Nike’s Kobe System: Advertisement With an Illuminati Message


Nike’s Kobe System promotional ads feature basketball player Kobe Briant posing as a useless motivational speaker who “guides” people that are already successful to…beyond success. The entire thing is funny and ridiculous but the strong symbolism present in the ads hint to the “true” nature of success…and what happens “beyond” it. Here’s one example of the series of ads.

You have Kobe speaking in front of “successful” people like Kanye West, billionaire Richard Branson and motivational speaker Tony Robbins. You know these people are not in the ad for the money. They’re here to “represent”. The slogan of the system is “Success for the Successful” and Kobe talks about the step ABOVE success. What is the step above being a successful person in one’s field? Being introduced (or initiated) into the elite – a club that guarantees financial and societal privileges.

"Success" is represented by the apex of a pyramid - the same apex that has the Illuminati's all-seeing eye on the Great Seal of the United States. On each side we see a phallic symbol pointing downwards a "womb" represented by the "V" shape above the triangle, which represents the all-important concept of union of opposites in Illuminati symbolism.

So, yes, this is an ad to sell shoes. But it is also an ad to sell the elite and its symbolism to the masses.

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177 Comments on "Nike’s Kobe System: Advertisement With an Illuminati Message"

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The Nike store here in Portland OR is very much like this. The window sisplays are huge with the wors, Elite, Power and Control all each written inside a circle very similiar to the all seeing eye. Creepy!

wait wait wait……I know this is an old post, so noone will probably reply, but isnt he getting/got a divorce? And didnt she take like everything from this guy? All because he but banged a drunk white girl? Does anyone remember that, or was that part of his "initiation"? You know, the whole someone must go through public humiliation…? A divorce doesn't sound at all successful to me.

Not only is the triangle a symbol, but Kobe presenting himself with open arms is mocking Jesus on the Cross. Lebron James does the same thing after he throws the chalk up before every game, a tradition that is arguably the most household and well known pregame ritual.

I think you forgot to mention the sign that was on their suits that looks just like the freemasonry sign. This is so blatant and people still deny the hidden agenda of the super successful super stars and celebrities!

the phallic symbol it's a logo for his own brand: it represents a snake (he's nick-named Black Mamba). it's Bryant, not "Briant".

I guess the use of pyramids this time is clearly there to reinforce wealth ideas (link to the US dollar).

So hard work means nothing anymore? Kobe has won five championships, last time I checked you dont win five championships without working hard? Hes 6'6 with a great jump shot and great work ethic. Everybody just wants everything to be about the illuminati. I know some things are illuminati related but gosh, he's only famous because of basketball something that every one can do if they practice. Larry Fitz has 0 championships guess the illuminati screwed him. Aziz isnt even all that successful. Last time checked a triangle was just a shape, if he used a circle of success everybody would flip out over that too. Calm down people. Is every athlete in the illuminati? Guess michael jordan and bill russell were illuminati affiliated also. I do believe some musicians are illuminati affiliated but some the people in this video arent even house hold names. I guess they arent doing… Read more »
Conspiracy theory is the theory that most of the world is secretly governed by a small group of men who operate behind the scenes. The term "conspiracy theory" is the weapon of choice for conservatives to debunk the conspiracy fact finders. Who are the Illuminati? They are a conscienceless network of international bankers and industrialists based in Western Europe and North America. The original godfather of this global cartel was Mayer Rothschild (1743 – 1812). His male descendants commonly married first cousins or nieces to keep the family fortune all in the family. Since the middle ages, these families have built their power and fortune by lending money at loan shark interest rates to monarchies and governments. Instead of taxing the population to raise money which was an unpopular measure, the monarchs borrowed money from the money-lenders. This gave birth of the concept of "the national debt." The godfather of… Read more »
Did anyone else notice Kobe Bryant in the finale of ABC's America's Extreme Homemakeover? IMO, there was ALOT of symbolism in that episode. One on topic, was Kobe running into the crowd of cheering people, with a black t-shirt, and a bright emblem on the front, that first made me think of the familiar goat-head shapes I see on celebrities now. Except, when I googled the shirt, I believe it is something from his personal clothing line (?), with the emblem called a Gladiator Mask. In google images, the emblem appears to sometimes include an (ominous, leering) image of Kobe himself (?). I still think that it is also a play on the basometh goat head. Plus, there were a whole lot of other ambigous things going on on that show. Maybe I am noticing for the first time lately? Or was it all a big surprise? Anyway, that's my… Read more »

i didnt see this episode but i am sure what you saw was not just a " coincidence"

I actually noticed this "illuminati" commercial, at the very end of it, on t.v. When KOBE says "you welcome", you clearly see KOBE's one eye on the wall behind him. VERY END OF THE COMMERCIAL, you can't miss it.

It's amazing,, they want to kill you, and they want you to worship them at the same time. DON'T ALL "GODS" want that?

That is we need to align with CREATORS, not GODS. THE UNIVERSAL CREATOR genuinelly cares about you, and gives you more of what you deserve. IT ALIGNS ITS SELF WITH GOOD/CREATIVE ASPECtS, without a need for WORSHIP. GODS, however want obedience, and feed off of your devotion to them.

First they make it a cool club that they force you to want with cool lights and gadgets.

Next they will deny you from basic freedoms we dont really notice and take for granted on a daily basis. (like the internet, and soon free speech)

Then they will deny access to the hospitals treating world wide epidemics that you simply cant run away from unless you have the chip.

Bottom line is….they will have it set up in a way that YOU WILL LINE UP FOR THE CHIP AND ACCEPT IT VOLUNTARILY.

if not….the pain is to be worse than anything imaginable….but who's to say they didnt write the bible for themselves as a to do list or something.

Real life is crazier than any fiction ever created….find your own system, find your own way.

😀 I watched all those clips after this & I find them hillarious! Nice to even find humor in the freaky stuff…..but then again…what are we poisoning ourselves and the future generation with?

Hahaha and Indian face told you got here by accident. Hahahahahaha!

On a recent visit to Kenya my seven year old son who never wears shoes kept being asked; "why are you dressing down?" Shoes are a big thing in Africa where most people walk a lot. If one wears fancy shoes it means you have really made it and don't have to walk anywhere, anymore.

I wonder how much they had to pay old Richard to be so inane or was it all for the "cause" or does Richard now own Nike.

All of which reminds me: Do you know what succeeds? A toothless canary.

Who cares – just keep walking – barefoot if you can.

why is it that its only the rich and famous that are linked to this stuff… I know Jesus gives wealth, u guys dont say that. instead its everyone making it thats part of the illuminati…

I feel sick watching this…..tis real sick poopoo

Response to Kobe Bryant illuminati

That particular symbol can also be found on River Pheonix's jackect in the movie My Own Private Idaho.

Response to the kobe system

I am sick of this satanic s**t to be true 🙁

Does every single thing a person does with a Triangle have to relate to the illuminate …. i think people are a little obsessed with this whole concept of people in power .

The moment I saw this commercial I knew it'd end up on this site. It's FILLED with subliminal messages, yet so OBVIOUS to those who know what to look/listen for.

the first time i saw this i immediately recognized the symbolism…i was so angry at how dumb they think we are. they just put it in our faces and we just watch in amazement

See Related JERRY RICE interview (From Kobesystem) that has his explain how he doesnt understand what Kobe means, yet, that he will work until successful enough to be told what it all means. Pretty obvious, Im not sure if it has been posted above:

Anyone else noticed the halo at the beginning?

Evil will intensify towards the end. All things will get exposed and eradicated before total peace again. We must all be vigilant and learn these truths. Thank you VC for another brilliant eye opener