Satanic Ritual Abuse in America (video)


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128 Comments on "Satanic Ritual Abuse in America (video)"

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Videos are gone? Did anyone repost?

In Feb 09th 2015 both videos are not more loger available on Youtube

Where I can see them?

Why Youtube removed those vídeos?

Where can we find these videos? The links are both dead as of this writing…

Good website on ritual abuse

It doesn't matter what part of the world your from. Its called New World Order. One world, and it will be craziness. So I suggest you follow Jesus, cuv that's all that will save you. Do your research.

At the moment, some french children are threatened and probably victims of the same crimes. It happens in the Var, in south of France. Any medias talk about this awful story, and those who try to do something are reduced to silence! It seems that too many important people are involved… This is a message from the « Collectif Autre Monde » (Other World Collective) : AMIDLISA CASE – Département du Var Pedocriminality The Other World Collective to Mme Danièle Drouy Ayral, republic attorney, 83300 Draguignan 31 january 2011 Object : Childs of your department in great danger Dear Ms Attorney, You received, dated 10 january 2011, from an association, which is a small componant of our collective, a rather subjective LR/AR concerning this very sensitive case, the « Amidlisa Pedocriminality Var ». Madam, our collective, warned again by a member of O.C.C.U.L.T has a duty to urgently inform you… Read more »

Very relevant, check out this old archived copy (since removed from the original website) about the relationship between the Virginia Tech murders and satanic mind control.

…somebody did their research.

@Howard Beale This has nothing to do with "fairness." Mankind is fallen. People are perishing. This has been the condition upon earth for thousands of years. There is a war being waged, in heaven and upon earth. This is the Biblical record. The fact that you are unaware of this means you have never taken the Bible into your own personal hands. I suggest you do so. I understand people suffer from disbelief. But this disbelief is easily curable. The biggest problem is that man does not wish to submit to his Creator. So man continues to suffer, and people suffer needlessly. The problem is not with God. The problem is with man. If someone throws you a lifeline and you refuse it, do you blame the rescuer? Then, if you drown and others drown beside you, do you blame the rescuer? Should you not take the lifeline, then seek… Read more »

I guess these videos of satanism are VC's way of telling readers that he believes satan exists and is real. A false witness will lie and the personal testimonies of these two women in each video give descriptive accounts of satan's nature, ie. father of all lies, deceiver, roaring lion who kills, steals and destroys, oppressor, and manipulator with extreme hatred for the righteousness and holiness of God. God have mercy on the lives out there who are being stolen by the oppression of the devil.

Typical Jeff Rense. His voice is much louder than his guest, and he does most of the talking. Annoying. For such a soft spoken guy, he seems to have quite the ego. He should just be quiet and let his guest tell her story. He interrupts WAY too much.

If you truly believe that God is who he is, meaning that he is the all knowing, benevolent, creator of the universe. Responsible for all things that exist known and unknown; would a being of this psychological caliber truly need a reasoning understandable by a humanoid with who dose not even have access to his entire brain. Absolutely not. So stop wasting your time trying to comprehend the reasoning of that which is not yet possible to understand. something that lives to a completely different set of morals than you .

Your tiny intellect will only grow more frustrated.

Now it's all pretty much out in the open. Here is a good documentary that was supposed to air on the Discovery channel and was even printed on the TV guide, but the channel was threatened with a Bill, and all copies of the video were bought anonyously. Ted Gunderson retired FBI has tried to expose SRA and other satanic involvement in the upper echelons of government and agencies

The Conspiracy Of Silence

can i just say i f*cking hate when people say "thank sweet baby jesus i don't live in (insert country here). its like wtf you TOTALLY missed the effin point. new world order means NEW WORLD ORDER. its happeniing near you, its has for centuries, it willl continue to and it certainly is fast advancing if it hasn't reached you yet. WAKE THE F*CK UP!!!!

I just read a " " book. The " " is there because I'm still processing what I actually thought of said book. With a title like "Lucifer Rising" (the subtitle ran something like sin, satanism, and rock & roll), I figured I could skip reading it and get the whole gist of the book from just that. But I did read it. In many ways it was very insightful, but not because I agreed with it, if agreed is the right word. The book itself was a brief history of "satanism" in the western world. According to the author, a lot of the popular conceptions of satanism (blood, rituals, gargolysh figures etc) are "trappings" based on individual tastes; real satanism is more about being a thinking individual that does precisely what he wants, and resists any attempts to conform him to any system he thinks unacceptable. Uh-hmm. The author… Read more »
I've seen the Oprah video before, so after watching this again, it led me to do some research on SRA. The woman in the video is Vicki Polin. After some research,it seems like her claims don't have allot of credit to them.It's important to know that many people who have often claimed SRA often are diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder,and many of there memories of abuse arent discovered until they are adults and after some questionable therapeutic techniques (hypnosis). A perfect example is a book called 'michelle remembers',in which a women,similar to vicki recounts her experiences of SRA.Later it was discovered that these were just false memories recovered from her psychiatrist husband. I'm not saying that satanic rituals never happen.It seems allot of people in power serve the devil,and there may in fact be a widespread cover up, but in allot of these cases all we have is stories and… Read more »
read my post above- it is my religious belief that hypnosis further opens your mind and soul for possession- she could have satanist parents and been in some of the rituals but other things could have been based on fantasy which is created by possession by the devil- so in essence, they are still examples of the devil on earth so to speak, the evil one continues to posess. lots of cases people don't realize that even if some of the things didn't occur, they did in the person's memory because they were posessed. there is a true story – Rebecca Brown- who ends up joining her patient in the whole posession and recalls months and months of and even beleived that the patients family was out to kill them for ratting them out. No one will know for sure what % is truth, but the truth is that the… Read more »

You really should do some more research about SRA and the whole propaganda campaign of false memories, put out primarily by the False Memory Syndrome Foundation who's founding members have ties to the CIA, children who've accused them of sexual abuse as well as founding members authoring articles defending the benefits of underage sexual exploitation.

The False Memory Syndrome Foundation are satanic to the core as well as many of the journalists that completely trumpet their propaganda.

BTW, the tunnels of the Mcmartin school case, where the false memory syndrome garbage originated were indeed found… the children were right and the media ignored it. You can easily find the archeological documents online where they found the tunnels… as well as info about all the untimely deaths of witnesses.

Unfortunately, the s**t is as real as it gets.

yup i totally agree. i just believe the whole thing is dangerous and because it is possible to "create" more memories, and because these higher authorities know this, they try and falsify the entire experience of the person, and truth. This is dangerous stuff we are dealing with here, and beyond earthly and human. is it as dangerous as danger gets. People talk about this country and that country being corrupt, however the USA is the most corrupt as you can get, and the entire idea of freedom of religion being the reason this country even started, is a disgusting distortion of the phrase "freedom of religion" itself; for they wanted freedom of that kind of religion, the evil one's religion. What I mean about the most corrupt country is that it's the most SECRETIVE and HIDDEN- we may hear and see things on the news about all these countries… Read more »

To the person who said they aren't from America: um, Satanism is practiced in a lot of countries. Santeria is practiced in Mexico.

This just isn't discussed or focused on much. But very creepy for sure.

more evidence ritual abuse exists in America – go to childabusewiki(dot)org and type in ritual abuse

MPD patients should see a priest in addition to, and even more than therapy. If they are to choose therapy, please do not fall victim to constant hypnotherapy. DO not do it often. You may need to do it on order for the therapist/hypnotist to see where your issues originated from, but DO NOT make it a habit. Hypnosis opens the soul to the devil, and you will give the evil one even more opportunity to come back in. The devil will end up creating even more “memories” that did not exist, it can make your life into a horror story because you are actually being possessed while under hypnosis. It will further inhibit your mpd and problems instead of help. Most therapists esp who are not of the higher Christian (Eastern and Russian Orthodox and Coptic Orthodox) faith, do not know this. There have also been cases where the… Read more »

do you have any advice on how I can learn and also spread the word about this without sounding misinformed? I've done light study on the issue, I understand many things about mind control and ritual abuse… but where are there hard facts?- especially about our presidents? When I tell people our pres' were p********s, they discredit any other points I have because they are simply not willing to accept it. But maybe I am missing something… if you have any suggestions for my endeavor for knowledge, it would be appreciated. thank you for your insight.

I am VERY happy u are bringing this to light satanism is a REAL life religion and these things happen in AMERICA in SECRET every night of the year just how you eat and lunch and dinner every day this is part of some peoples’ real lives in dif hidden areas all over our country.

I am an atheist, who gives a s**t if Satan is real or not? These people are being harmed! I hate people who get into religious debates when its not even the problem. Nothing supernatural has happened so far, its that fact that people are being used and hurt, not whether actual demons come or not.

obviously the people who believe in Satan "give a s**t" because they practice these things. who gives a s**t what you believe? now, there's food for thought!

I am simply stating that religion is completely irrelevant in these comments. It has no impact on whether what is going on. If I even try to promote this idea people will jump on me saying I am part of the conspiracy when they can't even accept that the church has been infiltrated. It is so easy to point the finger but not so easy to stomach when their belief is tainted as well.

i love how Oprah has no emotion and is all nonchalant about the Jewish woman's story- meanwhile if it were some actress or singer on her show she would be all tearful and emotional. GO F**K YOURSELF OPRAH

that's RIGHT!

good point, I subconsciously noticed that, but when you consider how the whole time she was grinning and joking about 'sacrificing babies' – it's pretty obvious whose side Oprah is on

Check out Russ Dizdar – and Doug Riggs. Both have done extensive reasearch into this subject. The Byte Show. Free audios.

Please can I just add: North Korea needs our prayers.

just did= y do they sound so creepy!

With all due respect, Doug Riggs has helped many SRA victims from North Korea; a county totally under a satanic hold.

There are camps 20 x 20 miles square.

When I first started to investigate this I was horrified.

If we don't understand our adversary and his MO, that evil is this big – then the issue isn't how big satan is – the issue is – is our God framework big enough.

Wake up people from around da world..nwo do exist, so do the freemasons,black magic,satanic rituals n da freakin anti christ.Be smart..question everything,ur culture and off cos ur government..dnt be ignorant..dnt be spoonfed things ur government want u 2 believe,da main form the media..not every1 will have the best of interest 4 u..(Culture n religion 2 diff).I'm a muslim n I have studied all da religions n their books,all books from God says stay away from sin(fornication,gambling gossiping ,disrespecting your elders n what not) n 2 believe in God, 2 follow the right path which will always be a difficult task and easy 1 will b the wrong 1 n 2 have equalty of all kinds be it race or gender… as the quraan says that prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) was sent from Allah as the final prophet 2 teach the ppl once again 2 follow the right path… Read more »

@free very good point

A good account of how Satanic ritual abuse can lead to possession be found in The Girl Fixer chapter of Hostage to the Devil. Must-read, whether a believer or not.

Simply this is happening worldwide, I'm from chile, and here is the same, people do rituals of white or black magic to find mates, to succeed in the money, to cure disease, etc.. The vanity of man to be immortal, having money and power, so what?, That serves to have power and wealth, if the material ceased to exist. Mt 24:35 Heaven and earth will pass away, but My words shall not pass. Dear friends I only say that still believe in God and the coming of Christ is near. Do not believe in man, that man is a liar, traitor, etc.. Jeremiah 17:5 Cursed be the man who trusts in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departs from Yahweh. Open your eyes and wake up from this great Matrix, people of the elite has been responsible for putting a blindfold over our eyes. Matthew 13:16-17. 16.… Read more »

God bless and strengthen your heart while you are exposed to all types of demonic warfare. May the peace of God dwell in your mind and heart so that you may keep your feet straight and uncrooked in the Holy Spirit. I am praying for your life and if we never meet now, I look forward to praising our risen King, Jesus Christ together in heaven. JESUS IS LORD!

It’s called humanism the act of being your own God. They word God can be anything thing until you actually put a name to it just like Christ which means the messiah but once you add Jesus to the word it defines where your true loyalty lies.

OMG….. I cant believe, this people is crazy, the mental control, the occultism and the satanism no limits, the peoples are

just ask God mercy for them,

really this is happening and there is nothing, in the end they all go to hell with the antichrist and the devil.

If anyone wants to really have their socks blown off, do some research on the orgins of the words THUG (thugee) and DIVA (daeva). Many of these so called "stars" & "idols" claim and spread this "gospel"…too our children, the next generation. It is indeed a battle. It takes intentional love from responsible and disciplined adults to cancel these influences from the media. Thanks VC for this post. To me this type of thing is one of the core, root issues. When asked why, the lady simply replied, "For POWER." Jewish mysticism specifically kabbalism is practiced by many celebraties. crowley wrote a book called "777" that is very popular amoungst practicioners. In fact Michael Jackson had 777 placed on the 32 foot statues that he had created to promote the release of his "History" album. Also interesting to look into is the relationship between Madonna and Brittany Spears, and their… Read more »
speaking of our children's futures- all of us in our 20s and 30s today are the LAST generations of the old world. Our children will be part of the new world. Schools will eventually do away with philosophy and literature and everything will focus on technology. And techology as everything else, is connected to business. For instance, there will be chips on our apples to count how many every supermarket sells and how many you purchase, call it for statistic purposes. This is how hard core technology and business will be connected. Every time Obama or for the NYers – Bloomberg- is on tv and school comes up, you will see more and more that the focus is technology and sciences. WE ARE THE LAST GENERATION to teach philosophy, being a good person and above all, RELIGION to our kids. the day will come where people will not have heard… Read more »

Our culture today is sex-mad. The pity is that soon people will become so accustomed to its ideas that purity and self-discipline will be regarded as abnormal and undesirable — if that has not already happened..

exactly, right now the morals that are being taught to the children and the youth is that good is bad and bad is good.

Therefore anyone who chooses to have good decent morals and values and not degrade themselves to conforming to the evil agenda, will be considered bad and evil and abnormal.

My neighbour thinks it strange that a friend of hers prevents his children from watching too much tv. When I agreed that I thought he was being sensible, she laughed at me!

Anyway, I advised her to watch INFANT INDOCTIRNATION PART 2 (youtube). Hopefully this might make my neighbour think again. We've in London, UK.

Ps. My neighbour is a really nice woman and her children are friends wilth mine (ages 3 and 4). But too much tv is really not a good thing at all.

Children don't even really understand the concept of TV until they are like 8. There minds are pure when they are born and we let them be poison by the worlds devices. At least I am happy that me and my bf are on the same page and don't want TV at home but I do watch movie that I select myself .

And that is probably why Jesue is coming sooner then later because they are trying to eliminate our belief system and our ability to have critical thinking skills. Taking away our humanity and creating human robots who only know how to depend on the system that in the end still does not look out for you.

Deeply disturbing and unsettling, I feel angry and sad now. So sad for the people who had to go through such things. Poor girl in the second video…

Brice Taylor's book, Thanks for the Memories: The Truth Has Set Me Free! I downloaded her book for free, online. I still have it saved on my computer. Supposedly, Michael Jackson and his brothers were sodomized before appearing on stage. She shares so many mind-blowing experiences… it rips your heart out. Nothing is as it seems, you guys. This is truly a hellish nightmare. From page 190, I quote… "Michael Jackson was just a little boy of four or five when I accompanied Bob Hope to a place where they were filming up-and-coming talent for television. Bob told me he supported and sponsored the Jacksons, getting them a professional foot in the door. Their father brought the boys in and I remembered seeing them taken into a side room where bright lights were on. They all had to drop their pants and before their performance a big man raped each… Read more »

Can you please tell me where i can get the free download of "thank for the memories". I cant afford the book but would love to read it. Link if you have it, thank you.

I will try to find it for you.

Thank you very very much, i hope you find it 🙂

I could not locate the exact site from where I got it from. It was a while ago. I could probably only email it to you, if you want.

Siva Stpats Singapre says:

February 14, 2011 at 9:28 am

Great video! I’m not from America so… I really can’t believe these kind of things happen..

What is the world coming to…!


It's called fascist propaganda; being from Singapore you should know all about it. Most people in Eastern Europe do – they're laughing at the indoctrinated knaves in the West buying into it.

Oprah had some good shows in the 1980's. Then the media went the other way on ritual abuse issues.

There is still good info on the web on ritual abuse. Evidence ritual abuse exists is at ritualabuse(dot)us

and another good site for ritual abuse information is at childabusewiki(dot)org and type in ritual abuse.

VIIIIGGGILAANT. Im sorry for that but this – THIS is a sign of things to come;… I warn those of a Christian background to aware this is pretty blasphemous. This rapper named lil b is the perfect combination of illuminism/masonary/"hood" rap/ with a crossover hipster look that has started a huge following on twitter. you might have seen those memes saying "thank you based god" with photos of people crying in joy….smh just when you think the mainstream was bad now you got this..just watc the vid and see what I mean.

Its so sad.

I feel so bad for the children of this world. What has been done to them, what is being done to them, and what will.

I hate for my daughter and other children to grow up into this world we screwed up so badly.

It gets worse every day, every month, and every year. I wish I could shield my daugher from the elite and the satan worshipers and more.

And I hope I am up in heaven before the world is under total control, humans aren't real, and the above and below continues to separate and crush us.

testing 123

The thing that KILLS me the most in the grand scheme of it all are that poor innocent children that are victims of this. Purely disgusting! I can't even imagine how a poor molested child would feel during and after a satanic orgy or private affair with those scum child molesters.

in the second video (oprah) @ 2:05 the lady is smiling uncontrollably while the interviewee speaks of undercover sacrificial breeding strategies. wierd!!!

I noticed that myself. It was almost subliminal and really creepy. Who was she? Wish I could see the whole show.

This stuff is disgusting and sick but it doesn't just occur in the usa and some people should stop posting comments about how sick america and americans are cos that is just stupid. We are all meant to be vigilant citizens so people,please use your thinking skills. Im from the UK and im sure stuff like that happens here and in every other country in the world. However, the satanic rituals in the most powerful nations in the world are the one's with secret hidden agendas of world domination and will effect us. also personality disorder does not exist. The elite are intent on destroying all world religions and the belief in god because that is pleasing to the devil who in turn will increase their power and worldly benefits and so nowdays they use science to explain everything. Multiple personality disorder is the consequence of multiple devils or demons… Read more »

I don't know if I would say 'personality order does not exist' because that is a tender subject… people who have endured abuse, satanic or not, have the ability to disassociate with one persona and hide behind another. I am not disagreeing with your thoughts, I agree. But from someone who works with a lot of troubled people- they do have multiple personalities as a means of protecting themselves from their attackers.. and themselves. If you want to label them as demonically possessed, I guess you can do that. But a lot of people just do not know how to cope with the terrible things thrown at them. Not trying to debate here- just adding my thoughts.

Citizen Thanks for adding your thoughts I agree with what you’re saying as it is true that many people do not know how to deal with traumatic problems that they encounter. As a psychology student, when i was taught what the symptoms of multiple personality disorder they are IDENTICAL to those who are partially possessed by demons. I was also taught that it is irresponsive to any type of treatment and there aren’t any effective prescription drugs yet spriritual exorcism CAN alleviate the symptoms. I dont believe in labelling people especially in matters like this where what is happening to an individual is beyond their control. The main point that i was trying to get across is that the society that we live in today deceives us and they may be fully aware of what is TRULY wrong with a person and then tell them something completely different. The people… Read more »

i'm sorry but i think this is happening in germany on a grand scale as well. as always – no proof, but when i look at the media and the things that happen here (and keep in mind the fact that the nazis kind of took it to the extreme with their mind control experiments) i can really say germany is owned by the same people as the USA (which is actually a historical fact… LOL)

we are facing a global problem here. they are influencing the whole world, and everyone without a tv is very lucky these days in my opinion…

anyone one saying oh im not from america that's sick armerica is sick its not just in america this kind of thing its a worldwide problem stop being so short sighted.

I knew there was aluminum in chem trails, the first video states the metals sprayed with these bacterias/viruses heats up from the sun in order to create a breeding ground…. Wow. Interesting. This is so shocking, typical folks won't even care to hear about it all. I am thankful for the insight though.

Chemtrails……I hate chemtrails!!! Nothing ruins a beautiful day like a good daily dose of poisoning. Crimes against humanity they are. If you do not know about chemtrails, please watch this documentary. "What in the World Are They Spraying"

Next – take action! A recent airing on the local news in Atlanta has just brought a bunch of much needed attention to this issue – see below. And if you don't have pics….just look up this week, I'm sure you will have an opportunity to take some!!!!


Check out this beautiful picture my photographer friend took in 2008 in Oklahoma, USA. I say beautiful in reference to quality- the content (chem trails) is truly disgusting.

Wow – that IS an amazing photo. How people can go about their days without noticing these…..or thinking they are normal 'condensation' is beyond me! Thanks for sharing.

I am from West Africa, and these things are more common here. People engage themselves in money rituals and it involves some crazy stuff sacrifice of babies, dismembering people especially women, cutting of their breasts and privates, removing vital organs, men sleeping with men, men sleeping with mad women, men sleeping with dead bodies, drinking the water used to wash a cadaver, feeding people to large snakes which in turn vomit out different currencies, people doing money rituals whereby the swear an agreement with the juju or voodoo priest so that they are very rich in return they relinquish their lives and agree that the voodoo priest can call for their lives before they reach the age of 50. Feel free to Google : Okija shrines. These things happen all over the world including America. They pretend to have "high and mighty" morals, but they are as dirty and as… Read more »

I cannot fathom witnessing those atrocities. Thank you for your comment, I will definitely look into that.

I took a college drug and alcohol counseling class and our professor lightly touched upon this. Yes, it's real.

Wait commenters, you act like this only happens in the US. If you honestly believe that, then you're blind, and they've won. Its everywhere, dont be so naive as to only pin it on America. Lot's of things happen in the UK Even before it hits the US. Chill out, we're all rowing in the same boat. "Haha, hate to be them. Oh man, we dont have that here, they're screwed!" Thats what they want you to think. On the article, this is very interesting. The insights on how blatant it is, is brilliant. Like the Grammy awards. All i kept seeing was fire and flashing lights. Rihanna and Drake's performance literally had a huge burning bon fire with the dancers kneeling to it, hands raised in the air as Rihanna almost literally appeared from below it. And yet, the crowed cheered, and it went unnoticed… Also, Lady Gaga's performance?… Read more »

I don't understand why anyone would believe this is isolated to one part of the world. Look to the sky. Look at the ingredients in your food. Look around you… it is everywhere.

I hope Lady Gaga sitting inside the egg isn't really referring to meanings used in ancient mysteries. Semiramis=Isis fertility cult.

That's what I was thinking. On the E red carpet with "Ryan Seacrest", her spokes person said that Lady Gaga will be "shifting" the world tonight. I didn't see anything really groundbreaking about her performance. I did however notice that she had a mirror on her organ…where the score would normally go.

A mirror and four heads

I thought it looked more like a butterfly chrysalis. Representing metamorphosis.

Check this out:
Same color as a Monarch Butterfly's chrysalis!

Please see what I'm saying here ….



Here is Lady Gaga's "Egg"

Here is a Monarch Butterfly's Chrysalis
The picture on the right is practically the same opaque color as her "egg"

If this doesn't prove Monarch programming. I don't know what will.

She didn't just hop out of the egg during her performance. That is how she arrived to the Grammy's, with half naked men carrying her on the red carpet. Very ritualistic.

Now think about that, aren't there simpler ways to get media attention? And if she is such a creative genius, why do her gimicks consistantly tie back to occult themes. Why is there nothing "new" from her? Oh it may be new to our time, only because some of these things have not been mass broadcast, but there is nothing new under the sun. How could there be? The answer is obvious, she is a very creative emoter. And novel to the miseducated. But to the student of history, and symbology, she is just another node in the net.

"the only way to God is thru Jesus Christ"
I would understand y people wuld think dats unfair, and God knew people wuld think this way. That is y in the Bible he says that he will not return and destroy the earth until his name is heard on all four corners of the Earth. Meaning there will be no 1 who will not know who Jesus Christ and God is…

its also unfair because it does not make any sense.

@Howard Beale As a Christian, I sometimes wonder the same thing; about the people that are secluded within their own environment that might not hear the saving news of Jesus Christ. (I referenced Scripture below, "so that people are without excuse") God is fair and just, and above all loving. He wants EVERY LAST HUMAN to come home to Him. Are there exceptions in situations such as the stated? Maybe. That is unclear to us as it is not revealed in the Bible. God bless you!! Romans 1:18-22 (New International Version, ©2010) 18 The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, who suppress the truth by their wickedness, 19 since what may be known about God is plain to them, because God has made it plain to them. 20 For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power… Read more »

Thank you for posting this. Thank you for all that you do.

The woman in the second video states: "What is right is wrong and what is wrong is right." This seems to be the main focus of everything that has to do with Satanism, Luciferianism, and the basic worship of evil and how to indoctrinate others. "As above, so below." Did anyone notice Oprah's dress color? We're seeing many celebrities showing up in this color. The media called this "the color of the night" the day after the Oscars since many of the A-lister females wore this same shade of green (I'll post article when I locate it). In the Masonic pentagram, this color is said to represent Satan. The woman in the second article mentions that she belonged to a Jewish family, but I believe that they were using this as a facade for Zionism. I'll have to find the full episode of Oprah's show as well as the Jeff… Read more »

To those who are saying that America is sick and thinks that this is only happening in America, you're being very narrow-minded. When Svali attended the sacrifice of the little boy in the basement of the Vatican, it was the German Father who complimented her on not being emotional during the ceremony. Make no mistake that this is happening everywhere. Well, maybe not Antarctica. Just please don't think that America is the only country involved with these horrific activities.

The article regarding the green dresses is here:
I was mistaken. It wasn't the Oscars, it was the Golden Globe Awards.

VC & friends, as an aside, please see the following article's last picture. It is of Justin Bieber and Will Smith's son on stage together. Take note that Will Smith's son is in a red shirt, black jacket and leopard print pants. Oh, yeah, and what's that sign he's flashing with his right hand?

What is right is wrong and what is wrong is right coincides with crowleys articulated law of reversal. Manifestations that are against the intended created "nature" of things. Ever wonder why music "stars" tell the crowd to "raise their hands in the air"? Ever wonder why "stars" say they get addicted to performing live? I could go on…but my point is this stuff is vitally real. It is more "common" than many are taught. Now it is beginning to become common place and acceptable.

The ladies in both videos stated their cases articulately and intelligently. My wonder is who is standing in the gap for the children who are suffering in this manner now?

@Truangel777 You're absolutely right about the stars getting addicted to performing live. They're feeding off the energy that is transferred from the crowd to themselves. I believe that when we see rituals on stage (especially during awards shows), this is designed for the ultimate collection of energy that is needed for their agenda. When I used to attend rock concerts back in the day, the bands always promoted the "rock on"/horned hand sign. The lead singer would flash the sign, then everyone in the audience would return the sign after being prompted, but I never did. It felt wrong to me on a deep level. I could see with my two eyes what is was symbolizing while everyone else seemed oblivious, or just wanted to conform with the crowd on the basic level of "being cool". I'm so glad that I have always trusted my strong intuition and was never… Read more »

@ Not Blind (very fitting name)

Your concert experience rings true with me as well. We are the true "rebels".

I just found out this past weekend that the "devil horns" has a name. Il Cornuto…have not researched the etomology much, but there it is. It was news to me that it actually had a name…just sharing the "wealth".

In regards to the collection of energy…I wonder if that was the purpose of Lady Gaga's mirror at the Grammy's the other night. I noticed that the mirror was facing the crowd…which I thought to be unusual…normally people don't perform with their backs to the audience. (pfft, normal…Lady Gaga?) Could the mirror collect the energy and be used at a later time? I am going to keep looking into this…link to 2011 Lady Gaga Grammy mirror below…from a UK article.

Thank you for telling me the technical term for the devil horn hand sign. I wasn't aware of that!

And now for more Lady Gaga news….

Flesh colored facial horns!

Quick mythology lesson: Ishtar known in the bible as Semiramis or “Queen of heaven” was the widow of Nimrod and mother of Tammuz. She is depicted as a bare breasted pagan fertility goddess of the east. Legend states that she came out of heaven in a giant egg, landed in the Euphrates river at sunrise on the first Sunday after the vernal equinox, busted out of the egg and then turned a bird into an egg laying rabbit. So to honor this event, pagan sun-worshippers would go out early in the morning and face to the east to watch their sun-god arise over the horizon before having a mass sacrifice in which the priest of Ishtar would sacrifice three month old human infants and take chicken eggs and dye them in the blood of the sacrificed infants. The blood-red colored eggs would later hatch on December 25, the same day… Read more »
Ishtar-Inanna-Babylon-The Scarlet Woman-Semiramis-The Typhonian Tradition, etc., all involve ancient ceremonial sexual rituals designed to achieve the willed rebirth after death of the sorcerer/witch through the occult impregnation and manipulation of the anima, both in nature, and humanity. The metaphysics of the death and rebirth cult and formula is "mind over matter" and "mind over mind". This is an ancient cult of Atlantean sorcerery and witchcraft pre-dating modern civilization by many thousands of years, and still potent with enough occult energy to achieve the desires of those who have knowledge, but not the wisdom, to get out of the way of others and move on. The more worshippers they have at their command the more vice these addicts of luxury and corruption can feed upon in hopes of sating their god/goddess-complex. Tammuz is code for Satan, in the death and rebirth cult, and Satan is code for ceremonial sexual magic which… Read more »

i lost all last little respect i had left for will smith


I cant believe will and jada would expose their own little daughter to such a corrupted industry.

Lady gaga holding willow smith….i've seen it all

Thank You VC you're light in this world of darkness!

This is nothing new it happen in the bible days its happen now,all over the world it's like it's in to worship the devil. It's such a blessing the Vikki Polin can share her story in hopes that it help others

@ hello:

"There is only one way to God my friend. Through Jesus Christ"

Isn't that a bit unfair to people who never heard of Jesus Christ? Like the recently discovered tribe in the Amazon who never had any contact with the outside world. Why didn't God or Jesus inform them about "the way to God" and, are they all going to hell?

As for the Video, I'm sceptical because it seems so aoutta there but nevertheless, there are a lot of sickos in this world so I wouldn't be that surprized if it's true afterall.

@Howard Beale

As you can see mind control is not only limited to Hollywood stars and CIA agents.. it's all around us.. this is how they can control people.. Only around 33% of the world is Christian, though they sell only path to heaven crap… “There is only one way to God my friend. Through Jesus Christ”… if that's the case then your God cares only about 1/3 of the world's population, try and imagine a dad like that, with 3 kids and saying well I only care about Joe you two can go to hell.. definitelly a loving dad.. it's time for us to stop believing in the lies that have tied us for so long.. it's time to wake up and realize no man is better than teh other and NO RELIGION TEACHES TRUTH..

Exactly. We are a part of the minority who had a chance to be born into this world. People need to be grateful and enjoy their ONE LIFE that they have here on earth and quit worrying about the "second one" that we may not even get. Cause i definitely dont know, and u definitely dont know.

"Until gods word reaches the 4 corners of the world."

On a round planet…..ya good luck with that one.

i found quite funny that people follow the bible, as it has only be written by humans, and that proves that the only way to god is trhu jesus is wrong… the only way to god is to seek faith in him and his actions. i fully respect jeses christ and belive him as a prohpet not son of god… if that the case than virgin mary has to be the mother of god which is completely wrong, therefore he should not be seen as son of god.. only a messenger of god and a prohpet. and religion does tell the truth… we shall all belive that there is only one creater of this world, and that is god, and the only weay we know this is to religion… however i do belive that soem relgion are minor and tottaly misleading, and i ma not critising any relgion here at… Read more »

That is what the one world satanists preached. God is not fair. No religion is better than another. Well, Clearly they have taught you well. University, media, schools, they have accomplished the goal. Sounds like you picked their side.

The same people who are the ruling class know a deep dark secret, all religions were made up by men for mind control. They just change it up every few thousand years. Now people are not falling for the bible, It's going to be the new age movement. They want people to think the core is supernatural so it can not be stopped.

@Howard Great question. You touched on the exact reason why Jesus hasn't come back yet to judge the living and the dead. He's a fair God, and He is waiting until this message reaches the ends of the earth, which includes that small tribe in the Amazon that you're referring to. If you weren't aware, the Bible is also currently being translated into every language. Experts believe that by 2025, the Bible will have been translated into every language, including tribal dialects. This is one reason why it's the best-selling book in the history of books. Jesus reveals himself to people through dreams as well. There are many testimonies from Muslims, Buddhists, and other religions on YouTube of people who were visited through dreams by Jesus urging them to build a personal relationship with Him. The bottom line is that if someone is genuinely seeking truth, God sees it, and… Read more »

You've pretty much hit the nail on the head there. I was a deist for a long time till a couple weeks ago. I started researching a bunch of this sorta stuff randomly (did find this site till yesterday) and got really freaked out, had Obie Trice's "second rounds on me" start playing randomly a couple times, next morning I woke up and it's like he explained it all to me in a dream I can't remember. Most people who are unfamiliar with the Gospel see the face of it today but don't ever really hear the message. Alot of the message these days gets distorted. Stay Vigilant and Gird thyselves.

I wish we still had the thumbs down button….

there is no one way to God. whether you choose to believe in jesus christ budda or mohammad (however you spell that name) it doesn't matter we are all God's children. don't matter what kind of religion you believe in as long as you are right with Him and choose to live a good path then you will be accepted into the gates of heaven… but personally i think that all christians in the u.s are jackasses so are catholics and the rest of the worlds religions they are all murderers r****t and suicidal idiots. all religions were thought up by false people who were not even important. all bibles of the world are make belief. They are all fables written to give people false sense of hope. just because jesus died on the cross does not mean that he is our savior.(A lot of other people got crucified as… Read more »

i dont think that you have spoken to every single christian or catholic from the US to call them all jackasses and you haven't met every single person in the world who follows a religion for you to call them, murderers, rapists or suicide idiots.

Making generalisations like that prove the low level of your intellect and displays your ignorance and narrow mindedness……you should know better than that….perhaps VC isn't the site for you

When we ALL stand before the judgement seat there will be no one exempt that haven't had the gospel preached to them. Mark 16:15-16 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature (16) He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. KJV. Mark 13:10 And the gospel must first be published among all nations. This tells me that God knows about tribes living in remote areas in the world and that he cares about them too. Just as scientists have discovered these tribes and exploit them for their purposes, will God sends his people to these areas too. The issue comes down to rather we choose to believe on His only begotten Son Jesus (John 3:16-17) For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever… Read more »

Well thats why we have missionaries, they are sent out to tell these people, there is always a way :]