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Ron Paul’s Great Speech Against TSA Abuse (video)




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I was a precinct manager for Ron Paul's Presidential campaign in 2008. What real proof does anyone have that he may be an insider? I would be greatly dismayed if he is.


i'm sure he got some kind of ultimatum or something after this? any1 know anything?


He's playing out the Hegalean philosophy. They play both sides against the middle(us).


I am surprised he is republican, and I am surprised they let him in?

Peace Joy

We can only hope he is for real.

"I have, therefore, chosen this time and place to discuss a topic on which ignorance too often abounds and the truth too rarely perceived. And that is the most important topic on earth: peace. What kind of peace do I mean and what kind of a peace do we seek? Not a Pax Americana enforced on the world by American weapons of war. Not the peace of the grave or the security of the slave. I am talking about genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living, and the kind that enables men and nations to grow, and to hope, and build a better life for their children — not merely peace for Americans but peace for all men and women, not merely peace in our time but peace in all time." – JFK


I Foresee him being shut-up by the illuminant REAL SOON


isn't ron paul one of them too? its like 'oh mann no one knows about us..' oh hire someone to talk about us haha


i love ron paul. lol


I donot trust him sorry


every time i read an article about or see/hear something will Ron Paul, i ask myself, "how is this man still alive, saying and doinig such things?!"

as for his supposed Freemason connections, sometimes these handshake images i see with various people are a bit up to interpretation, i know every handshake i share with someone is unique, albeit not photographed. just a thought.

p.s. would love to see VC put many of George Carlin's sentiments/background through the scrubbers–incendiary from start to finish, though depression informed some of the latter work, there is some objectivity in the thinking about politics that is very dangerous to the keepers. it is often safest to say the most dangerous things AS A JOKE.


the huge difference between George Carlin and Ron Paul is that Carlin died for saying the truth. Ron Paul on the other hand is rich and comfortable in his seat. I understand everybody wishes he's the real deal but unfortunately it doesn't happen in real life to have a rich politician fighting for people's rights and justice. It just doesn't happen anymore.

The Oracle

It can also be likely that some might join these organizations just to be an insider. While they may look like they are part of the organization, they are trying to take it down from the inside. Others may look like they are thinking for themselves, but they are mired in the orgaization even more. I'm hoping Ron Paul is of the first kind. If its the first case, then if he goes too far, we might end up having an assassination. The Illuminati don't want anyone to disrupt thier plans, so we shall see if Ron Paul can make some positive changes. Here's hoping.

Sorority Luchesi

I do hope that Ron's bill gets passed, seriously… this TSA security theater needs to be overhauled. Ever since 9-11 we have allowed the government to cower us and make us think that all terrorists are MacGuyvers capable of taking down a plane with a paper clip, some rubber bands and a pen! And with that they implement these stupid a-s "security implements that sounds like a premise for a cheap p--n movie.



M d'Mara

Yes, Ron Paul is 'one of them,' but likely not by choice. I think most of the politicians are closer to the Bloodline, and are more often born into their slavery and conditioned from very young ages, rather than choosing to sell their souls like those in the movie/music industry. But once people see the web that has been woven around them, they do rebel, they do speak out. More and more, they fight it. More and more they awaken to the truth and deception. But if you were programmed from a very young age, I think it's much harder to break through the many layers in place to keep this from happening. "Make us safe, make us a cure, put us in the barb wire, feed us, fatten us up, and then they'll eat us. And we're a bunch of cattle, and we've got to wake up and say 'I've had it.'" To statement to me obviously speaks of the different aspects of the web that 'They, the Fallen, the Powers That Be' have woven – military/armed forces/politics to imprison, the medical industry to poison, the food industry to poison + alludes to the fact that barbed wired 'camps'… Read more »


we cant say anything,they might have planned that way so that people find the TSA offensive and wanted to raise a hero or else there will be something behind it.i am sure this is planned.

A random thought

As much as i have liked Ron Paul and his rants the above comment is proberbly very true. When keeping a keen eye for Freemasons and other elite society members allways watch the handshakes and hand gestures that are made. i have seen Ron Paul on more than one occasion give a freemasons hand shake to other known masons. not to mention doing the bloody horned hand symbol. sorry people.

Sarah Connor

I have noticed that too. And as hestitant as it makes me, I don't see anyone else willing to take on the establishment in the manner he is. I am keeping my eye open for someone but have yet to find one. Keeping all that in mind…….maybe just maybe sometimes the snake starts eating it's own tail. JFK did…….here's hoping! As of today I see no better option for 2012. That doesn't mean someone else might rise to the occasion. Will be an interesting couple of years coming up to say the least. And I hate to break it to you, but in everything I have studied about FM…..I feel safe in saying about 90 percent of the guys and gals in the district of criminals are in the brother and sisterhood……many at blood pact level. Time to get them out!!!!


Sorry to rain on your parade but Ron Paul is their man. He's there only to prove democracy 'works'. He just barks, never bites..


Got to unfortunatly agree – if by now any of you fools honestly thinks that, as Max Igan says ,"The masters tools will ever dismantle the masters house"…then you are more asleep than ever.


This is not a matter of simply getting in the right man for the job – this is just more apathy and people raising up this weeks do-gooder to save them. How many damn times do these idiots have to fall for this routine before it becomes obvious politicians cant help us – even if they were to enact honest and meaningful changes on behalf of their constituents, we all know what would happen(bullet).

Sorry but if you want real change we'll have to do it ourselves, get up off your apathetic lazy a---s waiting for some messiah. These newly enlightened mean well, and have obviously done some homework to see through the agenda – but not clearly enough if your dumb enough to even mention a political party as a solution.


I concur, with the very center of my soul. We all talk a good talk but many of you are fearful still. I will not wait for "Judgement Day" while I sit here violated and force fed garbage you know the propaganda of whose on my team. I would much rather die a horrid torturous death. Just like Mr. Paul said fattening up the cattle for devouring! Im playing piglet on this one the forbidden food for many – unsanitary and unjust to their cause and new order movement. It will not be some politician or "Socially Responsible" corporation that will make amends for the people it is you, him and her that will get it done. Get speech Mr. Paul – I wanted to jump up and clap as well – but no enchilada. Action man, action. The so called opt-out? Many felt like "Oh well I have nothing to hide" while others responded "everything went smoothly considering" Lol. Wow. So when I go outside and wait in the bus stop and grope the woman standing next to me I will simply profess it was for the safety of the passengers on the bus. Hopefully she will respond "Oh… Read more »


Ron Paul is my hero also.


thank you! 😉


I’m about to fly in a couple weeks and the thing I fear most is just going through security and TSA. They always yell at you over something and yes, I feel like cattle being herded through the gates, it’s degrading. I love when they loudly announce over the speakers, “The Homeland Security threat for terrorism is at orange today.” Great fear tactics guys, that way when we are being herded like livestock and you remind us why, we don’t feel as inferior to you all. I support a lot of Ron Paul’s politics, but a lot of people seem to think he is a little crazy. I am not sure why, especially when he is fighting to protect our civil rights. Just like the commenter said above, ultimately they want to restrict our traveling capabilities to where most average citizens cannot even fly or travel. I hear they are going to make you start carrying a passport, even when you are flying within the states and all current passports will have to be upgraded with the current technology (RFID?). I’m sure they will have to where if you have ever been diagnosed with any sort of mental disorder, i.e.… Read more »


I totally agree with ya. I had a holiday flight scheduled, but because of this crazy TSA crap i opted to drive the 700 miles. … and as for this mandatory passport nonsence to fly in the states..? just another way to keep track of the population and monitor us.

it just seems that everyday more and more information surfaces. Im starting to feel hopeless.

Reveal The TRUTH

Don't feel hopeless, I know when I first got reading all Vigilant's articles and learning what was happening behind our backs I felt depressed and betrayed. I felt like my whole existence on this planet for for me to get dumbed down and controlled. I could not, and still can not believe what is happening right in front of our eyes and the world has no clue. But there is hope, We have Jesus, they do not. Enough said


Excellent reply! Jesus has all power!!!

Sarah Connor

i just wanted to let you know that i feel your pain, or have. At times it has almost felt like a death in the family and has taken days at a time to process. What I see now though, is that knowledge is power and we are taking it back. The growing pains are a good thing even though it doesn't feel like it at the time. Just do what you can, in your sphere of influence. One open mind and heart at a time. Less overwhelming that way. You will start seeing victories everywhere.



Please don't feel hopeless my brothers and sisters. Instead be VIGILANT and demand for the truth.

The bible says "Due to lack of of knowledge my people perish". We do not seek for the truth instead we accept everything the evil rulers of this world tells us. They are getting their orders direct from SATAN and passing it on to us. NO MORE!. Thanks to vigilantCitizen I've started looking at the world diffrently I no longer accept what the media tells me and no longer tolerate fear to rule my life. JAWEH is greater than these mortal beings and in his own time he will strike and destroy these evildoers.

In the meantime we have to desire and search for the truth, and I believe that Yaweh will open our hearts to find it.

Ignorance is not an Escuse! Wake up People and start asking questions!!!!!

Ryan Nem

I was watching this earlier on youtube. It's true what he's saying. @ Hope he was always my hero.

Ryan Nem

I was watching this earlier on youtube. It's true what he's saying.

Stay Vigilant

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