Mock Human Sacrifice Ritual Caught on Video at CERN (video)


A video surfaced online of a strange ceremony taking place at CERN where hooded individuals gathered around the statue of Shiva and staged the ritual “stabbing” of a woman dressed in white.

The video, shot from a nearby building, shows several individuals dressed in black hoods, entering the main square of the world’s top physics lab and partaking into an occult ritual culminating into the stabbing of a woman as a “human sacrifice”.

Here’s the video.

The ritual took place in front of the statue of Shiva.

This statue of the Hindu god Shiva stands at the entrance of CERN, where the large hadron collider was recently reactivated. Shiva is also known as “The Destroyer” – his duty is to “destroy worlds at the end of creation and dissolve them into nothingness”. This is a strange addition to a scientific building, but not the only strange symbolism associated with CERN.
This statue of the Hindu god Shiva stands at the entrance of CERN, where the large hadron collider was recently reactivated. Shiva is also known as “The Destroyer” – his duty is to “destroy worlds at the end of creation and dissolve them into nothingness”. This is a strange addition to a scientific building.

Shortly before the re-launch of the large hadron collider, CERN released a bizarre video entitled ‘Dance of Destruction’ which gave the scientific event a dark and ritualistic context (the video also features a someone dressed in black ‘sacrificing’ someone dressed in white).

Earlier this year, Switzerland hosted another massive occult ritual: The opening ceremony of the Gotthard Base Tunnel in Switzerland (read my article about it here).

The ceremony culminated with the mass worship of a goat man.
The ceremony culminated with the mass worship of a goat man.

A CERN spokeswoman confirmed Wednesday that an investigation has been launched following the release of the video filmed at night on its Geneva campus. In an e-mail sent to AFP, the spokeswoman wrote:

‘These scenes were filmed on our premises, but without official permission or knowledge. ‘CERN does not condone this type of spoof, which can give rise to misunderstandings about the scientific nature of our work. The ‘investigation’ under way was an ‘internal matter’.
– Mail Online, ‘Human sacrifice’ ceremony at Geneva’s CERN laboratory – involving cloaked men ‘stabbing a woman’ at night – is investigated by chiefs at world-famous science centre

The spokeswoman however confirmed that the area where the ceremony took place was highly secured and that the people in the video most likely carried CERN IDs.

‘CERN IDs are checked systematically at each entry to the CERN site whether it is night or day. ‘CERN welcomes every year thousands of scientific users from all over the world and sometimes some of them let their humour go too far. This is what happened on this occasion,’
– Ibid.

While some state that the video is “fake”, a “prank” and product of young people doing it for the “LULZ”, one cannot deny these facts: (1) The ritual actually took place (2) At night (3) In a highly secured area at CERN (4) By people who had CERN IDs (5) Who took the time to obtain necessary wardrobe (6) And stage this ceremony. Why was someone randomly filming the CERN square before any of this even happen? That is something to look into.

No matter what were the actual intentions behind this ritual, the end result is the same: It is yet another strange, ritualistic event associated with CERN.

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do you feel that too people..????

I feel dissociated and connection with viiiibes…!!!!

So, not sure if this is true because the video does look fake; only because of the end, however it is odd that these people would have CERN ID’s, I guess CERN knows since there should be ambient serveillance…ANYWAYS, a woman named Maja Franziska Brandli, age 29 is the victim stabbed in the video. Can anyone verify?

Totally, i cant sleep properly, and its feel so awkward sometimes

Yes and I agree with Asher. I have lost track of the amount of times I’ve said “It’s fulfilling the Bible every single day and it’s only going to get worse”. I’ve tried and tried to talk to people about what’s really going on, even to fellow Christians. People just look at me like I’m crazy, though. It’s really sad and scary just how many people are completely unaware and are being deceived. Darkness and evil are rampant in this world now.

Yes, they have conjured up some very bad mojo and its coming down the pike. Prepare or flee.

I can’t agree more. Actually investigating it with some truth seekers, seems like we have parasites on our backs, sucking our energy out. I felt disgust toward humanity, hatred toward the innocents and so on, and it’s definitely not like me.

I often feel the same. And parasites too. Like if something’s on my head

You need to pray. God will protect you.

Council of Africans United for the Truth in Christ
Look things are accelerating towards darkness and destruction more rapidly. Those of you with a sense of these things will know that. But its as Dixie says – we are obligated to warn others. And I am a Christian so my God and Lord Jesus Christ had already warned me as His disciple that these things would take place. His Spirit writes through the apostle Paul, “But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blaphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the form of godliness but denying its power. And from such turn away . . . Always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth….. But they will progress… Read more »

Love it! God Bless you!

The camera is rolling in advance. CERN admitted they knew the people in the building had “Visitor Passes”. The camera stops at the moment of attack. The shot is framed perfectly on Shiva. Come on people

2 Timothy 3:1-5 is exactly what I’m thinking about the world aswell! Ive seen this since the 90’s and its accelerating VERY fast since around 2007. We’re getting there.

CERN runs right over the ancient temple of Apollyon…

Apollyon = Abaddon = Destroyer = Shiva = Destroyer

It is gratifying to see another Follower of Christ so well versed in world religions and the occult but not led astray by the knowledge, and then root analysis in scripture. Your insight (from the Holy Spirit revealed to be discernment) and love fosters an opportunity for dialogue with those who might not otherwise hear. Those with religion of any tradition need to stand firm together against darkness. The choice is always free to each man or woman.

May the Lord bless you in your ministry, Council.

This is literally so brilliantly stated!

What is? What are you referring to?

They want to blow open hell and reintroduce demonic spirits into their giant bodies. These giants will be used to enforce the mark. They also want to open a portal for fallen angels to descend to earth from Niburu planet. This army will be fierce. Perilous times is an understatement. It will be hell on earth. Don’t take the mark. It contains recombinant DNA that will assimilate with yours and make you a beast. You will be LOST! Accept Yehushua Jesus as your savior and do not betray your brethren, no matter their ethnicity.

You’re f*****g nuts bro!

Your knowledge is highly interesting to me! Where can i learn more about this? My name on the forum is Vixy.

Recombinant DNA? Like in Devilman Lady manga?

So well said!!!!! Thank you!! God bless you

Absolutely. And I don’t think it’s just coincidence. I have felt it strongly, especially at night, as well; a few others around me have mentioned how things just seem to be “getting worse” lately, too. “Stay vigilant and alert…”

Mars and Saturn have been closely conjunct for at least a week now, and for at least another. Expect continued strangeness, and possibly an “event”.

I do!! yes I agree with you especially at night!

It’s a disturbance in the atmosphere. Those who can feel have an obligation to warn others. Heartbreaking work, really. Folks are damn near dead these days. Spiritual zombies.

The fact that this ritual was able to last as long as it did–in the open courtyard of CERN which, according to them, is secured and not accessible without proper clearance–suggests that far more of the organisation was aware of and permissive of what took place, if not involved themselves.
If this really was just a hoax put on by mischievous scientists (which raises serious red flags itself!), how would security have let them get away with this several minutes’ long ritual, under the bright courtyard lights, in front of the signature statue of CERN, without any interruption?
I doubt most typical places with night security would have endured even a minute of several black-robed figures marching in synchronised and proceeding to perform some bizarre rite.

Should take all of one minute to look up the records on which badges were used to access the facility

I thought that was so obvious.
But let’s wait untill Gore has a thing or two to say about this, shall we?

definitley. when i was 16 i sat in the asheville courthouse courtyard with my boyfriend at 9pm and security guards made us show ID and kicked us out. this was in the mid 90s in podunk NC. not near a supercollider in the days of terrorism, etc. infuriating how stupid they think we are. btw, this is super eff*d up.

They all are probably illuminati members. This is standard behavior for them. They knew about it. Remember, they lie.

Symbols mean things. Nothing that is built is done so simply because it looks good.

Obviously staged and leaked to public on purpose. The “cameraman”‘s acting is laughably bad, remind me of some of the faked CNN newscasts. The real question is what the purpose of staging this is. Think about it. Is it likely that CERN employees would go to the lengths of dressing up – at night – just for the specific purpose of getting a good laugh at the tin foil community? If so, that’s pretty cynical of them, because that means they’re poking fun at people they view as mentally disturbed. That would be a pretty shitty thing to do and it doesn’t fit well with the idea that the employees at CERN are probably pretty smart people. On the other hand, the confusing thing about this is why they would leak a video that is so clearly fake/staged. Anyone able to put two and two together can see this was… Read more »

The hipster generation would. They’re all about, what now, 30-35? About the right age for CERN scientists, I’d imagine…even they are only carrying on the more cynical aspects of the hippy (or “counter-hippy”?) movement, before them.

In the documentary, ‘Particle Fever’ the following is lifted from the dialogue from two of the “pretty smart people” from CERN @ around the 00:31:30 minute mark: Okay, now I’m going to just do something fun. Just do something fun. What would be fun? No, don’t write “hell.” It’s a public… All right, I’m sorry! – How about that? – There we go. (Source) Burning or drowning witches is never a good idea. Love those who mean you harm as much as those who don’t. Have love in your hearts, not fear. I do not agree with, nor perpetrate, slavery, genocide , or pushing my beliefs onto others. I trust that there is someone watching who only has my best intentions in mind. I have faith in the source of all that is that everything is as it should be and that everything will turn out better than best.… Read more »

FYI, that form of Shiva is called Nataraj, “the cosmic dancer”, and who performs the 5 actions: creation, sustenance, dissolution, concealment, and grace. Nataraj depicts elemental functions, not any kind of scary, malevolent “destruction.

No idea what to make of that ritual, however. Human sacrifice is not usually associated with any depiction of Shiva – one of the fierce forms of the Goddess, such as Bhairavi or Kali, might have been more apropos. Guess they just made do.

If the physical universe is Maya, the big illusion, then Shiva provides a service to embodied souls when he turns the universe into nothingness!

First, I am a bit appalled that this comment thread devolved into a ‘my religion is right’ debate instead of a ‘we know the Elusive Brotherhood exists and they aren’t hiding anymore’ belief that should unite us into believing in positive goodness. If the statue really depicts Nataraj (I believe so?) then the description of the five actions are even more interesting. Doesn’t the Elusive Brotherhood love portraying themselves as gods, who make a false image that they create, sustain and give grace to us while under concealment and with the intention of dissolution of the people (correct me if I use the words wrong)? As far as I can see, it’s the idda that matters more than anything else. We can have an endless debate as to whether Shiva is a demon or not, but we can all be sure that the goddess Shiva has been associated with destruction… Read more »

“I am bit appalled” … are you the forum police or something?

“The Ten Commandments” sculptures are taken down outside Western World courthouses so not to blend The State with Religion, yet CERN can place a big ol’ statue of a Hindu deity outside of their building and that’s respectable and edgy because it’s not Christian.

How long do these Luciferians think they can continue pulling this coup off without the knowledge of the general population?

There is supposed to be separation of church and state on the united states. CERN is not government, nor on the united states.
Also, satanists come as the opposite of Christianity. Satan is a creation of the Christian God.
Shiva is God in Hinduism. A beautiful religion, which, is far more peaceful than Christianity has ever been. Lucifer is not apart of the Hindu stories.
They are not connected.

thank u!

It has a beautiful metaphysic discourse in it , granted, but the stale claim of Christianity as “THE VIOLENT RELIGION” is such a ridicolous strawman. All movements have had problems with extremism and violence, wheter they were divinely mandated or man made, because they always have as their historical expression fallible men in the best of cases aided by grace. Also, there is no “Christian God” as an entity in the world that is like a flying invisible fairy that invented Satan and is antagonistic to other gods, God is That Which Is By Itself With No Other Cause, not the “top of those who exist”, similar but the different to the Advaita Vedanta concept of Ishvara but conceived as apart from the created world, not dependent on it, or as in Tantrism a Shiva united with Shakti. Satanists are imbeciles that come as the opposite of… Read more »

Agreed. These people haven’t traveled enough to realize everyone is the same. As above so below, so the same fake snake people that use you in high school exist in higher circles like politics or the entertainment industry. The world is a joke the only way to true freedom is through gangsterism apparently.

American taxpayers invested in the CERN collider; our government did so on our behalf. If you weren’t aware of that, you are now. Luciferians are not Satanists, though Christians will not see much of a difference between the two. Luciferians believe a figure — alien or otherwise — described in the Christian bible as “Lucifer” or in Greek mythology as “Prometheus” brought enlightenment(“fire”), advanced knowledge to the Earth and jump-started humanity. They believe he is a figure or representative of a philosophical ideal to be revered. Many who identify publicly as atheists can in actuality be practicing Luciferians but either enjoy the secrecy or feel they’d be misunderstood and judged based on their belief system. I never said nor implied they were Hindu. I did imply that part of the agenda of high-powered, elite Luciferians is to denigrate or reduce the influence of Christianity around The World and part of… Read more »

He jump-started humanity so well that this planet is almost done with, pollution, war, mass extinctions. Go on, blame it all on the enemies of lucifer, lol.

To me, the presence of a Shiva statue in a swiss country lab is more revealing than a possibly fake video of a fake sacrifice.

Read up on the partition of India, Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims did unspeakable things to each other, soldiers and reporters that had witnessed inside Nazi death camps said they saw worse atrocities being committed in India at that time…

Not so, sir. He is know there as Rahu, the leader of asuras (demons). Plenty of analogies available.

Rahu has nothing to do with Shiva. Nor is he considered leader of the Asuras. Rahu is an astrological deity that represents a certain energetic, present in both the world and in ourselves (“as above, so below”.)

Are Asura’s the ones that like to rule the world?

I was just going to comment along these lines. Thank you for your vigilance!

It’s a shame to see how this webpage has been utterly damaged by the stupidity of Christian and Muslim fanatics. Calling other religions and their beliefs satanic. You’re the satanic ones! afterall, these stupid fanatics are the ones obsessed with this satan archetype.

Either way, it’s still a depiction of a demon in front of a “secular” scientific building. They’re up to no good, and demon worship has always been negative, I don’t care what characteristics it’s supposed to support or symbolize. It’s evil regardless of its intent.

Demon? What are you smoking? Shiva is a name given to your own pure awareness. You/he is performing the 5 cosmic actions at every moment, within your own awareness. He’s considered the God of destruction because when you become aware of Him (your own pure awareness), all else falls away.

You so-called Christians ought to get out more. Regarding evil: “the world is as you see it”. If these individuals are indeed performing something shady, then they will get to experience the karma for that. Leave Shiva out of it.

You say leave Shiva out of it but Shiva is literally in the middle of the ritual lol okay.

Seriously. The paranoia and calling everything they don’t believe “demonic” is getting Middle Ages ridiculous.

And the attempt to understand foreign systems is such new age bullshit. FOH let me run my land in peace.

All those hundreds of god’s and goddesses of the Hindu religion are part of the Fallen ones. Much like the Greek and Roman and Norse god’s, they were real at one point, teaching man things like embalming, abortion, warfare like martial arts (Tubal, a descendant of Cain, first learned this along with inventing the sword), and human animal hybrid cloning, which is happening now as well. Antediluvian people knew things, had technology, and we’re corrupt because of these demons. They even bred with humans, creating a race of giants. In Deuteronomy, there’s a kingdom of giants that the Hebrews kill, and the kings bed was 14 feet long and 6 feet wide. So, even after the Flood, these abominations survived, and with them, the legends of the Fallen. And last I read, Hindus were murdering and maiming Christians in bulk. You get out more.

Well said. Regarding “Fallen” Angels I believe “fallen” is a mistranslation for “Descended” and “angels” means beings who came from the sky. Beings who descended from aircrafts no different from a pilot descends from an aircraft today. The planet they came from had all the knowledge of technology that they’ve only begun to share with us in the last hundred or so years.

But how can anything, but Noah and the beings in the Ark survive if God killed everything and everyone else?

> All those hundreds of god’s and goddesses of the Hindu religion are part of the Fallen ones.

Completely off. Devas and asuras in Vedic universe are on the opposite sides in the eternal conflict of light and darkness, good and evil. Shiva is generally on the devas’s side. Rahu is the leader of asuras, otoh.

Wow, okay. You are right about Hindus murdering and maiming Christians. I’ve never heard of Christians murdering or maiming the denizens of other religions – oh, wait….

I guess that’s what happens when people people worship a victim – they all identify as a bunch of victims themselves.

By the way, as someone who lived for several years in India, I’d recommend that you might not want to subscribe to cockamamie theories about Hindu gods promulgated by fundamentalist Christian agitators. There are better ways to feel good about yourself and your choices than making everyone else into the bad guy.

Honestly I up voted you a few times but this is where you learn a lesson. Your “hindu” religion is purely information boxed into a nice neat package by your masters the brits. FOH you know not a damn thing about the history of this world. Even “arabia” is a British exonym. Your posts wreak of this “everything’s okay” bullshit vibe. As if christians are maniacs. Real christianity DERIVES from catholicism aka francmasonry aka luciferianism and it is so above you, you wouldn’t even know where to begin. Answer me this, have you ever broKen a law, been arrested, gone to jail?

Hear hear. I’m sick of the complete demonization of anything non-Christian. It’s baffling and so blatantly ignorant.

Some people might charge the idea of Shiva with negative, power hungry energy, but that does not mean that that is what the deity truly is. Human sacrifice is done for the promise of power, but millions of other people in the world do not worship Shiva in that light.

Christians and Muslims comment on this site regularly saying that other deities are evil and demonic, but are Christians not supposed to be tolerant and forgiving? You portray your religion in a bad light with the negativity you spew at others’ beliefs. The two dominant religions of the world are not innocent in history, if any of you need reminding, no religion is. Your accusations and assumptions towards something you do not understand or want to understand only portrays your ignorance.

No, that ritual is a corruption of the meaning of the statue. Shiva is anything but ‘demonic’; it is the primary Hindu name of God–not the “Christian God,” the “Muslim God,” etc., just God. There’s only one Divine Creator, no matter what different human languages and cultures call it.

Regardless, it is a conspicuous and curious religious statue in front of an ostensibly secular place. Few communities are generally more atheistic (in outer appearance) than modern scientists, especially in Europe. So for a statue of a Hindu deity to be prominently displayed–so prominently to even be practically a symbol for the place–is extremely curious and warrants some suspicion.

I’m sure it’s a reference to Robert Oppenheimer’s quote “I am become Death, destroyer of worlds,” from the Bhagavagita after the first atomic bomb test. The kind of atomic forces unleashed with that explosion are the same ones being explored scientifically at CERN.

the baggyvagina what?

Lmao you ignorance is amusing. Its Baghavad Gita.

No, it’s Vegeta and Goku from DBZ lol.

dude if you look closely at the video you can see what looks like a robe in the cameraman’s reflection on the window that he’s filming through. he’s obviously in on it ,and i’d personally go a lil further to say that the video was likely some kind of “humblebrag” where they wanted to be like =P at what they’re able to do (and especially the when and where) not to mention, i’m assuming that CERN has some sort of security where you prolly gotta go in through a security checkpoint with metal detectors, x-ray machines, or something (let alone on the way out, which might be an even bigger deal) so don’t you think that all these people walking in/out of CERN with goofy black ritual robes would cause the security guard/s to go “WTF?” — so most likely they either store these uniforms there (which would suggest “for… Read more »

This is gross. Thank you for posting though. People need to see how messed up the world is. They need to be enlightened on the present issue. I am a vicitim of MKUltra and I have been through hell and back with dereprogramming. This type of stuff is very real and the people need to be educated on the type of s**t that’s going on all around them. Too many people are so busy with life they are blinded. Sad.

I\’d rather not to say. I am very interesting in dereprogramming myself. Can you send me some info or help. Thanks.

Psalms 115: 4-8: “Their idols are silver and gold, The work of human hands. A mouth they have, but they cannot speak; Eyes, but they cannot see; Ears they have, but they cannot hear; A nose, but they cannot smell; Hands they have, but they cannot feel; Feet, but they cannot walk; They make no sound with their throat. The people who make them will become just like them, As will all those who trust in them.”

What is the source of this video? Why is it in public circulation?

You know what baffles me, how did the guy that took the video know to be here at just the right time and what made him do it? Let’s forget about the context for a minute. Start at the beginning and THINK why this is even out there?? Look at the first 20 seconds of the video …. nothing is happening so what made him continue to focus at that spot? Deception upon deception upon false flag …… This is staged and the question is … by whom and why?

Those were my exact thoughts. We know these people had access to a secured area to perform a ritual but context aside, it seems the people who performed this WANTED it leaked possibly as a method of disclosure. These people are so strong and have the entire world under surveillence so now they feel comfortable revealing themselves to the public. Just like truth and future events to come are revealed in movies and television shows.

His reaction seemed genuinely afraid. But it does seem that he began filming early lol.

The debate about whether or not this was a joke, does not detract from the possibility that people with such responsibility, think contemptuous, mass deception is so funny. Those who are Christian know that it is one of the fundamental aspects of Christian faith, that deception will never come from God. If something is asking you or commanding a people to deceive, even if it is for the “glory” of a deity,in Christianity, it can not be from God.

I did some things for lulz in my day, but this wasn’t one of them.

Why are they investigating the release of the video and not the ‘staged’ ceremony? This is not adding up!

It seems that the person filming is wearing a black robe as well… it’s hard to really say from the reflection on the window, but I would think they are in on it and it sure cannot be just a joke as they claim.

This is totally effed in that the person filming had to be in on it. But why? Are we supposed to be made aware of the darker nature of CERB from people on the inside?

If it is genuine, it could be that it was deliberately made public for the same sort of reasons that other dark things of the so-called-elite are made public. Whether for sympathetic magic, mind control, feeding off our fear, or whatever it is, they have this track record of broadcasting their actions–sometimes clearly, other times only symbolically.
It’s actually rather brilliant (in a diabolical way) the way they did this. It’s done in such a way so that those who want to pass it off as a hoax can easily reach that conclusion and go on with their daily lives, while those with eyes to see and ears to hear will see what’s really going on and be alerted to it, but not have quite enough proof to actually convince those still in the dark.

I identified with your comment the most, & totally agree. There can be no doubt it is a real video & ritual AT Cern, as they themselves have admitted. Whether the videographer was in on the ritual (or supposed to be & instead somehow begged off & then stayed out of curiosity-which turned 2 horror) is really a distraction from the reality of what is happening right in front of our eyes & witnessed globally now…which should be of INTENSE interest to anyone living on planet earth!!! And yet, not even a whisper of it on any mainstream news. Hmm. Imagine that. I mean really folks, what the F_ are these asshats at Cern up to?! Unbelievable.

That seems to be the pattern of things. It could be just another part of a long-standing public grooming process.

Look how desensitized people are to the sexual exploitation of young people now. I watch girls walk around wearing shorts that look like bathing suit bottoms. And nobody’s talking about this. A friend of mine told me how sexually charged millennials are today; how its the norm for girls to just give it up left and right. Off-topic, but still part of the same beast.. it’s the fruit of “their” labor of sexual perversion.

If you do some research you’ll find it well-documented that millenials are having LESS sex than older generations did at their age. ffs

I stand corrected. Well I was told one thing, now you told me another. Thanks for the correction and no offense.


This ritual isn’t fake.
This “statue” lived on earth some thousand years ago.
Cern programm is not what they are saying.
They try to achieve something that is very bad to mankind.
2 times in the past “someone” saved us by damaging the facility.

I guess when you’re looking for God in a particle, you eventually have to start calling on the occult. Your tax dollars at work.

I guess he was talking about THEM looking for Him. You got him wrong, I guess.

You must have done some bizarre mental gymnastics to come to such a conclusion. If God dwells in all creation, wouldn’t a particle/atom/etc. naturally be included in that?

I swear, most people here are drinking some potent Kool-Aid.

If God can be found in everything why focus on something that can’t be seen with YOUR F*****G EYES!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY If they drink the Kool aid your chugging whiskey.

Why was he filming the empty plaza? It was several seconds before the first figures were seen.

I follow a few accounts on Instagram that expose the truth and I saw this posted on one of the accounts (in two parts). I had to watch this video several times to make sure I wasn’t imagining things. While this could possibly be fake, my gut tells me it isn’t. Even IF it were fake, you would think scientist would have better things to do with their time. What I want to know is WHO filmed this. Especially if you need an ID to actually get into CERN. Real or “fake” this was filmed and released on purpose. People could be told and shown proof of things that are going on and would still laugh it off or not believe it was real. People aren’t going to wake up until it’s too late.

And how do we know it was fake?

The Shiva statue or whatever that is, looks like an evil being coming through a portal. Maybe they really do want to bring the demons over to our side….

Wow. It is reminescent of rituals videotaped at Bohemian Grove. Believe you me the elites have done this since the beginning of time and are itching to bring it forth for real now. The message is loud and clear. They want to destroy earth and its inhabitants. It seems so arcane and ridiculous. How could intelligent people participate in such diabolical nonsense?

Oh dear. The members of this alleged death cult seem like a shockingly unstylish bunch of people to me. The gravitas of the black cloaks is completely destroyed by the trainers. This is definitely not a good look at all! If you were going to perform a human sacrifice, wouldn’t you want to put a little more care into choosing your wardrobe? I assumed a dark suit and black dress shoes were the required attire for ritual murder, not cropped trousers and Converse trainers.
Also, the blooming idiot who filmed the scene forgot to turn off the lights of his room. If he was able to see them, they were more than able to see him. Why on Earth did he stop filming when things got interesting (and I’m using the term “interesting” very loosely here)?

You are so right, Jan! Seems like those things would be an obvious tip-off, not to mention his very bad acting! I guess some people just so desperately want to believe what they are seeing is indeed real that they are somehow oblivious to the obvious fakery going on here.

Just my two cents, but the fact that the so-called ritual done at the video on CERN is delibertaely amateur makes things kinda even worse doesn’t it? No, it’s not a live ritual, staged most likely by young scientists around, but it’s not necessarily an actual ritual that matters (I don’t think any organization would be willing to show the fact that they have psychotics doing real rituals in the first place), but rather the IDEA of the ritual, and usually, if you believe in the existence of The Elusive Brotherhood, the power of the mind is sufficient to cause negativity and harm. The fact that CERN acknowledges this happened makes you wonder what the state of the scientists working there are in.

The filmmaker also seems to have gotten his voice-acting chops from amateur p**n films.

The Illuminati are now putting their vile beliefs right in our faces. There is no doubting who these critters worship. It seems Scientific People are now on board with the Satanists and Saturn/Moloch worshipers. So much for objectivity, but if you want funding and being able to participate in CERN experiments, you have to sell your soul. If you want to become a famous personality in the “Entertainment” Biz, you have to sell your Soul. This World is being run by Lucifarians, of that I have no doubt. This is all just creepy as hell, but look at what this crap did for Bushy-boy, smarter than a door-knob. His joining the Skull and Bones Kreep Klub did him wonders. These critters playing “god” is scary as hell. They are trying to open portals into other Dimensions, I believe. This ain’t Science anymore, boys and girls. It is pure Satanic/Lucifarian rituals… Read more »

The Goatman ritual as well as this human sacrifice are clearly on the same page due to how they go hand in hand with each other in worshiping a dark entity that leads the elite.

This is what is not being taken into consideration about the video of this ceremony and whether or not it is a joke or not: CERN has already spent a great deal of money on an expensively produced trailer — approved as representative — that covers much of the same esoteric symbolism.

It doesn’t matter if it’s just art, the symbols and ritual dances did not emerge by themselves in the trailer, they were intentionally included. It would be a very weird joke to do, to create this video as a mocking of the rational concerns of laypeople and shows the disconnect of and contempt held by those involved in this project.

1:13 at cern dance of destruction video the eye as clear as day.

For those who thinks this is a spoof, think about this for a minute. How on earth are we supposed to trust arguably one of the most intelligent people if they let this happen? How can the place be so damn secure when a bunch of guys get in easily to stage a prank ? That’s not possible as the place contains extremely dangerous chemicals etc. So we must come to the conclusion that it’s an inside job. The question remains why?

If the video was fake, why would a CERN spokesperson acknowledge an investigation in the first place which seems to be a serious one according to Mail Online as written above? Just asking.

Totally fake

WHat I think is that the guy filming could’ve found out somehow (through somebody) that there was going to be a ritual taking place at that time so he set his camera up and waited…when he actually saw the men in black cloaks coming he said “oh f***…” as if he was surprised because he probably didn’t think anything was really gonna happen. Then as he continued to watch, he genuinely seemed horrified beyond measure…its hard to fake that sort of thing. I believe this DID happen and it was NOT a joke. I mean after all who jokes like that in the history of ever and how is it funny? wheres the funny part? its NOT a joke. this really happened and they are trying to lighten the situation by saying its a joke.

The guy who filmed it is dead. Google it.

CERN isn’t about colliding particles, it’s about opening portals to other dimensions. See, there’s a lower dimension below us, and that’s where CERN’s efforts are aiming to. Once they do it fully they’ll allow anything (or anyone) from that plane to enter ours. Night is getting darker, my friends, and we are the chosen generation that will witness the opening of the Forbidden Gates.

If that was a spoof, I’m the queen of england.

When people don’t have ethics or morals, the line between “spoof” and reality can be very, very thin.

Sometimes it is about concepts.
Different people have various amounts of knowledge and wisdom, let alone intelligence. Ignorant ones you can tell a story that is totally fabricated, but if you make the right look, they will believe you. Other people learned that they have to think about what they hear or see, or read before they react?
That is not about morals, isn’t it?

VC I suggest you watch ‘Stranger things’ on Netflix. It’s exaggerated sci-f/horror film but it has all the things you mentioned on MK ULTRA slaves, mind control etc

The Atmosphere is weird those days, dont know why i feel something big will happen

Why would an organization like this even pretend to do something like this? Utterly baffling and creepy…

Perhaps they didn’t pretend to do it all, but actually did do it and wants the works to know the occult are who are really in control of this earth.

*want the WORLD to know…

LOL someone happens to be there to film it just like someone always happens to be there to film the false flag events from certain desired angles. CERN like the entire NASA program is junk science, a billion dollar stage prop/psy-op.

How do we know this was a fake? Did anyone see her get up? Did the camera guy not seem freaked out as hell like someone caught him? How do we know she isn’t dead?

Whoever posted this:
Any man can make a dollar off of a million fools and have a million dollars.
Everyone else:
Maybe focus on Christ instead of what his enemies may be doing a better way to direct your mental awareness. Because as Christians why should you really be worried? It’s already a sure thing that Christ will win. Why even care about the Ruckus? You just adding to the momentum of the problem that’s not even a problem because there’s already a solution. How about you be beacons of light instead of vacuums of Darkness

Maybe that the ritual had to take place at the right time, the right place and in the right way….

It’s a shame to see how this webpage has been utterly damaged by the stupidity of Christian and Muslim fanatics. Calling other religions and their beliefs satanic. You’re the satanic ones! afterall, these stupid fanatics are the ones obsessed with this satan archetype.

I remember when VC was a friendly page opened towards esoteric discussion. Out of a sudden, it has become a haven for this God-awful garage christian fanatics, clowns that have been taken out of Dr Stranglove.

Yes, the bible thumpers, though well-intended, are aggrevating – and they help alienate the general populace from investigating into these ‘conspiracies’. The sheer foolishness of their ‘MY god is the one true god! REPENT!’ stance is astonishing.

Sorry Christians/Muslims/whatever, YOUR god is not god. God is beyond the mind, incomprehensible. It is blasphemy that you presume to know God. If anything, I view praying to God (with your mind) as satanic.

Why was Man cast out of the Garden of Eden? He ate the forbidden fruit of knowledge. That was when Mind began, and Mind has been the bane of Mankind ever since. Mind is luciferian.

Read the works of Eckhart Tolle, Barry Long, the Dalai Lama and others. They will help you realize the importance of silencing the mind, which is the single best way to counteract this whole illuminati agenda and truly be a man of God.

Why seperate the mind from the body?!

I read the article, try to avoid those comments and that’s it. It’s not VC’s fault, it’s the Internet : nowadays Religion is everywhere, even on the simplest science articles. Just compare votes and downvotes (the way Internet slash free speech) and you’ll have an overall view.

Why “Shiva”? Yet again, it’s about Sirius:

In Hinduism, these deities are represented as Blue people. Blue people of The Dog Star: Sirians.

Incredible! Now that I am watching this, I remember several dreams (i.e.: night sleep dreams) that I had during 2016. It was really strange, but in these dreams (app. 5 or 6) Switzerland always appeared as a land under control of evil / demons. Note by the way that these are the only dreams I ever made that involved a country as such (i.e.: I never dream of Africa, of Syria, of UK, or whatever). I happen to live 200 km near Switzerland, and never thought anything wrong about this country. Strange, really strange, now that I read this…

The damned assholes… I am a scientist (a biologist to be exact) yet I understand prana, like Nikola Tesla…
I always was suspicious about CERN and their hadron! Now to me it’s clear… they are merging science and dark magick… For dark purposes… This thing has to be taken down!

If instead of this giant pagan monument was offered the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ, I TRULY doubt they would have acepted it…

yeah true why was it filmed before the ritual?? like they knew it was going to happen??? its suspicious thats it with such s**t camera quality too

Who took the video? And who released the video?
If the answer is, “It must have been a CERN employee,” then why would he/she let the video get out to people like us? Is this a leak, by an insider who isn’t on board with all this? Or what? This is getting confusing…


As true as that is, (Nothing that is built is done so simply because it looks good.)
MANY people blindly adopt these same symbols because of that same reason: “but it just looks SO cool!”
No one spends that much money to build what means nothing

Carl Sagan made the connection between the cosmic dance of Shiva and the cosmic dance of subatomic particles. Shiva creates and destroys. India donated the statue to Cern.
I have read from Springmeier that Hinduism is related to the mystery religions of the NWO.
I find some phoney things going on with this mock sacrifice. First, someone just HAPPENED to be at the window with a recording device. Too much of a coincidence. Second, what satanic group would hold a secret sacrifice right in the middle of the courtyard of Cern where anyone could see it?… unless everyone at Cern is a satanist, which I doubt. I do not think the scientists at Cern are serious satanists, so it is probably a joke, however the rich elite supporting Cern could be into Hinduism and the new age religion.

While I agree that the use of Shiva as a metaphor for creating and destroying particles and even the destruction of “ignorance” (more on that if you wikipedia Nataraja), it’s still very strange that a very non-theistic–even atheistic–place such as CERN would have a huge statue of a Hindu deity as a focal point of its courtyard. The cameraman is very likely in on it, it seems. And you’re right–why would they hold a sacrifice right in the middle of the courtyard where anyone could see it, unless everyone at CERN is in on it? I think you may have answered your own question. It seems clear that many more people at CERN (likely not ‘everyone’ but many) were indeed in on it. At very least CERN’s security team, which their spokesman said is very strict and doesn’t allow anyone through various areas without special clearance. I doubt security at… Read more »