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Pics from Rihanna’s Show: All About Police State and Transhumanism



Here are some pics taken from Rihanna’s concert in Montreal, Canada on August 7th. The themes that have been described in the article The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda were present in full force and then some.

Pics from Rihanna's Show: All About Police State and Transhumanism

Pics from Rihanna's Show: All About Police State and Transhumanism

^ Rihanna surrounded by militaristic figures. Notice the emphasis on one eye on the soldiers.

Pics from Rihanna's Show: All About Police State and Transhumanism


Pics from Rihanna's Show: All About Police State and Transhumanism

^ Rihanna sitting on the cannon of a tank wearing a Mickey Mouse hat was described in The Transhumanist and Police State Agenda  as a very symbolic scene in the video titled Hard. The importance of that symbol seem to have been reckognized as Rihanna re-enacts it in all of her shows. Sitting on a phallic cannon, Rihanna wears a Mickey Mouse hat which symbolizes mind control.

Pics from Rihanna's Show: All About Police State and Transhumanism

^ Backup dancers with “added” robotic parts. A tribute to transhumanism.


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Hollywood is going to hell(Literally). Everyone will give account to the living God one day.

visit this site whether if your an unbeliever or believer in him. It has a lot of interesting scriptures to read.


i saw this in the newspaper… rihanna said, quote, “… in my lyrics, there are messages… they are not literal, but more symbolic…”
… enough said.



OMG!!!!!!! That's something

I tell you guys one thing Rihanna,Beyonce,Jay-Z,Kayne and others I will not support as well as Oprah & Tyra Banks.


Sweet Lord, what are we to do?


WTF.. look at that last picture.. those are either 2 transexuals or 2 crossdressers.. *pukes* I'm losing respect for all people who goto these concerts… *facepalm x100*


You should have posted the pic of the sex gesture she did with the microphone.


She's got a case of severe camel toe happening……… !!


Of course the military symbolism is obvious, but it seems more obvious to see it as standard militarism (which admittedly isn't a good thing either).

Also, many people want to make themselves seem tougher, and military symbolism is one way there.

Victoria Sobocki

Maybe the last pic symbolises the "as above as below"?


WOW MY FREND, THE REALIST, IT IS PEOPLE LIKE YOU WE CALL THE BLIND SHEEP. YOU SHOULD REALLY ACCEPT JESUS AS YOUR LORD AND SAVIOR, and pray to god that he takes the scales off your eyes, .. I could already hear you saying, “I DON’T HAVE SCALES ON MY EYES, YOUR CRAZY” LOL…its koo brothah I been there, done that.. just remember to be open, and seek the truth for the truth shall set you free..


Sorry to break the news to u, the realist, amen was first used by the lord our god and creator, after all he created us humans, just by simpy speaking it, with words lol, u dnt believe me it says so in the bible, the bible is gods word, , denying it simply means yoour calling god a liar.. wow wouldn't want to be you.. anyways, amen is a solemn affirmation of TRUTH, a special word that we can use whenever we have said, or heard something that is TRUE before GOD.. that being said, "AMEN-RA" being created AFTER GODS creation, probably was even named by his parents knowing that AMEN means truth,, its a probability, but duh, it can be common sense if u have common, sense… amen was created before egyptians sir.. I know of parents naming their children names because it means somethhing, usually good.. cmon mayne seek the truth and the truth shal set yu free.. AMEN


@ thechosenone

thanks for that quote!


It's easy for us to "choose a side", rather than open ourselves to the understanding that there is only one truth…and we simply cling to different perspectives. These perspectives are based on our experiences, our environment, and by our families. When I first became familiar with the information on this site…I admittedly went through some adjustments in thought. As always, I came to the question "why?"…"what is the purpose?". The answer I received was subtle and yet so powerful…regardless of people's intention or belief, ultimately, their experience will bring them to LOVE.

Dragon fang


The music industry gets dirtier and dirtier as time passes.

a man

walk by faith not by sight…if u truly believe illuminati is real..then so be it..cause i believe it although i doesnt much know about it….kinda weird ey…but mental people doesnt know they are mentally disoder….think about it….drunk people dont know if they are drunk..^^


And people who take the scribes of the the bible literally don't know they're were parables (fable, tall tales) spoken metaphorically at that given era in time not as a pretense of what's to come.

End-time Watchman

@Vigilant, as always, very informative and great exposure of the wickedness we live among! In Jesus' Precious Name, may God bless you for your 'vigilance' indeed, to His Glory. Amen. @what, it sounds as though you are either a wicked shill or dumb sheeple, either way, you're dead wrong. This occult symbology in our world is obvious to those who are awakened to the TRUTH, and whether or not you believe the TRUTH, it is Sovereign and does not require your acquiescence, it is self-Governing, self-Sustaining and self-Fulfilling. Rhianna is a sex-slave of satan as she herself claims she is a "good girl gone bad", if you won’t even accept their “OWN” admissions of their darkness as evidence to their demonic inclinations, you are in a matrix of which you know nothing about, you are asleep to the reality of this life and sleeping on a battlefield in the middle of a war conveys to me that you are as good as dead. :/ I just feel so sad when I see jay-z, eminem, beyonce, rhianna, kanye, gaga and the rest of them not only serving their dead false god lucifer but also dragging all their "fans" down to hell… Read more »


Hi ~Dawn~. Enjoyed your post. But allow me to point out a couple things I noticed while reading it. I noticed when you were speaking of the "devil" you said that "we cannot expect much more than pyramids with “evil” eyes in the center of them, he is cunning but not very creative". Why do you think pyramids are symbols of evil yet after you bless "the vigilant citizen" you end it with Amen? In my opinion, that appears to be contradictory being that Amen is first said in Egypt (B.C.) in honor to Amen-Ra which is whose "eye" atops of the pyramid. And being that you say it more than once it appears that you're given praise to both the god of Egypt and the king of Jews.

A believer

Amen and God Bless you, you are just one of the many who are Awake and know truth. Your comment holds power. "For where the word is , there is power"


It's kind of hard to take it seriously when you see pink weapons. It's like the barbie military or something.


Hi Vigiant, I had come across a book from the site and he mentions a whole LOT about the 13 bloodlines , from what I've read there is so much more insight as to what you display on this sight , I want to know why it is so? and why dont you get more deeper into things other than exposing symbols and puppets? Also do you know about the types of dis-information agents? SPOON-FEEDER AGENT – Someone who dribbles out legitimate information, this is often done to build up a person's credentials (bona fides). Lots of the people who are pretending to expose the NWO are spoon-feeder agents who provide a little new information, tons of already known secrets, and sprinkle in a measure of disinformation for added fun. Generally spoon-feeders increase their percentage of disinformation once they gain respectability. There are very few people really exposing anything of consequence about the NWO. This author has endured the loss of several of the really legitimate whistle blowers who were friends being assassinated since he began writing exposes. What this means is that agents for groups that do mind-control may: have been sleepers for many years and look very legitimately… Read more »

The Djinni

The worst part about it is that people tend to trust in the feeder for providing logical arguments and backing everything up with fact, until the disinfo kicks into high gear and the feeder just starts blandly asserting wild things that everybody who trusts them just eats up.


That's my point exactly! Everyone enjoys this site (I admit…me too) but my problems lies when people place enjoyment over rationality and become gullible to everything they read instead of questioning it then becoming hypocritical by making statements such as "the music stars along with their fans are blind sheep" when they too are blindly following the vigilant citizen because they automatically believes and any information they're disposed to eat up.


Don't believe me….. read post #54.


I totally agree , I am the type of person who questions things, not because I want to prove things wrong but because I would like to know more about whatever it is that intrests me I tend to judge things on my own perspective and find people with similar views and opinions. And not just go with whatever is being said and put out there for everyone to believe.


Wonder if it will happen here…… well we will have to wait and see 🙂


All i will say is what happened to the days of innocent music videos which really meant what the artist sang about…. the running in fields , and two lovers videos…. unfortunately in the world today, people are too naive , to notice that we all being sucked into the world of mind control…. after all all the secret societies promise you is wealth, so why wouldnt all these artists give up everything to be famous , and popular…. only the next generation of youngsters , will adopt this : nude wearing videos, and meaningless sense of music, and in the process be trapped in a world they didnt bargain for…..

anyway God gave us free will, but some of us need to wake up and smell the coffee…..


Rhianna another fool getting in the way of real talented musicians, people need to explore all the tonns of good music out there that will open your heart,mind and ears.

Ps JZ was a pimp before he hit the charts now hes a pop music pimp instead lol

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