Ray Kurzweil Promotes Transhumanism on CNN (video)


The media push for transhumanism continues. After movies, music videos and video games and magazines, the message is now communicated in news networks.

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86 Comments on "Ray Kurzweil Promotes Transhumanism on CNN (video)"

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Merging with a machine, becoming immortal. Sounds very interesting. What if we could be immortal without machines?

NukeXtreme says:

"I have an lQ of a retarded dog coz i kant sp3ll or tok like nurmel ppl

Okay I'm going to play devils advocate here because so far almost every person on here has simply condemmed science and transhumnism without any real reason other than that they believe that it's wrong so therefore it must be. Now I realise that it's strange and a little intimidating and insulting to be told that in 40 years technology will have fully outstripped human biology and quit honestly I think Kurzweil is wrong, the human body is a marvel of biology and the human brain still lies well outside the understanding of modern science, but at its core Transhumanism looks only for the best in mankind. The central belief of any transhumnist is that human ingeunity and technological progress will solve the problems that face us. The advancement of tehnology is something every person who has commented here has benifited from, medicine, agriculture, architecture, literature, man has pulled himself from… Read more »

What a joke. Tech only moves forward where when there is some one willing to buy it. This guy is a hack and he will be forgotten in history. HUMANS and tech will NEVER work together. NEVER.

Tech is only a supplement and biology has a lovely habit of attacking and expelling foreign objects. This man is part of a dream of the elite to create an army of slaves that do not need to eat drink sleep or get paid any $. He will fail just like the elite.

A lot of you need to stop spreading ignorance. First off, just because you took a biology class doesn’t mean you understand what is compatible or not and why with the human body. We have hip replacements that last decades in the body with no rejection problems what so ever and yes we already have computer chips that merge as well [get to that in a second]. And just because you know the brain is complex and you don’t understand it does not mean that others who have devoted their lives to understanding the central nervous system and the architecture of neural networks doesn’t have a good idea of whats going on and how to work on and with it. Don’t be afraid of something because you do not understand it. Go out their and educate yourself. Take perspective from others outside of your comfort zone. But mostly, stop spreading… Read more »
Yall dont get my point, AND anyone opposed to transhumanism is just a big hypocrite and sorry to say imbecile. Okay, you want to ban mechanical body parts? Why not pull out the prosthetic limbs on disabled people or ban the Para-Olympics? Or handle radio-active material with your bare hands instead of using a remote controlled robot. Or next time you in hospital, refuse to be hooked up to life supporting machines Or if you have trouble with seeing and hearing dont use contacts, glasses or hearing aids Or if you have crooked teeth dont use braces. All of you are using at least one of these trans-humanist examples. Why not try scrutinizing something you dont understand instead of running around like headless religious chickens. Things change suckers, humans cant survive without robots, just like we couldn’t survive without using stone tools in the stone age. Its the next step… Read more »

That's different. Transhumanism refers to people being genetically merged with machines, right? Not having prosthetics added so that you can walk properly, because there's no computer in a prosthetic. Or using a robot that isn't attached to you in any way to handle hazardous materials.

I for one will fight tooth and nail to keep from having computers added to me. I'd much rather just get another piercing or something. XD

RAY KURZWEIL has two big rings on his hand during this interview. Can anyone make out if there are any significant symbols on them?

What if we all have this technology in our bodies and someone hacks into your mind? This site talks about mind control, that’s some serious mind control there!

heyy i knw u are at confuse now but first let me say firstly we must all recognize that we are sinners. no one at all was born righteous no one . and this is stated in romans 3: 10.So even though u may not have cheat with your wife it doesnt mean anything cause u are still a sinner. And to prove it is will ask u this question Have u ever lie in our life? Now if u say no thats a lie cause u have to lie when u were once a child too. And have u ever misbehave in school or at home when your elders tell you not to do this? now notice those are all sin. And there is no great sin a sin is a sin to God. Now for the people who are involve in other religion that doesn't worship God. Now… Read more »
I'm not going to sit here and say I want to be a machine, but being the type of person to sit and watch other people, I can safely say that the generation I'm unfortunately a part of is too stupid to be able to do basic math, let alone the type of things some computers can do. Scientists, mechanics, engineers, and the like are the ones creating the robots, so yes, they are about as smart (if not more so) than the robots they make, but the average teen (and a lot of adults) would be severly outmatched by a machine. And as for the religious rants; no one knows 100% what's true, what's misconstrued, and what's been created to control us. There are so many contradicting beliefs, theories, and possibilities that you could debate it your whole life and still never KNOW. And afterall, everything regarding religion has… Read more »

Your cell phone doesn't make you smarter, it's just convenient; if anything it makes you more lazy. And…"We NEED to merge with our machines"…wtf is that s**t? Who let these dimebags on tv?

They say in the clip that technology is moving so fast that in 40 years our intelligence will not be able to keep up with the technology. Correct me if im wrong but is it not our intelligence that is creating this technology. It's as their looking down at the masses telling us to our face that technology (im guessing robots) will be so advanced in 40 years that humans will need to be "upgraded" somehow because there intelligence will not compete. Again if technology is a product of the human brain and our intelligence than how can the created be smarter than the creator unless we are not the creator of this technology. anyways i have never really studied transhumanism and dont know much about it, interesting none the less, thanks for stimulating my mind vc

I saw a music video i think it was Nicki Minaj and it said Technology is the future in japanese and she had these things attached to her head. CREEPY

Here is my take on “transhumanism” crap; subjects like this have to be talked about so that the folks who come up with it can see how we “sheep” might take it. Let us not forget 2 things. One, you did not create yourself nor your dna. Two God is in control of everything. You know I read something that reminded me that God is in control. A satanist said why would I choose God for protection, when the people that really do believe in him worry, fret, run and hide. If their God is so great why do they worry about any thing? I said wow that is so true. We get caught up in our everyday lives and can forget that we have an insurance plan. The best policy in life period! They (non-believers) know this and make a mockery out of the true believers. I’m covered! If… Read more »
this article is about transhumanism and i am not trying to argue religous beliefs but why is it that christians like you that are so sure about jesus need to write full pages self assuring your self about your own beleifs. im so tired of reading these religous rants, its always the same spiel, the "theres only one way to heaven through jesus christ" bullshit. i dont think this is a christian forum board so please save your preaching for the choir. i rarely if ever see a jewish, buddhist, catholic, muslim, protestant, mormon, or any other type of religous person preaching on here, just the christians. i think christians sometimes forget that their religion is faith based like most and talk as if what they are saying are proven facts with no regard or respect to anyone elses beliefs or religion. they preach things like this gentleman above me… Read more »
I know this stuff sounds like crap, but do you remember the sheep that they were able to successfully clone. They are putting tons of money into the research of genes and DNA. Just that cloned sheep alone is an abomination to him. And when you say God has control of everything, that's not entirely accurate. He also allows his children to have free will. That's a big part of why bad things happen in the world today. Otherwise, he would stop genocide, poverty, and other injustices. And he does have things predetermined, but he won't stop all the evils of the world from happening. I agree with the all the things you said about Jesus, but let's not forget that when endtimes come, there will be period of suffering before the Church goes to heaven. So we just need to keep praying, and if we are around for the… Read more »
I'm not saying I have a "gift" per se of future happenings…but I have had a few strange occurrences in my life (which I know happens to many of us) that forced me to wake up. And they were so odd and disturbing that I cannot turn my back to them. And one involved this guy, Kurzweil, who seems to keep popping up in the news lately. Let's just say something weird happened to me, a feeling, and a knowing that made my blood run so cold as to keep me up all night…and this happened years ago. I became aware, of the absolute danger this man propagates. I don't mean to blame him for everything…he's just another blind soul. But what he hopes to unleash on the world is a horrible, horrible thing. He's simply unaware. But one thing he's right about…change is already happening. Don't you all feel… Read more »

People becoming Cyborgs… that's considered normal?? You talk about powerful people influencing government policy and you're looked at like a crazy person… yea… cause humans becoming cyborgs are way more plausible. SMH

This is not Ghost In the Shell so, no thank you sir.

And the thing about is not everyone will be cyborg, only those who can afford it, prompting them to have to create a whole new pyramid scheme, with upgrades and all.

If they make me a cyborg, life won't be worth exsisting in.. All they want is cyborgs, because they are easier to control.

These things are not human and they need to be stopped.

I was flying on US airways the other day. The internatioanl inflight magazine had an intersting article with transhumanism theme. It was about an individual who had cochlear implants that were basically microcomputers to resonate the pulses to his brain to be interpretated as sound. He had no hairs left in his ears due to a disease in early adulthood. Where the article gets interesting is he desires to have further implants into his head like a black berry. To have the abillity to check facebook and see what his friends are doing withoug ever having to touch a computer. Just send messages with his thoughts and impulses and for others to see what he is experiencing as well. The author further states that the future of the information age is to combine technology with our brains together. He stated he was a big proponent of such technologies ever since… Read more »

‎"Genes are out of date, we need to update them" Ray Kurzweil. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a more ridiculous statement. LMAO!!! Didn’t these outdated genes develop technology?

He is retarted… Every biological and molecular scientist, and computer scientist still believes that biological computers and the biological human body, is still the best machine ever.

They only want cybernetic parts and robots so they can have control on how to produce and create them, and thus become gods.

It is one big god complex for these folks.

Check out the "one eyed" image used to promote the new movie called "The Singularity is Near" in which Ray Kurzweil describes the trans-human future:

Anyone who believes in a "singularity" obviously doesn't understand or is afraid of chaos theory.

Life performs better in chaos then in "illusionary order".

Freemasons are very interested in the chaos theory too..

I feel like the quality of these comments has diminished a little..

@Georges why did you group radical feminists and homosexuals in with transhumanists, freemasons, luciferians, magii, corporate elitists, terrorist muslims? I am wondering purely out of curiosity since I consider homosexuals and feminists to have much more of a positive nature than the latter mentioned.

Yes i want to know that too…

Neither homosexuals nor feminists are the enemy here… nor are they an abomination to religion or society as we are mislead to believe.

The way these groups have been 'marketed' and 'controlled' to society has turned them into a joke and a blind weapon of the NWO order.

Please deal with the real enemies here… the bloggers here at least deserve that much respect.

My fav. was the clip of Ray Kurzweil's headstone "1948-Never". Sorry, but "it is appointed for every man to die once" (Hebrews 9:27).

Our "genes our outdated" comes from evolutionary philosophy. I can't help but wonder if the director changed his name to "Ptolemy"? "Transcendent Man" = alchemy = occult = Freemasonry. I just want to slap the arrogance out of him (not that that is a Christian thing to do)!

Some awesome movies/books that speak AGAINST this kind of garbage include "Surrogates" (w/ Bruce Willis), CS Lewis's sci-fi trilogy; "Out of the Silent Planet", "Perelandra", and "That Hideous Strength".

Lest we forget, this is the guy whose main hope in life is to clone his father and have him back. Never mind that cloning inevitably gives bad copies that don't turn out like the original, nor last anywhere as long (Dolly lived out half the normal sheep's lifespan, most clones who survive don't make it nearly that long).

Methinks Kurzweil lost his mind years ago.

"As they (Technology) become more powerful, if we don't become apart of them they would become so powerful they would live their own lives!" – Barry Ptolemy

Does this remind you of something??? Terminator? SKYNET???

Maybe Eagle Eye???

Where is Linda Hamilton when you need her? LOL

"As they become more powerful, if we don't become a part of them, they will become so powerful that they would live their own lives. We need to merge with our machines."

Ohh, ok. If you say so. Who are you again?! You deuchebag.

God will completely destroy this sick world before these demented people can fully implement this.

I just threw up in my mouth a little. This is disgusting.

These men aretalking about computers and machines as though they are referring to humans. He said, "they are becoming so powerful that we have to become a part of them in order to keep up'.

We humans are superior to machines. Humans created the machines. So, if as he suggested, we have to become a part of them to keep up, then someone has to play a deliberate hand in that process!! The question then to ask ourself is; what are their objectives?

Can they succeed? Maybe. Matter of fact, in order to determine if they were successful they would have had to test their inventions on live subjects.

Please, check to see if you have relatives who have gone missing over the years!!!!!!

I noticed that also. I wonder how many ppl will fall for this crap

Pretty sure computers crash, will there be an IT department for my robotic blood cells?? Nevermind, I will opt-out of the nano-robot blood, thanks.

as a philologist i have no idea what you're talking about

sometimes man really makes me sick they are to smart for there on good but sorry buddy god is not going to let this happen what yall fell to relize is yall only have so much power and this my friend will never happen so try again

"What is the task of all higher education?" To turn men into machines.

"What are the means?" Man must learn to be bored.

"How is that accomplished?" By means of the concept of duty.

"Who serves as the model?" The philologist: he teaches grinding.

"Who is the perfect man?" The civil servant.

"Which philosophy offers the highest formula for the civil servant?" Kant's: the civil servant as a thing-in-itself raised up to be judge over the civil servant as phenomenon.

Friedrich Nietzsche out look on education? I'm a little confused as to where this German philosopher stands on many subjects since I have recently discovered his work. Someone help me out. Could his quotes be some what prophetic? Could it allude to his philosophy of the Superman??

Deus ex


¡Has anyone seen the illuminator commercial with beyonce, very illuminating. That b***h. Oh well all of this is a taste of things to come, an just remember that false propaganda an mind control is mass medias' business.

the clip is from movie directed by a "barry ptolemy" – ptolemy is the name of a roman astronomer from shortly after the time of jesus – the roots of lots of these masonic trends seem to be roman. just curious in the way that jordan maxwell's name curiously alludes to ideological affinities.

ughh i love how they are "predicting within 20 years".. u mean PLANNING within 20 years to try to kill the human soul?!!!

feel bad for anyone who thinks this is a good idea, even these super-intelligent scientists authors whatever they are, i feel bad for you, have no idea what you are getting yourself into, you really want to abolish our souls our unique identities with this technologic bullshit, technology wont last forever but your soul will!!!

as a young person i refuse to have kids even though its always been a dream, its scary to see what could happen im sorry i couldnt bring a child into this crazy world!

don't worry bro, the soul/spirit is transcendental in nature, they can't reach it thru their materialistic manners, they can't experiment on it, they can't take a biopsy or a sample from it. They are way way way too illusional.

So calm down and close your eyes in peace bro.

Peace/love and light.

we need more kids from brave souls like you, because we need more soldiers to fight this war.

Deal with the tools you have, let god deal with the west. Don't let fear get to you so much that you don't have kids. That is what these scumbags want.

So twisted. So wrong. And they make it look like it's the next best thing after sliced bread. T_T

They make it sound like becoming a machine is the next best thing, when in reality its just the beginning of being able to control us all! Machines will never function like a proper human without a human in it, or a part of it. No, it isn't the beginning of controlling us all… I think its the end. By the time all this comes up we will be so desensitized and dumb that people will be jumping to be the first one. We are the product they trained us to be.

And here's the thing: do you think they'd build in a way to "reboot" us if they want to? The Lord is incredibly, incredibly generous and loving to offer nitwits like us the Gift that He has. Thanks be to God that some of us have the ability to see through idiotic, ill-conceived plans like this.

totally agreed!

weird how they are just sitting there discussing this as if they are talking about the new apple iphone or something…. they are talking about turning people into MACHINES!!! easy for this dude he'll probably be dead by then so what does he care? they are disturbing the order of nature and the way Our Heavenly father designed us to be. I dont want to be IMMORTAL. its sick, its disgusting and ive got to get the h*ll outta here!!!!

weird how they are just sitting there discussing this as if they are talking about the new apple iphone or something…. they are talking about turning people into MACHINES!!! easy for this dude he'll probably be dead by then so what does he care? its sick, its disgusting and ive got to get the h*ll outta here!!!!

who the f!@# do this ppl think they are………God made us the way we are …………….jeez cant they be satisfied TRANSHUMANISM MY ARSE!

I know, right? Did you like the part where Kurzweil says that our DNA is out of date and WE (mankind) needs to improve it? Yes, yes…mankind is well known for "improving" things. Like they improved our minds via TV and improved our digestive systems with chemicals and GMO "foods" and improved our teeth with flouride. So let's see, which is better? The Creator's way or mankind's way? Creator…mankind…Creator…mankind. Mmmmm…I think I'm gonna go with the Creator's way, thank you very much Ray Kurzweil! 🙂

I was thinking just that when I saw the video….not only is it perposterous, its also absolutely hilarious that ANYONE would take this man seriously. I don't even fully believe in the Creator and I agree fully with your statement….when it comes down to it, Creator vs Mankind, creator will always win in my mind and heart.

Wow. I can't believe the garbage they want us to take part in. Our world has no idea what's coming. Trust me it's comming soon, I'll be ready. As I hope you will.

The mark of the beast…the real one…the microchip…

Revelation 13:16-18

16And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:

17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

18 Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. (666)

The mark of the beast will not be no computer chip. The mark of the beast will be when the world is united into a one world government and they force religious worship. If you choose to worship on sunday and worship the papal teachings and false prophet you will get then the mark of the beast. Satan isn't going to use some stupid chip, His main objective is to be worshiped and to stop the worship of the true living God. Get that foolishness out of your heads because the end is coming very soon my friends.

Dude, no, no, no… you've got the wrong bad guy! Catholics are as much for Christ as any other christian group, you are being deceived into dividing the flock of followers of Jesus from within if you think the Pope is the false prophet. I don't know what you mean by "papal teachings" but I can assure you they have more in common to those of the denomination you belong to, than those bent in attacking the concepts we share of religion, faith and God, of human dignity and life, of sexuality and family, of freedom, of love, of sacrifice, etc -that are voiced by so many much more likely candidates! Do you really think catholics are worse than radical feminists/homosexuals, transhumanists, freemasons, luciferians, magii, corporate elitists, terrorist muslims, et al??? Not to mention their legions of mindless/faithless followers… Can't you see the works of the enemy pinning brothers against… Read more »

December, 12th 1984, LA Times, Pope John Paul II, said, "Don't go to God for forgiveness of sins, Come to me." (follow that up with reading Mark 2:7)

But i do agree that our fellow men are being quickly manipulated to turn on one another. This is the time we all need to be strong and stand together. Nothing will ever happen in this world without God allowing it to happen. Lucifer, the Anti-Christ, the Beast, the False Prophet. None of the above will ever be able to throw a curve ball at God. He knows their every move before they make it! God bless!!!


Yes you are correct most Catholics truly do want to know God but in the system they are it, it is made impossible. Most Catholics don’t know anything about their Church or even the bible. The bible states 1 Timothy 2:5-6 there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus. Not Mary this is idolatry. We as Christians cant even have a picture of Jesus because its idolatry we believe by faith not by sight. Don’t you remember how the Catholic Church killed millions of Christians, because they didn’t worship the queen of heaven. The bible stated in the book of Jeremiah – chapters 7 and 44? Jeremiah called the Queen of heaven an abomination unto God. And the Vatican is the leader above all those groups you listed. The bible speaks of the beast with 7 horns. (the Vatican sits on 7 hills… Read more »

How did you conclude in the end that Prophet Muhammad is a false prophet??

here goes your fanaticism and I assure you, you're living in the Pariah of hellish mind now. Wish you the best for that, power to you man. And if you think you will survive the turmoils with this mentality, I tell you that you won't. Sorry man.

This is the very hateful mentality that the Creator hates, "it is me only, others perish"…go party with your ego.

Georges.. I agree a lot with the majority of your comment!

But it must be said:

Neither homosexuals nor feminists are the enemy here… nor are they an abomination to religion or society as we are mislead to believe.

The way these groups have been 'marketed' and 'controlled' to society has turned them into a joke and a blind weapon of the NWO order.

Please deal with the real enemies here… the bloggers here at least deserve that much respect.

Agreed. And like Truth says, it's not necessarily the individuals, but rather the ideology what needs to be fought. What I mean to say is that the agenda pushed by the radical feminist and homosexual groups is our real enemy, not the feminist and homosexual persons themselves, which I find deserving of nothing but love and every consideration. And same goes for all the others: hate sin, not the sinner! Truth, my brother, what you say could maybe make sense in the context of an all-christian world only, but you are getting caught-up in comparatively subtle doctrinal differences between our denominations when you fail to contrast catholicism (the real one, not the one you are told about) with the blatant message out there by those who openly speak on behalf of man under the guise of seekers of betterment of humanity, without any margin for possible misinterpretation, how can you… Read more »
Georges i love you, you are my brother in Christ. I will say though please do not get caught up in defending any person whether they be pope or of any denomination (which we should not even have if we just all study the Word). Look into the actions of the system and it's leaders. Observe because we will know them "by their fruits" as Christ says. Look up what the leaders say about the "church being above the bible." Also look into the changes made to the commandments which Daniel prophecies about in saying this "little horn" will think to change times and laws." This bad guy has been fulfilling prophecy since the body of Christ started spreading the Word. From past indulgences to presently starting such practices again, to utterly disregarding the 4th commandment by amending it and changing it to suit SUNday worship; this system has done… Read more »
deceit is far more cunning than a straight out lie…revelation says the dragon gave him his throne, power and great authority..this church calls itself the mother of all churches, this son of perdition sits in the temple of god, on the throne (who do you see on a throne in this system?) and calls himself god (look on youtube you will see people coming to bow before him) and he is indeed called "Holy Father" when Christ definitely has said "And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven." 1Sam2:2 "There is none holy as the LORD: for there is none beside thee: neither is there any rock like our God." How dare this system speak such blasphemies which is no small thing I assure you but it fulfills prophecy rev 13:6 "And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God,… Read more »
study revelation…revelation 16:13-14 speaks of the dragon, the beast, and the false prophet….Satan, Papacy, and Islam….it's a big system my friend…like i said check out Total onslaught the papacy is one of the beasts of revelation…this apostate church has done away with many of the precepts of Christ while still keeping his name. Easter, Christmas, Lent….and many more are all Pagan and belong in no way in Christianity this church has literally baptized paganism it has also changed the LORD's Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday, please check out our church history including the reformation before we are decieved once more during this great deception which will come upon the whole world even more so than what is already here…i love my fellow brothers in Christ, it's the decietful systems i cannot stand for. The papacy is the Great W***e of Revelation…a woman is a church the w***e is a church… Read more »

Easter = Ishtar = Esther/Hester.

And trust me I have Catholic friends and their hearts are for Christ, it is not them it is the system that knows exactly what they are doing when they lead God's people away when as Christ says just like the Pharisees they "teach for doctrine the commandments of men" matthew 15:9

Definitely look at the 10 commandments both the ones from the King James Bible and then that of the Catholic…there you go

Prophecy is beautiful…and that is exactly what the Word says those who will not recieve this mark are those who "Follow the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ" rev 12:17 which is the "Spirit of Prophecy" rev 19:10…it's not a microchip it will be a one government beast worship system so definitely start reading and ask the LORD to send His Holy Spirit to bring interpretation. And follow "Thus says the Lord" and not what man says Jeremiah 17:5 says "cursed is the man that trusts in man" and verse 7 says "blesses is the man whose hope is in the LORD"…read my friends the mark of the beast is in fact Sunday and the worship of the beast who gets his power and authority from the dragon "that serpent of old called the devil and satan" who decieves the whole world….if you want a revelation… Read more »

Revelation 14:9-11

9And the third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, If any man worship the beast and his image, and receive his mark in his forehead, or in his hand,

10The same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture into the cup of his indignation; and he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels, and in the presence of the Lamb:

11And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up for ever and ever: and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast and his image, and whosoever receiveth the mark of his name.

So, if a little child is forced to take the mark, God will punish the child by burning it for ever and ever? And what about people who follow a different religion, just because they were born in, well, let's say India, will they all go to hell just because they weren't born in a Christian country. And this is supposed to be a God of love and a just God? Sorry but I ain't buying it. It's not logical and it doesn't make any sense. And it seems a bit ridicilous to begin with, that I'm supposed to just belive all of this without any proof whatsoever and that I will go to hell for not believing in this, even though I'm not an evil person at all. I'm married, don't cheat on my wife, never murdered anyone, I don't steal, I don't misuse people to get what I… Read more »

if a child receives the mark before he can make a legitimate, conscious, decision, God understands the situation of whence it happened. I believe he will pardon the kids.

the bible says No one will die without have the chance to know God of the Universe..and no child will ever go to hell that's in the bible too…until they get to the age of knowing right from wrong around 12-13 years old the parents are responsible for them. Hebrews 9:27 And as it is appointed to men once to die, but after this the judgment: No one will ever live forever in their Earthly form. the only thing that is forever is your Soul! Let Man make all the plans in the world to live forever It just makes God Laugh…the Human brain alone is the more high tech computer to ever exist. there is no way anyone can make anything even remotely as powerful. Only Evil men want to live forever no God Loving person wants that. Because our true Home is heaven! we are all from there… Read more »


Anything a child does isn't recorded.

All little children are innocent and sin-free.

Because they are not capable of understanding everything.

Also, God is the definition of everything good. He is awesome, and is the moral example we try to live up to. If you are not with God, who is the definition of good, and you are outside of his presence, what would you imagine this place would be like? And if you search for God, you WILL find Him. It may take you a while, but if you really search for God you will find Him. I'm a firm believer of that.

You are right, weak men creates God in his own image; "love you today and condemn you to hell forever as punishment" WOMEN were never allowed to interpret God or the Bible or any religions…NO BALANCE means only HALF True. Bible and God were interpreted by child molesters in lace and velvet who put millions of innocent Jews and witches (and cats animal abuse) to agony of being burned alive. Jews are a *matriarchal society. High regard for women as wisdom & truth Jesus said "You have heard it said the Jews were Gods" Greeks, Helen of Troy to Elijah to House of David to ANN-says-tree. Original Greeks/Gods/Jews had golden hair and hazel eyes. Invaded By ROME their Greek Goddess statues were decapitated (hate women who THINK for themselves) and all the Greek Goddess of love, beauty, wisdom, gentleness, food and harvest were warped to become Rome Goddess of war,… Read more »
I understand your point Howard As person who is a christian [could be better ofcorse] i could understand your need to protest this 'illogical' teaching. I do feel the need to refute a couple of assumptions, please understand: Most people in HUGE areas of power that claim to be 'christian' are not so fervently but more so politically [… if that] The bush family are Illuminati… they are not Christian. You dont need to read the entire bible to know that people who do 'sin' are punished [that also includes those so called 'christians' you named earlier]. It is easy to assume that heaven is structured the way our society is: those who do bad go to jail, those who do good get educated and flourish in life. It is far more detailed then that [from my understanding] in the means that a different set of laws have been established.… Read more »
@Howard U r obviously confused abt ur beleifs and all. Thats fine. Bt dnt go condemning others and sayin these ppl or those ppl will go to Hell. Who is to say who or wot is righteous on this Earth. Ur rite abt God not spkin directly. Bt thats hw faith works. The point I'm tryin to make is u shud live ur life the way u see fit and quit judgin. And slanderin the name of The Pope is one sure fire way to condemn urself. I'm Catholic and I beleive the Holy Father is a good man and even if he isnt it is not my place to judge. Most of the "CHRISTIANS" on this site r too fool of themselves always quick to point @ others with a false sense of righteousness. Its wrong and y'all shud stop wit the hate crimes. JUDGE AND YOU WILL BE… Read more »

Sorry, but you seem to have the Word confused also. The verse you've semi-quoted "judge not lest ye be judged" is often taken out of context (Matthew 7). Immediately after that the Lord reinterates that first we must remove the plank from our own eye before we can remove the speck from someone else's eye. Later on in that same chapter, we are told to judge a tree by the fruit it bears. 1 Cor 5 states that we are to judge those within the church and chapter 6 states that those within the church will one day help to judge the world and even angels! The main point is to judge righteously, not according to our own understanding but according to the actual Word of God.

AMEN! 🙂 couldn't have said it better

Listened to a book on CD last year that dealt with some of these themes: human enhancement for military purposes, smart marketing, and for lack of a better term Human Network mapping (tracing an individual as well as all the people they are "connected" to).

It was a fictional mystery book by an author that has included the main characters in several of his other books. Naturally I assume it was some campy theme one step up from "THE NET" movie.

But at the end of the book, the author states that all the technology referred to in the book existed was currently in use, including those "Iron Man" like suits used by the fictional military dudes.

In the book, there was a lot of shooting and chasing involved with solving this mystery; wonder how the real life version will turn out.

what was the book called?

My mistake; this description is about 2 book. The "human mapping" comes from the book "Broken Window." If I find the other book about the enhanced soldiers, I'll post it in another trans humanism article comment section.