MTV’s Baphomet & All-Seeing Eye Ad (video)


This spot called “MTV Sight” will be shown on MTV’s 63 channels worldwide. Do I really need to spell out of the symbols in there? (For more information on Baphomet, read the article entitled Who is Baphomet?)




  1. There is another commercial out on MTV, they are "Think Martial Law" commercials. They show soldiers taking over a subway station/busting down people's doors and taking people away at gunpoint. At the end of the commercials it simply says "THE HOLOCAUST HAPPENED TO PEOPLE LIKE US". Are you kidding me? I posted this on my fb as well, thinking it would get some kind of response. Nope, I just don't get it, In my mind this is an incredibly pressing issue. i just wish people could see it πŸ™

  2. I am thinking that this advert is pretty much saying, hey we own you and through our shows we will convert you. The rabbits, the hole. It's known that certain frequencies have the ability to hypnotize, brainwash, program; it is also known that such things are being implemented against the people. The ad says… We are the illuminati and we are programing you to accept baphomet. Im still trying to figure out the colors…. Orange and blue… The complimentary colors in this case have no sense of harmony.
    There is no sense of inner order here, in fact its all really chaotic. Perhaps just a lil reminder that the illuminati will bring order from chaos?

    • Chakras are essentially spiritual energy conduits placed through out our body. Orange is the color of the sacral chakra, associated with sexuality and blue is the color of the throat chakra associated with the ability to express oneself (obviously a reference to speech). Sexuality and voice surrou images of baphomet and his worshippers? Sounds like MTV to me.

  3. Wow, itz so priti obvious nw dat d music industry ain't wat it used 2 b any more n we gotta b rly careful n choosy on wat we listen 2 @ dis present era. Itz not a coincidence dat all diz recent music sound kinda similar n display similar signs dat obviously mean smfin.

  4. I am currently reading through the comments on the Vimeo page of the video and i am shocked by the responses that this… trash has gotten. All the people are talking about is how "Its so good" and "physcodelic" I honestly do NOT see how this is not Blatent to them. "We love your dreams!" Ha! More like "You need to see someone cuz those dreams are so NOT healthy!"

  5. I see alot of people stating that we should not only make ourselves knowledgable on these matters, but that we should also make better strides in uniting ourselves in taking action so that we can level the playing field. I've always thought that the elite of the world hold too much power over us because they have such an extensive network of societies and organizations to discuss events behind our backs. This is why I've created a Charter for a society geared toward the common person. The society is called The Society of The Self-Governed Citizen. I think sites like this and others do great in spreading the message and I commemorate The Vigilant Citizen on his dedication, but until we can have a formidable congregation that spreads the land we will fall prey to them. This Society is founded on logic and Naturalistic Morality alone, and all people's voice will have the same weight, founder and member alike. The charter goes into greater details the ideals of the group, but they are identical to the ideals of people like you. I can post the charter on here if you guys would like, and Vigilant Citizen I would love any help you can lend to helping form this Society. Why can the elite have some many and we can't even have one, I say it's time for that to change, or else will never have the unity in bringing them down

  6. I was watching Adult Swim tonight and seeing more and more Masonic symbolism. In one commercial, there was a number of black and white patterns, a single eye, and an owl with black and white hypnotic swirls in the eyes. The one that just came on was a weird looking man riding on a rocket and flying straight into a Black Hole. Even the new episodes of Aqua Teen Patrol Unit has Pyramid like cell phones mating with each other and multiplying, and turning everyone on the cartoon into a pyramid…this imagery is infiltrating everywhere.

  7. Its very simple,the bapnhomets and the occult Elite's main purpose and goal is to brainwash the new generation with sublimminal mind control programming, They just want to pollute and contaminate our minds, but we need to perceieve with insight and acknowledge what their occult message represents and which clearly states they only want to control our minds, as you can see in the video the puppets rituals are clearly invoking the spirit of lucifer, and he manifests in the visible realm to control the puppets minds (humanity) and controling them with hallucinations they are in magical lala land , it looks comical, but in reality its very dark,occult,and wicked.THIS IS WHAT THE PRODUCERS AND ARTISTS ARE TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH IS TO CONTROL HUMANITYS MINDS WITH THEIR OCCULT DARK MESSAGES.SO TO ALL THE VIEWERS ,DISCERN AND UNDERSTAND THE DARK SPIRITUAL LEVEL OF THE MESSAGE, MTV IS AFCOURSE THE ELITES FAVORITE MEDINA MARKETING CHANNEL THEY ARE SO DIABOLICALY CONFUSED THEY NEED TO THROW MESSAGES THAT WILL EDIFY NOT DESTROY AND POLUTES OUR MINDS…..

  8. Dang, I'm scared to even watch this. I know about all the evil symbolism in things, but I don't want it to get in my subconscious and be burned in there forever. It's sad that you have to think twice before you can even look at something now.

  9. Oh please like this is a suprise.You know MTV is f****d up.They're encouarging young girls that if they get pregnant they can have they're own show.And did you see those other commercials like the christmas commercial and the one of JUST the eye and the pyramid.So ya……..MTV Illuminati…….No big news……….

  10. Can someone please tell me what this has to do with music and music videos. Smh. People know what they're doing. This is sick.

  11. I'm Glad an article like this finally reached Vigilant's website…Because i've seen just as creepy commercial being pumped out at wee ours of the morning by Adultswim as well if you search them on youtube you see how similar they are my little sister even asked the question "whats with t.v. and their interest in cyclopses all of a sudden?" It's a shame we all can't just wake up and connect dot,sinister elements at play here.

  12. Anyone else notice the phoenix appear from the fragments of the baphomet skull when it separates and breaks apart at 0.16?

  13. Damn those annunaki/dracos/draconians aka fallen angels. They're the reason why were in this mess to begin with and still in it.

  14. I did not even notice this article untill now, but I have seen this add a numerous time. Everytime I told my sister I did not trust it, because off the fire worshipping, skull ( Baphomet) rising from it, the eye on the forehead etc, mindcontrol spirals….too much. This article has confirmed what I already thought of it. I really love the VC articles, because now I see so many symbolism in songs, tv shows etc. Thanks for this one.

  15. Evil, esoteric, diabolic signs + cool, modern and flashy special effects = It WORKS!. It's done countless times before and the result is always the same from the masses: SO COOOL!

    The more people (especially the youth) I try to convince to open their eyes, the sadder I get. They literally don't care! I've simply resorted to show the big lies to my family members and close friends. Can we really stop this? I think we can't. But be we can not just wait and see.

  16. I've been watching this ad on Mexico's MTV for over a year I believe and been trying to record it to show it to the truth seekers. It's pretty sick.

  17. I already saw this a couple times on television.

    They also have a spot with like a red devil, with lucifers in his hand. So obvious!

    This is so sick!!

  18. The Astor Bloodline

    The Bundy Bloodline

    The Collins Bloodline

    The DuPont Bloodline

    The Freeman Bloodline

    The Kennedy Bloodline

    The Li Bloodline

    The Onassis Bloodline

    The Reynolds Bloodline

    The Rockefeller Bloodline

    The Rothschild Bloodline

    The Russell Bloodline

    The Van Duyn Bloodline



    so research what companies they own…and don't contribute to their wealth and dominance.

  19. what? like people can't make a simple stencil with all that information on it and spray it five times in each city they travel to for the rest of their lives? works like a website

    people can't pirate radio wave frequencies? again, works like a website

    people can't make flyers? what did people do before tv and the internet? we need to recirculate the methods and information as to how to mass communicate because it was in the semi-recent past, close enough to remember…lets give our kids some tools to fight the message of the PIC with our own…

    it is called being resourceful, don't censor yourself, f**k censorship THATS WHAT GOT US INTO THIS MESS a bunch of creeps decide to keep a secret

    Its amusing how they have everyone convinced we are dependent on the internet for our movement…are we really powerless "profane"? I have typed this many times and so what is one more time?

    We outnumber them.

    The financial machine that recirculates assets and property and money their way…what percentage is run by the family branches of these family trees? compared to the rest of the worlds poor working class…lets take some responsibility. We don't need their system, we don't need their chosen means of communication

    God bless the hackers out there and God bless political, artistic "vandalism" and God bless the non-violent protesters and God bless the scientists with a moral compass and God bless the collective good conscious of the poor and the many.

    The few and the powerful will be forced to admit we always held the power, they just capitalized on it…this will happen after we topple their perversion.

    I dunno about you people but if the internet goes down, I can still communicate a message or my views to a large number of people in and outside my community, I can acheive this with MOBILITY so they can keep their f*****g internet cell phone television network…they dont own waves of energy-that stuff is accessible to all…despite their patent on it!!!! : X

    so lets see what happens if they censor the internet. I believe they know what will happen and have not done it yet because…they fear us.

    • Creating our own internet is easy. We all have windows computers with the services to host a small site and share it, route it, and promote it through wireless SSID names. At this point, we don't NEED comcast, but they hold the speedy connections to the internet backbone.

      Still, really, noone fears this is going to happen. Comcast isn't worring that the average people will RTFM and just do it themselves.

      I'm not a troll, I'm a fan actually, but I'm just tired of people acting as if satan, God, or any supernatural deity exists enough to read fearfull posts on this website. Fear sharks and bears. Not the Illuminati.

  20. o my giddy aunt how obvious do they want to make it, the first few seconds of this video……jeez Louise they hav gone beyond the point of rubbin our noses in it!


  22. Wow…are you kidding me? So blatant…but I guess they know they can get away with it.

    I stopped watching MTV during college. Same with BET and VH1. This is before I even starting reading up on occult symbolism…the programming just makes me roll my eyes. I always thought these Viacom stations aired such dumb television just because it was easy and made money, but sites like VC really help put more context around it. These channels do a great job of deliberately dumbing people down…even when I'm on Twitter, I see how some of my, otherwise intelligent, friends speak as they tweet about the stuff that they see on TV…I just shake my head.

    I haven't watched TV regularly in over a year, and finally went on and canceled my cable 2 or 3 weeks ago. Haven't missed it one bit.

  23. I saw this in mtv latinoamerica the first thing that i think when i saw this was like omg they are so obvious but not all te people now about that. That is really sad.

  24. Barf!! I stopped watching MTV years ago, thank goodness. What are they thinking? I'll be dammed if I let my kids watch that bullsh*t! I will continue to give MTV the finger.

  25. Did you notice the music? It is sooo catchy. I just love it. Almost every song I really like has some type of evil behind it. Maybe satan is the God of music. I mean seriously if you listen to most of the lyrics of any song it basicly states bad is good in some way or another. And it had a tribal chorus. Maybe some type of acient chanting that "sucks" you in. Puts you in a trance. I know it seems far fetched but tribes do chants and what not to conjur spirits and worship spirits. So why not have a swirly hypnotic background with some type of satanic chant that hypnotises you.

  26. show this ad to your freinds, then ask them what it means. when they come up bubkiss, tell them the truth, start out slow like "why have a horned beast? why not a f*****g television? i mean wouldn't make sense, since its a TV SHOW. then lay it on em. show them this website, then testimonies like Svali, Kathy O'Brien and Brice Taylor. show them all the youtube videos! UNPLUGGING CAN BE DONE! WE UNPLUGGED! WE CAN DO IT

      • @ face I've read some website posts that suggest he is not on the side of the occult. What do you think FITC?

        His work scares the pants off me, so i think he resides in the Black Lodge, for sure.

        I bought the entire Twin Peaks series to watch while on maternity leave…ugh…bad choice. Shudda got the Gilmore girls i suppose!

      • David Lynch has spoken out for 9/11 truth …. so I'm not sure that he's down with the 'agenda'.

        9/11 Truth Now!!!

      • Oh I am sure he knows the clockwork and true intent behind the entertainment industry, right? The red curtains give that away but I doubt he is aligned with it. I have wondered if he was opposed to it but I don't know. I get a message from his stuff like "evil exists, you must face it, never give into it" so yes, not the best series to watch during pregnancy….due to the dilemma I believe he presents to his viewer

  27. as for the electronic music in the background

    my friend and I were chatting the other day about electronica/techno/dubstep music and the way people dance to it. when you're at a rave people look like they are primitive cavemen dancing, or some sort of african or native american tribe writhing around a fire. it's like we crave that spiritual connection with nature but my generation only knows how to find that connection synthetically, through digital, computer made music (and drugs. wow i miss drugs)

    so what you get is something…i don't want to say pseudo-spiritual, because all things effect the spirit…but they don't really know what they are opening themselves up to since they are PLUGGED IN and not concerned with the spirit.

    beep beep grunge bop boop

  28. What it looks like is they're getting the sheep used to their symbols,so when babylon tries and take over the sheep will willingly accept it for the simple fact they were stuck in the matrix and will defend it..young minds and lost souls who watch mtv will always tell you"It's just music"or"It's just art'or"it's just entertainment"…looks like the elite are also taunting the ones who have on the shades from"they live"flexing their power telling us to "Obey"

  29. Hey all ,

    Long time reader , 1st time poster!

    Just wanted to say a few things …. 1) this ad is sick. But nothing surprises me anymore that comes out of this 'system' of ours.

    2) When u are awake , its an amazing feeling to feel that 'bond' with other like-minded people,

    like Sarah , sirrah , etc To never have met people from here , but to KNOW that if our paths crossed it would probaly feel like we've been friends for years – well to me its defiantely one of the 'perks' of being awake. It's an amazing dynamic.

    3) to everyone on here who want to do something. Well – DO SOMETHING!!! Dont wait for orders from HQ. Just go out and do something.

    I recently started a website with my twin bro and best friend .

    We're posting articles , writing articles, and trying to get street action going here in NY. We are even doing a radio show….

    It's not formally being launched until 7/1/11 , as we're still uploading info, etc

    But the point is we're doing something …. anything. You should too.

    • Mister Doing Something……..

      Alrighty – I came across this awesome youtube tonight and thought especially about you and your website! I LOVE citizen journalism/activism etc. – there is nothing like it! Stuff like this gets me so excited and gives me so much hope for this generation, and our future. Every step towards hitting critical mass is a step in the right direction.

      Only a couple of minutes long, but made me so happy! I really hope you come back this way, and enjoy this as much as I did!!

      HealthEnlight at FEMA:
      Take action against your local FEMA. An actual prison for the american people in Denton was challenged by the HealthEnlight crew. We made a total of 8 signs exposing their little secrets of their true agenda and planted them on their front yard. Their lazy guards were not able to stop us as we made our presence known to them. This is a peaceful revolution. Awaken those who have no idea the game the elites play. Be the change you want to See.

      • Wow I live about 20 minutes from Denton, I always wondered where the HQ for fema was in Tx.

  30. The time is becoming potent for a real world wide revolution. It's time the 99% gains control for the first time in our known history. Whoever the dark force may be, we can leave victorious.

  31. Wow… this kind of stuff makes me really not feel too much sympathy for those in the entertainment industry cause they know what they are doing and they dont care if we go to hell or not, they're getting paid and they will do anything for that money. The Devil uses they as his puppets to do his will and get as many souls burning in hell with him before he goes.

  32. Underneath the video on Vimeo, the guys said they "dreamed" this concept having no idea what it means. On the comments under the video, most say it's "awesome" but only two said "Satanic Symbolism"

  33. Oops, I wasn´t finished: Where they want to have you: In a New World Order.

    Actually, I feel no sympathy for those MTV puppets, they surely are aware of what they´re doing or is their marketing chef a brain-washed zombie who ate too many cheerios?

    Sorry if I got a bit overbroad, you can delete my comment if you want to, VC, but this made me really mad.

  34. I think those channels have to stop sending those subliminal messages if they see how many people are turning off their TV. Look what happened with MTV ( aka masonic tv) in Germany. They had to privatise it for the dumb people because they lost many viewers, including me. Join this movement and turn your TV off now! Or else they already got you.

    Love, Germangirl

  35. MTV has scared me for a while now, especially its 'MTV HD'. The advertisements like this one are very creepy and unexplained, often having nothing to do with music. I'm sure on MTV HD just before a break I seen a clip with butterflies in it also (late at night I often flip through music channels because nothing else is on). Also the way they show 'news' every 10 minutes, which is just entertainment news about pop stars but reported on as if its the most important news ever. '16 and Pregnant', 'Jersey Shore' and 'My Super Sweet 16' are also awful and showing teenagers (I am 18 now, but remember hearing about these kinds of shows around 16) the worst kinds of examples. I thought '16 and Pregnant' may be to show teenagers how difficult it is to bring up a child at this age and to maybe make teens think before having unsafe sex – but I actually feel it glorifies it.

  36. You are not awaken until YOU do personally something against it !! Only knowing what goes on, does not change anything. So why do not you do something? It is getting worse. Only when we are many and stay together we can win !

    For example: Speak with your family and friends and show them the symbols in many different movies and music videos.

    Or make your own blog.

    Or write your own opinion on Facebook.

    Just do something.

    Together we are strong !

  37. These (and similar ones) have been running in Sweden for like a year. In the beginning the eye just flashed so it took me a couple of times before I really saw that it was an eye. The first time I saw it I almost thought I was going crazy from too much vigilant citizen and got really scared haha.

    I even think I mailed VC about it!

  38. On the microcosmic level Babylon, termed the ‘W***e’ who refuses no one, and the Gate of the Astral (dreaming) Gods, represents and symbolizes the potencies of the human reactionary psycho-sexual reproductive unconscious mind.

    On the macrocosmic level Babylon determines the one world religious belief system, which pits varying religious dominations against one another, such as the Christian, Islamic, and Judaic branches, of the one world religion, to achieve unity at the top tier of the patriarchal priestly pyramidal hierarchy, through religious conflict and religious division.

    The individual human reactionary mind (Babylon) is until properly initiated by its teacher-parent like an innocent new born child whose mind absorbs anything and everything in its immediate environment without discrimination.

    The teacher-parent begins the long subtle process of awakening and initiating the child’s reactionary mind into an accepted social and shared adult world view through repeating commands to the child’s reactionary mind as the teacher-parent points to an object…glass, door, and picture.

    The teacher-parent continues the process of repeating commands to the child’s reactionary mind, until the child’s reactionary mind properly initiated through repetitive commands by the teacher-parent, reacts and awakes to teacher-parent desire, and agrees with the teacher-parent’s accepted world view.

    The magic of creating the world we live in is achieved through the act of repetitive commands in conformity to the intent, design, and purpose of the teacher-parent.

    Babylon, the individual human reactionary mind on the microcosmic level, is like an incredible feeding machine which never sleeps, and is always actively absorbing whatever energies are present in its immediate environment 24/7.

    Therein lay the danger as with the aired MTV commercial presently being discussed on this web site.

    Such energies are malignant and automatically absorbed by Babylon, the human reactionary mind, to its own detriment.

    Such baleful energies germinate and gestate in the fertile reproductive womb of the human reactionary mind (Babylon), to later birth and manifest from the womb and matrix of the human reactionary mind, in the form of subtle mental illness, which adversely infect the individual’s body and soul.

    If we want to protect ourselves, and our reactionary mind (Babylon), from such negative broadcasted material and intent, we must continue the subtle process of initiation, through purposeful repetitive commands, our teacher-parent successfully conducted long ago, when we as children learned to magically make the world our teacher-parent lived in.

    To control the forces below the self-conscious level, the individual must repeat auto-suggestions to themselves until Babylon, the reactive reactionary mind, is successfully initiated, awake, and capable of protecting and policing itself.

    Just as with the teaching of children to share a teacher-parent’s world-view, love, patience, and determination, are the important tools to use in the conditioning and programming process of initiating and awakening Babylon, the human reactionary mind.

    The universe contains far more than what we’ve been taught to see and perceive.

    When Babylon awakes from her long sleep of dormancy you will know “for as once I was blind now I see” John chapter 9 verse 25.

    • Yomael – I adore you! You have no idea! I'm sure there are many Christians on this site who would poo poo me for saying so, but you my friend, have a soft spot in my heart! I told you long ago – we are so close, yet so far away. I still maintain that stance as I cannot ever truly comprehend the things that you have have gone through, or why you know what you know! I am a simpleton, and do not desire to understand some of the things that you present here – but I innately recognize some/much of it as just truth. The other stuff, like I say, I'll wait til the next life to find out. Not enough time in this one to get off track searching for answers I may not find. I hope you understand! Having said that, I always look forward to your posts!!! They are the bullet points for things I cannot stomach researching in depth. If we met, I would hug you unbelievably & for a long time – it could get akward!! Sometimes before I go to bed, God puts on my heart, pray for Yomael, and I do – this is no joke! You are with me in a crazy way my friend! And I hope as we go along, you continue to respect me (why you do I have no idea), as I do you! Because I know our truths are sometimes much different, yet cross the same paths at times. I really appreciate your input – and send good thoughts/prayers and big hugs πŸ˜‰ your way!!!!!! Always! Goodnight!

      • We are each capable of incredible feats of perception Sarah, and as the wise adage states “to whom much is given…much is expected”.

        I once belonged to the darkness Sarah, an error programmed and conditioned into me to benefit spiritually evil individuals, who desired to use my abilities to achieve their own selfish, twisted desires.

        The error of my ways was corrected through the divine intervention of spiritually powerful Buddhist yogic Adepts in the Far East, and an old Cherokee Indian ‘Eagle’ shaman, who taught me the ancient and arcane yogic secrets of the ‘Shaman’s Path’, in selfless service to Mother Nature, and the protection of the universal natural order inherent within the cosmic scheme of things.

        I was once very much like the arrogant cartoon character “Alakazam, The Great”, until I personally and painfully learned the humbling lesson at the hands of power, that “there is always a bigger fish”.

        The myth of the ‘Weeping Goddess’ upon the Isle of Isla Mujeres, is a reality and my personal magical gift of spiritual power to you and others…and all it takes to experience the magic is an act of willed intent.

        See you on the Isle of Women…have a good night’s sleep Sarah, and never forget some of Heavens brightness luminaries were once Hell’s darkest demons…your friend Yomael.

    • As I take this moment to change the counters and currents, Yomael plants the seeds and I'll help water the orbits, tears be not of my own accordance, please understand that the lakes also ripple summits.

      Visions airy and clear blue not the aura true, know that opulent rays can enrapture you, be it on the skull of Baphomet, if you harness the projection and crush its onslaught. From fractures to fractals, change the pull by push and pull by push, to learn to distill the humming hush. Duel or dual… either way learn to rule. Kings find your Queens, and know it takes One to crown the Crook into Royalty. Queens find your Kings, and know its your potential that is enlightening.

      With that said, let me help in whatever ways I can. The matters of the mind are at hand, and each comment is tribal warfare of your emotional stance. Let it go to find where the trail went cold, and learn that temperatures rising causes causes to unfold. Gluteal region myself to understand my glials, know that Cerebrum exists outwardly … but beautifully in you too. Professor X marks the spot, if you understand the rings of Krypton also shine on plot.

      Experiences are the teachers and manifestations of our energetic copulation, sexual magick isn't just sexy as it seems, remember fission and friction are matters of quantums metaphorically. Metaphors, symbols, live your moment knowing… mind over matter to put your mind into what matters to you.

      It's been a while…

      • Yomael… I have to say I share Sarah's sentiments and I'm sure most other VC readers do too. Your wisdom commands respect and admiration. I can't remember if I already asked you but have you considered publishing your writings? You have such engrossing literary style…a la Paulo Coelho, who you will probably know, also escaped the realms of black magic many years ago. Your last post made me want to go skim through the Alchemist:

        "We are travelers on a cosmic journey,stardust,swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. Life is eternal. We have stopped for a moment to encounter each other, to meet, to love, to share.This is a precious moment. It is a little parenthesis in eternity."

        Hope you'll share something from your collection…

      • White Wolf by Yomael

        Heated passions struggle violently in the theatre of life by a cascading river rushing to reach the unknowable depths of some unknown and long ago forgotten sea –

        The anguished cries of souls seeking escape from imprisonment within an alien light echo loudly within the mind of a solitary old mystic sitting alone within the solemn confines of his winter wilderness cabin –

        The tears of the Weeping Goddess console him as snowflakes fall to earth to cover the pain of tortured souls beneath freshly fallen snow –

        The lofty forest canopy has become Her mighty uniformed sentries garbed in white in honor of Her unknowable virgin mysteries involving mysteries of time, space, and spiritual immortality –

        Disguised as White Wolf the Goddess moves silently crossing the vast ocean of snow to quickly disappear into the dark forest depths –

        The old wise mystic watches solemnly from the eternal solitude of his lone and isolated wilderness cabin… as She disappears beyond Her royal guard of snow laden pines –

        White Wolf’s secrets are aeon spanning mysteries not meant for mortal eyes to see…nature spirits of the forest taught him long ago when he was but a child suckling at Her breast –

        Yet…as surely as ‘Her Wheel of Fate’ turns the starry Heavens above… and moves worlds below…he has come to realize and understand that with patience… She makes all things known… in their proper time… in their proper place…in their proper sequence…and in their proper order.

      • Yomael…thank you for sharing. I always get a cozy feeling from your style of description, partly because of the wisdom and maturity that you tuck your stories and poems in and partly because it feels like you breath your soul particles into them to make them so touching.

        You didn't answer my question though, do you publish or intend on publishing your writings? I think I already wrote to you that I would have loved to read a book where one of your posts were a paragraph…it's that perception you were talking about, the wide array of perceptions that your descriptions trigger, that makes me want to read more, as it gives a peak into a different world, a world that is on a different plane, an advanced plane…

      • Yes Sofia… but I must warn you the knowledge I revel may one day bring you great sorrow.

        “Through feeling am I known”, The Legend of Gingko II, The Gingko Bed, a film classic from Asia and touch of magic you desire.

      • Yomael, if you publish a book, I'll certainly read it. I have an overarching question about Illuminati religion and thought you might know. I have been confused by something – there is a great deal of Egyptian symbolism in the mystery stuff, and also the Babylonian thread. There has also seemed to be a kitchen sink approach to tossing in other traditions seemingly at random, and both the inclusion of and resistance to the Judeo Christian material (both Satanism/Luciferianism and Zionism are represented in the 'conspiracy' literature as playing a part). That's why I have been so confused, and have asked you some questions before about the Thelemic and Qliphotic current, etc., but I have realized that there is a deeper question. I thought maybe some of this was in the disinfo category of red herrings and false trails, and I still think that that plays a role, but I got really interested in Libya since NATO mobilized forces there, and I discovered something of which I was previously unaware. The Berber culture in North Africa is very, very old, and that region has one of the longest continual human habitations on the planet. There are thousands of paleolithic sites with cave paintings, etc., and they seemed to have a strong component of astrological worship in their religion. The root culture there is related to the Egyptian one, and in fact some of the gods of Egypt and Greece seem to have originally been Libyan. Also, in my reading of The White Goddess, the author keeps mentioning Libya as a very important element in the cultural formation of tribes that ended up migrating to northern Europe. There is also Lamia, the Libyan snake goddess who was later demonized as Lilith or a vampire goddess who eats children, and she seems a likely candidate for some of the Babalon complex. I now think that there is indeed a much older cultural and religious stratum that coherently links many of the elements that were confusing me. There is the further confusing element of the archetypal level of the unconscious mind where ultimately all of these energies originate, but I do now think that there is an ancient unified source out here in the real world for this seemingly mixed up religion. Do you know anything about that, and if so, what culture we are talking about and how old it is? This is the area of life that I am most interested in, religion and culture, especially in the ancient world, and I want to know what is going on. I think there is no coincidence that we are in Iraq and now Libya – they are both cradles of human civilization that had a huge seminal impact on cultures that followed, and there has to be a deeper reason why the West is suddenly so interested in both of them.

      • Before the onset of today’s modern patriarchal priesthood and religious systems of spiritual belief and worship, shamans served the spiritual needs of the human community, providing both spiritual guidance and spiritual protection against evil demonic manifestations, and dangerous other worldly forces.

        These psychically sensitive women and men were other worldly, and very much different than their fellow human beings, which is why they lived on the periphery of the human community.

        The shamans were adepts steeped in the occult lore and science of astral projection and astral travel to other worlds and alien dimensions of reality populated by fantastic beings.

        In their otherworldly journeys the shaman would gather the information they needed to help the human community in its battle of survival, and assist its spiritual growth, development and evolution.

        Their science of the mind and astral travel was occulted in symbols gathered from otherworldly sources, the knowledge of which today’s modern civilization and culture is completely divorced from, yet, these same occult symbols from the base of modern human religious belief, theology, and spiritual worship.

        The mind of the human collective was reshaped and retooled some thousands of years ago to serve as workers in a consumer culture based upon agricultural surplus to the detriment of the human collective spiritual development, its spiritual understanding, and its spiritual evolution.

        Western civilization begins in Sumeria, competing city states at war with another, with each city state having its own reigning god and priesthood.

        To dissolve the confusion one must regain a spiritual aspect retained in the study of ancient shaman culture.

        The ‘Old Ones’ skilled in the old ways and steeped in ancient occult knowledge still live on the periphery of the human community upon Native American reservations throughout North America.

        The ‘Old Ones’ are very reclusive and secretive of their knowledge, but if your heart is pure and true, and the signs and omens are present, you are welcomed into their fold, where they will personally guide you to the spiritual truths you seek and thirst for.

      • PS – In that same article above, under Mythical Themes, it says that some of the Libyan cave paintings depict giants (Nephilim?) and beings with one eye (!).

      • @Fleurdamour – You just reminded me of all the thousands of ancient Iraqi artifacts that have been "stolen/lost/misplaced" since the occupation. Have you looked into this? I have read up a bit on it having to do with star/sea gates. Interesting stuff!

      • PPS – I also remember reading about the Dogon people of Mali, not far from Libya, and they also depict one-eyed creatures in their art, and have an intricate mythology about the star Sirius and its hidden companion stars. Mali is also a nation where Berber people reside.

        The top photo here shows a one-eyed Malian mask:

        This is kind of like where shamanism meets E.T. Phone Home.

      • @Sarah Connor – I was just talking to my friend about the same thing. I think it's entirely possible that someone is trying to open something. Or is pursuing some line of inquiry about extraterrestrial visitors to the ancient world. Too bad they felt they had to start wars and loot museums to get access. There is a whole ball of wax about weird gates in the Near Eastern desert, which is supposedly what the Necronomicon is about. The gates relate to the story of Inanna visiting the underworld through seven levels.

      • @Sarah Connor – PS – Do you have any links about the artifacts and gate stuff? I'd love to read them.

      • @Fleurdamour – so it has been a long time since I"ve looked into that, but here are just a few links. You should have no trouble finding information online though.… – Saddam or Stargates

        Also wondering about the Norway Spiral (gate?) that manifests while CERN is activated? That is interesting!

        Have you heard the theory that the Somali pirate threat and subsequent 'international' naval build up in the Gulf of Aden – which was blacked out of course – was actually regarding seagate experimentation? There is some interesting stuff on that one too – just check youtube! I have also read that a few of the scientist working on it were suicided, just like there are now 16 or so Gulf whistleblowers who have died since the BP oil spill – just criminal. Project Camelot has some interviews with Aaron McCollum on black ops seagate stuff, he claims the gates are why we will also be focusing on Yemen militarily. I think PC is a total disinfo sometimes, but these guys always mix their disinfo with truth – so there is something there I believe. It is an interesting little rabbit hole to say the least. Let me know if you come across something cool.

      • @Fleurdamour – weird indeed! And that you brought up this movie – here are some random and tinfoil bodysuit thoughts for you this evening. I am number four – have you seen it? Initially I thought it was a transhuman (not tech based but animal based) kind of film. When I watched infant indoctrination a few years ago I was surprised at how much human/animal representation there was, in so, so many of the shows/cartoons we grew up with! Could it just be trends in creativity & collective imagination? Sure! But knowing what I know now about Hollywood and mass media, I am now pretty skeptical, and admittedly even suspicious, always looking for the underlying message. I suspected transhumanism with this movie so looked up the synopsis for I am # 4 and read he is an 'alien' – therefore I'm not surprised something like the spiral would be a logo. The spirals are alleged to be gateways to the other dimensions. There is footage (I have no opinion on if real or not) of things coming through the Norway spiral while CERN is on. Pretty trippy. So, he is an alien – but a blond haired blue eyed one – like Nordics! One of the speculated three evil spirits from Revelation along with greys and reptilians. Ummm – I read a lot of random stuff. Anyways, along with the mass media conditioning for disclosure of your classic type aliens, I also notice a lot of nordic like representation in movies and videos. As well as transhuman – again not the techno kind. One of the reasons KT Perry's video grabs my attention, I believe they are presenting both – in a classic predictive programming/conditioning way of course. If you decide to watch Adam McCollum, what he says on the dna mixing/experimentation is interesting. I have no idea if it is true or not, but there are a lot of people that follow and write on this stuff. Tom Horn and his Raider Network is one. I don't follow it that much, or get too deep into it, just enough to get it on my radar and then as the world turns, notice things related that are put forth to us. Usually via entertainment, but sometimes even news. Speaking of entertainment – my husband is watching Battlefield LA right now. I picked up the first couple of minutes and the attack of the aliens happens on 8/11/2011 – there we go with the 11's again!!! Silly Hollywood! Think I'm going to go passively watch while I scan articles etc…and see what else this flick has in store. I'm guessing a need to 'unite the world' thanks to threat from another world…..but I might just be jumping the gun and defaulting to good old Ronald Regan's address. Anywhooz – all of this, interesting! Keep me posted. And sorry about those Iraqi artifacts links, those ones are pretty lame. There are much better sources to be found out there but I was in a hurry, with sluggish computer on the downslide and like I said, it's been awhile. Night!

      • Shamanism is the root of all world religions and spiritual practice. It was Buddhist shamans and an old Cherokee Native American Eagle shaman who initiated and brought me into the shaman fold.

        The practice of union with the Divine in order to answer spiritual questions, and gain advice for survival on the material plane, is humanity’s shamanic consciousness that fundamentally separates human-kind from animal consciousness.

        Ancient tribal cultures relied upon their shamans for healing, the answering of fundamental questions such as where to search for food, which roots and berries were harmful or medicinal, and on a deeper level to answer questions about creation and meaning. It was the shamans who developed stories of Gods and Goddesses and creation myths that still inform today’s modern cultures.

        Across the globe similarities in complex rituals, artistic endeavors, stories and cultural developments are clear evidence of the Divine connection between all human beings. Using specific rituals the shamans of all races connected to the same place that in Native American traditions was called the “Field of Plenty, which is ‘Eternity’ in our modern terminology. Such a connection was considered to be of enormous importance and shamans were revered in tribal societies. It was essential that their traditions and practices were protected and continued, and prospective candidates were urgently sought.

        A child who showed any special abilities such as prediction through dreams, sensitivity towards nature, or had physical symptoms such as skin disorders, epilepsy or migraines would be offered as a pupil to the shaman. The practice of out-of-body journeying was taught through the careful ritualistic use of natural hallucinogens such as hashish and peyote. The failure to recognize a shamanically sensitive child may lead to mental disorders that we now call schizophrenia.

        The consciousness of the gifted child in attempting to connect with the Divine without proper training or knowledge undergoes a psychological breakdown. In ancient cultures such mental illness was rare as any child who showed the smallest psychic or artistic ability was valued. However, with the development of large-scale civilizations and the consequent political complexities that ensued, the traditional power base of the shamans eroded.

        A split between shaman and royalty (Illuminati) created a conflict that eventually led to the historical outlawing of shamanic consciousness by Illuminati political power structures. When shamanic teachings arose to inform the ecstasy cults of Gnostic Christianity it was immediately and violently smashed by the Illuminati who had become powerful material rulers governing humanity.

        In Europe the shamanic informed pagan nature cults and communities of Celtic Christianity were destroyed by the church and at the behest of the Illuminati. The Inquisition of the Holy Roman Catholic Church took millions of lives in its attempt to root out all the natural shamans of Europe, labeling them witches, wizards and black magicians. Not even the mentally ill were spared. All were considered possessed by demons, and if exorcism failed or was refused, they would encounter the fires of Hell as they were slowly burned at the stake.

        As Christianity spread across the globe and confronted shamanism in Africa and the Americas these cultures were horrifically decimated through slavery, disease and genocide. The Illuminati controlled church claimed that it alone held the key to the Divine House of God, and the Christian priesthood denied that shamans through hundreds of thousands of years of developed tradition had the natural gift to possess such spiritual powers and lofty Heavenly office.

        Modern societies far from understanding or revering such shamanic abilities in their children have so distanced themselves from shamanism that these talented children are either ignored or relegated to medications which reduces them to the state of mental idiots.

        Even today’s mystical and occult secret societies have lost the true understanding of the shamanic trance journey to other worlds and alien dimensions in the service to the human community. Germany’s Dr. Franz Kallman’s merciless study of 1000 schizophrenics published in 1938 by the “Scottish Rite of Freemasonry” encouraged the Nazis to rationalize the mass murder of 250,000 German schizophrenic and mentally-impaired men, women and children.

        Today’s Illuminati believe they alone possess unique genes which raise them above mere mortals and allows them to communion with the Divine and supernatural magical power. Yet, long before the Illuminati ancient shamans recorded through painted pictures upon pre-historic cave walls their other worldly journeys and the fantastic beings they encountered.

        The natural shamans of the world continue to this day to be silently murdered, victimized, and brought to the brink of madness, in the unseen spiritual war to eradicate any and all obstruction and possible interference to Illuminati rule and domination of humanity.

        The search for the Elite’s “God gene” is continuing under the guise of the “Human Genome Project” which was begun by the American Society of Human Genetics, created by Dr. Franz Kallman. The Illuminati and its priesthood are even at this very moment in the process of discrediting the work and concepts of noted and famed psycho-analyst Carl G. Jung. The Illuminati researchers and scientist are attempting to prove that the subconscious does not exist and that dreams are no more than the redundant play of the day’s events replayed during sleep.

        By studying the myths, rituals, and practices of primitive shamanism, Dr. Jung himself regained his own sanity, after a period of madness, and after conquering his own inner demon, Dr. Jung opened the gate for the rest of humanity to discover its own ultra-ancient shaman past.

        Source materials; Man and His Symbols by Carl G. Jung

        Images and Symbols by Mircea Eliade

        Shamanisim by Mircea Eliade

        The Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby

    • Yomael, I'm a big fan of your posts, too. Just a few comments on your last one regarding Shamanism. Your opinion is always very interesting.

      I would like to add that the Christianity you mention that "spread across the globe and confronted shamanism in Africa and the Americas" was inspired by the Illums (nickname). This is an example of their standard protocol: they use others' resources/knoweldge/wisdom and then destroy them, but first gain approval of those around to support their actions (via money, military, ideology or just negative thoughts). The Illums have been dividing and controlling Christian sects for a long long time. It's typical that they would use the shaman societies, steal their knowledge, impersonate the Christian church, frame the shamans as satan-worshipers and even gain support real Christians (unfortunately, as we are all human and make mistakes) to decimate these people "through slavery, disease and genocide.", meanwhile causing the real Christians to commit sin and still making them look bad many years later. In the end, everyone looses (is either destroyed or enslaved)–the shamans who taught them and the masses who helped them. That's the game.

      After so many 'messes' that have been created throughout history (war, famine, disease, etc) I'm not sure modern societies will ever have an understanding or revering of shamanic abilities. The details are lost but the struggle of good vs evil continues. Good/positive/creative energy continues through various organized religions that have not (yet) been co-opted/destroyed like their predecessors.

      One more thing regarding: "The Illuminati researchers and scientist are attempting to prove that the subconscious does not exist and that dreams are no more than the redundant play of the day’s events replayed during sleep."

      They are attempting to prove that the subconscious does not exist because through the subconscious is how they control us.

      The subconscious is where we are the weakest. The darkness is also weak, that's why they manipulate the subconscious. It is an illusion, maya, etc. because they have no real power. Don't accept their "scientific" explanation that dreams are a playback of everyday life. (The Illums spend tons of money on fake scientific research to legitimize their actions). They want you to think it's not a big deal.

      But, it's also not possible to be in complete control of our subconscious. Awareness is important, but beware the ego.

      (Sorry for the lengthiness of this post)

      • Understood doctortrollcat, the program of the Illums, the corrupters, whose magic and manipulations are dependent upon the desire based egocentric awareness of the lower human reactionary mind.

        I have met many good Christians, Muslims and Jews on my journey and adventures in this world, and I know they are aware of what is happening here on earth, and that they are fellow warriors of light in the service to the 'Almighty'.

        There is only one God given truth…thank you and all the good Christians, Muslims, and Jews out there for sharing your heartfelt feelings, insight and wisdom.


      • They are attempting to prove that the subconscious does not exist because the subconscious is the source of our power. Working with the archetypes is ASTONISHING.

      • You're right, man's spiritual development has been horrifically messed with. There is evidence in some of the comments on this very site of the thorough job that has been done in demonizing the things that would set man free – personal mystical experience, and an individual relationship with the divine nature rather than a fixation on dogma. Almost everything about modern institutionalized religion is wrong, and I firmly believe that that was a deliberate misdirection in order to accrue power to a handful – deliberate disinfo. Ever since I read The Gnostic Gospels and studied the Albigensian heresy, I've deeply mistrusted the power structure of 'the church' because it clearly does not have the best interests of the majority at heart. Reading the accounts of the persecution of the mystic Cathars was a research exercise in how not to practice religion, specifically one which exhorts us to love one another and look for the kingdom of God within ourselves. When Christianity became a state religion imposed by the sword it ceased to have anything to do with Jesus and became just another tool of power. And when a ticket to heaven could only be purchased with gold, it became pharoahonic and corrupt. There is a vast difference between 'religion' and 'God' but the campaign of confusion has done such a job of muddling things that most men are afraid to look inside at that faery realm where God sits in glory in the human heart.

      • @Fleurdamour

        The co-opted 'organized religions' totally serve the interests of the Illums. However, there are some non-co-opted 'organized religions' that do actually follow the teachings of Jesus. They avoid 'slippery slopes', because humans are prone to sin. Better not "gaze into the abyss"…or look too deeply for meaning in our dreams, because with our very limited (human) understanding of God, etc. we will probably end up deceived by maya, and following the wrong path.

      • I respect your opinion, but I don't agree with it. Our consciousness can be trusted if we work to purify and refine it from negative influences (maya) – it is what makes us different than the animals and makes us in the image of God, who, to me, is pure consciousness without form or limits. I think he created the universe in order to experience the boundaries of form, limitation and separation that give rise to relationship, and I personally think Christ was a living embodiment of their divinity. Instead of allowing the living, breathing holiness of existence, the dynamic temple of a human life, the organized church tries to fix everything in dogma and control it (and it's not just Christianity that does this, I used it as an example). God gave us a brain as part of the gift of this life, we are supposed to use it.

  39. Did anyone else see the podium where they made speeches for the 2011 MTV TV Movie awards?

    There is simply no way you could miss the primary decoration that was placed right there in our faces where all of the performers gave their "thank you" speeches. If there is a better definition of the word BLATANT, I don't know what it would be.

    And, you'll notice in this pic that the angle is quite nicely aligned with Cameron Diaz'…uhmm….well, you'll see. I'm sure it was all purely coincidental, as it always is. πŸ™‚

    Maybe VC and the rest of you can hunt down some more pics from these awards for this week's Symbolic pics section…I'm sure there's bound to be loads of nauseating stuff in that bunch, eh??

  40. The music timing is just as important as the image people! the snake was especially subtle and surreal

    I personally see the golden ratio spiral appear after the cowhead exits mans discovery of fire.

    Knowledge is power to be yielded only one of two ways. Knowledge is imparted by one source and the natural world directly connects with you, not via MTV, so its not like MTV ever really had music credibility, even in the nineties. I am all for art but these graphic designers are a dime a dozen and they all know their audience and it is not right, to be ok creating or contributing to confusion as long as you get paid!!! Because it is dark and pointless to knowingly mislead people! Shame on them. Oh, they directly profit off of this? Write them off and fiscally cut them off forever

    Don't watch or support MTV period. or you contribute to their system of confusing the world's young and creative forces, which we all know as powerful and which should be respected

  41. I am only 15 years old. I have been studying up on the occult stuff since I was at least 13. I have nver commented on this website before but I feel like I have to now. This whole thing is getting way out of control! This needs to stop. I feel so alone in all this. I try explaining this to my friends and family members but its 100 percent useless. They think I'm crazy or stupid or both. Everyone cares about being being "cool." This whole dumbing down of America is pissing me off. It's time people got educated! Being a teenager that knows about all this is tough. Because noone my age cares! I feel like people are so ignorant and naiive. It makes me sad and worried about our future. How much longer?

    • I wish I had your understanding when I was 15. I wish I had your insight. I wish I had your heart and caring soul when I was 15. With much wisdom comes sorrow! It is true! But there is so much awesomeness, and goodness, and love all at the same time. God/YHWH is calling his kids…..can't you feel it? You have a reason, and a purpose, I can tell! I love your generation, because of people like you! You will do amazing things Jennifer, if you let God use you, of this I am certain! You my dear, are in my thoughts. Little Jennifer!

      • Sarah Connor

        You made me cry with your loving and heartfelt comment. God bless you for the love that exists within you it is rare in this age. You have gods spirit and is evident in what you say and how hard you work for his cause. God bless you.

    • I'm 15 as well, and I have been studying this since the beginning of 2009. I am WELL aware of what's taking place in society. I have taken the time out and researched thoroughly, making sure I knew what was what, and then I broke it down for a lot of the people I knew. And they understood. All you have to do is have a way with words and you'd be surprised with what kind of change you could make. I've opened a lot of people's eyes and will continue to do so. It all starts with knowing what you're talking about, having proof, and articulating yourself.

  42. The blatant programming and desensitization of children horrifies me; their evil truly knows no bounds. Everytime I catch a second of television, I can't help but analyze the underlying themes/meanings of the shows and commercials. Just disgusting.

    I was curious if any of you have seen (what I assume to be) Disneyland's most recent commercial? It has a boy and his family on the beach, Ursula's tenticles are coming out of the sea… Anyhoo – their is a obvious male genitalia right in the friggin' commercial!! (I know, nothing new for good ol' Disney Co).

    As the boy is making sandcastles, check the 3rd tower on the left, it's UNMISTAKABLY a penis. I have tried to find the video online so I could show/confirm my suspicion with others, but it's nowhere to be found.

  43. Hmm…first the dumbing down, floridated water, which by the way, the experts say humans should "drink 8 glasses a day. The unreleting flow of symbolism and everthing attached to it makes me want to move to an isle seperated from this madness. This madness is in action and it will come upon all humans upon the earth. A Great Tribulation which has never occurred and will not occur again!

  44. I don't understand why everyone on has such a "bend over and take it" type attitude about all of this. We are all able to recognize what is taking place, but its like we have come to accept it will occur, and are unwilling to do anything about it. I know I am preparing myself with knowledge and weaponry to take as many of them out as I can. I mean really what we should do is form our own society to fight back

  45. Don't you guys understand that the only reason they use these symbols is to get more press for themselves because they KNOW you're looking for them? THAT's why there aren't any other symbols… because they read the same damn articles you do and they say, "Oh they want rabbits? LET'S GIVE THEM RABBITS! :D" = more views and ratings for them and more $$ in their pocket. Fail.

  46. Very unsettling if you watch it once. Very hypnotizing if you are a teen glued to MTV for hours at a time, it will make your brain so susceptible to all kinds of MTV misinformation!!! They just want to distort and dumb down the youth so they won't rise up or achieve their full potential in life. If times are hard now it would be ten times harder in ten years from now if by the grace of the Almighty we are still here on this planet, so dumb them down now so when they are in their 20's they won't rise up and revolt!!!

  47. They've been airing that spot here in Chile for a looooong time. And to be honest, I don't know a lot about symbolism like many of you here, but I was creeped out by it since the first time I saw it. It's so… blatant, I can't believe it.

  48. Will someone please post the Visa Paywave ad? That ad scared the fark out of me last night… The man who pays cash is now a pariah!!!

  49. what. the. hell.

    I'm glad I don't watch MTV (Currently haven't got the channel but hey all the good stuff is on the other channels)

    It's not even like they're making this subtle. It's right in your face.

    That's almost risky. For the people who know what it means, it's a total out rage.

    For people who don't know, they're comletely oblivious. :/

  50. This has actually been airing for months (maybe a couple of years) in MTV south america. I know this cause I live in Venezuela and I've always noticed the eye and the bunnies, etc.

  51. So why are they bombarding us with occult symbolism? How do these symbols affect our children? What's the point? Let's talk about why this is evil. Anyone have any ideas on what the specific agenda is with occult symbols in pop culture?

    • David K. Well in a nutshell they do this to kill the spirit. See we as humans have the capacity to evolve our minds and to them that is were they come in. Let us think for the masses, dumb them down, and use them till there aint no feelings left(hopeless). Check out commons song Universal Mind Control. The lyrics say it all:

      No worries. Vengeance belongs to God.

  52. They are infiltrating our homes and target our kids. I don’t like this type of trash so I refrain from watching MTV as it’s utterly fvcked up. Also almost every movie we watch is a nwo propaganda created by retarded weirdos with the intent to condition us, therefore I give them a miss too. This malignant force exists all around us. We live in a world designed and manipulated by demonised and emotionally retarded halfwits. Only an unwise nutjob spends his whole life suppressing others and making loads of cash only to have the same fate as everybody else. To be honest we can’t do much about it but just let others be aware, and that’s exactly what they want, they have so much power they could block google and every site if they wanted to.

    This group of arrogant tyrants are now implementing their agenda at an accelerating rate. One world government, one world army, one world currency and microchipped population are the end goal.

    Wait until we incur God’s wrath.

    • Yeah, its like you have to detach yourself from society to protect your family and yourself, then you come across as wierd. Thats how my inlaws make me feel when they see we don't have TV. But with all this crap added to the sexualization of women, sex & death subliminal messages and al around depraved messages and desensitizing I can't even enjoy tv enymore. I like the old Hitchcok movies or 50 movies. Even the newspapers and add and comics are filled with garbage, music too. It's like the degredation of society is a full time job for them. Everything is so loaded, layer upon layer plots with thier agendas, to deteriorate family and societial values, subliminals MKULTRa type mesmeration, they are really didgging deep into your subconscious. I had a dream where I saw 6 6 6 and so I knew I was seeing 666 somewhere, so I looked and finally figured out the Google Chrome icon on my desk top is 3 6s. Id love to stop using google but yahoo and aol are no better. They withold websites from showing up, who knows what hidden internet we are missing out on.

      • My two comments were removed from the Telegraph newspaper 1) My list of Private shareholders of Fed and Bank of England 2) list of Bilderbergers persons. Other people commenting also witnessed the removal of my posts and asked why? A few hours later they dropped the article ? I googled the owners of the Newspaper owners and discovered they are all inter-linked all owned by the same group, the same group as all mainstream newspapers, television channels, all mainstream media ……

    • Good luck incurring anyone's wrath while being chipped.

      Its inevitable, who is going to stop them, those who pose a threat are killed or dealt with otherwise.

      The new generation will be too busy browsing facebook and getting drunk at parties.

      • I don't want to be macabre but I'd rather prepare myself mentally to face the dire consequences of rejecting the nwo. life under tyranny is not worth living.

  53. Nice and all. But posting a video and saying, look another one with Symbol does not make any sense in my humble opinion. Flashing a couple of symbols does not do anything and does not send a message. What would be interesting is if there was any subliminal messaging going an here. Everything is going so fast maybe this is for our unconscious mind not our conscious part.

    • Yes I think so, but I think it doesn't have an affect on all of us, which is why some of us feel like what's the big deal? I would like to learn more about how symbols have an affect on the subconscious.

      • Okay, I thought about it and I think our controllers want us to associate these symbols with a shadow force or an evil force pulling the strings. I think maybe they want us to be afraid. I've noticed that people react that way. We are now starting to associate occult symbolism with secret societies bent on world domination. These symbols are much more than that though. Let's educate ourselves first, and then decide what is good and what is evil. They are just hiding behind their symbols.

      • Of course they are hiding behind their symbols. They wouldn't call them serpents for nothing. πŸ˜‰

    • hm, yes, even though it looks randomly, i believe flashing symbols can build an underlying message, if the receiver knows what it is all about.. i am pretty sure there are also some hints about the time of an event. There have been many hints refering to 9/11.

      Thats the main reason why i like to look into this kind of stuff, its not just like "omg, they just give us that alpha programming s**t again", that would be boring, wouldn't it?… i think it's some kind of forecast, signal or message – sometimes, not always.

      …and of course, they may also include subliminal messages, not just visual, also acoustic

      To me it looks like this is all about an important event taking place soon, but the victims are among those who are their allies and followers, their "own people"… for some reason. Unicorns are symbolizing innocence, so they might not have known in what they are into, they will be sacrificed, collateral damage?

      I just don't understand why they do this at all. I see no practical reason to communicate anything through popular culture, movies, music videos, whatever, I would try to stay secret if i do things secretly πŸ˜‰ they can just do it if they are in power,

      unless they are vain and so proud about what they do ^^

  54. Following this site for some time now, i have to thank all of you for the decryption work, especially VC, this is really deliberating and interesting, even though i don't believe in all of main conclusions about the so called elite.

    I don't tell you anything new, but i think this is not just about making us "used to it", the great afford to spread some messages, must have a more practical reason, maybe its also some form of celebration or communication between those who understand the real meaning. And I agree that they display the same symbolism over and over again, but it seems that the messages are changing constantly, f.e. at the moment its very much about "unicorn symbolisim"… and the apocalyptic impressions (like in "til the world ends")

    btw., this picture from the above video:

    reminds me very much of this one from Keshas "Blow":

    Also the closing scene…. sacrifice.

    Would love to see an analysis of the "Blow" Video.

    However, keep up the good work πŸ™‚


    Follow my lead

    Now you're one of us

    You're coming with me

    It's time to kill the lights === // unicorn symbolism

    And shut the DJ down === // God is a DJ πŸ˜‰

    (This place about to)

    Tonight were taking over

    No one's getting out

    This place about to blow


    We are taking, over (Blow)

    Get used to it, over (Blow)

      • True, Fleurdamour… I was wondering about the crest, too. Is it some specific templar crest or just something that looks alike – does anyone know?

    • Good question, and I don't know the answer. There are a bunch of different variants of the heraldry, I think from different sub-orders within the Templars. They had orders specific to each region they were in. Maybe someone can chime in if they know this one. Some of the Templar shields have a very interesting black and white duality background, like this:….

      That Ke$sha video blew my mind. I watched it last night after reading your post. I think the unicorns may represent the third eye, and the rainbow energy looks like chakra energy. Maybe to someone with an open third eye that is what a sacrifice looks like, when the chakra energy pours out of a dying human body? Creepy. The lyrics of that song are disturbing, too – "We're taking over, this place is about to blow."

      • PS – I keep thinking about the pyramid shaped cracker K eats, too. It's like Illuminati communion.

  55. dont even get me started on adult swim! just visit their site, eyes everywhere, (oh believe me do I know!!! i can say alot!) i have experienced alot of things but i dont feel like writing them and getting my comment lost in this sea of ignorance.

  56. Here are the lyrics to Katy Perry's new song "E.T."…….


    (Songwriters: Max Martin; Joshua Emanuel Coleman; Lukasz Gottwald; Katy Perry)

    You're so hypnotizing

    Could you be the devil

    Could you be an angel

    Your touch magnetizing

    Feels like I am floating

    Leaves my body glowing

    They say be afraid

    You're not like the others

    Futuristic lover

    Different DNA

    They don't understand you

    Your from a whole other world

    A different dimension

    You open my eyes

    And I'm ready to go

    Lead me into the light

    Kiss me, ki-ki-kiss me

    Infect me with your love and

    Fill me with your poison

    Take me, ta-ta-take me

    Wanna be a victim

    Ready for abduction

    Boy, you're an alien

    Your touch so foreign

    It's supernatural


    Your so supersonic

    Wanna feel your powers

    Stun me with your lasers

    Your kiss is cosmic

    Every move is magic

    Your from a whole other world

    A different dimension

    You open my eyes

    And I'm ready to go

    Lead me into the light

    Kiss me, ki-ki-kiss me

    Infect me with your love and

    Fill me with your poison

    Take me, ta-ta-take me

    Wanna be a victim

    Ready for abduction

    Boy, you're an alien

    Your touch so foreign

    It's supernatural


    [Katy Perry]

    Kiss me, ki-ki-kiss me

    Infect me with your love and

    Fill me with your poison

    Take me, ta-ta-take me

    Wanna be a victim

    Ready for abduction

    Boy, you're an alien

    Your touch so foreign

    It's supernatural




    Boy, you're an alien

    Your touch so foreign

    It's supernatural


    • I cannot wait to see an article on this one! It actually bothers me way more than Gaga. I will sit back in my lounger, with snacks, prepared to be entertained as the little KT fans come explain what this song means! I really wanna know what people could possibly think it means.

      • Im with you too sarah. what bothers me even more is how katy perry (aka katy hudson) use to sing gospel music. its a shame and so sad that a person who was expose to God and Jesus would ultimately sell out to satan.

      • Plenty is already up. The Six-syllabic lines (most), what it implies, and how in the video the final image is of Katy Perry standing on horses' hooves (she is of the Nephilim).

        Which makes this at least the second video i've seen where they've messed with the storyline in the original (I still think "Judas" is like this, with Mary standing by Jesus and being martyred in the end for it). The song has her wanting to be seduced by aliens, whereas the video has her as the Alien doing the seducing. Wonder if we're seeing a trend.

  57. This is just blatant. I thought it was supposed to be subtle symbolism, but it seems like they don't care about trying to hide it any more. But I suppose not everybody spots the symbolism, I mean I know I wouldn't have before I started reading Vigilant's reports.

  58. I think the entire purpose of the commercial is to hypnotize the viewer and to reinforce the programming of monarchs, reminding their cult altars to stay in line and maintain their loyalty to lucifer/satan. A good analysis of what a video can do in terms of hypnotizing the viewer is here:

  59. I've posted a couple of VC's Articles on my Facebook (Nothing too deep, because i don't want to shock people) and non of my friends even bother to look at it! what's wrong with Americans???, they don't stand up for ANYTHING!!!! or question anything!!! they are totally programmed, it's like as long as they have their big house and fancy car or a big tax return they're happy and that's all that matters!!!! messed up!

    • Remember we cannot wake everybody up …… you are fully awake this is a blessing which you have been given… to connect the dots and be fully aware of evil and good. Try too find the good

      God Bless

      • @thetruthiscoming….. that is so true, same thing happens with me when I post stuff up. It's frustrating to know and realize that the elite's mind control agenda has worked so well on the masses. They have really been effective at "dumping down" the majority.

      • thats true you can't wake everyone….a few weeks ago…i was speaking to some guy that was a professional with religious speaking and so fourth….i spoke to him bout things that ive noticed, things on this website, things that are becoming more and more obvious…the only thing he said to me was that he would pray for me and to speak to someone else bout it….lmfao…..just goes to show you that no matter what age , if people are willing to learn to the truth to set themselves free they will…but aint no fool like an old fool….

  60. I'm sooo scared by all of MTV's spots/ads/whatever. Some of them really do give me headache, and some I have to look away cause I can FEEL that they're messing with my mind.

    (BTW I only watch MTV cause in my country we have amazing humoristic shows)

    But even after everything I've seen there, this one is too much. God.

    • They only mess with your mind if they let you…I can't believe how blatant it is but only if you are awake! If your in Gaga land you only see colours, creepy shapes and hear hypnotysing music

      I actually saw the add 3 times just to pay attention to every single detail they have placed and I still didn't notice the Baah at the end untill i saw it in a comment…they are laughing in our faces!!!

  61. S**T!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS' TAKIN OVER THE WORLD

    i'm f****n tired of all this s**t

    my parents would never believe

    my lil sister loves disney channel and every crap that she watches on tv

    my friends can't believe me when i tell them bout it all (one actually knows bout the illuminati and "likes" it, and it's a fan of lady gaga and stuff!!!! so i won't be friends with him anymore)

    i wanted to be a singer, but now it seems just so wrong and dangerous to me.

    world's falling appart.

    what are we gonna do?

    ps: i'm from brazil. there's a blog all in portuguese where they post some of VC's analysis and stuff, of course telling us where did they get that (credits). i just thought it would be nice to you to know that your information is taking over the world as well, and here in brazil some ppl know bout all the s**t that's going on.

  62. WOW, could they be any more blatant?!

    And all the regular people watching this will think, "OoOooO, cool colors! How weird!" Not know anything about what they really mean. This clip is the definition of sinister.

  63. I am a regular visitor on this site so I've learned all about the symbols, so when I saw this ad on MTV a few months ago all I could think was ARE YOU F*CKING SERIOUS??? From the beginning to the end it was filled with all the creepy symbolism.. When I first started coming here I tried to explain to my boyfriend what I learned about all of this and he just thought I was crazy, but then he saw the commercial en he said, hey thats about the Illuminati.. But he still doesn't care.. It's just awful.. Last Friday I watched the MTV Movie Awards en I really felt weird about all the forced sexual stuff.. It just wasn't funny anymore, it was just all about sex.. I am 24 now and I feel like most of the people younger than me are just brainwashed.. They can not do anything anymore without playing with their cellphone.. And another thing that bugs me is the social media! Every television programme, website or article in a magazine or paper has some reference to Facebook or Twitter.. I don't really understand why people want all of their stuff to be on the internet.. Who cares about what they are doing at the moment or how they are feeling.. Like I said I'm 24 years old but when it comes to this I feel really old!!

    • I would imagine you are an old advanced soul which is why perhaps none of the worldy "plug me in crap" interests you. I agree with you as its the same in the UK, nothing is mentioned without a tweet here and a FB mention there. People walk around like Zombies plugged into their MP do da's and are not even aware of the world around them. Good on you mate for seeing through it though.

      OMG must go, Paris Hilton has sent out a new tweet….. πŸ™‚

  64. Wow. I not only got a headache from that ad, but my spirit is sick now. My 14yr old daughter was like "That is sick, what`s wrong with those people?" This is blatant and in your face. MTV is saying, "Hello World, meet the devil. You are no longer free, but belong to me". Thank God I do not belong to the world.

  65. omg…

    it's like they want to yell "WE ARE CONTROLLING YOU" :O

    but the sad thing is that NOONE can understand how blatant this is :/

    it's absolutely disgusting. and you know, i wonder what all those ignorant people who see it think about it, actually…well, personally i keep thinking HOW sick our world is.

  66. Sick, sick, sick. How can people be so oblivious to whats being shown right in front of thier eyes. I've had enough if this crap.

  67. I spotted this many months ago when this first started to roll here in finland. Instantly i thought this is some creepy s**t. There are many other similar clips that they show in beetween of commercials and shows that have lots of symbolism, you should check some of them out.

  68. is funny the ppl that did this graphic said on their vimeo "this concept came to us in a dream and we dont even know what it means ( but we did it anyway)" *rolling eyes* quote

    The concept for this spot came to us in a dream and we're still not sure what it all means. We worked closely with MTV's World Design Studio to create this spot which was based on the theme of sight as part of their first creative collaboration with 55DSL.

    The spot will air across MTV's 63 channels worldwide.

    Good job ilove dust good job *sarcasm*

  69. that commercial has been playing over here (México) for a while now, every time there's a commercial that one has to show up, there is another one where there are a lot of gold things floating like a car, a hamburger and when the skull appears suddenly liquid "chocolate" starts to pour down the skull's top very much like when in secret societies they pour blood in to a skull it's very disturbing

  70. Correction: It's "We are English Speaking Citizens", or it could be an English Speaking Nation. Whichever, sorry for the error…

    I would just like to add something, why of all the Graphics that they could have used, it has to be these known EVIL SYMBOLS? The Goat and one eye? There must to something to it, right?

    Their souls are so damned.

  71. Not surprising at all. I watch MTV. But I watch the reality shows. I take it all at face value because I know the truth. Most don't. MTV Torally plays into the whole devil thing.

    Their movie award show that just aired; all it did was talk about sex. Sex sex sex. I thought it was so ridiculous. tje opening was sexual. And through out the awards it was all sexual content.

  72. OMG! That was so blatant! I reckon many kids and MTV watchers would be hypnotized and entranced with that video. I also thought that kind of video is used in every performance of "Artists", may it be in Awarding Ceremonies, TV contests, especially in concerts, to get the audience's attention to all these indoctrination of symbols while listening to them. I always see that in American Idol. They are really pushing it to the edge. What's sad is that when I try to warned others(friends, relatives,etc.) they're not attentive as if I was paranoid though. I just want to thank you VC, and also a friend in College, who told me about Illuminati, I actually heard this already in 90's ( my musical awakening, enrolling to music Schools and stuffs), I was still in Gradeschool, about Singers selling their souls to the Devil. I just can't imagine how, now I know, thanks to this site.

    I just want to share something, there are many international artists coming here (Philippines) having their concerts, almost every week. From Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Lady GAGA, Owl City, Rihanna, and this week,it's gonna be Miley Cyrus. It's her only Stop in Asia. I heard some neighboring Asians just come here and watched (even in JB's). Just curious why there are so many of them coming here. Is it because Filipinos are so Music Lovers that they love international songs rather than their own(OPM)? Or is it we are an English Speaking Citizens, or is it because we are close to 100 Millions in population, that there so much for us to be slaves, not to mention the fact that most of us are so enthralled with Hollywood Entertainment that we can be easily deceived and indoctrinated? what do others think?

    • yeahhh, many artists are coming to brazil this year as well:

      1 miley cyrus (i went to her concert. that time i wasn't pretty sure bout the whole Illuminati thing)

      2 mcfly

      3 paul mccartney

      4 jack johnson

      5 dulce maria

      6 avenged sevenfold

      7 rihanna (for rock in rio AND for her independent tour)

      8 katy perry (rock in rio and a show in sao paulo)

      9 avril lavigne (is she illuminatti? i really liked her)

      and so many other artists are coming for rock in rio.

      oh, and next year the illuminati/mason/gay pride "queen" (also known as lady gaga) is coming too. wtf?

      why this year so many artists are coming to brazil? and also, philipines, as MusicEnthusiast said? i find it weird.

      and brazil's not even an English Speaking Nation.

      • Every singer/puppet on this list is evil…….. by the way did anyone hear of the Joss Stone story this week? a little bit creepy if you ask me…. two men found trying to "break-in" her house with swords and a body bag…….. Sirrah / Sarah Conner / Yeomel / Anyone please give me your thoughts on this case…..

        God Bless

      • @joanna

        RE: Joss Stone

        I feel the Joss Stone thing is a Masonic Hoax- the two men involved were reported to be 30 and 33 years of age- they will usually put those numbers in when a case is a hoax.

        BUt in addition to that I found a photo of Joss Stone flashing the corna hang sign- which means she’s a satanist- and so usually in a case like this I have to conclude that this case is a hoax perhaps for publicity???

        photo of Joss’ corna hand sign:

      • Funny Sirrah!!!! I had to go look up the story and came back to say that the two would be intruders weren't very stealth like to get caught the way they did. Like they meant to get caught? And when I found the story and read that she is good friends with Prince William and went to the royal wedding – was kind of like, oh, she's one of them! Publicity stunt was what came to mind for me as well.

      • @sarah – yep you are right on target. Also, the other possibility for this stunt is to create a cause and effect scenario in order to create more strict laws. Meaning by creating this stunt to cause people to think there is a legitimate threat then the NWO lawmakers can write more strict laws and brainwashed people will go along with it…just like the Nazis did in WWII Germany creating false flags to convince people there was a real threat.

        The case in the U.S of Anthony Weiner is in fact a Masonic hoax- and the riots in Vancouver are a Masonic false flag event- if you got to the link below and then scroll down the website to the second photo- you will see a Mason flashing the corna hand sign at the Vancouver riots- this strongly suggests this is a staged false flag event:

      • Shirrah! Yes a mini little false flag to step up security in sleepy little English towns. Brilliant! Knowing how much the masses love their idols, I mean stars it will definately pull on heart strings as the majority will want to protect their beloved. Makes sense. I have been wondering about the Weiner thing: on the one hand I have read that these guys must experience some type of puplic humiliation to be 'initiated' to the next level, so that was on my mind. On the other hand, one of my friends and I have been keeping watch on how many politicians/world leaders are exiting main stage. Not all at once mind you, but I don't go a month without seeing someone 'retire', or 'step-down' or take a 'medical leave of absence' – even sell a company etc… Like the elite/ruling class are slowing going off the grid, or out least getting out of the spotlight? Maybe that is a bit too paranoid lol – but watch, it is happening. I just wonder if it is their gradual yet systematic exit stage before the main performance, hmmm. Disclaimer: my tin hat is really a bodysuit (like catwomen), newly accessorized with a 'lil vigi' cape.

      • SIRRAH!!! Oh my word! Thank you for that link. I"m laughing, shocked and frightened all at the same time. Would it be safe to say these are the types of useful idiots that will help TPTB implement martial law? I could not believe how many devil horns (confirms this is sinking into our conscience), how many just nasty faced, disgusting facial features some had, then flip side posing cheerily in front of the destruction. Amazing. If they can act this way when a hockey team loses, imagine what will be going on in the cities when the food, water and power lines are cut off. Yikes! Like a Walmart trample day after Thanksgiving times 1000.

        Especially sweet was the young couple who decided to lay down in the middle of the protest/police force and fires, to get it on – never a wasted moment those two!

      • I don't think mcfly are puppets. The singer is with the same girl for a decade, since school and that's a difficult task when you are young, without the riches and fame.

      • even thou they don't speak English in Brazil, they want to make us some how just to swallow all this s**t down through our throat πŸ™

        with the one eye sign and all this skulls symbols they don;t need to speak the language to sell the idea. Brazilians or any other people will just imitate whatever this singers are doing or dressing…

        i remember my friend calling her daughter in Brazil and asking here what was she doing and she said – Mom i am dancing lady gaga and probably dressing herself like her and god knows what else… and by the way she is only 9 years old.

        i was in shock and my friend was like… oh nice! she loves lady gaga. πŸ™

        i was in shock because despite this Illuminati crap, lady gaga is not a role model for anyone.

      • @sarah-

        "Like the elite/ruling class are slowing going off the grid, or out least getting out of the spotlight? Maybe that is a bit too paranoid lol – but watch, it is happening."

        You are very perceptive- I noticed that a while back- yes the main elites are exiting the public stage getting ready for the final showdown. many of them are selling assets and using the money to prepare their underground nuclear bunkers- moving their stuff around and preparing their families to go underground for the 2012 showdown. I know a year or so ago in Europe their was a major step-down of many power players they are turning things over to their patsys so they can retire to their 'end of the world' compounds and have a party or perhaps one last orgy before the all encompassing SHTF. Your suspicions are correct about this-

      • I suspected! In some of the survival and off the grid blogs I subscribe to it has been reported that there is a year and a half to two year wait if you want to have an underground bunker built. Popular structure of late.

      • @ giuolie

        That's a funny one though, saying Brazil's not an English Speaking Nation. I wasn't offended. I laughed when I read your reply. hahaha…

  73. ITS DISGUSTING.!!!!!!!

    if you look it non-symbolically it looks like those ''oh-so cool cartoons with colour and they all look groovy'' BUT when we look at it ITS HORRID!

    As @muslim said these people are preparing the world to accept the anti christ, lets hope this knowledege of the truth comes out!.

    • I felt uncomfortable and sick, so hypnotized that VC should give us a warning such as VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED…. Please please VC give a notice.

  74. To the powers that be..

    OK, We get it.

    Baphomet in almost every video from Ga Ga, Rihanna, Britney etc etc. (yawn yawn)

    One eyed symbol in loads of videos going back to the early days of Madonna and coming up to today etc etc. (yawn yawn)

    Mind control puppets, butterflies, dolls houses, rabbits, severed limbs etc etc. (yawn yawn)

    Now do us a favour and give us something else to look for. When you are awake and aware like most people here, the same old same old gets borrrrrring.

    Surely after thousands of years of secret societies, satanic rituals, and funny handshakes etc, you could give us the courtesy of at least trying to hide something in these videos which would tax our brains.

    Thanking you in advance!

    • I completely agree with you Matthew! Big sigh…more baphomets, butterflies, rabbits etc… would think they could come up with something a little more creative! I'm becoming so nonchalant about it (except with my boys). But alas!!! 'most people here' are still in the minority, unfortunately. I was down in SoCal walking around last week and so many of the little 'boutiques' had skull and bones displays. Even one kid store had a baby model sporting a skull and bones shirt, satanic lighting bolts on either side, which read 'Lil Sisters Rock" and I kid you not – the baby mannequin was sporting the devil horns!!! What the??? I think I sprained my neck walking passed that one as I simply could not believe my eyes!!! Picture the dude from 'They Live' the first time he put on the glasses, I think I looked like that… lol!!!

      Then so many kids I spotted with skull and bones sweatshirts, t's, shoes, etc… I live in the wild so don't see it in the day to day much, but man was I surrounded by it last week, just everywhere – grain of salt disclaimer would be that it WAS California!!! I was attending a wedding and in many of the pictures, quite a few of the people, my friends included, were pulling the devil horns sign in their poses – what? I've never seen them do that before! Being inundated with this stuff takes it's toll, seeps into the subconcious, desensitizes and normalizes it. Crazy!!! Devil horned baby mannequin….I heart just hurts for some of these kids who are out there (that I saw), with no protection against this wicked culture that is seducing them at such an early age.

      BTW – the music in this clip – that kind of repetitive techno has got to have some type of hypnotic affect, right? I am noticing it a lot lately.

      • F**k that place, its gonna burn. California has like 37 million people, Los Angeles has something like 5 million people, so for the rest of the people in California who work so hard to hold fire to the PIC feet, it is disheartening to be mocked…especially when you make a point NOT to go to the center of one big cheap tacky useless blob of collective narcissistic flesh…

        I believe when you contribute your American currency to travel there, you feed the system.

      • No way in hell I will miss my brothers wedding because of it friend. That nor TSA molestors (which I did not encounter) but I hear ya! I do! Next vacation……Idaho! Better?

      • Sarah, It is so sad to read what you have put there because it just re-inforces what i already know and that is this system of things has stolen the childhood from the young generation. Is it any real surprise then that they are angry and full of hatred?? I am not taking the very young ones but those at senior school. I am well aware that many kids have no respect for anyone let alone for themselves . Sadly the system is working perfectly – this is because its by design. I mean come on, check out lady gaga's breasts on one of her video's where they have machine guns attached to them! Now tell me that is not to de-sensatise our children to accept war and guns are good. In my honest opinion the real "heros" on this planet are the men and woman of the military who put their guns down, not point them at our fellow brothers and sisters. Much love to you Sarah and thank you for commenting.

      • i agree with harbie . im 17 and see all these illuminati symbols in the video, ive started to see an uprise in spirals in everything. its crazy how usic is incorporated with everything too, it goes so good together. theres nothing we can do but watch :/

    • @Matthew, you say that you are tired of it all. But that is just the point. They are shoving it in your face! The brand, the trademarks. And they are asking you, 'Well, what are you going to do about it???". They are basically goading those that are in the know, showing us that they are everywhere. It's a psychological thing. If they started switching up the symbols it would lessen the effect, don't you think?

  75. In the beggining the beings are chanting over a fire and Baphomet responds. At 00:16, Baphomet turns into a Falcon/Horus! 00:20 has mirrors alludes to alternate personalities. The craziest part is at 00:28, the beings have been sacrificed and their heads are placed over the fire place! Wow.

  76. They are purposely and blatantly putting it in your face! No shame in their game at all. This is becoming “the thing” to do because it will get people talking.

  77. Wow, baphomet's head with a hypnotic spiral in the middle of his forehead, and 2 pentagrams on his temples. Eyes everywhere, rabbits in the hypnotic spiral (Alice in Wonderland anyone)? They aren't even trying to hide this anymore. Rediculous! Also, Baphomet's head ends up over the fireplace on the mantle in the end in a sort of place of worship, where his hypnotic spiral continues to brainwash and hypnotize you in your own home, because you are watching MTV.

  78. 100% Sinister. Not a surprise at this point but extremely over top. Just wanted to share a special little eye open experience that happened yesterday. I simply went to buy a lighter and was handed a black BIC with just the face of baphomet on it. I kid not.

  79. SubhanAllah!!!

    Don't you see, in Islam it warns us about the one-eyed antichrist & their constantly promoting it everywhere so when the antichrist does arrive most people will accept and worship him. It's not by chance that you see a one eye symbol everywhere people, lets get back to our natrual disposition & praise & worship the one & only true Creature of the universe, the Lord of Jesus, Mohammed, Abraham, Moses, Noah & all the Prophets peace be upon them.

    Praise be to Allah!!

    • Ameen

      All the answers are in the scriptures; what Muslim said is bang on and what VC (who I admire so much) inteprets for us on this revelation of a website is only one part of the wider picture.

      To fully understand the Agenda of the Elite and why certain things are so important to them one must look across the spectrum – The Political Policies, The Economic Policies, The (anti) Religion Policies –> All drummed through to us by Popular Culture,

      I am not going to post anything further but I urge you ALL – Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Sikh, Hindu – including VC to watch The Arrivals an absolutely mindblowing documentary by a couple of open minded individuals:

      Through this we will realise the commonalities between us all and how the Elite have created divisions to ensure we remain divided, confused and obsessed with banalaties whilst they monopolise and hide the truth,


    • Interesting that a muslim would try to appropriate the obvious satanic symbolism of this commercial — considering the very opening of the ad features CRESCENT MOON WORSHIPPERS bowing before strange fire from which a spirit emerges. Get behind me satan!

      The word "Allah" comes from the compound Arabic word, al-ilah. Al is the definite article "the" and ilah is an Arabic word for "god." It is not a foreign word. It is not even the Syriac word for God. It is pure Arabic.

      • The word Allah comes from the Hebrew Eloh (one of God's names and singular for Elohim), spelt aleph lamed heh (ALH) which if pronounced phonetically will sound like Allah.

      • @T4c
        First of all the Arabic language is a Semitic language
        Second of all the word ilah means god but it is Not part of the name Allah
        Third of all orthodox Christian from Egypt to Ethiopia say Allah to refer to God.
        Remember Christ did not speak english he was Not European he was from the middle east so was all the prophets peace be upon them.
        As for your comment about a moon and a crescent…are you trying to be insulting here? Cause Muslims don't worship the Devil or the moon.
        The moon is used by Muslims for our calculations of the month which is quite accurate, besides we are waiting for the second coming of Christ just as much as Christians.
        Peace be in your heart

      • I find it strange that in the Koran their antichrist is one eyed. But Islam believes that the Antichrist is a GROUP of people. Extremist Muslims in the middle east that call Israel "Little Satan" and the U.S. "Big Satan"…. They probably see all of our media stuff through the Internet or other outlets and all they see is one eyes and sinful behavior being flaunted right and left everywhere and that makes them think WE are the Antichrist. The middle east is inflamed right now and the muslim brotherhood is praying for the destruction of Israel and the U.S…. In the Bible it speaks of an Antichrist, and the Islam's Koran speaks of a person that will come from out of nowhere in the midst of chaos to save Islam call "The Mahdi" or "The 12th Imam". If you compare the two you will see that our Christian "Antichrist" and Islam's "Savior" are the same being…..

        CHRISTIANITY-The antichrist will be an unparalleled leader in ability to speak and lead

        ISLAM-The Imam Al Madhi will be an unparalleled leader in ability to speak and lead

        CHRISTIANITY-The False Prophet will support the antichrist in deceiving the world into accepting and following the Antichrist.

        ISLAM- A "Muslim Jesus" will "return" and support the Imam Al Madhi in getting the world to accept the Imam Al Madhi and follow him.

        CHRISTIANITY-The Antichrist and the False Prophet will have a powerful army that will do great damage to the Earth in order to subdue it and follow them.

        ISLAM-The Imam Al Madhi and the Muslim "Jesus" will have a powerful army that will do great damage to the Earth in order to subdue it and cause everyone to follow them

        CHRISTIANITY-The False Prophet is described as a Dragon in Lamb's clothing

        ISLAM-The Muslim "Jesus" will come bearing the name that the world knows as the Lamb of God and yet teach Islam.

        CHRISTIANITY-The Antichrist and the False Prophet establish a New World Order

        ISLAM- The Imam Al Madhi and the Muslim "Jesus" establish a New World Order

        CHRISTIANITY-The Antichrist is said to "change the times".

        ISLAM-The Imam Al Madhi almost certainly will adopt use of the Islamic calendar for use worldwide, hence changing the times. It is a 12 month calendar of 30 days each with Muslims names.

        CHRISTIANITY-The Antichrist and False Prophet will adopt a universal and mandatory religion

        ISLAM -The Imam Al Madhi and the Muslim "Jesus" will institute Islam as the only acceptable religion.

        CHRISTIANITY-The Antichrist and False prophet will execute by beheading anyone who does not accept their religion

        ISLAM-The Imam Al Madhi and the Muslim "Jesus" will execute by beheading anyone who does not accept Islam. Beheading has been the official method of execution for Islam since the days of Mohamed and still is to this very day.

        CHRISTIANITY-The Antichrist will have a specific agenda to kill as many Jews as possible.

        ISLAM-The Imam Al Madhi and the Muslim "Jesus" will have an order from God to root out and kill all Jews.

        CHRISTIANITY-The Antichrist and False Prophet will attack and conquer Jerusalem. Interestingly enough all of the nations the Bible mentions as coming to attack Israel and Jerusalem (In Ezekiel) are currently Muslim nations

        ISLAM-The Imam Al Madhi and Muslim "Jesus" will attack and conquer Jerusalem in the name of Islam

        CHRISTIANITY-The Antichrist will set himself up in the Jewish Temple in Jerusalem as his seat of authority.

        ISLAM-The Imam Al Madhi will establish the Islamic Caliphate from Jerusalem. The Caliphate is a religious and political leader of all Islam and all Muslims. With the whole world having to accept Islam he will in effect be a world ruler from Jerusalem

        CHRISTIANITY.-The Antichrist will perform many miracles in order to deceive many into following him.

        ISLAM-The Imam Al Madhi will also be able to perform many miracles.

        CHRISTIANITY-The Antichrist will make a peace treaty with Israel for 7 years.

        ISLAM-The Imam Al Madhi will make a peace treaty with Israel for 7 years.

        CHRISTIANITY-Jesus at his second coming will defend Jerusalem and Israel from an attack by a coalition of nations led by the Antichrist and the False Prophet.

        ISLAM-Warns that the Dajjal, the Muslim Antichrist, will appear and fool Jews into thinking he is Jesus the Messiah and fight for them. The Koran warns Muslims to ignore everything he says and flee from him.

        The middle east is filled with riots and violence right now. The world is angry at us for our selfish spending. Whoever is behind the medias desensitization of the American population to grotesque entertainment and all of these symbolisms is trying to convince Radical Islam that America and Israel are the Antichrist. Keep an eye on Israel people Obama wants them to go back to the 1967 borders. I don't why but it's scary how similar these are!!!!

      • @bmass

        sounds like youre just here to start conflict among people of faith. I dont know what it is but sometimes I really feel ashamed about being a christian. I feel like anytime there are people ( especially muslims ) who talk about their own faith and try to bring us together by stating our similiarities there is always that christian douche who comes up and says NO we are different and we will NEVER agree. This is like the 50th time ive heard a christian try to spread hate against the Islamic faith by stating the christian anti-christ is the Muslim savior. When will people understand that if there is a supreme being, if you do believe in an almighty God, what makes you think he only created your people and the others are your enemy?

        We are all searching for the truth we are all trying to get to God in our own way and do good. Why do you have to hate on somebody else because their understanding of what may or may not happen is slightly different from yours. I do believe in God I was raised catholic but I have differing views from most catholics now that I am older. Most of what we all believe is really just conjecture, we cannot for certain know anything. All I can say is the only thing that is certain is that there is a lord and I know that he is watching over us… what are his rules? dont be a douche! simple as that.

        and by the way MTV sucks, they always have

  80. I have to say this spot is hilarious, in the way that most people understand it… to them it means nothing but cool cartoons, but for all I know, most corporations do not waste money on things that mean nothing. So the only other way I can see this, is by what the symbols I see in this.. such as the all-seeing eye, bahomet and the rabbits, with an illusion of tumbling down the rabbit hole (à la Alice in Wonderland).

    It's a sad day in today's reality when all these symbols are being shown to the masses, yet only a small percentile actually understand their meaning. And most of the people who actually know their meaning have stopped watching TV, where it seems that more and more of these type of skits are appearing, meaning less and less people get to truly understand what they are being visually fed.

    Maybe one day, I hope, people will finally become curious again and ask why? …

    • I think that such symbolism is more dangerous to us because of the way it is represented on here. Those of us who are informed about this consider such symbols as the baphomet and the all-seeing eye as evil, damaging, disturbing and scary – so whenever we see advertisements including these symbols, we immediately associate them with such negative feelings and thoughts.

      People who are uninformed about the meaning and background of such symbols simply don't associate them with anything in particular. They don't think it's evil or good – it's just interesting to them because of the colors and patterns. They are actually better off than we are.

      So in one sense it's "healthy" to be uninformed. Since I have become informed about such symbols, I have become increasingly paranoid and anxious – I've even questioned my sanity at times and I still do. I'm not religious nor "spiritual" in any way (I consider myself an atheist) but I am still very disturbed by this kind of imagery that is increasingly spreading in the mainstream media.

      • @Dissent Observer

        I too use to feel very paranoid – it completely changed my outlook of life, almost every part of my life became fragmented – very scary, for years i felt lost and lonely within my thoughts and could not understand why none of my friends could see all this too…. it is almost like being on The Trueman Show, everything is fake !!! i started to pray, i attended church, i started reading the bible, now i have nothing to fear, i am wearing the full amour of God. Pray and you will get answers and your fears will go.

        God Bless

      • There is no reason to be paranoid, all you have to understand is who put the symbols there and watch out for them when viewing other products. Why would one associate them with negativity, they are only symbols in the end. The only thing they really tell you is who controls that company, and that by watching/consuming those products your are part of their agenda.

        If anything, this symbolism is only good to us, because we are instantly alerted that product is no good.

      • before i started gaining this knowledge i was also an athiest. As u go along ur gonna start asking urself alot of questions and ur gonna start looking for answers. There is only one person/life force that has those answers, alot of us call him GOD

    • @ Joanna

      Please don't take this the wrong way – it's just my humble opinion that religion and the belief in God works as a placebo to people. I believe that if we put our energy in something we deem as positive and good, we'll also find relief in it – especially if it's a concept that we cannot quite understand and is of a "higher force".

      Due to the way I rationalize (which is mainly in a cynical and skeptical way), it is difficult for me to believe in a God and religion. There are many illogical and flawed concepts that I cannot agree with and therefor it just isn't for me.

      It has to be said that I wholeheartedly respect people who believe in God – as long as they abide the law and don't push their religion down my throat, I am appreciative and respectful. I also have to say that the subject of religion is very, very, VERY broad and my views on the subject cannot be summarized in a simple message like this – so take my message with a grain of salt. πŸ™‚

      • Dissent Observer, we all know the term "religion" is considered as a way to deflect facing the question of the nature of the condition of being alive. So forget religion and how about we stop calling that other concept God and call it an "intentful source".

        The oldest of our oldest ancestor from Africa (yes) watched what went down on Earth but mainly the sky. Symbols, numbers, math result. They had nothing but observable natural law. Science proves there is an "intentful source" in that there is a patterned message of information made available, a pattern observable by way of natural law, that appears to exist everywhere and intended to support progression of knowledge of life. If nature does not exist to be interpreted, why do we have eyeballs connected to an optic nerve?

        You enter into shaky ground when you suggest an ignorant person will do less harm than an informed person. Classic Athiest f**k up. You think because you remain ignorant to the fact that reality actually supports an intentful source, you know yourself and can provide knowledge to others. I disagree. Don't suggest people are better off not knowing about all of the counter-productive forces multiplying in society. Ignorance is not bliss, the end of your own life, you could physically be shown why. Proof of an intenful source is observable in nature, if you examine nature like a specimen with your evolved eyeballs, you will see. Then maybe you will realize that all the knowledge you imparted to others during you "athiest phase" (speaking from experience) was not productive to you or the person listening to you.

        I am not trying to be rude, I am trying to be respectful, but picture yourself as an eighty year old man, dying of disease and in pain…what do you truly feel?

        The trick is realizing that, rght now, you don't know what an eighty year old, dying, diseased you will truly feel, because reality (natural law) can impart a lot of knowledge and information on a person in 20+ years. Just as you don't have proof God exist, you don't have proof God does not exist. That is the Irony of athiest people, you are just as f****d up as religious people. Work hard to see true logic in nature and you will drop everything else other than KNOWING an intentful source guides natural law on Earth, thus life on Earth. No doubt in your mind…religion does not explain it. Giving up and caving into athieism does not explain it….Science will eventually prove it but the intent of that is currently being hijacked by elite in society.

        So people need to appreciate all knowledge imparted, we must seek it. Ignorance is not bliss, and besides, didn't Alexander Pope originate that stupid phrase?


      • @ face in the crowd

        I have no idea how you interpreted my message as suggesting "an ignorant person will do less harm than an informed person". No where in my message do I suggest that "ignorance is bliss", either. If you would like me to elaborate more succinctly just say so, because you seem to conclude much from my very limited reply. You also seem to believe that, because I consider my self an atheist, that I cannot see the flaws in the logic associated with it – again, I have to tell you that is false. Ironically, the straw man arguments that you've put on display make you look rather illogical.

        As for your metaphorical outlook on a deity and/or divine force – I understand what you're getting at but I do not believe in it.

        Have a nice day.

      • @ Dissent Observer

        No offence taken, but i could have written your post word from word about 6 months ago….. i think you may find you are at the start of a journey…….. keep seeing the evil but then after a while you will start to seek the good. I never believed in the Bible nor God and had the same view as yours completely until i asked God to enter my life and from that moment everything changed. I was always anti anything that i thought was mind control and i could not stand anyone preaching to me, but i came to the light after actually understanding the true whole meaning of God it is not a control element it is actual real feeling of the holy spirit …… you become fully awake and born again with the full understanding of God.

        God Bless, Peace and Love

  81. oh my God. I feel so creeped out and weird after watching that. This is SO obvious, yet I know if I tried to explain that to half of my friends, they'd write me off as insane. IT'S RIGHT THERE. Ugh.

    • I know, I've tried to explain it to a couple of my friends and they thought I was crazy! Despite all the research I've been doing on the occult and it's symbolism, it doesn't matter to them. I hope someday people will start to notice and ask themselves why these symbols are so prevalent in our pop culture.

    • I know…its tough trying to explain what you notice to your friends who are desperate to be cool rather than wary. D'you notice that hollywood always portrays the character who knows about conspiracies as a paranoid crackpot that we should laugh at…evil geniuses at work here…

      • O – on that note, my husband thought it would be really funny (so cheeky that one) to watch "Conspiracy Theory" with Mel Gibson. The movie is 14 years old, but so relevant to some of the stuff we learn about here. They totally make him out to seem like an unstable loon, but everything he is saying is what we now know to be conspiracy 'fact'! Ah ha! They always tell you first – but twist it. Anyways, in the flick they basically admit MK Ultra! And this would of course be 'why' he is so crazy. It was very weird to watch it now knowing what I know – in 97 I was probably high, enjoying my popcorn and hoping to see something blow up (oh the wated time).

      • Hey Sarah, Loved that movie. So funny to see how far us "nuts" have come. That movie was definitely representative of the 2nd phase of truth (then they ridicule). Today, we are clearly entering the 3rd phase (violently oppose) and because of the hard work of true patriots like yourself spreading the virus of truth far and wide, they don't seem to have the same strength and resolve they had in the past. We are slowly tightening the noose of truth around their necks. Keep up the good work.

        I value your opinion so I hope you like the new site. Just putting on the finishing touches. I was tossing around a few new slogans and one popped up that reminded me off you. "The Stone in David's Sling" other candidates are " The Star Gate of Truth" and "Read it or Die Trying" Please give me your honest opinion on them and help me not sound "nutty"

        Thanks in advance, AP57

      • @AP57 – you my dear, are one of my favs! And I love when you track me down lol! I cannot wait til we meet, this life or the next!

        One of my fav quotes:

        All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.

        Arthur Schopenhauer

        German philosopher (1788 – 1860) – the new format is as user friendly as it gets! And the video section, beats out netflix any day of the week! I have a list of must see's going myself. Thank you friend, so very much for your contribution!!!! We ride the same wave length, and I adore you and your family and wish nothing for the best for you all!!!! Emailing you now on the others!

        Hats off to one of my most precious American Patriots!!!! AP57!!! PHD in Reality! W/Luv!!!!

  82. My 13 yr old step son who has heard plenty about much of what VC blogs on came to me the other day to say "whoa, i downloaded the new katy perry song about aliens and i like the song but those lyrics are creepy." my question to the VC community is what do we do (other than educate) to protect our kids from their crazy. He's already told me he may be interested in a chip implant in hia brain id it meant vastly superior intelligence and the ability to play videogames whenever/wherever.

    • I am so proud of the younger ones becoming awake to this evil stuff, it can be less scary for them as they will grow-up knowing to stay away from it ……

  83. On Vimeo's website, the creators state "The concept for this spot came to us in a dream and we're still not sure what it all means. We worked closely with MTV's World Design Studio to create this spot which was based on the theme of sight as part of their first creative collaboration with 55DSL."

    "Came to us in a dream and we're still not sure what it all means…" Wow….

  84. I saw it already on the Dutch version of MTV.
    Wonder what would be MTVs reaction if you ask:


    Because seriously it says nothing comercial, only evil symbols.

    • I believe ads like this are preparing us for the great deception mentioned in Matthew 24:24. There is a deception being prepared that may throw everyone of faith for a loop. Some ministers believe that earth will host a very public visit of extraterrestrials. They may likely claim that they were the ones who planted us here thousands/millions of years ago. These ministers believe that they are not aliens from outer space but demons from the spirit world. In my 56 years I've seen paganism/new age beliefs grow exponentially. When I was a child and teen I would have been dumbstruck to see or know anyone with new age beliefs, now it is ubiquitous. The time is short.

    • yes your right, i saw this in the netherlands a while ago, theres also another commercial with pyramids and the all seeing eye but honestly is anyone actually suprised? I mene this is the network that is most single handedly responsible for dumbing down our youth with their quality programs like 16 and pregnant, jersey shore and all their other so called "reality shows". I cant even think of the last time i actually saw music on mtv and if you ever do it will be some garbage pushed by the machine. This channel is grooming our youth to be vain, materialistic, self-centered, egotistical people.

      • And when a new video comes out, it's always with a pyramid and a lighting bolt ( do you call it like that ? )

        I've seen it many times in Holland and you are so right about when do they actaullys how music?

        When they do show it, it's only Gaga, Katy Perry and the crap that comes with it.

        But I ain't suprised either, it's just normal for me now that this is on every day, every where you go.

        Only the people like us see it and the rest thinks it's ''fashion'' or ''cool''

        That's how they trick these childrens minds, pretending everything is a joke and they should stay stupid.. So the big ones can go on with what they have been planning for years.

        The youth doesn't know anything and they are very glad it is that way.

        Even the older generation has no clue, they believe everything they hear on television, as if the tv is their family member, friend or whatever.

        So naive, when they watch movies they can easily pick out the bad guy, the liar, the manipulator but when it comes to real life they expect everyone to be so honest.

        I just heard that Holland doesn't want to be called a multicultural community but Dutch and that's it.

        When you don't want to be like THEm, you're out

  85. I feel like my mind just got raped by all the symbolism. That is the craziest thing I've seen on here. Seriously though, I might just be imagining things but I have a headache now.

    • I stopped watch Moron TV when they stopped playing music videos sometime in the 90's. It appeals to the lowest common denomenator. It is like Black Exploitation Tv(BET). I never even knew of the freemasonic stuff and satanic crap until a few years ago, but I never really liked MTV or BET. I even have those channells blocked on my cable box, because they are completely useless to me.

    • I hardly watch any TV now since i can spot this Evil crap 10 miles away…… even the sickly smiles from news readers makes me want too puke. When you are awake to this Evil it becomes so transparent ….. it is everywhere …… search for the good, listen to your soul

      God Bless

  86. it's been aired for a while here in mexico, and since the first time i saw it, i scared the hell out of me!! o.O i mean can it be more blatant and people DON'T see it!!

    • It's hard to blame people for not knowing what's going on or be mad at them for being hypnotized and dazed from birth and brought up with equally hypnotized and dazed parents – we are all in that position. What I want to know however is where are the forces that should counter this? How is this an even battle of ignorant mortals of flesh and blood and invisible all seeing evil spirits of supernatural powers? Where is good?!

      • but some of them said, “No wonder he can cast out demons. He gets his power from Satan, the prince of demons.”but some of them said, “No wonder he can cast out demons. He gets his power from Satan, the prince of demons.”He knew their thoughts, so he said, “Any kingdom divided by civil war is doomed. A family splintered by feuding will fall apart.You say I am empowered by Satan. But if Satan is divided and fighting against himself, how can his kingdom survive?And if I am empowered by Satan, what about your own exorcists? They cast out demons, too, so they will condemn you for what you have said.But if I am casting out demons by the power of God, then the Kingdom of God has arrived among you. Luke 11 v 15 to 20

        These people have dealings with demons and Satan. The opposite to this is Jesus Christ, this is what they want the whole world not to know. When Jesus comes back He will throw the devil and all his demons into hell. Anyone who has affiliation with the devil will join him in hell at the end of time. According to the word of God, we have all sinned, so are ALL accountable of sinning before God. Therefore repent and turn to Jesus, and He will save you from ALL that is to come. Jesus is coming back for a holy church without spot or wrinkle (who have not defiled themselves of satanic influence in the world and who repent of their sins). Jesus will rapture (take from the earth) those who are living right before Him (living His Word, not just believing but practicing everyday). Than the world will be judged with the reigning of the beast. There will be a one world ruler (Satan himself is coming, just as God came in the form of man, Jesus Christ to save the world. Satan is coming to drag as many as who will believe his lies to hell with him). We cannot stop the one world government happening, its the judgement on the whole world the world for not believing in Jesus, but mocking and rejecting Him as God. There is still time to make the rapture, repent, turn from your sins, heartily amend your ways, with hatred of your past sins, for the kingdom of Heaven is at hand. If you decide to reject this message, not just you personally but whoever reads this message, please i beg of you, DO NOT TAKE THE RFID CHIP IN YOUR RIGHT HAND OR FOREHEAD, please, for than you alliance to satan is complete. We in Christ Jesus are sealed, branded with the Holy Spirit and this is what will set apart Gods kingdom and the devils at the end of time. "He required everyone—small and great, rich and poor, free and slave—to be given a mark on the right hand or on the forehead.And no one could buy or sell anything without that mark, which was either the name of the beast or the number representing his name." revelations 13 v 16 and 17. But if you do not make the rapture and you are left behind, do not take the chip implanted in you, repent and turn to Jesus. The judgement will be great on the world but he who endures to the end shall be saved. For Jesus will come back for you. They will put you in concentration camps and jails and kill and persecute all who love Jesus. Although your body may die, fear not for your spirit will be saved from hell, unlike those who kill your body. They will scream and want repentance in the lake of fire after the final judgement but it will be too late. Jesus said do not fear him who can kill the body and after do nothing, but fear (with respectful godly fear full of awe and reverence) Him who after the body is killed has the power to throw you into hell. “Don’t be afraid of those who want to kill your body; they cannot touch your soul. Fear only God, who can destroy both soul and body in hell. Matthew 10 v 28. Hell was not meant for mankind, but because people live the devil and have his characteristics, God has no choice according to His Word but to throw people into the lake. His word is true, and because He is a God that cannot lie, He has to do according to His Word. His word is final. Thats why if you repent, He will forgive you. Becareful, for there are many false prophets who will look to mis guide you. Christoanity, true christianty is not religious, but is Gods way of living. Religious people crucified Jesus and rejected Him. The wrod says we are all one in Christ Jesus, and in the bible there is NO roman catholic or jehova witness or church of england or anything else BUT christians. The devil loves division, hence the reason WHY there are SO many so called faiths. His plan from the very begining was to divide people to prevent them from knowing the truth, he is the father of lies, corruptness and deciet. But be cautious, for he goes around as a minister of light and would never show his true colours. Although the witchcraft around us is blatant, millions have no idea of it. Pray therefore to Jesus, that He would save people and wake them up from their strong delusion. We as people have allowed all this for our envolment in sin, sin makes the devil stronger, although people turning away from God and the new world order is all prophecy that has to pass. Repent, turn to God and allow Him to fill you with His Spirit, that you may be saved. Confess you need God in your life and live everyday for Him, please, i beg you. If the world ever found out the goodness, the grace and power there is in Jesus Christ we would run to Him. But because the world does not believe, judgement WILL come upon them, judgement and terror the world has never seen. Than the end will come. Your servant in Christ, Paul.

      • Hey Sofia,

        There is good, and God ultimately wins out. Also only God the Father is omniscient. Satan would like for us to think that he knows and sees all, but he doesn't. I am a dispensationalist Christian, who believes that this present age is drawing to a close. Satan knows that he has but a very short time and he enlists demons and people who sell out to him to do his bidding. This age grows increasingly dark and evil. Also the technology mentioned in the book of Revelation is here now and growing in use. We do live in interesting times, but according to Scripture, the Light (Jesus) will conquer the darkness. I have hope that I will be with Christ soon and see His reign in the next age. God Bless!

      • Paul Johnson your heart is in the right place. It's good to know people like you exist. God's love draws us. Be always blessed.

      • @ Paul Johnson

        Thank you for taking the time out to respond.

        I would like to remind you, however, that there was life before Jesus.

        Your answer suggests that before Jesus there was no good as the source of goodness can not be resigned to a historical figure of flesh and blood who 2000 years ago died on the cross lamenting: “Why have you forsaken me Eli?” There must be energies that are timeless and etherial. Yet there is more known about evil than about good. I am not questioning your decision to worship a Jewish man as god even though he was not recognized as a demigod until 300 years after the crucifixion and his story is told by a few men who say they were eye witnesses but can't agree on what they saw and heard. What you're asking us to do is believe not Jesus but what Peter Paul John or Matthew said. So while you advocate the bureaucracy that one needs to go through Jesus to reach God, you in fact need to go through apostles to get to Jesus first.

        It's like looking through a pile of maps and you have to guess which one is drawn up correctly and it may tell you how to get to where you need to go but does not guarantee that you'll get there.

        Regardless, this is a separate story that I was no enquiring about and my question remains unanswered as the signs and symbols of good are a no show and I'm sure you'll agree with me that images of crosses on Madonna's cleavage and Gaga's crotch can't count.

        If ''ask and it shall be given to you'' is true I ask the good forces to reveal themselves to all good souls that call upon them so we may acquire the knowledge, wisdom and skills and unite our efforts to send evil into a self-destructive mode. May we live to see this day!

      • The Illuminati elite are long range planners. Through a systematic process of observation and study they absorbed various shamanistic practices throughout varied human cultures to incorporate and successfully monopolize the field of human spirituality. This process required thousands of years of careful and dangerous research with the Illuminati priests moving ever further afield and deeper into indigenous human cultures to learn their magical practices.

        Once the indigenous magical knowledge of a targeted culture was absorbed in its entirety by the Illuminati priests the shamans of that culture were systematically disenfranchised from their own knowledge and destroyed.

        Once the indigenous culture has been uprooted from its shamanistic cultural roots the people of that culture are easily mind tooled through Illuminati mind control techniques to serve the invading New World Order. Nature worshiping and spiritual indigenous cultures are then transformed into materialistic consumer conscious cultures with little or no contact with nature and true understanding of spirituality.

        The Illuminati elite and its priesthood are steeped in the magical lore of the ages collected from the collective human shaman experience. Through their successful manipulation of human conscious and subconscious energies they have entrapped human consciousness in materialistic pursuits which presently threaten the continuity of the planet.

        Source materials; Man and His Symbols by Carl G. Jung

        Images and Symbols by Mircea Eliade

        Shamanisim by Mircea Eliade

        The Cosmic Serpent by Jeremy Narby

      • Yes Sofia…after hundreds of thousands of years of shining spiritual development and evolution of a single seed thought contained within the genetic DNA of human purposeful genetic mutation and breeding, the ancient shamans had perfected the symbolic mental science of astral travel to alien dimensions, and alien worlds, to include time travel backwards and forwards to any point in time they so desired.

        With the completion of the Great Pyramid and Giza pyramid fields the ancient shamans had at last achieved their ‘Great Work’, a living machine that could never be shut down, which would endure as long as the Earth endured, an eternal open window in time and space, through which they could project and travel in their astral forms, without instrumentality, exist and thrive indefinitely, in any alien astral world they desired to make their permanent residence… or temporary habitation.

        But the ancient shamans made a terrible mistake and a terrible curse was brought down upon them by the Heavenly hierarchy and celestial powers… the best example of which is the ridiculed and scorned work and literature of debunked shamanic writer and researcher Carlos Casteneda, who sadly repeated the error of the ancient shamans.

        “Power corrupts…absolute power corrupts… absolutely”.

        The door swings both ways…allowing the exit and the entrance of dangerous alien astral beings.

      • Thank you for checking in Yomael, I was going to message you but you'd logged off…it would be useful to have this post on the message board because so many of us have so many questions about these theories, furthermore it's easier to correspond there…some people here maybe a little confused about what we're talking about (: I can repost it there if you don't mind…

      • @ Yomael

        Re: "a living machine that could never be shut down"

        Perhaps their mistake was that they created Skynet?

        To be fair (and positive), we've got some great works going on, too. The iPad is a magical device!

        Thanks for this interesting bit. I'll have to read more about Casteneda.


    • @juan yeah that been airig on mtv latin america for a time now i think it started last year so its kinda old but its so scary :S

    • I've seen it too a long time.. And I immediately saw the symbols in it.

      It is great that VC shows this, I was thinking for a while should I comment about it.

      But now he has! And I think it's the best message for us to stop watching MTV like we used to.

      • i don't know why but i think jesus is protecting my mind i have comcast so i've heard stuff about CN(cartoon-network),Disney,nick,comedy central,MTV,vh1 being all Illuminati so ever time i try turning to those channels its says"one moment please" and it has some stupid little numbers on the bottoms then i get mad cause i can't watch the channels i dont watch futurama anymore cause that Cyclops and if i go on "On demand" and i try to watch it it says "Please disconnect and restart your cable or requested denied" then i just to beat the crap out my box and i be all like the f**k what just happen? but now i'm happy i learn how to live with it now thank jesus for doing that every day so my mind won't be sucked into all that

    • I know right! I thought this ad was only displayed in MTV latin america but no, illuminati can't just target latin people

      • the rabbits in there regurgatating other rabbits is symbolic for two reasons. 1.) the white rabbit represents distancing from the real world and allowing the monarch program to start. and 2.) the fact that it is regurgitating other rabbits is a way of saying yeah we're here and we're gonna spread our stuff through every generation. then at the beginning theyre worshipping fire, fire is highly believed to be the foundation of "hell", then a baphomet skull pops out and sends them on a journey. through the mind. and you see one being taken apart like a nesting doll, another spilling her endtrails, symbolically meaning he's giving everything to the cause, and then at the end of the video you see the head of the people on the wall next to the baphomet skull representing their minds not being with their bodies which means that they have succeeded through the monarch programming and are now slaves because they have no control of their body. making sense now?

    • And what's even more messed up is I went to the vimeo website where they have this video and the description says they 'worked closely with the MTV Design studio to create this ad' and that 'they don't even really know it means, it came to them in a dream'….are you effing kidding me. I'd love to work in one of these departments and here someone pitch this concept for an ad, I don't think I could not punch them right in the face. Oh and here's the link to the vimeo site.

      • @jinx…I feel what ur saying, we have to build an army first….. The percentage that dont understand is bigger than the percentage that do. peep urself what percentage is u? – jay-z

    • Allllrighty, then….that wastes no time in hammering in the big three–bull skull, eyeball, and rabbit/rabbit hole *smh*

      • @ joanna and obelisk.

        I have read some of your comments joanna and havent always agreed but i think this is a brilliant idea to support. The mainstream sites are were the sheeple get their so called "news", so if one "sheep" (persay) reads a comments that alters the way he views the world than that is one more person enlightend to the facts. I have come to the realization that it is our duty and obligation to do something, we can sit back and keep learning till were blue in the face but until we unite and take action nothing will change and it will be buisness as usual for the elite and their plans of a new world order.

        obelisk thanks for the laugh, i couldnt have said it better myslef. Good luck proving that theory kyle.

    • wait…….what…………..did…i…..just………….watch?………i feel soo………dumbfounded………right now……..what…….was…that..huh?Mtv is evil………..what…… eyes. i feel like i've been visualized r** it me or i just see a deer…or was that a bunny i saw the horns …..i don't why i feel soo stupid right now………can somebody please just explain to what was that i just watched,……….what let watch it again i think i was staring to hard…..huh?


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