Rapper M-1 From Dead Prez: “Media is the Right Hand of the Ruling Class” (video)


“Our main enemy is ignorance”. Yes.



  1. Has anyone else noticed that Goldman lapdog and Wall St bailout architect Tim Geithner's little brother is now in charge of all entertainment coverage for Time Inc? Not just Time Magazine, Time INC.

  2. Finally an intelligent voice from the rap community. Always looked as as 'dumb' 'ghetto' and other things, he knws EXACTLY whats going on.

    Standing ovation for him!

  3. i agree with what sum of u r saying i do believe that the incident n Egypt is playn a role in this plan of The Elite but i thnk its more than meets the eye we have been programmed have u noticed that EVERYTHING we know down to our name age race was TAUGHT to us? How do we even know to call a tree a tree? Because someone taught us that and who wrote the guidelines for what we r being taught n school? Why werent we taught to use our whole brain n school but we were taught PE? We have been programmed since birth we were taught what others wanted us to know if we were so free why do we pay taxes for working in order to provide for oursleves? Who pays SOMEONE else to work ? Isnt that the definition of a pimp? lol The Government is a BIG POLITICAL PIMP

  4. Hearing this interview, looking at the situation in Egypt, the Middle East and Libya, the earthquake in New Zealand made me realise, JESUS IS COMING SOON…

  5. This interview was absolutely incredible. That's one of the best 10 minute blocks I've ever had watching a video! I WISH I could make my point so succinctly when I talk about what's really going on in the world. I agree with a previous poster. This is the kind of man that I'd want to throw my money and time behind to get him out there more.

  6. Stepping Stone

    This video, and the knowledge M-1 speaks, is a good stepping stone. M-1 needs to rise to international awareness and put together the facts of international banking control, pre-planned "revolutions," and the similarities he pointed out between Cairo and NYC and Los Angeles.

    RT is RUSSIAN tv. They never go to the top. They are a controlled media outlet. Everything they do puts the total blame on the USA, which is wrong. It's wrong because — as M-1 said — Bush and Obama are just "cogs" in the wheel, serving the same master. But M-1 doesn't know, or won't say, that the master is not American.

    RT also loves Webster Tarpley, who also provides a lot of good info on only American criminals. He never goes the next step to say who really owns our Federal Reserve bank, Goldman Sachs, etc.

    Well, I've said enough for one comment, eh?

    Click my name above to get the rest of the story, and the solution.

    By the way, it's my real name. Stand up and be brave, my fellow Americans. It's OUR country, not theirs.

    • All sources are going to be limited… its the researchers duty to extract information from a variety of sources and be your own knowledgeable filter.

  7. I dont trust M1 I know for a fact that that he signed the oeth of the Baphomet I cant say that he is aware and trying to help others or furthering the agenda of the powers that be. If people truly were awaken and reacted they way these egyptians reacted America would turn over on its head.

  8. I have always wondered why such things as the the protests in Egypt get such extensize news coverage, while at least once a year I hear about horrific subway bombs in Moscow but hardly hear any coverage.

    actually i don't 'wonder' why, but eh.

  9. He's right, the ppl need to be politicaly educated bcuz like he said if they were, all this stuff going on in the gov would not be happening! I wish ppl would wake up!

  10. M1 Dropping knowledge, if you guys are into Dead Prez deff take the time to listen to "Root Of All Evil" & of course the song mentioned above "Propaganda"

  11. This video may be an example of exactly what he's speaking about in regards to the media and manipulation.

    The clock on the wall says it's 6:16/6:17 at the beginning of the interview.

    Keep your eye on the clock as the video progresses.

    I realize that editing must be done for certain purposes such as to get the meat of the interview in the time alotted, but I'm wondering what was cut out of this interview. There seems to be about 15 minutes (give or take 5 minutes) of missing tape.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this? Is there an unedited version someone can point me towards?

    • They only have so much time for a segment to air but when you're interviewing you could have an hour long discussion. Of course there's parts left out… there's parts left out of everything you've ever seen played on video as well as everything you've ever read.

  12. M-1 is absolutely right. And I'm glad he touched upon the immigration issue and the horrific human rights violations in the US. Bush claimed he was going to do something, and didn't. Obama, same. Everyone is still waiting on immigration reform, and in the meantime, the media (side eye to Fox "news" and CNN) continue the fear mongering upon us so that as a country, we'll be more divisive still. Way to go in getting us to hate and fear each other. Mission accomplished.

    His points regarding the ruling elite is also right on target, and how those in power work to get us to focus on senseless junk (paris hilton, tabloids, pop culture, etc), rather than encouraging us to know and understand what is happening in the world around us.

    Also, I don't agree that capitalism is bad, but I do agree that it is abused.

    I'm so thankful he has a clear grasp on what a police state is, and how it plays into our lives, and how it's abused the lives of others in countries, who's governments we don't have a clue about…venezuela, cuba, iran, etc.

    We need to pray for this guy and ask that God continue to impart wisdom on him (an us) and that he is able to get his message out.

  13. The truth he just spoke is very refresshing but sad at the same time because people still wont be able to fully see till its too late. Egypt, Yemen, Tunasia, all of those countries are false revolutions that the US will take full advatage of to spread democracy aka enslavement!

  14. This is soo TRUE… The government uses these artists and shows and movies and all of the entertainment to distract us from what's really going on… There is a show on HBO called Boardwalk Empire and it shows exactly how the government is ran today. It doesn't matter if the President is Republican or Democrat, they are still being told what moves to make by the same person…The main goal is power and control…

    People thought it was so bad when George Bush was president and they wanted a change so the government made everyone feel like they were giving it's people their change when in reality they were only giving us a new face…the plans they have set are going to continue regardless they just want to keep us calm and 'happy' so that we wont turn against them and cause problems!

    Wake up people! Educate your kids, family, friends, and neighbors! Stop letting them distract you from the bigger picture before it's too late!

  15. Great video.

    BTW does anyone else think that all this Egypt stuff is simply a way of imprinting the west with the idea of a 'peoples' revolution? Like swine flu or the 33 miners this story is being shown to everyone. All the time.

    Think about it, the 'truth' movement and the ruling elite's agenda are more mainstream than ever…gerald celente is going around every media outlet predicting a revolution. Alex jones is saying the same thing basically. The 'new age' movement has hijacked 90% of the spiritual people online, preparing them for a 'shift' in consciousness…zeitgeist moving forward etc.

    The illuminati want us to fight back, want us to revolt so they can introduce their full functioning police state–> Order out of Chaos.

    I dunno if ive figured this out but my intuition makes me feel strongly about what i said above. Peace.

    Majik Panda

    • That really makes alot of sense! I never thought about it that way! The government wants people to think they are doing things on their own free will but they are really putting these ideas in peoples heads to get them to do exatly what they want them to do!

      It's like what they do with music…you hear a song come out that you can't stand but they continue to play it everywhere you go then it gets stuck in your head and sooner or later your downloading it on your ipod! They keep playing these clips from Eygpt over and over and sooner or later WE (the people who are against our government) are going to want to protest against our government and it's exactly what they want us to do!


      • It's a good thing the Middle Eastern revolts get a lot of media coverage. To think that it'll influence you Americans to revolt against your… you don't have a dictator, do you? …is completely absurd. Most people who see it via the media are glad that the people in Tunisia and Egypt and Libya want the same freedom that they (Americans) already have.

      • Except that its a stated, documented goal (see Pike's writing) within secret societies to sow revolution and upheaval around the globe in order to introduce their remedy, which is world governance.

        These dictators were put in decades ago and supported by the U.S. for this very reason… to eventually have a public reaction in which they can control the outcome. Look up the hegelian dialectic… that's basically a form of "magick" on a large scale and what they've been doing for centuries.

      • @ berriscient I'm afraid you have some intellectual baggage dude. You need to step back from the perspective of individual countries – government is nothing more than a sophisticated theatrical production.

        NOTHING you are shown is by chance – there is a calculated agenda behind EVERY national media event, such as what is happening in Egypt.

        There is a group of people that directly control 1) America 2) The U.K 3) The Vatican and 4) Israel. Through these separate entities they massage the masses of the world and implement agendas based on their goals.

        The new world order is a WORLD & HUMAN issue! Forget the imaginary lines that separate us or the fictional governments that make up the world.

        Our current system of world governments is coming to an end and we are in the process of witnessing it…the consolidation of everything into one entity. Zeitgeist almost EXPLICITLY outlines the desired change of the NWO, yet in such a way that is positioned as for the people. Don't blindly consume this conspiracy s**t b/c it's nothing more than controlled opposition.

        Nothing is as it seems my friend.


      • @MP Thanks for your wisdom!

        @berriscient: Unfortunately Americans have been convinced by their Government that they are free……they controlled by CBS,NBC, FOX, ABC, CNN, I think you know what I am saying.

        Peace to all those that have broken the code and all those that will eventually WAKE UP!

    • Excellent Interview!

      In my opinion…The last thing the Ruling Elite in America would want is a Revolution by a informed society…because their "order out of chaos" could easily backfire if the Military and the Police side with the people like they did in Tunisia.

      It's easier for them to control things with the high tech Police State they have already set up by causing a crisis they know they could control like a 9/11 style attack which would catch people off guard….because the public is most vulnerable in that state and could easily be manipulated… either pointed in the direction of a FEMA camp or to sent to occupy a foreign country like post 9/11 through Mind Control tricks done through the media when the fog thickens.

      I believe the North African and Middle Eastern Uprisings are genuine and were not planned nor expected by the Establishment in the Western World…you can tell just by looking at the immediate reaction of the Obama Administration which was flip flopping, saying their were with the people of Egypt but at the same time saying they needed Mubarak to stay.

      Yeah, they will try to place other pawns in the seats of their Ousted puppets but …their biggest problem is: the people are hungry for change and won't settle for less in that side of the world right now…people had enough.

      Only if more people in America would realize they reside in the belly of the Beast & real change in the world begins in Washington, DC.

    • What do you mean "simply"? Like the revolution itself means nothing? Do you have any idea how self-centered you sound? Like everything that happens in the world happens for your dear USA.

      • agreed…..the word SELF is above all others these days

        He had me until he started on how the country was "built off the backs of african slaves"………

        sheesh….so over that……so many others were enslaved prior…..

        the chinese, italians, japanese, and last but not least……the native americans whose land was stolen

        sounded like more of the same to me

        not impressed…….sry

      • I understand that you are tired of hearing about slavery, but truth be told the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was the basis for the economy of not only this country but, Spain, Portugal, and Great Britain. He wasn't making mention of it to remind us of our horrible history, but to demonstrate that human life has, throughout history, been sacrificed to the advancement of the elite. Take your emotions out of the commentary for a moment and listen objectively to what he is saying about the situation that the world is in.

        ~A Chic Named Slickback

      • instead of rifling through the past for talkpoints maybe it would be more meaningful tp speak on the slave trade that exists today, the enslavement of women and children for the benefit of MAN.

        He is a man and despite how he is ridiculing the media (msm is bs)

        he is in fact using that same media to suit his own agenda.

        uh……….feelings weren't in it.

      • Your right, instead of using alternative media outlets like RT News and producing alternative hip-hop that reaches millions of young people, he should stand on the side of the road with hand-written sign that takes up your particular issue.

        BTW, if you've ever heard Dead Prez' music, they take on many a feminist issue.

      • I have heard their music, I was referring to the interview in this article.

        I don't worship/follow any man so we can agree to disagree

        attacking /ridiculing me won't win me over, peace

      • You guys are too amazing. You literally just won a battle for what we are fighting for. The battle is literally in and fought for our minds and you two just thwarted a program that was placed to separate us from our cause and each other. Both of you are right by the way. You must take the past into consideration considering this has been going on forever! But also we must not get stuck in the past and get lost in their confusion. He wasn't blaming anyone though. To say that all white people benefited from the slavery of the African people would be wrong. The ones at the top don't even consider the rest the same species at this point it seems, so, we're all in this realigned cast system together.

      • There was a bit of sarcasm in your post, which is some form of emotion. It's not about what is more meaningful. Slavery is slavery. It doesn't matter when it happened or who it happened to. It's like you're saying, modern day slavery is worse than past slavery. It was a talking point in the interview to highlight elitist agendas. You already stated that you stopped paying attention to what was said. That is illogical. That would be like me not listening to what a politician has to say just because he is a democrat and I am registered as a republican.

        The point I'm making is that we are not the elite. We are the ones that are being transgressed against.

        ~A Chic Named Slickback

      • What up dude? I apologize for my comments I made to you the other day – I can emphasize with what you said now that I have considered it from an objective perspective .

        As vigilant citizens we are in this together!



    • @MP Good points….I myself am a born again Christian who only recently in the last few months started truly living a righteous lifestyle and wish to be more like Christ and to serve our Lord in any way I can and because of that Ive been freed from a lot of brainwashed thought patterns I had before….one of the main ones was a "revolutionary" mindset I thought I had where I believed that we the people needed to fight against our government to change things and to "make the world a better place". But I also thought that violence and bloodshed would be a necessity for this to happen and it was worth the cause if it so be!

      Now that I have changed my whole attitude I see a lot clearer now and realize that these problems will not simply be dissolved by any man made means or ways of humanity because we are all evil at some point and we all seek some sort of self gratifying purpose even if it may appear to be serving others…..only God can set this world right and its only His job to do so. People looking into themselves to be a God and this New Age junk has taken over the spirituality within us all and the only thing that can overcome that is the Holy Spirit of our Creator….I know many will disagree because religion has killed off most of our faith but we need to realize that our Lord did not create religion men did! And as I said man made ways are doomed to fail! People need to wake up and find Jesus not inside of them like Oprah would say but the real spirit of the Savior that exists within us all as its own identity seeking to free His children from the mass enslavement we have all been partaking in. The enslavement to Lucifer's lies and the deceit he has put into our hearts for generations!

      Buying into the revolutionary thought process can be dangerous and will get us no where….our Lord asks us to obey the authority of our governments because only through His sovereignty has any man been able to become a leader even if they are not righteous we must remember this is all Gods plan and is beyond our immediate understanding! He will return soon hopefully and bless His faithful and obedient servants and will reward us all for the pain & suffering we have had to endure under the rule of satan in this world. You can trust that. Even if you don't believe it, it is still inevitable!

      • I feel you…..

        it is written that when the SHTF we are to run to the hills and take refuge in the caves

        don't walk into the trap laid bare before you…………flee

      • "our Lord asks us to obey the authority of our governments"

        Not really… he said, "give unto Caesar which belongs to Caesar" but he also said to the soldiers of the time to do violence upon any man.

        A violent revolution always benefits those who oppress, but it is our duty to disobey laws and practices that are unrighteous and unjust.

      • @ NewCreation

        Right there with you brotha. I commend every word you said there. I'm right there with you. Had the same "revolutionary" mindset. Got trapped in my own "Godliness" through LSD, and now with having over 1 year clean and sober, I see things in a new light, as was promised, with Christ by my side every step of the way.

        @ ~b

        I agree with what you say. We are to question whether or not the "messages" from God are holy or not. Through COMMON SENSE, hopefully we will see beyond the lie of Lucifer.

        I'm glad I stopped and read the statements that were made here. I usually scroll down until I get to a highlighted comment, but I obviously came about your comments for a reason. =D

        Peace guys, and God bless.

    • @MP

      I think it's even more than that; I think it's the awakening of the Beast. The ol' Roman Empire is coming back to life. Noticed how all the countries at the Mediterranean are all of a sudden being 'freed'? Freed for what? Most likely for a new captivity. The exact same scenario was played some twenty two years ago when the wave of revolutions swept most East European countries. In the end they earned their freedom from communism only to become slaves to the Empire and its monstrous monetary system.

    • that is the exact premise of METROPOLIS!

      the elite have this revolutionary woman inspire the masses to revolt- so they can enslave them further.

      we need to fight fire with fire (except with positivity, not negative subversion.)

      i think the first step is BOYCOTT.

    • I agree with you on that it does seem that not only in egypt but in orther countries like Jordan and Libya that you are seeing the same thing where people from all these countries are revolting against their governments and countries outside of egypt you are going to see a more agressive government to quell the uprising. My theory of what's going on is that people like david icke, alex jones etc and mainstream media outlets are trying to push this agenda into the united states so people will revolt in the same manner whetter these new age thinkers are sincere in what they believein, to me it seems like they hide behind a veil of peace and pushes everybody's hatred towards the obvious if you even care to look that way when things go bad they will say " well I told you not to riot but to go out in the streets in peace

    • @MP

      I'm a believer in a saying I heard not too long ago… "We don't need a revolution, we need a restoration."

      Revolutions tend to take the place of what they were originally supposed to over throw because they lose sight of what they were overthrowing in the first place. Its not a person or people, its not the REP or DEM, not the blacks or whites, not even the rich or poor. Its a mentality that needs to be revised. We are so far from our own selves we don't know who we are. We think we are the car we drive, the house we own (or lease), the clothes we wear or the TV we watch.

      We've made living complicated, which is why its so hard and unbalanced as it is. I don't even want to go in on Alex Jones…he has his own agenda as it is…

      We have to be careful in uprising just as doing nothing at all. They both can do greater damage than good.

  16. Wasn't it JP Morgan (famous bankster) who bought the top 25 newspapers across the country in 1917? This guy is right on, the media is controlled by the ruling class.


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