there whatsoever. He does not see any fundamental difference between flesh and silicon that would prevent the latter from thinking. He defies biologists to come up with a neurological mechanism that could not be modeled or at least matched in power and flexibility by software running on a computer. He refuses to fall on his knees before the mystery of the human brain. “Generally speaking,” he says, “the core of a disagreement I’ll have with a critic is, they’ll say, Oh, Kurzweil is underestimating the complexity of reverse-engineering of the human brain or the complexity of biology. But I don’t believe I’m underestimating the challenge. I think they’re underestimating the power of exponential growth.”

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120 Comments on "Singularity: Kurzweil on 2045, When Humans and Machine Merge"

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this is slightly random to me but there are quite a few people who are against any talk of Christ or the bible at all.. don't you guys find it weird that something "silly or senseless for weak ppl" has been accurate again and again? I think that says quite a bit. Other people delve into things that open them up spiritually that have nothing to do with Jesus Christ and that is ok. But anyone with a Bible is not clued into science and the reasonable way things should work. People are worshipping so many things nowadays. Technology, money, sex, drugs, etc. All of these forms are accepted as normal and logical when they destroy people all the time. We never hear about the flip side. Of course the mark of the beast is not literally what it seems to be. Half of the world would freak out. The… Read more »


I ignore people that bash others (unproved too) for their spiritual beliefs or for their love of the Bible. I would never waste my time arguing with them. Leave a fool to their folly.

Meant to say unprovoked not unproved.

For some strange reason, the media has started promoting "bio-hacking" and "nootropics", as though they're just regular habits or cool new lifestyle trends… And I find it disturbing, because in my humble opinion they're in line with the transhumanist agenda. Any thoughts on this?

Will the singularity in 2045 Lead to omnipotent AI?

Will the singularity in 2045 Lead to omnipotent AI?

Will the singularity in 2045 Lead to omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent AI?

Will the singularity in 2045 Lead to omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipotent AI

Will the singularity in 2045 omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent "god-like" AI?

Will the singularity lead to omnipotent

No machinery in my system. No RFID chips in my system.

I'd rather take a headshot than cope with NWO.

i think this image reminds me about matrix, this movie is so important in these times , lookin back in the past ,i never would thought about the posibility of hooking up a human with a machine , until I saw the picture in this article , and of course i´ve red many articles about the new trend: "transhumanism" I think in certain way, there is a chance that the elite wants us hook up in a reality where they can control us , like matrix , and of course there is a big agenda going on, like the video games , they are becoming so real , the playstation , wii , and are articles that mentions virtual games (like the tron movie and many others ) , i think this tecnology is designed to merge us gradually in a reality where we can be manageable. maybe it´s difficult… Read more »

Yaawn! You guys are such hypocrites!! Next time you end up in hospital, tell the doctors not to hook you up to life supporting machines and when you walk out (that if your still alive) do not use an electric wheel chair….We are already using trans-humanist technology suckers. If your against it burn your local hospitals!

did you know that hooked life supporting machine saves lives especially you or others got involved in accident that doesn’t mean it’s H+ since others such as nurses or doctors recommend to help accident victims to survive till them wake up from their coma.

the kurzweil approach, simulation, is useful but irrelevant philosophically, because in a non-deterministic universe any mismatch between the correct representation of the organism and its planned behavior will be corrected. In other words, you substitute the work of a hypothetical soul with statistical data (gathered from the behavior of hypothetical souls) and have a perfect replica, and maybe you even try to use it as proof that no soul exists while nothing has changed- all in good faith, of course. A better approach is to design a simulation of a world with different rules than ours (gotta simplify, see how much resources IBM watson used), see if life emerges `by itself` (which doesn`t yield significant value as an experiment to prove or disprove the creator, see later) see if self awareness emerges by itself (ditto), generally "play god" with it. Note the author of that simulation is not a god… Read more »

I love how groups like Tokio Hotel, and the Black Eyed peas are trying to brainwash teens into thinkin being a Android/Robot makes you look "cool" and hides all this subliminal messeging behind will.i.ams severe autotune. in I Gotta Feeling, if you strip the backing vocals you can here "Join Us WHOOO HOOOO" Join Us Tonight"

watch it, Tokio Hotel is not part of the Illuminati. >>

"We can make your sorrows, pain, anger and heart ache go away"

Don't we already do it chemically with drugs and such?

You know it wouldn't be hard to make ppl want to be transhuman if you make being human so unbearable that you beg for an alternative.

I.E. pollute the water, food supply, mind, body, mutations, disease etc.

Sounds like the Matrix only this is already happening…

That's the problem right there, that these people are basing their lives on faith. That's a pretty massive gamble if you ask me. Why not live a good and just life because it's the right thing to do? And why not help yourself when it comes to things like this instead of waiting for Christ to come around again or something because I have a feeling that's probably not going to happen. Having faith in God isn't going to change the way outside forces affect your life; you are the one that does that.

That's true… but doesn't validate or invalidate objective realities on either side. "Goodness" and "badness" are relative. It would be one thing if faith alone is the requirement for proof for some. It wasn't enough for me in my agnostic and unsure days.

I see.

Thank you for answering and not being nasty.

Faith is a poor substitute for logic and reason.

What some people call spirituality can't really exist because it doesn't have any physical manifestation. Spirituality is simply a human emotion. And like all emotions it is entirely within one's own mind.

"What of those who have experienced a physical manifestation of a spirit/Spirit they ID as a god/God?"

They have simply misidentified what they experienced. The physical manifestation they experienced was obviously a manifestation of something else, not God. There cannot be any physical manifestation or proof of something that does not exist. They need to get their emotions under control and not let their emotions control them.

Believe in whatever works for you. I'm not trying to convert anyone. Just trying to get them to use a little logic as opposed to using only emotions.


You are so very right!!

This is ridiculous there is no such thing as machines being humans its like

cloning it defies the act of life and every thing we believe in this guy should

be ….. i dont realy know what to say he is mad to think a human can be

replaced by a machine. Any thing electronic dealing with a computer can be

hacked and used for bad and good wether these so called humans made

from robotic parts they can be currupted as well. The laws of physics and

biology say this is mad and i do as well…..

Maybe he's a robot

When I got that magazine in the mail a couple weeks ago, I thought to myself "Oh, boy!!! And on a national magazine too!" Then I thought about VC and here it is. It's scary how they are coming out into the open with it.

the singularity is probably the most important thing to happen since we grew a brain, no one is going to b forced to become transhumane that would be evil but to hold others back that want to is also evil as for a machine having a soul that is questionable what if a complex machine hacks itself a biological body does that count as having a soul judging tomorow by today standard is as riducules as passing judgement on the past with todays standards plus maybe some of u are happy being flesh and blood ordinary people but some of us would love to explore thu universe if that means modifying my genes to constantly heal i can live with that though i always wonder how much memory a person could hold and how that would affect u as a person i for one choose to b good and see… Read more »

Machines don't have souls. If Kurzweil wants to experiment with fusing computers into his own body, let him do it, but leave me out of it. You've only got the one body, if you mess it up, you're toast.

Will the singularity lead to omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent AI?

man that picture creeps me out every time i see it…especially how the "human" is so pale…ewww 🙁

This all relates to a spiritual war. Even if you don't believe in God and Satan, the Illuminati do… Satan in the form of Lucifer. Satan's whole goal and the blueprint for the end times is to be an opposite match of Jesus. The whole notion of Satan as adversary is that he wants to be equal or above God… the only thing is that Satan cannot create life. With all the dark, occult magick and secrets of the universe, he cannot create life… so he mimics it in forms that are an abomination.

Much of dark magick and satanism revolves around rituals that mock the sanctity of life because it is a power unattainable by satan.

What happens when we die?…Please read "Journey of Souls" by Michael Newton

after reading this book, my fear melted away like a thin cloud, I dont fear death, im actually excited at the prospect and how much more i will learn and see!

There is no hell where our souls go, only understanding and help to be better next time in our next life, the concept of hell was created by the same people we talk about now to scare us into conforming to their will!

Very nicely put Yomael, but what if one is to look beyond the Illuminati as the ones burdening our shoulders? Each and every individual that sets up a limitation within the psyche of our mind, be it your parents by saying "This doesn't exist", to the Workforce "This is what Life is", to the Government, and so on and so forth. Hierarchies within hierarchies within hierarchies, and it goes on like layers on Photoshop or data coding in a Computer. I can further this example, but its early and I look like one of you zombies. Imagination is Key – Einstein, and you are correct Yomael (your comment is the one above mine, hence the "stimulus" to most of the perceptional analysis this post is showing. A study of the human psyche will again "logify" my reasoning, as well as keep the "transhumanism" topic running forth). For example, if you… Read more »

No matter how awesome technology gets, this is actually creepy. I'd rather be strapped to a good old fashioned rocket rather than any wires and plastic they bring up.

Every single human being is an intelligence animating a body containing trillions of cells made of materials within nature/ the natural scheme of things. Human intelligence is as diverse as there are unlimited variations in nature/the natural scheme of things. As each human awareness learns in a self initiatory process of natural individuation nature also learns and matter is influenced to the sub-atomic levels. If what we learn is just mere repeatition nature doesn't learn because "been there – done that". Each human being is a possible evolutionary engine inspiring nature to variation and change. The Illuminati are enslavers of the anima within human beings and nature/the natural scheme of things. "It takes hard times to develope willed psychic muscle" and the Illuminati provide the resistance human beings need to develope the motivation and strength to climb the evolutionary ladder. Each human being has their own natural niche to fill… Read more »
I can understand Kurzweil's belief in the AI. In electrical engineering, there is something called Moore's Law that states that technology advances exponentially. However, what Kurzweil neglects is the pollution that will be created by such technologies. That however wonderful silicon is, the process to create such technologies using silicon is polluting. Just like cell phones and old televisions, if we do one day have the ability to utilize cybernetics, we will create a world of junk because, like human flesh, silicon does not last forever. Everything breaks down. Everything "dies". And even if this allows us to transfer "consciousness" how can we ever be sure this transfers the "soul". This is the problem with this kind of philosophy. There is no balance. He seeks to somehow cheat death. And while technology has the ability to last longer, it still ends. Natural resources will be destroyed to continually create cyborgs/robots… Read more »

I really don't get the Illuminati.

Why can't we all just use natural things? Natural and pure water (without flouride) natural foods without toxic chemicals, and NORMAL PEOPLE, no to robots!

Sometimes I just get this feeling that if we start making a lot of robots what if suddenly the Terminator movie becomes true? haha, it's just a theory.

We are humans and shall remain humans, end of story. Scientists have only worked out what 3-5% of our DNA actually is, the remaining 95% is refered to as 'Junk DNA' because scientist have no idea and they have been working on this for a very long time. So unless some alien life comes along again and gives us a hand in understanding it our progression is going to be very slow.

once again man will try to pursue immortality through all cost. although it sounds appealing, why would you want to be immortal, after a while you would get bored really fast, seeing people pass and move on. I was in target the other day when I saw this on TIME. I dont want to become one with technology, Iam happy to be human and thats the way I want to stay!

This is off topic but i just thought of this idea and wanted to write it here..i wonder why universities such as Harvard and Yale are always promoted in Hollywood!!!

Kurzweil has always dreamed about bringing back his father, and that's his stated with behind seeing this "singularity."

He may be a genius, but he went off the deep end years ago.

Let me tell you something. This Kurzweil character is trying to play God and he will fail miserably. Who does he think he is, in thinking that he can replicate or "better" God's creation? I have a feeling Jesus is laughing at this guy. Like, "yeah right, dude.". I mean seriously, to think that you could actually invent something that God never intended? Fool.

Here is the think these tech guys like Kurzweil always push for the tech human mix because they think it'll solve all problems. The problem of war for land was the same with 100K humans and rocks and sticks as it is now. The tools advance but the issues are all the same. the next tech jump does not solve most of our problems, it just is another tool and we will use it or abuse it the same all all other tools.

Seriously? The next thing you know, people will be able to be in more than one place at the same time. Technology was worst thing to happen to the world. I miss the basic 🙁

We already have "research" in which this has already happened… another aspect of transhumanism, or study of theosophy (Madame Blavatansky, Charles L. Leadbeter, Aleister Crowley… so on and so forth) will showcase detailed reports stemming from 1850s+ in which these occurred. These same incidents along with others lead to what we have been "duped" to believe was the outcome in "Men Who Stare At Goats".

Hence, what we have occurring behind the scenes, or what "minions" practice in the occult.

Thanks for the info. Going to read more into it 🙂

No problem my same letters in its initials friend. Keep an open mind once you start reading into these things, because it can lead you on a "goose" hunt so to speak. You might think it could be chalked up to Mother Goose, but again Satanic Rituals/Mysticism/Magic are a part of this website, and are parts of slivered Truth. I'll help you continue on your search for Golden Hues, by linking together some of my own "unearthed" clues. I would like to edit a former statement of mine (didn't want to spam/repost), the correct spellings of aforementioned names were "Charles W Leadbeter" and "Madame Blavatsky". Highly known theosophists , had many ties with Freemasonry/Occult/ Whatever. "Hell" a lot of theosophical lodges exist across all of America, yet they are not looked into… yet their roots are also illuminated and seek so called "clairvoyance" and its related arts. Remote Viewing Anyone?… Read more »
Its funny how I wrote a few comments eluding to these factoids before, and I was subsequently deleted and my comments were read no further. I think it had to do with the relevance of the factor, and I understand that now… I apologize for my transgression. Not to digress any further… In the 50s and 60s, the research into the stimulation of the human mind was already looked into and "successful" to many extents. Research the "implant" of a "stimoceiver" and you shall see, that we are quite behind in our common knowledge aware to what you like to term "sheeps". Further on, the same "successful" research was done unto implanting in animals, and used for government purposes. Again, research this very highly documented "research" by scientists, and you will further find "government" based projects. Now, again… I have a habit of being very verbose in nature. So I… Read more »

As much as computer and mechanical parts break down I think I would rather take my chances with my God designed body that takes many years before it ever breaks down on average than the best of vehicles/computers out there.

I don't believe the hype, you are a fool if you fall for it.

Yeah all this goes against my belief in the Creator in so many ways….although the flesh in me would like to be able to live long enough to see it happen and some of the positive outcomes that could be possible. That is selfish man in the flesh reasoning though when it all boils down….makes me no better than Adam listening to Eve who listened to Lucifer tell her that when she ate of the fruit she would not die but would be filled with knowledge of good and evil and therefore would be like God herself… will all just backfire in the long run. I especially fear the idea of AI becoming a greater intelligence than us and can only imagine a Terminator/Matrix scenario being the inevitability. I hope God doesn't allow us to keep on with this mess long enough to see it played out….sometimes I feel as… Read more »


Evil doers footsteps are just rushing to their own destruction.

If you're not wicked you have nothing to fear.

Remember fear is a sin. If you are fearful then where is your confidence in the creator?

The word to meditate on is TRUST.

Proverbs 9:10: The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: and the knowledge of the holy is understanding.

Proverbs 15:33: The fear of the LORD is the instruction of wisdom; and before honour is humility.

Job 28:28: And unto man he said, Behold, the fear of the LORD, that is wisdom; and to depart from evil is understanding.

Not fear, but what to fear.

@ Godozo : I appreciate the scriptures and you do have a point but that is not the context of which I was referring. Here's the scripture and context I was thinking of:

Revelation 21:8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable , and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death.

Not to start a debate of biblical proportions but I believe that fear of the Lord also means respect the Lord.

Yup! I dont fear the evil that men do nor satans schemes…I only sometimes fear that I may have not done enough to please the Lord and that as much as I try to be righteous my sin still creeps back every now n then and so I repent as often as possible because of my fear of HIM….its a fear based on an awesome respect cuz when I think of, dream of and imagine our Creator coming it is very humbling and makes me feel like a worthless nothing in comparison! That day when all will bow down is approaching and will be a marvelous sight to all and I feel pity for those who ignore the warning and even more for those who dare mock HIM for they will truly experience fear on that day!

@NewCreation: I am in total agreement with you. I was just trying to send encouraging words. I feel the same as you, I just want to be found worthy.

What is this world coming to? I read the news and see/read the disturbing transition of good is evil and evil is good. I read about freedom but really am reading the NWO taking place as if its some chess game. How doesn't many many more people see this! Wow. Great site. and also the comments, too. for sure this place is being monitored, honestly I am not ashamed of knowing the truth as well seeking. Enjoy.

Thanks Folks and organite

Oh man, this is right out of 'Doctor Who.' Cybermen, anyone?

F**k you, Kurzweil. F**k you and your nazi super-science!

I want you all listen to me very carefully……if stupid humans goes the way of this disturbing choice to became one with the machine, the elites or someone who do not have a machine inside will "hack" into your mainframe and CONTROL everything you have: feeling, moral choices, and many others.

This is exactly what the elites want, a puppet, A TRUE PUPPET MASTER

If the sun release CME, do you really think we half-human and half-machine are immune to CME?

or even EMP?

Think about it…..people will be hacked and control just as easily and this is exactly what God, our creator is AGAINST IT!!!!

I hear you Noah and thank you for sharing with us about the CME phenomenon.

Taking it a step further, I'm betting they (the puppeteers) will all turn on each other before they succeed. There's never honor among thieves or devils.


Great idea regarding the CME! I applaude you for thinking about this fact and how it will affect those who have chosen the transhumanist route. What would the elite do if they knew one was approaching? Would they "shut down" everyone as a precaution to minimize damage, or would they wait and see who malfunctioned? This is quite an interesting concept. We may get a glimpse into your theory when those who have chips implanted already find out how the technology reacts in the event of a CME.

what is CME?

It a burst of energy from the sun, read about it in wiki SUN'S CME

This story (in Time mag) was so long and rambling it almost bored me to death. As a senior network engineer of almost 20 years, I can assure you all that it will never work the way they planned or least what they're claiming in that article for mass consumption. The main reason is because people such as myself, get paid the big bucks to fix technology that is always breaking down! LOL! Seriously, the famous words at a meltdown is always " but it's supposed to work!" SMH I can tell you that those transistors, resistors and chips will experience wear and tear like everything else on this planet. All forms of matter deteriorate. There are so many unknown factors that can go wrong at anytime especially because the tech frontier is so new, especially to them. It's just more fear mongering at it's best. Trying to condition people… Read more »

I like you. Such good sense. Why can't there be more people in this world with good sense?

Thank you Ashlee. I mean really, there's no need to be afraid of any technology. Just do something simple like throw water on any of it. LOL! Worrying about a gps on your phone? Drop that sucker in the toilet and then what? Or better yet turn off the air conditioner in a data center and watch what happens. You'll hear more alarms than on 9/11. Or how about this just let the electric company lose power to one of those rooms. I don't care how many back up power supplies there are they cannot last forever. Full blown 3 mile island meltdown! A computer needs a power source. Where is a half human-half computer supposed to get power from hmmm???? What is it going to do plug it's own ass into a wall outlet? I'm joking around in a way about the plug in obviously but on the real… Read more »

I have a feeling this will all have much more to do with being controlled by humans through computers so that there is an enslavement going on. Much like the creating of the orcs in Lord of the Rings-

Inspired by satan, carried out by his followers to create an army of controllable beings.

Of course it will be sold and is already being sold as a way to improve our lives- as usual enslavement will be packaged as freedom.

Tom Horn and his crew are all over this stuff and much, much more!! Utterly fascinating stuff! Check it out at:

This is disturbing, but let's look at the entire picture. Who can afford this bio-technological bs? The rich. What is the goal of transhumanism? To escape death and increase intelligence. I'm not afraid to die, so this technology is something that I'm not interested in whatsoever. Besides, I'm not rich and couldn't afford it anyways, which isn't going to make me cry myself to sleep either. Death is a natural cycle of life. People have pondered for ages about what happens after one dies. This technology would eliminate experiencing this altogether if something, or possibly nothing, exists on the other side. What if death is a graduation? The ability for the soul to escape the material world. This would be an amazing experience and something to look forward to when it is your time to leave your body. If one never reaches this level, aren't they cheating themselves out of… Read more »

I'm mixed about this.

I would like to be wired to a computer, but I am a major tech geek.

But on the other hand, if the government is running all the computers…

So you wouldn't mind some stranger to be in control of everything you do at any given time?

Good luck with that.

How much in control are we now? Most people are born with some type of talent, but they don't use it. Most people work for someone one else. Most people conform to societal 'norms'. Most people don't even date outside of their race because it's been taught from birth that it's wrong. Unless you own your own property, your own business, and you are truly comfortable with being yourself — someone is controlling you.

@Danielle – I couldnt disagree with you anymore than i already do. There is a difference between normalcy, and transhuminization. Yeah you have a boss at your workplace, but you can quit whenever you wanted to if need be. Its your choice. People with talent like you said, CHOOSE not to use it. People make the DECISION to change, whether they conform, or rebel. Racism is not something you are born with, like you mentioned, it is TAUGHT, in which whomever taught it, CHOSE to do so. If you're renting a home and want to own instead, you can save money and make progress toward owning your own land. Its your call. YOU are still you're own person. People can influence you as heavily as they are capable of, but NO ONE can MAKE you do anything. Once you're wired to a machine, you lose that luxury. You're now in… Read more »

You made a very valid point and it is well taken. But consider this. As we speak, humans don't control Wall Street, algorithms do. Who devised algorithms? Humans did. If the humans who created this technology can't control it, what makes you think that they will be able to control transhumans or posthumans as well? It's all speculation. No one really knows what would happen. Instead of fearing the worst, look for opportunity in a seemingly adverse situation. If everyone were half robots/half humans – would there be less crime? Hopefully. Technology will always evolve and humans will evolve right with it.

I understand that the pros of this technology must be taken into consideration, but the risks must be acknowledge as well. It all goes back to one thing, and that is putting your complete and total trust in someone you dont even know, in a higher class, that is capable of things we cant imagine. Both good and bad. Even if the thing held responsible for this is man, or machine. When you put yourself in the position of being wired to this kind of advanced technology you put yourself and your free will at risk. I cant imagine how vulnerable you'd be. One thing i have learned from this site is to always question what one has told you as being the right thing to do, and ultimately think for yourself. So i can't help but to be skeptical. Yes technology has caused great improvement in our everyday life… Read more »

i dont believe theres any way a human can function thru a machine, unless its like on life support but any other way i just dont think its possible.

the goal here is to get the machine to function through the human. nanotechnology, anyone?


Just, wow.

I bet by 2075, this will be MANDATED for some stupid reason, which the people will feed into, agree with, and ultimately regret in the long run.

Humans being robots?

This is unethical and goes against everything i for one, believe in.

I feel sorry for the future, if this is what we have to look forward to.

This stuff is just crazy and disturbing. How can machines with their artificial intelligence overcome human intelligence when they require humans to design and build them.

After reding the full article you'll get a glimpse of how complex and crazy all this really is.

How are these machines going to bring immortality to humans when humans with all their intelligence and technology cannot create life or bring the dead back to life or cure all those terrible diseases in the world let alone build machines to make us last forever!

The people who have come up with these plans have already sold their souls so they're not doing much *living* as it is… They think they can outsmart God or even become God and play with the lives that he has created because they too have been manipultated and decived…

The root of all of this is evil…The devil knows what they are after (money, power, and control) and he is willing to give them all of this in exchange for their soul because he is at war with God and wants to turn God's people away from him…

God gave us common sense and free will, don't let the devil take that away from you!

well said

they are obviously trying to take on the role of god or a superior creator and in doing so are serving the devil and following his instruction.

Good will always prevail evil, they won't ever be able to pull this off.