Satanic Ritual Abuse in America (video)



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Videos are gone? Did anyone repost?

In Feb 09th 2015 both videos are not more loger available on Youtube

Where I can see them?

Why Youtube removed those vídeos?

Where can we find these videos? The links are both dead as of this writing…

Good website on ritual abuse

It doesn't matter what part of the world your from. Its called New World Order. One world, and it will be craziness. So I suggest you follow Jesus, cuv that's all that will save you. Do your research.

At the moment, some french children are threatened and probably victims of the same crimes. It happens in the Var, in south of France. Any medias talk about this awful story, and those who try to do something are reduced to silence! It seems that too many important people are involved… This is a message from the « Collectif Autre Monde » (Other World Collective) : AMIDLISA CASE – Département du Var Pedocriminality The Other World Collective to Mme Danièle Drouy Ayral, republic attorney, 83300 Draguignan 31 january 2011 Object : Childs of your department in great danger Dear Ms Attorney, You received, dated 10 january 2011, from an association, which is a small componant of our collective, a rather subjective LR/AR concerning this very sensitive case, the « Amidlisa Pedocriminality Var ». Madam, our collective, warned again by a member of O.C.C.U.L.T has a duty to urgently inform you… Read more »

Very relevant, check out this old archived copy (since removed from the original website) about the relationship between the Virginia Tech murders and satanic mind control.

…somebody did their research.

@Howard Beale This has nothing to do with "fairness." Mankind is fallen. People are perishing. This has been the condition upon earth for thousands of years. There is a war being waged, in heaven and upon earth. This is the Biblical record. The fact that you are unaware of this means you have never taken the Bible into your own personal hands. I suggest you do so. I understand people suffer from disbelief. But this disbelief is easily curable. The biggest problem is that man does not wish to submit to his Creator. So man continues to suffer, and people suffer needlessly. The problem is not with God. The problem is with man. If someone throws you a lifeline and you refuse it, do you blame the rescuer? Then, if you drown and others drown beside you, do you blame the rescuer? Should you not take the lifeline, then seek… Read more »

I guess these videos of satanism are VC's way of telling readers that he believes satan exists and is real. A false witness will lie and the personal testimonies of these two women in each video give descriptive accounts of satan's nature, ie. father of all lies, deceiver, roaring lion who kills, steals and destroys, oppressor, and manipulator with extreme hatred for the righteousness and holiness of God. God have mercy on the lives out there who are being stolen by the oppression of the devil.

Typical Jeff Rense. His voice is much louder than his guest, and he does most of the talking. Annoying. For such a soft spoken guy, he seems to have quite the ego. He should just be quiet and let his guest tell her story. He interrupts WAY too much.

If you truly believe that God is who he is, meaning that he is the all knowing, benevolent, creator of the universe. Responsible for all things that exist known and unknown; would a being of this psychological caliber truly need a reasoning understandable by a humanoid with who dose not even have access to his entire brain. Absolutely not. So stop wasting your time trying to comprehend the reasoning of that which is not yet possible to understand. something that lives to a completely different set of morals than you .

Your tiny intellect will only grow more frustrated.

Now it's all pretty much out in the open. Here is a good documentary that was supposed to air on the Discovery channel and was even printed on the TV guide, but the channel was threatened with a Bill, and all copies of the video were bought anonyously. Ted Gunderson retired FBI has tried to expose SRA and other satanic involvement in the upper echelons of government and agencies

The Conspiracy Of Silence

can i just say i f*cking hate when people say "thank sweet baby jesus i don't live in (insert country here). its like wtf you TOTALLY missed the effin point. new world order means NEW WORLD ORDER. its happeniing near you, its has for centuries, it willl continue to and it certainly is fast advancing if it hasn't reached you yet. WAKE THE F*CK UP!!!!

I just read a " " book. The " " is there because I'm still processing what I actually thought of said book. With a title like "Lucifer Rising" (the subtitle ran something like sin, satanism, and rock & roll), I figured I could skip reading it and get the whole gist of the book from just that. But I did read it. In many ways it was very insightful, but not because I agreed with it, if agreed is the right word. The book itself was a brief history of "satanism" in the western world. According to the author, a lot of the popular conceptions of satanism (blood, rituals, gargolysh figures etc) are "trappings" based on individual tastes; real satanism is more about being a thinking individual that does precisely what he wants, and resists any attempts to conform him to any system he thinks unacceptable. Uh-hmm. The author… Read more »
I've seen the Oprah video before, so after watching this again, it led me to do some research on SRA. The woman in the video is Vicki Polin. After some research,it seems like her claims don't have allot of credit to them.It's important to know that many people who have often claimed SRA often are diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder,and many of there memories of abuse arent discovered until they are adults and after some questionable therapeutic techniques (hypnosis). A perfect example is a book called 'michelle remembers',in which a women,similar to vicki recounts her experiences of SRA.Later it was discovered that these were just false memories recovered from her psychiatrist husband. I'm not saying that satanic rituals never happen.It seems allot of people in power serve the devil,and there may in fact be a widespread cover up, but in allot of these cases all we have is stories and… Read more »

You really should do some more research about SRA and the whole propaganda campaign of false memories, put out primarily by the False Memory Syndrome Foundation who's founding members have ties to the CIA, children who've accused them of sexual abuse as well as founding members authoring articles defending the benefits of underage sexual exploitation.

The False Memory Syndrome Foundation are satanic to the core as well as many of the journalists that completely trumpet their propaganda.

BTW, the tunnels of the Mcmartin school case, where the false memory syndrome garbage originated were indeed found… the children were right and the media ignored it. You can easily find the archeological documents online where they found the tunnels… as well as info about all the untimely deaths of witnesses.

Unfortunately, the s**t is as real as it gets.

yup i totally agree. i just believe the whole thing is dangerous and because it is possible to "create" more memories, and because these higher authorities know this, they try and falsify the entire experience of the person, and truth. This is dangerous stuff we are dealing with here, and beyond earthly and human. is it as dangerous as danger gets. People talk about this country and that country being corrupt, however the USA is the most corrupt as you can get, and the entire idea of freedom of religion being the reason this country even started, is a disgusting distortion of the phrase "freedom of religion" itself; for they wanted freedom of that kind of religion, the evil one's religion. What I mean about the most corrupt country is that it's the most SECRETIVE and HIDDEN- we may hear and see things on the news about all these countries… Read more »
read my post above- it is my religious belief that hypnosis further opens your mind and soul for possession- she could have satanist parents and been in some of the rituals but other things could have been based on fantasy which is created by possession by the devil- so in essence, they are still examples of the devil on earth so to speak, the evil one continues to posess. lots of cases people don't realize that even if some of the things didn't occur, they did in the person's memory because they were posessed. there is a true story – Rebecca Brown- who ends up joining her patient in the whole posession and recalls months and months of and even beleived that the patients family was out to kill them for ratting them out. No one will know for sure what % is truth, but the truth is that the… Read more »

To the person who said they aren't from America: um, Satanism is practiced in a lot of countries. Santeria is practiced in Mexico.

This just isn't discussed or focused on much. But very creepy for sure.

more evidence ritual abuse exists in America – go to childabusewiki(dot)org and type in ritual abuse

MPD patients should see a priest in addition to, and even more than therapy. If they are to choose therapy, please do not fall victim to constant hypnotherapy. DO not do it often. You may need to do it on order for the therapist/hypnotist to see where your issues originated from, but DO NOT make it a habit. Hypnosis opens the soul to the devil, and you will give the evil one even more opportunity to come back in. The devil will end up creating even more “memories” that did not exist, it can make your life into a horror story because you are actually being possessed while under hypnosis. It will further inhibit your mpd and problems instead of help. Most therapists esp who are not of the higher Christian (Eastern and Russian Orthodox and Coptic Orthodox) faith, do not know this. There have also been cases where the… Read more »

do you have any advice on how I can learn and also spread the word about this without sounding misinformed? I've done light study on the issue, I understand many things about mind control and ritual abuse… but where are there hard facts?- especially about our presidents? When I tell people our pres' were p********s, they discredit any other points I have because they are simply not willing to accept it. But maybe I am missing something… if you have any suggestions for my endeavor for knowledge, it would be appreciated. thank you for your insight.

I am VERY happy u are bringing this to light satanism is a REAL life religion and these things happen in AMERICA in SECRET every night of the year just how you eat and lunch and dinner every day this is part of some peoples’ real lives in dif hidden areas all over our country.

I am an atheist, who gives a s**t if Satan is real or not? These people are being harmed! I hate people who get into religious debates when its not even the problem. Nothing supernatural has happened so far, its that fact that people are being used and hurt, not whether actual demons come or not.

obviously the people who believe in Satan "give a s**t" because they practice these things. who gives a s**t what you believe? now, there's food for thought!

I am simply stating that religion is completely irrelevant in these comments. It has no impact on whether what is going on. If I even try to promote this idea people will jump on me saying I am part of the conspiracy when they can't even accept that the church has been infiltrated. It is so easy to point the finger but not so easy to stomach when their belief is tainted as well.

i love how Oprah has no emotion and is all nonchalant about the Jewish woman's story- meanwhile if it were some actress or singer on her show she would be all tearful and emotional. GO F**K YOURSELF OPRAH

that's RIGHT!

good point, I subconsciously noticed that, but when you consider how the whole time she was grinning and joking about 'sacrificing babies' – it's pretty obvious whose side Oprah is on

Check out Russ Dizdar – and Doug Riggs. Both have done extensive reasearch into this subject. The Byte Show. Free audios.

Please can I just add: North Korea needs our prayers.

just did= y do they sound so creepy!

With all due respect, Doug Riggs has helped many SRA victims from North Korea; a county totally under a satanic hold.

There are camps 20 x 20 miles square.

When I first started to investigate this I was horrified.

If we don't understand our adversary and his MO, that evil is this big – then the issue isn't how big satan is – the issue is – is our God framework big enough.

Wake up people from around da world..nwo do exist, so do the freemasons,black magic,satanic rituals n da freakin anti christ.Be smart..question everything,ur culture and off cos ur government..dnt be ignorant..dnt be spoonfed things ur government want u 2 believe,da main form the media..not every1 will have the best of interest 4 u..(Culture n religion 2 diff).I'm a muslim n I have studied all da religions n their books,all books from God says stay away from sin(fornication,gambling gossiping ,disrespecting your elders n what not) n 2 believe in God, 2 follow the right path which will always be a difficult task and easy 1 will b the wrong 1 n 2 have equalty of all kinds be it race or gender… as the quraan says that prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) was sent from Allah as the final prophet 2 teach the ppl once again 2 follow the right path… Read more »

@free very good point

A good account of how Satanic ritual abuse can lead to possession be found in The Girl Fixer chapter of Hostage to the Devil. Must-read, whether a believer or not.