Police State Tactics at the G-20 (video)


The G-20 summit took place in Canada last year and that weekend will live in infamy as a time period where martial law set in the city of Toronto, leading to the most massive compromise of civil liberties in Canadian history. Observers claim that agent provocateurs were used to incite violence, giving a reason for police to beat down, arrest and detain (in horrid conditions) peaceful protesters. Here’s a documentary on the subject produced by CBC.

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48 Comments on "Police State Tactics at the G-20 (video)"

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those damn provocateurs. making these anarchists look bad but after all that is their job and from these comments, job well done i might say.

Since video has been removed from here, I found a link to a 2 hr docu on youtube.


thats right PSMO, those filthy whiners complaining about bankers stealing their money & jobs, locking down their city into a fortress, lying to their faces- HOW DARE THEY

The satanic godforce protecting the Illuminati.

call me a devil's advocate, but all this makes sense. Seeing how (to my knowledge) G20 is an international summit, and seeing how there is NOT WORLD PEACE, it was the best thing Canada could do. After all, who wants a bunch of complainers(no matter what you say, protesting IS complaining) babbling outside of an area where you attempt to fix bigger problems?

Think of it this way: you decide to use your house as a meeting place for some friends of yours that have drifted apart over the years, and you happen to have 3 pre-adolescent children. Would you let them interrupt your counseling your friends, or would you send them off to bed?

@PSMOkizzle………where's the thumbs down button???!!!!…….seriously, maybe you'd lock your children up in the closet with no food and water for making a fuss in front of your friends (because your friends are more important than your kids right?)… anyhow, you're missing the big picture here…and your take is…those people are complaining so let's shut them up???… what do you think the role of a government is (or at least supposed to be, because it's not)…it's supposed to be the slave to the people…it works for the people…it's not supposed to make decisions behind closed doors and if people don't agree with their choices they get shooed away (or even worse as we saw in the video)… get off the fluoride water buddy you're losing it…

Just finished the video. I can not ass much to the other posters in that the people should not let it happen and the fact that the canadians rights were thrown out for a 2 day concentration camp and it was allowed to happen is a sign of the future, but what saddens me is that you have the G20, political leaders, Mst are jerks, most are liers. Many will do things during the conference that is very illegal in Canada not just drugs but human traffiking and abuse on kids. The Canadian people, in Canada, breaking no laws at all get this "opps we were too brutal" treatment. The forign "leader" who just bought and did horrible things to a kid….diplomatic immunity and pretend it did not happen. Any country should protect it's own first.

It's also interesting how this incident once against confirms Milgram's social psychology experiment, where when you put people in position of great power, even "good" people end up becoming violent and brutal.

No doubt that there were some violent and militant protestors that deserved to be arrested, but my goodness — hitting and kicking and shooting at people sitting in a circle? That's ridiculous. Someone needs to be held accountable for sure. I don't necessarily agree with what these people protested for, but political brutality must absolutely be condemned.

I also found something interesting in the video — the police gas masks. I have been seeing it increasingly portrayed in music videos, including those of Asian pop stars. What is the message they're trying to send?

Gas masks – they are also predominately dispayed in a few of the armegeddon like artwork pieces which has been posted by VC: http://vigilantcitizen.com/?s=gas+mask Many other countries provide 'safe room's' in case of a biological attack, or the govt actually issues gas masks to the citizens: http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-3855283… I'm a huge chemtrail hater (admitted bias) – and can see the absolute potential (with ease) for a biological attack in the US. No one cares or pays attention to the fact that we are being sprayed on daily. And I don't say this to fear monger!!! So please forgive me if it seems so. But if you at all have a 'prepper' mindset, this should be a no-brainer. http://www.amazon.com/Israeli-Civilian-Mask-Nato-… They are cheap and provide some element of peace of mind. The rest is out of our control. Also duct tape and thick black construction plastic to mask off the windows/doors in case… Read more »

If one extends the "we don't know everything argument, one could guess that there might be gases that pass through that filter that the "shadow government" or whomever one wishes to demonize may have at hand. But then again, the thought that the "shadow government"'s plan still exists and every theory may be wrong would make people powerless and nihilistic.

“War and famine would not do. Instead, disease offered the most efficient and fastest way to kill the billions that must soon die if the population crisis is to be solved. AIDS is not an efficient killer because it is too slow. My favorite candidate for eliminating 90 percent of the world’s population is airborne Ebola (Ebola Reston), because it is both highly lethal and it kills in days, instead of years. “We’ve got airborne diseases with 90 percent mortality in humans. Killing humans. Think about that. “You know, the bird flu’s good, too. For everyone who survives, he will have to bury nine.” – Dr. Eric Pianka University of Texas evolutionary ecologist and lizard expert, showed solutions for reducing the world’s population to an audience on population control


I think the gas masks are if they're going to use tear gas… i can't think of any other logical explanation… though of course they are a little overly dramatic… i think psychologically it gives the police a feeling of superiority and a false feeling of invincibility as they get to hide behind the mask while they do all that brutality…it also gives them anonymity which gives the feeling that they can get away with more than what they normally could…. to me it almost dehumanizes them and they end up acting, well…less than humane…

This is bullshit!! Effin Pigs!! The s**t is about to hit the fan real soon, i mean on a global scale and right in front of us here in the states real soon… APEC is coming to Hawaii in the summer and I know the police are already starting to prepare…I only wish i had some kind of superpower of some kind, like Magneto or sum chyt, I would wreak havoc on those pig bastards!!!

Charlie Sheen comes from a family with a long history with the Roman Catholic Church.

Here's a good one about MK-ULTRA and Sirhan Sirhan.


how can you kick and use your baton against people sitting down in a circle?

wow this makes me so angry…and being from Toronto myself, I'm very dissapointed that nothing was really done about this entire thing…ok, one cop got arrested for assault, his chance of prosecution is probably slim to none….what's more dissapointing….considering these days the only thing people hit the streets for is when their favourite hockey/soccer team wins a game…or of course, the Santa parade…it's a wonder no one has that much spirit and emotion regarding our social state…not a peep about the ludicrous rise in gas prices (some might grumble behind closed doors but open their pockets like good boys and girls)…not a peep about the fraudulent economic breakdown we had, people politely handed their keys over when they were kicked out of unfairly foreclosed homes…and we're practically being molested at airports and all we do is quietly acquiesce until we have the noose around our necks… if they won't let… Read more »

Makes me sick .

where'd the violent elements from the protest come from? check out http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=va

Yup, I saw a lot of articles and pictures proving this also. And it's pretty obvious that these people were inciting violence. But a lot of people think your a crazy conspiracy theorist when you tell them this.


Just another example of selling your soul to the NWO, and problem reaction solution. People have to be waking up to this!!! I'd love to see the 'real' protesters come together and perform a citizen's arrest on the aggrevators. Unmask, ID and contain them.

People who think that the Black Bloc is entirely made up of police provocateurs are delusional. Black Bloc has been used as a tactic ever since the early eighties in Germany, and it spread through the world from 1999 on. I'm really sorry, but this stuff IS typical of conspiracy therory of the lamest sort. I'm not saying there are no police among the vandals, there COULD even be provocateurs among them, but the majority of the G20 Black Bloc was made of genuine anarchists of the insurrectionary tendency, who genuinely believe in corporate property destruction as a legitimate means of class warfare. It's belittling to these people to characterize them as mere idiots hellbent on mindless violence, but it is an outright insult to say they are cops. No people, what you call the New World Order, anarchists call the global capitalist system, and they are actually willing to… Read more »

It is not made up 'entirely' of police provocateurs, you are correct! But the police DO infiltrate. Sorry. The anarchist are just one group of the 'useful idiots' in promoting the NWO's agenda.


This link has a clip of police getting caught, and confronted in Canada a few years ago. I can start supplying much more one at a time (VC posting rules) if you would like. Even the anarchist are calling them out for crying out loud!!! And low and behold, the three other clips on this link were from Seattle (where I live) WTO proving police instigators has been removed from youtube. I realize that there are some hard core anarchist…, but they too are being used by TPTB. Sorry.

erh, yeah. I know, I was right there in Montebello, among the anarchist, calling the pigs out. It actually took forever for the union geezers to realize what was going on. But even then, these three goons were found out, but later that same day there was heavy fighting between protesters and the cops. A lot of rochs were actually thrown at the cops by anarchists and commies. This fighting was genuine, just as the property destruction in Toronto was genuine. You may find anarchists are "useful idiots"; we're of the opinion that conspiracy theorists are the ones filling that very role. In fact, you will find that these absurd theories draw much, much more attention on the Web than serious political analysis. As such, conspiracy theory is quantitavely and objectively a much more useful idiocy than anarchist direct action… Speaking of which, you can't seriously take your news or… Read more »
Alright Eric – not looking for a dust up!!! One of my dear friends is an anarchist and we banter all the time. I see his points, but I also disagree with some of them. I will admit I admire the conviction and passion!!! And wish more people possessed it! For reals. The group of 'useful idiots' is long…yes conspircay theorists/anarchists/socialist/communist/progressives….. and we are all being pitted against each other. Divide and conquer. Our energy should be focused on the system that is trying to enslave and control us is all I'm saying. There is a whole lot of peaceful & passive activisim that is necessary, to awaken the masses, and it is important to not act prematurely lest TPTB come down with ultimate force before we are ready. But the time will come for action. We are more on the same page than we are not, I hope. And… Read more »

i'm just curious. what is your standing? if we, the masses we're pitted against the elite tonight, jesus was late for the show or decided pass on the part, on which side of the barriers would you be? we all are cattle in their eyes idk bout you but i am not two legged animal nor is my three month old son or my mother and father and i will stand up to this with all my strength. if you had any sense you would not apply a term such as useful idiots to anyone who want nothing more then a better place to live for us all. you give the elite strength by belittling genuine freedom fighters. please pick a side

Hmm… that's why they are focuses on charlie sheen so much. It's a distraction from the final decisions they are making at the G20.

Yeah I've always wondered why the hell there is so much focus on Charlie Sheen. In my Opinion, (it's my opinion guys), Charlie Sheen is a has-been and the only somewhat decent movie I've seen him in was Wallstreet because I had to watch it for a school paper. I know now he does some show on TV, but he is old and not that attractive, and somewhat dug up out of no where as some sort of randomass distraction from what is happening. Especially when there is turmoil in the Islamic world due to uprisings and rebellions. The hell do we care about Charlie Sheen? At least in his movies in the 80s he looked decent, but now he is just some old crass guy with hella p**n stars and "supposedly" dealing with drugs. Why do I care if another celebrity has drug issues? So many celebrities have drug… Read more »

Ok everyone, let's stop ganging up on Olive Tree. We all have a right to have an opinion. Isn't this what this video is about after all? And let's not be distracted from the real point here. Which is, we're pretty much screwed. I live in Toronto, and I've talked to a lot of friends and co-workers about it, and they also believe that the police were right in what they did! Most people just don't get it, and it's because of those people that we will totally lose this war, once the elite decide to start it.

All I can say is I am absolutely appalled and disgusted by the events that took place in my own city.


I got a lil flack for my post yesterday

but I cannot possibly be the only person to see a shift here

yesterday there was a piece on alex jones, okay, I get it…

today there is a piece on one of alex's favorite topics from last year (I followed alex's coverage on it)


tomorrow we will be hoisting a big V in the air for "vigilant" right…

With all due respect Olive – the police state has been a long running area of exposure by VC, please browse some of his past articles and news postings if you need a refresher. I'm sorry that seeing it in 'real life' as opposed to a Beyonce video has raised your suspitions of the intent, but this is the world we live in. And just wanted to point out, this is the 'news' section.

Peace – I usually agree with you. Not today.

you are right, it is news

you are also wrong, it is not in the "news" section…

it is in the LATEST news section

not latest news sry

VC has a 'contact me' section. Try that instead of insulting him and his intentions. Or maybe go somewhere else if you are boggled down by suspicions. Just a thought. I haven't seen the documentary and I'm not sure when it was released. But I am excited to see it this afternoon, happy he has provided it, and consider it to latest news – relatively. It's all perspective. Have a good one!

Olivetree – Read "The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda in Pop Music" http://vigilantcitizen.com/?p=3306 – written on Feb 22nd 2010 – MORE THAN A YEAR AGO. Stop embarrassing yourself.

it was on tv here in lithuania although they showed it quite late at night so of course not many people saw this. anywayz i think it's kind of a step forward because ALL of our channels (even sports channels) are owned by politicians various shadowy business groups

"Observers claim that agent provocateurs were used to incite violence, giving a reason for police to beat down, arrest and detain (in horrid conditions) peaceful protesters."

That's a shocker…

Oh I've seen this before! I think Charlie Veitch went to Toronto to protest.

and by the way, I wonder what goes through the riot police's heads when they do it. Perhaps its a mob mentality? Because they are all together banging their batons against their shields, they don't think there is anything wrong with it? Personally if I was a police like this, I would of course be programmed to do my duty- but I do think at some point when civilians are screaming in pain, there would be a little voice of reasoning or intuition in the back of my head saying: Something here is not right. Does like, some police chief in their department threaten each policemen by pouring gasoline on their family and lighting them on fire? Personally, I don't get how someone could mindlessly spray pepper spray in people's faces, or shoot rubber bullets at people on the street without any reasoning. I understand how fear can provoke people… Read more »

Its a psychological technique that they use to brainwash these

men who will carry out the various attacks, assault, etc…

These techniques were also used during the Holocaust in Germany.

That is how they manipulate these people to do the things

that they would like to achieve. Its sad because i can see

them using one of my family members against me.

I live in Canada and I am ashamed that i was not aware of

these happenings because the media never talked about. My

deep condolences go to the people who were deprived of their

democratic rights during this event.

Great post as always VC. Seems like everything that's going on in the world is coming to boiling point. Natural and Man-mad disasters continue whilst government are pushing forward even more so now to get their agendas across.

made* 🙂

I live in Toronto and I was there.

Let me be clear – this was a pilot launch by the ruling elite. They needed to prove that their Orwellian police state can work in a diverse mega city like Toronto.

I saw young girls (15 or so) being pulled by the hair and slammed into concrete before being thrown into a 'police van' that screeched away to some make-shift holding camp they set up. There were 'free speech' zones, and cops in FULLY military gear.

Those terrible few days proved something very important to the ruling elite.

Not only can they logistically achieve their police state…the police AND the people are completely okay with it. (I dont give a f**k about civil proceedings or the cases against the cops, thats just to make people say 'okay there is justice' save ur breathe u retards)

We are like the frog in the water…and its heating up!

People constantly say things like "slippery slope… frog in the water… some day… yada,yada,yada"

The truth is that fascism is already here and has been operating for quite some time. Folks just keep clinging onto some foolish hope that maybe… just mayyyyybeeeee it hasn't. It has. I'm like everyone else in having "hope" but hope is a fools game with these bastards. Leave the cities and prepare yourselves for the inevitable. Don't make it easy for them to lay hands on you.

…umm the frogs been in the water for decades, its about boil and thats my point.

Like…actually boil.

welcome to the future!

Hope is only found in the salvation of Yahsh'ah Hamashiah.

These "Police Officers" seemed to be designed by Boston Dynamics – and respect to MP for pointing out that the smokescreen about the officers being "investigated" is just that – a smokescreen. There seemed no human emotion from these Machines – when one cannot distinguish between the level of threat posed by an elderly man with one leg as oppose to an actual violent perpetrator then it is merely a robotic response to a situation. Going on to the "vandals" – they seemed to know exactly what they were doing and dressed in such a way to blend in but enough for their friends in the Police Force to recognise them; and how convenient that damage was allowed to be caused before the police stepped in. The police presence was there to create the tension; the "vandals" were there to create the problem. When you couple this with the Police… Read more »