NHL Champ Tim Thomas Declines White House Invitation Due To “Out of Control Government”

Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas holding up the Stanley Cup in spring 2011

One of the perks of winning a championship title in professional sports is to attend the traditional White House meet-and-greet, where the President himself comes out to congratulate the players and to throw a few pre-scripted jokes. Well Tim Thomas, the all-star goalie of the Boston Bruins and winner of the playoff MVP award did not perceive this rare occasion as a privilege. Nope, in a gutsy and controversial move, the only American-born player on the entire team totally boycotted the event. In his Facebook page, Thomas explained the reason of his absence:

“I believe the Federal government has grown out of control, threatening the Rights, Liberties, and Property of the People. This is being done at the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial level. This is in direct opposition to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers vision for the Federal government.

Because I believe this, today I exercised my right as a Free Citizen, and did not visit the White House. This was not about politics or party, as in my opinion both parties are responsible for the situation we are in as a country. This was about a choice I had to make as an INDIVIDUAL.

This is the only public statement I will be making on this topic.”

His absence was not well received AT ALL by fans and journalists who called him a “disgrace” and a “right-wing redneck”. I call him “someone who knows what the hell is going on and won’t stand for it”. The last few administrations have indeed betrayed the very foundations of the US Constitution and it doesn’t take a “right-wing redneck” to realize it. We’ve seen in the past weeks the voting of some of the most disgusting laws in US History, notably the NDAA, the police-state law.

So, in short, it takes guts to win a Stanley Cup but it takes balls of iron-clad steel to reject the President and to tell the world what you think about the presidency. Kudos, Tim Thomas. I for one respect your move.

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133 Comments on "NHL Champ Tim Thomas Declines White House Invitation Due To “Out of Control Government”"

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i'm glad i read this article. on my news station, it made it seem like time was just an Obama hater that didn't want to meet him. I don't watch hockey so I'd never heard of tim, but the local news anchor that i watch in l.a. said that tim didn't support president obama and didn't want to meet someone who doesn't align with his political views. from this perspective, i thought that tim seemed like a "right-wing redneck" lol and didn't support him.

after however hearing the situation in tims own words I fully agree with him and congratulate him. democrats suck. republicans suck. its all two sides of the same coin. when people realize this and wake up they won't have the power to control us anymore.

I have zero interest in sports but this guy just became my favorite athelete.

Utmost respect to Mr. Thomas for this bold choice.

Well at least he have the courage to don't play the game we only know that the only reason the president wants to see you is because is going to ask you something you can't deny and become a mindless drone like Kim Kardashian that's the only reason she is still out there.

People act as though a president or prime minister of any country acts alone. They are slaves first, puppets second, and not independent at all on any level. They are just a face to represent the wicked agenda. The real people in control hide behind the mask of a country's president or prime minister. Even if for example Obama had an epiphany and wanted to make laws that truly helped his people he has to get approval from the group of people who are really in charge that have all the money. Has to get through the punk ass Lobbyists. Regardless of state senators votes and blah blah blah the people the president consults (the people that control him and tell him what to do) have to approve. They only approve "good" things because they do it for PR to make people "feel better" or because they will gain something… Read more »

yup!! that's how we do it in beantown!! i was so happy when i heard about this its a shame the whole team didn't decline!!

Good for him! Excellent to see someone in the public eye standing up for what they believe. It's a shame he was called 'a disgrace' by the journos and his so called 'fans' for doing so though, lets hope his actions sparked some interest from the masses…

Greetings Renato, from Central California, west coast of North America…

Many, many people in my state are not at all agreeing with our government and we do not support public and private sector greed (politicians, corporations, etc) so spread the world that most Americans are not how we are represented on TV to other countries…we have morals and feel empathy for the worlds poor and endangered species and we live within our means in defiance of our "elected" aka bought off officials. We are quietly mobilizing locally…it is all we can do at the moment…and we pay attention to global community…a large number of Americans want out but have no means to leave…

I love him! Few ever truly get the opportunity to stand up for what they believe in. Mr.Thomas did and he did exactly the right thing.

I love him.

I will buy a Tim Thomas Jersey because he stands with the people.

Bob dylan also rejected an invite from Obama to the white house… Didn't dylan say in an interview he made a deal with the devil?

I think the decent thing for Mr. Thomas would have been to put his political difference aside and honor a "presidential" invite. I have LOST ALL RESPECT for him.

It makes 2 of us then. 😛

Why honor the Kenyan imposter or any other scumbag who rapes the country?

The federal government has overstepped itsw constitutional authority. Time for to give the power back to the people, and not the scum who live in Washington.

The President serves me, not the other way around. Until we get back to that reality, the President can blow me.

I'm Brazilian. In the past few years I hated North americans because, in my foolishness, I supposed they most were like Bush : Imperialist and ready to f**k the other to promote themselves. Then I knew this URL and I realized that there's a lot of North Americans disappointed about that nasty government – God protect us all against the ignorance Against the ignorance we feel that we are superior to any human being Against the ignorance we feel that violence solves problems Against the ignorance that do not allow to feel compassion for those who suffer Against the ignorance that make us contempt the family – You know man, I'm really sad … In the past year I've seen that bunch of dumbass like Snopp Dogg and Pitbull making videoclips of my country like our womans were w****s. That God forgive us and plant the seed of righteousness and… Read more »

Good for him standing for what he knows is right!!this is awesome but too bad it won't get no press the tools will do their job to cover it up!!!

I wouldn't let foolish pride keep me from visiting the White House no matter who was President.seems llike a protest meant to grab headlines for the floundering hockey business.

While I don't agree with his platform and think his aggression is misguided I admire his balls. I'd like to think, had I been invited to the White House by Bush I'd have answered with a hearty "Get bent." (And by bent I mean another word that starts with an f)

He can start watching for the audit letter from the IRS soon.

Great point. Clinton and the first Bush were good at that.

This makes me want to become a celebrity just to refuse matters like this! I LOVE when celebs come out and say (in context but outright) that they know what is going on and they do not agree. It makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one in the 'movie' that knows what's going on and no one believes them lol.

If everyone of you on this site got an invitation to the white house, you would all go. True statement. That was a brave thing he did but I can't honestly say I wouldn't go. That would be a great opportunity to talk to the president about a few things, even if nothing is being done, it would be a ride I wouldn't miss just to say I spoke my concerns and I visited there. First hand info from the people, for the people. Isn't that what Obama preaches, lol I'm just being real about it. I may not get anywhere but I'll be able to say I tried.

This has nothing to do with politics. Championship teams going to the White House is just that…about sports. If he was really a man about it (and since he was the only American) he could have met with President Obama and had a discussion with him. However, he took the spotlight away from his teammates. The team going to the White House is about the TEAM not the individual. What he is really doing as a citizen of the United States to help his fellow citizens? Not going to the White House is not that big a deal! President Obama is not losing any sleep about anybody not coming to the White House. Like I said be a man about it and talk to President face to face! Love your site VC!

out of 67 comments only 3 thought he did the wrong thing.this 1 above me is babblin about respect & compliance sheesh are ppl really this passive to authority. I could never have any time for anyone who complies with authority, dont you get a fire in your belly when you read about something like this, dosent it make you just want to rebel against all authority. My outer child loves takin the piss out of anybody who tries to claim authority over me. & another thing shouldnt we be past all this trying to dominate the world s**t, dont these evil f**ks realise their plans will never work because youll always get ppl who will relentlessly poke at their system until everyone views it as a joke. Heres somethin to think about politicians are supposed to be our representatives they represent us as there was a time when most… Read more »

Tim Thomas' flimsy excuse is just a cop-out. News flash: the government didn't just get "out of control" when President Obama was elected. I have never seen such open, unchecked disrespect of the leader of the free world in my life. Some people still can't stand the fact that the President of the United States of America is a Black man named Barack Obama. Point blank. Period.

Don't assume that people don't like him because he's black. Truth to be told the only reason I initially liked him was his dark looks. I thought there would be a positive change if a leader of the Western world was for once black instead of the usual white Anglo-Saxons/Jewish clowns. The man is despicable and a two-faced opportunist, ah let's not forget a lawyer. People are actually intimidated to stand up to people like him in case they're accused of racial discrimination.

I feel he was wrong. Whether or not we agree with a president or an administration is besides the point. An invitation from the president to the white house deserves respect and compliance, plain and simple. Even the founding fathers rebelled like gentlemen. This hockey player and his parents should be ashamed. You don't have to agree with a person or like them but you do have to treat them with civility. This player might be tough on the ice but he is a chicken in real life. He didn't have the guts to face Obama and allow for him to defend himself in person. It is easy to hide behind a computer, it is harder to stand up for what you believe in person.

My sentiments exactly!

Respect is earned and the president of your country -among with other countries- doesn't deserve any.

Well. . . I am sure you all know about dog whistles and their purpose. You have answered yours well. How tasteless of a public figure to disrespect the office of the President. No better than Governor Brewer of Arizona sticking her finger in the President's face. Publicity stunt??? President Obama has worked hard for the average American from health insurance for individuals with PRE-existing conditions to fighting to keep our taxes from being raised. He has ended the war in Iraq saving us, the taxpayers, billions of dollars to finance an unjust war. I don't understand the people around me today and that includes those of you who post to Vigilant Citizen. There is a basic lack of "class", and respect for one another. One other point, we pride ourselves on being a Christian nation. But one thing is sorely lacking and that is treating one another as we… Read more »

The Lord said we should love each other but Christ still gave a piece of his mind to the Pharisees and the market stalls merchants.

takes a hockey player to lead the way! thanks Tim for taking a stand.!!

These little acts of civil defiance matter in bringing attention to the growing slow tyranny of our government! God bless Mr. Thomas and his family during the inevitable backlash. The right things are indeed often the hardest.

P.S. When people throw around terms like "redneck," what they really mean is CONSERVATIVE (and often rural) WHITE PEOPLE. It is their attempt to shame us into capitulation of urban, elite socialist ideals through implying racism, which is a tired and often VERY inaccurate caricature.

Using a play from the far-left playbook, "own the phrase by taking it back and using it yourself!" to redefine what it means. Drives them bonkers when you use their techniques on them.

Continued Blessings to all.

urban, elite socialist ideals…

(and don't forget ATHEIST and/or OCCULT!)

Big Up to Tim Thomas…. Showing true warrior spirit! We Salute You! 🙂

GREAT! all the best from europe

Im a die hard Canadian Canucks fan, wow, he just garnered much respect from me. Good on him!


Thank you Tim Thomas! Many men feel as he does (including my husband) but do no have the public platform. I use to be a news addict, but now I am a news anorexic. I refuse to ingest the media propaganda. I only involve myself in things I can control, my family, work, healthy food. I refuse to even listen to the boorish republican debates. A total joke. Obama will win again and it doesn't matter, because he is just a figurehead. It is all a joke on us. They just take themselves seriously. I asked someone why bother voting, since I don't like either party, and that person recommended to participate in local elections, where we can make a difference. Trickle up theory?

But Mom, you are doing what they want. By freely giving up your right to vote, what else would you give up?

It has to start at the local level. Get involved in the school board elections or your town council. Once you try and make it local you go statewide and then national.

I'm proud to be an independent. See if there is anyone in your town willing to run Indie and see if you can help.

YOU CANNOT JUST GIVE UP. All of us deserve better than what we are getting now. I worry about what kind of country my 2 year old niece will live in. So please mom, if not for you or your husband, how about for all the kids that will be living here when we (all us vigilants) are gone?

Voting does not matter. The fix is in. Voting will matter after the revolution.

I salute you Tim Thomas-you are a very informed individual and that took alot of guts to make a stand like that

Kudos to Tim Thomas, from Europe.

Sorry for the errors, hope you all still got the message though.

It did, people point out spelling errors when they cannot refute points made in post. Well said.

@passionate and other sheeple like him/her aka sheeple… Sometimes I marvel at your ignorance. I really do. You would vote for Obama again and yet, you hated Hitler. Why? Is it be cause he staged a false flag event just to decieve the people of Germany, is it because he led the extermination of some 6 million jew in FEMA–OOPS, I meant concentration camps…. I could go on on about Hitler and you would never see the blatant similarities that Obama and Hitler has. That's why you, my friend are the sheeple–misled by our corrupt government, caught up entirely in a trance that is perpetuated by your daily dose of PROPAGATED INDOCTRINATION from the MED(IUM)A. *cough* mind control at its finest. Our tax dollars are truly at work I see. I applaud and respect Mr. Thomas. He exercised his remaining right without compromising his beliefs.Had Mr. Thomas had gone to… Read more »

***APPLAUSE*** This is one of the greatest moves from an individual these days!!!

The reaction from the media has been absolutely shameful. Today I was watching prime time sports, a talk show on sportsnet (Fan 590 radio here in Toronto). One of the first things I noticed was how confused they all were by the statement. They just didn't understand it, or at least if they did, they intentionally muddled the meaning behind what he said. It was sad watching them scramble to associate Thomas with an established political party or viewpoint. Why is it so difficult to understand that the man is simply unsatisfied with the way his country is being run… BY BOTH PARTIES. Why can't someone just have an opinion, separate from a political allegiance that inherently dictates all of their beliefs. It's truly absurd how simple minded people have become. The most frightening part about it was when one of the regular hosts, Damien Cox, said something along the… Read more »


Glad a cheller know what up, sure lots do, sure lots don't

Good for him taking a stand. I agree with his comments that it is a whole line of presidents that have made bad decisions for this country for years & years, them and a lot of various cronies that work in our government. But, Pres. Obama has NOT helped. He has change alright, change for the worse. He will not get my vote. Not sure that matters. I used to try to choose the best candidate, then it was pick the lesser of the evils, now there doesn't seem to be a lesser evil? Only evil to choose from, how do we vote? God have mercy on us. If you are a believer in Christ & reading this, let us please pray for our leaders, whether we like or agree with them or not, they need prayers!

if you're white and you oppose big government you're called a racist. if you're black and you oppose big government you're called a sell out.

They're so clever.

I never liked hockey until now. Here's to you.

I'm glad he did the same thing I did when some sewer rat Council on Foreign Relations puppet thought he could come on my property and lie to my family.

Life is too short to waste it talking to traitorous fraudulent psychopathic scum who are well paid to destroy our countries.

Well, it appears that the majority feel Tim Thomas is a hero, Tim Thomas for President, Tim Thomas is courageous, bold, etc. etc. etc. I read his comments and though he did not blame any party and was just exercising his right as a citizen to reject the President's offer was his decision to make. However, sadly, he was the only American on on the team so we will not have an American representation. The fact that Tim Thomas rejected the offer to meet the President will not change our government in any way whatsover. President Obama did not create all of these problems that we are facing, it was here from previous presidencies and President Obama has inherited alot of the baggage, debt, etc. President Obama is the most diplomatic, poised, calm, and highly intelligent President that we have ever seen. It is truly unfortunate that the President is… Read more »

I agree with passionate. Hes got my vote.

Obama is misunderstood, huh?? Wow, that's a laugh. You might be more than a little naive if you really believe what you've said here. Either that or you know better and are just willingly spewing the party line propaganda and disinformation. Made the banks accountable? Dear Lord…where to even begin on that one? You must not be aware that Obama was and is financed almost completely by the criminals at Goldman Sachs and the insane wannabe-Dr. Evil, George Soros' and their billions. This is by far the most corrupt and secretive administration in the history of the United States, and you'd have to be wearing blinders and severely out of touch not to see that. Despite all the promises of "transparency" and acccountability, everything including "Obamacare" has been done with secrecy and deceptive tactics, of course not keeping the promise to make new laws available on the internet for public… Read more »

And just to shake it up – please investigate his old stomping ground – "Man's Country". Look up Larry Sinclair, Donald Young and and his latest administrative 'body man' Reggie Love. This guy has got a graveyard of skeletons in his closet, politically and personally.

He started his speech last night at 9:11

He signed the NDAA (our legal slavery) bill on 12.31.2011 = 11

While on vacation, the weekend and a holiday. Is he committed or what? There is so, so, so much more……but this post has actually made me speechless so I am literally tongue/keyboard tied right now. Glad you replied LVB!

@passionate You'll be singing 'God Bless America' and President Obama all the way to the FEMA camps if you're not careful my dear! x

I'm sure his hand just slipped and he accidently signed the Police State into law!

What law 😉 When s**t hits the fan, if I am lucky enough to be alive, there is no law in my moral mind. Police state can only exist if you allow it to. Why adults are scared of death and pain is beyond me. Obama is a front. As soon as Shepard Fairy made the Hope poster, I saw the brand and knew…the code. Distract the youth with pop aesthetic so they wont seek more fact on his past. Obama has serious connections to Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae AND consequently the collapse of housing market. Now, banks have bought up prime real estate at astronomically low prices. I wonder why? Think hard now kids. I welome possible death for a shot at revenge within total chaos and anarchy. Till then, I watch and wait. No kids so I think about the children daily…I know I would feel differently… Read more »

Hard not to respect that!! We need more ppl like him.

Born in Michigan, college goalie of the University of Vermont Catamounts, now the hero of New England for an amazing shutout win in Vancouver (causing some idiot vancouverites to riot. Some vancouver fans did not riot, some did. There are always asses who want to riot somewhere). I watched him hoist that trophy and take it for a walk last year. Thomas puts the team on his back. He was 31 when he got the callup after being in the AHL, and he was only there because of injuries, and hadn't played more than a handful of NHL games–flash forward to being the best damn goalie and lifting up that silver cup years later. Tim Thomas's saves are beautiful. His work ethic and resistance to idiots who claim he should be traded because of his age–like Ray Allen of the Boston Celtics, a similarly untouchable legend–is incredible. There is literally… Read more »

He'll be branded a terrorist now

As a fellow hockey fan, this makes me so proud. Much respect for this man, my new hockey hero.

My hero!

let s support him the best way we can

we need people like him