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MTV’s Baphomet & All-Seeing Eye Ad (video)



This spot called “MTV Sight” will be shown on MTV’s 63 channels worldwide. Do I really need to spell out of the symbols in there? (For more information on Baphomet, read the article entitled Who is Baphomet?)



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There is another commercial out on MTV, they are "Think Martial Law" commercials. They show soldiers taking over a subway station/busting down people's doors and taking people away at gunpoint. At the end of the commercials it simply says "THE HOLOCAUST HAPPENED TO PEOPLE LIKE US". Are you kidding me? I posted this on my fb as well, thinking it would get some kind of response. Nope, I just don't get it, In my mind this is an incredibly pressing issue. i just wish people could see it 🙁


I am currently reading through the comments on the Vimeo page of the video and i am shocked by the responses that this… trash has gotten. All the people are talking about is how "Its so good" and "physcodelic" I honestly do NOT see how this is not Blatent to them. "We love your dreams!" Ha! More like "You need to see someone cuz those dreams are so NOT healthy!"

Bobby B

I see alot of people stating that we should not only make ourselves knowledgable on these matters, but that we should also make better strides in uniting ourselves in taking action so that we can level the playing field. I've always thought that the elite of the world hold too much power over us because they have such an extensive network of societies and organizations to discuss events behind our backs. This is why I've created a Charter for a society geared toward the common person. The society is called The Society of The Self-Governed Citizen. I think sites like this and others do great in spreading the message and I commemorate The Vigilant Citizen on his dedication, but until we can have a formidable congregation that spreads the land we will fall prey to them. This Society is founded on logic and Naturalistic Morality alone, and all people's voice will have the same weight, founder and member alike. The charter goes into greater details the ideals of the group, but they are identical to the ideals of people like you. I can post the charter on here if you guys would like, and Vigilant Citizen I would love any… Read more »


I was watching Adult Swim tonight and seeing more and more Masonic symbolism. In one commercial, there was a number of black and white patterns, a single eye, and an owl with black and white hypnotic swirls in the eyes. The one that just came on was a weird looking man riding on a rocket and flying straight into a Black Hole. Even the new episodes of Aqua Teen Patrol Unit has Pyramid like cell phones mating with each other and multiplying, and turning everyone on the cartoon into a pyramid…this imagery is infiltrating everywhere.

Nice Guys

Did anyone else not finish watching that? HOLY CRAP….

show this ad to your freinds, then ask them what it means. when they come up bubkiss, tell them the truth, start out slow like "why have a horned beast? why not a f-----g television? i mean wouldn't make sense, since its a TV SHOW. then lay it on em. show them this website, then testimonies like Svali, Kathy O'Brien and Brice Taylor. show them all the youtube videos! UNPLUGGING CAN BE DONE! WE UNPLUGGED! WE CAN DO IT


I am thinking that this advert is pretty much saying, hey we own you and through our shows we will convert you. The rabbits, the hole. It's known that certain frequencies have the ability to hypnotize, brainwash, program; it is also known that such things are being implemented against the people. The ad says… We are the illuminati and we are programing you to accept baphomet. Im still trying to figure out the colors…. Orange and blue… The complimentary colors in this case have no sense of harmony.
There is no sense of inner order here, in fact its all really chaotic. Perhaps just a lil reminder that the illuminati will bring order from chaos?

this guy

Chakras are essentially spiritual energy conduits placed through out our body. Orange is the color of the sacral chakra, associated with sexuality and blue is the color of the throat chakra associated with the ability to express oneself (obviously a reference to speech). Sexuality and voice surrou images of baphomet and his worshippers? Sounds like MTV to me.


I felt hypnotised watching that.

Never will I ever lay eyes on that video again.


Wow, itz so priti obvious nw dat d music industry ain't wat it used 2 b any more n we gotta b rly careful n choosy on wat we listen 2 @ dis present era. Itz not a coincidence dat all diz recent music sound kinda similar n display similar signs dat obviously mean smfin.


scared me…



what the actual f--k? I saw this on tv the other day & I couldn't believe my eyes


Its very simple,the bapnhomets and the occult Elite's main purpose and goal is to brainwash the new generation with sublimminal mind control programming, They just want to pollute and contaminate our minds, but we need to perceieve with insight and acknowledge what their occult message represents and which clearly states they only want to control our minds, as you can see in the video the puppets rituals are clearly invoking the spirit of lucifer, and he manifests in the visible realm to control the puppets minds (humanity) and controling them with hallucinations they are in magical lala land , it looks comical, but in reality its very dark,occult,and wicked.THIS IS WHAT THE PRODUCERS AND ARTISTS ARE TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH IS TO CONTROL HUMANITYS MINDS WITH THEIR OCCULT DARK MESSAGES.SO TO ALL THE VIEWERS ,DISCERN AND UNDERSTAND THE DARK SPIRITUAL LEVEL OF THE MESSAGE, MTV IS AFCOURSE THE ELITES FAVORITE MEDINA MARKETING CHANNEL THEY ARE SO DIABOLICALY CONFUSED THEY NEED TO THROW MESSAGES THAT WILL EDIFY NOT DESTROY AND POLUTES OUR MINDS…..


Dang, I'm scared to even watch this. I know about all the evil symbolism in things, but I don't want it to get in my subconscious and be burned in there forever. It's sad that you have to think twice before you can even look at something now.


Is just my imagination or the people making the rite are singing "Bunga-Bunga"?


Oh please like this is a suprise.You know MTV is f----d up.They're encouarging young girls that if they get pregnant they can have they're own show.And did you see those other commercials like the christmas commercial and the one of JUST the eye and the pyramid.So ya……..MTV Illuminati…….No big news……….


Wow, you can even hear the sheep at the end…./=


Can someone please tell me what this has to do with music and music videos. Smh. People know what they're doing. This is sick.


I'm Glad an article like this finally reached Vigilant's website…Because i've seen just as creepy commercial being pumped out at wee ours of the morning by Adultswim as well if you search them on youtube you see how similar they are my little sister even asked the question "whats with t.v. and their interest in cyclopses all of a sudden?" It's a shame we all can't just wake up and connect dot,sinister elements at play here.


Anyone else notice the phoenix appear from the fragments of the baphomet skull when it separates and breaks apart at 0.16?


It's already in heavy rotation in Latin America a few months ago.

I was so disgusted I changed the channel.

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