Martial Law Comes to the Suburbs: Spike Jonze and Arcade Fire


Filmmaker Spike Jonze has collaborated with the band Arcade Fire on a short film, Scenes from the Suburbs. The video below is a music video from the film, which was shot in Austin, Texas. The short film appears to portray the country under martial law.



  1. Spike Jonze is a genius. His videos are always beautiful and thought-provoking, whether they're very serious in tone like this one or very silly, like Bjork's "Triumph of a Heart" or Weezer's "Buddy Holly". And Arcade Fire are wonderful, as well.

    It's a very realistic scenario of what could happen in the near future. Hats off to Mr. Jonze for putting it to film, and to Arcade Fire for providing a lovely soundtrack.

  2. I so predicted the day I would have to defend Arcade Fire on here.


    Look. They made the album first (a very good album, give it a listen) and then thought of making the video, which is now a short film. 2 of the members grew up in Texas (where this was filmed) and they were into cheesy 80's sci-fi movies and whatnot, so the lead singer and his best friend wrote this story about 2 suburban neighborhoods at war with each other, and the idea just resurfaced so they acted on it. I'm sure that they are aware of police state and martial law and whatnot, the band is about as far from the Illuminati as you can get. They are on a indie label (that stayed indie), they own their own record studio, they have complete control and rights to their music, and the only time their song was used in a commercial, they donated every penny of it to Haiti.

    And their name comes from an urband legend the lead singer heard as a child about this fire in an arcade and a bunch a kids died.

    Trust me. I know this band, and they are not part of the NWO at all. I mean, no one even knows who they are, and they are very different. They don't party hard or mingle with celebs or anything. They play music and that's it. They're a breath of fresh air to the music industry.

    • Yes yes yes! And I am actually from New England where that story/urban legend (the arcade fire myth) and no it never actually happened but it is a real STORY. I too, knew "Us Kids" would have to defend AF eventually…Esp after the Reflektor video for sure.

  3. Arcade= a passage

    Arcade Fire= Burn the place down while passing through

    If you do some thinking you can find a Luciferian subtext to most of their songs. Check the print add for the grammys on Pitchfork (The coffin, the chocolate, the burning farm). They perform a song called wake up with Bowie(magical movement from Kether to Malkuth). I used to love art rock too but now it's all starting to look different. Once you figure out the plans of the Luciferians and put some effort into decoding things you'll see it.

    • Someone not even related to the band made that poster. They recorded their EP in a barn. Their first album was called Funeral, because a lot of their family members died within a year.

      Chill, bro.

  4. this video actually has much more meaning and I enjoyed watching it unravel. my heart dropped, though, when she asked the army guy for help at the end. I flet like everything was all coming to gether and that made it fall apart. army= safety/help? no? but I don't think it attempts to desensitize, I think it attmepts to show the false reality the army, or similar things to the army, give us of saftey.

    and then there is s**t like lady gaga sacrificing herself on stage and saying it is related to Princess Diana and all her fans hail her as a genius. I just want to puke.

  5. Martial law is actually occuring in the United States! Watch this example of Puerto Rico, a Colony of the United States, see what happens when students oppose a raise of $800.00 for maintenance fees to cover the University of Puerto Rico's deficit caused by the bad administration it has endured thruought the years. This caused a police state in the area:

  6. This isn't an Illuminati symbolism video by any means, but one that's describing the effect this NWO has through the perspective of teenagers growing up in suburbia. He's singing about how he and his friends have become so desensitized to the awful world around them that they're apathetic to its reality, and this is reflected in the lyrics and video. "But by the time the first bombs fell, we were already bored." Masked men with assault rifles are patrolling the streets, yet they're completely oblivious, biking around the suburbs as if nothing has changed. He's shocked at his own apathy, how sometimes he "can't believe it", he's already "moving past the feeling". Life in the suburbs has stripped them of their innocence, and he's wistfully wishing to go back to when they had that purity of childhood. "In my dreams, we're still screaming and running through the yard." The video shows how this myopic suburban lifestyle ultimately ends for them, with their rights removed under a police state, with them fighting with each other amidst all the chaos, and the people they turn to for help at the end of the video are the very people that have imposed this situation on them in the first place. It's more than a little haunting how much this video hits home for me.

  7. Really spike lee has the right idea. He's trying to show us whats going to happen, not desensitize, but the exact opposite to inform. BE AWARE. BE PREPARED. HAVE YOUR ESCAPE ROUTES PLANNED. INFORM YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS.

    dont expect all your friend to be on your side, especially the ones who are intrested in/ joined the service.

    thats the message i got from the video.

    go with god.

    • Freeman is the only person in this thread that hit the nail on the head. You all obviously have no clue who The Arcade Fire and Spike are, and it's clear when you comment that it's about desensitization. But it's fine. Keep thinking this. You'll be the ones standing around saying, "I told you so" as a boot kicks your skull in while my family and I are safe elsewhere.

      That is if the police state actually happens. dot dot dot

      • just fyi the director was spike JONZE and this has been expanded into a longer film entitled "scenes from the suburbs" premiering at the the Berlin film festival later this month.

        has anyone seen the trailer for the new video game Homefront?

  8. This is not new … It has been long prophesied in the Book of Revelation about this coming chaos. We may want it or not it will surely come. And the prophecy is now starting to fulfill in our time… But that is not the issue.. The issue is are you already saved and prepared? If not accept the Gospel in the Bible and be prepared.

  9. Lately the latest music videos in the mainstream seem to be bombarding the viewers with so much symbolism that one starts to wonder. There is also the Disturbed music video, "Another Way To Die." It shows a world where government controls how much food and water you get. Gas prices how they seem to go up slowly, sky rockets. And the whole place seems to be like a concentration camp in the music video. This will keep happening on both sides of the field, one is to get people to slowly accept it and see it as a safe way. While the other is to inform the people to wake up to what truly is happening.

  10. Very intelligent video. There's a lot being said, and I don't necessarily think they're trying to convey the police state as a good thing. I agree with KaM, they're telling us something through their art.

    the way I interpret the video is this:

    I'm getting that the kids want to have a normal life, but with things the way they are, they look for an escape (drugs)

    I think Arcade Fire along with this video is trying to tell us it's already here, that they're past that stage of denial of this global enslavement system, and that they've accepted this reality.

    "Sometimes I can't believe it

    I'm movin' past the feeling"

    There's definitely a cognitive dissonance here, with the song sounding cheerful, yet the video conflicts with the cheerful sound. The song has a sad undertone however.

    I strongly suggest reading the lyrics, it reveals a lot.

    "So can you understand?

    Why I want a daughter while I'm still young

    I wanna hold her hand

    And show her some beauty

    Before this damage is done"

    We're already there.

    • The full lyrics for those interested. I've played this like 5 times in a row. Amazing.


      In the suburbs I

      I learned to drive

      And you told me we'd never survive

      Grab your mother's keys we're leaving

      You always seemed so sure

      That one day we'd be fighting

      In a suburban war

      Your part of town against mine

      I saw you standing on the opposite shore

      But by the time the first bombs fell

      We were already bored

      We were already, already bored

      Sometimes I can't believe it

      I'm moving past the feeling

      Sometimes I can't believe it

      I'm moving past the feeling again

      The kids want to be so hard

      But in my dreams we're still screaming and running through the yard

      When all of the walls that they built in the seventies finally fall

      And all of the houses they build in the seventies finally fall

      Meant nothing at all?

      Meant nothing at all

      It meant nothing

      Sometimes I can't believe it

      I'm moving past the feeling

      Sometimes I can't believe it

      I'm moving past the feeling and into the night

      So can you understand

      Why I want a daughter while I'm still young?

      I want to hold her hand

      And show her some beauty

      Before all this damage is done

      But if it's too much to ask, if it's too much to ask

      Then send me a son

      Under the overpass

      In the parking lot we're still waiting

      It's already past

      So move your feet from hot pavement and into the grass

      'Cause it's already past

      It's already, already past

      Sometimes I can't believe it

      I'm moving past the feeling

      Sometimes I can't believe it

      I'm moving past the feeling again

      I'm moving past the feeling

      I'm moving past the feeling

      In my dreams we're still screaming

      We're still screaming

      We're still screaming

      • THe song is tough, i luved it and now that you put the lyrics up i love it even more. i wish you could download it and i luved this video. It was very symbolic and made you go deeper. im still tryna figure out why they fought at the end. Did he go to prison? Why did he cut his hair? How do you know they were doing drugs? the video should be turned into a real movie. REal interesting.

  11. Before everyone goes on off saying Arcade Fire is on this whole NWO thing there not. There showing you through art what most americans day to days lives are becoming. they bring it up as a for you to interpet and at least create social dialouge. O ya and there also Canadian.

  12. The beat up was to do with the love triangle with the girl! He was lying there at the end like that because he had just been beaten up and the older boy had lost his energy and stopped the beating. Its interesting that they projected us forwards to where the Police State is the norm, showing the regular trials teenagers go through-but with the back drop of Police state culture. Looks quite feasible to me…the kids are caught up in there own lives….the girl runs for help looking to save her boyfriend-she doesn’t care or realise to implications of Who she is asking help from. Now she owes them a debt-it’s easy to imagine how easy it might be for people to go over to that culture-if you imagine a time when thats all thats been offered. Survival instinct is an amazing strong thing.
    Thanks for posting the clip V.C.

  13. It's almost surreal…and scary. Very, very scary. I don't know why, but the scene where the teenage boys are playing around and the boy starts kicking him, it puts a lump in my throat, especially when the boy just laughs it off and his 'friend' pats his head.

    And in my mind (and it's just my thoughts…I could be wrong), but the boy in the ending scene who just started punching the guy randomly had gotten in trouble (why they were being examined in the mouth) and the boy who worked at the grocery store probably claimed they were from him. It also seemed like he was angry for other reasons too when he started breaking the chairs, and then ended with him crying on the floor. I don't know, that's just what I got from it.

    • Well it started out as the kids were just playing. The guy didn't kick him in the throat, it was in the upper chest area. And they were just messing around. Things didn't get bad until they started seeing more and more of the police.

  14. The end of the video – boy staring/clouds = dissociative state? The only way to cope with what's coming?

    Or perhaps it's already here? The Sun newspaper reports that SAS squads are today protecting packed shopping centres from terrorists in the UK – with orders to shoot to kill.

    Will it be a case of shoot first, ask questions later?

    • To answer #9, the blue skies at the end of the video is the link… its there because that was the opening scene of the video. Play it again and you will see it loops back.

      Now me

      "You always seemed so sure

      That one day we’d be fighting

      In a suburban war

      Your part of town against mine

      I saw you standing on the opposite shore

      But by the time the first bombs fell

      We were already bored

      We were already, already bored"

      These lyrics suggest that the blond boy had already made his decision about which side he would be fighting for, and sadly it wasn't his friends.

      And now they are bored……so they want it to be over but it's not that simple, they have allowed this to happen to themselves because they didn't pay attention when they should have.

  15. bunch of puzzies on this website — scared out of your skin — skin that hasn't even had a pinprick to it and you're willing to laydown to Obama's bigbad boogiemen in camo-monkey-suits. Grow a backbone and learn how to fight for your country.

  16. unbelievable, they've gotten hip hop with rihanna and jayz and others, now they're breaking through with rock music about this bullcrap. if you tell the average person, they won't believe, they'll just nod, and say, "do you want to go to taco bell or mcdonald's for lunch?" there's not much to do other than prepare by storing food, and keeping an eye out.

    • I wouldn't say "breaking through". It's been in rock music, amongst other genres for a long time. You can watch videos from 20 years ago and see these same themes throughout.

    • I beg differ, I feel like the whole album The Suburbs and the short film of which the above film clip is only a part of, is more a warning. I feel like something is going to happen in this vein in our lifetimes, and that it's almost prophetic but can't put my finger on anything beyond that. The whole album is not glorifying it, but mourning our lives before technology because of the freedom and simplicity. It's almost like an album from the future, which is a police state, but it's certainly not glorifying it. Unless it is just that breakdown of resistance thing…I guess it did win a Grammy for album of the year and we know who runs the show there. Still, a great album, better than the usual s**t you see on there. But yeah, highly symbolic for sure.

    • It doesn't make it clear, but I think the beaten up kid was against the other kid because he joined the army or something (hence the haircut), and because all the things had happened to them, he didn't like it.

    • The bully is a closeted gay who's trying to reenforce his 'manhood' by beating up the boy he's actually attracted to. It's a display of the suburban facade and what lies underneath.

      Martial law is being used to say that individuals who run from the cities and into the suburbs are actually joining a sort of police state willingly, and when there's any kind if minor problem they run to their oppressors despite past experiences.

      Frankly I'm sort of surprised people here are totally missing the message.

      • I don't think so. I think that when the two boys were apprehended something happened to them that they are ashamed/embarassed about. Possibly sexual in nature. Maybe the "pretty boy" was messed with and his friend wasn't is what I get from it. When traumatic things like sexual abuse happens a LOT of people cut their hair. Clearly the encounter with the authorities triggered a transformation (not a positive one) in the blond boy that his friends clearly recognized. They knew he was going to get the boy he was busted with. Doesn't sound gay at ALL.

    • I have goosebumps from watching that s**t! Then the chemtrailed sky at the end was just too much. I want to puke…..Totally f'd up!

  17. I was watching this movie last night idk if any of you have seen it but it is called " The Crazies ". It's about an air plane crashing into a river in a small town. The people became crazy and began to kill each other. All of a sudden the goverment officials come in and seperate the sick, put them in mental hospitals, you know the whole martial law thing….. One of the main characthers is the police chief, long story short he confronted one of the officials at gun point and ask why and he said we are trying to depopulate, we are doing this for you, evidently we picked the wrong town ( because the police chief and a few others,went to war with them) . He also went on to say it isn't my fault the plane crashed blame the pilot. This kind of confused me. I couldn't rewind but I don't know if he was saying, well he said they did it intentionally, but if the plane crashed and landed in the river ( water supply) how was it intentional. The official they held at gunpoint also said they were running a test all that were sick would die, but all that lived 48 hours would be okay although they sent in troops to wipe out everyone that was still living, but the thing is the police chief and the others that were with him was like it has been 36 hours and at this time the camera went in the direction of the sun and it was clearly a solar eclipse, but the first thing I noticed, and also noted a lot of people would not pick up on is the opening scene. It was a bright sunny sky, two planes flying in the air with half a mile long chem trails following behind 2 second clip ! I just thought I'd share. This may be an old movie idk. I don't watch a lot of movies so eh and sorry if I ruined it for anyone who plans on seeing it !

    • @Camren- I watched The Crazies for the first time last week, and I can tell you it scared the hell out of me. Not because it was a "horror" movie, but because I can 100% see this happening. They say that the plane that crashed contained a biochemical weapon the government had developed that "went wrong" (I think that's the verbiage they use).

      I will not, repeat, will NOT be surprised when this happens (police state). We're being told about it all the time and people are too stupid, blind, or brainwashed to see. I'm scared out of my mind for the future, I can see exactly in my mind how the world will be… I just wish I knew how to change it.

      • Yeah it trip me out how real the senario could be and is said to be ! This was not some made up stuff. It seemed like a horror movie but why did I feel like I was watching the future !

      • You have to remember…. God said that the Last Days would be atrocious.

        We don't want to be here when this is fully placed into effect; when martial law is in effect everywhere, when everyone must have an RFID Microchip in their hand, when food is more and more scarce.

        That's what the rapture is for.

        Time is ticking. We can't afford to be sucked into the distractions that are put there to destroy us. The spirit of Satan is controlling the Illuminati, and the Illuminati is controlling everything. But God's Spirit is being poured out on people like it never has before. He isn't an angry man in the sky with a bolt of lightening, waiting to strike you down. He's most merciful in these final hours.

        There will be a time when it's too late. Seek God, everyone. He is the only protection from the coming evil.

  18. Again, we're being desensitized to this coming police state, and in the end it gives the viewer the feeling that the police is there to help when the girl asks for help, but the entire video talks about something completely diferent… a police state where you have no rights, no life and no value…

    • Not programming, but exposing. It's showing how the police state has affected these teenagers, and how the blissful suburban life they thought they were living in blinded them from reality. It's programming when Rihanna or Lady Gaga dance around in videos while their backup dancers are all soldiers or robots, implying that a police state and transhumanism is something positive by associating it with famous pop stars. When the Illuminati try to spread their symbolism and message, it's almost always through a band or artist that's immensely popular. I mean, how many people had heard of Arcade Fire before Vigilant posted this?


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