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New WTC 7 Video Posted on YouTube (video)



The International Center for 9/11 Studies has posted a new video on YouTube. The footage was filmed by a news crew from a local NYC television station, and was received from NIST under the Freedom of Information Act.

Listen to the reporter’s comments…


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Mr. Obvious

If you go the the 2:58 mark of the video, you can see windows popping out of the building. It was slowly imploding. There was nothing controlled about the demolition of that building.


There is definitely laughter in the background around the 1:25 mark. Maybe it was a camera man or someone else on the news crew. But, it certainly doesn't seem normal to be yukking it up in that situation.


You know whats weird?? I thought I heard someone laughing in the background at 1:25.


I think its about time that VC does an article about the "truth" about Al Quaeda and Osamas so called links with the bush family. Otherwise can any one of u guys give me a link which writes about the truth abt the Al Quaeda and Osama?

future light soilder

wtf is this .. the American Government make you wonder what are they involved in ? to do this to thier own country .. what are they gaining ?.. hey lets blow up one of our greatest buildings then blame iraq . so we can go and get all thier oil which is worth more the than the WTC ?… power money greed.. for the sake of lives what a shame .. the root of money is evil ??.. naaa the love of money is the root of all evil .. thos video proves that it was pure inside job and its sickening to know thats the truth !!1


@ sPEktrall…. its a lot NOT allot…. peace


in the beggining he says a couple things that are really subtle. he says if youve never been to war like ive never been to war this is what it looks like suggesting the hysteria that this event was meant to ensue so that even every day americans would feel like ground zero was in fact a war zone at that moment. he then says im not sure where we are, we dont know what buldings these are but they are obviously on fire. why would buildings that werent hit by the planes randomly be on fire and have windows blown out OR BE DAMAGED IN ANY WAY, unless they were in a direct line of fire from the twin towers. then at the end is the most important peice. he says, this mustve been ground zero where the thing exploded. even this guy knows instinctively that the damage to those vehicles was caused by an explosion, they were completely obliterated by some kind of massive amount of energy and they were clearly burned from the inside out. the only thing that wouldve happened to those vehicles short of an explosion would be some damage to the upper portion of… Read more »


There is too much evil in this world. Just too much.

I mean I can't imagine what more evidence needs to be presented. If this video is true then there is no way a PLANE did this kind of damage. How does a plane blow up and burn those cars? Why in 1:24-1:26 are all those windows perfectly intact and everything below it is trashed,

God bless that poor reporter. I bet they put the muzzel on him so tight…


"how does a plane blow up and burn those cars?"

I was about to reply that the impact of the planes hitting effected the ground too…by glass flying down, parts of the building or plane going down. But then I realized that doesn't add up….since the planes went IN, wouldn't the debris kinda go in with it? I'm no expert…..


i saw a youtube video that shows smaller explosions doing down the corner of the first tower after the plane hit and also shows that something was under the plane when shwing it in slow motion, before impact. And it said that a surviving firemen said that he could hear explosions on the bottom floors

eyes opened

"behind me ……….." ..behind me what!?


@ 5:17 he says, 'where this thing blew up'. Blew up??? Why are cars burned out when the fires were above?


Exactly. More went on that day then was reported, and probably impossible to fully report.. However, instead of the media acknowledging all of the phenomenon they were not able to report on, they simple concluded that Osama Bin Laden did it, and moved things along to Gulf War II.


In the very beginning of the video, the camera reads T*R 16:34:42:12??? Hidden message? Lets take a look. If you respect the order of the numbers, reading each passage in order in respect to T*R which could it possibly mean *Transmit & *Receive 16:34 or 4:34,42,12 ??? Just food for thought read this… John 4:34 says… Jesus saith unto them, My meat is to do the will of him that sent me, and to finish his work. -OR- "My food," said Jesus, "is to do the will of him who sent me and to finish his work. FURTHER MORE in depth My meat … – Jesus here explains what he said in John 4:32. His great object – the great design of his life – was to do the will of God. He came to that place weary and thirsty, and at the usual time of meals, probably hungry; yet an opportunity of doing good presented itself, and he forgot his fatigue and hunger, and found comfort and joy in doing good – in seeking to save a soul. This one great object absorbed all his powers, and made him forget his weariness and the wants of nature. The mind… Read more »


Yep. There are signs and symbols written out through the ages. Numbers or Numerology, hold the keys to a lot of them. It is not a coincidence that you picked up on them… However, I am sure they weren't intentional from the reporters standpoint, but to you the viewer, the message was delivered from higher forces the same.


For me all I can say is this: I can believe that 9/11 was an inside job done by the illuminati. If they supposedly control everything, why not hold them responsible? Makes sense. As far as how they carried out the actual attack….I don't believe bombs were strategically placed based in other buildings solely on this footage above….think about it guys.

When the Twin Towers collapsed straight to the ground….don't you think the surrounding buildings FOUNDATIONS were rocked?

I believe illuminati, masons, govt. knew about the planes….not so convinced about bombs.


One of the hijackers did tell the passengers that there was a bomb on board. The way both of the towers fell I could beleive explosives were placed. The second tower the damage wasn't as bad as the first and it still collasped. I consider that to be strange. Even if the pressure from the first tower caused the 2nd one to fall, I am not an expert but one would think they'd fall together, within seconds, or 1 – 2 minutes at the most.


Bella, scroll up a little bit and watch those documentaries I listed. If you want to know the truth it will tell you all you need to know. Many architectural workers claim it collapsed as if it was a controlled demolition. Another key fact is that 2 weeks before 9/11 the usual inspection where bomb sniffing dogs come in to inspect was called off. Who called it off? Jeb Bush, George Bushes brother…….and the list goes on and on


hey sPEKtrall…..

i watched "loose change" after I made my first post.

it looked like bombs exploded at the bottom of the towers b4 they fell….but could it have been gas lines exploding? that's what some seem to think. after viewing that, the whole bomb theory makes more sense because of where the explosions took place…..not sure if i'm being clear, but if it were gas lines exploding, i would think they would be doing so closer to where the planes hit, not at the base of the towers.

it did look like controlled demolitions….which makes everything even more sadly unbelievable.

kinda tough to watch, turns my stomach. but whoever was truly behind it will have to answer to God for what they have done.


Look….to anyone here who does their own research knows 9/11 was an inside job.

to you skeptics I got documentaries that people purchased and uploaded to youtube that have had hundreds of millions of views and most get thumbs up.

"Loose Change 2nd Edition"

"9/11 Road To Tyranny"

"9/11 The Great Illusion"

"9/11 Chronicles Truth Rising"

Those are just to name a few……I would say the best 2 out of that selection are the 3rd and 4th choice. So before you call me a kook just check them out…please this is important…the 3rd choice talks about the illuminati and the reason behind 9/11. SO please folks check it out. Its not that im gullable its just the facts and that the evidence is damning. You must understand that the Illuminati control and filter the corporate media so they do lie and whitewash the truth. The same elements who carried out the attacks own the media


Amazing. Best footage of WTC 7 pre-implosion so far


What this video is showing (presumably) is that their was explosions within the bottom floors of the WTC.

If a the buildings went down because a plane crashed into them, Why are all the top windows still in tact and theirs a fire on the lower floors!

I remember a few days ago, youtube was acting very strangely and I kept getting this weird error message everytime I tried to log on. My husband and I joked that someone must have tried to upload some serious s--t on to youtube and the feds shut it down!!!!!!

YIKES! If this video is real then it proves that there is something more to how the towers went down then what we've been told. One theory i heard is that there were explosives inside of the building that went off. This video gives evidence to support that theory.


9/11 was conducted by the United States so the Illuminati, Freemasons and Satan's followers can drive the world into World War III. This was blatantly done to start a war in the Middle East, to get Saddam out of power and give Iran the freedom to destroy Israel. The economy has suffered greatly since then, there's this paranoia over our weak national borders…the only way to keep track of everyone is to get a microchip implanted under your skin. Hence, you'll be a part of a system where Satan will be able to control you.


Ugh, microchipping. I wouldn't even do that to my dog.

But that sounds to me like "the mark of the beast" that God warns us about in the end times.

Everyone needs to turn to Jesus as their Savior….the time is near.


Does this movie stink of do I want it to stink?….I get an "actor" kinda feeling watching this. 1 news crew that's it? all that rouble and debry and the guy is as clean hospital operating room? If what happened in 2001 wasn't so terrible I would laugh at this piece of film. i'm about 99% leaning in the piece of "#@$ direction right now.

Seven Rayed God

Yeah, there's something eerily odd about this video. I'm going to assume this is the same director that filmed the moon landing.


sorry but um, can you please tell me what was wrong with the first moon landing? i really really wanna know 😀


I feel like i'm missing something here… is he saying something special we're supposed to look for?


I watched this doc on C4 the other day about Tanya Haides, a woman who faked being a survivor. And oh my days what a b---h. Who the hell would use a tradgedy like this to create a hoax just to get the spot light attention?

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