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Occupy Wall Street – Chris Hedges shuts down CBC Kevin O’Leary (video)



Occupy Wall Street is gaining momentum worldwide, crossing over to Canada and Europe. Despite the interest groups that are looking to co-opt the movement (or have co-opted, I don’t know) and opportunistic public figures who go there for PR, there are real issues at stake here.

Here’s an interesting (and very entertaining) interview with author Chris Hedges, who touches upon the vital issues of the protest. You will also see an example of how not to interview someone who knows his stuff.


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honest speaker

occupy movement cannot get what it wants without a revolution of ideology (capitalism), governmental change, corporation overturn. People open your eyes, occupy movement is ripe for a one world order movement.

honest speaker

occupy movement = implementation of wall street

occupy movement = global movement = one world order

occupy movement = elite movement within the people, deception of the people by the elite.


Funny how concrete observations and real modern values are trashed from the start as being ridiculous. What's actually ridiculous and amazing is that we learn history from our schools and we haven't thought how these principles are applied in our world, in this case feudalism, under the pretext of democracy. Occupy Wall Street is for now a peaceful march, but I reckon it will not stand for long as peaceful, as the case of London riots. I am not affected by the US Government because I do not live in the US, but you must be a fool not to realise how America creates a pattern for the world, a model for other countries' policy, and I guess that's why the whole Globe starts to become aware of this issue.


Personally enjoyed the display by Mr. O'Leary, as he exemplifies the attitude of the corrupted corporate regime. There is only one solution when dealing with irrational ignorance, which is to kill it.


The Occupy Wall Street movement is furthering the illuminatic agenda? How is that possible? I am not a follower, but I support a bunch of kids– most of the people locally are college students. By supporting them, what is going happen? All I am out is a bit of time and energy. I give'em a few bucks and I am furthering the Trilateral commission, the fed or any of the other mainstream tools ? I've read these comments and it makes little sense to me. As a working class guy, it is going to peace or it is going to be revolution. There is no compromise possible it seems.


Seriously: Occupy Wall Street is NOT a movement that is spreading from the US to Europe. Occupy Wall Street is a movement inspired by the Spanish 15M. There is plenty of information about it on the net, please check it and do not misinform. It's been happening since May 15, hence 15M…


They have just murdered Gaddafi and played right into the hands of the illuminati!!!! Which sovereign nation is next???


This is is the part you've missed regarding this "protest"


the Dems are the people who forced the mortgage crises…search it out and see……when the tea party did there thing, spontaneously, all was well…the 'occupiers' are destroying the place with there trash, sex, nudity, dope smoking etc…….and they say they "know" what this country must do to move forward….yea… right,,,, i don't think so



And you obviously don't know what humanity needs in order to move forward if you're making this a political party issue…


its politics that started the whole issue…DUHHH. its not a matter of opinion its FACT.



Why are you on this site again? Political parties are illusions…to blame one political party for all the ill wills of the world is playing right into the hands of the elite.


When someone spouts off without knowing the difference between "there", "their", & "they're"…they're hard to take seriously.



@Kokoapelli you said to me -"When someone spouts off without knowing the difference between “there”, “their”, & “they’re”…they’re hard to take seriously."

sorry for the mistake….my bad…..hope you can get over it so you can see the light….lol

@mystiseeker you said to me -"Why are you on this site again? Political parties are illusions…to blame one political party for all the ill wills of the world is playing right into the hands of the elite."

i didn't tell you the first time of why i am on this site… original statement was to point out that the woes of the financial market in resent past was do to the fact that the dems pushed it through….ie. govt. backed loans to the public…the Illuminati and others give incite to the creation world govt.. point being is this If the dems would not have pressed the issue we would not be it this crisis today… would have taken longer to reach this stage if the repubs would have had its way….that's all………… you and Kokoapelli can bite and chew on this statement for a while……lol


Kevin O'Leary is one of the "sharks" on that show Shark Tank on ABC. I had no idea he was a reporter in Canada?! He's such a jerk on that show, and constantly says over and over and over that "money is the only thing that matters." Period! So of course he sides with the bankers. He's one of them! This was a great clip and it was awesome to see him put in his place.


How can u win if the system is set up for u to lose? Small case, I went to pnc to open a checking account. They told me that I needed a credit card and a work ID card. Now I was relocating from a neighboring state so I hadn't started working yet in this current state. Why the heck do I need a credit card to open a checking account. I don't have a credit card to avoid spending money that I don't have. So in short the banks want to almost makes you spent thier money. The banks know exactly what they are doing and they won't stop. They make ur life hard if u don't put ur money in the bank via direct depost. Most jobs require that u have direct depost. What was so wrong with cashing ur own pay check? Oh yea the credit card company wants you to have a checking account before you can get a credit card. So what comes first, the checking account or the credit card?


I think this is the beginning of the end. Meaning this is the first step used by the new world order. No war, no movement, no revolution ever had no infiltrators of the opposite side. Espionage, there is always a chance small or big for anyone to walk in as a wolves is sheep's clothing. Look at Abraham Lincoln the real history, look back at the associates of Martin Luther King all these spies made happy just to gasp knowledge and send it back to the enemy of the true believers, the truth seekers. All the NWO, Illuminatist, secret satan worshipers in politics and big companies need is a massive outbreak of violence and confusion and then they can implement their plans. Like Ceaser said, "I came I saw I conquered." Lastly the most frightening quote, divide and conquer. Is that not what we see today. All over the globe, this was way before Occupy Wallstreet. This was way before Muslim men and women were/are categorized as terrorist, Japanese men and women as mischievous, "Jewish" men and women as greedy, Blacks as thieves and subhuman, and Hispanics as baby factories etc. The media and every day life has been shaping… Read more »


American nazi party officially endorses. 


There are a lot of legitimate voices among the protests. People that are educated about that is going on and not suckered into the Hegelian game. However, the overall message being perpetrated is to rile up the voters to get mad at capitalism run amok and embrace socialism. And in the end, the NWO. That's what all this is about. Don't be fooled. If you think that socialism is more moral than capitalism, turn the finger away from government and back at THE PEOPLE. The reason this country is in decline is that the hearts of the people are far from God. The god is Mammon.

"We have no king but Caesar!"



If you can't see this coming your blind, this is a setup for the collapse just before 2012.


Let's put it here first vigilantes……keep an eye on this worldwide OCCUPY protest. Notice the worldwide media coverage that it is getting.

If the illuminati is attempting to test a theory then this is their grounds for it.

My prophesy is: they will get one of their operatives that has infiltrated the group to cause a disturbance in one region then start a propaganda that the OCCUPY protesters are all trouble makers then send 'operation martial law' into action!!!!! At test of course.

Watch and see….


that is exactly how the world is set up. if you speak against what they want in any way you are labeled a "nut-bar" nut case, insane, crazy, abnormal.. if people would actually wake up and pay attention to what does take place, you can seriously see exactly who the real crazy zombies are.


The sad part is, a lot of people recognize the problems, but they want to try to find an easy target. Zionists, Illuminati, blah, blah, it's all distraction. The entire world is corrupt – not one man, not an handful of men at the top – the whole world. The only person who could turn this around is Jesus, but turning to Jesus instead of taking it into your own hands is somehow harder for men to understand.

Man doesn't heal, man destroys. Only God restores to himself what is his.


This guy is an idiot and a tool. A classic "useful idiot". No corporation makes anybody buy their product or service. People who borrowed more than they can pay are not victims of Wall Street. The govt (the left side of it) pushed and pushed and pushed for "everyone to own a home". Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are Govt programs not Corporate programs. They are what caused the financial crisis; Not Wall Street. As I said, corporations don't and can't force you to use them – govt can. corporations don't have police powers – govt does. Corporations can't tax – govt can. Corporations can't raise armies – govt can. You can choose not to patronize a corporation. You Cannot choose to ignore the govt. Corporations can throw as much money at politicians in bribes and with lobbying as possible, but only govt can choose to take those bribes. Your politicians are supposed to represent you. Corporations represent themselves and their customers(Yes). If your politicians are bought and paid for, it is because they let it happen. Govt is the problem, not Corporations. If you think govt should have more power you are a fool who deserves your enslavement.

you're the idio

@ James

You seem to be painfully unaware of the part that our Government and Corporate America are one and the same. We live in a Corporate State, not a democratic one. You bring up a great point about bribes- when corporations have the ability to control our government with their pocketbooks, our government no longer belongs to the people (not like it ever did to begin with). And a little information about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac- THEY ARE CORPORATIONS! Yes, they are "government sponsored enterprises", but they are publicly traded entities since 1968!. Mike Williams is the CEO of Fannie Mae. So yes, corporations did create the financial crisis that we are in. I honestly don't even feel like going on about how wrong and misinformed you are, but feel free to admit that you are talking out of your a-s and maybe I will come back to rebut anything you may have to say. Your move…


Without govt sponsorship freddie and fannie would fall on their a---s. Barney Frank and friends applied pressure for years for housing for everyone. This is what caused the crash – loans for everyone! Corporations are many and varied. They are not all in bed with govt. Some are; yes, but that supports my argument that it is govt that is most to blame when this happens. Most corporations have nothing to do with banking or real estate. Most corporations are small businesses. Every corporation benefits by having consumers. If they don't have consumers, they cease to exist; they lose their private jets. Corporations would rather have a public that has the money to buy their goods or services. Govt on the other hand, doesn't give a rats a-s whether or not the public has money or not; it still exists and has power. To condemn the corporations is foolish. Govt is the problem. Once govt goes beyond maintaining the roads and protecting the border and defending its citizens, it is overstepping its bounds. The folks in NY(including the idiot in the video) and elsewhere who are protesting wall street and corporations for causing all the problems, but complain that govt… Read more »

YT Channel-TheGatewa

I think being compared to FOX news is one of the most hurtful things ever.

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