Renowned Doctor Speaks on the Dumbing Down Effects of Fluoride


In the article entitled Dumbing Down Society Pt I: Foods, Beverages and Meds, I wrote that fluoride was a toxic chemical that caused the deterioration of cognitive functions when ingested. In other words, swallowing fluoride makes you dumber. Despite the fact that some communities have recently managed to gather enough support to get their cities to stop water fluoridation (see Pinellas County in Florida), millions of people are still unaware of the dangers of fluoride and still consume great amounts of it.

In this video, a dentist describes the brain numbing effects of fluoride when consumed in unhealthy doses.

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94 Comments on "Renowned Doctor Speaks on the Dumbing Down Effects of Fluoride"

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i've shown this video to my sceptical class mates at the university and although this man gives many pieces of evidence about this issue which clearly show the mainstream cover up, those people still say that this is a "conspiracy theory"!!! yeah, and obama received his nobel piece prize for his great deeds towards maintaining global piece by bombing everyone who disobeys TPTB…

try tom's all natural strawberry works great with no floride and smells and taste good too

Baking Soda

I use Toms Products for my tooth paste…and use Toms under arm deodorent. It is sodium and fluoride free. Great essentials for healthy living. If you dont know sodium is why men and woman can get breast cancer. source

I meant aluminum as well

I make my own: 2 parts (teaspoons) bicarb soda 1 part (teaspoon) salt, 10 drops pure peppermint oil. Store in a reusalbe plastic/glass/wooden pot w/lid. NOT METAL.

Make small doses to keep it fresh. It cleans, polishes and is also anti-bacterial. When I brush with regualr toothpaste w/flouride my teeth feel scummy by 3pm. When I use my DIY powder, my teeth stay cleaner till roughly 8/9pm.

By making your own, you helping yourself and the enviroment and saving cash too.

You expect people to take you seriously when you can't even spell properly?

@gco whatever, the man/woman has a point… pls focus next time when you want to diss someone…

Even though I'm not a native English speaker, I know how to pronounce the word "peace", I also know what piece means. But, I know what he meant and he's 100% right in what he's saying. I'm just wondering what kind of University he's going too :-). But seriously, could have been just a mistake, doesn't mean we're dealing with an idiot here.

The fact that you isolated that one word indicates that you, GCO cannot be taken seriously.

Some of the greatest minds have dealt with learning "difficulties" and I expect you to comment on that, but nethertheless it appears that your mind has yet to grow out of the anal phase.

Hear hear Artas lol. Obama is coming to a shore near you!!

dont blame your friends the fluoride got to their brains

the video is very obvious and the doctors makes a very clear argument obviously the harms outweighs the very small benefit by much more and the increasing percentage of mental retardation is a fact

plus it should be by choice its not so important and without side effects that it should be put in our drinking water

Try the siwak. Not sure how readily available it is worldwide but here it's everywhere. Siwak is a tree that has great medicinal qualities for the teeth. You cut a branch of it and scrub your teeth with its raw end.

It has been popularized in Islamic tradition.

Im sure they are saying it's a conspiracy theory since they have not done enough research on the subject. in general people are always ready to defend the government or cause its seems impossible. this is the problem with our society and the whole world. More ppl need to wake up and stop being brainwashed. IMO there are enough studies to proof that fluoride is indd toxic and should NOT be added to water or tooth paste.

It's one thing to hear rumors about it, but when an expert like this says the exact same thing, it pays to listen. If he doesn't know what he's saying, then few others likely will.