Racist? Angry? Take a pill


More behavior-modifying pills marketed to the already heavily intoxicated masses. The saddest part is that the original article contains a poll asking Where do you stand on the idea of a pill to enhance moral behaviour? and 28% are actually FOR it.

Coming soon ... a pill to enhance moral behaviour.
Coming soon … a pill to enhance moral behaviour

A pill to enhance moral behaviour; a treatment for racist thoughts; a therapy to increase your empathy for people in other countries – these may sound like the stuff of science fiction but, with medicine moving closer to altering our moral state, society should be preparing for the consequences, according to a book reviewing scientific developments in the field.

Drugs such as Prozac, which alters a patient’s mental state, already have an impact on moral behaviour but scientists predict that future medical advances may allow much more sophisticated manipulations.

The field is in its infancy but “it’s very far from being science fiction”, says the deputy director of the Oxford Centre for Neuroethics and a Wellcome Trust biomedical ethics award winner, Dr Guy Kahane.

“Science has ignored the question of moral improvement so far but it is now becoming a big debate,” he says. “There is already a growing body of research you can describe in these terms. Studies show that certain drugs affect the ways people respond to moral dilemmas by increasing their sense of empathy, group affiliation and by reducing aggression.”

Researchers have become interested in developing biomedical technologies capable of intervening in the biological processes that affect moral behaviour and moral thinking, says a Wellcome Trust research fellow at Oxford University’s Uehiro Centre, Dr Tom Douglas. He is a co-author of Enhancing Human Capacities, published this week.

“Drugs that affect our moral thinking and behaviour already exist but we tend not to think of them in that way,” he says. “[Prozac] lowers aggression and bitterness against environment and so could be said to make people more agreeable. Or oxytocin, the so-called love hormone … increases feelings of social bonding and empathy while reducing anxiety. Scientists will develop more of these drugs and create new ways of taking drugs we already know about.”

But would pharmacologically induced altruism, for example, amount to genuine moral behaviour? “We can change people’s emotional responses but quite whether that improves their moral behaviour is not something science can answer,” Kahane says.

He also admits it is unlikely that people would rush to take a pill that would improve their morals.

“Becoming more trusting, nicer, less aggressive and less violent can make you more vulnerable to exploitation,” he says. “On the other hand, it could improve your relationships or help your career.”

Kahane does not advocate putting morality drugs in the water supply but does suggest that if administered widely, they might help humanity tackle global issues.

“Relating to the plight of people on the other side of the world or of future generations is not in our nature,” he says. “This new body of drugs could make possible feelings of global affiliation and of abstract empathy for future generations.”

The chairman in ethics in medicine and director of the centre for ethics in medicine at the University of Bristol, Professor Ruud ter Meulen, warns that while some drugs can improve moral behaviour, others – and sometimes the same ones – can have the opposite effect.

“While oxytocin makes you more likely to trust and co-operate with others in your social group, it reduces empathy for those outside the group,” he says.

He says deep brain stimulation, used for Parkinson’s disease, has had unintended consequences, leading to cases in which patients begin to steal or become sexually aggressive.

Meulen suggests moral-enhancement drugs might be used in the criminal justice system. “These drugs will be more effective in prevention and cure than prison,” he says.

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did I miss the citation for this article? where's the source?

Brave new world much?

This reeks of a combination of A Clockwork Orange and Brave New World style thinking

Yes a troubled mind is a wasted mind indeed!!!! Yes today you have 24 hour pill drive throughs? Yes i can remember when we had drive in movies? Yes even drive in resturants? Yes drug with counters where one could sit down and have a cherry coke? Yes down town hudsons department store 1957 and childrens toy floor…………. Yes young men and women of today the toy floor where if a kid was ask what do you want… that would be a very hard question to answer…………… because you just wanted to walk and LOOK at everything everywhere first! Yeah i was just thinking about that yesterday because it was one of the happy times in my childhood and a kind of thing i think about to kinda pick me up when i feel down and out? Yes the 24 hour pill for the troubled mind cure……? Yes and goverment… Read more »
I have to admit this is a stupid idea for a pill. The issues stated can be solved in therapy. People don't need these pills to function in society. I have bipolar disorder as well as general anxiety disorder and I've stopped taking my meds. They were doing more harm than good so I'm taking herbal medicines but still struggling with my illness. However, there are many people who become stable on mood stabilizers, anti-depressants, etc since they either experience no side effects or they can tolerate the side effects. Mental illness exists and can be crippling to live with. I don't like the ignorance surrounding medications. In many cases, medication is a good thing and saves lives, but it's risky at the same time. People should only be taking medication if they absolutely need it to be stable. There are certain illnesses that therapy can't solve (but can help),… Read more »

i cant wait to try it! with some codiene robotussin mix it with jolly ranchers and some sprite, viola: miracle juice

Last time I checked the body already had that natural mechanism it call emotions. That is also why we are suppose to cultivate relationships to understand each other but with racist parents and a heavy media rotation of all kinds of dysfunctional practices all you get is puppets and puppet masters.

Actually i don't see anything wrong with racists taking a chill pill, it's long overdue!!! 🙂 happy thoughts nothing but happy thoughts.

Anyone ever read the unabomber manifesto? I dont agree with blowing people up but his essay makes alot of sense when you look at how the world is now..


uh there's already a pill that increases empathy towards others and promotes social bonding.. it's called MethyleneDioxyMethAmphetamine.

MDMA = Ecstacy lol

Very clever.

You wouldn't want to take it every day, though, unless you wanna burn out your dopamine receptors….like permanently. 🙂

of course the elite wouldn't want such a wonderful substance to be legal 😉

mdma is already ready to be legalised for treatment of post traumatic stress disorder. also its a widespread practice to go to your psycologist for a therapy session around california even though its not legal quite yet. I read it in Oprah magazine a couple months ago i think it was the feb 2011 issue? something like that?

This is reminiscent of the song In The Year 2525 which starts out as:

In the year 2525

If man is still alive

If woman can survive

They may find

In the year 3535

Ain't gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lies

Everything you think, do, and say

Is in the pill you took today

If there were such a drug that could effectively induce "morality", its real power would be in the stoppage of the drug on selected people at their controller's choosing.

and afterwards we can all take a drug to cure us of our drug addictions!

HOLY S**T IT'S BL/ind !!!!!!!!!!

The elite should be forced to take some anti-greed pills.

Hey Vigilant, have you read the lyrics of latest song from Ozzy Osbourne? here it is… I'm a rockstar, I'm a dealer I'm a servant, I'm a leader I'm a saviour, i'm a sinner, i'm a killer I'll be anything you want me to be Silent as a witness Make your heart race with a death kiss I'm a soldier in a blood war In the peace corp I'll be everything you'll ever be Loser number zero Play the victim, end up a hero I'm a teacher, preacher Liar, I am everything, anything I'm a mover and a shaker The oppressor, stimulator I'm a coward I'm a fighter I'm everything It's revelation, celebration, graduation Times collide watch the world awaken All the past regrets from days gone by Let it go, let it die It's a new day for the FACELESS Take the torches from the useless First amendment, second… Read more »

Wow…..he's not called the prince of darkness for no reason. Lol

the plastic culture is a passing fashion that will soon subside with the renewal of the spiritual consciousness. Willaru Huayta- born in the amazon jungle, a quechua native that lived the original way until he was given the duty to be a spiritual messenger for some of the most noble and loving people from the amazon and was told to go to the big cities to give us messages from incan priests who reside in the 4th dimension so much of our science is to me a waste of time and resources. in fact many natives say that investigating purely the material world or investigating life and making all growth only in the material is not to live fully at all. the scientists are so proud of there 3d investigations but they will have the hardest time understanding the spirit world. so these these people are not in tune with… Read more »

That last part reminds me so much of A Clockwork Orange. We all know how that turned out, I hope. I was on Prozac for years as a child, and a lot of bad s**t happened to me because I was too agreeable with my deteriorating situation. It scares me looking back, how I just sat by and watched it all go to hell without protest. I never questioned my circumstances, and I was convinced that I needed medication to survive in society. I just know these new drugs will be used to abuse people by abridging their judgment. I hate to talk this way, but the big pharmaceuticals are all owned by the Illuminati, and they'd love nothing more than to r**e us all without a fight. This new miracle drug cannot be put to good use because its creators are demented f***s.

Yeah take a pill to believe in terrorist bombings and when you're done, take another pill to see the aliens coming.

reminds me of the "soma" drug from brave new world by aldous huxley.

So, translating, the elite is saying "we can make people accept anything we do and accept anything *we* call moral and ethics, even if it is absurd!"

See that 100 year old queen from England (I can't recover now which one of the lizzard beths)? She is there in Bohemian grove deciding which vaccines we will take but she has spend her whole (long) life without medicating herself with ANY allopathic. Wow…. I wonder why….

What about her evil husband. He's 100+. Poor Diana.

VC…guys, i'm curious about something…what are your thoughts? the article states: "The field is in its infancy but “it’s very far from being science fiction”, says the deputy director of the Oxford Centre for Neuroethics and a Wellcome Trust biomedical ethics award winner, Dr Guy Kahane." ok. "…field is in its infancy…", but is it really? aren't there several arguments floating around that speak to the contrary? i know there have been some credible sources state that we, as a modern society, are about 50 years ahead in science and technology, than what we actually live out in our day-to-day. in other words, there are advances in medicine and technology we don't know about. i don't mean to sound like a conspiracy theorist, for i truly am not, but i've heard this repeatedly and can't help but wonder to what degree it must be true. i know it's said there… Read more »
we have already been pre-conditioned to take medication to fix our problems. When you get a headache you take a pill, when you have pain you take a pill, when ever you feel any kind of different you take a pill. Slowly ( as is the plan) more and more medication will be available (as a choice to begin with) then when the masses are controlled by this need then the take over of humanity will begin. We are already slaves. Ask yourself "am I really free to choose?" Without a bank account we cannot recieve payments for work, social welfare, tax returns etc. How many places now require purchases by credit card flights and car hire ( a freedom to move) accommodation (a right to have shelter). Slowly very slowly we are giving in to evil without a fight, without question and without protest. We are already controlled.

watch the film "Limitless" already programming the idea to people that pills are good for you.

Also VC the main actor/hero has a book released in the film titled "illuminating the dark fields"….

Love to hear others thoughts on this.

Every single thing about that movie is WRONG. You must have missed my 'save your money and time' warning a few weeks back lol – the blood drinking, to get high, had me literally….hand over mouth. And oh the irony for me that the christian music station recommended it, I hadn't heard of it beforehand. Talk about blinders……

never heard of it, but now I am curious!

i see the best weapon to turn back against its evil creator here…

Don't these people read books!? I see "A Clockwork Orange" written all over this. It didn't work in the book, either.

LOL, exactly what I thought… Was Kubric trying 2 tell us sumin? No wonder they killed the man, between A Clockwork Orange &Eyes Wide Shut he pretty much told us their whole plan… Damn, its gettin kinda scary

…and only 56% could make a stand against drugging people to good citizenship.


Read the article and this is the first thing that came up,

from the song with the subtitle "Exordium and Terminus:"

In the year 3535

Ain't gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lies

Everything you think, do, and say

Is in the pill you took today.

What are the negative effects of prozac? My boyfriend is on it to control temper/depression. When he's off it the temper, irrational thinking and depression comes back. Sometimes the depression is the anyways when taking it, but it's not as bad. What would anyone do in a case like that. Do you keep on taking it or try and find another method? I worry when I read articles like these.

Basically it dampens certain impressions and emotions. The reason people end up killing themselves on the drug is that it removes the depression but not the wish to kill one's self. My thinking (probably wrong, but based on what I've seen both in myself and in others) is that the depression can act as a survival mechanism, keeping people alive during a period when certain actions would either get them killed or cause them to kill thamselves.

Been there, done that (the Prozac).

"Kahane does not advocate putting morality drugs in the water supply but does suggest that if administered widely, they might help humanity tackle global issues."

-WTF? So someone is actually thinking about putting these drugs in the water supply!

-And we all know the real reason that they are making these drugs is to calm people when the s**t hits the fan and make us better slaves.

watch the video and read the blog. its on psychotropic drugs and how it DOESNT work.


Yep, VC should definitely do an article on that one.

This is interesting. How do you physically modify things that are in the realm of ideas? If you're racist, how can a pill "cure" that? Modifying your emotions?

This is like a futuristic comedy sketch about some medicine: "Do you hate black people? Ever thought that Japan deserved those earthquakes? Well we have the solution for you!!"

I don't know about you people, but I find this REALLY funny. It's just..ridiculous!! xD

I would rather have my natural moods.whether it's being so sad and gloomy, or pissed off, instead some artificial s**t to make me "happy" all the time.

. . . . . or to further dumb us down. That's what it REALLY is.

So a pill can take care of the sin that plagues all of us…how convenient. Do away with the heart change brought about by being born of God's Spirit. This keeps one unregenerated and damned for eternity.


…and do you know who the "racists" are? The people that are opposing Obama's agenda.

they already have a mood stabilizer its called fluoride. i just guess the pill will be a more potent and fast acting version.


Isn't the public aware these mood alternaters are dangerous. I don't beileve that this is going to be sold to the public it would be widely administered because 1) Their target audience do not belive they have a problem, have you ever heard about a biggot asking for help not be ignorant and 2) All others who do not need this magic pill will still benefit in their eyes from this because it would create a calm and highly persuasive and controlable public. Americans be vigilant please.

VC has already republished several news articles here about this, and I wrote this one about SSRI drugs on my blog if you're interested:


And I just love this bullsh!t quote:

“[Prozac] lowers aggression and bitterness against environment and so could be said to make people more agreeable."

OMG….seriously?? Well, if you believe any of that for a second, you should really have a look at my article above, and this site which is a database of the thousands of suicides and mass homicide events that are directly linked to SSRI drugs, Prozac being the big dog among them:


That's why they're going to add it to the water supply. And probably to the hamburger and chicken and fish at the McDonalds. And to the Doritos and Mountain Dew bottles. And spray it from the contrails (which are cooling down the USA and making us windier).

We won't be able to escape it. Especially the target audience.

If you are a healthy person that doesn't mind feeling sad or angry sometimes, obviously you should stay away from these new poisonous things that will probably do more harm than good.

Being angry sometimes is NORMAL!!! As a human being it is INEVITABLE that you will feel anger sometimes! Why are people trying to find cures for normal emotions????

If for example, you're a stupid racist or have severe, crazy anger problems.. you could go see a therapist of some kind. Don't just start taking pills that you don't actually need and that might damage your brain, permanently.

Poisons are everywhere on the globe (the water, food, rain, air, etc)… avoid as many as possible. 🙂

SOMA 🙂 Take a chill pill baby!

Yeah, my thoughts exactly! This is riddiculous…I`m gonna relocate to the woods in the near future, sheesh.

Yes my exact thoughts. That disgusting book & film, 'A Brave new world', is taking place slowly in our daily life. Imagine this pill being introduced, and there you have it the film wont be on screen it will be reality.

I saw an episode of the Simpsons like that,Bart was selling Old people pills to make them nicer,But it also made their eyes fall out of their sockets..

So in other words, your a wild beast we want to tame momentarily, but you won't get shot by a tranquilizer. Will just give you this pill instead. So what happens to animals when they're tamed, there dragged out of their environment and put in cages, forced to do things they shouldn't have to do, but were humans. We can change that because we have bigger brains, we'd just rather not put them to use.

Oh right, so first step will be giving these pills to detainees, then to other offenders, then to mental patients and finally to everyone to improve ''security''.. Right. Security for who?


"if administered widely, they might help humanity tackle global issues.

Relating to the plight of people on the other side of the world or of future generations is not in our nature,” he says. “This new body of drugs could make possible feelings of global affiliation and of abstract empathy for future generations.”

Does that not sound like exactly like textbook conditioning for the coming global govt/NWO???

I would say no, it does not sound like conditioning for the NWO. We do need to feel more empathy for people around the world, maybe there wouldn't be any wars that way. And we need to feel for future generations, as well, because we're depleting our resources and polluting our planet.

Well actually maybe taking drugs that force you to feel that way could be construed as conditioning but it's really not hard to feel for other people without drugs.


Watch this film called Equilibrium some time.

It's exactly what we're talking about here. Stars Christian Bale, Sean Bean…excellent story, lots of cool matrial arts, etc.

Saw this movie before and the use the destructive nature of War World III as there scapegoat to get all of the nations under the same umbrella. At the end of the day it was a nation with no emotion but emotions are very big part of what makes us human. We spend too much time focusing on negative type emotions and that is all that most people know, project and convey to each other. Let someone talk about real and unconditional love people love to reject that image because they only want emotions of dysfunctional anger, lust or control. God said that he is the author of fear or confusion but of love. We are letting the world mold us into negative energy and which is now very much projected in the world on a regular basic. I believe the negative energy is what makes Satan relevant and is… Read more »

And, your premise there is false that there is any argument that we should care and have empathy for people in faraway places and of future generations. That's a given.

The real issue is any form of government telling the rest of us what the proper way to think and feel IS. Especially considering that those in charge of govt pretty much everywhere on earth couldn't care less about any of us, our survival or the quality of our lives – they care only about themselves and their wealth and power. So, that's the issue, as I see it.

The most evil and least empathetic sociopaths on earth (the ruling elite) engineering methods to make US be more compliant, under the guise that WE need to be more caring??

Yeah, that's a good one. Nice try. 🙂

Haha maybe they should be taking the pills!


You are exactly right, my friend!

When this idiot says, "Relating to the plight of people on the other side of the world or of future generations is not in our nature,” he shows himself as being on of "them".

WTF u talking about, relating to other people problems and those facing future generations is "not in our nature"??? Maybe not in YOUR elitist nature, sir, but it is certainly in MINE, and all the people I know and keep as close friends and family care deeply about all these things.

In 1st year psych speak that's what we'd call one very big example of this guy and his cohorts projecting their own lack of empathy and caring for others onto other people, to rationalize and justify their own lack of compassion and love for other human beings.


It seems to me that we already feel empathy for other countries and people, and ignore our own needy right here in our own backyards. For example, the couple that lives across the street from my mother are both some type of Christian relief workers. One comes from West Virginia, the other from a poor area of North Carolina. They gallivant all over the world helping THEIR downtrodden, yet never spare a single moment or dime for the needy in their home states. I bet if asked, they would call those people "lazy" and "hillbillies" or whatever the current nom du jour is for the poor AMERICAN citizens. They have more affinity and concern for the poor outside the US than they do for the poor here. And that INFURIATES me. My father is from West Virginia and I know what poverty looks like, I have seen it first hand,… Read more »

What this article fails to mention is that they are *also* planning to drug the police / military to make them super psychopathic, empathy-less and even pain free (in the event of injury) etc.

I don't have any links but it's out there if you look, I'm sure.

Add the two together and you have a re-enactment of Aldous Huxley's 'Brave New World'.

As with everything else we see the genuine article (in this case emotions, empathy, guts, character, soul, love) being destroyed or subverted through mindless (and heartless) mass entertainments, social engineering, (mis)education etc and then the NWO substitute being brought in to fill the gap.

The world govt authorities will obviously ignore the fact that there are often very legitimate reasons to be angry, and to want to DO something about the causes – like out of control and evil govt "leaders", for example.

Clearly, they are seeking the pharmaceutical pacifier for the masses in order to achieve that "worker bee" status in humanity that they have wanted for centuries. And with today's technology, they may be close to finding it with a combination of electronic, chemical, psychological (mass media), financial and police state control devices.

Do not question authority. Be calm and obey. Oh, and btw, be sure to also report anyone who seems angry and distrustful of your loving, caring govt so we can that we can provide them the "healthcare" (pills) that they need and deserve.

Back to work now, little bees.

They are already accusing anyone who doesn't go along with Obama's agenda as being racist.

"Do not question authority. Be calm and obey. Oh, and btw, be sure to also report anyone who seems angry and distrustful of your loving, caring govt so we can that we can provide them the “healthcare” (pills) that they need and deserve."

^you just described life in a communist society.

scary, what we're headed for.

God be w/ us.

We're already living in a communist society. They're just clever enough to make it seem like we have choices. Example; if you want to fly anywhere you must go through a naked body scan or be groped. Well those are some fantastic choices. People in Cuba are not even treated that way.

do you know what communism means? obviously not

I am a firm believer that we are living in the last days. Armageddon started with 9/11 and is going to end when God decided to lift the ENTIRE veil off of the world and we are going to see the harmful effects things, like all of these DRUGS have done to the world.

No mate, this is just the beginning of the end. And it can last for another century or so God knows.

“Becoming more trusting, nicer, less aggressive and less violent can make you more vulnerable to exploitation,” he says. “On the other hand, it could improve your relationships or help your career.”

My translation: You will enjoy making very little pay for more work and taxed up the a** and your rights can be taken away at any time because you will be nice enough not to put up a fight

No thanks, I got weed and alchohol that take care of that for me

Lol I couldn't disagree I absolutely agree!!!!!!!. These people are insane evil

These demons are seriously evil, but you have to admit they're geniuses at their craft.

Well yeah, Satan is the second smartest power in all of Creation, apparently, and should never be underestimated….he's been at this game for a very long time.

Much smarter than all of us put together, I would imagine. Knows how to use our own pride and vanity against us at every turn, like toying with a child.

Fortunately, second smartest does not even come close to the infinite genius, power and love of the number one power that is God, our Creator.

Put your trust in Him, and nothing else will matter. 🙂


Agreed. Without God, this seems like a reasonable plan. With God, you can see the deception a mile away.

pharmacy: (From Online Etymology Dictionary)

late 14c., "a medicine," from O.Fr. farmacie, from M.L. pharmacia, from Gk. pharmakeia "use of drugs or medicines," from pharmakeus "preparer of drugs," from pharmakon "drug, poison, philter, charm, spell, enchantment."

Hmmmm, you know what… I feel kind of uneasy about this.

But after I've read about 5 articles in the mainstream press and watched about 3 features on the TV 'news' over the course of a year or two, I'm sure the Hegelian Dialectic principles I will have been subjected to will start to kick in and I won't feel quite so alarmed about it.

Then, with my busy life and so many other worries occupying my mind, I will barely have time to think about it critically ever again, let alone do any research for myself!