Police Brutality at Wall Street Protests


The “Occupy Wall Street” protests have been happening for over ten days and mass media are still pretty much ignoring the massive event. Despite the fact that the gatherings are overwhelmingly peaceful, several cases of police brutality and mass arrests have been reported. Do you expect anything else from the NYPD, which recently got an “unprecedented” donation of 4.6 million dollars from JP Morgan & Chase to “pay for 1,000 new patrol car laptops, as well as security monitoring software in the NYPD’s main data center”.

To those who say “I don’t see why they’re protesting” and “if you ask them, they don’t even know why they’re protesting”: I agree that some of the protesters might not be great at putting into words the reason of their protest.  Maybe the problem is so massively obvious that putting it into a few words to fit news report clip is rather difficult. If you’d ask me, I’d say that they’re protesting against the incredible power of major banks on a democracy that is supposed to be “by the people, for the people”. Some might disagree with the protesters and others might even call them “goddamn hippies” BUT freedom of speech and freedom of gathering are guaranteed by the Constitution and are staples of a healthy democracy. If these rights are “encouraged” in places like Libya and Egypt but violently repressed a few miles from the Statue of Liberty…well there’s some major hypocrisy going on here.

Here’s a video summing up the protests and the unnecessary brutality surrounding them.

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Well the cop that shot David Leclair of Aylmer Quebec, has been charged again, Pierre-François Blais og gatieau police county faces charges against the police act ranging from assault to writing a false report and torturing a man in his custody by turning on the car heater in the middle of August to make him suffocate.

The cop that shot David Leclair in town county of Gatineau, Quebec has been charged again for the 3rd time in less than 3 years. Pierre-François Blais of Gatineau police is to appear on trial at the ethics disciplinary committee for 2 other different incidents. Hearings will be held in April 2016 and June 2016 on these 2 separate incidents.

i came across this, and I thought it was funny, two of the elites favorite man puppets Russel Simmons and Mr. Kanye West (sarcasim) were sent to "join" and support the cause. read the article, cause it goes from funny to wow this is an insult to the protest and a big slap in the face. here's a quote from the article. Russell Simmons appears to confirm this with a condescending tweet: "I just walked @kanyewest thru the #occupywallstreet. I love how sweet and tolerant he was to the crowd Condenscending? really that wasn't condenscending that was an insult, allow me to translate, "I just walked thru the protest and I'm surprised that kanye isn't flipping out on the less important 99% of america who don't get an allowance from our owners, and to think I was going to get a kick out of this." <a>[UPDATE] Happening Now: Kanye West… Read more »

All I can say is that Elite IS AFRAID of us right now! That's why it has so low media coverage…

Police brutality is on the rise everywhere in north america, the following case shocked Canada's nation capital when a Gatineau cop assaulted a 73 year old woman and then killed her son. A Gatineau cop violated a man's Charter rights when he shot and killed him in 2008, according to a litany of charges filed under Quebec's Police Act. On June 29, 2011 — one day past the three-year anniversary of David Leclair's death and just five days after the Leclair family launched a $430,000 civil suit against the officer and the city — the province's police ethics commissioner slapped mall cop Pierre-Francois Blais with 10 charges. Though he remains on active duty, he was unreachable for comment Wednesday. "It'll never bring David back, it never should have happened to begin with," Leclair's sister, Donna told the Sun Wednesday. She is still pressing for a public inquiry into her brother's… Read more »
I live on the East Coast of Southern Africa and until recently there lived a people here (Homo Sapiens like you and I) who owned nothing. Read my lips – Nothing! They found all they needed in the rock pools at low tide and when their teeth wore out from crunching shells they died. Now I really feel for you Americans, you are going through a tough time and the toughness comes from that huge gap between what you have and nothing. Nothing for most of you is a long way down and it makes you fearful. Wake up to the fact that you are currently consuming eighty percent of the worlds resources and it all boils down to that old adage, "the more you eat the more you s**t". If you really want to get to the so called "elite" here is how it works: DON'T BUY THEIR S**T!… Read more »

I'm surprised I'm the only who 'liked' this comment

Alot of people are saying this protest isn't real, but it has been staged by the left. The Wall Street Banksters. but I disagree. I think what is happening is that they along with the media are sending some people to these protests. That girl on this video, Gonzalez, is one of them imo. I saw her on another video in You Tube being interviewed and right at the end of the clip, where she is saying goodbye to the woman who was asking her questions throughout, she shot the same Illuminiti hand sign that David Rockefeller has flashed. I don't like this woman, she seems quite full of bad energy to me. Not too long after I saw her in on You Tube, a fever startted all over the internet that Soros is behind this whole event. I feel the left is doing this to confse people and to… Read more »

Goddamn hippies!! hahahah Had to laugh when I read that, made me think of South Park.. 🙂

everyone start writing on any dollar bills you use.

write small simple messages, sharpie markers etc….

NO wars, NO Poverty, No hunger.

rise and rise again, until lambs become lions

"shady records was 80 seconds away from the Towers, then cowards fukd with the wrong building, they meant to hit ours"

cannabis is the only thing left to save the world….Food, Medicine, Fuel, paper, clothes, 100% safe for environment and humans.


"What They did not want you to ever find out is that your generation, the generation born between 1980-1995, actually outnumbers the Baby Boomers. They knew that if you ever turned your eye towards political reform, you could change the world. They tried to keep you sated on vapid television shows and vapid music. They cut off your education and fed you brain candy. They took away your music and gave you Top Ten pop stations. They cut off your art and replaced it with endless reality shows for you to plug into, hoping you would sit quietly by as They ran the world. I think They thought you were too dumb to notice. Indeed, I thought They had won. But I watched you occupy the capital of Wisconsin. I see you today as you occupy Wall Street. And I see a spark, a glimmer of the glorious new age… Read more »

That was beautiful…

remember , this is what they want. they want you to make the first move in a rioting aspect so they can take charge. the actions of police are getting worse and worse in trying to provoke said event. do not retaliate. make them fully show they are in the wrong by pushing and going to far , because when it finally breaks, military will hit the streets and never leave again. main stream media is TOLD how to handle it and will always show them in a good light, buy video cameras and keep them rolling. they can't get everybodies.

Christina Gonzalez summarized it so perfectly. Also, if they plan to do one in LA, then we should deinitely do one over here in DC, the main source.

F**k that s**t, Im not protesting and getting arrested for beating the s**t out of a cops because you know damn well they are saying s**t to rile up the groups, just so they have an excuse for one protester "like myself" to flip out.

My good friend works at the federal reserve and the protesters have been there since the 23rd of sept and the media have not even ONCE mentioned the protesters. They are friendly, non combative and mindful of the people around them but Chicago police have made it an issue to treat ANYONE protester or not with hostility.

It's going down in NYC right now. Crazy stuff. But it's all about getting people to accept the global economic system

Here's an article about how this is all headed to the Mark of the Beast economic system. And even Hollywood is helping to prep society not to just accept it, but to really want it.


Funny how the supposed "Tea Party" protests were so covered and they only had around 25 to 30 people. Very telling about what is really covered by the media.

Hahaha I am glad these people got their asses beat. They should not provoke police and the cry later making the police out to be bad guys. Plus these protesters don't give a s**t about anyone but themselves. They protest their selfish agendas most of the time.

Oh look, someone who works at Wall Street come to make us nostalgic for the dislike button.

Prophesy cannot be stopped.

This is another "elite controlled" event, to instill order. Just as the Arab spring, and so many other historical uprisings were, to instill order. It just looks so phony. The women crying at the beginning of the video just looks set up and fake. What is the point? Will this stop greed? Will the traders throw money out of the windows to the protestors? Most trading and banking is done via computers so far away from Wall Street. Has gambling ever been an honored way to make money? Is this a surprise to anyone? Yet, it is how the elites control the world economy. Why is this happening now? There may be lack of media attention to prevent attracting more "real" people to the protest and make it uncontrollable. Though, I am sure there are "real" good-hearted people there. VC had an excellent article on how to effect peaceful change… Read more »

americanmom…..You are so right!! Its the start of "ORDER OUT OF CHAOS". They are generating this whole thing and everyone seems to be falling for it. Why in hell should we go to those that are beating us and ask them to bandage our wounds, IT MAKES NO SINCE!! We can create our own communities, grow our own food, build our houses. We can live as a collective without them. NOW THAT IS WHAT THEY FEAR!! They laugh at this because we fall for it hook, line, and sinker!

Sounds like it might be time to return to a barter system. Remove the power of the fiat currency as much as we can.

Not surprised even a little bit. This is the same crap Bloomberg, whom is also incidentally the richest New Yorker of all as well as a man who bought himself a law change to get a third term, and Raymond Kelly always pull. The NYPD has done some unforgivable things under these two, including the mass arrests of THOUSANDS at the Republican National Convention a few years ago and shooting an unarmed man 30 times. These two are what happens when you give sell-outs power and there's some very dark things I could say about the truth of New York city.

And sadly, much to the media's delight, people are still too dim to realize that the mainstream media can't be trusted and don't deserve the wealth and prestige they've been enjoying.

There we go! POWER TO THE PEOPLE! 'you don't know you're wearing a leash if you sit by the peg all day'

Every watch fire ants take on an elephant. That is the secret to beating them.

Be the ant.

The fight is the first step. Once you take a stand, a transformation occurs and you begin to see outside the walls of your prison, as well as inspire others.

These tyrants can only rule by consent. Don't consent, and they have nothing to rule. If they wanted to kill all, they quickly would have done so by now. What they want is mental, spiritual and physical slaves. They are weak beings because they think that the secret to immortality is worship.

What they don't realize that the secret to immortality is love and heart power.