New Ad Campaign Wants You to Really Focus on Masonic Symbolism


Strange how musics videos that are used in a “groundbreaking” way, are blatantly Masonic (see the article entitled LCD Soundsystem’s Pow Pow: The First MTV-Funded Video is Masonic). This next video is heralded as an “industry first” as it allows viewers to click objects in order to win wonderful Cheers Detergent-related crap.

To sum up the video, it is basically a bunch of young people having fun and apparently having no idea that they’re dancing on a Masonic ceremonial floor, complete with Masonic pillars and pyramids.

Compare the video’s set to this classic depiction of Masonic symbols.

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115 Comments on "New Ad Campaign Wants You to Really Focus on Masonic Symbolism"

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I like it.

you know, you read one or two of VC's articles, and you think "this guy's got a screw loose"……but then, does every fashion spread have to include cherries, butterflies, feline print.

The symbolism is really way too apparent and maybe that's why people don't believe or notice these things

The checkered floor thing is really getting out of control!

I laughed when I saw the people happily dancing. How can society be so stupid? They are making this far too easy for the Illuminati. -__-

Is Beyonces pregnancy announcement an Occult ritual? She looked like a Mystery religion Goddess announcing the birth of Nimrod incarnate in 2011. She really looked evil and gave off the feeling of evoking a spell for followers and awe inspired onlookers

This is completly obvious symbolism, this is scary and freaked me out.

"I still don’t understand what exactly (the elite) is trying to accomplish by using these symbols?" A very good question indeed. Most readers here will recognize those so called Masonic symbols in the media. I don't have a TV anymore, only know the most popular music videos that come out because of the internet and media attention. And what I see in those videos is the same thing over and over again. Whatever. I think that a lot of artists and designers our there just use symbolism because they know that it helps in making them more popular. Let's take the MTV Music Awards for example. Without all the symbolism, the show wouldn't be that "spectacular". The designers responsible for the event or "ceremony", make sure that it's full of it. Of course they are aware that a lot of people out there will write about it. And in doing… Read more »

What about this ad??? This is an ad for Axe Excite, which claims to make "the angels fall from the skies". There's this guy that puts on some axe excite deodorant. Suddenly, angels actually begin to fall from the sky. They walk through the city looking for the guy, following the excite scent. Finally they find him and all of "the angels" begin to throw down their halos and apparently they have an orgy with this "lucky guy" who gets to get laid with angels, thanks to Axe Excite!!!

bush's mission accomplished banner meant his masonic "great work" was accomplished: some aspect of the implementation of nwo governance.

have a theory about the advert for the Renault Clio with Rhianna Thierry Henry Dita Von Teese and Marlon Brando. the model in the ad has a striking resemblance to a woman they called the Black Delilah this was an unsolved murder case in LA 1946 this woman was found dismembered (cut in half) with other weird symbolic mutilations she travelled to Hollywood and the story said she wanted to be somebody and that's what Marlon Brando says in the ad !!!!! then i wondered what Rhianna's role in the ad was i read the article about her song umbrella were she was a good girl gone bad and that is what was said about the Black Delilah !!!! you can read the story about the Black Delilah on-line I could be wrong has anyone picked up on this ??????

Ok, thats blatant note the pyramid on the back right displaying a tear (often displayed with the eye of Horus)


Not to mention tonight's vma awards. So. Many. Triangles and black and white imagery

The one thing that stood out @ the VMA was Beyonce in that orange dress showing her pregnancy. It was like the Greek Goddess or Ishtar celebrating the birth of the dying god. She looks so bewitching and evil as well as seductive to her followers and onlookers. That whole pregnancy ceremony she did was real OCCULTIC! I hope The Vigilant Citizen follows up on this with the esoteric symbolism. She clearly is not spiritually right..none of them are Kanye, Jay-Z etc. There was something very sisnister about her appearance and announcement.

This is so in our faces now..or maybe we just now realize it? "people will start to come to realization in the end of days" this masonic symbolism is everywhere. i posted a picture on my facebook page the other day of a all seeing eye posted on a gas station pump down the street from my home. it was freaky cause of course i know what it mean but for it to be so blatantly out there gave me a sense of…we see everything..but i guess more so.."we're everywhere"….freaky
God Bless!

Gurdjieff explains that knowledge is material and is not hidden at all. When people ask 'why is such-and-such a secret?' or 'why are they revealing this stuff?' the answer is that nothing is a secret, but that people do not want knowledge. Knowledge is material, and there is a finite amount that must be divided up amongst us. That sounds unfair until you realise that the vast majority of people are not interested in the truth and they shun it. That means that the few will have a lot of knowledge while the majority have none. That is exactly how it should be in a fair universe. This is the reason that most people turn away when you start to speak truth to them.

who is the head at 2:14 in the video wearing the glasses on his face??

Did no one notice the Red and Blue pools(pills)

This music sucks lol. Had to put it on mute just to watch! Then it still looked stupid lol!!

i still don't understand what exactly the elite is trying to accomplish by using these symbols

Hey VC how about doing an article on what NATO is really doing in Lybia, check this vid i came across!

Peace & Love!…!

LOL the vid's kind of funny the song's kind of catchy though 😀

That makes me think of this disturbing piece of artwork:

I found it on Tumblr and of course it got reblogged so many times from people who have no idea what it symbolizes; they just think it's cool art. Sigh.

People of Vigilent citizen , Toxicology reports just came in about Amy Winehouse death and they say "The family of singer Amy Winehouse has released a statement today regarding toxicology tests taken after the singer's death reports ABC. Toxicology results returned to the Winehouse family by authorities have confirmed that there were no illegal substances in Amy's system at the time of her death. Results indicate that alcohol was present but it cannot be determined as yet if it played a role in her death. The family would like to thank the police and coroner for their continuing thorough investigations and for keeping them informed throughout the process. They await the outcome of the inquest in October. Winehouse was found dead on July 23. Despite rumors the singer had been abusing drugs in the days leading up to her death, no drugs or drug paraphernalia were found in her London… Read more »

Um in what way was that video ground breaking, just a load of masonic crap to me, I'am seriously getting immune to this rubbish now.

I usually question when anyone says there is symbolism in music videos, but this is so damn obvious! How can anyone miss this? It's just as blatant as Jay-Z literally saying "I'm in Mason" in his song "Run This Town." Just damn!

actually jay-z says "im in maison martin margiela", which is high end fashion designer.

Just click on the video, and see the comments… They're all saying it's Illuminati and Masonic symbolisms. People are deff' aware, and the ones that aren't will be!

Great tune though! 🙂

I personally feel like they're trying to insult my intelligence. The rain drops and pyramid shaped things are clearly noticeable. This just shows that they really don't give a f**k. It's like they're saying yea, we exist, and what are you gonna do about it? S**t.

This is actually quite hilarious, Music videos are filled with occult signs, and in my opinion, its sickening. Its even more disturbing when the Artist or band don't even know what they're doing I recently analysed an interview of Jessie J, she was saying how her "director" of her Price Tage video was telling her to do all sorts of things. And she even stated that her "director" advised her to do the 666 sign, although in Jessie J's interpretation, it meant OK. Really?… This link shows pictures of Leona's new video for her new single "Collide" nothing weird here, no occult signs, weird outfits, although we'd have to see the entire video to make a formal judgement. This world has changed, for the worse The only light I see are the Arabs, who are actually standing up for themselves, The Arab Revolution is completely different to the Russian… Read more »

Just read the lyrics for End Of Time – they dont shock me, infact they are totally boring. I see all this 'symbolism' everywhere, yet what it dont get is how it can really affect us. How does a checkerboard dancefloor with 4 pillars around it and a sun above 'condition' people? Yep it is apparently a blatant statement by Illuminati / Freemasons etc, but just how does that influence us? Just askin.

and I have been looking at my kitchen floor accusingly lately – guess what, its black and white!

First of all…ROFLMFAO!!! Secondly, was I the only one who thought this song was so dumb that just by listening to it you felt dumber? Hence the dumbing down of society?

They just want the world to "dance"!

got it all.

Think of a chessboard with real human pieces, being controlled by these unseen forces… it will ultimately end in a checkmate (Persian word for 'king is dead').

I have seen the same chequered floor in a few catholic churches, they have it in westmister abbey aswell, Its the devils way of telling us he`s in control, think of the peices in a game of chess, bishops(soul assasins & dr dre video,looks like a bishop playing chess with the devil) King`s, queens, rooks(cops get called rookies, they have chequered pattern on their hats)Knights (masons are called knights) pawns(everyone who does not realise, when they are driven by greed/hate/vengence/selfishness etc they are literaly pawns of the devil, thats him wispering in you ear)I`m told all of them get up to diabolical practises in castles at certain times of the year,king & queens let them in the castles, and no doubt join in the debauchery, in the uk ambulances also have the chequered pattern on the side in green & yellow. So trust in God everyone because the powers that… Read more »

A lot of people fail to realise that a secret societies purpose is to control it's members. So what better diversionarey tactic is there for hiding the actual hand of power than spewing masonic symbols everywhere?.

Bankers, industrialists, corporate owners and in general parasites, make up the aristocratic oligharcy, there s**t smells just like anyone elses, fail to realise that and you will be paralised by fear.

that is waaayyy too blunt… anyway, i also stumbled upon this vid of lady gaga and nicki minaj..

i can't even finish watching it. makes me sick to the stomach.

Hi! Thanks for the link.

Well, well, well…'LMFAO'…at who? At us viewers?

I just watched this 'travesty-trying-to-pass-for-art' (with the sound off)…and I am very happy to report an extraordinarily-heartening number of Negative Remarks following it (unusual for videos of this type); not only the usual 'illuminati' accusations, but also from people saying that the piece was just crappy, overall. Thank God, not all viewers are willing to thoughtlessly accept/embrace a video like this one, which, for the record, resembled an extreme psychological meltdown, and contained nothing that could be considered either entertaining or artistic.

I thought that the purpose of the arts was to be uplifting, and to inspire us to be better people…

Oh, and while we're on the subject of Lady Gaga, I don't know if you ladies and gents have seen this on the news:

(AP) – Christmas is getting a makeover—Lady Gaga style: The singer and her team are going to reinterpret Santa's workshop and put it on display at Barneys.

She'll get an entire floor and take over the coveted windows starting in mid-November at the retailer's flagship Madison Avenue store, Mark Lee, Barneys CEO, announced Monday. There will also be a collection of Gaga's Workshop gift items that will raise money for a charity of her choice.

It's tragic enough that Barney's thinks Lady G. is a fitting spokesman to promote Christmas, but if these gifts she's designing in her 'Santa's Workshop' are children's toys, I tremble to think what they will look like, especially the dolls…

Read more:

Isn't the red water at 51 seconds related to the End Days? The moon will be red and the water will be red? I also seen a video on youtube recently where a lake in the USA had dried up with the drought but the little water that was left was blood red and no one could explain it.

good catch tho, i didn't notice that.

drought = no rain = little to no oxygen in lake = very large increase in bacteria in water = the water changing to red color.

Oh my gosh, now it's getting so blatant it's ridiculous….

Oh… mai… gosh…, you're the first person to say that.

I think the trick is to make these symbols appear like fashion. What about the people dressed in "fashion" colors? Those colors and rainbow bracelets are no more associated with gay ways but with cool people, let alone the checkboard floor. And the weird pink pyramid with colors inside? Young folks think it's cool, as cool and "normal" as the blue drums. I also think the Masonic floor is portrayed as cool by associating it with an oasis: refreshing, cool, palms, etc. So people, unaware beings just get the message of cool friendly people wearing fashion clothes while their unconscious being gets the pyramids, checkboard massonic floors for rituals are as cool and acceptable as colored clothes and musical instruments. That's why people get more credit cards and one day, if not now a chip in their palm, because everything now it's about being "cool".

Listened to the music…

Four-bar hyperactive stuff made for dancing on the dance floor. No real musical chorus (just the repeating of certain lines), and even the interlude sticks to the four-bar structure.

At least there's a third verse – something you don't hear on the radio, or even on many songs, anymore.

The lyrics are mixed up, talking about wanting to be free (to be with the one whose hormones inflame your hormones). Very mixed up, very teen-aged type of lyrics.


This song is a blatant and awful copy of Phoenix's music.

The trick in the video is not the masonic symbols, but the "freedom" who is promoting through the colors inside the black and white checkboard.

This freedom smells the elite command.

Yep pretty masony…..What i found interesting about Lcd Soundsystem is that a couple months after that pow pow video; James Murphy the founder/leadsinger/producer of Lcd Soundsystem decided to call it quits and end the band. I wonder if he just decided to get the f**k out of the evil music business before his music was tarnished by MTV and the illuminate

whats the significance of raping our media with masonic symbols? like why freemason symbols? why are they so important?

yeah same here. i try to do research on free masonry, but they are so obsessed with secrecy that i cant really get any answers. all i know is that its evil, because my gut tells me so. for now, thats all i'm gonna rely on but intuition doesnt have much substance in debate

Symbolism and the play on our subconcious has been going on for awhile, I'm in my late 30's and up to 2-3 years ago I would doodle triangles, pyramids, eyes, 3-D rectangular boxes and for some reason smurfs. But the 2 most prevalent were the triangles/pyramids and eyes, never a set/pair of eyes just a single eye by itself. I'm a huge doodler, shopping lists, letters, notes left for family just about anything I'm writing on would have one or more of these pictures on it, sometimes the whole side of the page would be covered. I am so thankful for VC's site and a couple other sites that are making people aware of these things. Now knowing what I know when I come across a paper in a tablet with the old drawings on them I get creeped out.

Weird… Whenever I was in class, I always found myself drawing pyramids with one eye, and I had been doing this way before I found about Freemasonry, Illuminati, NWO, etc. Glad to know I'm not the only one.

WOW…there deffinatley not hidding it anymore, this really pisses me off!

"To win cheers related crap" classic love vc

Can't they be a little more obvious..???

On their fb page it says its sponsored by Procter & Gamble, infamous illuminati company.
They were sued by Amway few years back about their logo containing occult symbolism

wow, interesting!

and what about this one, i can't find more info about it….

from here

Silly illuminati elite, symbolism tricks are for kids.

The new season of Jersey Shore – the house in Italy has a huge black and white checkered floor. Also when the Situation was talking they added in clocks and owl graphics behind him on the first episode. It had millions of viewers and they knew it would, so of course they had to add that symbolism. Snookie is always always dressed in leopard or some animal print as well.

I think they are past caring about being so obvious because what they are promoting will soon be upon us in the form of the one world government.

argh just sick, makes me wanna throw up!