Russell Brand Ridicules Mainstream Media Anchors on MSNBC (video)



The least I can say about Russell Brand is that he’s a polarizing figure – one who probably has as many fans as he has detractors. Whether you love him or hate him however, one can’t deny that he has a way with words and that he’s clearly aware of mass media manipulation and agenda setting. Place him with three stiff, robotic and vapid mainstream news anchors and what do you get? A complete meltdown of the media robots who cannot deal with a shred of awareness, intelligence and, let’s say it, humanity.

Also, notice how the anchors completely avoid the NSA whistle-blower topic.

In a strange and hilarious way, this short video highlights the soulless, sterile and insipid nature of mainstream media and how it is geared to constantly redirect important issues to pointless and mindless chatter.

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454 Comments on "Russell Brand Ridicules Mainstream Media Anchors on MSNBC (video)"

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Hmm. Without saying to much. Be aware. Russel Brand really should have been spotted for what he is (unless he is being promoted…). To whom it may concern: Be sure to watch on utube "Russel Brand Dating Illuminati Insider's daughter-take back the truth movement" by humanswin.

P.S. I still think he's a tool…