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Regular FOX Contributor Charles Payne “This Is About A One World Government” (video)



In a typical FOX News shouting “debate” (I use this term loosely), the viewers (who watches this?) got treated to some truth regarding Libya.


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Trust me, unless more willing (good) politicians, step in to correct our mistakes, especially with whats going on in Libya, we are either doomed or on the fast track to the Second Coming.

I cannot directly say, but an order was made to deliver cupcakes, from my place of occupation.

If the remaining plans of "intervention" do not secede, with more peaceful talks or complete US retraction, Libya will be bombed, and it will escalate to an invasion causing further economic downturn for our country and the ultimate action will be seen…. a Global War.


haha. after hearing ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT he immediately digressed


Why don't we know what's really going on over there. There are civilians being bombed I'm sure yet there is no footage but that of bombed ruins. No before and after footage so we are in the dark.


Let's not forget what it costs the U.S. to fight to wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. And now Libya? I'm all for humanitarian aid, but, as others have stated, we have many problems in our country. End these wars and our deficit spending ends.

eternally full of lo

Josh Reeves: The Global Reality


"Were the best Country, we know what we want." You f-----g c--t. Power hungry & blood thirsty.


Yep, Chalres is absolutely correct; the truth's there for everyone to see!


Seems to me like this guy isn't sure what he's saying. On one hand he says something like "Obama wants us to lead a utopia!" then he says "They're lying because they don't care about humanitarianism in places like Bahrain and Yemen". Seems to negate each other. The rest is about how money is more important than people's lives. I don't know exactly what the US's intentions are because to say it's humanitarian is bull. And why exactly did we wait until the spring equinox to act again? The US always turn a blind eye to injustice and suffering in the world when it's inconvenient for them and our CEOs and politicians have sold their souls to horrible people for wealth – speaking figuratively here, example: China, someone should inform that blonde woman. Those other places need help, too, the UN, if it were effective would do something. No doubt we'll probably have our corruption in Libya like other countries we get involved with but Mohmar, Saif and the rest of them would do terrible things to the people of Libya if the rebels and the forces fighting with them gave up now. And after how all the politicians seemingly… Read more »


Im starting to think that World War III had started in the Middle East….

1st unrest in Egypt then Libya & now Turkey….

Too many earthquakes are happening around the world too….

New Zealand then Japan then Myanmar…

GosH!!!…2012 is just nxt year…& all this much tragedies….


there is going to be a one world govt someday and someone with the last name rothschild is going to be the "global president"

wouldnt you do the same thing if you owned most every country through its debt?


No I wouldn't.


Controlling a world is not part of natural human nature. We are all manipulated by this materialistic madness they created.


Be president? With that much power?

Heck, no; flunkees would give you what you wanted faster than you could take it, even with popular support.


i love how he just starts busting out laughing when that guy is trying to convince viewers that its purely humanitarian




"france gets their oil from there, but we have no interest there"….oh, so you mean you don't care about the "humanitarian issue"… they are not even pretending to go along anymore, this is ridiculous, I hate how no one cares… I'm even sure the $55 million is just a safe number and it's probably way more than that…meanwhile people in the US are still in their tent cities unable to find a place to live, more and more people rely on food stamps, they have shitty health care and no pensions left… but $55 million to fund a "rebel group"…that's ok…..has anyone even met these "rebel" groups, who the hell are they? How do we know they can be trusted with ammo???? Are you kidding? …they fund these mother f-----s (excuse my language kids) then take away our rights to protect us from them… man, I just can't stop imagining what a beautiful, wonderful world we live in…but we can't enjoy it, because of a bunch of demented people that are f-----g it up for the entire human race…


Yep. These same evil beings have been doing so since man was created.


I think the whole point should be why are they there in the first place, why is America /really/ there? I live in the U.K and the news is making me sick to the stomach, it's so full of it. They keeps going on and on about how 217846812 people have died today under the reign of Gaddafi who still refuses to blah blah blah. How did these people die? Are you telling me the rebels did by accident or what? It's really pushed aside now, they never mention if any of their bombs have killed civilians and the whole mention of Libya in the news is like…an after thought. I don't know anything whatsoever about politics but I don't care if /my/ taxes are going up and or if there is less jobs because the government in the U.K keeps funding random wars or whatever. The whole point is they're out there killing people with a straight face, people (idc if they're not from my county) are getting killed .

I wish we could do more though, all this financial crises is going to affect my Uni choices, if I even go now.


And the truth shall set you free…


Check out this logo for the Denver Council on Foreign Relations


That's just disgusting. So blatant.


lol theyre on G-----d street, it says at the bottom of the site..


What's worse is that whenever he mentions a OWG, they look at him like he's an alien when they know exactly what he's talking about. Hypocrites.

Thanks VC.

God bless u all.


Murdoch is the owner of fox isn't he. The mouthpiece of illuminati. On to the next one. Wait for some more wars in Syria and Iran next. They have started something and they are determined to finish it off. Oh boy and they live very long lives despite the drug abuse.

4 Jesus

Did u hear that? He spoke the truth raw and uncut. Did u see how upset the other gentlemen got when he mentioned "One World Gov't"? No secret who he's working for.. The elite would rather hidden messages and symbolism til the end (cowards), instead of the truth, but you know what the bible says, 1 Cor. 4:5 "Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts: and then shall every man have praise of God." The end.




From the video @ 2:22:

Adam: "…and nobody's TALKING about a world government here Charles but you…" (Transamerican Pyramid over right shoulder)

Symbols speak louder than words!


Very good observation. This is the point we are all trying to make.

Pay attention. The disagreeing party words could never be as "loud" as his backdrop…

Took seven comments to notice though. But eh thats still outstanding!


He almost had it right. But saying that a war with Iran or any other countries would made more sense just ruined it…

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