Psywar: The real battlefield is the mind (video)


Great documentary on the use of media to shape and mold society.



  1. Bit naive promoting that the North American Indians developed the best ever democratic society ever. Not to say they weren't great but my advice is to study a little of the real history of population's motherland, Bharata-varsha, known today as that asian country, India; a highly developed social history that goes back millions of years.

  2. Remember that this film is propaganda too. Don't just trust someone because they open your eyes to someone else's propaganda. Think of Laswell's comments: who says what to whom in what channel with what effect?

    Who: a group with a socialist agenda;
    What: the deep problems we are experiencing are not just caused by corruption – the whole system is inherently flawed;
    To whom: a group of people who are already aware of the existence of deep problems, and are aware of the existence of propaganda in the "democratic West", and who get intellectual satisfaction out of learning previously-hidden secrets;
    In what channel: a web site which attracts those who are interested in conspiracy and are open to previously-overlooked ideas;
    With what effect: gaining support or at least consent for socialist revolution rather than a move from crony capitalism to free-market capitalism?

  3. Forwarded to me by a friend and fellow rebel. Wow. I watched it in sorrow, and then in anger and finally in disgust. I have been one of those who was a consumer, a willing partaker of the little that would keep us quiet, a believer in the lies, a "patriot", a "slave" deceived into believing there WAS a way if only I worked hard enough, long enough, HAD enough to rise up. I believed that when one rose up, all would be raised. How duped I feel knowing that THIS is the Truth. Yet the Truth SHALL set us free. It will do so IF we are prepared to risk ensuring we LIVE it. Today is a new day.

  4. metanoia films did make more videos since this one, although they do follow similar themes, such as global governance, empire
    "counter intelligence" is on their website. I've seen it. Very interesting.

  5. Whenever I start hearing the term "inequality"… I start getting REAL nervous about where it's coming from. Because pure "equality"… is communism… ๐Ÿ˜‰ That's what it is. Plain and simple. Forced "equality" for all of the poor folks. No matter how hard you work or don't work, you get the same handful of crumbs. Almost enough to survive on. "Equality" or all. Everyone is equally poor and destitute.

    And do the rich give up their wealth to support it? F**K. NO.

    They're richer then ever!

    The WORST type of capitalism is far, FAR better than the BEST type of communism. The only people to prosper in a communist society are the elite.

    And THAT my friends, is where we are headed…


    Cut out the middle men (ie YOU) and make everyone "equal". Take anything extra and "redistribute" it to "the people" (right back to the ruling elite). Take anything nice that is still standing and turn it into a ghetto. Force everyone to live there rather they like it or not.

    And just like in North Korea or China, people will be too poverty stricken and terrified to as much as WHISPER A WORD about not LOVING IT.

  6. I really enjoyed this documentary. My 11 year old daughter finds herself analyzing every commercial and news broadcast after watching this.

  7. You realy need to get over YOUR RACISM and HATRED. Reading comments like this make me ashamed to be black. In trashing white people you also make us sound stupid and hate filled. Toward the end of your soap box speach you said "You white middle class are the reason these lies have persisted for so long. Be accountable for the role you have played, and see why you have been played." Black people have played a huge role in keeping these lies alive as well! We do it by buying the crappy music, clothes and rims, and we have pitched to us. We have minority leaders who are just as much involed as "white men" in the manipulation of the masses. Get over your self, and stop making us look stupid!!!!!!!!

    • Unknown is right. The whites accept imperialism and slavery for as long as they think it won't affect them, only Africans, Asians, Muslims etc. Now a few of them are waking up and realising they dug their own graves.

  8. I am not amazed to see the historical reference this filmmaker has made to the Ludlow massacre and other similar "events" as the bases for how white men of wealth and power have used whatever means necessary to continue to be wealthy and powerful. I find it disgusting that the "Ludlow Event" is used as the point of historical reference to set the stage for this film in lieu of the four hundred years of SLAVERY OF AFRICANS whose UNPAID LABOR created the wealth in this country in the first place. To ignore these historical EVENTS OF SLAVERY IN THIS COUNTRY makes the premise of this film disingenuous, to say the least.

    The so-called white middle class for which the film is geared toward, are the same group that has been in the hands of the wealthy for centuries, allowing themselves to be easily duped into believing that they were exempt from the murderous, terrorist, savage ATROCIOUS acts of those in power in this country. For the the white middle class who have lusted after that same power and wealth to now be in shock to discover that even though they were white like those in power, they were not exempt from these atrocious acts, nor are they in reality a "class" apart from the those of a different hue, but in fact were pones in the game of lies, manipulation now clothed in propaganda. Now that the whole so-called PROPAGANDA MACHINE that shown it's ugly face for EVEN THE WHITE MIDDLE CLASS TO SEE, now the so-called 'WHITE MIDDLE CLASS" are on a the move to expose them to each other.

    How is it possible that you can have a country that built its entire society on the ENSLAVEMENT OF BLACK PEOPLE, and not think these same people and their descendants would not do the same or worse to you and whoever else got in their way. WAKE UP WHITE PEOPLE, stop being so damn classist. It is your CLASSISM that set you up to be puppets of the rich and powerful. You sent your sons to war for them. Now that you have no jobs, no security, you are raising you angry voices. Look in the mirror and realize you believed the lies because it served you as so-called white people. YOU STILL THINK YOU ARE BETTER THAN THE VICTIMS OF THESE ATROCITIES AGAINST HUMANITY. When you realize that you are not white but just another human being like all the other human beings on this planet – maybe something will change. You white middle class are the reason these lies have persisted for so long. Be accountable for the role you have played, and see why you have been played.

    • Wow I didn't know that black panther members like to read vigilants posts. My opinion is that we are all responsible but i see the logic in your opinion stating that every white middle class person ever born are the only people responsible because they wanted to be tricked by propaganda and lies told to them. I mean geez those stupid white people how dumb do they have to be to be tricked by a group with global power that has been controlling almost eveything we know for last 100s of years, they should know better.

  9. Excellent find Vig. Though the films execution, production and pace could have been so much better, it's ideation and historical presentation was excellent, superb actually.

  10. Very good documentary. We need to spread the truth far and wide

    If you seek Truth, you will not seek to gain a victory by every possible means; and when you have found Truth, you need not fear being defeated.

  11. Thanks,Vigilant.

    There are still so many people among us who do not yet realize that everything in corporate mass media is psychological warfare, operating under the careful direction of the ruling elite..

    Not simply CNN, the New York Times, Fox, MTV, all the major record labels and movie studios, PBS, BBC…

    But ALL of it….on a global scale.


  12. Its not their fault. THats the point of this. You can't look down on them for not knowing, there was time when all of us didnt know, thats why we respond so strongly to this information. Our mission needs to be to share it and let the people make of it what they will, to make up their minds once educated, not blinded.

  13. First time I heard of the "four minute men" – but which reminded me of a (Grammy nominated) song "4 minutes" by Madonna & Timberlake & Timbaland – the minute men of the day?


    "Time is waiting we only got 4 minutes to save the world…

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions…"

    But that must be a coincidence, eh…

    BTW ".. the song's development was motivated by a sense of urgency to save the planet from destruction, and how people can enjoy themselves in the process… Ingrid Sischy from Interview magazine said that the song is a ballad for the world, containing "the sounds of a great big marching band"…" according to wikipedia.

  14. people are so naive to think that just because we're the "great and powerful 'democracy'" that we are immune to propaganda and manipulative politicians. ugh.


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