Researchers Develop a Speech-Jamming Gun That Can Silence People From a Distance

Shut up, or I'll shoot

Shut up, or I'll shoot

Japanese researchers have developed a gun that can silence people in mid-sentence. The Speech-Jamming gun can effectively jam the words of speakers who are over 100 feet away simply by pointing its visor at them. While countless jokes can be made about that gun (i.e. “I could use that on my wife” or “It was specifically designed for Kanye West”), the real purpose of it are not as funny. The gun is indeed being promoted as something useful to “mediate debates” or to “facilitate the quelling of protests”. There’s already “talks” of having such guns in public places such as libraries.

When there’s a way to make you physically unable to speak, we can say that free-speech is literally in danger. Like, literally. Here’s an article from ExtremeTech about the Anti-1st-Amendment device.

New speech-jamming gun hints at dystopian Big Brother future

Japanese researchers have created a hand-held gun (pictured above) that can jam the words of speakers who are more than 30 meters (100ft) away. The gun has two purposes, according to the researchers: At its most basic, this gun could be used in libraries and other quiet spaces to stop people from speaking — but its second application is a lot more chilling.

The researchers were looking for a way to stop “louder, stronger” voices from saying more than their fair share in conversation. The paper reads: “We have to establish and obey rules for proper turn-taking when speaking. However, some people tend to lengthen their turns or deliberately interrupt other people when it is their turn in order to establish their presence rather than achieve more fruitful discussions. Furthermore, some people tend to jeer at speakers to invalidate their speech.” In other words, this speech-jamming gun was built to enforce “proper” conversations.

The gun works by listening in with a directional microphone, and then, after a short delay of around 0.2 seconds, playing it back with a directional speaker. This triggers an effect that psychologists call Delayed Auditory Feedback (DAF), which has long been known to interrupt your speech (you might’ve experienced the same effect if you’ve ever heard your own voice echoing through Skype or another voice comms program). According to the researchers, DAF doesn’t cause physical discomfort, but the fact that you’re unable to talk is obviously quite stressful.

Speech jammer, in a librarySuffice it to say, if you’re a firm believer in free speech, you should now be experiencing a deafening cacophony of alarm bells. Let me illustrate a few examples of how this speech-jamming gun could be used.

At a political rally, an audience member could completely lock down Santorum, Romney, Paul, or Obama from speaking. On the flip side, a totalitarian state could point the speech jammers at the audience to shut them up. Likewise, when a celebrity or public figure appears on a live TV show, his contract could read “the audience must be silenced with speech jammers.”

Then there’s Harrison Bergeron, one of my favorite short stories by Kurt Vonnegut. In the story’s dystopian universe, everyone wears “handicaps” to ensure perfect social equality. Strong people must lug around heavy weights, beautiful people must wear masks, and intelligent people must wear headphones that play a huge blast of sound every few seconds, interrupting your thoughts. The more intelligent you are, the more regular the blasts.

Back here in our universe, it’s not hard to imagine a future where we are outfitted with a variety of implanted electronics or full-blown bionic organs. Just last week we wrote about Google’s upcoming augmented-reality glasses, which will obviously have built-in earbuds. Late last year we covered bionic eyes that can communicate directly with the brain, and bionic ears and noses can’t be far off.

In short, imagine if a runaway mega-corporation or government gains control of these earbuds. Not only could the intelligence-destroying blasts from Harrison Bergeron come to pass, but with Delayed Auditory Feedback it would be possible to render the entire population mute. Well, actually, that’s a lie: Apparently DAF doesn’t work with utterances like “ahhh!” or “boooo!” or other non-wordy constructs. So, basically, we’d all be reduced to communicating with grunts and gestures.
– Source: ExtremeTech

Here’s a video explaining how the device works.

Here’s a video of the device in action.

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Download an app called Speech Zapper and try out for yourself. It's developed on the same principal as the Jap's silence gun

A baby is programmed to learn language-any language-but he isn't anymore prepared to discover a code than he is to learn Portuguese. If he were adopted by a family in Portugal, he would learn Portuguese plus not the English he usually discover from you.

Soon the U.S. government will place an order for several millions of these guns.

damn Japanese …. stop inventing evil sh*t!!

Thanks for this information, I really think this is in use here already but it helps to know the facts.

First thing I thought of was the reporters this past year, they were FINE and did not want to get checked out, remember the reports of "stress and headaches"?

Sucks for them that i know sign language, we all learn that, we'll be okay!

This version doesn't seem that ominous. If I understand it correctly, it just sends back an echo of what you are saying. This doesn't prevent you from speaking, it just makes it difficult to speak. For example, anyone who has ever heard feedback/echo of their own voice when talking on the phone…it makes it difficult to speak because you're trying to interpret what you're hearing at the same time you're talking. If you could tune it out, speaking would be no problem at all. This doesn't really seem like a weapon, or even very dangerous. In fact, if it were happening all the time, I wouldn't be surprised if people could adapt and tune it out.

Deception is like sleep: You won't realize that you're sleeping, until you wake up to realize that you've been sleeping. Same as deception, you realize that you've been deceived until you wake up to realize that you've been deceived. Rise above deception & snap out of it every1.

After watching these ya'll better make your choice/s.

F**k you SpeechJammer, f**k you! 🙁 It's societies way of silencing the people who speak about what they believe in, and things they shouldn't know. Once again, f**k you. 🙂

yeah, imagine the awkward silence from now on…

I wonder if it is responsible for burtation.

What a disgusting little 'gadget'. Should be called the 'orwell 3000'! What with the likes of this and those other abominations that fire high pitched sounds out to clear protestors you can see we're moving into potentially very dark times..

What the crap is this now!

I guess we will all go back to communicating like cavemen…grunt

Sometimes you just have to look at this stuff and laugh hysterically…

This can't be real. First off the thing is gigantic. I think this is a hoax.

They have to develop a camera to shut out desperate old dirty pervy men from the gossipy columns of trashy papers ASAP. Why they don't frequent more intellectual papers on the net instead of the trashy ones eh? Yikes just yikes. I can't stand this lot.

The Hidden Evil "This website is devoted to explaining a global program of torture, murder & persecution which I call the Hidden Evil. It includes a vast network of plain-clothed citizen informants, which is used for public stalking, & the use of Directed Energy Weapons on targeted individuals. All core factions of the community are involved, & everyone, from seniors to children, participates in Gang Stalking. Governments have used these groups in some form since the Roman Empire. The Hidden Evil is an example of this pattern repeating itself. The citizens' network patrols the streets of your neighborhoods. The evidence suggests that this network is not just part of a sub-culture within society, but that it literally permeates all aspects of it, & is therefore, part of the mainstream. As I'll demonstrate, this has happened before. The network is the creation of supra-governmental Think Tanks, which are made up… Read more »

im going to tell you all about the atrocities of the elite and illumin

Gosh nothing elitistic about pondlife. The real "elite" will be placed in heaven.

I am highly skeptical of this only because of the advertisement.. this technology may exist, but they wouldnt come right out and say you can use this gun in public to silence your teacher. that made it look like a joke and i think its bs.

"…this speech-jamming gun was built to enforce “proper” conversations."


At best, we'll have anonymous librarians being the Speech Police. Don't even want to give mental energy to worst-case scenarios.

I'm sorry, but if a librarian were to point that thing at me, i'd snatch it out of their hand and beat them over the head with it.

If there is such gun, I will use it to stop IU from singing and harming K-Pop.

No one has harmed K-Pop as much as IU.

I wish someone silences her forever.

Remember people, the technology that makes it to the public is the technology they don't use anymore! So, that means there's something more sinister is "their" nasty bag of tricks. This will be used when the world economy crashes and people are out in the streets.

Get that text-to-speech function ready on your laptops. We might all sound like Stephen Hawking, but at least we'll have a voice.

I am sure there is already a tech to stop that too.

Monstrous. It's…i don't know, probably one of the most awful creations of human kind. This thing will actually forbid free speech. Literally, we won't be able to express ourselves, express our opinions or present new ideas, because there might be someone nearby who can silence us. Stop us. Prevent us from saying something. Forbid us to speak.

Seriously, it's one of the most disgusting things i've ever heard of.

I watched this video yesterday & thought they must have used that speech silencer on Geoge bush 😉 It's HILARIOUS!!

C'mon guys, anyone with the slightest knowledge of sound waves can see this does not work. Not only is the mic-playback combo too far away form the speaker to cancel out the sound, it would also only cancel it in the direction of the gun, so only 1 person would not hear it.

Only thing I can think of that it would be good at is letting the speaker hear their own words, which might make them realize the things they're saying are stupid. Apart from that, it looks just like a fictional product design by students for an assignment.


You may know me as the rapper/singer Drake. I’ve stumbled across this website and I must say, you have very interesting information on here. I will try to comment frequently, even though it’s hard because of my busy schedule. Take care, everyone!

~Drizzy Drake

Hi Aubrey/Drake,

If you're honest about being the rapper/singer, then I'm glad that you have stumbled upon VC's site. Are you able to relate the things mentioned about the entertainment industry on this site to your work life, since you've also been a TV actor before? Or are you clueless about what's going on?

I would like to hear your 2 cents' worth on the industry, Aubrey, and perhaps some clarifications on the articles published on this site.

Cheers & God Bless!

I want the truth

If you’re honest about being the rapper/singer, then I’m glad that you have stumbled upon VC’s site. Are you able to relate the things mentioned about the entertainment industry on this site to your work life, since you’ve also been a TV actor before? Or are you clueless about what’s going on? I would like to hear your 2 cents’ worth on the industry, Aubrey, and perhaps some clarifications on the articles published on this site. I can understand why people think this isn't me, but they can believe what they want. I will give a detailed explanation tomorrow, but for now I'll keep it short and simple because I'm about to record a verse. All the articles I read so far, everything is true. The industry is very evil and twisted. The only reason I cannot say much is for security reasons. VC does cover a lot about this… Read more »

Hi mags,

to quote what I typed:

"IF YOU'RE HONEST about being the rapper/singer…"

I'm highly aware that there are trolls on the Internet and is no exception. As much as I wanted to dismiss the poster as a troll when I first read his comment, I also don't want to jump to conclusions too readily, like so many readers of this site do. *AHEM*

Of course, if someone involved in the industry actually learns more about the going-ons in the industry and would like to gain more information so as to help him with his decisions in the industry & his life, won't you be happy for him too?

I want the truth,

you serious? you really think drake is gonna come on this site and admit what that poser just admitted. damn, now i'm wondering who the troll is..

Your site's getting really popular, VC. Already I meet random people that read here, and now it looks like famous rappers are throwing in their two cents. Alexa's site says this site is about 7,000th in the country. Last time I checked, anyway.

Mirror cells can be involved in autism:
""It's also suspected that dysfunction of these mirror cells might be involved in disorders such as autism, where the clinical signs can include difficulties with verbal and nonverbal communication, imitation and having empathy for others," Mukamel said."

Line up the lawyers!

I don't believe this device is totally harmless at all.
This device is an abuse of techniques originally developed to help people with stuttering (stammering) problems!

Somewhere in the above article are the keywords we can cross-reference to probably find clues that it may harm populations with neurological problems, including people with Alzheimers, seizure disorders, and autism-spectrum disorders (especially in a time when many brains will already be damaged by Fukushima fallout consumed in food). The device affects central nervous system processes involving "mirror neurons", "frequency shifted feedback", and Broca's area (for speech) in the brain. The sensorimotor cortex is probably involved.

Anything can have side effects. Proponents of taser-type devices in the U.S. claim the things don't hurt people, too, don't they? Tell that to the families of people killed by tasers.

Another article on stutter-assistance devices:

Here is some proof, from 1979, no less.… "Standardized stress in healthy volunteers induced by delayed auditory feedback (DAF) Using delayed auditory feedback (delay 0.175 s) a standardized form of mental stress was investigated in 8 healthy male volunteers. After a resting period and a period of undelayed reading, the volunteers were exposed for 5 min to the DAF stress. During the DAF period heart rate increased by 10% and systolic and diastolic blood pressure increased by 9% and 18%, respectively. As a measure of acute sympathetic activation, plasma concentrations of norepinephrine and epinephrine rose by 68% and 49%, respectively. The activity od dopamine-beta-hydroxylase in plasma was increased by 25%. From these results it can be concluded that the DAF procedure provides a suitable method for inducing a standardized mental stress in normal subjects, which can be measured as changes in biochemical and cardiovascular variables. " I believe you… Read more »

Wrong link above. Correct link for stress from DAF is:

Very convenient this device comes out after people start protesting nuclear energy in Japan! This is horrifyng.

It's not enough for agents to get paid to delete any negative (aka true) online talk about TEPCO and radiation in Japan, but now they have the SpeechJammer to make sure human speech is silenced, too.

We know exactly what's going on, and why. The timing speaks volumes.

On with the genocide, I guess.

When I first read about this weapon, I did not see the "funny" side at all. Instantly it came to my mind how those in power will shut the mouths of people who would tell the truth. I rather bear people talking silliness or interrupting me than stopping them from free speech! People have the right to talk, even if it is stupidity. But anyway, not those will be "speechjammed" that talk stupidity but mostly those that would tell the truth.

I have serious doubt from that video that this is real.

video looks fake-y, but it’s still scary they have this technology now.

Tell me, Mr. Anderson… what good is a phone call… if you're unable to speak?

This is the first thing I thought of.

Nice! Most excellent connection!

Nice point! Matrix says all!

A speech-jamming gun. I fail to see the point in that.

Governments already have something to do just that, it's called a firearm and it's loaded with bullets.

Does this mean we can silence the Illuminati? Not only that, can we also silence our politicians as well when they make those off-putting speeches?

Hey people….I think the way they explain how it works….could actually work!!! I’ve experienced talking on the phone & my voice echoing back at me after a short period and I stopped speaking over and over…..until I took away the hearing end of the phone every time I started talking. But it was driving me crasy! I’m freaked out by this! Thanks VC! Keep up the good work! 🙂

This is real. It just happened to me on my celphone. I kept hearing myself talk at the same time (feedback), and I kept trying to listen to what I was saying. It did not make me speak in gibberish (ie Judge Judy), just interrupted my thought flow and I kept pausing. See Muffin's response #30. Solutions: — Ear plugs — Move out of range of gun (they will probably make the "gun" bigger, say, in the form of speaker equipment), — Be hearing impaired Also be aware, when "they" release this stuff to the public MSM, they are already years in development beyond what they allow us to see…. Think of all the movies you have seen where the plotlines or objects have become reality…. Take a look at the movie "Minority Report" with Tom Cruise (2002) then check out these headlines/videos:… see video:… see video:…… Read more »

This with other developments would make a prison even more oppressive. Use the developed microwave skin heating gun to torture assemblies of people and use this to silence any communal vocal dissent…

FEMA camps looking even more fun.

They WILL have us toilet trained. At least the useful ones not culled.

You want to resist do it now.

I feel genuinely conflicted about this. On one hand, people already don't listen to you if they can, and on the other there are too many obnoxious asshats who need to be shut up. At same time, this technology is obviously evil and I can't abide giving anyone that much power. I'm interested to see how this turns out. If anything, it'll just up the prison population with disgruntled people who punched out abusers of this technology. Or worse, the police will get their hands on it and add it to their array of misery weapons. Good thing we have supernatural control of reality from a metaphysical perspective. Otherwise, I'd feel equally powerless and depressed about this.

LMAO, that big ass gun!! xD I'd like to see someone be low key with that sucker`

I'm sure it will be shrunken in time, like computer chips have done.

Thats Crazy!! D:

If this is real, we're screwed. If this is not real, we know they're trying to mess with free speech for sure, and will likely find something that works given enough time. Take it seriously either way.

Now, if this could be used to render Lady Gaga "Speechless", and her many other pop MK clones, then I might consider this a worthwhile investment. 🙂 All kidding aside, though, this is only the beginning of the "mainstreaming" of many technological devices invented by the military under DARPA, that can radically affect and control numerous human systems including the ability to disrupt and disable speech, eyesight, hearing, coherent thought processes…even deliberate jolts of ELF (think Tesla) scalar waves which can induce spontaneous vomiting, bowel "evacuation", urination, and you get the idea. Many of these things have existed since the early 1970s, but have surely been refined and gone through mass testing to improve their capabilities and to make them "safer". And not at all off the subject, it is entirely possible that Andrew Brietbart may well have been one more victim of such technology, Twhich can electronically induce cardiac… Read more »

No really, who comes up with these deranged ideas?

Applications like this will always be put to more sinister uses by like minded people (governments for instance), luckily there is always some clever dick who will come up with a tool to render this thing useless if need be.

Like an anti-gadget gadget or something.

A kid gets thrown out of school because he is playing with a plastic toy gun in a school in the US…

… But it's okey to use a gun/wepaon to silence other people on public places like the library etc?

However if they let such a thing be allowed to the masses just think what they haven't told us yet? I mean they probably have devices that can shut a person 100% off… oh yeah… MK ultra slaves…

I'm waiting for the day when they're going to invent a remote control for brain, so they can order you what to say, when to sleep, when to pee, what to eat, etc…. It's seems that humanity is more and more forgotten and we are forced to act blindly like robots. Transhuman agenda is going fast I guess…