New Homeland Security Video Depicts US Citizens as Terrorists…and Encourages You to Snitch on Them


Homeland Security’s “See Something, Say Something” campaign produced several ridiculously awful videos encouraging people to snitch on anyone acting out of the ordinary. This last video is about “terrorism” but we see no turban-wearing angry Arabs in there (didn’t Hollywood teach us they that were all terrorists?). Nope, we’re looking at regular-ol-Walmart-dwelling Bob from Ohio as a potential terrorist now.

The police-state mentality promoted in the video encourages people to look  for and to report suspicious activities such as: using a cellphone camera, wearing a backpack or writing on a piece of paper. Am I exaggerating? Sadely, barely.

We all need to be more like this lady: not minding our own business, watching other people disapprovingly and always ready to snitch.

Needless to say, this kind of behavior was promoted in Mussolini’s, Hitler’s and Franco’s dictatorial police-state regimes. The extension of the already bogus war on terrorism to include US citizens was part of the plan all along, hence the unconstitutional PATRIOT act (which was recently renewed and gave the Government the right to spy on citizens).

So, without further ado, here’s this masterpiece of suspenseful situations and award-winning acting.

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126 Comments on "New Homeland Security Video Depicts US Citizens as Terrorists…and Encourages You to Snitch on Them"

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Lol seriously anonymous should just spam these things. "uhh hello.. theres a person who is taking photos…in such and such.. he is wearing a white t-shirt and jeans.. it seems suspicious that he feels it's necessary to take photos" "uhh hi.. yes there is a person who is grinding metal at his home.. maybe he's making a bomb." "hello.. there's a person talking on the phone and he's sitting near the ATM machine.. and even though it's 8:43AM it seems suspicious he's sitting there.. maybe he's trying to rob the bank when it opens." "uhh.. hi, yes–there is a guy who's wearing a backpack, sunglasses, and is wearing a beanie underneath the hood of their jacket.. oh wait.. he just put his backpack underneath his seat.. no.. no he isn't walking away, he's eating a cheeseburger.. maybe he's waiting for his drug dealer." "hellow.. there is a person who is… Read more »

I generally follow what I read on this site, however this article made me pause. First, to imply "we’re looking at regular-ol-Walmart-dwelling Bob from Ohio as a potential terrorist" as being absolutely wrong is absurd. It is a fact that any race/ nationality/ sex can possibly be related to terrorist activity. Also, nothing in the video I feel goes beyond common sense besides possibly the last one with the subway. I would hope people would report all of those activities anyways, and half of them are company security related anyways, i.e. unknown person in radioactive area. The Norway shootings show us what can happen in the U.S. as well, that is just a cold hard fact. Nothing in that video is infringing on anyone's civil liberties, they are not asking you to look into people's homes, these people are all in the public.

During the Soviet Union and other communist countries in the Eastern Europe or Warsaw Pact Allies the secret police had eyes everywhere. It started during late 30's (1937) and it got the name The Great Terror. History always repeats itself. It is up to us if we let it. People were so afraid of talking even with their own relatives not to be reported to the secret police and then deported to the Gulags (forced labor in concentration camps). This is not a joke or a Hollywood Movie, this was reality for millions of people. Entire families were deported in the camps. In order for all the elements to take place in needs time (meanwhile do your homework). Building and purpose of such establishments (mining, factories, forestry etc..) a so called social reform to be re-introduced into the society (brainwashed/indoctrinated with the NWO policy etc..). You have the internet at… Read more »

This is a great way for wackos to harrass people. Also gives the cops a license to abuse you.

Some idiot called the cops on me in the middle of the day because I was driving slow on a back road

the idiot cops came and harrased me and even went so far as to put me in shackles and chains and threw me in jail. I had no traffic infraction and no alcohol in my system yet these cowboys were so proud of themselves. No lawyer would help me sue them either because they were afraid of retaliation by the cops. This is scary. Happened in Palm Desert CA.

Scary stuff.

"The police-state mentality promoted in the video encourages people to look for and to report suspicious activities such as: using a cellphone camera, wearing a backpack or writing on a piece of paper." Yeah, that's not going to work. I happen to live in a college town. College kids have cellphone cameras to take drunken pictures of their friends, and I've met kids as young as 8 who had cell phones with cameras. Many people, students, professors, and otherwise, use backpacks to carry their stuff around. As for writing on pieces of paper, I work in a library. Of course I expect to see people writing on pieces of paper! It's not as though all my patrons have tablet PCs for inputting their information, and paper is more secure anyway. Cops in my town won't take any complaints from my neighborhood seriously thanks to a certain vigilant (but sometimes cantankerous)… Read more »

Two complete divas trying to out-do each other. Not at all entertaining.

Actually using a cellphone camera CAN make people think something is wrong. College life doesn't represent what a normal working life is like. I worked in a bookstore for a year between my soph and junior year and if you pulled out a phone and started taking pictures of things in the store, you would be noticed and watched. They had a very good reason to watch people, too. The baristas at the cafe often had unwanted attention from males. They caught quite a few men snapping photos of them with phones. They also had an issues with men trying to get photos of women's undies when they walked up the stairs. I myself saw a guy pull out a phone and try to take a pic under the skirt of the lady in front of him in line. These men were promptly booted from the store. So to put… Read more »

Anybody notice that in the first scene when buddy is calling security in the medical radiation supply, a lady walks right behind him and enters a room without him noticing, i thought that was funny

this video looks quite old and outdated…something about the quality of it…

Is people like VC that advocates human rights, freedom…. Look at Britain now, her citizens are asking the police to exercise more control to using tear gas and plastic rounds. If our country loses its authority, this is what is going to happen to U.S eventually. People rioting and looting without control. I rather have a police-state any day than have such incidents from happening. Oh ya, not forgetting most of the rioters are locals.

This is obvious propaganda. It should be titled "Help the government turn our country into a police state." After hearing the video mention that these reports should not be made based on ethnicity, I started over and noticed a few things. All of the people reporting the suspicious activity were of every ethnicity except white. All of the "terrorists" were white, and 90% of those in power were white. I'm not sure of the significance of this other than steering the country away from the islamic boogeyman and onto the white or fellow american boogeyman. Spy on your neighbors taking pictures, i mean they are of course conducting survieilance for a terrorist plot. Or maybe they just take photography classes. This is sad and no different than communist propaganda in other countries. Fear mongering will push those who don't pay attention to support anything. Can't get the public to go… Read more »

Seriously guys, I don't find anything seriously wrong with this video. Yes, the acting could be improved, but after what happened to Norway recently, you can't deny that terrorist do live among our society, be it a White or Black among us.

This video is simply advocating higher vigilance among our surronding, which is perfectly fine. There have been many real life cases, in which vigilant citizens(not the author here) spotted on suspicious character and actually alerted the authorities which prevented an attack from happening.

I do enjoy the articles here at VC. However, the comments here are sometimes too willing to accept and agree on what VC says without analysing the full picture.

Thanks Homeland security

Next time I see a tall male in a building wearing Al Capone clothing and sunglasses, I'll yell at him about the bag he dropped in a glaringly obvious location. Then I'll give you a call.


So Homeland Security doesn't have spell check? "Aquiring?" Is this video even real?

we might as well call this place the united states of corporate nazi america and put a swastica on the american flag.

I cant think of this as anything than just a very bad acted parody

totally right

The fact that the worst threat to this country comes from its own government should come as no surprise to those with understanding. Every great civilization or empire in human history has eventually come to an end,and was destroyed not by a foreign power but by its own devices. America, im afraid will be no different. The truth is that if the NWO terrorists are to advance their agenda for the world they cannot have a true existing super power in the way. Thats why they will continue to do everything they can to undermine and diminish this country, including turning us against each other. You know what they say about things divided. The engine of "globalization" continues to gain momentum. The eventual goal is to dissolve all nations sovereignty and the next step is a north american union. Ask any war strategist and he will say his enemies would… Read more »

Why are all terrorists in hoodie??

here's an idea, everyone starts calling in and reporting one suspicion after another. Car with tinted windows drives by, call 911. Man with briefcase…911, my wife is acting all weird again..well that's suspicious too, why not. Everyone does that for a couple days and they'll have to come up with some better instructions than "see something say something."

It makes you think that the Oslo terrorism seems to support the idea that we all should snitch and tell if we see something weird or a person from our own country can do such a thing. I have no idea if that terrourism act is part of the scaring people plan or if it was really just a crazy guy…

This is funny, the terrorists are telling us who the terrorists are. Who has caused the most harm and damage to our liberty and freedom? Not al-Qaeda, not the Taliban. The united states government is the most deadly, destructive, dangerous, harmful, oppressive, criminally insane cartel that has ever polluted this planet. THEY are the terrorists. The ones that swore an oath, the ones we put our trust in to protect and defend our constitutional rights, are the exact ones that are destroying America, our freedom, our liberty, our country.

My motto is "See something, mind your own d*mn business!* If it isn't hurt you or someone else directly, who gives a flying f*******?!

being a child of the GDR this is all to familiar……

Wow- sounds like 1984.

Scary >:/

Wow, I didn't realize how much danger was around me before. I just want to warn every one right now, if you are wearing black sunglasses or all black clothing, expect me to report you. I just want to keep the USA a safe country.

OK, first thing to remember is that YOU are the snitch. Got that? Good. It's YOUR job to watch for white males bearing backpacks who sneak around Federal buildings, malls and other places with "bombs." It's not your job to profile anyone….unless they are white males. (As the video instructs you to do, law enforcement will "take it from there.") Remember. Be vigilant. Report any and all suspicious activity of these white males to those in charge. Not sure about white male children but, hey, if they are carrying a backpack and acting suspicious, report them too. This should keep law enforcement quite busy since white male children tend to carry backpacks and act suspicious 24/7. Second thing to remember is that this video is setting us up for another "terror attack" with "white males with backpacks" as the instigators. Gee, isn't it odd that this has come out just… Read more »

All these groups want people to live in fear – not only is a fearful population easier to control and manipulate but from a spiritual point of view, fear lowers your overall frequency, or "vibe".

If Icke is right about reptilians, this is exactly what they want, so that humans are more animal-like vs. more truly man-like since we have both natures within us.

It's crazy because I hear a lot of people make comments comparing human being and life function to that of an animals and their kingdom we are not animals for a reason. We are a higher form of creation then animal like when men make comments like no animal are monogamous so we should we be and I am are you seriously comparing yourself to animal like we have the same functions and brain wave pattern activities really? I guess real corruption can only take place in a primal state because being human being we have freedom of choice and the ability to have and maintain critical thinking skills.

Though said in regard to the current debt ceiling 'crisis' – no truer words were ever spoken by a representative:

"But this is the way so often government works — they try to frighten the people."

Ron Paul – 2012 presidential candidate.

Aren't these DHS employees white middleclass Americans?

It is amazing what is considered acceptable since September 2001. Does anyone else see the endless ramifications of this day – 12 years later?

I honestly doubt that any "terrorist" would be dumb enough to wear black pants,shirt,sunglasses etc and stick out like a sore thumb. -.-

I was thinking the same thing why would people who go out who choose to do a crime look so suspicious out in there everyday public. This is what they deem or want us to deem as the everyday criminals but real criminals look just like them in suit in with huge connections and access with other high and successful people while using the poor and vulnerable to actually be the face of the crime.

I think these individuals should "OBSERVE" from a little better perspective.

It's funny to see so many people cry out in "Christian outrage", yet they don't even seem to have read the Bible. It is impossible for a "Christian nation" to exist – Jesus, during his time on Earth, rejected many opportunities to become a political earthly ruler. He said many times that his kingdom is not of the world, and that his kingdom cannot exist of the world. Churches who propagate guilt for not having voted for the "Christian president" are groveling in the sin of blasphemy, and are no different from the likes of Westboro Baptist Church and other "Christian" teaching groups who use Christ's name to advance their own agendas. Some people on this site seem to understand this and plan on praying for the people, but I still see comments like "Our nation's losing its Christian foundation" etc. There never was and never will be a "Christian… Read more »

amen =)

I went on the FEMA site and there is a Kids Section. The language throughout the site has this eery sense of urgency about it – like there is something big about to happen very soon. It was rather disturbing.

The definition of Terrorism on Fema Kids correlated with the Police State Agenda and what they are promoting in the video: The use of threat or violence to scare governments into changing their policies.

We all know about the subtleties these people use to ingrain an idea into ones head so that definition (aimed at kids) is a no brainer. Anyone who questions our policies is a Terrorist so you be a good kid and tell me where they are.

God help us all


We are in a lot of trouble! Aren't we?

Can We Say police state? Read Alex jones listen to savage nation and understand this evil beast called the U.S. Government it is you who will pay not the guy behind the tree.

This is REAL, I am experiencing this right now, this is NO JOKE! This has already begun, this is NO JOKE!

They sure are pushing the importance (and friendliness) of these fusion centers. A red flag went up as soon as the narrator started talking about how these "suspicious activity reporters" should essentially be helping those who work within these fusion cells. Except anyone who knows anything at this point knows that a lot of FEMA Camp speculation revolves around fusion centers. They familiarize the masses with these offices in a friendly light, and then these people will become suspicious of anyone who dislikes fusion cells or those who work within, and then call and alert the authorities. That way, they've essentially created an automated catch-the-anti-NWO-terrorists machine within society. That's how they'll wrap us all up and throw us behind barbed wire.

Now that we are armed with this knowledge about police states, what are we supposed to do about it? I love VC and knowledge is power, but if we do nothing about it we are still doomed. I feel there is nothing we can do except pray. Until Jesus returns, the devil will rule this world by using the elite and the average (uninformed) Joe.

Funny, today I was involved in an in-depth conversation about the increased surveillance and security in large Canadian cities. Yesterday I met a British couple on vacation in Nova Scotia who said that the security and military presence in England is becoming almost absurd. This obsession with "heavy security" (which is most certainly put in place to increase citizens' fear in their governments) is wide-spread, across the world. Of course it is most prominent in the world's superpower, the United States. I remember a quote in one of Michael Moore's documentaries which went something like "The people are not supposed to fear the government. The government is supposed to fear the people." (I'm definitely paraphrasing) Unfortunately what we are seeing is the complete opposite. And now, they are telling us to fear each other. We are told to fear the government's wrath if we rise up, and to fear those… Read more »

lets get some thing on the norway incident:)

I too was thinking of this Norway incident and how it turns out it wasn't some darky bearded Muslim turban wearing member of Al Quaeda who did this but a tall blonde, classic Aryan who openly admits his agenda and why he did it and then even provides a 1500 page instruction manual!

Turns out he's a Freemason – which only goes to show you what REALLY goes on inside the heads of these guys….

He admitted it himself.

page 1359

"Being a Free Mason myself I know that this is not only a false claim but actually quite

ridiculous. The Freemasons is not in any way political (I wish the organisation was,

believe me) and it is true that they have a positive view on Jews. However, this is from a

Christian religious context, where solidarity to Jews and Israel is important. The

Freemasons is a Christian only organisation and no Muslim or Jew could become a

member even if they wanted to. There are no political bodies within the organisation

nationally or internationally."

page 1421

"After 5 years in the Freemasons I was finally accepted for rank 4-5 (it’s a combined rank).

However, due to lack of time I decided to decline the offer. I told them I would be

unavailable until Autumn 2011, due to extensive traveling."

i saw that too, good find. still do not understand why their isn't more on this weirdo.

its like the timothy mcviegh situation, being repeated, as of all smoke and mirror tactics.

How come its all acting and set up scenes in this ? Surely if it's a really serious matter they could of used real footage of 'Suspects' and people snitching on them ? Lol.

Ok, the radioactive material supply scene was absolutely STUPID. If it is THAT EASY to sneak into facility like that, we are all doomed. LMFAO!

How freaking PATHETIC, CORNY AND STUPID!!!! …Notice too how it's nearly always the WOMEN they have butting in their noses into other peoples business. That's because they KNOW that women just LOVE to do that and to give them an excuse for those nosey busy bodies to just get in other peoples business and to further "VALIDATE" their fears and thus justify that a woman's FEELINGS are correct is something that women will LOVE to have!! Meanwhile Alex Jones called the DHS and other agencies LIVE ON AIR to report suspicious activity and ALL that happened was her got JERKED AROUND and sent to over 8 different departments NONE of whom would take the report of so called "Terrorism" seriously at ALL!! When he called DHS, they said you have to call your local police, even though it's a Federal number. Local said the FBI handles that, FBI said it… Read more »

You do realize that there are some female vigilant citizens? XD

The only vigilant citizen I need is this one right here thank you.

Snitches get stitches and end up in ditches…

The reason there are no Muslim looking men is they had to be politically correct and sensitive to the real people committing the majority of terrorist attacks in the world. However the similarities to previous dictator policies, 1984, etc. all point to an Orwellian state.

How did it come to this? America was built on the premise of the exact opposite. I'm all about security, but not to the extent that we give up personal liberties. Somehow I don't think the government cares for our well being, they will tell us they're doing it for security's sake but in reality it is to move along their Dystopian agenda.

Here is how it came to this in VERY Brief!! Due to various sleights of hand perpetrated by crafty lawyers beginning in 1852, a change from the common law over to maritime law took place. This change allowed the courts to now take control of all commerce on land as it does on the seas. Because we are under maritime law, humans themselves are now considered "a vessel on the seas". This gave the government the right to ticket, tax and even deny people the right to a trial by jury and due process, effectively bypassing our guaranteed constitutional rights. This maritime law now applies to money because of something called a "maritime hypothecation". This "lien" is both secret and invisible. It normally applies to ships at sea, but since all humans born in the U.S. are now also considered a "vessel on the sea" we also fall under this… Read more »

Thanks great info so the only freedom is to become the citizen of other countries who you deem is not pimping out there citizen for personal gain which I am sure would still be hard to find but possible.

How can you possibly show so little trust to your voters and taxpayers? This "damn if you do, damned if you don't" attitude is just demeaning and disrespectful. The only thing this video "encourages" me to do (I could'nt force myself to watch it entirely by the way) is to probably commit some crimes. So what do you do to resist them? Smoke weed everyday and give KKK brochures to passengers on the street. It's kind of sad that the new technologies only make our life more miserable. All these smart, serious people in power might actually think they're doing the right thing. Well, I'm tired of that. Would be nicer if science made us happier and more adventurous every day.

It wouldn't be the worst idea. With every law enforcement agency now up to their necks in millions of false negatives from paranoid scared lemmings all dobbing each other in you'll be sure to get away with it.

Some of those cases could have had perfectly reasonable explanations behind them. Maybe the train guy was a foreigner and wanted to know which trains/routes to take in order to get around. Funny video though.


LOL, this is so seethrough that it's almost funny. They follow their plans precisely.

For me this stuff, look like France during second world war, tattling even if your are innocent, my country is always with the scar of this period, i know one day or another history repeat her mistake, but for once time i hope all of us made the right choice.