Pics from Rihanna’s Show: All About Police State and Transhumanism


Here are some pics taken from Rihanna’s concert in Montreal, Canada on August 7th. The themes that have been described in the article The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda were present in full force and then some.

^ Rihanna surrounded by militaristic figures. Notice the emphasis on one eye on the soldiers.

^ Rihanna sitting on the cannon of a tank wearing a Mickey Mouse hat was described in The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda  as a very symbolic scene in the video titled Hard. The importance of that symbol seem to have been reckognized as Rihanna re-enacts it in all of her shows. Sitting on a phallic cannon, Rihanna wears a Mickey Mouse hat which symbolizes mind control.

^ Backup dancers with “added” robotic parts. A tribute to transhumanism.

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176 Comments on "Pics from Rihanna’s Show: All About Police State and Transhumanism"

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Hollywood is going to hell(Literally). Everyone will give account to the living God one day.

visit this site whether if your an unbeliever or believer in him. It has a lot of interesting scriptures to read.

i saw this in the newspaper… rihanna said, quote, “… in my lyrics, there are messages… they are not literal, but more symbolic…”
… enough said.


OMG!!!!!!! That's something

I tell you guys one thing Rihanna,Beyonce,Jay-Z,Kayne and others I will not support as well as Oprah & Tyra Banks.

She's got a case of severe camel toe happening……… !!

Sweet Lord, what are we to do?

WTF.. look at that last picture.. those are either 2 transexuals or 2 crossdressers.. *pukes* I'm losing respect for all people who goto these concerts… *facepalm x100*

Of course the military symbolism is obvious, but it seems more obvious to see it as standard militarism (which admittedly isn't a good thing either).

Also, many people want to make themselves seem tougher, and military symbolism is one way there.

Maybe the last pic symbolises the "as above as below"?

WOW MY FREND, THE REALIST, IT IS PEOPLE LIKE YOU WE CALL THE BLIND SHEEP. YOU SHOULD REALLY ACCEPT JESUS AS YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR, and pray to god that he takes the scales off your eyes, .. I could already hear you saying, “I DON’T HAVE SCALES ON MY EYES, YOUR CRAZY” LOL…its koo brothah I been there, done that.. just remember to be open, and seek the truth for the truth shall set you free..

Sorry to break the news to u, the realist, amen was first used by the lord our god and creator, after all he created us humans, just by simpy speaking it, with words lol, u dnt believe me it says so in the bible, the bible is gods word, , denying it simply means yoour calling god a liar.. wow wouldn't want to be you.. anyways, amen is a solemn affirmation of TRUTH, a special word that we can use whenever we have said, or heard something that is TRUE before GOD.. that being said, "AMEN-RA" being created AFTER GODS creation, probably was even named by his parents knowing that AMEN means truth,, its a probability, but duh, it can be common sense if u have common, sense… amen was created before egyptians sir.. I know of parents naming their children names because it means somethhing, usually good.. cmon mayne… Read more »

@ thechosenone

thanks for that quote!

You should have posted the pic of the sex gesture she did with the microphone.

It's easy for us to "choose a side", rather than open ourselves to the understanding that there is only one truth…and we simply cling to different perspectives. These perspectives are based on our experiences, our environment, and by our families. When I first became familiar with the information on this site…I admittedly went through some adjustments in thought. As always, I came to the question "why?"…"what is the purpose?". The answer I received was subtle and yet so powerful…regardless of people's intention or belief, ultimately, their experience will bring them to LOVE.


The music industry gets dirtier and dirtier as time passes.

walk by faith not by sight…if u truly believe illuminati is real..then so be it..cause i believe it although i doesnt much know about it….kinda weird ey…but mental people doesnt know they are mentally disoder….think about it….drunk people dont know if they are drunk..^^

And people who take the scribes of the the bible literally don't know they're were parables (fable, tall tales) spoken metaphorically at that given era in time not as a pretense of what's to come.

@Vigilant, as always, very informative and great exposure of the wickedness we live among! In Jesus' Precious Name, may God bless you for your 'vigilance' indeed, to His Glory. Amen. @what, it sounds as though you are either a wicked shill or dumb sheeple, either way, you're dead wrong. This occult symbology in our world is obvious to those who are awakened to the TRUTH, and whether or not you believe the TRUTH, it is Sovereign and does not require your acquiescence, it is self-Governing, self-Sustaining and self-Fulfilling. Rhianna is a sex-slave of satan as she herself claims she is a "good girl gone bad", if you won’t even accept their “OWN” admissions of their darkness as evidence to their demonic inclinations, you are in a matrix of which you know nothing about, you are asleep to the reality of this life and sleeping on a battlefield in the middle… Read more »

Amen and God Bless you, you are just one of the many who are Awake and know truth. Your comment holds power. "For where the word is , there is power"

Hi ~Dawn~. Enjoyed your post. But allow me to point out a couple things I noticed while reading it. I noticed when you were speaking of the "devil" you said that "we cannot expect much more than pyramids with “evil” eyes in the center of them, he is cunning but not very creative". Why do you think pyramids are symbols of evil yet after you bless "the vigilant citizen" you end it with Amen? In my opinion, that appears to be contradictory being that Amen is first said in Egypt (B.C.) in honor to Amen-Ra which is whose "eye" atops of the pyramid. And being that you say it more than once it appears that you're given praise to both the god of Egypt and the king of Jews.

It's kind of hard to take it seriously when you see pink weapons. It's like the barbie military or something.

Hi Vigiant, I had come across a book from the site and he mentions a whole LOT about the 13 bloodlines , from what I've read there is so much more insight as to what you display on this sight , I want to know why it is so? and why dont you get more deeper into things other than exposing symbols and puppets? Also do you know about the types of dis-information agents? SPOON-FEEDER AGENT – Someone who dribbles out legitimate information, this is often done to build up a person's credentials (bona fides). Lots of the people who are pretending to expose the NWO are spoon-feeder agents who provide a little new information, tons of already known secrets, and sprinkle in a measure of disinformation for added fun. Generally spoon-feeders increase their percentage of disinformation once they gain respectability. There are very few people really exposing anything of… Read more »

The worst part about it is that people tend to trust in the feeder for providing logical arguments and backing everything up with fact, until the disinfo kicks into high gear and the feeder just starts blandly asserting wild things that everybody who trusts them just eats up.

That's my point exactly! Everyone enjoys this site (I admit…me too) but my problems lies when people place enjoyment over rationality and become gullible to everything they read instead of questioning it then becoming hypocritical by making statements such as "the music stars along with their fans are blind sheep" when they too are blindly following the vigilant citizen because they automatically believes and any information they're disposed to eat up.

Don't believe me….. read post #54.

I totally agree , I am the type of person who questions things, not because I want to prove things wrong but because I would like to know more about whatever it is that intrests me I tend to judge things on my own perspective and find people with similar views and opinions. And not just go with whatever is being said and put out there for everyone to believe.

Wonder if it will happen here…… well we will have to wait and see 🙂

All i will say is what happened to the days of innocent music videos which really meant what the artist sang about…. the running in fields , and two lovers videos…. unfortunately in the world today, people are too naive , to notice that we all being sucked into the world of mind control…. after all all the secret societies promise you is wealth, so why wouldnt all these artists give up everything to be famous , and popular…. only the next generation of youngsters , will adopt this : nude wearing videos, and meaningless sense of music, and in the process be trapped in a world they didnt bargain for…..

anyway God gave us free will, but some of us need to wake up and smell the coffee…..

Rhianna another fool getting in the way of real talented musicians, people need to explore all the tonns of good music out there that will open your heart,mind and ears.

Ps JZ was a pimp before he hit the charts now hes a pop music pimp instead lol


Please do everybody in this world a favor , and refrain from ever posting again. I feel sorry for the people that have to be around you.

In stead of instructing "what?*" to refrain from what you consider to be true. Wouldn't it be easier just to provide proof of mickey mouse's ear meaning mind control from different sources such as: Disney, Psychologist, Psychiatrist, etc.? That way the knowledge you have wouldn't be considered "occult".

Who are these idiots?

Ok, i was hoping more mind-blowing lies but you left people short…

Yeah, like people's gonna eat that fairytale that mickey mouse's ears mean mind control.

I believe it. The whole Disney corporation has been mid-raping people for years. They are associated with the occult in every possible way.

you can't open everyones eyes to the truth so there is no sense in arguing with them.

I agree with you you can't open everyone's eyes and there is still many people blind and confused. I would like for Vigilant to do an article on one of the biggest "Occults" scientology. I recently checked out a long list of celebrities following it.

When you say "Occults" what exactly do you mean?

I think it is a play on the words 'Occult' (Supernatural affairs; To cover or hide from view; To dissimulate, conceal, or obfuscate; Secret; hidden from general knowledge; undetected; Related to the occult; pertaining to mysticism, magic, or astrology; Esoteric) and 'Cults' (a religion or sect that is generally considered to be unorthodox, extremist, secretive, false, or exclusive).

That is, an 'occult cult'. I suppose, given that they have similar etymology that such a phrase is redundant, but whatever.

With the given definitions that would make every religion; muslim, christianity, catholicsm, judiasm, hinduism, wiccan, mormanism, lutheranism, so on so forth a cult right? Being that all are considered unorthodox, have extremist views on what they believe, contain false doctorine (every one can't possible be wrong or right), and all have documented members which could be considered secretive. And since secretive is something that defines occult it would fall under the same category.

Yeah, to argue really defeats the purpose because of the emotions associated with the act of arguing such as anger and bitterness. But opening someone's eyes to the truth other than your own should be doing in an free-thinking, open communicating manner in which both parties agree to disagree until there's solid proof of what either party is referring to. Because from what I read in the bible when people disbelieved God and Jesus they provided proof not just word of mouth.

Yeah, to argue really defeats the purpose because of the emotions associated with the act of arguing such as anger and bitterness. But opening someone’s eyes to the truth other than your own should be doing in an free-thinking, open communicating manner in which both parties agree to disagree until there’s solid proof of what either party is referring to. Because from what I read in the bible when people disbelieved God and Jesus they provided proof not just word of mouth. On the contrary, I'd 'argue' that arguing is a noble pursuit both because of its historical (Greek, Helenistic) origins in advancing humanity and because it opens the door for meaningful communication. The misuse of argument is, of course, always a bad thing and usually rooted in anger or bitterness. Do you need proof to argue? Arguing is more or less a logical expression of opinion more than anything… Read more »

In your post you state "Arguing is more or less a logical expression of opinion more than anything else and I think that personal experience or historical events are sufficient for arguments (i.e. proof by example). In fact, I would go so far as to say that a valid argument is proof in-and-of-itself if the conclusion follows from the premises & the premises can be verified". My question is if there's historical events (for example) and the premises can be verified, isn't that what proof is by definiton? So one could argue all day that the sky isn't a shade of blue and have a sufficient argument for it but it doesn't change the fact that it is a variation of the color blue.

masonic symbolism in terror and contrived disasters

I hope you guys can get it from this one…

@Winston Smith

OMG that shiz was off the chain. WOW!! that video was omg and the dancing. PEOPLE PLAESE WHAT THIS NO DEVIL WORSHIPING IN THIS VIDEO… or Like Winston Smith said Debi Nova's Drummer boy on youtube great singing and dancing.

Like Beyonce and her police state vid, and like gaga and her vids, she is grotesque.

For a great vid and song with no illuminati BS, see Debi Nova's "Drummer Boy." It's just a great tune, and beautiful people dancing in nature.

But the lowest common denominator of society keeps elevating this crap.

Rihanna is one cold hearted evil devil worshiping bytch. She teamed up with Eminem to make that song/video being the evil people that they are to get people to remember aledges DV last year. Now which I understand Eminem is in that devil worshiping also and he too is an abuiser. These people think evil is good, and good is bad. Please do an article on Eminem. Rihanna becomes the child of Satan when something not going well so she brings up her alledge attack with Chris Brown. She and Jay Z took that route to save her career Satan that is. Have anyone seen video or pictures of Rihanna always holding her p***y now this also when she becomes the Child of Satan.

If you're "Anti-Satan" then, what religious preset do you follow?

@ the realist.. I also grew up south baptist and I will agree that we tend to follow our parents footsteps in what we believe. But there always comes a breaking point. A time which a decision has to be made to follow or to search. I made the same decision as you. And I found my proof in many occasions. Experiences I have seen and had. I am actually comfortable with many religions. My friends are very diverse and come from all religious realms. I have been to 17 countries to date so I would definitely say I have seen more than most, in many different surroundings other than the US. I found that proof I needed to know that Christianity is real. I have seen it and felt it. Unfortunately many churches miss this. It becomes a ritual where it was meant to be a relationship. Thats when… Read more »

Your kind and gentle response really spoke to me 🙂 It's really easy to get angry at people when they are (intentionally or unintentionally) putting you down and trying to discredit things you believe, but reading your comment made me soften my heart!!

masons can't and won't relent because all they have are lies and they know they only have a short time before the reckoning of selling their souls comes to pass. it won't be pretty, though. They are almost laughably apparent these dazzze.

@ It's Fishy…. I'm sorry but stating that someone needs to grow up is not a form of hate. On the contrary, you and others calling me ignorant, damning me to hell is. See why I said there's a lack of free thinkers? Read what you've posted "this site is edvidence enough" need I say more? Futhermore this article doesn't pertain to flouride and vegetables; but it does contain allegations from one person about the next. If me asking a person how old are you, and telling them to grow past their childlike (infantile) rants about me, then the things said about these artists by you and other bloggers and the vigilant citizen is considered what? By the way its easy to find comparisons in anything be it religion, cartoons, music, etc. How hard do you think it is to do such and make a site dedicated to it….so easy… Read more »

its that fact that she is sexualising the military thats shockin, war is never a good thing but desensitising people with subtle hints of its all nice a cute can subconsciously with enuff visual stimulus make it feel ok, not only that its aimed at the younger generation which makes it much worse

Find those who spear head the "elites" and you'll see people in the overcast shadow of the dragon…

For all of those who dont believe the illuminati exist and need proof please do us all a favour and read this !

And may I add Rhianna looks very disgusting. She is disgusting

But she chose that path right? Sometimes I feel sympathy for these performers. But then it's comes to mind that if they're fully aware of what they're doing, and they're doing it anyway, I have no respect for that. Nothing is sacred anymore, they pass blasphemy of as fashion and it's hard not to notice. Madonna was pushing it, and now we're so desensitized we don't even think twice. I'll let people believe what they want to believe. I don't think I'd be trying to make them doubt what they believe in, like people like "The Realist" = Can't we communicate and not put each other down please? We're here to learn and share. Sally, that's really interesting you've experienced those things. My friend used tells me of ghost stories when we were younger, and they were real, and they really scared me. And I've actually felt something that wasn't… Read more »
@ THE REALIST I know someone just like you . He happens to be my roommate. I have wondered now seeing all your rebuttles to every Christians outlook if you might not be him. The amusing thing to me is every post I check, I go down the list of comments and it seems you simply love attacking the Christians. And also noted that all your posts are within minutes of each other. Rather comical for me. Its obvious you are one of those people who are so overly obsessed with being against Christianity that half the topics on this site don't even interest you, but rather you just use this site to Christian-bash. LOL Truly funny to me. You piss people off and you get such amusement out of it. Luckily I am used to "your type" being that I live with the "History genius who lives off discovery… Read more »

Wow! Thank You and God Bless You Sally because you spoke for the majority of us on here and I strongly agree with you it’s workings of the enemy to destroy Christianity. In one of Madonna’s songs “another agent working for the enemy”she boldly said “I’m not christian and I’m not a Jew”. What people don’t realize is that there is only 2 ways to go “Up or Down” you choose the “Light which is Truth” or ” Darkness (Lies)” it’s God or Satan } Good vs Evil.

So because she "boldy" stated she is not a christian or jew that automatically makes her "an agent working for the enemy?" So does that mean muslims are agents as well?

Sally, in all honesty if you were offended that was not my intention. And I really didn't know or care if those posts came from christians, muslims, jews, wiccans, or what have you. But what you have made me aware of is that most christians have the same viewpoints instead of thinking outside the box. By the way, I'm not religious in any form or fashion but striving to become spiritual and in my quest I find that its better to question things rather than just be a yes man. On a personal note, my background consists of being a southern baptist, then full gospel, non-demoninational, to nothing. Because through that process I learned that I and many others only believe what they believe based on the tradition of their parents. Most of us didn't choose our religious sect; we were actually groomed or forced to receive/believe it. So with… Read more »

If what you say would be true…

You couldn't possibly have problem with us, being on our spiritual quest.

Because you then would love what we do.

And wish us all the best, even if our quests are absolutely different.

The fact that you insult us, though, shows that you -do not- accept people who think freely.

And I mean hey… Someone who believes in Illumanti stuff… To an outsider that MUST look like free-thinking.

What I mean is: We on the verge of believing something so obscure, that this simply as out of the box as it gets. But you don't dig, you hate on us. You don't give credit, you try to sabotage.

You don't express what you dislike about it, you choose words like "christian safezone" …

And the only dude who ever agreed with you so far in this topic names himself "Devils Advocate" …

… Any words on that?

Sure. I didn't choose his/her name nor did I warrant any agreeance from that person. I actually wish everyone the best. But if you scroll through the comments you'll see that its mostly christians or people who claims to be so religious who spew more anger, irrationality, hate, slander, allegations, and bitterness than you make of me. We all know that secret societies exist; they're on college campuses, within the judicial system, and basically apart of our culture. So believing that the illuminati exists is not the issue here, so your claim that I'm hating cannot hold up. And again I'm more than willing to give credit when there's solid proof, not what something could mean. Like I've responded to another post of yours; I actually enjoy reading what comes from you. But the idea that you have that I don't accept those who think freely is less than correct.… Read more »
About your claim that you don't hate. "I agree…hence the lack of my response to his/her infantile post." "How old are you?" "In order to grow your current level of thinking you first must grow up." "Please seek medical attention." You wrote that. If that's no hate, we need to re-invent the wheel. On the other stuff. This site is evidence enough. You're at a point where you have to choose. You either believe, or disbelieve… Consider this like a marriage. You can't get an insurance that everything works out perfectly. ;P But you trust your feelings. Oh … And by the way … Repetitive, pregnant symbolism in EVERY damn video of a similar group of artists (Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna… all females who started out nice, then went bad) … I don't know… As a somewhat smart person you can not close your eyes to the similarity.… Read more »
"But if you scroll through the comments you’ll see that its mostly christians or people who claims to be so religious who spew more anger, irrationality, hate, slander, allegations, and bitterness than you make of me.[…]There’s a trend not only on this article but throughout the site that appears to be “whatever is posted believe it and speak negative of those who don’t” so what exactly is free thinking about that when every post minus mine is Rihanna is evil, Rihanna is nasty, so on and so fourth." What you'll sometimes see is extremist, fringe, preachy, young, easily-influenced, 'so-called' Christians making posts. It isn't a proper representation of the religious belief itself that it has people who go crazy. You see a dominant minority, a small cult of extremely vocal people who have had their thinking done for them all their lives (at home by their parents, in school by… Read more »
Because Jesus Christ (Christ being the word christianity derived from) was not in existence yet. And the age of the Earth is no matter either. When it comes to faith, proof for some things is necessary, but not needed for all things. Faith is belief and belief usually can't be proven, but is in the heart of the believer. And what pleases God is what the church has forgotten, especially modern churches today. "For without FAITH it is IMPOSSIBLE to please God". I see that you also said you were searching for the truth, " seek me, and you shall find me" (the longer and more fervently you seek God, you are not only proving what you really desire, but you are also being conditioned to be faithful and steadfast, which is a trait of someone with courage and strength) " I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life"… Read more »
Maybe I'm having a hard time understaning but in your post you stated "But this web site is not about religion so I find it very distracting from the true purpose of the sight which is to reveal things that may appear to be hidden (meanings, symbols, tactics, propganda) so one can research do the math and come to a conclusion on their belief. It should not be a discussion of religion […]". But the basis of religion are allegorical meanings, symbols, tactics, and propaganda which is what causes a person or a set group of people to have different interpretations on what's read. In my personal opinion (which could be very wrong, but still is MY opinion) this site wouldn't exist without the belief in certain religion. My reason for saying so is that you can't point out what's considered evil unless you have already formed an idea on… Read more »
I wonder if she has a grasp on what she’s actually promoting. Of course the public has been trained to accept this behavior through the guise of sexual liberty. There are small coincidences you see with the music industry today, all the big stars are controlled with sex & money being promised fame, while the people behind them have the actual control and use the “star” for social engineering, indoctrination and to distract us from the real issues. They are making it more blatant, banking on the ignorant masses to accept this brainwashing and to not question the system. Once you start questioning, it’s clear what their real agenda is. The disney hat is a dead givaway to mind control. Rihanna is now more blatantly controlled and it’s really sick. she is a victim, and they can use her because she is a slave. She was abused and traumatized (chris… Read more »

Ok because of the fact that you believe that the artist you've listed are such good wholesome role models maybe this isn't the site for you… this site is for the intelligent being that examines world symbolism and considers it to be an important factor in our revolutionizing world. Seems to me like you fall into the category of the people that have been sucked into the substance of mind control that these artist have proposed for you to follow. Thats just too bad because I'd rather make my own music that trail behind another attempting to lead the general population to hell aka the path you have chosen.

Spoken like a true religious fanatic. If you're true to your beliefs then you must have to know that you will be judged by how you judge others. So in that case and from how you've already judged me….I'll see you in hell. Ignoramus.

Please………. i beg you can do an article on chris brown. I truely don't believe he done anything tor rihanna. Please can you do an article……please……please.

Notice too that the soldiers helmets look like the old German helmets of World War 1. Because we know how much Germany has always loved freedom.

Good observations, I never even noticed that before…what I want to know is, do these so called "artists" think that they will be saved when the NWO takes over?? If they're just puppets, won't they share the same fate as everyone else??

The costumes of backup dancers in the last picture are intended to bring to mind BEES.

Beyond the obvious yellow/black combination they have pollen sacks — bees have pollen sacks on their hind legs.

As noted in other articles here, notably one on the Black Eyed Peas — BEES are important to masonry.

How exactly are bees important to masonry? Please provide proof instead of allegations.

Hello Mr. Realist Rocket Scientist!

Next time, try google — it's your friend!

Bees, beehives, and honey symbolism is so CENTRAL to masonic symbolism that you would have pulled up pages of links.

You can start with these two — FROM MASONS THEMSELVES:

Again – next time try to acquire just a fraction of a clue before commenting!


Also, here's the link to my original article where I discuss the significance of the symbolism of bees, more related to the occult and Transhumanism, but it is pretty much the same as what the Masons have in mind.

The version that was published here was an edited collaborative effort with VC, but the original is much longer (my fatal flaw!) and goes into more detail.

Take care and thanks for writing.

So what did you get from reading this about the bees and beehive?


You are very sharp. It is very encouraging to me to see people like you who "get it".

It's all right there in front of us, if we only take the time to look and think. 🙂

You're kind but I'm just fortunate to be someone that made it out of the dark woods and not due to any merit on my part. Really, just God bless you and the others working on this project. May He bless you and keep you safe. Pray that He keeps you humble and obedient to His will and protects you from evil — your work here is important — you are providing light to those still groping in the dark woods. I will keep you all in my prayers.

A heart for you, Kathleen.


So is that your version of what's going to happen when you die? That you're going home…

Hm… I too believe in this (foolishly romantic?) scenario. Like… Birth -> School -> Job -> Marriage -> Retirement -> Death … ?! It'd be a shame if that was what this GIGANTIC universe is about. I heard this line once… It goes a lil' something like: We're not humans having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings that have a human experience. I love it and absolutely live it! And yes… I can't wait to get "home"… Whatever that is. The world these only feels like home when I'm with friends, when I see something that moves me, or when I do something that get me goose-skin because it is so… thorougly good. (This can be anything from cooking my mother lunch to talking to someone in the subway, who'd never have expected to have a friendly conversation / exchange of ideas right here and now…). I definately don't feel… Read more »

Its soo sad to see Rihanna like this…when i s ee her , i see my daughter, her beauty and innocence, taken away by lucifer. Lord i say a prayer for Rihanna, this morning. Save her soul Father. Open her heart to your truth, oooh lamb of God, that you died and rose again that she may be saved. May the enemies of light be defeated Lord Jesus, yeshua meshiack….. in your name

That prayer along with any other will never become manifested in the physical because whom you pray to is false. Sorry you had to find out this way.


By now it's obvious that you're from the different camp.

But I welcome you. Have a seat, let's talk a little.

I might convince you, that it's not worth it.

I doubt it, though. I won't give up hopesk, though.

Never. And … There's no way a pure-hearted prayer could not manifest.

In fact: They are the only ones that manifest on the long-term.

Because bad people change assets, beliefs, thoughts and morals like underwear.

So what you do today, is forgotten tomorrow.

Not for us, though. Our message is eternal: Love.

And love will always get a better combo multiplier. ;P

Because that's just the natural flow by which this earth goes.

This earth was created on love, not on hate.

Want proof? The natural process, that nature shows us daily, is:

Natural birth – Natural death.

What you wanna do, though is:

Stop natural birth and fasten death with un-natural means.

You see? You don't play by the initial system.

There it is…the reason you come across so ignorant & evil…your a devil worshipper to! Are you their spokesmam? Get some true knowledge of who they are worshipping & who God is…meditate on the info you obtain before you get ready to type more ignorance!!!

Ms. Wanica and just where are you getting your knowledge of whom they are worshiping from…and internet source…but I'm ignorant. A devil worshiper? No, not by any chance. You seem to fit the mold of a christian though; (you know kill all who appear to oppose or are free thinkers) you all as a whole has killed more than any other group in the world including the muslim jihiadist. And its ever present that those same ideas and viewpoint that you all as a whole had back in the days of the crusades are still deeply rooted even though you all are supposed to be so full of love (that's the opposite of what you're displaying by the way) which makes what I said all the more true because if you claim to know a god then he must be the vindictive, angry, malicious, murderer of your old testament. And… Read more »

No, she basically got her notion from every single one of your posts in which you insult other people.

It is nice to hear a voice of reason once in a while. Just because someone isnt a christian doesnt make them a devil worshipper by any means. Have a more open mind to the posibilities of religion, origins of life etc.

Is this all real or just coincidences?

I can't find any proof around that is real.

Mr. Randell…you've already answered your own question. Here's another test…find documented proof of anything that happened in the bible from any other source besides one that supports the christian agenda. Here's a hint….you won't!

Give me that DeLorean and I will. 😉

Joking, of course. I don't know… Take the tale of Jesus.

I think this one will never be out of date, or non-appliable to -any- situation…

To be honest, I enjoy your posts. Didn't know I came across as insulting what otherw believe. My intent was just to question it. Your appear to be a sensible thinker and that's appreciated; unlike your fellow comrades. But I do understand that religion is a touchy subject for most.

Hey just a thought. Because people are not stupid… I assume. And alarmed parents will eventually (outside of the USA – the land where anything goes) forbid their children to watch stuff. So like… It's getting more and more obvious, especially with Kanye's new video "Power". It's not hidden at all. And it get's more obvious every time. My theory – They need us to know. Many spiritual teachings say that manifested thoughts create materia. Sort of like this principle. Of course you can't just be like: "Hey peeps, pay attention so the devil is nurtured with enough energy to unleash." … But they do it more subtle, so eventually more and more people find out, the open-eyed ones first. I think the dumb, blind, materialistic people are not very worthy… But all free-thinking single individuals… No groups, or whole countries… I feel that somehow it's necessary for their plan… Read more »

as far as i know one of the key things in some free masonic rules is to reveal eventually at some stage what they have been doing or are aiming to do

Hm yeah… Makes sense. I think it's like they love their evil genius… And want the world to see the complexity of their cruel plans, to get a hard on or something. They wanna get credit for it. Hey man Japples, thanks for answering!!! =) What I initially wanted to aim for, though, was – Do you think we're meant to know from the very start? And that "our knowing" plays an important role? Because – Like … Okay … Their plan … The final step – Do you rather think there will be one big bang… Or is it currently "fed into" the world and will one just be demasked… Hm… While writing the last sentences, I actually got my answer… So… Once they reach whatever it is they need to fully reveal, they most likely be like: "Uhm… C'mon… You've been celebrating our stuff for years now. Jigga,… Read more »

Hey VC, forgot to say…

Think there's any chance that a forum or something where peeps can brainstorm on a regular base could be established? Just a thought…

Please seek medical attention. You my friend are past delusional, paranoid, and suffering from a mild case of psychosis. You even went to the lenghts of conversing with yourself and rambling to say least. I once read in a medical journal that believing every word in the bible can constitue a mental issue.

The fact that you read medical journals is illuminating and explains much of where you base your understanding of reality on. Are you a member of the medical community, and are you aware of the attacks made on its major players in relation to the conspiracies discussed on this site?

Well in that case… you don't know much. Please provide proof of this said rule that you're fond of. Other than a youtube video and another internet blog with someone stating it. If you're ever interested (2B1 ASK1) instead of making unintelligent statements such as this one.

Whoa… Speechless… Will you please stop insulting certain beliefs?

It's absolutely okay that you believe in something different.

But please do not blame me for doing what I feel.

The only factual thing here is:

No one forced me to write here … And no one forces you to read and write here.

So, please leave me alone, will ya? Most of the s**t in today's world doesn't make sense

to me. But do I run up in an apple store and blame people for eBooks, when

regular books are working perfectly? No… =)

I'm sure there are places where you anger really is needed.

Please find them and do good there.

*pats your shoulder*

I mean, in the end, I thank you for expressing your oppinion,

because it once again reassured me of mine.

I wish you all the best.

she seems to go with every trend..started out as the ole' ilsand-y barbados "pon de replay" rhianna, then goes with every coming trend. ever since gaga everyone has been doing the guns/shoulder pads/body suit crap, even though geometric fashion/shoulder pads where on the verge of a short trend before gaga came along. she just hopped the trend and made it look dumber than it already was.

Robots that can express and detect human emotions

And I think it's so sad how far Rhianna went to get where she is. She is basically naked with a cover over her private area and what's going on with her and Lady Gaga wearing those eerie shoulder pads in some of their costumes. And another thing I recognized is that If you pay attention when some of these artists perform at awards, concerts or big events you can see that evil figure Baphomet designed into their costumes, scary

She looks gross here, the clothes are not flattering at all, she was much prettier before selling her soul. The whole message of her music is SICK.

Wow the majority of the comments are true. It is good to know there are intelligent and good people that still exist and not dumb, blind, and programmed like most humans are today. Rhianna and Beyonce were both initiated into "the darkside" through Jay Z and you can refer back to their "initiation" videos: Crazy In Love and Umbrella in which there is a bunch of twisted symbolism and messages and the thing about Beyonce is that with her it may have never seemed so obvious. They are really pushing this agenda because this is a worldwide thing where you see these artists entertainers , and famous people from all over the world being controlled by this.

Controlled by what? The things other accusate? Where's the proof….a music video? Name one thing that doesn't have symbols and imagery…..don't worry I'll wait.

I think you should change your name to "the ignorant" because of your ignorant comments, trust me they don't look very "openminded and insightful".. I'm sorry and yes i know reality sucks ;p

Thank You Belove and I don’t condone ignorance and negativity

It appears that more than likely you are displaying a bit of hostility because of your ability to have an open mind. What's even more comical is that you make claims not to condone ignorance and negativitiy yet those are the very things you are spewing by infantile name calling. But there's one thing you do well; instead of communicating different ideas and viewpoints when yours seems to be at question you attack….the characteristic of a religious fanatic.

You, sir, are a breath of fresh air.

@ the REALIST I think it's time for you to revaluate your stance on the topics discussed

Im really getting tired of your obnoxious comments popping up…. get over yourself.

You're guilty of the very things you accuse others of doing. Live up to your name, or stop deceiving yourself.

It's not about the fact that things contain symbols…

You're right there – Everything contains symbols. PET-bottles, price-tags, mobile phones and books.

They all got symbols on them. But… They don't have the same symbols on them, that "coincidentially", as you would say, point to masonic rites or are admittedly used by mason's.

Also love the sentence: "You won't find any proof at all."

Like… Secret society… SECRET society.

OF COURSE you're not intended to find any proof.

Because… Guess what… It's meant to be SEEEEEECRET!!!!!!!

How old are you? Because I'm having a difficult time believing that an adult would make such a comment especially on this site. You said that you loved the sentence "you won't find any proof at all" because its a secret society and its intended to secret right? So how is it that you believe and defend everything you see and/or read on this site about the masonic order and the illuminati then which are bout alleged secret societies? I really don't expect an educated retort but you really didn't do yourself any justice responding to my post with such an imprudent type of outburst. Words of advice: In order to grow your current level of thinking you first must grow up.

I don't outburst. Anymore… I tend to get emotional, though. Hihi. And I feel honoured that you point out that I'm in touch with my inner child. Thank you. I spent many, many years and f'd up many situations because I couldn't keep my cool. I also might hurt a bunch of important people. And succesfully learned from it! … And (most of them) have forgiven me, and told me that they're proud now. So, once again I invite to sit down and have a (virtual) drink with me first. I'm fancying me a cold Coke right now. (I know, I know… It's Coke… But it accompanied me on good paths. It's a wonderful metaphor for: Even the darkest Yang contains a bright Yin.) Please, have one too, Realist. It's on me. =) I also can offer tea, or water. Mind if I beg you for something? Can you please… Read more »

I agree: In order to grow your current level of thinking, you must first grow up. Good advice which you'd be wise to follow. At your current level of thinking you stumbled over his words and failed to consider the subtext: "You won't find any proof at all…of the kind you are asking for." Now, even that statement I disagree with since I've dealt with enough secrets to conclude it is more probable that there is a leak somewhere, anywhere, and someone has access to the type of proof you are looking for. It just takes time to find. If you ask because you actually want that proof (which your overall tone makes me conclude that you do not), then the first good candidate for going out and searching for it is you.

"Controlled by what? The things other accusate? Where’s the proof….a music video? Name one thing that doesn’t have symbols and imagery…..don’t worry I’ll wait." For one, whether something does or does not have symbolism and imagery is not the issue: the intention of the artists and the meaning behind the symbols are the issue. Please don't try to twist the issue any other way by trying to make a point about how "all things have symbols and imagery" or whatever. In addition, just because someone makes a good argument that persuades you to agree with them, and you happen to repeat their assertion without the proper justifications does in no way invalidate the claims. The original poster has probably forgotten the specific details and proof provided by whoever convinced them, and putting them on the spot like you are doing does not prove anything. Also, implying that since an idea… Read more »

So to sum up all that you've said there's basically no edvidence…just mere accusations.

No, I said look it up yourself. Circumstantial evidence is still evidence, and there's a hell of a lot of it from my experience. I can't really be bothered to look it up for you. Here's an example: "I demand that you provide me the evidence for the validity of the Pythagorean Theorem (that is, in a right-angled triangle, A^2 + B^2 = C^2 where C is the hypotenuse and A & B are the remaining sides)." You probably believe its true, but forgot why, and I really don't think you care to justify it to a skeptic better than the experts, so you would either say "Ask a mathematician" or "Look it up on wikipedia or something". Plus, you probably won't find any sort of scientific or statistical proof (which would involve someone performing repeated tests of the Theorem until suitably satisfied). You'd probably find arguments or circumstantial evidence,… Read more »

To 'sum it all up', then, I can't be bothered to justify something to a skeptic who has no interest in seeking out evidence and exploring truth for themselves, someone who would rather continue being skeptical and who can't handle having their world flipped upside down and all their deep-seated 'truths' shaken up regularly, which I have seen far too much of lately and which I suspect you may be one of.

Forgive me if I am wrong in that regard, though.