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Royal Ritual: Watch Freemasons Boast About Their Influence



Royal Ritual: Watch Freemasons Boast About Their Influence

This video of the Royal Ritual in London shows high-level Freemasons bragging about their heavy influence in all spheres of society … in an extremely symbolic setting.

On October 31st, 2017, the Royal Ritual took place at the Royal Albert Hall in London where Freemasons celebrated the 300th anniversary of their influence on society. The event was presided by the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England: Prince Edward, Duke of Kent – the grandson of King George V and Queen Mary, and the cousin of Queen Elizabeth II.

Attended by thousands of Freemasons from across the world (including 136 Grand Masters), the ceremony featured “sketches” bragging about the influence of Masonry on modern society, including its important role in the creation of the United States. It mentions several times the fact that their all-seeing eye is prominently featured on American bank notes.

Of course, all of this happens on a checkerboard pattern floor and under a gigantic compass and All-Seeing Eye. Here’s the video.

After singing “God Save the Queen”, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington (two prominent Freemasons) come out to explain how America was founded on Masonic principles.

– I hold to be self-evident, brother Franklin, all men are created equal.
– Indeed, brother Washington, all Freemasons meet as equals as we have the opportunity to create a nation in the very essence of Masonic morality. It would be wonderfully symbolic, don’t you think?
– You’ll be wanting to put the all-seeing eye on our banknotes next.

They go on to brag about the Masonic symbolism in Washington, DC.

– The plans for our new capital city already have a very Masonic feel to them, yeah.

They then talk about the great number of Masonic presidents, about how “Freemasonry will be embedded in American culture” and how the Statue of Liberty is a giant Masonic gift from French Freemasons. They also add: “Do not forget about the musicians”. Because there are lots of musicians who are Freemasons.

As seen in countless articles on this site, the music business is deeply embedded in occult principles (although many people in this industry are part of “darker” occult orders).

The ceremony ends with the initiation of a Masonic candidate by Prince Edward.

While this royal ritual contained absolutely nothing secret or occult (it is a public event), it nevertheless lays out in the open various facts that are often dismissed as a “conspiracy theory”.

The symbolism on the stage (which is reminiscent of an MTV music awards performance) is a clear reminder that mass media is replete with THEIR symbols, starting with the all-seeing eye. As documented on this site for the past 10 years, this symbols is now omnipresent, indicating the elite’s total control of popular culture.

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Royal Ritual: Watch Freemasons Boast About Their Influence

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We can not call any of this a conspiracy theory anymore when it is all happening in front of us. The slaves of satan are old men who are ruling this globe.

We are in this world but not part of it. Thanks to Jesus Christ I know exactly what that means.


Exactly!! I say Let them have their earthly wealth and continue to be satans pawns. Personally, I’ll happily remain middle class and wait for my Lord, Jesus Christ, to come back and start his reign on earth as the ONE TRUE KING!!!! These men might be “powerful” at this moment but I have no fear or doubt that they will ALL eventually reap what they have sewn. God Bless You All!!




Amen !!! “Be strong, do not fear; your God will come.” -Isaiah 35:4
Jesus come quickly!!

Yours Truly

I accepted the Lord and Savior into my soul. I am a child of God therefore I am not afraid. Jesus Christ is the ONLY answer. Give him a chance you have nothing to lose but so much to gain!!!


And many powerfull people are secretly masons.:.(some popes I believe are masons…)

OHh yes

Def trump for sure


Don’t watch it. That’s how they indoctrinate. I didn’t watch it and I do not consent.


I agree


Searching the web, I found out that Tom DeLonge is a Freemason, who is a singer of the band Blink 182. And then I remembered a part of one Blink 182 song, “I miss you”:

“Hello there, The angel from my nightmare, (…) And we’ll have Halloween on Christmas. And in the night we’ll wish this never ends…”

I remember that the first time I heard this song, I found it so weird, like: why this guy is saying in this song that it is a good idea to celebrate Halloween on Christmas?? And after I found out that at least one of the band’s participants is a Freemason, it makes sense to me… People from the highest grades of Freemasonry worship the devil, isn’t this right? Secretly, of course. Also, in the video shown in this article, one of the high degree masons even highlights: “But don´t forget the musicians. Don´t forget the musicians!”. Isn’t this extremely sarcastic? Considering that we, VC readers and readers of other sites that talk about the illuminati, know that most of the very famous and rich musicians (if not all of the very rich and famous artists) show lots of illuminati symbolism!


lol it’s a reference to “The Nightmare Before Christmas” he says “we can live like Jack and Sally if we want” which are the main characters


The point is that the song has a dark meaning. And there is a part before this that says: “Hello there The angel from my nightmare The shadow in the background of the morgue The unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley” Isn’t this dark? Well, you could argue that this is just a song. I would certainly agree with you that this is “just a song”, if I didn’t know the connection between Freemasonry and the occult/satanism. This is the whole problem. There are just “symbolisms”, there is nothing concrete, nothing to really prove that artists are connected with the occult elite, that’s why people don’t take it seriously. But see the bible, there is no proof of it either; still, lots of people take it completely seriously. I don’t understand this. Both things (the bible and illuminati symbolisms) are “abstract” things and none of them can be completely proved. Still, people believe only in the bible. Before someone call be an atheist or satanist, I believe in God and pray for Him (only Him). But I do not believe in the seriousness of the bible, I guess I believe only in parts of it (regarding being serious), but… Read more »


*Satanic symbolisms.
*Before someone calls me.


In “Die young”, the pentagram is not inverted, but it is inside a circle, which is symbolic, too. Also, lots of inverted crosses are shown throughout the video, and the inverted cross is clearly satanic. And there is a song in which Kesha says “I sold my soul” (the name is “Dancing With The Devil”).
* When I said Kesha’s “videos”, I also include “shows”.


What????!!! you sound completely confused


That Scared user is indeed very confused lol

Mama Legba

(Sorry, I know this is practically half a year old, but I just wanted to say) it’s also pretty dark content for a Blink 182 song. They were forward with their goofiness and it was recognized as a matter of what kind of band they were – at least to most people. The Nightmare Before Christmas reference, especially around 2004, would cater perfectly to their sort of “Hot Topic” listeners, (cheesy, I know, but how else can you really put it. And it was specifically a time when hottopic took EVERYTHING cool ever and made it lame, turning popular bands into another kind of product, and then those products helped to promote their products that were selling their products, etc.) Anyway, it’s just not that “out there”, but when connected to the rest of the lyrics – which was rather dark in general, imo – it seems just as plausible that that could have been an easy analogy for a bigger/darker reference, also. Possibly disguised as product placement, possibly not. Intentionally or not. I don’t know. But that’s not even dissecting what those darker lyrics really are. I might not even be saying all of this, honestly, if it wasn’t… Read more »


Christmas itself is a pagan, satanic celebration. You’ve been fooled into believing it’s about Jesus. Where in the Bible does Jesus tell us to celebrate his birth? Where does it speak of the disciples or apostles observing his birth? Do some research and read your Bible.


A bunch of self-important a-holes.


“… celebrated on October 31”. What a coincidence, exactly on Halloween. (…) “In the 66th year.” Almost 666. I must have not realized many other important things on this video. But of course they do not mention the rituals of blood sacrifice and such…


Right!! I can only imagine the bloody massacre after this ceremony 🙁


Yesterday evening, I went to the Stratford festival of Theatre. Very heavy on cross and trans gender this year. Dedicated to Shakespeare’s plays, I saw Julius Caesar. You must know that half of the male characters were played by women, including Julius Caesar who was an old lady actor as well as Marc Antony, usually interpreted as a strong Alpha male was a woman. Don’t go, it’s crap and weird.


If this took place in London, why is there such a focus on America? Why not discuss the masonoc influence
Great Britain? What am i missing?


America is the vehicle to enforce New World Order onto the globe. It is Babylon the Great. Look and see. Masonry is what is called Mose’s “Oral Law” that established earthly rule over the nations. Its ALL ‘jewish’, which is why this tiny clique of thugs has been so powerful and hated thru the centuries. Christ called them ‘sons of the Devil’ and they’ve not changed in 2000+yrs. Mankinds’ battle is still frighteningly the same.


The second Babylon, which will eventually fall, is a worldwide network controlled in three places: the US encompasses the military arm, Britain the financial arm, and Vatican City is the religious arm of the NWO.


No, my friend, the “Babylon the Great” of the Bible is the world empire of false religion that continues to mislead the people of the world. Check the satanic symbols found in the religious churches and shrines of the world.

Saucy Jack

i know! when even Jesus is calling out the ruling rabbinical clique of his own day as murderers, vipers, hypocrites and ‘sons of their father the devil’ you know something’s up. Ezekial also contains some fascinating (to me) passages about self-professed elite Jewish rulers turning their backs on the altar ie. God and performing blasphemous rituals in secret.


The elite in GB are, have been and always will be our worst, most destructive and horrible enemy that has ever existed. We continue to do their dirty work, while they work to destroy us. A good example is the destruction of Iraq. After dropping all those bombs on Iraq the elites got all the oil well leases except for one. We ruined our moral authority when we engaged in destroying nations for them, to loot. Now, we see that the Steele dossier was provided by MI6 to effect a coup et tat. They sold Uranium to Russia, and shipped part to Iran to frame Iran and Russia to start WW3. It is time for Americans to toss off the bonds of slavery, kick out the Federal Reserve Bank and their power over our government, media and assorted sell outs, and let them sink in their own juices.


They destroyed Germany first. Then they consolidated power with the formation of the EU. They opened borders to military aged men to allow the internal destruction of Europe. Now, they have done the same to us, by creating open borders for invaders and looters to come in. IF they can, they will take our guns. That way we will be sitting ducks to any invaders. Once the nation is destroyed, they will come in and loot and take over again. Russia will be destroyed too, in the process and grand looting can then begin.


The spiritual realm is truly intangible to the eyes, and tangible to the soul. I will speak on personal experience, since childhood I was always approached and followed by spirits who would manifest in ghostly form… I could literally see them. When I grew older I realized this was not normal. Today, I am approached by some anomality who always wants to guide me but I deny it and tell it to leave. I sensed it is a grandfather on my paternal line. Anyways I was always terrified as a child and I confessed to a theologian about this. He somewhat helped me coped through this and asked to study a little more on theology. So I decided to do some research and DNA test in which I found critical information about my great grandfathers whom were all part of and or Grandmasters of Spanish orders that did similar rituals and kinds of worship. According to this, they inherently caused good or bad curses and blessings on their bloodlines. I am inclined to think that many of these folks do the same…. it will affect the children and so forth. Jesus Christ from Nazareth protect my soul and every ones.… Read more »


demons. plead the blood of Jesus. tell them to go away in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. they will flee.


The same artists that show illuminati and masonic symbolisms usually also show satanic symbolisms. See Kesha (explicit!), Rihanna, Lady Gaga, for example, who show both illuminati, masonic and satanic (inverted crosses, inverted pentagrams, horns) symbolisms in music videos and photos; Katy Perry also shows lots of illuminati/masonic symbols and said that she sold her soul. And there are also dark/satanic messages of these artists shown in music videos and music lyrics.. And other artists too. Besides that, the main masonry symbol, which is the eye inside a triangle or pyramid, has been used by satanists, including Aleister Crowley. And I’m probably forgetting about a bunch of other correlations between masonry and illuminati/satanism. Also suggestions that famous people under the illuminati have to undergo MK Ultra torture sessions.. So many things. I don’t understand why so many people insist on participating in masonry, in illuminati, etc. Just by being efforted and praying only to God, they can have a great and happy life, without needing to make any sort of satanic “deal”.


Power and money, my friend…power and money


My definition of freemasonry: Silly men doing silly rituals in silly secrecy.

These men are just silly.


…With serious repercussions.


Pretty much says it all!


Nothing surprises me anymore

Bean Bag

Omg this is…SO CRINGY. I’m seriously dying…the Masonic humor…omg kill me now /)_< This was the cringiest thing I've ever seen


God save the Queen should tell you whose at the top of that pyramid!

The event was presided by the Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England: Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, Royal Knight of the Order of the Garter (KG)

The ruling Monarch of the Royal Family is the Sovereign of the Garter which runs many inter global organizations besides the Freemasons.

Interestingly Daniel tells us that the Lion(England) will have it’s Eagle(US) wings ripped off (War of Independents) and later a Lion will stand up as a man and the mind of a man will be given to it (AC)

Daniel also tells us that the 4th Beast will consume the whole world (UN) and Revelation tells us that this Beast will have a Lion’s mouth and the number of the Beast is the number of a man, the Lion beast man of Daniel.


has it ever occurred to anyone that there could be offshoots of freemasonry? by young people? I know what such organisations do – and it is just evil. morality? yeah right.


It’s one of the oldest fraternities in the world and yes a lot of people in the Entertainment Industry seem to be involved in Freemasonry.


Interesting that it is all men and the only women present were dressed as Marilyn Monroe, the original beta sex slave.


This video has been floating around for a while now. Same old same old. It reminds me a little of a Scientology function.


One of the originators of all of this for England was John Dee. The real secret of Masonry (other than transyuggothian magic) is also the evocation of demons. The allusions to King Solomon are more about what he did as an evoker of spirits ala Solomon’s Seal than it is about the Temple. Only the highest and secret levels of Masonry practice the more demonic arts though.

John Dee was taught by Gerolamo Cardano among others who were caught up in the Italian occult demonic circles that are highlighted in The Game of Saturn by Peter Mark Adams.

John Dee made the British Empire an occult demonic one and Benjamin Franklin did the same to the United States.

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