Shaq Shows Off Masonic Ring on National TV (video)


Shaquille O’Neal, also known as ShaqAttack, ShaqFu, ShaqDiesel, RadioShaq and Free Throw King (alright, I made up these two last ones), has a new AKA: ShaqMason. Here’s a short video of Shaq showing off his Masonic allegiance on national TV, followed by awkward comments by his colleagues.

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152 Comments on "Shaq Shows Off Masonic Ring on National TV (video)"

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i don't think true masons show off who they are. ayt?

Freemasons have nothing to do with the illuminati thats tha catholic church who also use a lot of the knights templer for the knights of columbus. Roberts rules used by all groups from fire departments to the moose or even town hall meetings use roberts rules. As a mason we keep the openings and closings of our meeting to our selves. You want to know about masons ask us will tell you anything we can . All Shriners are masons and we give free medical to anyone who needs it, no questions asked and no money needed. If you want to know all the famous people who where masons those list are easy to find, the rest of us do are good deeds everyday and no one is in it for the pat on the back. Freemasons do not rule the world we don't have hoards of buried tresure, and… Read more »
I just got a job in the fashion industry back in December as a personal assistant/office manager to a designer. As we were out and about running errands to one of the companies we work with I noticed a middle aged man covered in tattoos. He was also a designer, but I didn't catch his name. I commented on them and then as he was showing me his tattoos I noticed one on his hand. He said "That is the 'All Seeing Eye'.".. I said to him "Oh, so are you into that Illuminati stuff?" "Of course I am. I attribute it to how I'm here." he replied. NO JOKE! I was silently shocked. My boss had never heard of the Illuminati or Masons. She asked what it was and I casually answered back "basically it's devil worship." The man agreed and continued explaining a bit about it. My boss… Read more »

wow….he ended the video by saying…"i was blinded by success" that sums up everything

before you guys go off and say all about freemasons why dont you wiki it.not all freemasons are evil.conspiracy theorists perceive it to be but doesn't actually mean it is…actually TALK to some freemasons..

do not *


He can joke and say, "Of course I am." because he knows the others will perceive it as fa joke. Why else would he get the symbol on a ring and especially of that magnitude? If it weren't true he would have no reason to purchase such an elaborate ring.

My father has a keychain that is the Masonic symbol. He is a good Christian man. Very much believes in God. My husband is the one that noticed the keychain. I have never noticed. I don't know how long he has had it or where it came from.

white guy- "woah your a mason?"

shaq- "of course i am! (troll face)"

me- -___- smh

He was initiated on 6/11/11

-Yes u can buy those rings from anywhere if you're not a free mason. They are not getting bold, they have been for quite a few years. A nice example is: watch MTV Canada "news" (or whatever you would call it). They have a big free mason projection behind them. Another thing is if you join free masons it doesn't mean anything. higher ranks have their own agenda. They always deceive lower ranks. Its pretty much the same as signing up to be a soldier of the lowest rank or i guess more of a servant… quite sad. One of my friends is now a part of it and he seems to be quite clueless about whats going on. Only degrees 30 and up have some knowledge. There are other organizations that every day folks cant enter, there is a few dozens of them that i can recall atm. Regardless…… Read more »

In England every little village in the middle of nowhere has a masonic hall and don't start me with their rotary clubs. Seriously now, if you ever get desperate you'll have to pretend you want to be a part of their organization in some way. If you can't beat them, pretend you're willing to join them.

Well, that's it then, Shaq has a had nice life, but he's going to hell!

Enjoy your Luciferian pleasures in this one, 'cause you'll be going away for a long time buddy!

I have a question . Is it possible for normal people…non-initiated, to buy freemason rings. My friend has one and she says she has it from her dad, but he was not a mason. I thought maybe anyone can buy those things from certain shops,right?

Or build it.

wow!! just wow!! they are getting bold…

I'd like clarification on the whole Freemason thing. one of my friend's dad is a Freemason and he is very nice and just a normal country dude. I think there is a difference between being special Freemason and a normal one. but why do people become Freemason's anyways? what is the pull?



Religious preferences aside (I'm am personally Catholic, but not a real churchy person) I just can't fathom that everyone who is famous, whether it be in the music industry, or sports as one commentor posted above, or any area of society and culture, is only there because they were placed there by someone behind the scenes. I don't doubt some do but to constantly link secret societies and occults to be the reason for ones fame or fortune or even misfortune seems a little far fetched. I'm not a complete skeptic though. I do believe some of this to be true. The Jay-Z, Rihanna, Beyonce and Lady Gaga articles are completely believable and I do believe those. The Chile incident with the miners, ehh Id have to register that up to coincidence. I do think that once people become invested in this work as VC has (not knocking you either… Read more »
Look to hard for what signs?? The blatant covering of "one-eye" on every ad and music video, constant entertainment news on "vital news" channels like CNN, NDAA, those weird looking clouds in the sky, the doll-like blank stare that all celebs are beggining to "emulate"( check out Nicki Minaj's new "Stupid Hoe" video), the constant persecution of the religious (treating people who are religious like they are unintelligent, yes I know that there are some judgemental Christians out there but not all of us are) ….???? The list goes on. Sadly disinfo agents create wild, crazy conspiricies to discredit the facts. When you read a story from some loon stating that "Obma is an alien, and I am Jesus"… and then come to a site like Vigilant Citizen, yes it is hard to believe what is true and what is not. All I can tell everyone to do is to… Read more »

love this comment

yes, i know it seems crazy, but unfortunately its crazy, and true. God has a plan of His order though and its being fulfilled even now..all you have to do is have faith, be obedient, study and observe & share God's Word..The reality is we have all been warned …the Lord told us a long time ago in His word, that we should "No longer conform to the PATTERNS of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your MIND, that you may PROVE what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God" Romans 12:2 ….and for us to not get caught up and fall in love with or idolize the people or things of the world…because God knows Satan has set out to deciev the entire world… to lie to us, so you start giving your attention, your focus, your entire mind over to loving satanic… Read more »
Ok I just stumbled onto this website a couple days ago and I'll admit, when I read a couple of the Jay-Z articles and the Lady Gaga stuff I was blown away by the occult references and resemblance. An I'm sure portions of it can be true and I'm sure people do indeed worship, or whatever term is preffered, these groups. However the notion that, the music industry for example, is ran by these groups and people only become famous because they decide they're worthy enough (that's kinda the idea i got from the music stuff such as the Taylor Swift "induction") seems a little over the top. It's not unbelievable but at the same time it seems like it could be. I don't doubt the symbolism or purposeful references but the overall idea that they run and control so much seems…….crazy. Now I am just learning on this subject… Read more »

Shaq is just an Entered Apprentice though,I seen him wearing a plain white masonic apron in a photo about a month ago..So I doubt he knows what all the 32nd and 33rd degree masons know,just like the low and mid degree mason don't really know too much either as they are just pawns in the elites chess game!But I'm willing to bet they payed Shaq Big Big Bucks and a few perks to flash his"Alligence" live on tv !

The ring doesn't look like the kind of ring a secret Mason would wear IMO, it looks cheap with the design emphasis on pure blatancy.

Shaq doesn't seem sincere to me, it seems more like he is pretending to be a Mason in order to talk about Masons on the air, for whatever reason.

I believe in all of what VC says but my grandfather is a freemason and a Shriner and my grandmother was in eastern star while she was alive. Where do people like this fit into everything???


You got to lay off that fluoride man. You are making us all look crazy with your comments…

I wrote this the 30th of December, … I smelled the masons coming out in public eye. It started off with the 66 games remaining and 16 games missed. Read this… Reggie Miller is a Luciferian? Why So Blatant? During the 3rd quarter of the NY Knicks VS L.A Lakers game, kobe bryant made a 4 point play, an unbelievable 3 point shot(Magic?) and got fouled by Billy Walker. He made the shot from way beyond the 3 point line. They were looking at the replay and Reggie Miller the commentator/former NBA "Allstar" says, exuberantly "Well, Old man father time had nothing to do with that one". Was he referring "Old father time" was God not having anything to do with the 'lucky' shot? Who or what is this "old man father time" that Reggie Miller is joyfully speaking of? We can prove ourselves that this god he was talking… Read more »

The Romans associated Saturn with Elohim, and Jupitor with Jehovah, also Jove another name for Jahovah and Jupitor. Later they associated Jesus with Horus, Bacchus, Sol, Thor, and many other sun (son) gods and Mary with Isis.

Deus is latin for God, and in Greek Zeus is pronounced more like Deus than it is in english, who pronouce it as Zeus.

@Hector, the illuminati are the highest-level masons who use the lower-level masons as a cover. The higher you go on the "path to illumination" the more knowledge you recieve about "the great architect." Only the ones at the top know the dark truth. That's how they're able to hide in plain sight. I mean since Christians are in it and they refer to a "god" then it must be okay, right? Wrong. The lower-level masons (who run the lodge up the street) have unknowingly been tricked because what they don't know is that "the great architect" is none other than satan himself. Same thing goes for the Order of the Eastern Star. "Codex Magica" by Texe Marrs is a very good book that explains in depth what i'm talking about.

What does the G stand for on the freemason symbol?

Geomentry, God, or Gnosis depending on whom you ask.

LOL I can't stop laughing at RadioShaq.

That rings so tacky.

****!!!!! I liked shaq! He retired with the Celtics! He was great with rondo! Athletes are punished for speaking their minds but I guess they're rewarded for this? I can't believe it, Shaq. He was such a personality. The "blinded by success" and "oooh its so bright" gestures the rest of the announcers made were priceless though. As if they knew all about this illuminati crap. Pro sports are all about money. The WNBA is a real "love of the game" league because they make 50k a year and have to leave the country to make money in international leagues, and they're 90% college graduates who can get jobs after they're done playing ball. However, it's all still sponsored by companies who don't care about the planet or anyone else, and run on networks owned by the same people who start wars. In a way I'm not surprised. Incidentally, Tiger… Read more »

Anyway…, the Clippers…

Related to this one, I was riding on a jeepney about a couple of months ago and one passenger wears pin and a T-shirt with "Anak ng Mason" ("Child of a Mason") written in it together with the Freemasons logo; not sure but I think she's a college student. I was surprised.

And earlier today, I saw a black van with tinted windows and has a plate with the Freemasons logo and text, "Mason."

Umm. I never thought secret societies exist in the Philippines as well. Our faith is strong, and I was just really surprised to see these things. It is indeed real. 🙁

"One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them. One ring to bring them all and in the DARKNESS BIND them!"

– Lord of the Rings

Big whoop, being a Freemason is common amongst wealthy people. Besides, being a Freemason doesn't mean you belong to the Architects. It also doesn't make you a bad person. Most Freemasons deal with charities and local projects. What you do with your power makes you good or bad. Using secret societies to govern the rest without their knowledge is wrong, at least in my eyes (Bernays would argue that it is necessary to guide the public without their knowledge). Shaq is not privy to the New World Order and he probably doesn't know jack about Albert Pike and i'm sure he wouldn't read from cover to cover "Morals and Dogma" or any of Manly P. Hall's work. Shaq wants to fit in with the elite. But hey, maybe i'm wrong and he's just saving himself a spot in the New World Order. Athletes and entertainers are mostly tools of the… Read more »

everyone's becoming so bold about saying that they're a mason. Jay Z for instance has admitted it countless numbers of times and so has Kanye, but that's the music industry. Shaq on the other hand has admitted to being a mason. I wonder who's next to admit it. Lebron James has done the "666's" symbol and so has Dwayne Wade…isn't that already admitting to being a mason? No, but it gives it away that they have some satanic ties. Look at the attention they recieve. The biggest stars be the biggest sellouts. Shaq use to hit bricks and still was the "star" of the team.

I love the "pyramid" in the background when we get the closeup on the ring.

Apparently even the cameraman knows the deal!

Hi, can anyone explain me.. what exactly the difference is between the masons and the illuminati. Because on this site it seems they are always used as being the same thing. And all mason symbols are called illuminati symbols, etc.

What I though is that freemasons aren't as secret as people here say, and that freemasons are usually not hiding they are freemasons. Could anyone here enlight me about the matter?


Freemason is a cult with 33 degrees. They seek the "truth". Each degree allows you to more knowledge. Degree 33 is "rebirth". The "brotherhood" that we call illuminati because of the bavarian branch is made of 13 bloodlines, the Rothschilds, Dupont and so on. Many other bloodlines are on the game, like the european monarchy. Level 33 Masons are allowed into the "brotherhood". That's what i know but many other posters are a lot more knowledgeable.

I hate how people like this (who are freemasons) act like they're so cool because they are a mason. So you are apart of a heierarchical satanic cult…good for you buddy. They act so wise from the learning of useless "hidden" knowledge, such nonsense. So powerful they act. If they are so powerful lets see one of them break one of their precious oaths! Then you will see that they have NONE. They only appear to have power but there is certainly others that are much more powerful than they are. So sad how they sacrifice their soul for "secrets", power, money…what have you. I used to fear them, then I hated them, and now I just pity them. In the end, it will be as if they never existed. And do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. But rather fear Him who is… Read more »


I don't know what kind of power there is in proving yourself dishonorable. What kind of man would take a solemn oath only to break it? That is powerful to you?

You cowans think that because you read little bits of trivia here and there you know the realities of Freemasonry. You could read the sheet music for the Ride of the Valkyries – is it the same as hearing it performed in person?

Of course not.

Nice try with your misquote of Matthew 7:13 “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.” This would appear more appropriate to a member of the ‘brotherhood’. “That which we must say to the world is that we worship a god, but it is the god that one adores without superstition. To you, Sovereign Grand Inspectors General, we say this, that you may repeat it to the brethren of the 32nd, 31st and 30th degrees: The masonic Religion should be, by all of us initiates of the higher degrees, maintained in the Purity of the Luciferian doctrine. If Lucifer were not God, would Adonay and his priests calumniate him? Yes, Lucifer is God, and unfortunately Adonay is also god. For the eternal law is that there is no light without shade, no beauty without… Read more »

I replied above. Too bad you posted your message twice.

@ nwNo I saw you used the name "lucifer" you may want to read this article about the name "lucifer". Turns out that this name is fraudulent and was never in the original Hebrew. This name was conjured up by Saint Jerome who translated the scriptures from Hebrew to the latin vulgate It's sad that we've been calling this fallen angel by a name that doesn't even belong to him according to scripture to the original greek and hebrew no one knows it's name. It 's only known as ha-satan translated as the adversary (one who opposes anything good from the creator).

Right on! It really doesn't matter what they say BC every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess who the Lord is. Per my commandments I am doing it now. Father forgive them they know not what they do. So sad. PS. Its does look like a power ranger ring. LOL?

Agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed! 0_0 🙂

You people do realize that the first Masonic temple was started by "jews" who were also slave dealers. They came over here from Spain one of the individuals who was a key player was Aaron Lopez read up on him here they don't mention it here in Wikipedia but they became so rich that they started the first free mason chapter. These guy were already here before the US even declared independence from Britain so Simultaneously as the US government was getting stated these guys were getting rich and started to influence the US government with their corruption. It's also known that this same Aaron Lopez had connections with the Rothschilds in Europe. Learning this has brought a lot into perspective. Yes Babylon has been going strong for a while but this Babylon is schedule to fall. I hope the US and other countries finally gets a back bone… Read more »

Are Masons and Illuminati the same?

No. Apples to oranges 100%.

Oh Lord have mercy! I hope people realise regardless of how many gold, silver you accumulate it is going to be about the final judgment. If you need all the bling in the world to make you feel good about yourself then you really do need help. It isn't too late to repent or show remorse. We are privileged enough to have a merciful God pray to him and trust him don't go lose your faith. Jesus is coming!

Thanx 4 sharing, Shaq! >:(

Look at him all proud. What an ugly, tacky ring. That looks like some Power Ranger mess.

I bet Shaquille imagines himself transforming with that thing.

I roll my eyes at all these Illuminati/Mason/Baphomet fanboys and fangirls in the entertainment industry.

This is not surprising. Kobe jersey number is 23. Shaq was 32. Lebron change his jersey number to 6. Wade is 3. The two together is 666.

Who cares about his religious beliefs? Freemasonry is no different then any other chain of Christianity.

Not true. Freemasonry is dedicated to the worship of Lucifer, as Albert Pike confirmed this in his book "Morals and Dogma".

Papal encyclical letters for over two centuries have condemned Freemasonry for promoting religious indifferentism and materialism.

They are not "Christian" in any sense. I strongly suggest you do further research into what Freemasonry really is…and keep away from it. Thank you for your time.

i can't believe this. "Of course iam." the f**k Shaq.

WOAH check out Shaqs mannerisms once they grill him a bit… skip to around 0:19 seconds in.. You don't even have to be able to read micro-expressions to know this guy is HIDING something and GUILY AS HELL. LOL.

This part of the problem. We revere the uneducated and godless. We look down at normal people– ourselves– because we "idealize lies." We like celebrities and we have no time for God– that is the God in the Bible.

I am not a hater. Shaq played for a few teams I liked, but he is a man. "Those Greek organizations are pretty dark. We will do anything to belong to groups that will get us ahead in a world in decline. So he is a mason… . How many of these famous people are not connected? Why does it matter? It doesn't.

Those Greek organizations? You meant to say dark American organizations which use letters of the Greek alphabet and emulate Ancient Greek traditions.

Isn't that what I said, brother? Lmao.

Who cares really??I know this is off point but its about beyonce's baby's name.I watched E! Today and they said the meaning of IVY,something about the number IV but I don't get isn't any IVY a plant so if its supposed to mean IV(4) what about the Y after it?after watching it I just felt so stupid because the explanation just doesn't add up.sorry for the diversion 😀

Try this link – best explanation I'v heard.

On Jimmy Fallon's monologue last night he announced the baby's birth an said that the name Blue comes from Jay's album and Ivy being Bey's favorite number(4). Apparently, that's their story. many divergent views on this site. all of them point to the fact that at the end of the day everyone has beliefs and they want to believe that those beliefs are true.sometimes i think this site is contradictory, i.e. it contradicts its purpose.if there is "some truth and wisdom" in all religions including wicca, as it's founder says, why the anger and infuriation at brotherhoods like masonry and the illuminati among others? all of them encourage the pursuit of gnosis that makes man wholistic by using the intelligent man to rejoin the spiritual man and the animal man.they aim at showing man his true power,but only to the man that has ears of understanding where the lips of wisdom may be unsealed. if masonry is a mystrey school that promotes secret doctrine aimed at fashioning an enlightened man out of a profane individual, why the anger at it?… Read more »

I'm sorry. What you typed is unreadable. No breaks for paragraphs and too many run-on sentences. Please rewrite what you did, so as to make this more readable to us all.

Thank you in advance.

Oh so freemasonary is supposed to make you a better man. There is nothing better about what they are doing ie: whorshipping satan. Do you think satan will make a better man of you? just goes to show what a dumb person you are. That Shaq is a fool. There is but one God and you will not escape his wrath. So people just be patient, leave these fools to their folly.

Shut your trap, woman. "And the Women shall remain silent in the Church!" -Corinthians.

I doubt most masons do much in the lodge expect drink. Most join to boost their career, and in a materialist society such ours that is to be expected.

I doubt Satan is the object of their worship because I have read their writings on the subject where they claim Satanism is a heresy (which is one of the reasons they claim they got rid of the French monarchy, to eliminate Satanic heretics).

That being said there are several Christian churches where founded by Masons, Rosicrucians, etc.

To list a few of the religions their associated with: Seven Day Adventists, Scientology, Mormonism, All protestant Faiths (KJ Bible is a Rosicrucian translation, Martin Luther was a Rosicrucian), Catholicism, Shiite Islam, Sunni Islam, Judaism, Wicca, New Age, all forms of Paganism, Theosophy, Secular Humanism, etc.

This is the biggest load of rubbish I've ever heard!

Freemasonry hasn't been around that long, ALL forms of Paganism? Sunni Islam? REALLY? Give me a freaking break, you fundies really don't have anything better to do but to spoil your brains on this crap.

Paganism and many of the religions you listed have been around for THOUSANDS of years, how could Freemasonry which has only been around for a short time, POSSIBLY HAVE THEIR HANDS IN ANY OF THOSE RELIGIONS?

Did you know animism is said to be the oldest form of spirituality? Much, MUCH older than your bullsh*t Christianity? Thought so, get a freaking grip you right-wing, fundamentalist trolls. You are the real sheep, Christianity is the real 'deceiver' your God/Jesus isn't going to save you and you will die just like everyone else, you can't escape death.

was working on a construction site a while back,and it was a masonic lodge being built in finland.

And the the one who ordered the work asked the the supervisor if he wanted to join etc.

so the guy asked how much does it cost to be in your club and he said 4000 euros per year.

The supervisor was,nah i cant afford to be in your club

RadioShaq haha! Seriously though, the fact he's is being so blatant and open about it probably suggests he has been invited into the lower echelons by another wealthy friend and really knows very little about it all.' They' need these base level distractions in order to deflect attention away from the 'real' and truly influential freemasons in our society.