Nicki Minaj: Inspiring a Nation of Barbies?


While other sites focus on Minaj’s “gigantic hips and azz”, it is difficult to overlook the symbolic meaning of this pic and the text underneath it.

I guess you know why this particular guy was chosen to pose for this particular pic.

She was also recently hard at work promoting the sex kitten agenda.

V magazine photo shoot: Animal print and eye.
2011 Grammys

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176 Comments on "Nicki Minaj: Inspiring a Nation of Barbies?"

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I couldn't agree more! Nicki Minaj is the worst thing that happened to humanity since Rhianna showed her satan worshipping, women degrading, digusting self on the charts. Nicki Minaj is not only a TERRIBLE influence to young girls, but she is also a terrible examble of female mcs. Why the hell does NM have to use sex the only way to sell her image? What will that teach young children today? That the only way to be taken seriously, is to sell your body and expose yourself? No! You don't have to parade around half naked in order to sell a single, you have to display confidence, intelligence, and determination. I don't even understand how this crap is allowed on tv and on the internet. NM is just another puppet and if she becomes the future of female mcs, god help us!!!!!!

Yes. I think so.

I wonder if he is a handler. The guy in the pic. They need scary people to bring fear. Fear helps to control. I grew up in a household where fear was used to control.

shes not hot and her body is deformed.

Who are the faces of the people on the guy's back?

Everything about Nikki Minaj is a farce. From the nose, lip and probably cheek implants and the definite butt injections to her stupid demeanor. She is a "Lil Kim" for this generation, leading the young minds captive with her eccentricity that is all an act. From the moment she came on the scene I couldn't stand her music nor a dumb little personas because nowadays everyone seems to have an alter ego when recording music. It's just not enough to just make music and sing songs. Noooo! You must have an alter that comes out and helps you feel the beat! Who the hell wants to be a Barbie? It's a doll and it's non-existing. Obviously the intent behind all of this is much sinister because when I was a child, yes I played with dolls, but I controlled their movements and she's obviously getting her movements controlled too. Hell… Read more »

Is the tattoo of the girl with the swirly mustache one of the girls from Coco Rosie??????

And are all the other portraits known Free Mason.

If that's coco rosie VG really needs to start listening to them and fast. They know what's up and they sing about all of it.

I never realized what she was doing, and what great impact she does to girls my age, i mean before i read this article, i wanted to be like her, i'm not black but i was stunned by her beauty and to know she was fake i still didn't mind. But now i realize the truth THANK VIGILANT CITIZEN for not being so vain.

I find it so sad… ALL these artists have one thing in common, as VC points out, most, if not all of them have alters!! And they make it known too and when kids see that, they think oh I want alters. Not even knowing what this means, I have MPD 🙁 it is a sad fate and even harder to deal with. Not knowing what you have done or when a alter might take over is a scary thing and to hear kids say they want them is a sad fate…

whats up with her saying "in 3 eleven Ima die hard like bruce willis" in one of her songs?

I just watched Rihanna's S&M, Lady Gaga's Born This Way, and the one with Kanye JayZ and Nikki Minaj, and my stomach turned. I am so disgusted I have a stomach ache. The fact that the new generation coming up will be influenced with this demonic garbage is unsettling to me. They are promoting a culture of r**e, suicide, murder, death and so many unimaginable evils. I thought the garbage they were promoting when I was young was terrible. It was mostly sex and rebellion in the 90's. I can't imagine what people will become/do when exposed to this garbage if they do not have the protection of the Lord. I truly understand how the love will grow cold among many as was prophesied in the Bible. It will grow cold and it is happening fast. The fact that these stars will take direction and do those things while being… Read more »
I can't help but think SOME of these mainstream performers KNOW what is going on, but feels it's too late to do anything and sometimes cry out for help. Some of these people are BORN to be subject to MK events so we can't just say that ." Oh it's their fault for getting themselves into it," because at the end of the day the only enemy is the Illuminati & Satan. Also, the more everyone rages war against people: Becase of gender, sexual orientation, social status, etc, you're only AIDING the Illuminati, not fighting it. Just because the Illuminati supports gays and homosexuality doesn't mean those things are wrong; They're EXPLOITING those things, not supporting it. Think about how the AIDS virus started: They injected homosexual/minorities with the virus and it spread. It wasn't God's defining retribution, it was man's evil. The best way to fight the Illuminati is… Read more »
I can't help but think SOME of these mainstream performers KNOW what is going on, but feels it's too late to do anything and sometimes cry out for help. Some of these people are BORN to be subject to MK events so we can't just say that ." Oh it's their fault for getting themselves into it," because at the end of the day the only enemy is the Illuminati & Satan. Also, the more everyone rages war against people: Becase of gender, sexual orientation, social status, etc, you're only AIDING the Illuminati, not fighting it. Just because the Illuminati supports gays and homosexuality doesn't mean those things are wrong; They're EXPLOITING those things, not supporting it. Think about how the AIDS virus started: They injected homosexual/minorities with the virus and it spread. It wasn't God's defining retribution, it was man's evil. The best way to fight the Illuminati is… Read more »

nicki's tattoo on her left arm reads "God is with me always."

I love the picture of that guy with the tattoos, because pretty much all those people under the all seeing eye have or are apart of the agenda. Plus, I also saw the portrait from the silence of the lambs, which I always believed had a double meaning when it came out around the same time George H.W. Bush declared the New World Order in 1991.

It's so sad that such characters actually "inspire" our children, and are considered "role models" for the little ones .. what can be done to protect our kids? I think isolation from this sickening media is the answer ..

Not a Nicki Minaj fan, but my 13 year old sister is -.- She forced me to watch that kind of documentary that came on MTV and she was talking about that song Roman's Revenge (I don't know if I spelled it right) but they were asking questions about it and she's like Roman is the person who says everything that I'm afraid to say, she talks about how "Roman" is kind of the person that comes out when she writes songs. I found that really creepy and the guy interviewing her was saying something on the line of haha it's kind of funny how you can blame everything on someone else. I asked my sister didn't that sound weird to you? She tells me no. I just don't see the big deal with her I'm 18 and I dislike what she talks about my sister and her friends are… Read more »

3 pics few lines, 120+ comments. Enough said. SMH.

White separative groups hunh?…..I always wondered why this whole wake up movement primarily targeted Black entertainers. Now i know. Sure y'all throw a white one in every now and then to make it look good . But they are usually the ones that associate with other races(nigger lovers so to speak). Yeah now it all makes sense… Well ya just lost one. All you blue eyed blond haired white devels are going to burn in hell with Satan your evil father. I swear the heart of the so called "aryan" white man is ironically the Blackest of them all…..SMBH

The great thing about opinions is you don't have to back them up with facts.


Im curious as to what exactly sparked this irrelevant outburst? You have a lot of anger and some serious issues obviously….if your black then your no better than any Aryan white supremacist with type like that coming off your fingers….I know a lot of good hearted white people as well as many ill willed ones including blacks, Latinos and Asians who are all on the darker side of the spectrum…..Satan's power knows no boundaries and he will use anyone who is willing to feed into his negative doctrines so be careful cuz you sound like your ready to eat of the fruit he offers!

Government isn't evil because of race. It's evil because it's government. Look around the world at governments of every nation, race, and color, and you will see this is true. Racism benefits government because as long as we focus on black vs. white, etc., and fight amongst ourselves, we won't focus on the true enemy, namely, government.

And actually, that's already there. Like, on the front page.:-)

VC could have some of his best explained articles available at all times for newbies to the site to get them clued in e:g Kanye West: Power etc. For me, I am ok with this current format.

We can clearly see the eye symbol on the dude's back on Niki's thigh. I wonder if the artists' ever notice these things.

AHHH!! What is that!? Kill it with fire! Other pics she looks hot but then you see this and youre like nevermind

Nicky Minaj arrived at the grammy's and was asked by Ryan Seacrest, live on TV, (regarding) her outfit, "Is this one of your alter-ego's?" to which nicky replied, "I don't have alter-ego's, no, no this is not my alter-ego. But how do i know if i'm in an alter-ego. They sedate you!"

End of interview LOL #Affirmation!!!

well blatently says here she does have more than 3 alters so maybe the particular alter she was in at the grammys doesnt KNOW about the others

she was in her vacant state at the grammys like how she was on chelsea lately B4 she went into her different personalities

when shes just nicki shes very vacant and bland dont seem to be much going on

See, there is a thing that is beneficial about splitting your personalities, and thats if its fictitious and doesn't become your reality. Then, you have people feeding each one of your Egos, kind of like the above guy calling her a "hooker". For example, if Nicki was amongst you and I, and you said this and she heard it through her "Evil Eye", then she would channel that emotion/aggression to Roman and go "Gladiator" on your "ass". Now, same way same thing, flirt with her, and you channel into her "kitten". This is how you feed the Egos, and make/feed their "Hollows". Learn to keep your tongue controlled when it comes to those who are under Mind Control. Never know who they are, so you might just want to "blaze" them all. Each actor/actress has to do this "channeling" into different parts of their personalities, as well as writers under… Read more »

dude… so remind me of morpheous

when I read your post I jus knew you were laurence fishburne


she looks like a hooker

I'm surprised that people are surprised…. she's a barbie, a doll, with fake everything!

She has a pair of creepy eyes.

I don't know why but I'm addicted to reading VC's articles.


Are you going to have a write up about Rihanna's "S&M" and Lady Gaga's "Born This Way"?

"Born This Way" is a good song. Some have criticized it as being derivitive of Madonna's "Express Yourself", and while there is a passing resemblance, I don't think it sounds "just like" it as some people have said. (Ever notice how Justin Bieber's "Somebody To Love" sounds a bit like Miley's "Kiss It Goodbye"?)

Anyway, "Born This Way" is a good uptempo party/dance number with a positive message that makes a person want to thrust his fist into the air. It's one of the best songs she's ever done.

Wouldn't it be wise to let Lady Gaga release the video first? Do you really need to see a write up from VC to hear about the obvious connection to "sex kitten programming"? My thoughts, I am not a super believer of conspiracy theory. However, I enjoy learning and educating myself about opposite viewpoints. Music videos seem rather simple when you look at the VC's previous reviews. Butterfly=monarch programming, a-ok and two fingers over eye=all seeing eye, etc. I, myself, when I see a butterfly in a video now,automatically think about monarch programming(whether I believe it or not). I believe one of the points of this website is education and being able to see for yourself what is happening around you.

This woman is extremely vulgar. She is like Gaga for the hip hop community. She has been using occult symbols since she hit the mainstream. What a negative influence.

I agree she has no personality – she has personalit-ies. She slips into different characters and when she is being herself, she seems extremely low energy and monotone.

Also, she is being criticized in the black community for trying to anglo-up. Much like Beyonce who is accused of trying to be white, Nikki adopts a Barbie persona and wears fake hair, contacts, butt implants, etc.

its got nikki minaj rapping after jay z and kanye west

theres actually two of nikki minaj, one a 'doll' and one a 'monster'

ones wearing white and ones wearing black

…alter ego?

besides that, i think her verse is the best part of the song

That video is disturbing. They're so blatant with it now.

The dude's got more tattoos than Trace Cyrus. (No disrespect to Trace. I respect Trace, and I got to meet him after a Metro Station concert. He's cool.)

im hooked on this site such eye openings now i think im in luuv

marry me VC we can spot illuminati stuff together till we get old

He is already married. Show some respect to his wife and stop talking like a groupie. Behind every good man is a good woman.

She can't rap. She's hella ugly. That ass and hips aren't even real, she uses the same thing Beyonce uses (some kind up push up pants 0_o). All she's good for is making stupid faces, creatings rumours with Drake and being a stupid puppet w***e.

vc you're so funny… "gigantic hips and azz" haha… thanks for sharing this!!!

Nicki Minaj openly talks about having an alter.. split personality…

"Roman's a little gay boy who lives in me. And every time I talk he sort of just appears and I tell him, 'Roman, you know, stop it, you've gone mad, I tell you, mad.' He's an outlet to say what I need to say but sometimes don't want to."

They really want to make it obvious uh?

I just googled LA 5150 (Like the guy has on his head) and it turns out that it is the code for involuntary psychiatric detention. I don't know if this is the reason the guy has that particular number on his head, but I think it is probable.

Right. Considering Amanda Bynes for example..

maybe he likes van halen

could be a reference to their album cover for 5150

Atlas I believe

I responded to Not Blind in his question about it above….I guess if your not from california or know little of crime and gang stuff your unaware of its meaning but yes it is the CALIFORNIA WELFARE AND INSTITUTIONS CODE, SECTION 5150 for involuntary hold on an individual deemed dangerous to him or herself or the public…….many gangstas who especially have been "5150'd" get this tatted as a form of pride for their craziness….just like they nick name themselves or are nick named by others with similar titles to tout their psychotic behavior as a means of bravado…..names like "Psycho, (Cyco, Syko) or "Crazy,(Craze, Craz) Insane, (N Sane)" are all examples of common gangsta nick names cuz in the gangsta world the crazier you are the more respect you garner….. I used to go by the name "CcytzO" when i was a secular gangsta rapper it is a purposely misspelled… Read more »

I was jus playing wit my definition……..buturah..

I wasn't no fake crazy gangsta rapper

but I was a for real hustla that was diagnosed as schizophrenic w/intentions of harming others and involuntarily put in the nuthouse for more than 72 hours

so I guess I may know a lil somethin seein as how I aint from california or nuthin

my bad, thanks for educatin me

I feel like giving you a hug, so I'll just clap and shake your hand. I'll answer your question as well, thats not "the reason", its "a reason".

Thanks for helping me Understand.

Oh, please!

Knew she was a puppet from the start. -.-

Right. The song "Out of my mind" perfect example..
Given that B.o.b. has anti-Illuminati songs…I think he did the collar to warn people in the know about this stuff.

I meant collab! Grr autocorrect….

People this should not have been suprise. Look at her mentors!!! Lil wayne who is truly possessed and Baby, who has a…PENTAGRAM TATOOED ON HIS HEAD! I mean those of us in the know, did ya'll really think she would be unaffected. i knew she was trouble with the bi sexual movement she was incorporating and guess what…she is not even bi. She said she has never been with a women, therefore this is just pure genuis marketing at its finest. At this moment in history where the homo movement is escalating(Hawaii and MAryland have just passed legistlature for same-sex marriage bty) and basically stranguling society, ahhh she appears. She gives a hiphop/feminist voice to all the poor young homos struggling to find their place. She is beautiful, talented, eccentric and a…BARBIE. What is a barbie-a brainless, pretty plastic doll. Doesn't every young girl want to be one. I work… Read more »

Right! :-/

Wow, your just as hateful as the people behind all of these conspiracies. Just another gay hater using this site, and the articles here to support you own "agenda". You're a very sad individual. We went from an article about the puppets to bashing gays. I dont believe Nicki Minaj is about turning chicks gay. I think you've completely missed the point of this post. I get so sick of people lumping gay people in with anything bad. Get off it already, and get educated.

"At this moment in history where the homo movement is escalating(Hawaii and MAryland have just passed legistlature for same-sex marriage bty) and basically stranguling society, ahhh she appears."

-You dont see this as hateful at all? Really?

your really NoWords,u should just shut up or comment your own views not responding to someone else's. i think thats rude coz everyone says what they feel same as you do know, i wud say u hatin on Gabrielle's straightness and how wud u feel bout dat? dont mean to hurt you but just to say we should just comment to the topic and leave out what others think…


I am a homo "in the know." You should be careful how you disrespect people that are different than you.

What does that mean? "A homo in the know"? If you really were "in the know" , you'd KNOW that Gabrielle speaks the truth and didn't demean anyone. Why is it that you gays let yourself be used by racist zionists? Don't you read their books about their agenda? They've always used so called "minorities" as pawns so they can hide behind while they rob us blind. Can you say Goldman Sachs?

Not only that, I've re-read Gabrielle's posts and there's absolutely nothing hateful about it. And I am really getting sick of everyone letting themselves be manipulated into thinking and saying that Christianity is bad. Just because you're christian doesn't mean you're a 'fundamentalist'! You people want to say that every Christian is a whacko bible-thumping tea party nazi. So untrue and just proves you are still brainwashed and far, far, far from "in the know".

She actually fought with Wayne about her image and still went a long with it. She knew what she signed on for. She even admitted before filming for her MTV series that she was trying to make money.

35 people are homophobes. What's wrong with you guys? You homophobic christian fundamentalists almost make me question which side is actually the good one. Down with illuminati and all of you ignorant close minded sheep.

Yes Satan does want what is opposite of God. God makes straights AND gays. Satan wants Gods children to turn away from how God made them. Straight to gay and gay to straight. To turn against our god given sexuality is exactly what he wants. And to turn against each other and squabble over who is homophobic or not is exactly what he wants too.

yeah David you and the commenter named Omar above are very misinformed if you think God intended to create Gays or that its part of his "Beautiful Plan" by YOUR DEFINITION….I mean everything is in Gods plan when it all boils down cuz he made everything and will destroy all that is not in his favor so its all headed back to him in the end. However he also made us with a FREE WILL to decide if we want to LISTEN to him or not and when you practice homosexuality or ANYTHING of a sexual nature outside the context of marriage between a MAN & a WOMAN then you are using your FREE WILL to NOT LISTEN to Gods ways. "Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh." – Genesis 2:24 No where in the Bible… Read more »

God does not "create gays" dude, sorry

you've been misinformed

And btw, I havent seen any "homophobes" or a "fundamentalist Christians" on this site. If there are, they are few and far between and knowing VC, if they preached that message on her they'd be kicked off. What you'll find here mostly are people who've spent years researching all this stuff to do with the industry and the evil surrounding it. This websites fast popularity should tell you that many are fast awakening. It's you that's in the minority here. And why you'd insult anyone who doesn't agree with your homosexual agenda and fairy tale about gay's not having civil rights is a joke. Minorities have more rights in America than white people do. It's a fact. There are no NAACP's or ADL's for white people. Even though jews have 1000's of organizations despite the fact most of them have been caught spying, commiting espionage, murder, assaults, committing terrorism, etc.… Read more »

"Minorities have more rights in America than white people do. It’s a fact. There are no NAACP’s or ADL’s for white people. "

You sir, are the WORST kind of racist…one who, in their feeble, Tea-Party Propagandized, Glen-Beck-Thinks-For-Me brain, does not think they are racist. You play-the-victim well, but have no substance, and your psuedo-facts are probably garnedered from Palin or Glen Beck.

YOU are the EXACT type of person that makes the US look like inbred, ignorant hate mongers who live to devour resources and Big-Macs.

I bet you listen to Toby Kieth, love Mike Huckabee, and think Obama is a Muslim….you do most of your grocery and clothes shopping at Wal-Mart, drive a FORD Pickup, and has a man-crush on Rev Haggard.

Gabrielle is a black woman-i guess your feelings changed a little towards me huh?

Just because we don't buy into your multi-cultural BS don't call us haters. Its just most of us on here have researched this stuff for many years. You're probably just another fan sticking up for who you like as if they were your family or friend. Don't you see how retarded that is? If your kids had teachers that were teaching your daughters and sons to be gay and have orgies, would you complain to the school? Use your brain and your logic. Don't let rappers dictate who you are. Don't let TV dictate who and what you are. Its NOT reality. It's brainwashing and believe me their goal is not pretty.

You had to add Gay Orgy didn't you? why couldn't you just leave out the Gay from the orgy. I hate when I see youtube Videos talking about Illuminati and some how a Gay agenda finds it's way in there. Way to be close minded and hateful. God made Gay and Straight. It's all part of his beautiful plan of everyone and everything being different yet very much the same.

She's no bisexual. A lot of girls pretend to be lesbians because straight men often find it interesting, it's was opened up Katy Perry's career ("I kissed a girl and I liked it"). Stop attacking INNOCENT homosexuals trying to get some equality and dragging in irrelevant topics because of girls like her! And on every single Vigilant article there's another one.

You know, you and others thinking like you keep going on about this supposed "gay agenda," yet fail to notice that things like what Nicki Minaj is doing seems to go exactly against it.

First and foremost, i am a Christian therefore i believe it is an agenda from the enemy who uses vessels to carry out his plan. Whether she is genuine or not, when i hear young girls recite her lyrics that promote homosexualy and have threesomes, it is clearly playing into the hands of the TPTB and the kids are spiritually playing with fire.. Their father wants to go against what God's intentions were -man and woman. Remeber he is anti-Christ, therefore he always does the opposite. God wants you as a living sacrifice, meaning your life is dedicated to him, the devil asks his followers for dead sacrifices-people and animals. God made man and woman, the enemy wants man and man. He is the ultimate antagonist. Nicki is making it seem like its harmless to lust after women and your are one. You keep saying something enough, you start to… Read more »

"i think i would have been a Christian if i hadn't met so many. "

"I used to be bi=sexual, never emotionally cuz i always never it wasn’t normal, but i did experiment. Thank the Lord he freed me from the spirit of lust and bisexuality, and i believe He can do it for those that truly want it too."

…I don't believe an educated person would say something this dumb

If your bisexuality was focused on lust then good for you, you were able to turn away from sin. Your case is not the same as everyones:
I'd be impressed if you have the patience to read the complete article.

niki is a lesbian before she got famous she was the butch gf of Remy ma

that wouldnt suprise me at all and in that vid she is acting like a man and looks like one so probably in an alter she says on chelsea lately she says she has more than 3 alters and one is a gay man so quite likely she has a butch lesbian one

@ Gabrielle

then how do you expalain that it LOOKS like NIcki minaj then?

and as for differnt voice pitch…look at that chelsea lately interview n see how she can change her voice just like 'that'

Thanks for the link, just had a look and she states that they had an intimate relationship. Straight from the horses mouth as they say.

This is not Nicki, i repeat that is not Nicki Minaj. I've seen Nicki on the come up and she never was a manly woman. Please do research on her before her fame. She never talked like that, had a manly swag, nothing. Remy ma., the rapper this woman said she slept with, almost killed the guy that made this phony tape. They don't even have the same voice pitch. This is some ghetto girl who wanted 2 min of fame and apparently she is getting it.

Thanks for posting this vid, she does indeed state that they had an intimate relationship, so bi she is then….


@MARS i have to disagree with her having no personality… you should watch her mtv "my time now" interview… i'd hardley say she lacks personality even in her music. i just wanted to point that out… the rest i pretty much agree with you.

its a shame cause she truly has lyrical talent, and a unique humble personality when you see her in interviews… it just sucks she's headed down that path, i could see it from the beginning. I'm not gonna stop listening but i always knew it would come to this.. what a shame.


Im not trying to pick on you, because even my daughter’s father knows about this and still is desperately trying to get in the industry. But after knowing these horrific, dark facts you still cannot stop listening. This person has willingly sold their soul and is part, whether willingly or unknowingly, of an agenda to lead many to the Nwo and spiritual death, and a good beat and lyrical prowess overpowers that?? My dear, you are an example of the spiritual stronghold of music and is a product of the calculated plan of the TPTB, who are mentored and guided by none other than the Father of Lies, satan. You will easily take the mark because you already have spiritually.I have to admit, music had a stronghold on me for awhile until the Holyspirit changed that. I will pray for you.

AMEN to that…its bad enough many are brainwashed who dont understand….but to know its going on and yet still want to play the game is just retarded….that is true insanity which by definition insane means to do something over and over expecting a different result….when you already know the result and shouldn't expect it to change…. I used to be a secular rapper and music producer myself….i had dreams of getting big and all that crap and little by little that dream would just get further away even as i was "making moves" it seemed impossible….now i realize God had a better calling for me and wouldnt let that "dream" elude me any longer….I PRAISE HIM for that!!!!! Music has a stronghold on people seriously….My girlfriend and I attend church regularly and she knows all the same stuff I do and is aware of this industry and illuminati influence yet… Read more »

I hope the Lord is doing that for my daughter's father. he has been in the game, well outskirts, for about 8 yrs. He has made moves but nothing significant. Do you listen to cHristian rap, NOT CHRISTIAN HIPHOP, cuz there is a big difference. ARtists like Lecrae, he is truly awesome. If you haven't check him out, no watered down lyics, truly HolySpirit filled.

I used to be a diehard advocate for every artist you mentioned. No one could tell me a thing about cross movement, da truth, the ambassador, but as it's bee shown in recent events, it's not a whole lot to rely on on music wise unless you go into the booth yourself. The ambassador gets cut from cross movement for commiting adultery, da truth is dropped also after commiting adultery w/ tye tribbit's wife & vise versa. Kirk franklin admits to watching child p**n. Like I said unless ur in the booth urself, what's the point. Every artist is questionable mainstream or not.

wow didn't hear that about Da T.R.U.T.H. before but I am aware of Ambassada's predicament…..these are common short falls within individuals who call themselves Christians though and doesn't mean they are evil people trying to spread an evil message so I wouldn't categorize them along with Lady Gaga, Niki Minaj or Jay Z. The Devil always will attack people in the Church and unfortunately temptation will win some over and cause them to sin. I know that Cross Movement handled it pretty well with Ambassada by dropping him and letting the community know they were not trying to hide his adultery or condone any of it and that they were praying for him and ministering to him as well…..he still has a good message in his music its just unfortunate that he was unable to avoid the temptation that caused him to fall and i pray for him to get… Read more »

Lecrae is favorite Gospel Rapper and probably one of my biggest influences in deciding to go back to music but for the Lord this time….I had quit listening to rap altogether until I stumbled across his music on myspace and thats when I learned there is very good Christian Rap music out there….I also like Trip Lee, Tedashii, 116 Clique, Flame, Ambassada, DA T.R.U.T.H., R. Swift, & Everyday Process….its the only rap I will listen to….

oops meant to say "is my favorite"…..and if you've heard his newest album Rehab: The Overdose you should have your girls father listen to the track called Chase That….I know I relate to it alot and so should any other Christian who is or was heavily into Rap/Hip Hop Music as a career but gave it up to follow God….it edifies me every time I hear it and just lets me know I made the right choice!

Mind Control?… <-Around the :35 mark she just flipped. Wasnt sure how I felt about the interview when it was over 0_o

Probably. Same thing happened to Britney Spears. 2008 she started using a British accent.

yeah its right after a sort of nervous laugh as her eyes roll to the side as well….kinda reminds me when britney spears' Dianne Sawyer interview where her mind control programming glitched and she started babbling weird things then broke down crying…..

yes i remember that britney interview!!
at 40 seconds or so


here is the britney link


Good observation. I agree with you. She flips to a british accent with ease.

Oh my friends, do you not understand that all of you have a "price" on your heads? It pays for the Firm, and it pays for your Establishment. It pays for the Conglomerate, and it pays for your "Embellishments". Its all irrelevantly relevant, and yet you still plead for more, when you have all so many pieces at your fingertips? If you have a question, seek the answer, if you have the time to ask, you have the time to "prance" faster. I dance around because this is exactly why you have no Crown, because you yourself have fallen further down. Go seek what you want to Find, and you will see why you all pay the dues like fines. Every time your kids watch this, it doesn't even matter if they don't support it, because once you step outside, your mind records it. That is why you are all… Read more »

Eloquently stated TRUTH

This women is no longer a being. She is a tool a robot for the use of the elite. projecting her hate and disgust for women who are less in stature than she is. Her person and what she stands for may be evil but it is effective. Men idolize her and women want to be her, people who speak against her are called haters and are ridiculed for being envious. I envy no one women he is used as a doll for other people's use. I pity her. She has no values, morals or opinions of her own. I actually saw her present on the VMA's with Katy Perry the girl has no personality whatever. They praised the cheeta leopard print and weird hairdo getup she had at the grammy's, as avant garde as great style, when it only represents her as being a creation something that was made… Read more »

might the man standing in front of her be her handler?? O.o its so sad that nicki's turned to this agenda cos shes really talented..well used to be.

he's Ken

lol….kens gotten on the heavy side huh?

He's got 'L' and 'a' on his shoulder blades as well as weed leaves on his left. The number is probably a gang/prison thing. The only other one which seems a bit weird is the one one his right shoulder of what looks like a guy with a pen in his hand (It looks more like a carrot to me but I think it's meant to be a pen) he is wearing a ring and seems to have an extra finger. I don't know if that is significant, I think it is just a s**t tatt. I think the face under the banner is Al Pacino from 'Godfather 3'.

I see the 'L' now, but I'm doubting the 'A'. It almost resembles a Hebrew letter, but this is probably a far reach. I see the pen now, but I first saw it as a cigar. I think you're right about it being Al Pacino's face. Is Minaj maybe promoting the idea that she would like to see her fans tattooing her face on their bodies? This would also be another form of "life everlasting" since tattoos are forever.

It is definitely LA (Los Angeles) in lower case letters. I think you are reading far to much into it. I reckon he was chosen for the photo for the all seeing eye tattoo, but I don't think the rest of his tatts are in any way symbolic, other than being symbolic of him being a gang member.

Nicki Sex Kitten min-eye.j

Not Nicki Minaj!!!…</3

Oh well…can't trust any artist 🙁

me being an african american teenage girl, i can see the need for girls at my school to fit in. they will go to extreme lengths to do whatever they see some other pretty girl at my does or wear whatever is the next trend. i guess i wasnt born that way Lol.. i choose not to fit in because in the popular world of high school, one embarrassing thing you do, you're cut off. i'm much happier with my real friends who dont try to fit but like to stand out. the bible warns us tht a friend of the world is not a friend of God's. stay strong in these last days and turbulent times.much love and peace from the angel in disguise 🙂 <3

Who's paying attention and not a sheeple…

Nice. Finally someone my own age on VC.

The people on his back are American mafioso's: Lucky Luciano, Al Capone, Carlo Gambino and Don Corleone out of 'The Godfather' movie. The others are from films, 'Silence of the Lambs' and 'The Exorcist'. I don't think they are significant.

You beat me to it! 🙂

Does the portrait in the bottom left look like Jackie Onasis? I can't figure out who the old woman is in the bottom center.

I have to disagree with you about these people not being significant to the agenda. It represents organized crime and death. The fact that he uses the picture from "Silence of the LAMBS" says a lot. Especially since the moth was cared for and fed Deadly Nightshade by Buffalo Bill before the pupa was inserted into the throats of his victims. This also adds strength to my theory that Gaga arrived to the awards show in a butterfly chrysalis and not an egg. More transformation and metamorphosis programming.

I wish I knew the identity of the tattooed guy.

I think the guy is just into gangsters and cult movies. I wouldn't have thought he had the Illuminati in mind when he had the portraits done. Obviously there is the pyramid with the eye but I doubt that some inked up gang banger is too deeply involved with the agenda.

I don't know if you are aware, but some of the "inked up gangbanger"s are involved in gang "organizations" that employ the very same symbolism and rituals. Some of them become rappers and rap about the occult… It's not random.

The photographer wanted him and his body art there for a reason. It's also stating that Minaj also views these portraits with respect, or at least that's what the viewer is being led to believe. I don't know what her tattoo means, but does anyone know what symbol the guy has on his right shoulder blade? I'll check my symbols dictionary to see what I can find. What do the numbers on the back of his neck mean? Does it say 5150 or 5750? It's directly below the name James Dean, if I'm reading that correctly. I also think that James Dean's portrait is underneath the photo's banner. Maybe the tat of the old woman is the dude's mother. LOL! Reminds of Betty Davis' line: "No wire hangers!"

Im sure it says 5150 which represents CALIFORNIA WELFARE AND INSTITUTIONS CODE, SECTION 5150 which allows a person to be deemed clinically insane and involuntarily held for up to 72 hrs for evaluation as they are called a danger to themselves and others…i know because I have been "5150'd" before….

the only thing i see on his right shoulder blade is a lower case A in old english font as on the opposite shoulder is an L so its for LA which is obviously where this tatted gangsta is from…..

they're probably tats from the joint (criminals he identifies with)

can someone tell me what her asian tatoo says/means?