San Francisco to require ID scans, photos of everyone who goes to a venue


San Francisco’s Entertainment Comission has proposed new measures causing quite an uproar as they would turn the city into a high-tech police state.

San Francisco’s Entertainment Commission has proposed that all bars, clubs, and venues should be required to photograph and collect ID from everyone who comes in for a drink or a show. The photos and personal information would be retained so that police could get a list of every person who was in the club on any given night. Leaving aside the (obvious) fourth amendment issues inherent in governments collecting massive databases of presumed-innocent people’s lawful activities and movements, this is also a security nightmare, in which thousands of club staff and their friends would have access to personal information that would be of great interest to stalkers, creeps and identity thieves.

From article

The measures in question are:

3) All occupants of the premises shall be ID Scanned (including patrons, promoters, and performers, etc.). ID scanning data shall be maintained on a data storage system for no less than 15 days and shall be made available to local law enforcement upon request.

4) High visibility cameras shall be located at each entrance and exit point of the premises. Said cameras shall maintain a recorded data base for no less than fifteen (15 days) and made available to local law enforcement upon request.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation will present their critique of this proposal to the Commission at a public meeting:

Events with strong cultural, ideological, and political components are frequently held at venues that would be affected by these rules. Scanning the ID’s of all attendees at an anti-war rally, a gay night club, or a fundraiser for a civil liberties organization would have a deeply chilling effect on speech. Participants might hesitate to attend such events if their attendance were noted, stored, and made available on request to government authorities. This would transform the politically and culturally tolerant environment for which San Francisco is famous into a police state.We are deeply disappointed in the San Francisco Entertainment Commission for considering such troubling, authoritarian, and poorly thought-out rules. The Commission should reject this attack on our most basic civil liberties. San Francisco cannot hope to remain a hub of cultural and political activity if we are stripped of our civil liberties the moment we walk through the door of a venue.

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121 Comments on "San Francisco to require ID scans, photos of everyone who goes to a venue"

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So whats this going to do for the "sanctuary city" status? Or identity theft?

"San Francisco cannot hope to remain a hub of cultural and political activity if we are stripped of our civil liberties the moment we walk through the door of a venue."

The elite doesn't wan't it, but the exact opposite.

ID scanning isn't a good idea at all for the entertainment industry. It's going to scare away patrons from coming to clubs, bars and other social venues. Is there really a need for such? I think it's just going to be a waste of money, time and effort.

and every car passing through a long island township!5795793/terrified-long-island

and further, people nowadays are DISTRACTED and do not care much about their freedoms they take for granted – until they're gone – and everyone, including the homosexuals, Jews, Christians and gypsies are herded into cattle cars …. oops, oh wait, that's already been done before….. hmmm

Alex Jones yelling all these years about this type of stuff – doesn't seem like a lunatic now much, does he? POLICE STATE – PRISON PLANET – right around the corner under Obamanation.

um, we already have this in australia. it's been in place for just over a year now. they scan proof of age cards, passports, take photo's of you, the whole deal. the responses i got from security guards when i pointed out thats its illegal to take copies of government documents was pretty hilarious.

hooray for everything . . . sigh . . .

Foucault, sigue vigente y mucho

Well it's kind of annoying how people try to say homosexuality is Christian. It's funny how people think God is so "nice" and as long as you are "nice" to others then you are saved. But I get what you are saying.

Great article VC!

Wow….another article when the comments turned into talking about ''god'' and how homosexuality is wrong…….why don't we stick to whats relevant to the article people, and get a life. I'm so tired of hearing that s**t. All a bunch of sheep that repeat the same lines over, and over.

i have seen that on facebook venues as well as ones friends etc upload photos of peoples nights out, the next day they all sign on and mindlessly click to associate their names with the photos, and last year facebook bought in its photo recognision thing.

I just want to say that as much as i don't like this, there has been a lot of violence inside some bay area clubs, people getting shot and stabbed. Unfortunately, this gives an excuse to invade privacy because people don't know how to act right. Not looking forward to this though

its almost like rihanna snl video with all the secruity cameras moving when someone moves

We already have this in Perth, Australia. Whenever I go to a club or pub at night time they all mostly now require you to have your ID scanned and photo taken……One place even takes your fingerprint which I sadly must say I actually went to when I was drunk and didn't care.

They told me they kept it for a month then start fresh but I went there a year later and they still had me on record. Apparently you can ask them to remove you though. Anyway, just saying that this is completely unnecessary and invasive. I hate it, makes me feel like I can't be trusted.

we have this in Sydney clubs as well.

i was surprised when going into a club i had to stand in front of a camera to get my face scanned onto they're database.

When they're trying to push something in our faces that we initially don't like they'll create a real problem and show that they have the ONLY answer…."See people, this disaster wouldn't have happened if only you'd let us implement [insert policy or something we don't need here]" They do it so much that most people don't notice…weird how after all major disasters and such the governments answer is a policy that encroaches on our rights, soon we won't have any. Its starting to get old. Big Brother will be in plain sight if this goes through.

Until people start boycotting everything, lotteries (voluntary tax) night clubs, airports etc. They will keep pushing. The day these Govts quit making money off their attacks on free speech, assembly etc. is the day things change.

Like, some of you people have no faith, do you? You really think God's going to let the government and so called "elites" turn us into zombies? Have any of you heard of praying? Has anyone actually believed in faith? The government is already watching us, but that doesn't mean they're going to do anything. I know that God is going to protect my family, friends, me, any basically(sorry if mispelled) everybody. Can we please talk about enjoying life or the good things in life?

"I know that God is going to protect my family, friends, me, any basically(sorry if mispelled) everybody"

That's not faith. Faith is knowing that your family may well be slaughtered and yet still believing in God's Will. Thinking that everything is going to be fine and dandy with you and your loved ones is setting yourself up for a fall. We should all ask God for the strength to accept what comes our way in this tribulation, good or bad, knowing that all things pass, but His words and promises will never pass.

I'm sure there's a website for that somewhere….


(No but seriously, I feel ya. Although, there is a balance… and it isn't always on the favourable side)

^^^ Sorry for the grammar mistakes but I was in a hurry

I live in a small suburbian town with hardly any shops or glam and there CCTVs everywhere within a few feet. The constant scrutiny became unbearable the last 2 years. I wouldn't mind if they were there to protect us but from my experience I reckon they exist to strange our freedom and rights.

Do you see why the elite have been using these poor entertainers to push their agenda and brainwash the masses? By the way, I'm praying for these precious souls and you should too. And I'm praying for myself, because I know I desperately need a Savior. God is so wonderful and I am thankful for the Word of God (the bible). The world will recognize the infallibility of this Book of books and the Most High. I promise you. Have any of you heard about or looked into what's called: The Emerging Church? It's a very very dangerous movement that's taking root. Research it. It involves various churches coming together and introducing a "new" theology. Once you look into it and pay attention to what's going on in the Government and media… You'll understand that time, is very short. The King is coming! And yes, if you can… get out… Read more »

Maybe I will see you there!

Save The Rave!

XD You're awesome! AMEN!

This is why my family and I are moving out to the country, with our own well and windmill/solar (there are some great tax credits out there right now). I am done with this whole society, I feel like I'm surrounded by brain-dead zombies everywhere I go.

You still have to pay "ground rent" no matter how far into the mountains you move in property taxes. Growing enough food for a whole family is a mighty task. Definitely a noble effort and would help with piece of mind, but this thing has to be confronted spiritually… whether you're in the hills or a metro downtown.

…and they say VC is crazy, lets bring back the house parties, damn the nightclubs.

Keep it underground.

welcome to big brother


Literally u blink and ur outta it lol!

To be honest, it doesn't really suprise me that much that they have these ID scanners in big US cities like San Francisco, they're probably planning an earthquake for there next =/

I do kind of feel sorry for them too because of thse scanners, but all will be well when the LORD comes back 🙂

But isn't that unconstitutional? At least, not in line with California's constitution?!? This is aridiculously slippery slope… Next they'll be scanning IDs at Safeway to protect against shoplifters! SMH.

Unfortunately, if you shop at any store, using that store's "super saver" type bar-coded card, your buying habits are already going into a database. Once they have this kind of information about you, it will be possible to use it to manipulate you (Get the RFID implant…or NO MORE NESTLE'S CRUNCH)!

But seriously, if you use these cards, they know exactly When you were there, What you bought, How Much you spent, and 'how easily' you are manipulated by their advertising.

For example, they'll have a record of how many 'sale' items you bought; which could reflect how much you enjoy 'saving a buck', or that your personal finances Require you to buy low-priced items…and either of these scenarios gives them information about you that can be used to further manipulate you.

Absolutely disgusting!

George Orwell would be saying "I told you so!"

I paid a brief visit to Frisco in the late 90s. I hated the place, too weird for my liking.

This is all part of the plan the monkeys have for us. It is up to us to Starve the Monkeys. Stop producing, stop paying taxes, bring the system down as quickly as possible so that there will be pieces left to rebuild with. If we let the monkeys slowly bring down the world, all the technology will be consumed, all the knowledge forgotten and we'll usher in a new Dark Ages. If you've ever wondered why you're getting poorer and poorer, why your business is being regulated to bankruptcy, read Starving the Monkeys by Tom Baugh. He has it all laid out in plain view, how the system is systematically destroying wealth, freedom and happiness, how we can work to bring it down and starve the monkeys that are stealing from us, and how we can reclaim our rightful assets and our nation back from the moochers. All of… Read more »

well we can set up our own areas for music bands meetings etc. and create our own space. throw house shows and house parties. f**k the bar

I'm sure many will quickly agree to it with as entrained as they have been to accept this sort of thing. I moved to SF in the mid 70's. It was a different time and a different world and individuality was key. The group think and hive mind of today was anathema to the SF of those times. It just goes to show how successful the Controllers and Conditioners have been. As Zappa said, however facetiously : FZ: The first word in this song is discorporate. It means to leave your body Discorporate & come with me Shifting; drifting Cloudless; starless VELVET VALLEYS & A SAPPHIRE SEA: Wah Wah Unbind your mind There is no time To lick your stamps And paste them in DISCORPORATE And we will begin . . .WAH WAH! (Flower Power Sucks) Diamonds on velvets on goldens on vixen On comet & cupid on donner &… Read more »

The truth is – we shouldnt be going to these places anyway (Im throwing stones in glasshouses here…) ..

But the reality is – if we want to live in society, "controlled" society that is, we know where its headed – a Babylonian Super State – The All Seeing Eye isn't a joke – it's a planned reality…

In the Bible we're told not to gather in the cities; we're told to wander; we're told we have dominion over the land the fish and the birds etc…we're told to be hunters – NOT to be hunted…

So if we choose to live in the Big Cities then we'll be forced more and more to live by satans rules – if we choose to live off grid we live more by Gods rules…

the bible also says to stone the drunkard rebellious son and a woman who is deflowered before marriage


The Bible does say that, but that was only under Mosaic law which Jesus abolished when he came to earth to give his life for us.

The Bible tells alot of stories – good AND bad. If you understand that the Vatican and the Old Roman "New" World Order, did everything they could to remove the Bible from the hands of ordinary people, and you're aware that all the Banks and nefarious institutions (EU, NATO, UN, WHO) and secret societies (Club or Rome, Illuminati, Knights of Malta, Jason Group, Bilderbergers etc) are ultimately controlled by the Vatican (all roads lead to Rome) then maybe you'll give a slight thought to the power contained in the Bible.

Or maybe you'll just go round in circles chasing your tail.

this site is so depresing….

….and yet, so empowering.

Firm up yourself with the words of the late, great Joseph Hill: A slice of Mount Zion is for I A slice of Mount Zion is for I I pray to Jah honestly To please let me live honestly Love my brother that's all I need I need no riches just harmony A slice of Mount Zion is for I A slice of Mount Zion is for I I'm willing Jah to lay down At Zion doorway like a foot mat Even the saints of Zion Trod upon my back and enter in, but A slice of Mount Zion is for I A slice of Mount Zion is for I I pray every day to see The falling of the wicked man I know that wickedness will prevail But only for a little while and A slice of Mount Zion is for I A slice of Mount Zion is… Read more »

@ Hiba, they already are, in Southern Cal there was an incident 2 weeks ago where, ironically a San Francisco Giants was beaten by two Dodger fans and as result the Giants fan is now in a coma

I dont know but something just doesnt sound right about the whole incident, for one the media is on the story like crazy, theres a 150 grand reward for the capture of two suspects and nobody is coming, and now there is an uproar on how security is lax and it is no longer safe to attent Dodger stadium

Well, now the sheeple will eat this up and get acostumed to being monitored

This actually really creeps me out how fast the agenda is being pushed.

Already here in Canada

Great, another reason why nightclubs suck, as if undesirable clientele, criminally overpriced drinks and crappy music played at deafening volumes wasn't enough, plus they have the nerve to charge you for the "privilege". Not that you'd've ever seen me back at a nightclub anyway…

Yeah… they're the definition of absurd… when I was young I would go with friends and just completely trip out on people in those places, like, "are you guys for real?" We're a ridiculous lot.

Yep wake up open your eyes

They are already doing something similar on the internet too. The local paper where I live right now online requires you to be on facebook to post any kind of comment. They check to make sure the facebook page is legitamate person and not someone pseudo-name posting anonymously. It's bad because people who comment something counter to the mainstream will get their personal life pulled into the comment section of the paper- detracting from the actual discussion- character bashing becomes regular for those who do not hold the mainstream opinion- Anyone who wants to post anonymously is censored automatically. Other local online papers are starting to adopt similar standards. Everywhere you turn, its fingerprinting, RFID, profile(on/off line) like facebook, GPS, tracking gourp affiliations, CCTV, pat down, x-rays, THERMAL IMAGING CAMERAS to watch activity and number of people residing, flying drones monitoring public parks. It will soon be like survivor to… Read more »

You can still create a fake facebook account. I'm no facebook user as I have no account with them but I am aware of a few ones who use different accounts.

Yeah keep in mind that your local internet provider knows your going on facebook under different names and even the fact that you come to this website…Im not trying to be negative but they are already tracking everything we're doing. Sad, yes! =(

that's only if you don't use a proxy…

Just would like to mention, that this is already the law in Australia for the past few years.

Every nightclub you enter in Melbourne, Australia, I.D's are taken, put into a scanner and photographed.

Apparently it is to catch people who have been in fights and assaults, and underage patrons.

I find it disturbing, and no longer go to clubs.

In the U.S., Walgreens and various gas stations swipe your ID into a database when you purchase alcohol… you don't realize till after they've done it.

Temple night club in the city requires you to get pat down, then they check your id, then they take your photo, before letting you go in.

Now don't be surprised when a "terrorist" event happens in some venue so that they can justify this to the masses. The saddest part here is that, give it only a couple of months and people will get used to it and once again bow their heads in complete submission to the government. I am not scared though, just watching from afar.

Wow – ur right.

The only thing that is good about this is the fact that it just PROVES where we are headed.

There are too many willing participants who are more than happy to hand over personal information just to get some sodium fluoride beer and a makeout session with some random perv. You won't catch me anywhere near those places. I really appreciate your ability to share these things- I would never know the difference without this media outlet. Their ignorance and hate only drives me to seek a higher consciousness!

you have to go through all this just to have some fun? no, thanks I'll stay home.

Let's see who suffers the consequences more… or the venue?

The venues didn't make this decision though.

The San Francisco Entertainment Commission is a goverment entity
I'd bet a ton of the venues/private business owners do not like this at all. Watch, they will get taxed to help fund all the 'upgrades'.

This story makes me sick to my stomach.

This will only hurt businesses….so this the "freedom" the troops are fighting for???? laughable

Who said it will only hurt the businesses?

It hurts all of us, in many different ways, that includes 'private' business owners. You stated that they will suffer the consequences more…..they will suffer (financially) while you suffer (to our ever eroding freedom) by sitting at home. Not trying to be mean, I just work with many restaurant owners and they hate the BS~They are getting regulated out of business left and right. Healthcare reform had some I know retiring early and selling locations.

This is a lose/lose measure. Except for Big Sis of course. Pelosi probably got some high fives on this one.

From what I understand California is particularly bad at regulating the businesses out. Some are closing or moving to other states. This isn't exactly helpful for it's already hurting unemployment rate!

I also think it'll hurt both sides – venues will lose people and people will lose fun.
Is this part of their conditioning 'us' for the 1984 police state?

Yeah you're right but at least I can chose not to contribute to this madness and not give any of my money to these venues then maybe things will change…..

I know! I feel ya……really makes me mad. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. I was reading up on this SFEC measure a bit earlier and came across this statement which I totally agree with looking big picture…"Getting closer and closer to police state. People tolerance is being tested one step at a time. The nudoscope harrassment device in the airport has been a successful test. Anything is a go at this point, as long as cheap junk food and and cheap enterntainment is up and running." This is just going to happen more and more. I was surprised to read a bunch of posters on here today that are already experiencing this in their hometowns. And floored at Flips comment that to post for the local paper you are required to have Facebook!! Biting my tongue…. Did I mention this makes my stomach sick already? One of… Read more »

I agree that we are being conditioned gradually to accept more and more elements of this sinister agenda. There was a story/commentary on the news this morning about the 'horrible' new identity theft that's now taking place: Theft of people's I.D. cards that contain RFID chips. I'm sure that after a few more stories about that, it will be easy to sell many members of the public on the 'necessity' of implanting the chips into their bodies, to avoid this identity theft from taking place.

Sarah Conor, yes, that's exactly it. Its the same thing with these "Red Light Cameras." For some reason its happening all across the country but its only discussed at a local level and people don't realize that its happening all over. Like Svali said, "You'd be surprised how many of 'them' are on your city councils." It's literally Diabolical in its reach, scope and unfolding.

Right on ~b! That is exactly it. Similiar to what good old Cass Sunstein refers to as 'nudging'. We can say, oh well nightclubs are stupid anyways – so don't go. Just like many are saying now, don't fly etc….but we must think bigger than that. Someone on here said it was happening at sports arenas, then it will be malls, grocery stores etc….the options are limitless. Same way the TSA pat downs will no doubt be expanded to other forms of transportation. I was out scanning the globe this morning and so appropriately stumbled onto this article called "If you have nothing to hide, you have everything to fear' from Homeland Stupidity (name of site – lol)… On the VC thread about the mind Rx's a few people made the recommendation on the movie Equilibrium – I think that is such a good one as it really just… Read more »

In essence, its a magical formula. Its the Hegelian Dialectic that's used at all levels of society… if done in periods of years and decades, people aren't aware of what's happening… especially when the press is for all intents and purposes is in on it.

Yep, very good points there.

The old classic double bind – damned if ya do and damned if ya don't.

heavy sigh

In australia some bars and nightclubs already fingerprint, take a photo and scan id all in one go. This is all about getting people used to the idea of being tracked. Add to this the growing popularity in rfid chips (now being used in hotel linen under the guise of preventing theft). We are heading for dark times, for how long I dont know.

its like rihanna snl video when there secruity cameras moves when ever anyone moves. scary

My sons school has thumb-print door opening and registration system and taken without any consent requested from parents!

Well a'int that some S**T?

Wow that is insanely crazy. As a gay man it will saden me and I will never go to San Fransico again. That's totally insane.

What saddens me is that this proposed legislation will probably be pushed hard on people who have a "God hates f**s" mindset…under the guise of doing God's work (helping to contorl/eliminate the "homa-secks-y'alls"). The irony of it all is that, the people who heartily embrace this measure out of hatred for gays will find that, when Their turn comes to lose Their civil rights, that there will be few – if any – members of the gay community willing to come out of hiding and support them in their time of need.

God loves all of His children. Period.

Amen! Ignorant people everywhere using their religion to hate against others. We are equal, its the actions we take against others that make us better or worse.

Exactly! Our characters are defined, not by who we love…but who we hate!

God loves us all true but the same can be said for a killer or thief they did wrong but God still loves them. Homosexuality is wrong (if you believe in Christianity and some other major religions). I look at is as someone who is an alcoholic. What they do isn't right but I won't treat them badly or think I am better than them because they are still a person. God loves them too. But a sin is a sin. People are the ones who try to say what is worst than the other.

But honestly, you can't try to change the scriptures-pretty clear that God doesn't like that and neither did Jesus. Whose church do you attend, Oprahs lol.

Personal insults…yes, that's the Lord's work! Well done!

"I look at is as someone who is an alcoholic. What they do isn’t right but I won’t treat them badly or think I am better than them because they are still a person."

The Bible says that we All fall short…so I don't understand what makes you think that you are so perfect that you can point out flaws in others, and then 'piously' "not treat them badly".

And why behold you the mote that is in your brother's eye, but consider not the beam that is in your own eye?

I find it funny that when a person points out GOD's words then they are being "haters" or "judging others". The fact of the matter is things are what they are whether people like it or not. GOD said homosexuality is wrong just like if I tell a lie, that too is wrong. But it is not wrong to state something and nor is it judgemental. People get so uptight and on edge because they want everyone to cater to their egos but "life is not a box of chocolates". There is a clear difference between fact and judgement.

@Voice of Reason….and also, please learn to pay attention, and actually interpret what you're reading, because it IS wrong to hate people, but no one ever commented that they hate homosexuals. Saying that what someone is doing or practicing is wrong is totally different from saying you hate someone. Hope you understand the difference now.

@Voice of reason yeah, yeah throw a pity party for yourself……point is sin is sin and wrong is wrong, the sin or wrong in question is homosexuality. As christians we are only stating the biblical fact that it is a sin and an abominination to God, who is the ultimate judge in the end. Just like if anybody sins, whether they like it or not its wrong in God's eyes, and God's judgement is the one you should be concerned with not fighting or debating with christians who are only doing as God called them to, which is live righteous lives, and to spread the gospel. Stop blaming christians as an excuse to validate or make homosexuality right. Just accept the FACT that its wrong, and you will have to answer to God for that.

"The Bible says that we All fall short…so I don’t understand what makes you think that you are so perfect that you can point out flaws in others, and then ‘piously’ “not treat them badly”. smh… I didnt say I was perfect, I could have robbed a bank yesterday for all you know. Point is, robbing a bank is wrong, just like homosexuality is. Whether or not I am perfect or think of myself as perfect does not make me any better or less than you. Pointing out someone's flaws is different then calling them out on it when they do not ask for constructive criticism. So if I notice my little has a hard time parking (flaw) then am I a bad person? No. Now if I sit there and call him names or make fun of him then yes thats messed up. "And why behold you the mote… Read more »

The camera's logo it's a joke? 1984 like the Orwell's Book, at least these people have sense of humor. ja

I knew it was only a matter of time before this really started coming out. I guess the agenda is moving faster than I first thought…