Shaq Shows Off Masonic Ring on National TV (video)


Shaquille O’Neal, also known as ShaqAttack, ShaqFu, ShaqDiesel, RadioShaq and Free Throw King (alright, I made up these two last ones), has a new AKA: ShaqMason. Here’s a short video of Shaq showing off his Masonic allegiance on national TV, followed by awkward comments by his colleagues.


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i don't think true masons show off who they are. ayt?

Pat Kinsy

Freemasons have nothing to do with the illuminati thats tha catholic church who also use a lot of the knights templer for the knights of columbus. Roberts rules used by all groups from fire departments to the moose or even town hall meetings use roberts rules. As a mason we keep the openings and closings of our meeting to our selves. You want to know about masons ask us will tell you anything we can . All Shriners are masons and we give free medical to anyone who needs it, no questions asked and no money needed. If you want to know all the famous people who where masons those list are easy to find, the rest of us do are good deeds everyday and no one is in it for the pat on the back. Freemasons do not rule the world we don't have hoards of buried tresure, and… Read more »