Occupy Wall Street – Chris Hedges shuts down CBC Kevin O’Leary (video)


Occupy Wall Street is gaining momentum worldwide, crossing over to Canada and Europe. Despite the interest groups that are looking to co-opt the movement (or have co-opted, I don’t know) and opportunistic public figures who go there for PR, there are real issues at stake here.

Here’s an interesting (and very entertaining) interview with author Chris Hedges, who touches upon the vital issues of the protest. You will also see an example of how not to interview someone who knows his stuff.

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124 Comments on "Occupy Wall Street – Chris Hedges shuts down CBC Kevin O’Leary (video)"

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occupy movement cannot get what it wants without a revolution of ideology (capitalism), governmental change, corporation overturn. People open your eyes, occupy movement is ripe for a one world order movement.

occupy movement = implementation of wall street

occupy movement = global movement = one world order

occupy movement = elite movement within the people, deception of the people by the elite.

Funny how concrete observations and real modern values are trashed from the start as being ridiculous. What's actually ridiculous and amazing is that we learn history from our schools and we haven't thought how these principles are applied in our world, in this case feudalism, under the pretext of democracy. Occupy Wall Street is for now a peaceful march, but I reckon it will not stand for long as peaceful, as the case of London riots. I am not affected by the US Government because I do not live in the US, but you must be a fool not to realise how America creates a pattern for the world, a model for other countries' policy, and I guess that's why the whole Globe starts to become aware of this issue.

Personally enjoyed the display by Mr. O'Leary, as he exemplifies the attitude of the corrupted corporate regime. There is only one solution when dealing with irrational ignorance, which is to kill it.

The Occupy Wall Street movement is furthering the illuminatic agenda? How is that possible? I am not a follower, but I support a bunch of kids– most of the people locally are college students. By supporting them, what is going happen? All I am out is a bit of time and energy. I give'em a few bucks and I am furthering the Trilateral commission, the fed or any of the other mainstream tools ? I've read these comments and it makes little sense to me. As a working class guy, it is going to peace or it is going to be revolution. There is no compromise possible it seems.

Seriously: Occupy Wall Street is NOT a movement that is spreading from the US to Europe. Occupy Wall Street is a movement inspired by the Spanish 15M. There is plenty of information about it on the net, please check it and do not misinform. It's been happening since May 15, hence 15M…

They have just murdered Gaddafi and played right into the hands of the illuminati!!!! Which sovereign nation is next???

This is is the part you've missed regarding this "protest"

the Dems are the people who forced the mortgage crises…search it out and see……when the tea party did there thing, spontaneously, all was well…the 'occupiers' are destroying the place with there trash, sex, nudity, dope smoking etc…….and they say they "know" what this country must do to move forward….yea… right,,,, i don't think so

When someone spouts off without knowing the difference between "there", "their", & "they're"…they're hard to take seriously.


@Kokoapelli you said to me -"When someone spouts off without knowing the difference between “there”, “their”, & “they’re”…they’re hard to take seriously." sorry for the mistake….my bad…..hope you can get over it so you can see the light….lol @mystiseeker you said to me -"Why are you on this site again? Political parties are illusions…to blame one political party for all the ill wills of the world is playing right into the hands of the elite." i didn't tell you the first time of why i am on this site…..my original statement was to point out that the woes of the financial market in resent past was do to the fact that the dems pushed it through….ie. govt. backed loans to the public…the Illuminati and others give incite to the creation world govt.. point being is this If the dems would not have pressed the issue we would not be it… Read more »


And you obviously don't know what humanity needs in order to move forward if you're making this a political party issue…


Why are you on this site again? Political parties are illusions…to blame one political party for all the ill wills of the world is playing right into the hands of the elite.

its politics that started the whole issue…DUHHH. its not a matter of opinion its FACT.

Kevin O'Leary is one of the "sharks" on that show Shark Tank on ABC. I had no idea he was a reporter in Canada?! He's such a jerk on that show, and constantly says over and over and over that "money is the only thing that matters." Period! So of course he sides with the bankers. He's one of them! This was a great clip and it was awesome to see him put in his place.

How can u win if the system is set up for u to lose? Small case, I went to pnc to open a checking account. They told me that I needed a credit card and a work ID card. Now I was relocating from a neighboring state so I hadn't started working yet in this current state. Why the heck do I need a credit card to open a checking account. I don't have a credit card to avoid spending money that I don't have. So in short the banks want to almost makes you spent thier money. The banks know exactly what they are doing and they won't stop. They make ur life hard if u don't put ur money in the bank via direct depost. Most jobs require that u have direct depost. What was so wrong with cashing ur own pay check? Oh yea the credit card… Read more »
I think this is the beginning of the end. Meaning this is the first step used by the new world order. No war, no movement, no revolution ever had no infiltrators of the opposite side. Espionage, there is always a chance small or big for anyone to walk in as a wolves is sheep's clothing. Look at Abraham Lincoln the real history, look back at the associates of Martin Luther King all these spies made happy just to gasp knowledge and send it back to the enemy of the true believers, the truth seekers. All the NWO, Illuminatist, secret satan worshipers in politics and big companies need is a massive outbreak of violence and confusion and then they can implement their plans. Like Ceaser said, "I came I saw I conquered." Lastly the most frightening quote, divide and conquer. Is that not what we see today. All over the globe,… Read more »


American nazi party officially endorses. 

There are a lot of legitimate voices among the protests. People that are educated about that is going on and not suckered into the Hegelian game. However, the overall message being perpetrated is to rile up the voters to get mad at capitalism run amok and embrace socialism. And in the end, the NWO. That's what all this is about. Don't be fooled. If you think that socialism is more moral than capitalism, turn the finger away from government and back at THE PEOPLE. The reason this country is in decline is that the hearts of the people are far from God. The god is Mammon.

"We have no king but Caesar!"


If you can't see this coming your blind, this is a setup for the collapse just before 2012.

Let's put it here first vigilantes……keep an eye on this worldwide OCCUPY protest. Notice the worldwide media coverage that it is getting.

If the illuminati is attempting to test a theory then this is their grounds for it.

My prophesy is: they will get one of their operatives that has infiltrated the group to cause a disturbance in one region then start a propaganda that the OCCUPY protesters are all trouble makers then send 'operation martial law' into action!!!!! At test of course.

Watch and see….

that is exactly how the world is set up. if you speak against what they want in any way you are labeled a "nut-bar" nut case, insane, crazy, abnormal.. if people would actually wake up and pay attention to what does take place, you can seriously see exactly who the real crazy zombies are.

The sad part is, a lot of people recognize the problems, but they want to try to find an easy target. Zionists, Illuminati, blah, blah, it's all distraction. The entire world is corrupt – not one man, not an handful of men at the top – the whole world. The only person who could turn this around is Jesus, but turning to Jesus instead of taking it into your own hands is somehow harder for men to understand.

Man doesn't heal, man destroys. Only God restores to himself what is his.

This guy is an idiot and a tool. A classic "useful idiot". No corporation makes anybody buy their product or service. People who borrowed more than they can pay are not victims of Wall Street. The govt (the left side of it) pushed and pushed and pushed for "everyone to own a home". Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are Govt programs not Corporate programs. They are what caused the financial crisis; Not Wall Street. As I said, corporations don't and can't force you to use them – govt can. corporations don't have police powers – govt does. Corporations can't tax – govt can. Corporations can't raise armies – govt can. You can choose not to patronize a corporation. You Cannot choose to ignore the govt. Corporations can throw as much money at politicians in bribes and with lobbying as possible, but only govt can choose to take those bribes. Your… Read more »
@ James You seem to be painfully unaware of the part that our Government and Corporate America are one and the same. We live in a Corporate State, not a democratic one. You bring up a great point about bribes- when corporations have the ability to control our government with their pocketbooks, our government no longer belongs to the people (not like it ever did to begin with). And a little information about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac- THEY ARE CORPORATIONS! Yes, they are "government sponsored enterprises", but they are publicly traded entities since 1968!. Mike Williams is the CEO of Fannie Mae. So yes, corporations did create the financial crisis that we are in. I honestly don't even feel like going on about how wrong and misinformed you are, but feel free to admit that you are talking out of your ass and maybe I will come back to… Read more »
Without govt sponsorship freddie and fannie would fall on their asses. Barney Frank and friends applied pressure for years for housing for everyone. This is what caused the crash – loans for everyone! Corporations are many and varied. They are not all in bed with govt. Some are; yes, but that supports my argument that it is govt that is most to blame when this happens. Most corporations have nothing to do with banking or real estate. Most corporations are small businesses. Every corporation benefits by having consumers. If they don't have consumers, they cease to exist; they lose their private jets. Corporations would rather have a public that has the money to buy their goods or services. Govt on the other hand, doesn't give a rats ass whether or not the public has money or not; it still exists and has power. To condemn the corporations is foolish. Govt… Read more »

I think being compared to FOX news is one of the most hurtful things ever.

This video is a really good representation of how the media label important issues as trivial and try to discourage other people from taking them seriously. My teacher in my World Issues class showed us the same video – very informative.

The male interviewer is a guy named Kevin O'Leary and can be seen on the last several seasons of CBC's Dragon's Den. He is known to be extremely blunt and downright rude. He's a "greed is good" type guy and worships money, worships paper cash. He's a soulless jerk, would sell his own wife and children if the price is right…he's already sold his soul.

Glad to see him put in his place by Mr. Hedges.

LOL! Everyone is greedy…EVERYONE you included. It's part of Human nature and any system that goes against it is anti-Human and anti-freedom.

The New World Order is socialist to the core, this "Occupy" stuff is a classic example of how the super-rich and super-powerful create controlled oposition to themselves in order to achieve their objectives. "Occupy Wall Street" IS Wall Street just like everysingle socialist revolution was financed by Wall Street.

The ONLY system that allows freedom and prosperity is TOTAL capitalism…Ron Paul style.

You really need to educate yourself more about the New World Order and how it operates. Start with "Antony Sutton".

The New World Order is capitalist to the core.

What a boss.

This "Occupy" stuff is classic "Thesis-><-Antithesis=Synthesis". The super-rich and super-powerful are behind this thing…

You said nutcase.

No, I said nutbar!

You stupid idiot, do you not get the picture. It doesn't matter if it's friggin case or bar, you're being a child and "descending into character assasination."

What the freak does it matter to you whether he remembered it as case or bar.

You don't even get the point.

pWned!Well done!

Entertaining interview indeed. The reporter was arrogant & condescending, one of my least favorite characteristics. Regardless if I subscribe the ideology of the person being interviewed or not, I think he did a good job, held his ground and I commend his efforts to get out there. Cause guess what, someone's gonna……. get out there. Of course this movement has been hijacked/or was started by TPTB, there are many different angles and many different movements at this time, you are well aware if you've been following. OF COURSE this is a distraction from other world events, aren't they all? I cant' keep track of all the distractions, there was one right after Osama died (eh hem), one right after the Barry birth certificate scandal, one right the Seal Team was shot down in a helicopter crash, even one after our illegal invasion into Libya and there will be one to… Read more »



Hold on tight it be a tough ride and throw Rapture theory away. Got to prepare for the worst (persecution). What I can say is that it's similar to Russian Revolution. Thesis+AntiThesis = Synthesis UN patrol Gullotines NOAHIDE Laws. Optar/Octorber Occupy Wall Street

Yep. Most people, even people that claim to be NWO aware, have no idea about the Hegelian-dialectic and how far it goes.

Hey Lim Lynn – thanks for posting those. I especially like the americanholocaust blogspot and completely agree! It is encouraging for me in the last few weeks especially to see a heavy call to prayer this year on and around Halloween especially, and a boycott of this satanic holiday!! I am painfully aware of how these protests are being used to usher in any number of things that would seriously escalate the plans of those currently in charge. A quote from the blog you posted: "Communist marches and protests have been staged by the NWO cabal in city after city, with many more planned for this month. They are preying upon the youth especially, who do not really understand what is happening in our nation and the powers of darkness behind this PLANNED recession." ***(The youth ARE being targeted and preyed upon and it is why I support people going… Read more »
YEAH!! Don't f**k with a writer! XD By the way, for all you Christians out there (with regard to Revelation), please remember that Prophecies are written in a symbolic language similar to the one we see expressed in dreams. For anyone with experience keeping dream journals and anyone versed in decoding those symbols (Hint: intended meanings are generally the most poignant analog), creatures like the dragon or the anti-Christ are not intended to represent a single, physical being but rather an organization of a state of mind which exercises spiritual influence. The many-headed Beast, for instance is an obvious analog for our multi-national Corporate Military-industrial complex which consumes 90% of the world's wealth, and the Anti-Christ is that state of mind which is completely at odds with pure Christ consciousness. In other words, the Anti-Christ is that which promotes conformity, conflict for the sake of strife and unease, ignorance, and… Read more »

Very, very well written!

Thank you too!

Very articulate comment. I would have written that if I could have – well-organized, non-confrontational and educational. I would add that each of us needs to examine our own shadow side and integrate it. After all, the elite are still only human even if they think they are special. They are acting out our collective shadow. Seeing the shadow is the first step. Integration is the second step. Then we can decide how to proceed in a heartfelt and intelligent manner. From what I've been reading, the elite pay dearly, in terms of torture and abuse, for their money. They are not free. Either all of us are free or none of us can be. Someone pointed out to me over the weekend what a different movement OWC would be if it were named Uplift Wall Street. Meaning lift them out of their gutter of greed, abuse and hatred. It's… Read more »

If I were anymore integrated and enlightened, I might have added that too. 🙂

Thank you.


maybe this will give you a different view. not forcing anyone to watch it but it doesn't hurt to watch and analyze for yourself. this documentary is 2 and a half hours long so only if you have the balls to sit there and watch it will you gain from it. i have not seen a more educated analysis of the book or revelations and other prophets prophecies like daniel and so on like this documentary. we are not God. yes God is in our hearts but we do not control anything. not even the elitists. they think they do but over all there is only good and evil controlling their own plan. we are just the free will messengers of either side.

I would remark that the bible has been doctored quite a bit by the (admittedly retarded) elites of the time, and that any reference to individual power and personal divinity would have been removed, whether or not the source documents mentioned them. There's historical evidence for the concept of reincarnation being taken out of western spirituality, especially monotheism, on purpose. I watched the first video for about as long as I could, but a few things bothered me too much. First of all, the story of Daniel is probably my favorite story in the Old Testament. That said, I don't think it belongs synched with the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. At all. Secondly, the speaker makes all kinds of ridiculous assumptions based on, I guess, "faith", which means he doesn't read between the lines as one must. He also doesn't seem to know anything about magic or divination. When… Read more »

We are Legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us.

subscirbe to YouTube channels:



Do you realize that they have sabotaged RIM (blackberry). Nobody wants to say it but I believe that they are trying to destroy the blackberry and BBM because it allows users to send encrypted messages to each other that the government security forces cannot access.

Remember when the UK government asked RIM to release the information sent via BBM during the London riot and RIM refused?

Is it then a coincidence that their system crashed recently!!!!! Just saying……..

All I can think about when I hear of these protests is the warning given in 2009 by a New York City Pastor David Wilkerson. I agree with LVB that this movement seems too orchestrated and how they say its unorganized, but clearly this movement, which already is spreading worldwide, is not your average grassroots movement. Most of the people that support it are innocent people that really want true change, but something is brewing and I don't like it. They need some kind of crazy chaos for the 2012 plans so Its strange that these things are happening at the turn of the year…. Anyway here is what David Wilkerson said: http://davidwilkersontoday.blogspot.com/2009/03/u… SATURDAY, MARCH 7, 2009 AN URGENT MESSAGE I am compelled by the Holy Spirit to send out an urgent message to all on our mailing list, and to friends and to bishops we have met all over… Read more »

Wow! I never knew about that. I've listened to his prophecy about what will happen in the world before the tribulation/rapture and also about apostasy in the church that he gave in the 80's. Both had many things in them that have happened or are currently developing or happening. I'll try to find this whole sermon thanks.

You are absolutely correct.

Obama and his pals are planning on orchestrating large scale "civil unrest", deliberately, for this election cycle, so that it will essentially scare people into re-electing him, and if he loses, my understanding from good sources is that if he loses, he is perfectly content to "let it burn" as his way of saying "F YOU" to those who want him gone and out of power.

This is going to be the ugliest Presidential election ever in our history. We can only pray that the violence will not get too far out of control, because I have a feeling that many of the leftist agitators want exactly that – chaos and mayhem – in order to justify their Brave New World.

Pray for calmer and wiser heads to prevail.

Of course they are……

The Obama Plan from a WH insider:

Wow! What an interview!!!

I just read the comment by 'nice guys', and he's right. The Bible predicted this and so much more. We truly are at the point when the Antichrist will be revealed.

I'm a she! 😉

And yes, God gave us a serious heads up. Nostradamus had the most vague predictions ever yet people follow him, yet when Christ described the signs before His return and when God revealed the tribulation to John, it was filled with extremely specific details yet noone cares.

"He who has ears, let him hear"

I've followe the OWS stories minimally, but I read the article by VC on the origins and history of the Illuminati, and the OWS movement appears to clearly fall in line with the agenda as described in the article. One step closer to the NWO. Destroy all confidence in the current economic structure (the OWS movement has gone global, right?)so that there is a unified outcry for change, e.g., one world currency, for a start. Doesn't anyone notice how this movement is bringing the people of the world together by creating a universal nemesis?

I've been over on the OWS website the for last few days trying to get a feel for what they're all about and I don't know if it's a part of NWO's plans (it may very well be; you don't know who to trust nowadays) but one thing that does seem clear is they most certainly do not want a global currency. In fact, one common theme seems to be to abolish that criminal cartel known as the Federal Reserve and return to a national (i.e. USA) currency the way it was prior to 1913. And as far as a global menace, well, there IS a global menace. Seems to be the only way to fight it would be to get the people of the world united together in this fight. The relatively few enlightened Americans (like at this site) can't do it our own, it's far too big. Just… Read more »


Nice pattern recognition skills there. 🙂

I LOVE CHRIS HEDGES! I have loved him since he was interviewed by Michael Moore and quoted Thucydides. That is the way to impress a girl.

And **** the media for painting this movement as a left wing unimportant bunch of unbathed freaks with guitars, while they fawn at the foot of the Tea Party. Media, you DISGUST me.

Wow Fleurdamour – I thought they had the tea party painted as a bunch of right wing, redneck, bible thumping extremist. We must not be watching the same news channel 😉

Michael Moore: Hollywood Propagandist extraordinaire

PS I agree with you that not all attendees are left wing nutbars. I have seen too much to the contrary to allow them that honor alone.

As an overtaxed Canadian who hasn't watched the Cdn. B.S. Corp. for years all I can say is why is the network with it's overpaid, underperforming, talking heads still cluttering up the cable wires?


No joke, the whole world is crying out for a "saviour" someone with a real solution…the global economy is crap, WW3 could erupt any moment in the middle east, famine is on the way…and so much more and most importantly all of our national and global leaders have come up with nothing but CRAP answers and will probably continue to do so. The Anti-christ is just about ready to reveal himself for such a time as this.

A corporation can't succeed without a base to build it on. That base is the consumers. Look @ Apple. They have a product that catches on – Ipod, Iphone – and they exploit it to death! But it works because of CONSUMER GREED! A new Iphone comes out every 4 months and people are lining up for hours to get it! What for?!?! The last one is so obsolete by now? As a result, Apple is the most valuable company in the world, even more valuable than the evil oil empire of ExxonMobil. You can't blame 1% of the population because most of the 99% are mindless drones…

You took the words out of my mouth. These 1% at the top are fed by the materialism at the base. No one is holding a gun telling people to buy iPhones and such. And what does a company naturally do? Ask themselves, how to we increase our profits? Answer: get stuff made for nothing and sell it for a big profit.

The same guy that embarrassed himself in his interview with Herman Cain? Why does he still have a job? He’s a failure at what he does. Anyway, i’m in the same boat as the person wondering what we are being distracted FROM with all these protests…there’s no way they weren’t infiltrated from day one because this sort of protest was organized before and it got NO MEDIA ATTENTION…suddenly…sadly people really feel that they’ll get something accomplished through this protest (in an ideal world, it would enact change) but it will morph into something that will turn on the american people. I believe it will turn americans against each other…the lines that have been drawn in the sand could become violent soon. Interesting after months and months of protesting and action in other countries, a month after the US has it’s own massive protest, a GLOBAL DAY OF PROTEST is formed… Read more »

Yeah rai channel has a field day with those protests.

Universal meltdown in all its glory.

We're heading for a new world disorder and there is nothing we can do.

Lmao! This was great! That guy made that analyst look dumb af and I loves it! He tried to come for him, but Hedges shut it down and did it with tact. The reporter clearly was pressed and showed his true colors, how unprofessional and tacky of him. In a perfect world, this loser should be fired but of course in this word he'll continuously be taken serious like he's credible, ha! What a joke! Yes, Hedges I applaud you for exposing this fraud. Hopefully we'll see more of it.

wow! just…. WOW!!!

hedges came to speak at my university once and i met him…his address was phenomenal, glad he owned this guy

Hes my new hero!

He said quite plainly what the people want.. FOR THE CRIMINALS TO BE PROSECUTED, TO NOT LIVE IN A CORPORATE STATE, & GIVE US BACK OUR F"IN $$$$…thieves!!! Evil thieves who have been undermining the American people for centuries.. PERIOD!

I agree almost with everything he said other then quoting Karl Marx and his obvious ant-capitlist rhetoric. Anybody who is a Karl Marx supporter and anti-capitalist is as the host said a "nut job." The problem is far greater then the repeal of glass steagal. Having a group of privately run banks deciding the money supply and interest rates is the problem. Repeal the federal reserve act and go back to a gold standard.

"Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who makes its Laws." MAYER ANSELM ROTHSCHILD

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.

Already they have raised up a monied aristocracy that has set the government at defiance. The

issuing power (of money) should be taken away from the banks and restored to the people to

whom it properly belongs." — Thomas Jefferson, U.S. President.

So I'm one of those 99% of lower income people, hard working, getting nowhere…but at what point do you say not only are the corps and banks responsible–but the materialistic consumers who continue to purchase their crap in large doses responsible as well. I know it's tough to get buy without being a part of the "system" but it's possible. Boycott by taking your money to local banks and buy as much from the small little business guy as possible–including your food. BOTH sides are responsible for this and it's so easy to push the blame on someone else. Personal accountability is lacking on both sides. AND–with such a giant bubble of prosperity comes a price…a burst and there will be collateral damage. This was inevitable. A booming economy can't be sustained forever–and people bought stuff with money they didn't have. Do we fault corporations for "enticing people?" If you… Read more »
i soooo agree. people are using this as an excuse to shirk responsiblity for their own lives and welfare. blaming the banks and corporations for living beyond your means is what it sounds like most people are doing. blaming the government for not supporting them? blaming the education system because you can't get a job? blaming the education system because you can't pay off your loans THAT YOU COULD NOT AFFORD IN THE FIRST PLACE? it's all been about keeping up "appearances" for too many people. and now that it's getting more difficult to do that, they want to throw a fit. come on and get real. theres a LOT of corruption in this country. and it started in the people's houses. look in the mirror. materialism is the root of it. i am one of the only people i know who hasn't lived on credit in over 20 years.… Read more »


Whoa! Please take the time to RE-READ what was stated or simply READ something before jumping to conclusions and posting a reactionary comment. No one was trashing anyone with just a high school diploma.

I can not believe you people trash talking someone for not having more than HS diploma! I know so many people that went to a 4 year university, just so they can say that they did. They all went in with out any idea of what field they were going to work in, no plan for their future, and what do they have now? Debt. Most of them are now married with children and dusty degrees sitting on the shelf, or working at Starbucks. My husband and I are both "young people" neither one of us went to college, but have great jobs that we love (not at Mickey D's either). We also have two vehicles that aren't brand new, but paid off, and own our home. Oh yeah and no educational debt!

@ onemorevoice, I disagree with you on many of your points. First of all, it’s clear that you are speaking from a perspective of a different time and generation. Yes, there are some people who do live beyond their means due to pure ignorance and a materialistic mindset, but the majority would not have made certain choices if they knew what the result was and as “Person of Interest” stated above, there is also a lot of DECEPTION going on. Why lend money to people who you know can’t afford it to begin with? Especially to YOUNG PEOPLE just straight out of high school who trust that the system will work for their best interests. This is knowingly done and it is conniving and unacceptable and akin to leading a trusting blind person into oncoming traffic. Meanwhile, the myth is continuously perpetuated that attending College/University should be the next step… Read more »
Ok I beg to differ @onemorevoice I totally agree with the pull yourself up by your own boot straps to some degree, but dont mistake "lenders" using legal jargon to deceive people. You dont get a real economic education out of highschool which these companies know for a fact was taking place. So yes it wrong for these "lenders" to find it advantageous to sell people glorified bullshit and then bet against it (the fact that they took bids against the BS tells me they knew they were doing wrong from the start).so dont blame the everyday consumer who if they knew what they were getting into would not have gon through with the deal or found someone to negotiate a better deal for themselves. So are you trying to say that only having a HS diploma is a good thing. Idk how old you are but at sometime in… Read more »

Good for you…you're very sensible. I'm with you! "people" were telling me to buy MORE real estate, don't pay off your home. We did the opposite, paid our home off in 6 years (worked two jobs each) and never carried debt. We buy ONLY what we need: food/gas and the occasional splurge (makes it more valuable to us) and save the rest for later. Watch all our friends buying way over their heads and now they're up a creek and whining and wanting the government to do more for them.


I totally agree we as a people should be boycotting all the "American" Companies who shipped jobs over seas, the banks that are charging a "maintenance fee" to do business with you. I say take your money out of the bank and see how fast they would sing another tune but theres no uproar about that which puzzles me nobody seems to have the balls enough to give these banks companies the finger until they get their act together its like thats not even a option

Thats what I dont get about OWS their protesting banks 3yrs later while the GOP is making it harder for them to vote right in their face. I.E Rick Perry signs a law where you can use your concealed weapon permit to vote but not you college id. Im just saying somethings not adding up

that male braodcaster was such a jerk, no professionalism at all! a nut-bar isn't any better than calling someone a nut-case. BUT too bad he got trashed!!! Hedges did a good thing telling them this will be his last time coming..haha. truth does hurt!

Why can they lie so hard?

It is said that George Soros ( one of the 10 richest Americans and a Freemason) funds the movement. Now, I know that most of the people are honest and protest for good causes, and I admire them…aside from the drunk kids…but we need to look at who is behind this and WHY, because everyone knows that the NWO will eventually be implemented and we can't stop that, so this movement might have something to do with "Ordo ab Chao"…or it might just give a tiny illusion that people are still free, like a small depressurization of energy. Who knows…

Can someone please help me understand what it is they (protestors) are asking for !

Remember the people at the top of this illuminati pyramid are the problem and the people protesting are protesting against them they just don't realize it. Sadly though these protest's will just lead to public outcry for a solution which in turn will take away more of peoples rights and probably usher in the solution the RFID chip or mark of the beast as some like to call it. Anyway here's the list of how all of this is effecting everyday peoples lives. Protestors are protesting very important other issues as well but the majority of them all come back to these. 1. An end to creating money out of thin air on computer screens and charging interest on it (fractional reserve lending). 2. An end to governments borrowing fresh-air money called ‘credit’ from private banks and the people paying interest on this ‘money’ that has never, does not and… Read more »

In all the negativity surrounding mainstream music and media please allow me to plug this guy. Discovered him around the same time I found this site. Hope you don't mind VC his name is K-Rino, this dude tries to speak the truth every tune and has never sold out, spits some serious lyrics. PEACE!!!

I have to agree, there is no clear message from the protesters. Just whining about unfairness. Saw one girl whining about her college loans. I knew when I went to college I was not guaranteed a job and was responsibly to pay back when I signed those papers. It was a tough road to pay them off, then try to make it on my own…but no whining was involved.

What is keeping these people from being the next big inventor? Quick whining and get creative. Most of the large corps they hate were started by men who had NOTHING and even failed at their business many times. EX. Steve Jobs. Most of the protesters I'm sure are using their iPhones and mac laptops…but still complain about going nowhere.

They are protesting any and every perceived "unfairness" and "corporate greed", which is a classic diversion and "blame the rich" tactic that is being used as a shotgun approach to blame mostly the wrong tagets to create a big dust cloud and diversion – which is: a) Being financed and instigated by George Soros and his billions to blur the issues and distract people from focusing on the real and urgent problems we are facing. b) Designed to to throw people off the scent of what caused this intentionally designed economic crisis we are in – Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, out of control un-Constitutional socialist policies from the past several Congresses and Presidents – but mostly the current President, trillions of $$$$ (money we don't have) in spending on "stimulus", which was all thrown at bailouts for AIG, the biggest banks who made the stupidest risky loans knowing their deposits would… Read more »
@Wow, It's not "whining" to point out the injustices of this failed system. I don't see how voicing discontent over the ridiculous tuition fees and the years of your life you will spend paying it back with interest. I don't know when you graduated but in this current economic climate, it's not easy for students. College/University students who sign their first loan papers are young–17, 18–many do not foresee or comprehend the concept of debt or how difficult it will be to pay it back. How can you say that people who find themselves in this position should simply just "get creative." How many people make it that way? That is such a ridiculous statement to me–not everyone is afforded the same opportunities and open doors in life to simply "get creative" and become extremely wealthy–I'm sure if it was that easy, we would all be millionaires and no one… Read more »
Okay, listen up. As someone who was at OWS for the first week, I'm going to tell you All something and do not let it fall on deaf ears. THERE ARE FREEMASONS AT THE CORE OF THIS MOVEMENT. Ive met 2, and like roaches when u see 1 there's got to be 2 , you see 2 you know there's more. There is the "Media team", and they basically control the donations, the computers, the livestream, I was spreading NWO stuff and zionism truth, and they did not want that going down. There is also Socialism(lots of it) being promoted( worlds workers party), YOUTUBE BILL COOPER TRUTH ABOUT SOCIALISM.  The majority of the movement are innocent teens and adults who honestly want change and good in the world, but you should know how the PTB work by now, they fool us, they continue to treat us like ignorant sheep and… Read more »

Thanks for letting us now. I am a "true" Yorker too. Nothing is perfect. Not in this world of Illuminati scum … . My friend had warned there were spies and informants. What else? It is just like the sixties. I still support the movement. I know i felt God's presence at a local meet up.

@TruthurtsQNZNY Your shouting all caps paranoia about Freemasons is profane. How do you explain the fact that our founding fathers were Freemasons? Bill Cooper couldn't, and I do respect him, in fact I had met him, but he could not shine the light in the correct perspective because of his prejudice of the mysteries. Plus if it weren't for Freemasonry this country would have never come to be free from British corporate rule. The enemy of democracy is NOT Freemasonry it is Corporatism, and if there are corporate masons involved they are astray of the core principles. If Freemasonry is behind the OWS movement then it is a good thing.

Guess what. I beileve YOU!! I thought the same thing, that if it's gotten this big then the media, or big brother must have their hands in it too. We must be crazy if we think they are going to let voice our concerns about money. Nobody said occupy market street when the banks needed to pay their loans off. They stated their problem and it got fixed. They didn't have to march around to get noticed. but we the 99% do. Shame on America for killing it's own people.

I forgot to add, "I loved the atmosphere, the people, the drumming, the music, THE PROTESTS!!!!!(GETTING IN ALL THOSE PIGS FACES AND EXPRESSING MY FRUSTRATIONS OF THE OPPRESSION AND REPRESSION THEY TAKE PART IN, THIS ONE PIG ACTUALLY GAVE ME AN EVIL WINK WHEN I ASKED HIM IF HE HAD ANY COMPASSION), being there actually gave me a natural high"…………. Also, how about T(echnical).A(ssistance).R(esponse).U(nit)(and their connection with counter terrorism unit) recording every single rally that they do?, I shouted a few times at them , "STOP THE FACIAL RECOGNITION", LOL, and one replied, sarcastically, "Sorry, sorry"… made me laugh, every time i said it, they moved away from me, those bastards . Have you guys noticed , the red jackets walking around, I still haven't found out who they are, I'm guessing maybe, FBI … Theres this one big white guy that reminded me of Clark Kent, he's all over… Read more »

TruthurtsQNZNY I recognize the guy who looks -in your opinion- like a complete nerd and I know where you got the pic from. Man up and stop hassling women and most importantly stop hacking their laptops. Get over yourself. I offered you an olive branch many times and you threw it back to my face.

Fyi the alleged nerd is very hot but not as hot as you. Bear in mind that jealousy and vindictiveness among other things are very bad traits. You must really fancy me to behave like a spoilsport. The feelings are mutual.

I LOVE YOU TOO 😉 & be nice

I wear contact lenses, are they good enough for you? Am I also nerdy? :o(

Of course it was infiltrated, not only by "the freemasons", another brainwashing label. Palin was there, "the voice of a generation" Kanye West was there… Chris Hedges is logical! The movement is a symbol.

hey bro! i like your research of finding out who owns that property.. thanks a lot I will keep my eyes open

@ TruthurtsQNZNY

And maybe you'r just a disinfo agent trying to confuse people and the power this movement has gotten

Alakazaam-ifnormaiotn found, problem solved, thanks!

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, maybe I am? Does that mean you should ignore what i just wrote?

The same guy that embarrassed himself in his interview with Herman Cain? Why does he still have a job? He's a failure at what he does. Anyway, i'm in the same boat as the person wondering what we are being distracted FROM with all these protests…there's no way they weren't infiltrated from day one because this sort of protest was organized before and it got NO MEDIA ATTENTION…suddenly…sadly people really feel that they'll get something accomplished through this protest (in an ideal world, it would enact change) but it will morph into something that will turn on the american people. I believe it will turn americans against each other…the lines that have been drawn in the sand could become violent soon. Interesting after months and months of protesting and action in other countries, a month after the US has it's own massive protest, a GLOBAL DAY OF PROTEST is formed… Read more »

I really liked your commentary – especially about the ownership of the park. You sound like a true thinker; we need more people like you!