Microsoft ‘intentionally designed software for phones to track customers without their consent’

Spying: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer talks about the Windows 7 phone which is said to have devices which can track its customers

Microsoft is being sued for intentionally designing camera software on the Windows 7 phone to ignore requests not to be tracked. This lawsuit happens only months after it was reported that iPhones collected and stored location data of their users and that TomTom GPS’ forwarded information to the police.


Microsoft ‘intentionally designed software for phones to track customers without their consent’

Microsoft allegedly tracks the location of its mobile customers even after users request that tracking software be turned off, according to a new lawsuit.

The proposed class action, filed in a Seattle federal court on Wednesday, says Microsoft intentionally designed camera software on the Windows Phone 7 operating system to ignore customer requests that they not be tracked.

A Microsoft representative could not immediately be reached for comment.

Spying: Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer talks about the Windows 7 phone which is said to have devices which can track its customers

The lawsuit comes after concerns surfaced earlier this year that Apple’s iPhones collected location data and stored it for up to a year, even when location software was supposedly turned off. Apple issued a patch to fix the problem.

However, the revelation prompted renewed scrutiny of the nexus between location and privacy.

At a hearing in May, U.S. lawmakers accused the tech industry of exploiting location data for marketing purposes — a potentially multibillion-dollar industry — without getting proper consent from millions of Americans.

The lawsuit against Microsoft cites a letter the company sent to Congress, in which Microsoft said it only collects geolocation data with the express consent of the user.

‘Microsoft’s representations to Congress were false,’ the lawsuit says.

The litigation, brought on behalf of a Windows Phone 7 user, claims Microsoft transmits data — including approximate latitude and longitude coordinates of the user’s device — while the camera application is activated.

It seeks an injunction and punitive damages, among other remedies.

The case in U.S. District Court, Western District of Washington is Rebecca Cousineau, individually on her own behalf and on behalf of all others similarly situated v. Microsoft Corp., 11-cv-1438.

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  1. until you come to zimbabwe you wont appreciate the level of ignorance that has gripped my people. Our best mobile operator Econet Wireless is owned by a Strive Masiyiwa,who happens to be on the board of trustees of the Rockefeller Foundation

    when i got wind of tht i was like OMG,We are pawns in these dudes games.We now have smartphones penetrating peoples heads (including mine)hahahaha.Dont worry bout being tracked,God is tracking them too and they have no clue.

  2. If you're worried about 12/21/12, then there's one urgent thing you can do….actually for that or any other 'crisis' – even those which are being created by this Progressive Regime in DC!

    Get yourself Right with the Lord….turn to Him and get your life in order – and you won't have to fear what is going to happen.

    While the Left attacks the Tea Party, what the TP represents is a return to the way this nation was founded. – with folks WORKING for what they have – ALL of us working together to make this country strong and great…and what happens when we live like that? – we ALL have a better life without the government telling us how to live, what to eat, what light bulbs to use, what phones we can or cannot use. Government is NOT the answer…ALL AMERICANS, living as AMERICANS – and not diverse groups all working toward different goals! When immigrants come here LEGALLY it is usually because they want to live the PROMISE that was America – living in FREEDOM! Those freedoms are disappearing rapidly because of the "tolerance" and "apathy" that too many citizens have allowed to overtake their lives…their attitude now is "it doesn't impact me (right now!) so I'll just ignore it." Problem is, it is GROWING and it WILL affect each and every one of us! For a time we were all living in peace TOGETHER! then those in power decided to pit one race against another; one class against the other – THAT is not America, folks!

    • P.S. if you're worried that 12/21/12 will be the 'birth of Satan" – relax – he's already here – and VERY active..just look at the present ruling class in DC! – and how they are working to tear us apart and only enforce those laws that they like.

  3. ermmm, actually its not only microsoft, apple iphone also is tracking user and there is no way to turn it off ,android also tracking but it can be turn off in the settings

    • I do too, but I am careful. I am not surprised about these people. Big brother always want to watch over little brother. The mass population will soon rebel. It is just a matter of time and place. These cynical things always reverse with no warning.

    • It is exactly this state of apathy that they have planted inside of you to watch grow and blossom.

      Congrats nimrod, you obviously don't need your liberties anymore so "we" will be taking them now.

    • You have nothing to hide because you did nothing wrong, right?

      But WHO decides whether you've "done nothing wrong?"

      (Hint: it's NOT you…)

      It is easy to change the rules and make whatever you don't happen to like at the moment against the law if you're the one controlling the laws.

      You're right; if everyone did things honestly and righteously, then, sure there's "nothing to hide." But if they are doing things righteously, why in the world would they care? It's not like they're planning you a surprise party, and need you out of the house for 3 hours.

      It's NOT THEIR BUSINESS where you are, what you're doing, or who's with you. Isn't that everyone's complain against Christians, that they' re "always in other people's business, worrying about sins?" Well if you don't like Christians always alerting you to potential sins, why in the world DON'T you mind other folks being even nosier than that? The worst a real Christian is going to do is tell you that unless God forgives your sins, you're going to hell. And that's it! These folks will send you there personally, or at the very least, make your life into a living facsimile of it so they can benefit.

  4. This is not a coincidence!

    Open your eyes and take a read in the Bible the prophecies or visions of John, Revelation

    John – 13:16, 17 it says:

    "And all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, he marked them with a sign on the right hand or forehead. And so, who did not have the sign, the name of the beast or the number of his name does not could buy or sell. "

    Coincidence??? 🙁

  5. @They Live says:

    re your comment:

    '@ Murad, Dec 21 2012 is supposedly the incarnation of Satan on this planet.'

    Here's already here in multiple- George 'Dubya', Netanyahu, Tzipi Livni, Rumsfeld et al.

    But we know how it ends, and that is what scares them. Christ the King- is always THE KING!

  6. All smart phones transmit a locations. Cuz I was wondering how my camera knew where I took all my pictures when I was on vacation in the Key West and it showed the locations underneath my pictures…I was like…uhhh….. And I know this is irrelevant but
    Apparently actress Rose McGowan best know for her role on Charmed (A show filled with occult symbols) and dating Marylin Manson (A well know satanist and a friend of Anton Levy) recently claims to have been raised in a cult…I know vigilant will have something to say about that.

  7. Idk.. I can't really go anywhere without my cellphone. It's dangerous out here. People really don't understand.

    I wouldn't exactly wanna be tracked everywhere I walk though. Disturbing.

  8. I knew something "strange" was up when they started making phones with apps on them in the first place. I don't need a phone with an app on it; all I need is a phone that will make a call and take a call. Simple as that. Nothing more, nothing less. Having access to the internet is not that important to me that I should be able to access it through my cellphone. IMHO, that's just a way to keep peoples' heads down in public, checking out the internet and whatnot, when they need to have their heads up, paying attention to what's going on around them instead. I can pass 100 random people on the street at any given time during the day, and 99 of them will have their heads down, looking at the internet on their cellphones, not paying attention at all to anything important going on around them. Call me paranoid if you want to (LOL. I even call myself paranoid), but since I was looking at the Symbolic Pics of the Week for 8/30/2011 on VC, and actress Scarlett Johansen with the horned animal carcass happens to be one of the pics, and then I left a comment regarding the language translation of the French word "loungerie" and the English word "lingerie" – guess what was on one of the HBO channels last night?

    Scarlett Johansen's movie "Lost in Translation." Coincidence? I THINK NOT! My cable TV provider is Time Warner Cable – whom I left a scathing remark for one day on Yahoo! regarding a story it posted about Time Warner Cable. And not only that, but about a month ago, I was trying to research (using Google, of course) the movie "Splice" with actor Adrien Brody, and it's possible esoteric symbolisms because it seemed strange to me that the movie would portray a man having sexual intercourse with some sort of half animal/half human hybrid as if it's okay to do so. I had never before seen the movie (and didn't really care one way or another about seeing it), but then guess what? HBO couldn't STOP playing Splice! For three weeks straight, it was all that seemed to be running on HBO! Coincidence? I THINK NOT! I'm like how does TWC know that I was recently researching Splice?

    I need a new search engine because I'm sick of being tracked relentlessly by Google and I need a new email provider because Yahoo! just plain gives me the creeps. The way they keep track of people who use them is sickening to me. Anybody have any suggestions for me regarding these? I'm not worried about TWC because after the Lost in Translation movie "coincidence" last night, I called them this morning to discontinue my services with them.

    BTW: sorry for the long post …

  9. I do not feel bad for them, make your nest, sleep in it. even if you tell them

    they will not get rid of their expensive phones,, they might not have food to eat

    but they have an expensive gadget…is it necessary? nope

  10. Each little transgression or violation of a law desensitises us while ultimately pointing towards this "Machiavellian" scheme that will have us all chipped/branded. Soooooooo many of "us" have lost what matters most. For each of "us", what matters most is unique to our own experience in this life, but it is precisely these experiences that allow us to see eye to eye. The all seeing eye is not interested in what you are seeing, it has its own agenda that it must complete also.

    So the question you should be asking yourself is, "What can I do to balance out this equation?"

    You don't NEED a revolution, they do.

    Stay human.

    Frog out.

    • you are right lone frog, they really dont care to know that we are watching 'the game' or whatever i mean, this is to get the public used to the idea that sure they monitor us, aint nothing wrong with that, sure that credit card is quick and easy, aint nothin wrong with that, sure vigilant citizen is a computer with many different personalities, ehh whatever next!

      oh we need this electronic device embedded into us in order to survive? ehh whats so bad about that? right?

    • You can not live in one society when everyone else is living in a different realm of reality. At some point the level of comprehension and understanding must be able to stand on the same ground and form of unity.. If not then that is the real definition of living in the Matrix and being unaware that you are living in the Matrix. Either way it is a place of limited knowledge and choices.

  11. Okay, okay even though millions of people DON'T know about illuminati, shouldn't they still find it strange that for some strange reason Microsoft and Apple "need" to put a tracker in your phone! *cough cough* Big Brother. Woah who said that?!

  12. you wouldnt be surprised if you knew how GSM networks work..multiple transmitters constantly measure the strength of your signal so they have to know where you are at ALL TIMES. Moreover, they store your location in corresponding base transciever's table of users so that they wont have to search for your device and use precious frequency band all the time when someone calls you. To summarize it, there is no way your device can "hide" (it wouldnt work otherwise). So its no wonder they store your location; its right there for them, they just have to save it.

  13. after reading A Primer on Theosophy, I believe that is a valid possibility. when you question everything/one…you stand alone. stronger.

    the superficial focus on pop culture versus organization and guidance gives it away

  14. Ok but why? what is the reason for them to know where all the billions of people are up to? dont they have lives of their own? wont they get bored! come on all this tracking and stuff, and cameras in our cable boxes? are there really people out there watching us sit on our butts all day watching tv? and if so, why??? who the hell cares what we are up to!!??!?!!

    • Hi! It's because they realize that there are far more of us than there are of them; so they feel the need to monitor us carefully, to make sure that no one successfully organizes and executes an insurrection against them.

      • lets execute an inserrection against them! first, im gonna sit here and eat my mcdonalds and watch some p**n on the internet tho! FTW (kidding)

  15. I know, I can't believe kids have cellphones …..not only that they have internet access?!? Seriously?

    My little kids don't watch tv but I have to share with them the truth about music industry because as soon as they get on the bus there are kids with phones watching videos and who knows what else.

    They seem more educated on pop culture(as far as the abrasive mindrape it is and rooted in something heavy rather than the stars being some random creative person)

    Also, the teachers play pop music in the classroom and pop music at the 'rallies'

  16. Get into the habit of leaving your phones at home when you're going somewhere unusual. If people could just make this one tiny change – and remember, it wasn't too long ago that we could *only* call people at home and work, and we still managed to have fun – their tracking devices would be much less useful. The corporations wouldn't be able to trust their data anymore.

    I guess that's almost impossible in this day and age, though.

  17. Scared people will submit/conform to society and buy things like 50 cases of tuna in case the world ends(they probably just want you to buy stuff and keep consuming) what are they selling this time?

    It's all about money…tv and online "reality" is ALways represented worse than the truth. I've always assumed they can track me by my cellphone for years but I don't care.

    Don't let it steal your joy or humor

  18. "The wolf loves the blood of the sheep…the sheep loves the demands of the wolf until the day the sheep says no to the wolf their will be no end to the blood."

  19. Man reports like this are making me nervous about having a evo shift. It constantly asks me if I won't to turn on the locational services and always tries to link things to a gmail account. Good article VC

  20. To be honest, I wasn't surprised when seeing this article.

    Every big brand has their secret tracking device. Trying to spy on innocent people. I just wonder, does my Apple I Pod have something inside, which I don't now about?

    Recently was reading an article from a journalist, how New York Police had tracking devices all over New York Mosques, and how they're consistently spy on Muslims. Why Muslims? The Americans say they need to keep a "close eye" just in case another 9/11 doesn't happen. And the people of America believe this s***? 9/11 was an inside job but you DC viewers all probably know that.

    All these Iphones, Androids etc. Have some time of tracking device to track customers, and these phones are getting popular. Soon everyone will have one, meaning they'll know what everyone (majority of people) will be doing. The world is getting Sicker and Sicker.

    I'm just looking forward to 21st December 2012. The day that "the world ends" supposedly. I searched this up, and a lot of sites talk about this being the last day, then I saw Britney's video (Till the World Ends) And at the beginning it says 21st December 2012. Interesting, and the song title says it all. As well as a lot of masonic and occult signs.

    Also the London Olympics, something major is bound to happen then.

    God Gave Us Eyes. So Lets Use Them

    Wake Up World. Wake Up

    • Don't forget they did the same thing with December 31, 1999! aka Y2K

      Breath and don't let the scare mongering/tactics get to you.

      ~Much Love

    • Because of a Britney Spears video, I am inclined to feel anticipation and/or anxiety over the future. Because I believe they write my future and I am just stuck, led, controlled, brainwashed and destined to perish/fail.

      Lil bit (ok a lot) of sarcasm there.

      People…who gives a s**t about London in 2012? unless your community or family resides there. Otherwise, go about your business educating yourself and forming solid community relations, sustain yourself….your psyche…your world.

      Like Britney Spears would live anywhere near any of us. They are HOPING you all buy into the 2012 s**t. They are placing bets on the assumption you will. PROVE THEM WRONG. The future is NOT written. Live in the present.

      • @ Face In The Crowd

        Who Said I'm being bought into this s*** ??

        You do realise Britney Spears is just a puppet? I'm not scared of 21st of December 2012 or the London Olympics. I'm just interested about what will happen. In my mind, I see another 9/11 event taking place, and once again blaming the Muslims for no apparent reason.

        And I'm glad that i'm brought into this "crap" that you call it, It educates me to stay away from the world that I NEED to stay away from. 3-4 years ago I used to LOVE listening to Jay – Z , Rihanna, Kanye, Beyonce etc. Until you finally educate yourself, you see the world for what IT REALLY IS.

        Who Said i'm feeling "anxiety" over a video? What will happen, will happen. The 9/11 attack was well planned, and the society knew it was going to happen, and it happened. Right? They wrote the future. I'm not deluded, like you think I am. I'm not scared of this 21st December day, and I know for a fact its not the "LAST DAY" Only God decides when the last day will come, not some stupid secret society.

        Please, Open your mind and then write your comment.

        I'm not deluded or some crazy guy advertising banners about the last day being 21st December

        Read, before you think please.

        Thank you.

    • Murad, I wasn't as surprised by faceinthecrowd's reply to your comment. Maybe (s)he read into it further than your intent, but your comment can initially come off as belonging with the many others all over the net full of assumptions about Dec. 12, 2012. If you don't want to be lumped in with the brainwashed and their many prognostications (i.e. its the birth of satan, the comet is going to hit and split Earth in two, cats are going to reveal their true forms and take over, etc., etc.), you need to be VERY clear about what you're referring to, or many people will think you're with the lemming crowd just by mentioning the date. The topic has been so hijacked by children, the gullible, and the mentally blind that most serious people have started to roll their eyes every time the date comes up. Especially since most of the comments about it are things like, "its the end of the world", or "I'm so scared about what the Mayans said about the meteor that's going to come and kill everyone" and other such nonsense which the Mayans didn't refer to whatsoever.

      Anyhow, I'm with you in being interested to see what will happen. I believe it may be used as a false flag "alien attack", man-made "natural" disaster, or any number of possibilities, using the ridiculousness that the re-setting of the Mayan calendar has been turned into. What bothers me most is the people who talk about "what's going to happen" as if they're certain that their little theory is true (even though there are at least 100 different ones I've seen.

    • Don't give these demented people your psychic energy by being scared. December 21st 2012 is not literally the end of the world. It is the end of the world AS WE KNOW IT. In other words, the sick bastards are going to kick it up a notch. This past decade has been the birthing pains, so imagine what's to come. More public rituals, more government control, less rights, NO privacy… perhaps the unveiling of the anti-Christ…who knows.

      • You're spot on. The last decade, not to mention the last 5-6 years. Let's not despair though and enjoy the ride. It's going to get worse before it gets better.

    • 2012, bring it on. I'm looking forward to it. Some people are such wusses. Tomorrow I'll get a smartphone, the silver white one -they're on offer- just for the fun of it.

  21. I wonder how useful is someones location if they are not wanted by the law. I mean what is the purpose of knowing where someone is if they havent done anything wrong. So say like if I told my mom that I was at the mall and I was really at the movies is someone going to tell my mom that I lied? Help me out with this one guys….

    • Has nothing to do with you breaking laws or anything. They just want to know where you are at all times. No one knows why. If something happens in December in the year of 2012 just remember to not take your phone. The movie enemy of the state is a perfect example. There is a reason why people should seek the way pilgrims trod. Think about it. If technology keeps growing the way it does(and it will) children these days will know nothing of how to plant and grow their foods bc technology will soon take it's place. This is happening now. Just my opinion.

      • i mean I'm fifteen but when i was a kid there was like pagers and stuff that my parents had but like now i know like 9-y-o with like iphones ipads and ipods and like fake facebook id's saying they are older than they actually are. and has anybody watched Jamie Oliver's food revolution? some of the kids didn't even kno what potatoes were, but if he showed them a packet of chips they knew hat they were!! I can't believ our wgole world is so corrupt. i think they're brainwashing the younger generations at school

      • @Be More Openminded:


        Growing and producing our own food is one the basic life lessons my dear mother taught us. She taught us how to raise chickens, grow vegetables, set bait and hook for fishing, etc. All that. And I'm sure glad she did, too. At the time, we were kids and didn't understand why she was taking us back to the basic lessons, because we figured we'd always be able to purchase food and whatnot from the stores. She told us: "There will come a time in this life when you might not be able to, so I'm showing yall how to do it on your own."

        It aint no skin off my back, so to speak, to get out there and plant a row of tomatoes, and cabbages, and squash, and potatoes, LOL! I've even prepared my own daughter with these basic lessons. She loves it!

      • There is a growing number that are getting back to basics and becoming more self sufficient. My Mother grew up during the depression in S. Alabama without electricity or running water on a farm. She never really knew there was a depression as a child because there was plenty to eat. When I was a teenager living there I dreaded the summers shelling peas and the autumns gathering pecans. Mom is gone and now I have a great appreciation for her way of life. My husband and I have had our large vegetable garden for the 3rd year. I processed over 90 jars canning this year. This spring we acquired chickens and are waiting for the first eggs.

        I do agree with your assessment in general. A while back Ted Nugent wrote a column about how helpless people are now days. My grandson just turned 6 and adores video games…his pawpaw and I got him his first bow and arrow…he adores it and wants to practice every time he's here. Maybe we can change one life at a time. I believe it's wise to prepare while you still can before it hits the fan

    • @ Jade: I do believe that at this point in time location is used pretty much solely for marketing purposes. Our cell phones track where we are and how often we are there and collate that data with websites we visit via our phones and probably with pictures of ourselves and our friends that are stored in the phone and key words from conversations we've had. I wouldn't think it to be far-fetched that mobile phone companies (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint etc.) are paid big bucks by sinister people within cellular giants (iPhone, Android, and especially known eugenicist Bill Gates' Microsoft) to collect this information and forward it to them so that they can, in turn, sell your information to ad agencies, gaining them an even larger profit (because as we know it's all about the money… for now). However, once all of the speculation and "conspiracy" surrounding the NWO stops being speculation and conspiracy and becomes a sad and dismal reality, that same information will probably be used to keep everyone in check. For example, if you visit a website such as this one or are having a conversation about how you hate the government and you want to do something about it, you'll probably end up with an FBI/CIA tail that just so happens to be at every location that you frequent before you even get there. Or maybe they won't follow you and wait to take action, maybe they'll just pre-plan your murder and make it look like an accident. After all, they know if you like to go clubbing and booze it up or indulge in narcotics; that's easy.

      The technology used in our phones and other electronics today is quite powerful and just as it can be used by the People to keep us connected and safe, it can also be used by what I'll call the percentile to destroy us. In these coming years, if you are in a situation with police or government officials and you need to stay hidden (and you're innocent…if you're guilty of murder give it up dude <–certain exceptions apply…) just toss your effin phone and hope that you can remember your survival skills from girl/boy scouts (or from that one show on discovery channel). If you think you are going to need a phone later, take out the battery and destroy the sim card; if you pass any kind of electronic scanner it can read the information on the chip. You'll just have to get another one later.

      Anyway, these companies want us to get used to being tracked and not having privacy. The more that they continue to do it and, ironically, the more the press continues to cover the issue it will become moot, and people will stop arguing about it and accept it. I theorize that that is the ultimate goal as it will make things a lot easier for them.

    • It is not about catching evil doers and criminals! Its about monitoring and controlling the masses! not just the ones doing something unlawful!

    • There is an app on android phones called latitude that let's certain people you "allow" in your contacts to know EXACTLY where you are. Yeah, my phone could go missing/stolen. And yeah, if someone goes missing they would be found. But why would I want everyone knowing where I am?

  22. With all the forms you have to fill out to get a cell phone, I think it won't be long that you'll have to consent or no phone.

    It surpises that they did not just add it somewhere in the fine print in like one of the 2 year contract.

    At this stage in the game, they might as well come forward out in the small print like they do for everything else.

  23. No surprise! At some point and time EVERYONE will have a smart phone, or android, any and everythng on a 4g network and old mobile phones will not exist. All phones are tapped anyway! This lawsuit is just the beginning.

    • Totally man..

      Iphones are slowly creeping their way into every all these cellphone carriers . Dont get me wrongI have the iphone i love it but in actuality you gotta look at it as l the "EYEphone" for sure. They're going to one day be so cheap so that everyone will be able to buy it.

  24. seriously this is soo unbelievable i think we should all just use good old mobile phones oh and even facebook and twitter has that add location thing!!

    • I totally agree with using old cell phones….I keep an old cell phone…prepaid never contracts….we have to do what we can to battle this sick system. I'm sick of all this spying crap & whatnot, we as citizens need to take our rights back, we need to fight this crooked system. If 1 million + citizens show up in Washington demanding an end to the corruption in this society we could see so many changes, even in the government, finances, jobs, police brutality, the way our foods are processed, handled, and over-priced. We could see a change in our schools, colleges, businesses, even the internet (internet isn't the same nowadays)! Why do we sit on our lazy arses & wait for VC to post about the latest illuminati/satanic plot against the world we live in before we actually notice it ourselves? Many a time, by the time things are posted, the damage is (or in the process of) being done already! I don't know about you guys but I'm seeing more & more police locally. Last winter I even saw a military humvee ride down my own street!! So what does that tell us?!! PEOPLE it is TIME to take a STAND. All I'm saying is that VC can't do it by him/herself, sitting her reading about things & doing nothing will change nothing!

      For in reason, all government without the consent of the governed is the very definition of slavery.

      Jonathan Swift

      • Because most people prefer to keep their heads in the sand and remain in their comfort zone, instead of seeing whats in plain sight. They're only getting bolder and bolder and they're basically being arrogant about it now. It's not even subliminal anymore. They think most people are stupid and for the most part they're right because most sheeple won't open their eyes and see things for what they really are and rather live in fantasy land.

      • Just watched a vid not that long ago about a man being charged Illinois for filming the cops out in public,he's suppose to be facing up to 75 years smh but it's perfectly legal for them (the government who deal out the laws) to eavesdrop on us in private/public right? This is why i don't own a cell phone/facebook/twitter…I can do without it can you?

      • It dosn't matter if you own an old mobile phone or a new one, all mobiles give out a signal as well as recieve a signal,regardless if its pre pay or not, if they can listen in on your conversation then it is no problem for them to track where the signal is comming from. My advice is we all go back to using carrier pigeons! lol

      • Good point Bubbles, glad you made it. I'm surprised people think certain types of phones or carriers are "safe" from this standpoint. People – don't be tricked because you read somewhere on the internet that a certain carrier or type of phone doesn't have those capabilities. If you think about it, can you figure out a good reason why one over the other would give you privacy?

      • So many people sit back and see the sickness in this world…some laugh, some cry, some pretend it's not there. Those of us that are not blind to it should be doing something about it. We all sit around and wait for the next article, as if anything published at this point is going to surprise anyone that visits this site regularly. I am in no way knocking this site; I think it's awesome that VC puts this knowledge out there for people. After all, Knowledge IS Power. But, guys, we have the knowledge. Now let's have the power. Let's DO something about it! I am in no way excluded from this. But, if I go to the government and say, "Hey, you can't do that!" chances are pretty good, I will be on the news the next day, dead, and they will say I was a terrorist that had to be put down. And whoever shot me will get a fricken medal. There is safety in numbers. So let's get together, let's take back our rights…before it's too late.

      • LOL your comment is funny but it totally makes sense, i rather keep a old but useful phone than be tracked by companies or the government


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