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Russell Brand Ridicules Mainstream Media Anchors on MSNBC (video)



Russell Brand Ridicules Mainstream Media Anchors on MSNBC (video)

Russell Brand Ridicules Mainstream Media Anchors on MSNBC (video)

The least I can say about Russell Brand is that he’s a polarizing figure – one who probably has as many fans as he has detractors. Whether you love him or hate him however, one can’t deny that he has a way with words and that he’s clearly aware of mass media manipulation and agenda setting. Place him with three stiff, robotic and vapid mainstream news anchors and what do you get? A complete meltdown of the media robots who cannot deal with a shred of awareness, intelligence and, let’s say it, humanity.

Also, notice how the anchors completely avoid the NSA whistle-blower topic.

In a strange and hilarious way, this short video highlights the soulless, sterile and insipid nature of mainstream media and how it is geared to constantly redirect important issues to pointless and mindless chatter.

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Russell Brand Ridicules Mainstream Media Anchors on MSNBC (video)

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Hmm. Without saying to much. Be aware. Russel Brand really should have been spotted for what he is (unless he is being promoted…). To whom it may concern: Be sure to watch on utube "Russel Brand Dating Illuminati Insider's daughter-take back the truth movement" by humanswin.


P.S. I still think he's a tool…


I love this. Russell is never afraid to be truthful in interviews while his interviewer sits uncomfortably. The media is full of people who have become so used to putting on a face that they don't know how to respond to the real deal. Maybe that's why Katy Perry and Russell split. She was prepared to dive into the machine to remain relevant and popular and he simply could not follow.


Love this site is so informative! Can we have more on Britain not just American?


Interesting GUY. Thought he was just a dick, if I was in America I would be buying tickets for that show sounds GOOD. He raised interesting topics that should be discussed on a broad spectrum like that but usual how they turn it into a Jersey Shore Bonanza where superficially and unimportant S--T take spotlight and we let it happen.. BUT there's people like us AWARE OF THIS S--T.


They are bumbling because it's basically like their teleprompters went out. They KNOW that they cannot dare go along with what he's saying. Are u kidding? they'd lose their job. They KNOW they do not report real news or allow alternative opinions or anything with actual substance on air! These "news anchors" clearly weren't trained by the CIA like Andersonooper or a mass media, information handler like Piers Morgan.He They do a decent job of holding their own with interviews that addresses things that are in opposition to the standard rules. Smh. I agree, if he is not a direct ppuppet the powers that be have allowed and approved him to get famous. It's lke when a reco company says 'we're going to build a boy band' then finds one' or recruits singers to be in it or 'let's sign a jazzy-pop songwriting singer' and go out and find Amy Winehouse. The people who manage Justin Beiber already knew that they wanted a white, solo r&b/pop teen heartthrob. He was just "lucky" enough to be the person to fill that already existing predetermined slot. That, to me, is what Russel Brand is. I've noticed the powers that be don't always… Read more »


Russell Brand needs to be careful. The blonde anchor is Mika Brzezenski who is the daughter of Zbigniew Brzezenski. He one of the top dogs! He co-founded the Trilateral Commission with David Rockefeller. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and has attended most Bilderberg meetings. He is also of Polish nobility descent.


Why did he marry Katty Perry probably why he left her too…


Infamous Brzezinski… her dad probably set it all up.. .Zbig. The whole thing is a stage show, same with inviting Alex Jones on the View and all the BS programming. Just to show the audience that 'hey, we can hang with truthers!' not to mention, all the Manning Wiki NSA crap are all intentionally LEAKED to incriminate the republic and sooner or later all US citizens will be designated criminals by the order of UN and thrown into prison camps aka cities under the ordinace of Agenda 21 and what not. BS? Why invite some UK charles manson lookalike to tell Americans that WE ARE OK? Anyone bothered to check whether Tavistock has anything to do with this? Why even air this craap? Is this even worth mentioning in Vigilant? Am I misunderstanding you? People need to get it, the whole thing is a media blitz that are just selling another media outlet 'Messiah Complex', now who is the fukkn Messiah? some satanic handler of Katy Perry who sold her soul to Satan?? WAKE THE F--K UP!


ha you sussed him out
maybe you are right about him


He is fake, a fraud, a metrosexual, he is not funny and is definately not cool.
He was married to a mind controlled pop star and was in a crappy remake movie with Helen Mirren.
He also likes to think he is a rock star.
And what's with all his make up?!
Reading comments on how many people adore him gives me very little faith, especially on a great informative website like this.


Brand has been programmed into being accepted as a Messiah figure of the NWO Luciferian religion.
trust yourself and no one who has a platform in media, they are all shills. every single one of them are garnering souls for the luciferian agenda.


I think there is an extent to which everyone on here is very intelligent. But there is also an extent to which everyone on her seems extremely paranoid. Sporting certain symbols, for example wearing a skull and cross bones ring, does not automatically mean someone is "hailing Satan." Saying someone is an Illuminati puppet because they mentioned Obama does not mean that he or she is an Illuminati puppet. Sometimes people's beliefs are just that, people's beliefs. We need to realize that the symbolism is undeniable. In fact, a lot of things about this entire topic are undeniable, but let us not make mountains out of mole hills. I wore a shirt with skulls on it in 7th grade, I was not hailing Satan. Let's keep things in perspective and stay realistic about this topic instead of going overboard because there is a fine line between enlightening observations and exaggerated over-reactions.


There are times when I can't believe that certain situations occur on T.V. I would never want to be paid to appear dumb and mindless. The interviewers were utterly unprofessional which leads me to believe that it was all done to purposely divert the promotion of Russell's tour. A tour that seems to be amusingly informative, or at least causes people to think. I've always liked Russell simply because he says what he wants. The vast majority of comedians are conscious individuals and have come upon an interesting way of relaying their message to the masses. The get by because it's assumed that most people do not take them serious, and if they start ringing to many bells, it's easy to just label them crazy.



We know aht they want us to know.




All three anchors were insulting and arrogant toward Russell. What they were saying and how they were saying it was incredibly rude. He put them all in their place. They just giggled like a bunch of 3 year olds while he slyly ripped them to shreds.


Idk those news anchors are trained to react and handle insidious behavior acting without emotion and yet they all just crumbled under minimum pressure basically as soon as Russel began to speak. It seemed rehearsed in some ways, or that somehow, he had power over them in some elusive way. His intelligent eloquence was incredibly charming but I find it hard to believe that his charm affected all 3 of the anchors so greatly, although the man did seen to have a bit of an ego struggle with Russel. Who knows? Follow your heart listen with discernment and trust no one.


I think he caught them off guard. The blonde anchor started out rude when she stated that she wasn't familiar with Russell Brand. How can you interview someone and have no idea what their background is? You can tell through Russell's body language that he was irritated by her. After that, he was extremely sarcastic with everyone.


I don't trust anyone that was in that freaky, checkerboard Olympic Closing Ceremony.


katy said that he was a 'magic man' Hmmmmmm..handler?
since he was obv drugged up (look at his eyes) or failing that demonically possessed throughout the interview, I am not sure why his words are being taken so seriously. He represents distraction in much the same way as they do and Katy does.


I bet they didn't have the Joe guy who's usually on because he would make him look like such a loser and they figured its ok to let the little people/women look stupid. I hate the news…I wish people weren't all so stupid.


russell ma s--t

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