Media collusion with Bilderberg Group confirms hidden agenda (video)


This speech by Gerard Batten (Member of the European Parliament) took place in Strasbourg on September 12th. It is only one minute (as per the European Parliament’s rules) but I do not believe much more needed to be added to it.

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71 Comments on "Media collusion with Bilderberg Group confirms hidden agenda (video)"

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Is it me or posts with entertainment get more hits than posts with what's actually going on?

Why is that when this, is what is going to affect and alter your future?

So sad, how we have becoming entrained and indoctrinated God help us!

wow thanks VC great video, i love this guy ๐Ÿ™‚ i have some hope that maybe my generation could follow in this guys question by asking these important questions and adressing the important issues that government wont adress themselves. power to the people!!!

Herman Cain's 999 tax plan. and Jayz's "mistress" died 2 days before beyonce's birth announcement. Whatd'ya think?

Wow… but who trusts the bbc haha

he is undisputibly right.

check his wikipedia page. the profile picture really creeps my out

He was speaking to a completely empty room.

NWO is coming, join in or get labeled freaks

so brave ๐Ÿ™‚

Whew! Brave man. Lord Jesus, protect this man and his family and protect us from evil spirits behind those who conspire against Your Truth. We ask in Jesus' name. Amen

but how much ignorance there are staying with you is that you do not see the black Masonic ring worn by the same senior military in the U.S..

he's one of the few asking questions about these meetings, there has been another politician asking questings about it, he thinks it's unfair when tax-money is being used for non-public meetings. he's still alive and oke;) he didn't get much answers also, the people attending those meetings promise discretion when they go to a Bilderberg meeting (chattam house rules) and i doubt we will ever find out what is being discussed, people who do ask questions will be not taken very seriously, and thats how "they" deal with it, they just don't care… i think it's absurd and a danger to democracy when politicians attend these meetings and don't tell what is being discussed, if decisions are made about civilians but also companies, we have a right to know what is going on, for all i know…maybe it just a networking party, but as long as we don't know, it… Read more ยป

You dutch, much?

(Gezien je denk ik Prins Bernhard bedoelt?)

Hij was éigenlijk een van de founding fathers als je t zo wilt stellen, samen met een paar andere landen werd door hem het initiatief via de CIA aan amerika voorgelegd.

Dat Bilderberg hotel is 5min fietsen van waar ik woon haha.

Haha same here, 100% holland euuhhj!

Nederland heeft echt wel zn schare weird plaatsen daarom, als je ze weet te vinden..

En vrijmetselaarstempels/huizen te over, werkelijk waar. Maar ik zoek daar niet veel achter eerlijk gezegd..

Heeft nederland eigenlijk dit soort boards naar jouw wetenschap?

Niet dat dit opzich niet cool is maar alsnog haha xD

yep, geboren en getogen;)

btw, there are more bilderberg hotels in holland, and also a couple in the rest of europa, lol, we're surrounded…

Good to see so many doubt the veracity of the video. It means you're not gullible. But it is just out of sync – I know, for I'm the uploader and I recorded it live from the European Parliament website. It is now stored here:

(see under SUBJECT – one-minute speeches, check list of speakers…)

"For nothing is hid, that shall not be made manifest; nor anything'secret, that shall not be known and come to light." –Luke 8:17, American Standard Version

Was flipping through channels and stopped on TMZ? it's an entertainment news magazine…the cameraman asks some rock looking maybe star in LA what does he think of Illuminati and music industry. They never aired his response. But one of TMZ's black employees (race mentioned because he seems to act like a hip hop expert) calls rihanna, kanye and jay-z out..mentons a verse of a jay-z rap (about him being under auspices of) and jokingly made a disclaimer "if yah are real…" good job on getting souls and stuff. Their boss laughs it off as a joke.

Blatant. That's a popular show from what I understand people flocked to them when they were verifying MJ's death…Wow.

Yesss l saw that as well on TMZ the other night. And l was waiting for them to show the guys response which they never did. l said to myself mhmm they know exactly what they are doing and what they're trying to hide. SMH

hmmm when 2012 rolls around. i really think were gonna start seeing stuff really happeing. maybe the december 21, 2012 date isnt the end of the world but the starting of a new government!! DUUUHHHH

Yup, just like the bible says, they will try to unite all governments together. I'm so glad The Lord cannot lie ๐Ÿ™‚

What a great find! Thanks.

If it is real I commend his bravery…

But seriously there were a dozen or less people in the damn room… what difference does it make?

It makes a difference if it is recorded and posted on the internet….

I cannot pretend to know exactly of which he speaks, but he makes a valid point: Their silence is deafening.

This video does seem fake at first, but after watching it again closely you can tell it is real. It's hard to see, but his mouth does match the words, they're just not synced well. Around 42 seconds you can tell he says the word "impossible".

Go Gerard! Go Gerard!

Download the video clip before it gets removed for copy right reasons ๐Ÿ˜‰

i downloaded it from realplayer

it lets me download any video and picture on the internet

Um, wasn't the establishing of the EU a Bilderberg idea to begin with?

Is this video real. Somebody told me it was a hoax because the lips do not match the voice once I showed them this clip. Has anyone fact check this? Because I don't want to tell people about this video until I know and there is a lot bogus info cluttering the truth-

I wouldn't doubt it was real judging that it was said on open empty floor, when minimal reporting occurs and things go unnoticed. That way it's on record, and the finger can put back saying you all knew this was coming "it was on record" so we did not hide anything.

It's on the UKIP website, flips, so I'm fairly sure it's what it claims to be.

Thanks for the fact check, Mark and VC. It is getting harder and harder to find the truth among all the clutter of hoax's, misinformation, and fabrications of information. All the disinformation is purposely flooded to overload those who are working diligently to sort out what is true and to undermine the credibility of a source that may have something but gets drowned out amongst the illusions.

Bruce Lee had a good example what is happening here

Definitely fake. At least I think so. The sound not matching his lips is the most obvious tip off.

And besides what would be the point of bringing this issue to the very same people that know this goes and are either part of it or turn a blind eye to it.

Stupendously fake I believe.

If you have an idea about editing, rendering and uploading it to the web, plus the differing speeds of light and sound, it's very possible that a technical error has disjointed image/sound in that process. We are not perefect and neither is technology. However, the very camera recording it in the first place may not have had the correct settings for recording sound and video at the same time as it's happened to me before and is a real ball ache.

Of course, it could be a hoax, disinfo etc etc, but what he's saying isn't wrong and if that one clip is shown all over the web, that one small truth is enough even if taken out of a possible disinfo context of feeding a pea of truth with a mash full of lies.

All I can say is wow! Is he 2 going to have to apologize for what he said like the football player that mentioned otis? Btw, Good job Matthew you're a good vc member… Good thing u did post that on tweeter.

If you want to see more speeches like this go on "one quite known video site" and look for Nigel Farage from UKIP (UK Independence Party).

You sure will find some strong words there, im surprised he is not fired yet.

Yes! Cojaviem, Mr. Farage's "Just who the **** do you think you are?" video is delightful!!! An old high school friend of mine shared that with me. I go back and watch it when I need a 'pick-me-up'. The likes of Mr. Farage and Mr. Batten are what I call MEN! ๐Ÿ™‚

Wow that's powerful stuff. No commentary required smh

Hope this guy doesn't turn up missing…

here is the word conspiracy, i guess he is the last of few who are against this hipocrate political world. but as usual i guess he is going to be silenced in one way or another.

He better watch his back now!

Sometimes I believe what's worse than a "heart attack", "suicide", or some other mysterious form of death is to set one up for a very humiliating trap causing great shame for them and their family and possibly a long prison sentence. He will need our prayers.

Well Duh! Democrats today are really republicans playing the role for debating purposes to fool the people anyway. When this happens, it'll be like nothing ever changed. Nothing new here.

exactly. two sides of the same coin, same devil.

Unfortunately Mr Batten is a member of UKIP and UKIP receive masses of negative coverage by the UK Media – alas even though he speaks such truths the other apparatus of divide and conquer will prevent people from taking notice: Party Politics (aka Manufactured Tribalism).



So the Bible was always right huh!

B.asic I.nstructions B.efore L.eaving E.arth

Are you thinking Psalm 2? That's what came to my mind.

Just finished reading Psalms 2. The sad thing is that many will be implicated with GOD's Fury.

Help me please! my audio device is with problems, need to be replaced, so while it can you just write down here what he said in speech?

I'll be grateful!


Anytime my friend, isnt helping one another what it should all be about.

God did bless me BTW – when I came across this site lol!

Peace and love.

Thank you Mr President, the commision has recently replied to my written question, confirming that Commissioners Almunia and Crowes, attended the Bilderberg meeting in St.Moritz in June. The commission cannot tell me details of what was discussed but assured me that the Bilderberg meetings do not take decisions. If Bilderberg meetings are just talking shops, why do the most important and powerful figures from around the world, including George Osborne the Chancellor of the Exchequer bother to attend. And what other summit of world leaders in Politics, finance and business would go completely unreported in the mainstream media such as the BBC. It is impossible not to reach the conclusion that the NON reporting of these events is anything other than a conspiracy between the organisers and the media. It merely confirms the belief of many that the hidden agenda and purpose of the Bilderberg group is to bring about… Read more ยป

Thanks for posting that!

Couldn't listen to the video and although there were captions but they were strange and after reading your transcription, it seems that instead of the name "Bilderberg" there would be "Bill the bird" in the video and instead of "BBC" it said "baby say" ๐Ÿ™‚

Thank you Matthew you were very kind!

God Bless You!


if they do something to him, they reveal themselves.. Nothing will happen

That guy better get the hell out of there before he gets hurt.

I wish I was in his shoes though…or something.

+tags: cool haha :p

"Its a disgrace that the European commision is colluding in that".

Erm we have been saying that for years here in Europe. Nothing will happen, after all if you noticed, the whole chamber was pretty much empty!


This world of ours is in for a rough time.

Anyone notice that the website has been blocked. It was the one the main pages for alternative news I would read that had a collection of articles from other sources. They were the first to have articles on Operation Mountain Guardian (OMG) the mass terrorist exercise at Denver International airport also dealing with relocating large populations and civil unrest/martial law.

DHS has been doing drills like this in many cities, but never on such a scale as this and with the president going to visit. If you have read the VC article about sinister places and Denver Airport. This should raise an eyebrow.

Althought activistpost is down and I am in search for a new news source again, I did find excerpts from the activistpost article cut and pasted on this

Take care

i wonder what else was said

Very brave of Mr Batten to speak up like this. I wonder what his punishment will be…

No matter his punishment, he will be rewarded by the Lord one day for being a good and faithful servant to his fellow man.

Very interesting. I have to say though that a reward from the Lord can only be recieved after he has recieved his ultimate gift of himself. Note that this guy is part of the UKIP, not exactly the most democratioc group to put it lightly. Do a little research on them. Most of the people on this site I would think are open-minded enough to discern their agenda. I therefore believe that even though this guy is right in what he said, he has no idea as to the depths of it and the real reasons why. I do ask that the Lord does protect him and his family and guide him to Him if he hasn't already.

He punishment will most likely be that of dying of "natural causes" in a mysterious way. So I wonder what "natural cause" Gerard Batten will die from? I'm guessing either heart attack, plane crash, car crash, or he gets shot by some crazy person. We all should pay attention to Gerard Patten if something happens to him well it wouldn't surprise me but it should be a wake up call to those that go on this site and laugh off things said and label them conspiracy theories.

It's a shame, because as your eyes open, you think that all politicans are crackhead, S&M, money raping, people enslaving b*st*rds forgetting that there maybe politicans out there who actually got into the game to make a change for "we the people" based on the very things that this site covers – waking people up, ending mass slavery which actually covers all creeds, ethnicity's etc and stopping the satanic fuckwits from killing the planet.

I don't think this guy will die, just be discredited even though he's not given much credibility as it doesn't seem many wanna hear what he's gotta say in parliament. Unless he works for News Corp, he's likely to live a few more years.

well, the problem i sthat even the parlament discussions are not enlightened by the mass media…the mass media may talk about any bull sh…, even about how to fry potatoes or which color is trend of year, but they won't talk about the really important thing such as it is…that's why the masons don't worry about the 1 minute speech of some politician…they know – nobody will hear it…yesterday i heard a short service on tv about dumbing down show industry, they say that the stupid "art" and talentless people are diffused almost in all world mass media in order to keep the people dumbed down on bad level of ignorance. The smart people with quality culture is difficult to control and slave, so the elite keeps the people far from the real art, keep busy the people's attention with bull sh…without talking about the political, economical prblems…


They didn't see that coming.

mac tubes wont let me download it…..smh