Project Blue Beam – The Potential For Holograms To Manipulate Reality (video)


When they say “perception is reality”, they are wrong.



  1. This type of technology can be used to trick us into believing situations that are not even real. The government can completely stage an event to make us believe that some awful tragedy is occurring. We would be scared out our minds, willing to submit to the government so they can help us and take care of us, however it is all fictional.

  2. Pop in 'Project Blue Beam' into a Youtube search and you will find a lot of varied research and interpretations on the subject….Very interesting. Have you heard of 'The God Helmet'? It stimulates the religious section of the brain, with the result that each person sees whatever their version of God or the spiritual world is. I would call this subjective spiritual experience…Kind of like the tower of Babel-revelation for the individual only….Scoot around on Youtube, unbelievable what their up to. Prepare your bodies, your families, your homes, but most importantly your hearts and minds…it feels as if some mighty trials lay ahead for us all-as indeed for many in the world at the moment it has already began.

  3. Don't freak out people….most military vehicles leave a heat signature…point infa-red/ generation 3 nightvision and the Hologram lie will be smashed.

  4. The shadows all seem unnatural.check out the light saber and try to find it's shadow.look at the hummer and it's cheap shadow graphics. I'm sure they'll fix it at one point but atleast now when they commit terrorist acts I hope they won't have the need to kill real humans.death to the illuminati scums n the NWO.

  5. 2:29 seems unnatural for the car falling down on it side. Anyway, 3:42 reminded me about (FBI game where you have to learn how to climb up the rope mimic a helicopter above: maybe I play too much games.) I wonder if future holds where you don't need a map/white board/computer for xcong or army planning their attack before attacking their enemies…is becoming too realistic.

  6. Nice, Not Blind; but I suppose a shadow could be faked as well. Maybe they also have a way of "editing out" the image of a real rose in his hand; at least from one person's point-of-view.

    No doubt this will be used to bring Jesus &/or UFOs to the 2012 Olympics.

    (And this is also probably "old tech" – I'd guess 20 years. The only thing new is the hand-following tech.)

  7. Ah yes finally! I been waiting on this! Lol

    I mean waiting for a article about it. I just wanted to see if Vigilant would ever post something about it.

    I'm a bit convinced that a event displaying holographic Gods, aliens, (whatever you want to call it) could be very real. Despite all the same old music junk, food, medicine etc this is the ONE thing that actually makes me nervous.

    We'll just have to wait and see!

  8. oh my goodness!

    theres this downloadable my computer class in my old school installed

    where theres a picture and when you put it in front of the smartboard projected theres a 3d image that comes out!!

    this is so creepy, perfect for peer manipulation….

  9. One more point – Why are people in the audience snapping pictures? Are the holographic images really going to show up on the film? Also notice how the rose casts no shadow on the table, but his hand does. Shadows may be the only way to discern the difference between a real object and a holographic representation.

  10. Notice how the demonstration begins innocently enough, then it takes an ominous term as the camo helicopter emerges from the inside of the castle (symbolic of castle programming?), then the three tanks come onto the scene. This company is certainly marketing its technology towards the government and military-industrial complex. I had heard of this technology years ago in relation to the fake alien invasion, but I was on the fence about it until I discovered that the fireworks at the Olympics in China were holograms and nobody present even realized it. I think I recall reading that it took them 6 weeks to get the graphics in sync with the sound. That's really not a lot of time. Get ready for the Olympics in 2012 – Jesus and the aliens might make an appearance!

      • I guess I shouldn't have referred to it as Castle Programming since it's just one building block of mind control. It is associated with Disney Programming where mirrors and castles are triggers for Monarch Programming. I recommend Fritz Springmeier's books so you can get a grasp of the many different types of programming and how it is used. You can certainly google video search his name and watch him speak, but the books are much more detailed.

      • Here's an excerpt I found about this: 'Spiritual castles (Grandfather, Father, Mother, and Grandmother castles) and spiritual temples (to Moloch and Baal etc.) are constructed internally.' You can read more by clicking this link:

        It details all the different types of programming triggers. Certainly worth a read.

    • While you're right about the chinese fireworks being digitally created, this was only done for the live broadcast. The fireworks that formed footprints were actual fireworks live at the event, but the firework team felt those watching at home wouldn't be able to get the full effect, so they digitally altered the display to be more impressive for the home audience. Just wanted to point that out because the prospect of them having digitally created the fireworks at the live event itself is a scary prospect that I wouldn't want anyone to believe was true unless it actually was. Just sayin.

  11. its pretty cool, but it takes deception to another level… this technology will do more harm then good especially if the military has or gets their hands on this.. What will b real? what will b fake? who knows, a fake terror attack, to again justify taking away our rights,.. so little we have anyway

    • This technology will be used to deceive believers world wide that the rapture is occurring, when in fact it will be staged. Those believers will lose hope and faith because they'll think they've been left behind, and will be duped into accepting the new world system. With this technology, a deception could take place on a way greater scale than ever before. I believe that they're still perfecting it so that when they plan to stage that massive world changing event (could be rapture, could be fake alien invasion), one wouldn't be able to tell whether it's a projected image or the real deal. Anyway, google Project Enoch and Project Blue Beam. Pretty interesting, and scary stuff.

  12. I remember a popular Alien sighting that was seen by citizens, the police, the news broadcasters etc..A documentary was made it airs all the time but the part I noticed but most wrote off, is that when the guy was giving his account of what happened he said something like I was waiting for the air craft to pass in front of the moon to get a better view but once it passed the moon he could still see the moon through the craft ! No one paid it any attention ! I caught it but at the same time once you listen to the rest of the accounts during a hour long doc you forget ! or do you ?

  13. It is amazing that humans can come up with this type of technology

    This type of technology can be used to trick us into believing situations that are not even real. The government can completely stage an event to make us believe that some awful tragedy is occurring. We would be scared out our minds, willing to submit to the government so they can help us and take care of us, however it is all fictional.

    What's even more scarier is: imagine what type of technology the government has that we do not even know about.

    • Yeas this is old there is a book with cathy Obrien from the 70’s and she stated they had this then and that was over 30 years ago. They held on to this for that one so imagine what they have been holding on to for the last 5-10-20 years…wow! Dangerous…they can make someone rob a bank, kill someone in real time with this (and have witnesses)…very bad!…


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