Senator Rand Paul Trashes the PATRIOT Act (video)


As you might know, the PATRIOT Act – the legislation that turned America into a police state – just got a four-year extension. Lawmakers rejected all attempts to moderate aspects of the legislation that weaken the Fourth Amendment. Amidst the general public’s indifference and the yes-man attitude of lawmakers, a rare voice of reason spoke about the real effects PATRIOT Act on the daily lives of citizens and also described the numerous ways this act went against the very core of the American constitution. Here’s Senator Rand Paul breaking down the PATRIOT Act.

As expected, due to his disagreement with the PATRIOT Act, Rand Paul was accused of “being on the side of the terrorists”, which is the type of irrational accusation found in dictatorships to silence dissension. And all he really said is that US Laws should respect the US Constitution…

Here’s his response to the accusations:

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Awesome Videos

Rand Paul, Supposed Defender of Civil Liberties, Calls for Jailing People Who Attend ‘Radical Political Speeches’…

Let's really simplify it so all can understand. Words are meaningless. Look at the actions. It's real simple. If they do something that interferes with a person/society's well being, than their action is evil. That is how you judge governments and the rest of the scum. Look at all that they've done and how can anyone claim these people are good.

It is Good vs. Evil. Many here are good. Many here know the deal. Once we stand up and fight (fight is an action, not a word/words) they are going to lose AND THEY KNOW IT!

If you really believe all of this don't you think it is kind of silly to keep posting comments on web-sites like this? Every time you do your URL is recorded along with your statements, and if "they" want to find you and silence you all "they" have to do is trace your URL.

Is this a warning or a blatant threat? Just asking if you don't mind me.

Just a warning. All IP addresses are available from the servers if the government wants them. They can get them by court order if needed and the servers must comply by giving the info to them. Everything on the internet is traceable. You can change your name or whatever but the IP address can be traced.

Im with you on that one FRA?NCO

Secrets of the Federal Reserve – Euatace Mullins

his youtube videos on neo-zionism… all you need to understand about how the world is running and what establishes the "false" reality we live in

Conspiracy propaganda/theories like "illuminati, freemasonry," etc are totally pointless and and are just ways to propagate fear in people who don't have legitimate evidence

Sirrah, I love your knowledge. Please share more!!!

It's a shame that all politicians are creeps. This guy seems like the lesser of two evils by making a logical, sensible, 100% correct argument.

He worships the aquabuddha (leviathan) and his daddy is a mason.

Both Ron Paul and Rand Paul are not the answer.

I think we should take time to check our spiritual life to, if we commit sin we are not different from them, no sin is greater than the other before GOD. Sin is sin.

So true. You are the voice of reason.

God, I'm trying to learn all the laws to know how bad the government can mess you up legally, especially with the patriot act. But the U.K and America have too many. Right now I'm 17, but who knows? In 3 years when I'm 20 we might have a whole new batch that I'll have to learn that contradicts everything else. Does anybody know any good websites that has some listed? (And, if I'm lucky, explained)

wellll the lower degree freemasons don't know that theyre evil and think theyre doing good around the world

They know what they’re doing, they’re not gullible dear. They sell themselves to build a career through their masonic connections. I have personal experience on the matter. A lot. And no I’m not one of them, touch wood.

Even if he was/is a free mason. You have to remember some free masons are still good…

I wouldn't even have responded to that accusation.

5. Sidetrack opponents with name calling and ridicule. This is also known as the primary attack the messenger ploy, though other methods qualify as variants of that approach. Associate opponents with unpopular titles such as “kooks”, “right-wing”, “liberal”, “left-wing”, “terrorists”, “conspiracy buffs”, “radicals”, “militia”, “racists”, “religious fanatics”, “sexual deviates”, and so forth. This makes others shrink from support out of fear of gaining the same label, and you avoid dealing with issues.

Rand is a good man, only thing I disagree with him on is gay-marriage and abortion, but I do respect that he at least wants to leave it up to the state to decide.

Oh my goodness, not all masons are bad! My brother is one and he is of incredibly strong character and no, he and none of the masons he knows have any intention of taking over the world.

My point is- just because someone is a mason doesn't mean they worship Satan/are up to something/trying to take over the world. Now I do believe that certain people are in control of everything and they do plan on running things. However, I don't believe it's the masons. Stop giving into propaganda and listening to the fear mongers.

Bill Schnoebelen – The Light Behind Masonry
Bill Schnoebelen exposes the truth behind the secret club known as Freemasonry. A large percentage of Masons are kept in the dark on purpose so the real agenda can be carried out. Bill exposes the intentions behind the images put forth by the Masons and Shriners.

Proverbs 6:12-15

12A naughty person, a wicked man, walketh with a froward mouth.

13He winketh with his eyes, he speaketh with his feet, he teacheth with his fingers;

14Frowardness is in his heart, he deviseth mischief continually; he soweth discord.

15Therefore shall his calamity come suddenly; suddenly shall he be broken without remedy.

This was the best information on the Masons and cleared up many question. Great video that I will share with others. I still think many involved don't get how dangerous this is. They have been led astray…My father, a pastor, dealt with a member who was a FM explaining this to the man. The member got mad and my father received an angry letter shortly thereafter from one of the higher ups telling my father to stop what he was doing/saying. Pretty freaky.

All of them are as bad as it gets. They make a good career out of it but so what. Bear in mind that judges are into this sh!ate and you wonder why it gets worse day after day. I'd rather be less successful than join their cult. If you come across them, run for the hills.

Let me start out by saying what I believe. I believe that our gov't is corrupt to the core. I believe that anyone that is significant in power is bought and payed for. I believe that many in our gov't are not only into satanic worship but also to the degree of sacrificing animals and in the higher ups, humans as well. I believe that this is not just in our gov't, but in the music industry and in hollywood. That being said….. I don't believe that everyone is doing it….there isn't a boogyman behind every corner….some of this "mystery" brings out the mystery w***e in all of us. Secrecy in and of itself causes most people to want to know what's so secretive, and it causes the imagination to run wild to even the most skeptical of people. Not everyone that throws the devil horns is even aware of… Read more »

Excellent!!! One more thumbs up!

Controlled opposition or not…it's opposition. I fully agree with Rand. I find it's hard to judge someone's motives without full facts to back it.

I don't care if he is a Freemason or what, he is at least taking a stand. Controlled opposition, who knows, but at least he is in opposition. It is a bit off course from what VC does, but just as much connected at the same time. Good job.

All that matters is what he's saying is very true

This is what the police state will look like in the USA soon… maybe even worse. A youtube video that gets more than 1 000 000 in less than 20 hours on youtube.

Let's fight the Patriot Act, let's fight for our liberty.

Wow Vibol – it is truly disturbing to see military/police/special ops treat civilians this way!!! I know that there are many who do not, and who will never follow orders against the American people (Oathkeepers), but to those who do, disgusting! Here is a really good documentary on the encroaching police state. It was very eye opening to me, and the intentions behind the event are undeniable thanks to citizen journalism/video/photos. Toronto G20 Exposed:… Circulating this week, "32 Signs That The Entire World Is Being Transformed Into A Futuristic Big Brother Prison Grid"… "The illusion of freedom [in America] will continue as long as it's profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will… Read more »

I find it curious how those cops are doing to those protesters physically that witch Richard Law-Sun did to me verbally on the above thread. "Oh ye foolish man who thinks that he is free, for when the puppet master pulls the strings, oh how you will dance!"

Well every occult book ive read always goes on and on about the veil of isis… seems more like a bait and switch to me, with codes and symbols to bewitch us into thinking its something good.

lol that was to your comment "The illusion of freedom [in America] will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”

Frank Zappa"

Um, anyone want some Hegel with their propaganda? Rand is 'put-in'. Of course we like what he is saying cos he is simply stating the obvious. Time after time people fall for the good cop/bad cop politicking. Ron and Rand (sounds like a couple of Egyptian gods) are raging oculist. They are high up in the Masonic orders. What is up with this VC? We get 'exposes' on occultism in lady gag-a-w***e songs, but when an occult heavy-weight like Rand is put up there being 'the voice of the truth' we are expected to clap like trained seals? The governmental system of a constitutional republic by and for the people has long been destroyed by private interests posing as a constitutional government; therefore the entire structure of what we think is the government and its authorized opposition is illegitimate – a total fraud. So when you see new political heroes… Read more »

Although I am sure that politicians within the system will never bring profound change, your comment is simply awful. No matter what is your opinion on Rand Paul, what he said was FACT and I applaud anyone who is telling the truth. You said nothing about the hundreds of Senators who approved the Patriot Act but you bash on the only one who did not? How cowardly. At least, he tried to inform the population.

What you said about Rand Paul and his father are rumours and insults. We have evolved from the time of witch hunts based on hearsay. And your last sentence only discredited you further.

he is simply stating that this is yet another farce, and they are all the same s**t

bottom line

u want an ex- kerry vs bush- mind u they were bff's

its all a game to make us thing there are real choices in this country and there are differing opinions

in the end they are all part of the same agenda

Tab your just talking s**t out your ass…. You have any idea how hard it is these days to oppose a strongly backed bill… Where the f**k do you get this information, your lead to believe that you have… I wouldnt doubt Ron and Rand are masons, most politicians are, but I really dont think there high up in the degrees. Even if they were How THE F**K WOULD YOU KNOW THIS… You Faceless f**k.

Hmmmm… how interesting. Of course the great irony here, Richard, is that the Patriot Act will be used to stop you from being able to speak so freely – and I would give my life defending your right to speak freely and live in a free country. Using my rights (as they stand) I will say no to your request for me to try to prove anything, but there is a wealth of information out there on the workings of the mystery schools and their doctrine – should you want to delve in. That way if it turns out that I am wrong then you will have the vindication of finding out for yourself that you were correct and I would hope for all our sakes that all the funny ideas and opinions rolling around in my little fat scone are completely wrong. I would like to buy you a… Read more »

It doesn't matter whether or not he is or is not a mason (though I think he is; not based on fact just my opinion), for the real problem is the fact the entire political system is corrupt and masonic at its base. This means it doesn't matter if you are a masonic politician or not, you are still controlled by the rules the masons have put in place an you are dancing to their song.

How is bashing someone helping in any case? If you need sources to back up ones claims simply as for them, if you have sources that claim otherwise state them.

you seem a tad untethered

Rand Paul is just piggybacking on his father's fame, while he himself has no charisma or brains. Ron Paul is a Freemason. Google it. I'd steer clear of both of these politicians. Even better, all politicians.

"Ron Paul is a Freemason. Google it"


Elvis is alive. Google it.

Ron Paul and his son are actually part of the Illuminati bloodlines that hail from the Roman brotherhood- they are lower than George Bush but are still very powerful – they are dis-info agents but like all criminals are working for the same NWO agenda- they are posers who represent the 'false opposition.'

Sirrah his surname is Jewish I believe, what he's got to do with the Romans. I'm confused, could you elaborate?


Oh god, someone who believe everything Google tells them, even if he was a freemason, everything he is saying is against there agenda… God Dam Such Flaming Idiots. You sound like your backing the side of the Government watching everything you do. If Rand Paul didnt say anything many people wouldnt, atleast we got someone backing the people. I cant believe you just said that and actually believe 100% of what your saying….

@ Richard apparently you are not bright enough to realize that Ron Paul is part of the system- I never had to google him because I know he's related to the Texas Illuminati oil mafia families-which includes Bush's and Carter's who are close relatives of the Queen. Mr Paul is descended from the Italian Zoroastrian bloodlines rather than the German Illuminati- he is related to Lady Bird Johnson (satanist)… even so, the Bavarian Illuminati are stuffing Mr Paul's pockets with cash so he can work the false opposition so people like you can be blindsided by their propaganda machine. Too bad you will stand behind the very people that are destroying your freemdoms. There are plenty of videos and photos of Mr. Paul flashing the corna hand sign- and in case you think they are bogus- I have seen him flash the satanic hand sign in person- so I know… Read more »
@ Franco one thing that is missing from world history is that Illuminism is in fact a Jewish creation-I cannot figure out why people have not made this connection. Illuminism/Communism are Jewish creations. Within the Jewish Illuminati there are 12 original Satanic Jewish bloodlines who have for thousands of years been running this planet- albeit not by divine right. THe 13th bloodline is actually an Asian Satanic bloodline named Li ( i.e., Jet Li)- this Asian bloodline was 'grafted' into Jewish Illuminism so that they could control the asiatic nations under the Jewish crown of England. There is also a fake black bloodline ( Barak Obama) that is not jewish but is being used by the Rothchilds ( German Jews) to control the planets resources. The original Roman empire was built by the real Jews who are the people that built Sumeria, Greece, and Rome/Europe. Over the centuries the Edomites/Canaanites… Read more »

Cool story bro.

The illuminati are racist satanists pretending to be Christians, Jews or Muslims and the Jewish serve as a convenient scapegoat for them. I reckon they hate Jews because of their long history of monotheistic belief and worship.

sirrah i have been following your posts on this website and secret arcana and theyre wonderful… it gives a lot of stuff to google and research so keep posting please!!!


Do you have a source for the information that you provide? I would like to read more, as what you are saying rings true with me. Thanks in advance.


…so at what point was the Catholic Church corrupted to be in league with the satanists?

@sirrah, i enjoy reading your comments. do you have a blog or anything i could follow?


I was praying today for more answers. Then I stumbled upon your comments. I read every single one you have posted. You have helped connect so many dots and answered so many questions. The puzzle pieces seem to fit so much better now in my mind. I am so sorry what you had to go through, although the price you paid imparted this essential information for all of us here with eyes to see. What a crazy time we are living in. Somehow I knew this would happen in my lifetime, even as a liitle eight year old girl. See you on the other side of what is to come, god willing. 🙂

God Bless You.

@ Sam & AbZu -I'm pleased to know someone is listening and appreciates my info. I am literally risking my life to spill these beans- this info I gave is largely unknown to the general populace. AbZu- as far as my sources, I was born into one of these evil bloodlines at the top of the Illuminati Pyramid- however, after being forced into Satanic Ritual Abuse and Monarch Programming for the first 20 years of my life I managed to escape my slave masters ( who happen to be my own family). They tried for many years to kill me but by the grace of God I'm still alive- so I'm trying to help people understand what's going on at the higher levels of the world- my purpose is not to fearmonger but to lift the veil and speak the truth so that hopefully some people will become less confused-… Read more »
Ron/Rand Paul are both related to the south Texas oil mafia. One of the greatest secrets of the United States is that the real capitol of the U.S. is actually NOT Washinton D.C. but the real power hierarchy of the U.S. comes from Texas/California Oil families. The oil wells of Texas are owned by the Queen of England through her various relatives- like GW Bush, Amon Carter ( relative of Jimmy Carter). The real power center of the U.S. for the last 100 years has been Houston, Texas where huge oil companies including Rockefellar's Standard oil have ruled this nation with near absolute power. The Rockefellar's are actually Saxe-Coburg-Rothchilds who are relatives of the Windsors. During WWII Rockefellar's standard oil also owned a company in Germany called I.G. Farben that made gas for the gas chambers. The primary modern offshoot of Farben is a German company called Bayer. Former President… Read more »

It makes me wonder if the so called Ashkenazi Jews are the real biblical Jews or just imposters. Khazars who converted into Judaism and moved to Europe. Many biblical Jews converted to Christianity, Timothy's (New Testament) mother for instance.

LOL @sirrah claiming to be part of a bloodline.

I'm a direct descendant of the Carter family and I'm just a regular person though. I'm not even wealthy, by American standards.

Also, the Carters are native of Georgia, not Texas. They were wealthy through cotton plantations, not oil.

@ Franco RE: Ashkenazi Jews The question you've just asked is perhaps one of the most important and controversial issue of our present age. I'll try to shed some light on this but again the history is so complex that truth is hard to decipher. Technically speaking if you were to go back very far in ancient history one discovers that the real Royal bloodline of Judah are actually the pure-blood descendants of the children of Adam and Eve. When the real Israelites were taken away to Babylon the Canaanites came into the land of Judah and proclaimed themselves to be Jews so they could ultimately steal their birthright. One problem with this history arises because the Canaanites throughout history have often been referred to as Jews but they do not carry the DNA of Judah- The civilization of Sumer was actually built by distant descendants of Adam and Eve… Read more »

Sorry Sirah but I'm rusty on the topic as I haven't studied the the Old Testament for a very long time.

Saying that, what I speculate -without being able to provide substantial proof- that the queen isn't descendant of King David. They can sell it as much as they like, I'm not buying it. Or the other myth that the merovingians are descendants of Christ. It's possible that the royal have some Jewish ancestors, but not that they are descendants of Christ. Deceitful schemers whose sole aim is to deceive and increase their prestige. Let's say, you can't polish a turd.

ps. I see you've got a fan club here lol



Thanks for the reply. It's funny that you should mention Putin, as everything you speak of, ties in with a website that I found many years ago.

Claimed Putin will be the anti-christ, about 7 years ago. Some things on there have not come true, like comets or astroids hitting the Earth, but the Putin thing has remained consistent.

Going to have to do my own research now, to verify what you have said.

Thanks for sharing.


From Wikipedia:

"In July 2010 Putin appeared at a Russian-Ukrainian Orthodox Bikers festival in Sevastopol, Ukraine riding a Harley-Davidson tricycle. The high council of Russian bikers movements unanimously voted to elevate him into a Hells Angel range with the nickname of Abaddon. The nickname is probably influenced by angel of death and destruction Abadonna in Mikhail Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita novel"

@ Franco & AbZu RE: yes, I know rev13 websote very well- I had some correspondence with him a few years ago- he was one of the very few people who figured out early on who Putin actually is. @ Franco RE: The Merovingians The Merovingians are often called the ‘bloodline from hell’ for a good reason. They live up to their reputation as Evil Satanists with centuries worth of endless, heinous crimes. They are all child sacrificers blood drinkers, p********s, snuff film producers, drug dealers, sex slave traders…ad infinitum. Some well known Merovingians/Rothchilds are: Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin(partial bloodline), Stan Laurel, D.W. Griffith, W.R. Hearst, Gloria Swanson, Veronica Lake, Alfred Hitchcock, Jimmy Stewart ( of the Stuart English bloodline), Greta Garbo, Gene Tierney, Gene Autry, Walt Disney ( partial bloodline), Frank Sinatra, JFK, Rosemary Clooney, , Buddy Ebsen, Meatloaf (Marvin Aday), Nicolas Cage, Laura Dern, David Lynch, Warren… Read more »
@ Revolutionary Arms 'LOL @sirrah claiming to be part of a bloodline.' Every villiage has at least one idiot- and in this villiage you get to wear the dunce cap. If the real Prince Charles came to this website and started telling you the truth about what is going on you would mock him and say 'He thinks he's the real Prince Charles…yeah right!' The Saxe-Coburg-Gotha family is a very large family that has branches in every developed nation of this planet- there are many memebers of this family who do not even recognize each other. In the 19th century they created a global breeding plan to place offspring in every region where they were conquering the land, oil, and mineral rights. The people who live in Buckingham Palace are my cousins- I carry the Saxe-Coburg family bloodline. My family comes from the House of Wettin of German Saxony and… Read more »

You've said points at 2:13 pm I've heard or read before. At least most of them, except for the details concerning the lalaland misfits. I think you should also include the Douglas clan -father & son.

Were the usual suspects involved with the execution of Ernesto Guevara? He was too charismatic and misled.

As to the Romanovs, didn't they have all of them executed? Anastasia was said to have survived but nothing was definite. What about Rasputin's involvement?

Finally, that explains the obsession with the CCTV installation; to have us all controlled and tracked down.

Flipping hell, how come you're not terrified of exposing the cult as they could easily trace one of their own. I suppose they inject a few microchips to their members from birth. Do you think they'd be interested in tracing each one of us here too?

((((Adolf Hitler was an instrument of Zionism and was financed from the Rothschilds with the sole purpose of convincing the Jews to leave the shores of Europe and go to Israel to establish the new Empire. Jewish bankers like Rockefellers, Rothschilds and Soros control the international banking system that controls globalization.))))

Priceless innit!!


I assure you arrogant one that I'm no imbecile. However, reading what information you have presented to me seems detailed, my logic is screaming at your assertion of actually being linked to a still speculative topic (bloodlines), as far as I'm concerned. It seems to me you've attached yourself to your well-researched info for nothing more than a writers added zest.

@Franco RE: Douglas Clan Since I’ve been pulling most of this info out of my own memory I do sometimes forget to mention the obvious. Yes, The Douglas family are actually Russian Jews. Kirk Douglas’ birthname was Issur Danielovitch- and his parents were from Belarus… how about them apples???? RE: Che Guevara CIA/Bush A CIA agent named Felix Rodriguez supposedly led the team that killed Guevara- it is interesting to note that some years afterward this same Felix Rodriguez would be personally appointed by George Bush Sr. to be the key CIA operative at El Salvador's Ilopango Air Force base during the 1980s, where Rodriguez oversaw the CIA's notorious cocaine-for-arms air flights. It happens that the reason David Koresh and the Branch Davidians were massacred is because they found out about the drug/money laundering operation being run by the Bush/CIA/Buffalo Airlines Guns for Drugs, and money laundering that was being… Read more »

Sirah, just out of curiosity aren't you afraid of being tracked and traced. They must inject at least one microchip to their members from birth. It's too bold to come forward and announce on a public site your background.

Just adding sth. Nothing wrong to possess an inquisitive mind and debate, I just wonder why when your life is in immediate danger, you feel the need to reveal your personal circumnstances.

@Franco and Revolutionary Arms RA- I'm not speaking out fo arrogance but out of truth. Sometimes I wonder why it is so hard for you to believe someone who steps out from the system to speak the truth. Your kind of false logic is the reason the Illuminati stay in power- because they know you will never believe one of their own would simply come to a website and divulge this info. I offered this info freely-and it is your arrogance to presume to lie about by genetic heritage. One reason defectors often don't come forward is they know the sheeple will think they are liars. I have nothing to gain from writing this info- what have I to gain?? By disbelieving in the truth you empower those who you deem the enemy. The Queen of England is perfectly happy for people to speak of her conduct because she knows… Read more »

Insulting someone because they cannot come to terms with something you claim without proof is arrogance. I never stated the info you have handed out to be of falsehood but your supposed genetic connection is suspect. However, I will take the time to research your other claims regarding the bloodlines. But sirrah you have to understand to the average Joe like me, it's quite hard to accept given the vast amount of bullshit found on the internet. Based on that alone the probability of you being truthful are slimmer than an anorexic female. Trust is earned my friend, if you understand what I mean by that.

Sirrah, to get this straight, for more than a decade they attempted to track you, kill you and dispose your body but you're still around. If it's true, why don't you elaborate so others can benefit from your survival experience.

@ Rev Arms .'I never stated the info you have handed out to be of falsehood but your supposed genetic connection is suspect.' What you said here is understandable- I well know how many websites there are that are filled with mis-info dis-info. For example Alex Jones is a Zio-operative and almost everything he says is complete bulls*it. I do understand how you could contest my lineage- however, you might consider that the info i gave has to come from somewhere- the problem is the Illuminati bloodlines do keep a tight reign on the truth- the real history of the western world is held in the Vatican Vault as well as in London. Some of the info I have given is not available for public inspection and this is intentional. The Bloodlines don't want their defectors to divulge sensitive info. So some of the things I've said come from my… Read more »

Alright, I'll take what you've given me as truth but I'll need to ask a few questions. Now you state you refused to worship Satan during your indoctrination process, is that what he is referred to by the bloodlines? Or does this deity they worship have an ancient name unknown to us, and if so I'm assuming the deity is the equivalent to the Bible's "Satan"? Also, if you are what you say, how accurate was Fritz Springmeier?

Now you are speaking the truth! They are on both sides of the isle. The only way to win is to unite beyond the boundaries of color and class! Being passive is not going to get it done with these people. Remember God has drawn a pre ordain line between the righteous and the wicked deciever!

Sirah I take everything you say at face value. I puzzled over your persistent revelations about your life and I got a response. Only to reveal and emphasize that you're associated with the others, it takes a lot of courage as it's degrading to be a part of. As to the sheeple term, I'd rather be a sheep than a serpent. I respect and appreciate people with personal integrity and humility and many of the sheeple are real people who make daily self-sacrifices. I wouldn't get annoyed or offensive with people who disbelieve me, if I were you, it's an act of self-preservation. 🙂

^ defensive, somehow I typed offensive lol

RE: Names of Satan From the viewpoint of humans it appears that Satan has many names- the truth is that these other names are actually the names of various fallen angels. The being that started the rebellion is named Lucifer, his Associate was named Satan. Satan is the real name of Satan- these 2 beings are of equal celestial order and are higher than the Angels. The names Baal, Abaddon, Beelzebub, Belial, are real names of fallen angels. Baal is sometimes written as Bel, Bell, Bull. Baal is the ‘Lord of all that Flies’ and is the being that controls the weather including tornados, quakes, hurricanes, etc. The name Bel-Air is a name which refers to ‘Baal of the air.’ Beelzebub is the name of the being that led the rebellious lower order of angels during the beginning of the rebellion by Lucifer. I know more about this but cannot… Read more »


Thanks for all the information that you have provided. Has connected a lot of pieces of the jigsaw together for myself.

If you want to provide this information to a greater number of people though, I would recommend posting on the website:

You may already be aware of it.

Luckily for me I'm open-minded and I don't completely dismiss everything that appears absurd but not implausible. Now what I find extremely intriguing is how you referred to the fallen angels as literal deities. Is it similar to the Kabbalah's Arch-demons? Where does Egyptian symbolism come in? I appreciate your attempt to reveal this information and I would be grateful if you can elaborate as much as possible.

@ Tracy, AbZu, Revolutionary Arms Tracy- I do not have a blog for security reasons- I had one for a while but they began tracking me. AbZu- I'm well aquainted with abovetopsecret, it's a good site but I have my reservations about who runs it so I do not post there- RA- one of the problems we defectors face is that the real Illuminist bloodlines have had thousands of years of direct contact with celestial beings/fallen angels. The general populace typically does not even know they exist. It has nothing to do with faith- I have also had direct dealings with certain celestials- actually we as humans are a life experiment gone wrong. Human DNA did not just pop up out of nowhere-the DNA was engineered by certain celestial beings-what I’m saying here is way beyond common knowledge and is very far beyond what Satanists typically know. The real Judahites… Read more »

Zecharia Sitchin & the Book of Enoch is what this reminds me of.

Sirrah you are multiple I suppose.

Have you kept in track all your alter personalities?

Do you keep them under control or one of the domineering personalities can easily take over the other ones?

Are your biological parents related?

Is it a fact that illuminists are into persistent inbreeding?

I’m asking because a relative by marriage and all her siblings suffer from severe psychosis and anxiety, due to their family inbreeding. Her parents are apparently first degree cousins.

Ps. As to obelisks, you’re absolutely right. They’re everywhere. A small pyramid -piramide cestia- still exists in Rome situated between 2 busy main roads.

@ Trenchcoat, Franco, RevArms RE: Survival The time when I escaped the Illuminati was almost 20 years ago- back then it was possible to live on cash and move from place to place. For part of that time I was homeless because they stole all money and put bogus info in my credit report. Back then I could simply rent inexpensive places to live-then whenever they’d catch on I’d just drive off with my belongings in two small bags. Not a pleasant way to live but it worked. Since I spent ¾ of my life in a state of survival I have become fairly intuitive at it- I can smell a rat from 100 miles away 🙂 Problem with today is the NWO is building a world where anyone not wishing to participate will have a difficult time surviving. When they activate this monster then Putin will begin the Mark… Read more »

I'm going to be honest with you sirrah. I can't help but feel there is something off with the way you explain your connection to the bloodlines. You refer to the NWO and FEMA as if they are similar entities when in fact the latter is just a pawn of the former. I can understand if you are attempting to conceal yourself by referring to common terms, but it's just your usage of these fairly common terms that is letting sparks off telling me your partially BS'ing us. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but at the end of the day I'm open-minded but logical.

@Rev Arms I've done my best to explain things w/o being too specific. One thing to remember we all live in the same world and now have access to the same knowledge- this was one of the reasons for separating the original bloodlines of Judah- because 2 people can have the same knowledge and yet have 2 different levels of comprehension of that knowledge. What you want is some complex absurd explanation of reality- the truth is the knowledge you have is largely the same as the bloodlines- you just interpret it differently. I have survived for decades on these simple principles- you have been brainwashed by luciferian scientists to believe in some super-amazing complex explanation of reality when there is none. Most of the principles of science are simple it takes a brilliant mind to see simplicity in a complex convoluted world. Just wait and see that the FEMA… Read more »

God Bless you Sirrah!! And thank you! I have an older, wiser history/biblical history buff friend and from our lessons or interactions, I believe much of what you say to be true, in addition to individual research. I am feeling endeared to you and send nothing but good thoughts and prayers of protection your way. Thank you for all of your invaluable input.


Sirrah, again forgive me for my negligence but I try my best to filter out deception before I accept it and your response has proved it to be truthful. You have my prayers friend, Yahdikumullah, wa yuslihu balakum, or in other words God Bless. Many thanks for your defection towards the evils that destroy this world, Bismillah.

@ Sarah, RevArms Thanks for those words- I needed some positive feedback. The things I've told you are true. My frustration comes from the fact that we have very little time left before the NWO activation-once that happens they will take your rights away from you. If you have some basic common sense survival skills and some basic camping gea-r you can escape the city and survive the worst of the invasion. The knowledge I gave you is common because that's how the system works. For those who live in North America- there is going to be an invasion of communist troops ( Russian, Chinnese, NATO) -they are going to enter the large cites and really institute martial law- when the Government shuts down water supply, internet, and when they began blocking the food supply- the populace is going to go bonkers. If by then you have some basic survival… Read more »
@sirrah I understand comprehend and appreciate all that you have shared. I understand that this thread is very long and you have touched on very many sensitive subjects globally and personally. However I am yet to hear specifically your take on how to spritually arm oneself. Also how we as individuals may not be in any of these bloodlines but have God-given powers that can be harnessed through earnest meditation prayer and study and how the powers that be suppressed the knowledge of this. If you are which I am inclined to think you are trying enlighten individuals to what we are up against then it would only be fitting to include our weaponry and defenses. The history you have given is very helpful and insightful to point where it shows the length and trail of these people. But what can we do now the bible states that our battle… Read more »
@seeker1 these are excellent questions you have posed- I can only answer them from my experiential viewpoint. I haven’t touched on particular spiritual defenses because each culture has it’s own way of doing things. My methods are quite simple but they work- and people are often surprised to realize I have no magic formula but use time tested methods. Because I’m genetically a real descendant of Judah I normally work from the Hebrew Bible the Tanakh. Also for New Testament prophecies I use the regular King James Bible. I can say that I have studied the Quran and other texts- the Quran also has prophecies about these times that are accurate. Even the Prophecies of American Indians and Mayans have turned out to be authentic. It’s true that the Satanic Illuminists in fact are attempting to steal your human rights and your spiritual rights. If I tell you my method… Read more »
Again thank you for your insightful information. Though I am not familiar with powers of the hierarchial bloodlines I do believe that God or The triumvirate Deity has blessed us indiviually with certain gifts and talents similar to those you describe. While I may have may or may not have come in contact with Angels in all likelihood I know I have. I do not on a regular basis to the extent you describe. Now im far from being a descendant of Judah but I sense danger evil corruption etc. It is a God given ability I even see the animalistic side of humans when looking at them It used to scare me but I have come to embrace it. When I meditate outside I picture Sirius and feel it's energy from the back of my head to the tip of my toes. I have family members who have in… Read more »
Well Sirrah – whatever your beliefs on Christ, I hope they are the correct ones. Would be a shame if not, and I only mean that in a very nice way, so please take it as such! I would love to pick your brain on it, but for now I will just stick with my own personal motto – keep it simple stupid! That is for me, not you lol! Keeps me on track at least. I have no doubt one day we are all going to realize how wrong we are, with a whole lot of stuff. That being said, I am commenting now more just to say that you, my friend, have what I like to call a hedge of protection. I recently came to the realization that there are some people out there who scoff at the idea of angels, and consider them to be 'flags' or… Read more »
@ sarah connor RE: Angels & Christ Yes, you are correct there were 1/3 of the angels that followed Lucifer into his rebellion against God. Most humans have a hard time accepting that humans are actually the lowest order of self-conscious beings….and most of the universal population is composed of many different orders of celestial beings- angels are only one 'order' of being. In fact of the beings called angels there are 7 primary divisions and 2 secondary divisions- thus 9 divisions in all. People who are legitimately evil have their own 'guardian angels' and of course these are the fallen angels. Whereas- people who follow the real God can have guardian angels that come from the loyal orders. The fallen angels have basically the same powers of the loyal ones- and thus when people who follow Satan have their angels they often think they are being led by God.… Read more »

Sirrah! Cheers to you! In a 5 year heavy duty crash course of reality, I really could not agree with you more on 85-90 per cent of what you have posted thus far. And I know it is the tip of the iceburg. The rest I just have questions, and would like reading recommendations and open discussion if you are up for it, etc. If you are willing, email me at It is temp contact for a few days, then I close. If you don't, absolutely no offense and I will continue to look forward to your posts!! I understand and repect your time and need for anonymity. Be well….and safe! In my world you have some serious street creds! Peace & God Bless!

@sarah connor

Honestly I wish I could answer things via email- others have asked the same- but it's too dangerous for me. My family are one of the very top Illuminists bloodlines and I have to do everything I can to keep safe. I'll try to post more when I can- god bless!

Sirrah – I figured as much, can't hate a girl for trying 😉 I'll keep an eye out for ya! Take Care~

I wanted to add one last thought- I am not against Christianity- I think because I said above that I'm not taking a personal stand on Jesus then some people might misinterpret what I mean. I follow the Prophecies of the KJV Christian New Testamanet- and for O.T. I do follow the Tanakh. In any case- I don't want to take a personal stand reguarding Jesus becase it's too controversial and it's a subject tht all people have disscused in depth-so I cannot really add anything to that. The Prophecies fo the Christian N.T. are real, accurate, and true-so I follow them.


Thank you for posting at such risks…

Two questions: based upon your knowledge, etc., at one point do believe the Vatican became involved? Secondly, why all the Monarch references in videos in movies if the people in the videos are the victims?


I am a resident of Rand's home state, or commonwealth of Kentucky, I have personally met Rand a few times, and my brother has met Ron Paul likewise. I have researched propaganda techniques, the Hegelian dialectic schemes, and the whole like, but I have also personally researched the Paul family and especially Rand. While, of course, I disagree with Rand on a number of key issues, I do sincerely believe he is not part of the "elitistilluminaticorporatefascistfiatbankingzionistnewworldorderpanamericanoneworldcurrencysatanist" movement that seeks vehemently to corrupt and destroy this nation. Further evidence may in deed prove me wrong, but out of the madness that pervades the media I am genuinely proud to call Rand a Kentucky Senator. But I generally agree with your politician comment. The truth is we need a complete political restructuring beginning with term limits among many things. Charisma is debatable, but brains, I mean he has been an ophthalmologist… Read more »

I completely agree with him. But it seems the powers that be can overthrow a perfectly logical argument by attacking the speaker. How sad.

I agree. How simple its was within a matter of minutes to turn down a legitimate debate concerning our rights and protecting the constitution. The truth is these individuals will not give any room the the truth to be exposed to the American people.

Glad he's speaking out against it.

Please ! the guy who wants to abolish the civil rights act has no business trashing anything

The part of the "Civil Rights Act" that Rand Paul was referring to is the one that interferes with PRIVATE business. Do you reserve the right to throw Neo-Nazis out of your pizza parlor if you're Jewish? Do you reserve the right to throw KKK members out of your coffee shop if you're black? Then you'd be prevented from doing so thanks to the provisions of the "Civil Rights Act" that prevent you from "discriminating" in private business. That is not protecting civil rights, that is the tyranny of government pointing a gun at your head and forcing you to do business in a certain manner that IT has chosen for you.

I have to wonder whether it's worth it to waste my time explaining this to people who obviously couldn't be bothered to learn the truth in the first place, but sometimes I can't help myself.