News Corp. Phone-Hacking Whistleblower Found Dead


The death of the person who blew the lid off a gigantic scandal involving the police, the government and one of the most powerful media moguls in the world is “not being treated as suspicious”. Nope, nothing suspicious there. Just the normal death of a man in his mid-40’s…that is being investigated by the very police he proved was corrupted…the day before the testimony of Rupert Murdoch. Nope, nothing suspicious here.

Some news sources are already attaching the label “conspiracy theorist” to those questioning the true causes of Sean Hoare’s death, which is usually a proof that something IS going here. Here’s an article by The Guardian describing his death and the scope of his revelations.

News of the World phone-hacking whistleblower found dead

Death of Sean Hoare – who was first named journalist to allege Andy Coulson knew of hacking – not being treated as suspicious

Sean Hoare, the former News of the World showbusiness reporter who was the first named journalist to allege that Andy Coulson was aware of phone hacking by his staff, has been found dead .

Hoare, who worked on the Sun and the News of the World with Coulson before being dismissed for drink and drugs problems, was said to have been found at his Watford home.

Hertfordshire police would not confirm his identity, but said in a statement: “At 10.40am today [Monday 18 July] police were called to Langley Road, Watford, following the concerns for the welfare of a man who lives at an address on the street. Upon police and ambulance arrival at a property, the body of a man was found. The man was pronounced dead at the scene shortly after.

“The death is currently being treated as unexplained but not thought to be suspicious. Police investigations into this incident are ongoing.”

There was an unexplained delay in the arrival of forensics officers at the scene.

Neighbours said three police cars and two ambulances arrived at the property shortly before 11am. They left around four hours later, around 3pm, shortly after a man and a woman, believed to be grieving relatives, arrived at the premises. There was no police presence at the scene at all for several hours.

The curtains were drawn at the first-floor apartment in a new-build block of flats.

At about 9.15pm, three hours after the Guardian revealed Hoare had been found dead a police van marked “Scientific Services Unit” pulled up at the address, where a police car was already parked. Two officers emerged carrying evidence bags, clipboards, torches and laptop-style bags and entered the building. Three officers carrying cameras and wearing white forensic suits went into the flat at around 9.30pm.

Hoare was in his mid-40s. He first made his claims in a New York Times investigation into the phone-hacking allegations at the News of the World. He told the newspaper that not only did Coulson know of the hacking, but he also actively encouraged his staff to intercept the calls of celebrities in the pursuit of exclusives.

In a subsequent interview with the BBC he alleged he was personally asked by his editor at the time, Coulson, to tap into phones. In an interview with the PM programme he said Coulson’s insistence he did not know of the practice was “a lie, it is simply a lie”. At the time a Downing Street spokeswoman said Coulson totally and utterly denied the allegations; he had “never condoned the use of phone hacking and nor do I have any recollection of incidences where hacking took place”.

Hoare said he was once a close friend of Coulson’s, and told the New York Times the two first worked together at the Sun, where, Hoare said, he played recordings of hacked messages for Coulson. At the News of the World, Hoare said, he continued to inform Coulson of his activities. He “actively encouraged me to do it”, Hoare said. In September last year he was interviewed under caution by police over his claim the former Tory communications chief asked him to hack into phones when editor of the paper, but declined to make any comment.

Hoare returned to the spotlight last week, after he told the New York Times that reporters at the NoW were able to use police technology to locate people using their mobile phone signals, in exchange for payments to police officers. He said journalists were able to use “pinging”, which measured the distance between a mobile handset and a number of phone masts to pinpoint its location.

Hoare gave further details about “pinging” to the Guardian last week. He described how reporters would ask a news desk executive to obtain the location of a target: “Within 15 to 30 minutes someone on the news desk would come back and say ‘Right, that’s where they are.’”

He said: “You’d just go to the news desk and they’d come back to you. You don’t ask any questions. You’d consider it a job done.

“The chain of command is one of absolute discipline, and that’s why I never bought into it, like with Andy saying he wasn’t aware of it and all that. That’s bollocks.”

He said he stood by everything he told the New York Times of “pinging”. “I don’t know how often it happened. That would be wrong of me. But if I had access, as a humble reporter … ”

He admitted he had had problems with drink and drugs, and had been in rehab. “But that’s irrelevant,” he said. “There’s more to come. This is not going to go away.”

Hoare named a private investigator who he said had links with the News of the World, adding: “He may want to talk now, because I think what you’ll find now is a lot of people are going to want to cover their arse.” Speaking to another Guardian journalist last week, Hoare repeatedly expressed the hope that the hacking scandal would lead to journalism in general being cleaned up, and said he had decided to blow the whistle on the activities of some of his former NoW colleagues with that aim in mind.

He also said he had been injured the previous weekend while taking down a marquee erected for a children’s party. He said he broke his nose and badly injured his foot when a relative accidentally struck him with a pole from the marquee. Hoare also emphasised that he was not making any money from telling his story.

Having been treated for drug and alcohol problems, Hoare reminisced about his partying with former pop stars and said that he missed the days when he was able to go out on the town.

On Monday evening the curtains were drawn at his home, a first-floor apartment in a new-build block of flats.

A neighbour living opposite, Nicky Dormer, said three police cars and two ambulances arrived at the property at 11am; police left at 3pm, shortly after a man and a woman, believed to be grieving relatives, arrived at the premises.

She and another neighbour described Hoare as a jovial man who would often sit on his balcony, overlooking the block entrance, and talk to residents. They said he lived in the block with his partner, a woman called Jo, who they believed had been away on holiday. Neither had seen Hoare for a few days.

Paul Pritchard, 30, another neighbour, said Sean Hoare was “the most sociable” resident, and they would regularly see him watering the communal front lawn.

“It is just such a shock. About a month ago he said he felt unwell and he said he went to the doctors for a checkup. Then I saw him again and he seemed well.”

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David Ray Griffin in his book "Debunking 911 Debunking" said that by the definition of "conspiracy theory", pretty much everyone has one about something. Now "conspiracy theorist" is synonymous with "nutjob" and no one takes any of it seriously (to the great joy of the Illuminati). The rule of thumb that I follow (works pretty well) is if the world loves something, its worth avoiding, and if the world abhors someone or something, its worth taking a closer look.

This saddens me deeply. The death of a man who was lightening such a horrible truth. May God Have Him.

Sharing this everywhere.

It is estimated that about 2/3 of British police are freemasons, need i say more?

You know something is not right with your government when the people who are supose to be serving the greater good of the public adopt a secret societies logo for every branch of their public service.

Lets not forget about their Sillitoe Tartan or masonic uniforms

Theres even a group specifically for masonic police called F O P (Fraternal Order of Police)

I think its quite obvious who the British police serve and protect.

The same applies to the judges. The masonic halls are always within a mile or so radius from the courthouses.

Very happy to see you sirrah!!!

that's because all high powered Judges and lawyers are Masons…which is how they ahve kept their own criminal kind in power for centuries.

The first thing I thought was "Thank you and I'm sorry we failed you".

another unexplained death!

hmmm ! Same old story, reminds of JOHN TODD. Who died in a similar manner, he created the whole awareness about the illuminati, but he was arrested, drugged and he died ! And what kind of disease could kill a man of such calibre. Prrrr ! Hands down to illuminati, they telling us that they rule the world !

I'll be damned, so this guy was good after all? I haven't read about it, just heard through friends that he had tapped phones. How typical of them to make the good guy look as the bad one, to reduce the heat of themselves! Pure projection, puure projection!

Kiss me neck …. so much going on in this world, and so many with angles on it all now !?! I do not question things to upset peeps, merely to get things straight okay folks. Okay, so this guys death is made to look, relatively normal, by the same people who essentially are the people who hired and used him. Okay, then after he sees the light, he, all of a sudden wants to release information about a case that, has come to light anyway. So far so good right … ??? So, surely, one has to ask how the VC team got to know about something that the British Media has done a damn good job of hiding, along with the other individual linked to this, who has died also, (as per someone's comment), as the name Sean Hoare has been very hard to find headlining any papers… Read more »

I wouldn't be surprised if all these whistleblowers had some chip in them that just kills them whenever 'they' want… You never know…

Now thats what I call tieing up loose ends! I wonder who's next.

The artists are all puppets, one way or another. Who dies next will depend on who's most convenient for the cause. Everyone is expendible to those who hold the power. Who knows, Justin Bieber may perhaps die of a tragic car accident when he turns 27?

The fact that Zach Horowitz had once worked for Sony Music in their legal department progressed up and is now President of Universal Music Group has me wondering…

i suspect emy whinehouse death also is connected to murdoch case…these persons had something in common, they both are dead in misterious way exact,y during mrudoch scandal..emy was a show business star, probably she knew something and wnated to testimony…

i read on news that it seems murdoch case is covered up…as usual it happens to powerful people.

the last time i start to think that the justice in human way doesn't exist, the justice is thought just to keep people under control and pressure, it is thought to punish us, never the powerful people.More time passes, less crimes are punished, there are so many criminals going around unpunished, when the gov. doesn't show the justice by itself, the citizens felle obliged to do it in their own way, we r going back towards the wild west periods, when the people did justice by themselves…

Just goes to show how arrogant 'the few thousand powerful people' are! We here these stories all the time now and most of us think 'Is that really how it happened or were they offed?'. These powerful knobs need to change their story cos us people are waking up to their obvious crimes.

I am glad Sean risk his life to shed light on crooked activities. We watch movies on government official conspiracies as entertainment, but these activities are taking place all the time. I read on the blog where someone mentioned Charlie Sheen. I thought the same about him. He also stated that he is tired of the b.s. in Hollywood. I believe he became upset with the writers of Two and Half Men, so he publicly spoke out against them. I wonder if they wanted him to do something that went against his standards. These people literally are trying to destroy him. Since I have been updated by Vigilant, I no longer jump on the band wagon to ridicule people. Just because the media shares the information, it does not mean the information is right. This is what is dismissive on their behalf. When a person speak out publicly against them,… Read more »

Amy winehouse dead RIP, she now joins the infamous 27 club, jim morrison, Kurt cobin, jimi hendrix the list goes on, the pressure of the music industry or inner demons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is how Tupac got killed the police already tried to kill him then the government killed him because he was exposing the Illuminati

anyone remember Katherine Gun?

The scandal is a distraction. So is the bombing in Norway. =) Ps, these people aren't the brightest bulbs……others do the work.

No doubt he was executed in the true masonic fashion for betraying the brotherhood…unexplained – BS, suspicious death – 100% it was.

When I first heard this on the news I thought exactly the same thing as you Vigilant. The tv news kept stressing nothing suspicious about this death but it it so obvious. Another good article!

The solution is simple: Every time they kill someone, we have to immediately start shouting murder. People like him are assassinated because they pose a threat. If anybody plays the 'conspiracy theorist' card, we can accuse them of aiding and abetting criminal activity and domestic terrorism. See how they like a taste of their own medicine.

As usual, whatever is surfacing is only the tip of the iceberg…

Basically what I said on another site reporting this same story a few days ago: the illuminati got him…he was talking too much, and I'm sure a lot of people in the industry has issues with drugs and drink but you'll never hear about it, because they are obedient to the higher ups… they made sure to make it a point and express that he once had a problem with that to lull some suspicions…R.I.P… the truth and realness is not appreciated in this wicked system

Just something that shows that the media is just another leg for the gov. But he didn't shut his mouth.

Lulzsec owned the sun on the day he died. Did you guys see the suns website that day? Get on the anonymous bandwagon. They stand up against all this bs. You don't need to hack, I have no idea how any of that stuff works. It's not about hacking , it's about rising up as the people.

just flicked through the uk papers today and not a single story on Mr Hoare's death . Need i say more……..

Totally rags. The sun is one of the worst.

Thats what happens when u sell ur soul to the devil u get whacked. Those corperations will do anything to protect their billions of dollars. It's sad people can be bought for a price. I just saw that movie limitless. That movie is all about the corrupt world of wall street and the kill or be killed mentality of climbing the corporate ladder in corporate america. Save your assets by any means. Spoiler arlert; Bradley Coopers character takes some super tweak pill and becomes supersmart and cus of this pill.because of this pill he is smarter and enabled enough to take over wall street. By no means was this an easy task, he has to face the russian mob whom he borrowed 100,00 grand to start off in wall street. who will fillet him if he dosent pay him back. Then he has to take up on wall street tycoon… Read more »

Did you notice what his book was called at the end of the movie, Illumination something or other.

I think if you blew the whistle on any situation big enough to involve the scumbag evil media elite of this world (Soros, Turner, Murdoch, et al) you could be found with multiple gunshots, stab wounds and bruising around your throat and it would still be ruled as an "unsuspicious suicide".

Just to let you know Sean Hoares death is non story here in UK despite the Select Committee Hearings, Conservatives admitting to working with Neil Wallis (centre of hacking scandal), Cameron being grilled today at Parliament. For some obscure (obvious to us on here of course) Sean Hoares death comes last behind all the above. Top of the tree are Wendi Murdochs "heroics".

Alas We blindly follow where we are led


wonder what kind of 'partying' he was doing with the stars…maybe he was using them in beta programming. i always wonder, we know who the beta programmed slaves are, but who are the ones who use them for sexual needs?

Funny how you forget about these things after awhile, this reminded me of Michael Connell, Bush's IT guy death by airplane crash.

Sorry dunno how to enter in a link.

Wow! They sure took him out quick.

This story was the nail in the coffin to finally make my mom admit that I wasn't paranoid or crazy. How in the world is no one causing an uproar of a clear execution. How can a death be unexplained but not garner any thoughts of foul play or suspiciousness and who can just swallow such a far fetched idea?

I wonder what else he was going to expose. It must have been big. I'm sure his laptop was the first thing they snatched. Oh… and of course their surveillance cameras and bugs. Can't leave that kind of stuff around…

i'm trying to find the whole story somewhere right now, i'll link to it if any one is interested

a kaboom

watch the other hand

woooooow! omg! i said that it was a trap in the comments when they were "calling" for people to block the entrance to bohemian grove!!! They probably put that video out waited for people to show up got their info then accused them of these weird trumped up charges "misuse of a computer?" come on!

the execution of 35 warrants led to the arrest of multiple members of group: anonymous today

i think it's all related… and the noose is drawing tighter

They ALWAYS kill of a person that is a threat to them and their sick plans and make the public think it’s due to an overdose of drugs and alcohol. We are watching and seeing evil happening around us, definitely a sign of the end of Days.

sean hoare was found 18th July 2011, david kelly was found 18th July 2003, very questionable

gr8 point. also remember the Bin Laden/Hitler May 1 thing. they were both declared dead on the same day.

Hey crip, good call:) 2011-1945=66,

let's see who dies in 1 may 2012; maybe

We'll get our third 6.

Good spot and very disturbing. Of course nothing suspicious about the deaths at all.

Total distraction technique. Most of the papers in UK are talking about Murdoch's wife's 'heroics' in slapping the perpetrator. Many commentators are saying that it was 'despicable' behaviour towards an old man. Thus, attempting to illicit sympathy for the media tyrant. Meanwhile, I saw a pic of Murdoch snapped at the back of his car looking very smug leaving the inquiry. Spin. Spin. Spin.

I was being sarcastic.

Poor guy. May he rest in peace. I live in the uk and from experience I can tell you that when a big story like this is all over the papers it is generally being used as a distraction to push through some law on the quite. When the dust settles we'll all find its illegal to do something or the other and we will all be wondering when that law was passed. Time to watch the parliament channel. May the almighty bless all of us especially mr vc. Peace

Agents removed all of the evidence away before the police & the media could even find him dead in his home. I BETCHA

If only I had a dime for every "suspcious, alcohol-related death"… (-_-) So they say the police investigators describe the death as "unexplained" but "not suspicious". HOW IN THE WORLD CAN YOU DETERMINE IF SOMETHING IS SUSPICIOUS OR NOT IF YOU CANT EVEN EXPLAIN WHATS GOING ON IN THE FIRST PLACE??? LOL Cops still looking to put together their "story" I guess. Its amazing that the investigators through the media keeps their same protocol in these "unexplained" situations: "Okay since he openly admitted he had an alcohol and drug problem, lets just sprinkle some crack around the scene then the American sheeple will put two-and-two together and wont question anything as usual. Oh and someone contact his doctor so we can interrogate him into giving us false documentation stating just how 'crazy' he was as a result of his drug and alcohol problems so that even less people will question… Read more »

Or at least the cops are controlled enough to be told (by rich old man Murdoch @ his cronies) to cover this up, ASAP.

Higher ups in the police force especially are corrupted and bought, and the ones on the lower end of the totem pole just obey.

However in this case they probably want NO ONE talking after… So all cops involved, and the coroners, are probably bought and corrupted already, especially with that quick "explanation".

*& his cronies

The cops are in on it.

As someone below stated, 2/3 of British police are Freemasons.

Everything is rigged. Media, politics, police, etc. in both UK, USA, etc.

I know I'm a tad bit late btw… RIP to him.

News Of the Word – NOW… these are NWO letters. Again.

The "News of the World" has been around since the 1840's. There was no alleged "NWO" at that time.

@ Yazoobonk…

The freemasonry and Illuminate (NWO agenda) have been around before Jesus walked the earth. See Ezekiel 8:12-17

You are sadly mistaken. The freemasonry and Illuminate (NWO agenda) have been around before Jesus walked the earth. See Ezekiel 8:12-17

Really? Who killed Jesus?

Actually yazoobonk they've been planning this for centuries so it is possible

The first thing (besides from the obvious of course) I reacted to was his "friend" which do a great job at portraying his dead reporter friend as a lunatic, label de la "conspiracy theorist" or out of his mind. Why would he do that? Just asking..

When I heard this I knew something was up and could not BELIEVE his death has been deemed not suspicious! They have not even had the time to do a proper investigation to determine if it’s not suspicious! The public and especially this man’s family should not take this! But, at the end of the day, what can they do? SMH!

Omg, I was going to comment going 'I'm from Hertfordshire' then I read on and it said 'Watford' – pinpoint! I was wondering whose body it was that they found. This is too like the David Kelly story. Thanks for the article VC 🙂

This morning, the major news headline was about some guy who attempted to attack Murdoch with a pie during the hearings. Really? Seems like that's the disctraction story to lead us away from the the death of Hoare.

The foam pie attack was staged to keep the public out of the courtroom so that proceedings can take place behind closed doors and in private, sounds like bilderberg in court.

I saw the whole pie thing on the news. You could tell they were trying to sway public opinion on the news today by saying, even the pie thrower felt remorseful afterwards and his girlfriend dumped him. Then they

said, this incidence shifted the crowds opinion of Mr. Murdoch and they all begin to feel sorry for him. They even added this brings up a question of security and how easily it can be breached…. Just how dumb do they think we are?

ure so right, most of the big news websites like cnn and bbc dont even have it on the home page…


What.. no mention of the Freemasonry connection?

VC, you're slipping!

"Years ago, Jonathan Rees became a freemason. According to journalists and investigators who worked with him, he then exploited his link with the lodges to meet masonic police officers who illegally sold him information which he peddled to Fleet Street."

Good call!!! Looks like some masonic politics at play:… This story had me and others thinking of so many who have met this same fate in the recent past. That Clinton list of dirt naps posted above is unbelievable – Clinton is one bad mafia type dude. BP Whistleblowers continue to die & go missing:… Also reminds me of Mrs. Eckert, 9/11 widow and patriot who was killed on the Buffalo plane crash in Feb 09 =11. The circumstances around the crash are highly suspicious for anyone that looks into it. She met days before with Obama who had said he would help re-open investigations. Eckert had passed on compensation so she could sue, the lawsuit of course died with her, as did any promise made or not made by Obama. There is so much on this case, the official public opinion that icey wings brought down the… Read more »

Thats interesting because if you scroll down to comment#21 they posted a link to Micheal Connell who was a former part of the Bush campaign and was about to come out with important info. He was also killed in a plane crash which only struck ONE house…coincidence?

Beverly Eckert – an amazing woman and true American Patriot. If you look her up you will find she has done so much in the 9/11 truth movement, helping families get compensated (while she forfeited so she could sue), and helped get the 9/11 Commission started (though it was an epic fail, not her fault) etc….. here is the huff post article on her the day after the crash, but there are thousands out there. Blogs too, speaking of the very suspicious circumstances surrounding the crash. One noteworth point from this article:… Erie County Emergency Coordinator David Bissonette said it appeared the plane "dove directly on top of the house." " It was a direct hit," Bissonette said. "It's remarkable that it only took one house. As devastating as that is, it could have wiped out the entire neighborhood." There was a VC poster awhile back that had some… Read more »

wow!!!!! im speechless i never heard of the widow plane crash do tell!!!

Dear God.

This always and i mean ALWAYS happens to those who expose "them".

Poor man, just trying to make a light in this dark, dark world.


There is no light in this world. Play by the rules, and get a good retirement. Don't play the rules, and you get spanked hard.

Why wouldn't people think that there is more to the story, since they often make movies about these sort of thinks. If you talk, you have to know that they are going to come after you. Movies like "Wanted" and "The Hit Man". I believe there is some truth to all these movies.

Thats exactly why they make movies about this kind of stuff; so that when it happens in real life, we say 'Nah that kinda stuff only happens in movies' and think we are being crazy.

Movies are just another step in desensitizing us to reality.

They show us disgusting disfigured bodies in CSI, Dexter etc but when the public asks to see the pictures of the dead Osama Bin Laden, they say 'Uhhhh its too gory for you guys'.

well said!

I was wondering when I would see an article about this on here! 😀 Great work!

The rest of the media will think of it as some random killing and little by little will cease to exist as a news item. The elite make crimes like these seem normal, remember the doctor that actually committed suicide at his home when he blew the whistle on 9/11 some years ago. I think it was in England, if someone could confirm this for me.

Your probadly thinking about David Kelly whose testimony against the so called existence of weapons of mass destruction which greatly upset former PM of England Tony Blair claims, that he had reliable intelligence from secret service's to prove Sadam Hussein had ability to launch chemical and biological weapons in 45 mins

Funny, the same thing came to my mind when I first heard about it last night. From memory, that was suspicious but they couldnt do anything about it.

P.S. it would/will be interesting to see what happens/ed to the person who leaked the climate change emails.

I dont think Julian Asange (Wikileaks) will go down like that, too high profile and supposedly has stuff to be released should he die suspiciously. I saw him on T.V. the other day saying "there are a few thousand very powerful people who will stop at nothing to increase thier power."

I thought that the Strauss-Khan was really smart for, firstly resigning from his position and then making the wardens put him on suicide watch.

Are you thinking of Dr David Kelly…? The guy who said Saddam had no real WMD's ? The guy who cut his wrist in a field and was found in a pool of non existent blood…

yes that same guy, thanks for jogging my memory. even before my eyes were open to articles such as VC i always get a strange vibe anytime news such as this and more come to the msm.

He worked for the BEAST….he took an oath not to tell…. he knew the repercussions…and so now its too late…..NEVER TRUST THE BEAST….THE BEAST IS A LIAR.

We all work for the beast but we have to pay our bills. If no one worked for the beast we wouldn't have whistleblowers.

If no one worked for the beast, there would be no whistleblowers.

Uh, how about not kidding yourself and refuse the material seduction.