Newscaster Says Republican Party is…Satanic (video)


This newscaster from RT News gives a rather unusual exposé on the Republican party and the inverted pentagram. While I believe that the Republicans and the Democrats are “two cheeks on the same ass”, this guy nevertheless tells it like it is.

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98 Comments on "Newscaster Says Republican Party is…Satanic (video)"

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The video wont play for me… hmmmmmm…

There are more than 2 parties to vote for. Even if you are satanic, why would you vote for Republicans. Seems like this story is trying to capture votes from these people.

"Two cheeks on the same ass" priceless

Vigilant Citizen presents an incredible array of intriguing information that otherwise would go largely unnoticed by a large majority of people. The evidence gives readers a chance to form their own opinions as to exactly what interpretations are the most probable. I have seriously considered that the illuminati symbolism could pertain to a hypothetical alien technological intelligence influence over the human race, rather than simply an obnoxious advertising campaign by a bunch of clownish illuminati influences. The GW Bush administration most certainly amounted to at least the equivalent of a satanic regime, one that damaged the United States and the world at large with its incompetent extremism and insatiable greed. Inverting the stars on the Republican Party's elephant symbol is truly somewhat sinister and without any apparent sensible explanation. With all the verbose pretext to religious motivation associated with the Republican party, it seems to be quite a contradiction in… Read more »

Apologies for the verses quoted without a reference. For anyone interested they are Eph.6:12, Psalm 146:3, 4, and Jer 10:23.

In actuality all governments, and by extension all political parties around the world, whatever their respective ideologies and policies may be, are to an extent "Satanic". The Bible plainly states that "the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one" (1 Jn 5:19), and that he is "the god of this system of things" (2 Cor 4:4). The apostle Paul warned Christians that "we have a wrestling, not against blood and flesh, but against the governments, against the authorities, against the world rulers of this darkness, against the wicked spirit forces in the heavenly places". In Revelation we are told of "expressions inspired by demons…(who)go forth to the kings of the entire inhabited earth, to gather them together to the war of the great day of God the Almighty".(Rev 16:14). So Satan and his demonic minions are very much in control and are manipulating the affairs of… Read more »

Interesting note: I just got this video from three different people on my Facebook, plus a couple other times on Twitter.

The video's going viral.

The guy is dead.Or will be soon..Applause to him,though!! That takes guts.

i think the whole world needs a good exorcism…i hope it will happen soon. There is only innocent and totally pure who may do this exorcism on the world.

I hope he is doing fine.

As an occultist myself, (As well as a skeptic of some of the specific interpretations of the interpretations of the symbols presented) I really enjoy the analysis that happens in these articles.) Let me give you an idea of their meanings from a neutral, insider's perspective on the interpretations of each symbol. The Illuminati aren't too terribly unified. That is, the significance of Eris (Discordia) is that her strength lies in her multiplicity. In straight talk, they all work against each other, because they don't believe in the unified ideal. The Democrats and Republicans are dogmatically disposed to be opposed to each other no matter what. (very broad and useless example) The loosely-defined "Illuminati" are all those who can recognize the power of symbols and archetypes upon the ideas and attitudes of people, and use it to try and create an archetypal narrative for people to follow. What people do… Read more »

So what does the disappearance of the stars from the Democrat's symbol symbolize?

Their neutering?

Yeaaah, let's do exorcism! LOOOL

Both Parties are definitely being less closed on their leanings.

The Republicans invert their stars.

The Democrats dually have what appears to be a horned donkey or goat in addition to a circle encompassing a D in the middle, which resembles the eye of horus quite a bit.

So, two sides of the same ass/Two sides of the same Party. It essentially expresses how Ideology has united them both when it comes to expanding Welfare, Entitlements, and other as well as expanding government. It effectively means expanding governmental dependence and governmental expansion. Not that JP Morgan and others are complaining as they are too big to fail, and JPM is who the government goes to in regards to making purty EBT SNAP/Foodstamp cards.

Pretty good demonstration… however, once again, he doesn't go deep enough (A GATEKEEPER) perhaps, and it is a little more of "two little, two late." He also throws in choice words like CRAZY, to set up in your mind, that "uninitiated's" mind, that those who believe this stuff, while however plausible, are kind of out there. Kind of what Glenn Beck does, where he present to you sometimes great info, and then throw in funny sounds, making sobbing noises or speak to you in this high, authroitative, magician like voice. Kind of patronizing you as he tells you important info. For starters, VIGILANT is right, that dems and reps are both "two cheeks of the same ass". They both were infiltrated and then controlled at the expense of the american people, or in fact, America was by design created to bring the satanic apocalypse – or the MANIFEST DESTINY everyone… Read more »

I much prefer the kicking donkey over the circled "D." The kicking donkey shows life, whereas the D is a static entity.

In my opinion the pentagram is bad regardless of it's pointing up or down. You'll find it painted on the side of pretty much every fighter jet in the world that is dropping bombs on civilians, whether it's the U.S., China, Russia, etc. It's actually the pathway that Venus makes in the sky as viewed from planet earth. The pathway forms the pentagram, just more esoteric bullshit that these elites love so much.

He's gonna die soon

The upwards five pointed star is not as "innocent" as he makes it. Both five pointed stars are related to witchcraft/magic, the upwards one to "white witchcraft/magic", the downward one to "black witchcraft/magic". Witches like to fool themselves by saying that white is all right because it is meant to heal and black is directed against others. Either way they get in contact with demons for help and it is an illusion that you as a human can control demons. If you are firm in God and do not participate in any of this, you do not have to fear anything, because he protects you. It only becomes a problem if you are not. As for the upwards five pointed star meaning "human", well, the image was drawn by … I just do not remember the name of the famous person, of whose drawings the Queen of England and the… Read more »

Thanks for your uneducated opinion.

Da Vinci?

I agree that politicians are corrupt but this just barely skims the surface. Upside-down stars, that's all you got?? What about the Illuminati bloodlines? This video also seems a bit outdated, unless this guy is a brainwashed liberal who blindly worships Obama. Like Vig said, they're all part of the same schtick. To have this us-vs-them mentality is just plain ignorance. It's the government against the people. People need to wake up.

BTW…it says it’s a re-broadcast (so it may have been originally from before the election), but the newsfeed in the green sections has up-to-date news.

It's something to note.

We ARE talking symbols…and it's something I had never noticed before, so it's news to me.

Yeah, I think you're correct that this video must be a little older.

And, of course, it is definitely us against the ruling elite…govt, media and corp puppets included.

I have to say I am not a fan of the inverted pentas and what they represent, so I find that very disturbing – because there is no way something like that happens if it is not planned and intentional. And VC has it exactly right in saying that we're looking at "two cheeks of the same ass". That's a great line to describe all of the ruling elite. 🙂 However, I have at least one bone to pick with my pal VC and several of these other comments, only because it is the truth, so hear me out. When the guy's first point is "stop the Bush tax cuts" I had to LOL at his very typical socialist BS, which you can easily find 24/7 on CNN, ABCCBSNBCMSNBC. I mean, seriously, who among us really believes that the freakin' govt "allowing" us to keep more of our own money… Read more »

US? The only people getting useable tax cuts is the rich; the rest of us are eating it in higher gas, food and other prices…and what have we gotten in return? How about a government about to go into default?

Furthermore: find it interesting that all the corporations that can are hoarding their cash? Maybe they're expecting some currency shock that will impoverish many and make things easier for the elites to buy us up. Nothing I would swear on, but a definite sensation that our world is about to be messed with – and to our great detriment.

Hey, you make some good points really, and I wasn't saying that our taxes were ever cut enough, only that the lower they are, the better. Whatever the Bush tax cuts were, as I recall, something like $600 per family or so – well, that's not much obviously, but still better than another $600 /year taken away from US. The psychological warfare is in getting people to hate and turn on the doctor or dentist or business owner making maybe $200k – $1 mill per year, and yet being totally blind to the George Soros and Goldman Sachs type elite billionaire criminals. That's what I'm saying. I don't think there's any question that all politicians are going to do everything they can to give breaks to their rich buddies, because that is who finances their election campaigns – and that is at the root of our entire problem. Greed, lust… Read more »

Wow, would have never noticed that! This guy is on to something, but I just wonder what will happen to him next…

He is NOT an RT reporter

That is Thom Hartmann, a US citizen, who is definitely progressive and does not embrace (to my knowledge) conspiracy theories in general. He is brilliant for his ability to remember history and present a coherent version of facts.

RT is designed to convey an independent image and a source for alternative information, but if you do only a bit of research you can see that it is a PR effort of the Kremlin, and attempt to create an alternative 24hrs news channel to combat the global influence of CNN (the French, by the way, have launched a similar effort).

You can be absolutely sure that it is subtly stuffed with information that the Russian propaganda and disinformation experts want you to know.

I am not saying that CNN is much better.

But all these channels serve their masters.

RT is not better.

their studio is in Washington DC, that says it all. their strings are def. being pulled. Question is why?

Their studio is in MOSCOW, they have bureaus all over the world including Washington, New York, Maiami and LA…paranoia at its best.

The most important stuff will always be marginalised. Only what ceases to be important will be accepted by the mainstream. It is the drip drip drip of human progress. And I hate taps that drip..

good video

And they thought we wouldn't notice..everyone is setting full sail toward the AntiChrist while the masses are being spoon fed satanism. And then we have the Vigilant Citizens like us who are on their "domestic terrorists" list because we chose to awaken from the deception.

Yahweh Bless my friends

Im from Brazil i and i can´t understand the political scene in the U.S, but the simbology behind that logo make things very clear. Television is one of devils vehicles to ilude people. ´´They“ would never transmit something that would hurt their agenda. Perhaps things are really changing and the truth is finaly coming out. I cant wait for this day..where the ass will s**t all the bulshit inside and smude both cheeks!

They're able to show these types of "revelations" more and more because they(elite, illuminati, knights templars, whatever you want to call them) know more and more people are aware of such things. So they say, since we did play a hand in spreading this information around anyway why not go straight to the boob tube and show it. Either people are already aware of it or they're so dumb downed or too comfortable in their lives they don't or won't want to understand it. This segment also clearly wanted to attack the Republicans-all hail Obama!

i love this show. it's called "the big picture". RT has really changed over the past few years. in a good way…for us. a few days ago they even brought in Alex Jones and he talked about how the world is run by crooked bankers aka illuminati. i was shocked that i was hearing this on an international tv. someone was finally brave enough to speak out and im glad RT is on this path.

Lool two cheeks on the same ass , enlightning and funny !

Gangsta he is!

Interesting. I remember pointing this out to my hubby about the stars on the Rep logo shifting, but I had no idea when it changed. I thought I was crazy because I knew it hadn't always been that way!

Kudos to this guy!

But I am really concerned to know WHO runs his network where he was able to expose this information. Last time I checked the devilish big wigs own 95% of the media and they don't do this stuff on CNN, FOX, etc. What's the difference between this station and the others? (makes you think) OR maybe all of these puppets are going to stop with the subliminals and start admitting that Satan is who they worship? The bible does say that those things in the dark will come to light.

As cool as this seems because RT is 'exposing' the republican party, I have some questions. Why does everyone see RT as the truthful contrast to western media like FOXNews, CNN, MSNBC, etc? Sure they may run interesting stories like this that one would never likely see on one of the above networks, but who do you think owns RT? The Illuminati are placed ALL over the world. Do you really honestly think that these psychopaths wouldn't cover all news media? Seems like more of the LEFT/RIGHT game to me. I do agree with the fact that the 'revealing' of the true nature of our world leaders is not far around the corner, its only a matter of time.

Great job pointing that out. Unfortunately hes dead wrong almost all the other subjects he "covers". Also hes just bad at that job, listening to him try and speak is ear wrenching.

All the pieces to the puzzle are coming about very nicely, and yet the sheeple dont realise whats happening right under their noses.

That's Thom Hartmann, who has a progressive radio and TV show. I'm pretty sure this was intended to be satire, and to make his point that (according to him) Republicans are off their collective rocker and unwilling to negotiate towards any of his progressive ideals. I don't believe it was intended to show the Illuminati control of the system, but may have inadvertently done so.

By the way, "two cheeks of the same ass" was a great line VC, and right on point! 🙂

I posted this on Facebook and my cousin made an interesting comment. She said the star was leaning to the right, a representation of their political beliefs. lol Maybe that's their official explanation for it, I wouldn't know, I haven't verified that. But come on, of course they're not going to say the truth if the truth would hurt their agenda. I love that people are responding to my posts though. VC, I hope you annoy your family with this information as much as I do. Some have the potential to be unplugged and others, of course, don't want to be and are far gone.

The KBG was one of the worlds more sophisticated and powerful intelligence services before Perestroika. It pioneered brainwashing and deception, and it also was involved in psychic and electromagnetics research long before the Americans did that. It was never dismantled. There is a video where Putin, proudly, and partially joking, reported to a meeting of KGB/FSB veterans, after his election: "The Russian government has been seized by a group of FSB veterans, under the disguise of politicians". Well, that is exactly the case. The FSB has been strongly revamped over the last couple of years. It most likely is operating in all key countries in the world, and it has its influence on world affairs. But, contrary to the CIA NSA and other Western groups, it NEVER gets mentioned, NEVER gets any bad press. What if all this conspiracy theories are, in reality, originally KGB/FSB disinformation campaigns that have partially… Read more »

You're right, the only error in your thinking is that these intelligence agencies are at war with each other. Sure, the low level agents are playing Spy Vs. Spy but the guys at the top report to the same masters. The same power runs all of these organizations.

Are you unaware that the CIA works closely with the KGB, the MI5, Mossad and most other intelligence agencies of importance? Like really closely. The elites are not bound by national sovereignty.

Believe what you want to believe.

If you would know many senior executives or politicians you would acknowledge that most of their egos are so huge that it would be impossible to stratify them into one big all-encompassing global conspiracy.

That principle is true for corporations, political parties, and bureaucracies like intelligence services.

They all consist of little and bigger thiefdoms, some of them with lots of internal turf wars.

Just look at interservice rivalry in the US military or at the power struggles between NSA, CIA, NRO and the Pentagon.

And you want to make me believe that there is one big global force that coordinates all intelligence services? Wake up man and face the reality of human nature and human "tribes".

This dumbed down half jokey rhetorical ''newsinfo'' doesn't say anything, come on now. The guy is probably in on it himself.

Every single Western news agency is part of the Corporation. Every single one.

The difference between them is that some, for example in Western Europe and NA, believe in ''conducting'' their Plan differently to others, such as Russia, China, and Japan. That's all.

Their is no opposition within.

The opposition is artificially created so the sheople get distracted amongst themselves playing ''good guy'' and ''bad guy'' and forget that they are ALL in on it. If they are not in on it , they are dead, or close to being dead.

The divisions in how to carry out the plan of action start where one group of people don't want to be at the mercy of another, ie Russians to Americans. Doesn't mean the end goal isn't the same.

I have very mixed feelings about RT. While it is definitely a good source of alternative information, it is plagued with double standards. It seems the main purpose of the channel is to scapegoat the USA for everything bad happening in the world. At the same time RT NEVER shows anything bad about Russia! Because of RT some Westerners even think that Putin & Medvedev are against NWO. Which is of course a grave mistake. As for the pentagram symbol – straight up pentagram (so-called "star") is just as bad a symbol as an inverted pentagram. Communist "Red Star" (a straight-up pentagram) was proposed by Leon Trotsky (a satanist/Freemason himself) as a state symbol of the USSR, which later was used uncontrollably almost everywhere (at the same time Christian symbolic was banned and destroyed). Moreover, a Russian national coat of arms the so-called "double-headed eagle" is in fact a prominent… Read more »

You hit the nail on the head Alexander. Know you know you can't trust RT. One-sided reporting is sure sign that you're being manipulated.

why is it "bad"?

Just one little piece of the puzzle to contemplate on. People are starting to see the big picture here…. there is a quickening in the awakening….

How come that then this is aired, nobody really talks about it in every country? Someone speaks, they keep it on the down low.. It's actually strange that this man, sayst this because we know most of the television company's are already in 'it'. Strangly, he puts it out, people think probably: Oh, that's not that.. It's just a symbol, that doesn't mean they are satanists or anything.. So it well fade and when the elections come, no one will talk about it anymore.. How can people not see this, or don't want to see it? It is out there that subliminal messages are 'legal' and it's been showing around the world. We also know that politicians use it for they agenda's. Sometimes I'm actually scared to post something on VC, I'm afraid that the governments will track you down.. Has anybody have the same feeling? I'm scared to open… Read more »
It's pretty much too late. They definitely know who we are so your fear is justified to a certain degree. If and when they pull their "coup" on freedom some of us will definitely suffer for our outspokenness. This isn't a game and they fear people like us, regardless if we're non-violent or not. When people are afraid to speak out because of fear of their own government you know we're living under a despotic system. I said some things outside of my house one day and realized I was talking way too loudly. A pang of fear hit me because I knew there was a real chance I might one day be "taken away". I don't trust my neighbors because they're all asleep. What if one of them made a phone call to the DHS or the local police and said "I think my neighbor might be one of… Read more »

How about exorcisms on political parties in general? They are all in it together! Just stop the madness already. I like how he pointed out the baphomet though without giving its name.

Well it's nice that other countries are seeng the BS that our nation is trying to cover up but I am sure that over all this is a worldwide thing.

VC is HILARIOUS! 2 cheeks on the same ass is truly classic!! LOL! I must remember that phrase!

Sounds like he was tired of the B.S. although I have to agree that Rep and Dems are BOTH pretty Satanic.

Politicians in general qualify for that distinction.

Guy didn't sound Russian to me. Not all Russians are evil.

The guy was American. Russia Today hires journalists from the English speaking world, journalists that otherwise wouldn't be employed, so they parrot whatever their told just like the other mainstream media organs. Of course all Russians aren't bad, just like all Americans aren't bad, we've all been manipulated and deceived, used and then thrown away. The Soviet Union and it's people used to play the role of "Evil Empire", not it's the United State's turn to play the big bad. We all know the eventual outcome of this and we need to do more to slow it down.

Guys "RT" stands for "Russia Today" it's a propaganda for the Russian communists (no, they never went away, and no it never was about "the people")

Normally your stuff is great VC but this article was a fail for not pointing that out.

We have to be open minded and skeptical. If even CNN can get it right, so can RT. Doesn't mean I trust the evil bastards, and boys the Russians are really really evil. Don't make the mistake of thinking that because our politicians are scum sucking murderers, that their leaders aren't a whole lot WORSE.

Great point Ron, Why would any of us trust any mainstream media organ? The Russians have a motive in revealing a little truth to the people just like any other government. If it benefits them then they'll tell the truth. It's just another way to divide us and keep us from zeroing in on the real power structure. I read the comments on and wonder what the hell some of these posters are thinking? They think Chavez and Putin are heroes and somehow the United States is the lone "big bad" bringing in this one world government slave system. It's a "world order" not an American order, other nations play large roles as well. The Hegelian Dialectic isn't really understood by most truthers. They've excepted the dumbed-down version of "Problem-Reaction-Solution" and think that's as deep as it goes but those who have taken the time to study it know… Read more »
Thanks Laz, I'm glad someone gets it. For the record if I say "Russians" I'm not talking about the populace, I'm talking about an elite which has always, even under the Tzars, been incredibly brutal. I believe this is cultural rather than planned, given that the Reds had wiped out the members of the previous regime to replace it with a far more horrific one. That isn't to say we should hate Russians, it's to say "don't be stupid". I need to point out one more thing, people throw around "Zionist occupied whatever" but don't really think about the specifics of what that is. First off, most zionists you refer to are Jewish socialist/communists who decided to use Israel as a platform. Jewish communists who stayed in Russia aren't zionists, they're just communists. Second, I wish a lot of these idiots who whine about ZOG would take the time to… Read more »

@RonThat was an extremely shallow and offensive comment. Understanding how conspiracy works is important but you seem to have gone a step further and entered the dangerous realms of paranoia. There are very few channels like RT and they are not hiding the fact that the Russian government funds them, it's on their website!! Every channel represents the views of their employer but in RT's case all the employer needs to show you how it is, they don't make up stuff, the don't need to!! So tone down on racist comments and demonization of a whole nation and try something open minded and respectful next time!

You obviously don't read or watch Russia Today often enough. It's one of the few news media outlets that allows people to speak on conspiratorial topics. They've had Cynthia Mckinney on the show explaining the farce of the Libyan War. They've had Alex Jones on. They've had Gerald Celente, Webster Griffin Tarpley, and Max Keiser who has his own show on the network. These are all anti NWO, anti big bank individuals. It's one of the few media outlets that points out how the big banks are destroying economies around the world. They question 9/11, they cover false flag topics and I truly think they represent what journalism should be. Our own politicians have acknowledged that we trust outside media sources now more than ever. They know were getting a drop of reality from our media.

You obviously don't read much of what RT reports, you presumptuous twit.

By the way, I've read somewhere that the casualties of the 90's organized crime & random violence in Russia were more than from the WWII. If that's true, our leaders are real assholes. And the regular people are f****d in the head too, we've got as much Lady GaGa fans here as everywhere, but evil? No, just ignorant.

I believe VC is trying to highlight the underlying issue – that both Republicans (Left cheek) and Democrats (Right cheek) play puppets to the same puppet master (A**hole)

One cheek purposely has to take a softer line on issues than the other so that it gives the illusion of democracy at work…

RT may be a bad messenger for some, but we should focus more at the message..

EXACTLY I agree exactly. Although, this broadcast is intentionally suggestive. Uhh why again should anyone wish a political machine be directed by the likes of Eisenhower? Who owns RT? hmmm DaVinci might have been a sociopath, but this broadcast brings down his scientific illustrations (which, like it or not, positively inspire emerging artists and scientists worldwide, still, to this day) so it is especially noteworthy that PIC illustrate and bring down DaVincis facinating abilites to the level of the goat, basic and powerless without Earthly fuel. I guess they have begun a crusade of sorts, to illuminate us and instill a sense of hopelessness by relateing all fantastic historical acheivement (aligned with the dark movement or note) as "in on it" or "on the level with it" so therefore we all just say "oh well, there is nothing to be done then…if thats how it always was and will be"… Read more »

"and boys the Russians are really really evil"

… why? I'm not trying to argue or accuse you of racism or anything like that, but really, why do you think so? I mean we are trying so hard to be or at least appear as modern and as western as possible, and still so many Americans say that Russia is like China or Soviet Union. Stupid – yes, "spiritual" – yes, but as you say, "really really evil"? What's up with that?

I never noticed that subliminal shift in the stars before….Thats why the republicans are larger and more powerful then then Democrats…Great job VC….And to that reporter!!

I'd never noticed the stars thing either. It's very interesting…

This should not surprise anyone!

If only they would show this more often on television. Destroy the N.W.O

They are going to show this more often! They are letting it all leak now, because the party is going to begin pretty soon. They are getting ready for the coming out party and this is just the prelude and teaser before they break the secret to all.

That kind of worries me.
notice all the movies and tv showing how to survive when the people, cities, military, life as we know it , and such – are gone?

Thumbs up for Vigilant with the "two cheeks in one ass" comment!

Yeah that was hilarious! I laughed BOTH my cheeks off when I read that. 😉

We need more honest people like him. Hope he won't get killed by those Illuminati creeps. :

The illuminati have infiltrated both parties and the highest ranks of government. don't be fooled into thinking that obama isn't an NWO puppet…wake up.

I am quite puzzled by the logic of the people who say this is russian propaganda, Russia is infiltrated 10x as badly by zionists as america, I mean you gotta be downright retarded to think Russia is the same as 50 years ago. Everyone in politics in russia is pro nwo, and the president is a mason, and yet you think russia is america's enemy?

The utter stupidity of the average person is really unfathomable.

bring on the NWO asap please, humanity deserves no more than that, it was the people who allowed it to happen in the first place.

Agreed, communism is made up from old religions, world wars were scamm (including the cold one), why would it be different with in near future..

I'm not too sure he's that honest. The illuminati are known for telling half truths, especially if there are two parties involved (of which both are part of the illuminati). This way the propaganda for one of the parties becomes stronger/more effective (this case the democrats). Could also be that he's being honest but that's the extent of knowledge he has on the matter.

As the NASA saying goes, "The lie is different on every level."

A: There's not enough money anymore to whack people, and B: The Illuminati is more involved with the Dems that the Reps, and not so much the military-industrial complex however, C: The Nazis we brought over with Paperclip DO control the formerly Rockefeller-controlled faction of the government, and they're the ones with all the super secret weapons and technology. They're also very nearly dead. The Illuminati is a little bit better off at the moment, but not really. This crap in the media is probably a last-ditch effort to raise public opinion of their lifestyle and agenda before the inevitable Revealing. It's impossible for an agenda as ambitious as world domination and as centuries-old in the making as this one to make it into the present without splintering and without people on the inside backstabbing each other for positions of power within the cabal(s). It's just unrealistic to think such… Read more »

I totally agree. These demons will destroy each other in the end. How can we expect evil to be able to share and work together for long?

peace is coming, sooner or later. ego/negativity has a limited time because there is a bill to pay – karma – the karma is either going to be converted into love or else we all feel the effects of the big bill's endings, we are already paying.

Sorry Syrus, but "we" did not demand the corporate statutes and codes that have imprisoned us. We never played any significant role in the creation of laws. And this "cabal" is much older a few hundred years. I'm sorry but what I wrote isn't asinine at all. Maybe your belief is asinine but my belief is supported by history. Please, point out all of the "free societies" in history or evidence that proves the common people organized the governments that rule over them or that they ever made the laws their governments use to rule over them with? Good luck because there really weren't any and none exist today. The closest people have come to true freedom has been in tribal societies, which always get smashed by highly organized empires which are always ruled by an elite plutocracy. The fact is we've been ruled by groups of elites throughout history,… Read more »
Hey, Laz, you're giving the Illuminati too much credit. Don't over-validate and aggrandize the bad guys. Yeah, maybe their "mythology" goes back thousands of years, but these cabals can't be older than a few hundred now. And cult-ish "bloodlines" like the Illuminati don't make the laws. People do. We demand laws, and our government has no choice but to enact them. That's how societies evolve. Sure, people grow complacent and corruption infiltrates their power structure, but to suggest that the same annoying group of criminals (I'm using it again!) are ever-present throughout history is asinine. That's like acknowledging any f****d up cult's retarded mythology. It's probably the reason we have so many cultish religions around, but I digress. What you're suggesting is along the lines of something like "Scientology owns the film industry". It's like the Wizard of Oz. That big floating head has no power. It's just a projection… Read more »
Though I agree with you on some points, I think it's a huge mistake to think of these people in such simple terms as "criminals" "at the end of the day", on the "wrong side of the law". Remember, they make the laws and have been making the laws for thousands of years. Their family bloodlines reach back into ancient history and their "power" comes from what they like to call "the sacred mysteries". While I also agree that they fight amongst themselves, this type of behavior is usually limited to the lower echelons of power, say for example, Bush Vs. Kerry during the presidential race back in 2004. The real power behind the scenes is much more consolidated and in step with each other. They let their minions fight it out in the mainstream while the real powers remain united in plan and purpose. Take the neocons for instance,… Read more »

Excuse me, the only resource that also matters besides LAND is your MIND-SPIRIT. If you have that under control, you can defeat them.

They have all the assets in the world. Their assets are not money though, it is power and resources. In fact the only resource in the world that matters is LAND. Once they have land (with great natural resources on it), it doesn't matter if the rest of the world starves everyday. They don't care. They do care about slaves, but pretty soon they won't have to worry about that eiether with ROBOTS and ways of brainwashing/MK ULTRA-ing people. They already carve out all of the natural parks and places and huges stretches of land owned by the federal government, but not being developed or lived on for themselves, while they continue to push in to more and more overcroweded cities, and they say WE? hava popiulation problem. No, they HAVE A POPULATION PROBLEM. It is not that we have a population problem, it is that they are hearding people… Read more »