Martin Luther King – A Time to Break the Silence


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63 Comments on "Martin Luther King – A Time to Break the Silence"

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I am so thankful for all the time you (vigilantcitizen) take informing and helping to open peoples eyes. This world is corrupt and we need to wake up and prepare to battle evil. Kepp up the the amazing work. God bless everyone especially America and the American people*

You gotta see things for what they are. Say we believe that all the conspiracies are true. The NWO/Illuminati/Boule NEED the black community? Why? Because we are 13% of the population, but we have the buying power of countries. In 2005, it was reported that Black America had the buying power of Germany, but none of that money reached the community. That was in 2005. It's now 2011. Blacks are making more money now than we ever have. And if MLK and Malcolm got together and pushed an agenda of self-sufficency and racial independence, the powers that be would, right now, be out of BILLIONS of dollars. Why? Because MLK and Malcolm were respected, and they KNEW the people would listen. Besides, why are ya'll acting like we've ALWAYS loved MLK. When he was killed, he had a lower approval rate than Bush. Why? Because he opposed the Vietnam War.… Read more »
I agree that MLK was sent by the powers that be to contain a potentially violent uprising among the black population in USA. I am from the South and my mother was around during the "Civil Rights Movement". She said that no one in the area (FL) supported or followed MLK. They were much more vocal and violent. Black people were pissed. There were many "civil rights leaders" (Moore, Kennard, Brown) before and after MLK came along. None of them had the national spotlight like King but many of the important ones met untimely deaths. Anywho MLK and the movement was just another step directed towards NWO to make everyone "equal". so the focus could be put on financial control and large debts of the masses (black money/mortgages/debt is just as good as white) and control of the food supply. Agriculture was a huge part in black american for income… Read more »

That was a wonderful and empowering message. Thank you for sharing, VC 😉 It's amazing how many new soundbites and videos regarding MLK are starting to come out of the wood work like never before. I came across this one the other day. It's extremely informative, even if it is hella funny!!! ENJOY!!!

MLK is a touchy subject because Black people and the world have been sold the story of his heroism. Yes on the surface the words that came out of his mouth can be considered inspirational to a rejected people. What we as knowledge seekers and researchers need to do in every inquiry is put aside personal feelings and seek truth even when it differs from conventional wisdom. We think we know MLK but all we know is what the corporate media tells us. The same corporate media that this site exposes. It would be foolish for us to think that the civil rights movement was not influenced by spiritually wicked men in high places. The same men that created the Problem, made MLK's movement the Reaction and legislation (Civil Rights Act) the Solution. Please note that the Civil Rights movement gave birth to the Womans Liberation movement (breakdown of the… Read more »

student of true you are one of the people who know the real deal.

I´ve been ready comments on this site, but you sound really aware of what is really goin on, and not just pretending that your eyes open

Not ghandi anybody Ive believed in seems to be corrupt I dont know how to deal with this how are we meant to trust anybody?

It's known that he was part of the Boule, and a homosexual supposedly. But has any heard about MLK being a British agent, as was Ghandi?

I read somewhere that he was being used to supress the black riots and power movements back then…that's why he was more about peace and non-violence.

The reason he was killed was because he was uniting with Malcom X and started preaching more aggressive action…not like what he was told to preach.

Things are deeper than they seem…the higher powers really do control everything.

These people that say things like MLK was a british agent need to site there sources, it makes no sense, double agents never have to be as unconfortable as he was all the time, and there is no proof of him being a homosexual but only the oposite that he was a womaniser..He probably was set up by these woman because the FBI called his wife and told her everytime he was with a woman. And what kind of double agent speaks out against a war that the powers that be oviously wanted to happen, it doesnt make sense. Don't be fooled actually learn about the man before you go spouting off nonsense that somone else told you. And if you actually work for the NWO agenda stop trying to decieve people.

I see some ignorant comments. Stop and think about everything you do, think and say from this day forward. In the Star Wars….Yoda said something very wise. "The Darkside clouds everything", Yoda. Does the Boule exist….sure. Was MLK a Boule member…..sure. Here's where the lines get blurred. You cannot afford to get things twisted. Becoming a Boule member was probably a GREAT honor for him. He had skill to push a movement. That brought fame and accolades. Can you imagine being a 24 year old kid and being asked to become a member of a prestiged organization? You'd be honored. Now you are front and center on important issues. Then you get older and wiser and see the manipulation. Then what do you do? The coward goes along with the deception and doesn't think about it. The strong person fights against huge odds and tells the truth no matter what.… Read more »
You said all that to knock Christians? It just goes to show the lengths people will go through to denounce God. Let me note I am a Christian, but I am not religious anymore and it has been about 15 years. I have no regrets being raised up in religion. I actually consider it a great foundation. My point is you can be a Christian without being religious. SO PLEASE STOP CONFUSING THE TWO. I AM a Christian but I am NOT religious, and I can't say it's because I found out religion was fake. It was because I got distracted from going to church, along with a host of many other things. So thank God for my own good religion is not needed. Otherwise I would be further up the creek than I am now with him. Man i'm counting on religion being fake. If not, thats my butt,… Read more »

you sound pretty unstable, wtf?…. and I don't think you read that person's comments very well or you have reading comprehension issues, in no way did it sound like he "wrote all that to knock christians"… at all!… but because of you, I now see his real points exactly…thanks

Everyone making remarks about the Dr.s intent while alive, your attempted points can be found on top of your heads. Ethics tell us all, somewhere deep within, racism is wrong. If the Dr. was on a good or bad side while he was alive, it does not matter. Death is the most powerful, sincere change a life can experience. Intelligent people can agree he was a tool while he was alive and disagree on who or what utilized him while he was here. And move on from there…

He is on the other side so there is no point in looking beyond the fact that ethically, his message to the masses was moral and correct.

And what would the good doc say about the racism of the Jews toward Palestinians or non Jews in general?

And it does matter which other side a man find himself in. Heaven or Hell?

We weren't talking about the Jew/Palestinian racist war.

Neutral logic: The Dr. inspired people, which is why he was assasinated and why he now has a day named after him.

MLK was a zionist, trained by zionist. His dream was the Illuminati World Order. His speeches are corny, with a load of pseudo intellectualism. I guess he served his purpose to indoctrinate millions of black Americans.

A human is a mysterious creature, I guess one never knows if another is all that is dispalyed on the face (and words)….but, what a great man he was!

i really wonder if he would have made a difference, he was a true genious and the best of us

Martin Luther King Jr. was a man, and we are all aware of the lures that men succumb to. We were never meant to martyr him or consider him a saint. We were to learn from his struggles and accomplishments so that we could continue the struggle and work toward additional accomplishments. There will always be something negative to say about anyone, it's in our nature to judge and in our nature to sin…everything shifts toward disorder. We can not let the mistakes people make or the fact that we don't align with their idealogy skew their contributions to the big picture. In this sinister world, I look forward to coming to the VC fam and getting that little bit of something that keeps me on my path. Please folks, we have enough to work against with the ills of society, let's not further divide ourselves. What we are up… Read more »
MLK a communist, hows that,? Communist belive in government owned property, subsidies, and basically the ownership of its own citazens and people,. When has MLK ever promoted this. He advocated for civil rights, something the government, the elites and the secret societies are trying to take away from us. He did this without violence, which is something that all these groups promote the use of. And he went against the vietnam war,and we all know war is something the NWO and these major corparations need to happen. He told the truth, and one thing that happen to almost all of the people that tell the REAL truth and the WHOLE truth is they get killed or die suddenly, and espesially if they have a large group of people following them. Before you judge a person on some information look at what you know they did in there life and then… Read more »
Martin Luther King was a Leader. I believe he had a calling on his life and was sent by God to help change the world. All the attributes that Jesus gave us to know who his disciples are Martin was he was Loving, Kind he wanted Peace between every man and he fought for what was right!!!! That is what's important and I can't wait to shake his hand when I make it into Heaven!!! I am black female and my Fiancé is white if it wasn't for Martin Luther King standing up for what's right, fighting for equal rights, we wouldn't even be together could you imagine a world separated by race again?!?! I couldn't even fathom what life would be like. All those out there who are talking trash about an imperfect man may I ask what have you done lately to change the world & make it… Read more »
I have been a avid VC supporter for about 2 yrs now and out of all the things you have posted and commented on this is the one with the most importance. Far be it from me to throw stones at a glass house and as my house too is made of glass. However, I will say even though EVERYONE is entitled to the own opinion, some things should be kept to yourself. What does it really say about a person who disrespects the dead? The dead know not, but still we want to put down and say nasty things about someone who tried to help all people. MLK was not a saint, not a God, nor was he Jesus and with that said he was not perfect as we all are not perfect. So how could you sit here and say these mean things about someone who stood up… Read more »
@ Robi & Justin – I can't call it either way. There is certainly a ton of disinformation out there. But if you watch any of the posts on youtube about the Boule – you will definitely develop a different opinion about some of the more influential people in history such as Dr. King. There is a widespread theory that Dr. King was a Black Mason – used by the Illuminati to stop potential race riots. From a non-conspiracy theory standpoint he was a pacifist and he did help to usher in the modern era of American complacency. His speeches alone did not change the course of history – it was already set to change. His speeches did however, help those changes get ushered in without a lot of the bloodshed that was likely to come with it. Knowing what you know about most of the posts on this site,… Read more »

Here is a link about MLK being Boule. There are less controversial videos that come from different viewpoints, and Steve Cokely also has some insight on this as well.

Martin Luther was a high ranking mason… He's a part of the wolf in a sheep's clothing.

How do you know?? I'm intrigued.

No offence to half of you guys but some of you seriously have issues of constantly trashing other people's posts.


I think a lot of us nowadays as a whole forgot about the history of this world and what whatever the forces maybe and their capabilities. The Wars, The Racism, The Slavery, The Assignations of anyone that spoke out against the government and change. This country, America, and many others are capable of doing some deep rooted evil things. It was unbearable to live in that day in age, so I don't think we should concentrate on heresy or what evil things that Martin Luther King did. "Oh he had a mistress" -who cares what he did for this country as a movement (maybe without even knowing) still plays a role in this day in age. He spoke for Black People at a time when they would be killed for even walking in the wrong direction and trying to fight back, he touched many people that weren't even black to… Read more »
Thank you to the 1s who have enough nerve to present this info to the public. Rather it be true or false, it is "eye" opening. MLK may have some flaws, as do we all, but the fact that he tried so hard to make that everlasting change for good is the very reason he was assasinated, i presume. A change for the better is our mission as well. We, as humans must endure this "ride" with grace and glory. There is a good and an evil as is above and so below…We must learn love and hate, to feel the presence of the spirit inside of us, i would imagine those are the vibrations that drive us all. So yes, we will laugh, and we will cry. So embrace every experience with an open heart because it is delivered to you through an infinite design. "You never know just… Read more »
When I think of everything that is happening around the world, I just want to say thank you God for freedom and justice that still lives on for the privileged. Nothing is to be taken for granted. …For people that have a call on their lives to bring revolution. To help set others free and challenge/sharpen minds. Thank you Lord for those serving on the front lines around the world: military, God-fearing (none of those fake) preachers, missionaries, elected officials (in hopes that they can 'help' the country–can't please everyone, that's a fact b/c of different views)–and more willing to die for what's right… God, continue to help us all in these troubling times which have gone pass the colors of our skins. It has been one battle after another presenting itself, but we shall overcome them with God's help: 2 Chronicle 7:14 -if my people, who are called by… Read more »
i think king was on the right track funny how he got shot right after kennedy did. he knew those damn freemasons were after him its to bad we don't have people like him today because if you haven't noticed the gov. has been trying to start race wars. we need someone like him to stand up for us again. people of color are still looked down at today they do not get as much respect as lets say the white man. this country is full of racist peole no one can be happy they always have to hate on someone. im sure most commentors here on vc have said something wrong about another race. we should stop the bullshit and start to look at the bigger picture and realize that we are all ONE RACE… THE HUMAN RACE. doesn't matter how we look we are all capable of doing… Read more »
to be a vigilant citizen is to be this ^^^^

nobody WANTS to know and they are willing to deny the obvious and hope someone else will do it all for them… but we wont be free if we ALL dont stand up all over the world to that common threat very soon (not likely) then it willl be waaaay too late.

vigilant readers WE are the prophecy, spread the word of the site, post it wherever you can because people cant deny cold hard facts. if you do this then youll get to the stage im at where you show someone and they say your sad… i know i read into things WORTH reading unlike most people who sit on facebook all day and nite but i ddnt know that made me sad.., has anyone had that happen to them?

@VC and all VC fans i believe martin luther king shared the same communist idea as p. Obama. I would like u to a thorough research and see what u might come up.martin luther king is not what we think he is.

i have to disagree. i feel obama is trying to twist some of the notions mlk had into his own dark agenda. ive heard some ppl compare obama to mlk… what?! mlk would be ashamed of obama's actions, just because he is a black man with power that makes great speeches he is like mlk? not even close, obama is a con artist, mlk was not. mlk has God on his side and truly felt for the American people and that's the HUGE difference …

The definition of Communism: Communism is a sociopolitical movement that aims for a classless and stateless society structured upon common ownership of the means of production, free access to articles of consumption, and the end of wage labour and private property in the means of production and real estate.[1]

Now can someone please explain to me what is wrong with it? Do you not like Communism because it equals sharing and no system of heirarchy? If so then you might as well join the Illuminati and enslave as many as possible.

Why don't you go back and open a few history books and see why communism has failed in the world.

For one thing he was part of the Boule, a not so nice bunch they are. They(the elite) give us our enemies and our heroes.

I took an African AMerican writers class, yes, im black and my teacher said a lot of black artist, poets, writers in i believe, the 40-60's did associate with the communist idea because of the theory of equality. SInce in Communism there is not higher or lower class i guess it appealed to them, considering they were on the bottom of the totem pole. I still have to give someone credit that is willing to get chased by dogs, water hoses turned on fullforce, jailed, and truly follow the scripture that says, "turn the other cheek" That is harder than fighting back. Regardless of his hidden beliefs he is someone to be respected.

I couldn't agree more . Well said 🙂

He was a firm believer in affirmitive action. Other than that I'm not sure what you can dig up on MLK for communist ideals. Freedom does not go hand in hand with communism.

OMG you should have proff to back a comment up like that. Give the man credit. If it wasn't for him black folks would be even further behind than we are now. In this situation the good totally out weighs the bad. He also was a cheater but does that change what he did for people of all races and the impact he still has on society today. Gheesh people theres always a hater around every corner that would rather touch on the negetive vs the positive. With that being said I was shocked when a friend pointed out to me in the Bible there is a verse quoted by God, don't have the verse at this time bummer but it said " they will come in my name saying I had a dream, I had a dream " can't remember the entire verse but whoevre God was talking about… Read more »

He was a communist/marxist and promoted genocide of the african american race… he was paid by the Rockefeller's to be a pawn in their game moving us toward the NWO!

Wasn't his family Christian, and he was a preacher right?

What does that tell you?

well, a christian would think that was a great thing, and a non christian may not think the same… so what does it mean to YOU that he was a christian?

I will tell you that is not a verse in the Bible. However, there is a verse similar: Matthew 7:22-23 (NIV) Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and in your name drive out demons and perform many miracles?' Then I will tell them plainly, 'I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!' Doing good things doesn't mean you know God. Even doing good things in His name doesn't mean you know God. Knowing God is something different altogether. He must live in you through His Holy Spirit. You must know Jesus Christ as your savior, without recompense for your sin their is no way to God. Only Jesus takes away the sin of the world. Without Dr. King I could not be married to my (black) wife. Was he a perfect man? No! Was he a communist? I… Read more »

Dude that is not the verse. I am not that dumb. There is also a verse that say watch the dreamer, something to say make sure his/her dream is what you believe in…something like that. This verse says for sure " they will come in my name saying I had a dream, I had a dream" Come on now I am aware of the verse you just dropped. How stupid do you think I am !

Jeremiah 23:25 "“I have heard what the prophets say who prophesy lies in my name. They say, ‘I had a dream! I had a dream!' "

Perhaps this is the verse you are thinking of, although my personal opinion is that it has nothing to do with MLK, Jr.

Shamrock- Omg thank you for posting. I guess Justin owes me an apology !!! Who deserves to be highlighted now lol ? I also noted in my comment idk if he was talking about King, but still interesting none the least. I am cracking up right now. It just goes to show, how so called know it all don't know a thing. Take that, take that ! I'm just playing guys it's not that serious. ( goes to highlight verse in my Bible this time). I didn't at first because I thought, this can be misleading, or to big of an assumption, and I thought maybe it's better to leave well enough alone, but the next time someone says thats bs……….

joel 12

"The world is like a ride at an amusement park. And when you choose to go on it, you think that it's real because that's how powerful our minds are. And the ride goes up and down and round and round. It has thrills and chills, and it's very brightly coloured, and it's very loud and it's fun, for a while. Some people have been on the ride for a long time, and they begin to question – is this real, or is this just a ride? And other people have remembered, and they come back to us. They say 'Hey! Don't worry, don't be afraid, ever, because, this is just a ride.' And we… kill those people [Dr. MLK, Ghandi, John Lennon, etc]. Ha ha ha. 'Shut him up! We have a lot invested in this ride. SHUT HIM UP! Look at my furrows of worry. Look at my… Read more »


Beautifully written Camilel

the credit goes to Bill Hicks, he was a stand up comic from the late 80s/90s… that was his closing bit from one of his stand up performances. but thank you 🙂

Truly a great man among men. The world would've been so different if he were still alive. May his soul R.I.P.

For those who liked M LK……listen to his niece, Dr Alveda King


No it wouldnt, this world is corrupt by nature. Its now decay due to nothing but inevitability. There have been many MLK's in the world, and in the same way are the many that work against them.

Sad, but true. The actions of men are most often a manifestation of their master's will. Some serve good and some serve evil. Most of the powerful people in the world serve Satan (knowingly or unknowingly) but all of them willingly. Satan has planned his last-ditch effort to eradicate God's people but we will triumph in the end. Though our bodies can be killed, no one can touch the spirit of God that is in us. He can't be taken away, unless surrendered.

you can't serve satan willingly if they don't even know you're serving him. god isn't going to punish people for what they do not know.

Amen to that. 🙂 They can't kill our spirit !!! They won't succeed with God on our side ! Oh no.

Amen! Everytime I feel a little sad about how the world has become, I think about that and it makes me smile !

Beautifully spoken. I agree p.b.p.

I have only read the comments and not even viewed the video but MLK was involved in the boule, he may have cheated on his wife he is human but we should all know that the powers that be count on our desire to be great, to be honored, they prey on it in the movie "the devils advocate" Satan was sure that he could count on his son's pride to get him to do the things he wanted him to do. When his son decided to do the right thing and threw his first case Satan determined that he could still use that because he would then be considered a hero and he could still use his pride or ego in the falsohood of humility tocoerce him to his side. Thats what the powers that be look for in people the hungriest to be noticed. Sometimes being the most… Read more »