New Ad Campaign Wants You to Really Focus on Masonic Symbolism


Strange how musics videos that are used in a “groundbreaking” way, are blatantly Masonic (see the article entitled LCD Soundsystem’s Pow Pow: The First MTV-Funded Video is Masonic). This next video is heralded as an “industry first” as it allows viewers to click objects in order to win wonderful Cheers Detergent-related crap.

To sum up the video, it is basically a bunch of young people having fun and apparently having no idea that they’re dancing on a Masonic ceremonial floor, complete with Masonic pillars and pyramids.

Compare the video’s set to this classic depiction of Masonic symbols.

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115 Comments on "New Ad Campaign Wants You to Really Focus on Masonic Symbolism"

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I like it.

you know, you read one or two of VC's articles, and you think "this guy's got a screw loose"……but then, does every fashion spread have to include cherries, butterflies, feline print.

The symbolism is really way too apparent and maybe that's why people don't believe or notice these things

The checkered floor thing is really getting out of control!

I laughed when I saw the people happily dancing. How can society be so stupid? They are making this far too easy for the Illuminati. -__-

Is Beyonces pregnancy announcement an Occult ritual? She looked like a Mystery religion Goddess announcing the birth of Nimrod incarnate in 2011. She really looked evil and gave off the feeling of evoking a spell for followers and awe inspired onlookers

This is completly obvious symbolism, this is scary and freaked me out.

"I still don’t understand what exactly (the elite) is trying to accomplish by using these symbols?" A very good question indeed. Most readers here will recognize those so called Masonic symbols in the media. I don't have a TV anymore, only know the most popular music videos that come out because of the internet and media attention. And what I see in those videos is the same thing over and over again. Whatever. I think that a lot of artists and designers our there just use symbolism because they know that it helps in making them more popular. Let's take the MTV Music Awards for example. Without all the symbolism, the show wouldn't be that "spectacular". The designers responsible for the event or "ceremony", make sure that it's full of it. Of course they are aware that a lot of people out there will write about it. And in doing… Read more »

What about this ad??? This is an ad for Axe Excite, which claims to make "the angels fall from the skies". There's this guy that puts on some axe excite deodorant. Suddenly, angels actually begin to fall from the sky. They walk through the city looking for the guy, following the excite scent. Finally they find him and all of "the angels" begin to throw down their halos and apparently they have an orgy with this "lucky guy" who gets to get laid with angels, thanks to Axe Excite!!!

bush's mission accomplished banner meant his masonic "great work" was accomplished: some aspect of the implementation of nwo governance.

have a theory about the advert for the Renault Clio with Rhianna Thierry Henry Dita Von Teese and Marlon Brando. the model in the ad has a striking resemblance to a woman they called the Black Delilah this was an unsolved murder case in LA 1946 this woman was found dismembered (cut in half) with other weird symbolic mutilations she travelled to Hollywood and the story said she wanted to be somebody and that's what Marlon Brando says in the ad !!!!! then i wondered what Rhianna's role in the ad was i read the article about her song umbrella were she was a good girl gone bad and that is what was said about the Black Delilah !!!! you can read the story about the Black Delilah on-line I could be wrong has anyone picked up on this ??????

Ok, thats blatant note the pyramid on the back right displaying a tear (often displayed with the eye of Horus)


Not to mention tonight's vma awards. So. Many. Triangles and black and white imagery

The one thing that stood out @ the VMA was Beyonce in that orange dress showing her pregnancy. It was like the Greek Goddess or Ishtar celebrating the birth of the dying god. She looks so bewitching and evil as well as seductive to her followers and onlookers. That whole pregnancy ceremony she did was real OCCULTIC! I hope The Vigilant Citizen follows up on this with the esoteric symbolism. She clearly is not spiritually right..none of them are Kanye, Jay-Z etc. There was something very sisnister about her appearance and announcement.

This is so in our faces now..or maybe we just now realize it? "people will start to come to realization in the end of days" this masonic symbolism is everywhere. i posted a picture on my facebook page the other day of a all seeing eye posted on a gas station pump down the street from my home. it was freaky cause of course i know what it mean but for it to be so blatantly out there gave me a sense of…we see everything..but i guess more so.."we're everywhere"….freaky
God Bless!

Gurdjieff explains that knowledge is material and is not hidden at all. When people ask 'why is such-and-such a secret?' or 'why are they revealing this stuff?' the answer is that nothing is a secret, but that people do not want knowledge. Knowledge is material, and there is a finite amount that must be divided up amongst us. That sounds unfair until you realise that the vast majority of people are not interested in the truth and they shun it. That means that the few will have a lot of knowledge while the majority have none. That is exactly how it should be in a fair universe. This is the reason that most people turn away when you start to speak truth to them.

who is the head at 2:14 in the video wearing the glasses on his face??

Did no one notice the Red and Blue pools(pills)

This music sucks lol. Had to put it on mute just to watch! Then it still looked stupid lol!!

i still don't understand what exactly the elite is trying to accomplish by using these symbols

Hey VC how about doing an article on what NATO is really doing in Lybia, check this vid i came across!

Peace & Love!…!

LOL the vid's kind of funny the song's kind of catchy though 😀

That makes me think of this disturbing piece of artwork:

I found it on Tumblr and of course it got reblogged so many times from people who have no idea what it symbolizes; they just think it's cool art. Sigh.

People of Vigilent citizen , Toxicology reports just came in about Amy Winehouse death and they say "The family of singer Amy Winehouse has released a statement today regarding toxicology tests taken after the singer's death reports ABC. Toxicology results returned to the Winehouse family by authorities have confirmed that there were no illegal substances in Amy's system at the time of her death. Results indicate that alcohol was present but it cannot be determined as yet if it played a role in her death. The family would like to thank the police and coroner for their continuing thorough investigations and for keeping them informed throughout the process. They await the outcome of the inquest in October. Winehouse was found dead on July 23. Despite rumors the singer had been abusing drugs in the days leading up to her death, no drugs or drug paraphernalia were found in her London… Read more »

Um in what way was that video ground breaking, just a load of masonic crap to me, I'am seriously getting immune to this rubbish now.

I usually question when anyone says there is symbolism in music videos, but this is so damn obvious! How can anyone miss this? It's just as blatant as Jay-Z literally saying "I'm in Mason" in his song "Run This Town." Just damn!

actually jay-z says "im in maison martin margiela", which is high end fashion designer.

Just click on the video, and see the comments… They're all saying it's Illuminati and Masonic symbolisms. People are deff' aware, and the ones that aren't will be!