Renowned Doctor Speaks on the Dumbing Down Effects of Fluoride


In the article entitled Dumbing Down Society Pt I: Foods, Beverages and Meds, I wrote that fluoride was a toxic chemical that caused the deterioration of cognitive functions when ingested. In other words, swallowing fluoride makes you dumber. Despite the fact that some communities have recently managed to gather enough support to get their cities to stop water fluoridation (see Pinellas County in Florida), millions of people are still unaware of the dangers of fluoride and still consume great amounts of it.

In this video, a dentist describes the brain numbing effects of fluoride when consumed in unhealthy doses.


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i've shown this video to my sceptical class mates at the university and although this man gives many pieces of evidence about this issue which clearly show the mainstream cover up, those people still say that this is a "conspiracy theory"!!! yeah, and obama received his nobel piece prize for his great deeds towards maintaining global piece by bombing everyone who disobeys TPTB…

Im sure they are saying it's a conspiracy theory since they have not done enough research on the subject. in general people are always ready to defend the government or cause its seems impossible. this is the problem with our society and the whole world. More ppl need to wake up and stop being brainwashed. IMO there are enough studies to proof that fluoride is indd toxic and should NOT be added to water or tooth paste.

Try the siwak. Not sure how readily available it is worldwide but here it's everywhere. Siwak is a tree that has great medicinal qualities for the teeth. You cut a branch of it and scrub your teeth with its raw end.

It has been popularized in Islamic tradition.

dont blame your friends the fluoride got to their brains

the video is very obvious and the doctors makes a very clear argument obviously the harms outweighs the very small benefit by much more and the increasing percentage of mental retardation is a fact

plus it should be by choice its not so important and without side effects that it should be put in our drinking water

Hear hear Artas lol. Obama is coming to a shore near you!!

You expect people to take you seriously when you can't even spell properly?

The fact that you isolated that one word indicates that you, GCO cannot be taken seriously.

Some of the greatest minds have dealt with learning "difficulties" and I expect you to comment on that, but nethertheless it appears that your mind has yet to grow out of the anal phase.

Even though I'm not a native English speaker, I know how to pronounce the word "peace", I also know what piece means. But, I know what he meant and he's 100% right in what he's saying. I'm just wondering what kind of University he's going too :-). But seriously, could have been just a mistake, doesn't mean we're dealing with an idiot here.

@gco whatever, the man/woman has a point… pls focus next time when you want to diss someone…

try tom's all natural strawberry works great with no floride and smells and taste good too

I make my own: 2 parts (teaspoons) bicarb soda 1 part (teaspoon) salt, 10 drops pure peppermint oil. Store in a reusalbe plastic/glass/wooden pot w/lid. NOT METAL.

Make small doses to keep it fresh. It cleans, polishes and is also anti-bacterial. When I brush with regualr toothpaste w/flouride my teeth feel scummy by 3pm. When I use my DIY powder, my teeth stay cleaner till roughly 8/9pm.

By making your own, you helping yourself and the enviroment and saving cash too.

I meant aluminum as well

I use Toms Products for my tooth paste…and use Toms under arm deodorent. It is sodium and fluoride free. Great essentials for healthy living. If you dont know sodium is why men and woman can get breast cancer. source

Baking Soda

It's one thing to hear rumors about it, but when an expert like this says the exact same thing, it pays to listen. If he doesn't know what he's saying, then few others likely will.

I guess it would be wise to start looking for alternatives to toothpaste then. All those times we swallow toothpaste – accidental or not – can't be good. As they say, it's better to be safe than sorry.

Yeah our dumbass town had a meeting and decided to KEEP fluoride in the drinking water! Will be buying a steam distiller. OOOOHH yeah, almost forgot….all those tomatoes and vegetables you're eating were all grown on human CRAP! I seen 3 TV programs that showed what they did at the sewage plant. After they filter the human feces, they then dry out the "solids" and truck it to the farmers as "ORGANIC" fertilizer! Our local tomatoes at the store look like hell, all black spots and rotting from the inside out…scary stuff folks! Now realize that everyone (except me) is taking useless prescription medicine (slow poison-really) that your brainwashed doctor prescribed…'er pushed on you. Well…all those meds get pissed out of your body and into the lakes and get back into your drinking water! So now, along with fluoride you're also drinking all the medication that your neighbors are taking… Read more »

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap, the peppermint kind, at Fred Meyer and health-food stores.

It tastes just like peppermint & has a million other uses. Add baking soda & hydrogen peroxide if desired. BE GENTLE when using baking soda.

By the way, Fluoride gives you arterial plaque too, and it calcifies your pineal gland to the point that you eventually lose all connection to your higher nature.

i wonder if the fluoride on the water is only on the u.s. or is it worldwide, anyone knows anything about this? I live in México and over here we do NOT drink water from the tab because it is not purified, we only drink bottled or from the large purified bottles, so i am curious to know if this applies to other countries

I believe there are countries that fluoridate any potable water–the more developed countries most likely. Not too sure which are the ones though.

Anyway, for those of you who are interested, the WHO (World Health Organisation) has a document on Fluoride in drinking water. Here's the link:

I did remember a few years back that WHO promoted countries putting fluoride in the potable water that gets piped to homes and offices, though…

Victoria Rose that's splendid. I like original individuals like you, not the copycat types if you get my drift. Surely you're not a dummy that needs a ventriloquist to function.

I personally drink rain water. Give it a go, you might like it.

Check this out:

Vitamin D Better than Fluoride at Cavity Prevention. Article at

Earth is our home. Everything we need to not just survive but Thrive is here. There is no reason to allow these sickos to continue their crimes against humanity.

Stay away from domestic wine and beer, sports drinks, soda pop, toothpastes, mouthwashes, bottled water (usually not from a natural spring). Unfortunately the list is endless but we can do something. Install a Reverse Osmosis system (Apec water filters start at $300)

The good news is some parts of the country are banning water fluoridation like Pinellas county, FL. More at

I haven't used toothpaste or mouthwash for years… I brush my teeth with a toothbrush and rinse with water. That's all. I use dental floss (there's a lot of things you could use as dental floss btw…) My teeth and gums are perfectly healthy. Off course they're problably healthier than when I used to use toothpaste. My breath doesn't smell neither. In fact, when I used to use toothpaste and mouthwash before going to bed, my breath would stink in the morning, and my mouth would be dry, everytime. →Preventing tooth decay (cause by bacteria) is as simple as making sure there's no food left in your mouth for bacteria to feed on so they can mutiply and cause damage. Solve the problem at its source. You don't need to kill them (that's what toothpaste and mouthwash do). ← Nobody needs any toothpaste, homemade or not, or any mouthwash. JUST… Read more »

Auromere's cardamom/fennel is to die for! It contains neem & peelu which prevents bleeding gums. Zero fluoride.

would you please talk about the secret circle and vampire diaries? its all evil,sexual,ritual and satanisme!

After I read VC's previous article on Fluoride, I immediately did my own research and was convinced to change my toothpaste. I was adamant that all the fluoride-base toothpaste should not be used at home anymore. At first my father thought I was in my 'teen moods' and wanting to make my own identity or such stuff, but my mother, who took up Nursing, understood me when I mentioned fluorosis and defended me. It has been a year (more or less) since I changed my toothpaste and even my sister admitted she feels different. We both feel our minds are much more lighter, quicker, and my memories have improved. As my sister said, 'I feel less dumb'. Whenever I stay at a friend's or cousin's house where their toothpaste is of fluoride, and did not bring mine, I felt weird using theirs. It's as if my body is rebelling or… Read more »
Do you also have a reverse Osmosis filter to remove flouride from your water? I ask because if you are seeing a change just from toothpaste alone then this show how much removing even a small amount can make a difference. I find this very fascinating. I want my level of thinking to return to what it was. As 'awakened' as I may be, my mind just isn't what it was. I used to have an almost perfect photographic memory, I could get 90's on tests without hardly trying, I had so much energy, never needed naps or took caffeine. Now I feel brain dead a lot of the time, I have the worst mood swings, I feel disconnected and out of it a lot of the time. I will be at work, I receive instructions and I give the dumbest answers. It takes me a few seconds to process… Read more »
Oh believe me, I am finally out of that relationship, and I am trying to get my life back to what it was. Getting back to a healthy emotional and mental state of being is the most difficult part. I was ingesting a big amount of MSG's in my food because of the unhealthy eating habits that I developed during that time. I now try to eat organic. I also used to drink a lot of tap water but now I drink water filtered from my refrigerator, though I don't know how much good it does since I have read only reverse osmosis filters fully remove fluoride. I have switched to buying loose organic green tea also. The tea bought from the grocery stores contain large amounts of fluoride in the tea bags. Don't feel bad. I have also begun to re-learn my basic times tables because even multiplying smaller… Read more »
Do you know about Digital Prayer Technology? Nothing to do with praying. It's a music developed by scientists to help develop your brains and stuff. I am listening to that for some time and it does improve things, especially controlling my temper. Do check it out. And perhaps you should get out of the abusive relationship. I'm in my early 20s too. Heck, I'm still a uni student. Dependence on technology has numbed my brains. I used to be able to memorize pages upon pages in under 10 minutes yet now I can hardly memorize a page without reading it over and over and over again for who knows how long. Few days back, I forgot to bring my calculator and I had a hard time calculating simple stuff like 27,000 X 1.20. During high school, I aced calculus. Now, I can't even do a simple multiplication. It's scary. I… Read more »

Nope, we are not using reverse osmosis. In Malaysia here, specifically Sarawak, the water is not flooded with fluoride. However, if i'm not mistaken, the government mixed the water with chlorine. And around the time I changed my toothpaste, I switched from boiling water to mineral water. Less hassle, and taste nicer. Maybe that's another factor of my 'awakening'. 🙂


OhKathy, could you please put a link to this product?

Maua – it's just good old fashioned borax that you find in the laundry detergent section of the grocery store. I started out with the "20 mules" brand, then I found "Eco Pioneer" pure borax. Here in Canada it can be ordered on It seems crazy at first, but the more I researched it the more I realized that it is a natural substance and used over a short period in very small amounts it isn't harmful. There is a lot of dis-info online so you have to be discerning, but if the powers that were are trying so hard to demonize borax, we must be onto something good! There is also homeopathic borax, again here in Canada we have the Boiron brand of homeopathic pellets. This might be a better route for anyone freaked out about using laundry detergent! But I used regular borax on myself and then… Read more »

Well it's mainly just America and a FEW other countries that has to worry, even Canada doesn't use as much fluoride in their water.

When I was in elementary school in the 80s, the school nurse would deliver little cups of Flouride to our class I think once a week, and they forced us to swish with flouride. I now teach at an elementary school, and that would be unheard of…I'm not sure why they made us do that. Looking back, how weird!!!! They had a nasty orange and a nasty green…couldn't stand it!

And we were hardly vaccinated back then.

Does anyone know if Ozarka water contains fluoride?

I wanted to add that Trader Joes also makes flouride free toothpaste as well as Dessert Essence.

"Oil Pulling" is an age old, eastern world, way of cleaning the teeth by using an oil like coconut oil or safflower, really any, to pull bacteria and viruses from the pores of the teeth and gums. Fascinating. Also, only water treated by reverse osmosis, pulls the fluoride out. I remember getting little cups of fluoride to rinse with in school, maybe a few times a year. I would love to know what cities and or states in the US are not fluoridated. Regarding a comment above about the govt running these popular websites – they may not run these sites, but they love them, and the elite needs the internet more than we do, because it gives them a constant consensus of what we think and believe. They need us and, fear us, more than we do them. Hence, the fluoride factor.

I brush my teeth with soap and use hydrogen peroxide as mouth wash, haven't used regular toothpaste since 2006. I drink bottled water that contains 0.80 flouride, is that ok? I've been wanting to get a filter for some time now, I'm just not sure which one I should get.

Apec Reverse Osmosis systems start at $300.

Thank you! I will look it up

Oh, my….! Tarzan?

Why would you say that? It cleans just as well if not better. I used to suffer from bad breath, loose teeth, and occasional bleeding gums before I stopped using toothpaste and 'anti-bacterial' mouthwash, and I was Obsessed with flossing and brushing my teeth between classes and after eating. My teeth are now super healthy and bright!

"Sodium fluoride is entirely different from organic calcium-fluoro-phosphate needed by our bodies and provided by nature, in God`s great providence and love, to build and

strengthen our bones and our teeth."

Best sentence, ever.