New Homeland Security Video Depicts US Citizens as Terrorists…and Encourages You to Snitch on Them


Homeland Security’s “See Something, Say Something” campaign produced several ridiculously awful videos encouraging people to snitch on anyone acting out of the ordinary. This last video is about “terrorism” but we see no turban-wearing angry Arabs in there (didn’t Hollywood teach us they that were all terrorists?). Nope, we’re looking at regular-ol-Walmart-dwelling Bob from Ohio as a potential terrorist now.

The police-state mentality promoted in the video encourages people to look  for and to report suspicious activities such as: using a cellphone camera, wearing a backpack or writing on a piece of paper. Am I exaggerating? Sadely, barely.

We all need to be more like this lady: not minding our own business, watching other people disapprovingly and always ready to snitch.

Needless to say, this kind of behavior was promoted in Mussolini’s, Hitler’s and Franco’s dictatorial police-state regimes. The extension of the already bogus war on terrorism to include US citizens was part of the plan all along, hence the unconstitutional PATRIOT act (which was recently renewed and gave the Government the right to spy on citizens).

So, without further ado, here’s this masterpiece of suspenseful situations and award-winning acting.


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Lol seriously anonymous should just spam these things. "uhh hello.. theres a person who is taking photos…in such and such.. he is wearing a white t-shirt and jeans.. it seems suspicious that he feels it's necessary to take photos" "uhh hi.. yes there is a person who is grinding metal at his home.. maybe he's making a bomb." "hello.. there's a person talking on the phone and he's sitting near the ATM machine.. and even though it's 8:43AM it seems suspicious he's sitting there.. maybe he's trying to rob the bank when it opens." "uhh.. hi, yes–there is a guy who's wearing a backpack, sunglasses, and is wearing a beanie underneath the hood of their jacket.. oh wait.. he just put his backpack underneath his seat.. no.. no he isn't walking away, he's eating a cheeseburger.. maybe he's waiting for his drug dealer." "hellow.. there is a person who is… Read more »