Senator Rand Paul Trashes the PATRIOT Act (video)


As you might know, the PATRIOT Act – the legislation that turned America into a police state – just got a four-year extension. Lawmakers rejected all attempts to moderate aspects of the legislation that weaken the Fourth Amendment. Amidst the general public’s indifference and the yes-man attitude of lawmakers, a rare voice of reason spoke about the real effects PATRIOT Act on the daily lives of citizens and also described the numerous ways this act went against the very core of the American constitution. Here’s Senator Rand Paul breaking down the PATRIOT Act.

As expected, due to his disagreement with the PATRIOT Act, Rand Paul was accused of “being on the side of the terrorists”, which is the type of irrational accusation found in dictatorships to silence dissension. And all he really said is that US Laws should respect the US Constitution…

Here’s his response to the accusations:


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