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Plato’s Allegory of the Cave – How Man is Controlled (video)



Probably truer today than it ever was.



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I believe that the allegory may be used as a tool to mind control too.

If you actually believe that have been illuminated and others are still in the cave, blind and confused.

Probably, some artists think they have reached some high level of spiritual, mental and physically


I think I have just figured out what it's all about the videoclip by Hurts – Illuminated.


MATT10:14 – And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear your words, when ye depart out of that house or city, shake off the dust of your feet.


Thanks to Vigilant for posting this. It's astounding how much humanity today parallels those slaves stuck in the cave, so habitually ingrained in the existence that's been forced upon them that they refuse to accept anything that challenges their perception of reality. It pains me how many times I try to raise awareness about what's happening to our society, and I know the information is falling on deaf ears because they either dismiss it outright or just don't give a shit. I can't really blame them either, because I had the same apathetic response whenever my brother tried sharing the same type of knowledge with me. They're so conditioned to these aspects of life that society indoctrinates us to believe are all that's important, the shadows on the wall, that they wouldn't recognize the truth even if they had the capacity to understand its significance for mankind. What's probably the biggest obstacle to enlightening others is getting them to spiritually awaken, to care about themselves and everyone around them enough to search for the truth and share it with anyone they can. Once more and more people care enough to research and discover what's really going on for themselves, then… Read more »


dude everytime people come out of the cave they are mislead and lied to (alex jones david icke jordan maxwell u cant trust anybody now a days. everytime i buy a good conspiracy theory book the authors are crediting each other. its more than just a matter of coming out of the cave when u cant trust the man who leads you out 80% of the time


Just beautiful.. That short little animation with its soothing narrator has a strange ability to bring peace to the heart whilst dealing with this issue that we all seemed to be so concerned with. Ignorance, truth, awakening, how to get by in this insane world.. Thankyou for sharing this, what a good find! I just LOVE it x x x x x x x


when trying to tell other people about this stuff you have to be careful you can offend or upset people as your claiming to have knowledge the knew nothing about this makes people feel stupid & theyre ego defences go up remember most people are stupid but they are not the 1s too worry about its the purposefully ignorant that will really despise you as your threatening to rock the boat leave the ignorant but help the stupid they will listen if you put it in an entertaining way youll be surprised at how much people will take in if your smart about how you deliver the information think bill hicks & george carlin use satire like carlins "we like war" eg Im almost past caring what other people think of me I have my own journey. good tip buy charity shop clothes you feel much better helping kids as opposed to exploiting them. ps I did a stand up gig if anyone wants to check it out utube stevensonjames26 my first stand up.

I love you all & theres nothing you can do about it


Forcing someone to believe an idea, fact or notion just as you do is a form of mental rape. One can't force another to think as they would want unless they want to enslave another. So many so called "Christians" do this or other fanatics. Their theory is,"if you don't believe as I do, I will beat you into submission – because my belief is obviously more correct /superior than yours which is inferior". Knowledge takes time like a child learns to crawl and then walk or gurgle then speak. Greater minds from Copernicus to Galileo to Sojourner Truth to Martin Luther King to Bob Marley have spoken many people of their time thought they were mad, crazy or should pipe down and keep their mouth shut and wait. Each person is responsible for themselves and each must pay the price, bear the cross of their beliefs. That is the mystery of life. We all live in caves and it is up to us to climb the stair case with a guide hopefully loving but none the less we still have the choice or not to get out of the cave. A wise teacher doesn't beat a novice into submission… Read more »






I'm soo happy and delighted to see this !!!!!!!!!!!!!


Weeping and gnashing of there teeth has begun, they are pissed now that there illusions are no longer working on alot of people and the masses are waking up to there lies on every level. They will stop at nothing to hold on to thousands of years of power they have had, the final and end result of this system will be ugly, even angles shudder.


Thanks so much for posting this! Awesome – and the symbolism in the illustrations is amazing and insightful. I wrote an analysis of this after watching it. You can read it here:

masons will not prev

We are each called to live a sacrificial life in that we lay down our very lives for one another. Who else is God going to be able use to reach others? He has to use someone. We are not blessed to be a blessing for ourselves, but to bless others.



We are not under any obligation to tell the truth. The truth is available for all.We all have a responsibility to seek out the truth.

The cave dwellers are free to leave anytime they want (there are no bars at the entrance).They choose not to because they are content with their surroundings and see no reason to leave.

We tell the truth not because we are under obligation, but because of love for the truth and compassion for our fellow man in ignorance.

John 3.19 – And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.


Right on Ge! Definitely true. Ultimately you can't force someone to leave the cave if they don't want to, but we can try to encourage them and support them to decide to leave for themselves. Ultimately you have to venture outside of the cave and can not live your life standing right outside of it afraid to let people stay inside if they want to otherwise you are a still a slave to the confines of the cave, except you are outside of it. So we choose to stay by the cave to encourage and help those inside, but we have to maintain a balance in our lives and not be emotional drained by the fact that others may refuse to leave it. We are infinite beings and have the right to make some wrong choices if we wish. It's all a balancing act in the end between doing too much and not doing enough to help others.


One of my favorite quotes, from one of my favorite books… "Prophets and inspired people are always considered by the majority to be mad." — Flatland I like what a few of you have said. It is the duty of those who are enlightened to reach out with compassion, love, and understanding to those who are in the dark. Through this we will be ridiculed and considered crazy. But the message we share, the truth, is more important than what people think of us. I'd rather put myself on the line, to be able to share these things that those in the dark may never encounter, than keep it to myself because of what they might think of me. If we love others we should look out for them cause we might be the only ones who can see what is transpiring. And we have to not get upset or become judgemental either (something I have to be careful of myself) because really these people just don't know better. We always should keep that in mind. Reach out to others in love, compassion and understanding always. We can't shove these ideas down their throats, that doesn't work. Trust me, I… Read more »


Do I risk death to free my prisoned friends or continue basking in light? The kind of light everyone should be free to enjoy.


look, we have the obligation to "enlighten" our people, but we have to do it the right and most intelligent way: 1.NOT talk about religion, it is just a too personal matter and no matter what the bible says, everyone has the right to have it's own spiritual belief system. believe me, i was talking serious stuff with some people, but as soon as i mentioned satan and jesus i lost them, they just think its fiction so leave it as it is. most people haven't read the bible and won't do it, especially if you come and tell them to do so. when you encounter a more spiritual person you will notice and will be able to talk with, but please, try to leave it alone. The same with aliens, ufos, illuminatis, crazy symbols, mind control puppets, etc. 2. Start with the most tangible, everyday stuff. There are serious reports about health policies for example: the h1n1 vaccine shot and it's side effects, or perhaps things that are happening within your communit and you don't agree with. Or the nature of the federal reserve, for that you have alex jones "the obama deception" just come one day and ask… Read more »


I agree. It is our obligation to inform and it is so very hard to do so. What such organizations are you referring to? I would love to check them out as long as they aren't tied to any church or religion. It only impedes progress as you said.


what he is talking about are organizations such as the organic consumers association

this organization literally FORCES congress to do something !!

they have accomplished so much in just a few years

for example, this organization raised awareness of monsanto growing illegal beet crops, and guess what ?

The federal court sopped them.

P from the D

What groups/organizations protest these things?? This is the only resource I know of where people get together and discuss these isssues. I have no idea where anyone else in the world is who feels like I do. I talk about this at work sometimes, but never get too deep and no one ever can carry a conversation with me.


that organic consumers association is an example, i can't tell you exactly which organizations there are in your country because i'm from another. but people here can organize themselves according to a cause. so each and everyone of us has to stick to a specific cause and search for the organization that supports it. iin a big country like yours there must be THOUSANDS. what happens is that they make us believe that we are to small and wak to go agaisnt a system but it is key that evreyone does SOMETHING as little as it appears.

f its public health, media, or just plain protesting for something that is going to happen. this is a web inciative which i found interesting
one person can't change evereything, but we have to get organized.

P from the D

Thanks, Maria, but how do you know what country I'm from? lol. Just wondering. My problem is, that in my community, I wouldn't know where to find a group or even what group I would want to join or search for. Say for instance public heath and I want to protest against the drug companies and the drugs they prescribe like the ones Vigilant talked about. How would I do that? Or the Food Industry and what they put in our food..?


you will have to find out fot yourself, you are in front of a computer. i keep responding to you with a webpage that has calendars of protest around the world, protest on diverse issues, but the owner of this page keeps deleting it. i don’t trust this page anymore, i believe its objective is to scare us and make us feel alienated. im grateful for the info i got but i got a great feeling that its just a tool of the same system that it appears to critizise.


We went over the parable of the cave in my world history class. According to my teacher, the people in the cave represent society and the freed man represents some kind of enlightened man or philosopher. It is the “philosopher’s” duty to educate society, but he also risks his life because they’ll think he’s crazy, or a higher power will hunt him down for sharing his knowledge. I think I have a good history teacher.


We believe in what we see, or what we are used to, not knowing the truth behind everything.


In my English Lit course, we had to read this too. The first time I read this, I knew it seemed familiar. And now I know why: It's a symbol of what our world is at the moment. I've felt exactly what that "freed caveman" felt like. To be ridiculed and called "insane" and be preferred to psychiatrists because I had broken free from the tyranny of false lies. Even my own parents and best friends believed I was going insane when I tried to tell them.

To this day, I still wonder if it would be better to have broken free and know the truth … or to be in a blissfully happy world full of lies. Which is better?


Plato compares the idea of having no understanding of the outside environment surrounding the cave; these prisoners have become ignorant and powerless. All they see in the cave is all that they have to base their judgment and knowledge off of. The shadows on the wall that imitate different entities hold significant power, even if they are just mere puppets, because the prisoners have no frame of reference to base these shadows off of. Plato’s understanding of the cave is that when people allow themselves to live in the dark, they cannot become enlightened to anything else. Living in the cave has made it so that it is acceptable to assume that how we see things is really how they are; shackled prisoners have accepted that the cave holds truth to all of life and humanity. Unable to move from their shackles or turn their heads, they have succumbed to the darkness of which has been presented to them. Plato theorizes that the prisoners are no different from the people who are free, but rather, they commonly all rely on emotion, rather than reason. When Plato is able to leave the cave, he rationalizes his time spent there. He notes… Read more »

Oscar :)

Oscar likes this.✌


Nothing will ever compare to philosophy. A lot of Plato's arguments are flawed, but I do admire his allegories and similes as a way of representing to us what we so plainly fail to realize. The allegory of the cave is a concise way of representing society, I suppose. The slaves are a symbol of society, as they are so dimly lead by the shadows which they consider to be "real" as that is what the elite have restricted us to see. Obviously, if any of you have ever tried to tell your family and friends about the illuminati, you would have heard "you're crazy!" or even suffered the ridicule of being laughed at. This is because the people you love, are in fact, those slaves. It's not so simple to pull these people away from what they are accustomed. In my eyes, you're either born with sceptisism or not. It can be obtained (as the slave that was freed suddenly gained the knowledge of experience, seeing the varying stages of reality) but I suppose that takes some sort of time or epiphany. Alas, the freed one (or the philosopher, if you like) will always be ridiculed in the eyes… Read more »

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