Martial Law Comes to the Suburbs: Spike Jonze and Arcade Fire


Filmmaker Spike Jonze has collaborated with the band Arcade Fire on a short film, Scenes from the Suburbs. The video below is a music video from the film, which was shot in Austin, Texas. The short film appears to portray the country under martial law.

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I so predicted the day I would have to defend Arcade Fire on here. Sigh…. Look. They made the album first (a very good album, give it a listen) and then thought of making the video, which is now a short film. 2 of the members grew up in Texas (where this was filmed) and they were into cheesy 80's sci-fi movies and whatnot, so the lead singer and his best friend wrote this story about 2 suburban neighborhoods at war with each other, and the idea just resurfaced so they acted on it. I'm sure that they are aware of police state and martial law and whatnot, the band is about as far from the Illuminati as you can get. They are on a indie label (that stayed indie), they own their own record studio, they have complete control and rights to their music, and the only time their… Read more »

Yes yes yes! And I am actually from New England where that story/urban legend (the arcade fire myth) and no it never actually happened but it is a real STORY. I too, knew "Us Kids" would have to defend AF eventually…Esp after the Reflektor video for sure.