London Riots Aftermath: UK Government Calls for Social Media Bans and Shutdowns


In the article entitled The London Riots and How They Will be Used to the Elite’s Advantage, it was stated that the riots would be used to justify a greater control, and surveillance censorship of social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Blackberry Messenger. Well the UK government has recently proposed several drastic measures aiming to control the flow of information through social networks, all of which can easily lead to abuse and state censorship such as: The interception and  disclosure of messages by authorities, the deletion of pro-social unrest messages, the banning of suspected rioters from social networks and even the complete shut down of social networks during periods of unrest.

These measures are being discussed despite studies claiming that social media activities spiked AFTER major riot events (and not before), which is, after all, a normal phenomena (see this analysis of Tweeter traffic during the riots).

Here’s an article from The Guardian describing the several measures considered by David Cameron’s government.

Facebook and Twitter to oppose calls for social media blocks during riots

Ministers expected to row back from David Cameron’s demand that suspected rioters be barred from websites.

Facebook and Twitter are preparing to stand firm against government ministers’ calls to ban people from social networks or shut their websites down in times of civil unrest.

The major social networks are expected to offer no concessions when they meet the home secretary, Theresa May, at a Home Office summit on Thursday lunchtime.

Ministers are expected to row back on David Cameron’s call for suspected rioters to be banned from social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook, following the riots and looting across England a fortnight ago.

The home secretary will explore what measures the major social networks could take to help contain disorder – including how law enforcement can more effectively use the sites – rather than discuss powers to shut them down. The acting Metropolitan police commissioner, Tim Godwin, and the Tory MP Louise Mensch have separatelyexplored the idea of shutting down websites during emergencies.

The technology companies will strongly warn the government against introducing emergency measures that could usher in a new form of online censorship. Attacks on London landmarks, including the Olympics site and Westfield shopping centres, were thwarted earlier this month after police managed to intercept private BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) posts – suggesting that leaving networks running can provide a valuable source of intelligence and information.

The summit is not expected to signal a dramatic shift in government policy, with only one hour slated for a discussion between more than a dozen social media executives, police officers and ministers.

Executives from Facebook, Twitter and RIM will be joined by Lynn Owens, the assistant commissioner of central operations at the Met police, members of the association of chief police officers, and civil servants from both the foreign office and the department for culture, media and sport. The home secretary will lead the meeting, alongside James Brokenshire, the minister for security and a member of the National Security Council.

May will urge the social networks, all of which are based in either the US or Canada, to take more responsibility for the messages posted on their websites.

In response, Twitter and Facebook are expected to outline the steps that both social networks already take to remove messages that potentially incite violence. Facebook, which has 30 million users in the UK, said it had actively removed “several credible threats of violence” to stem the riots across England this month.

Research in Motion, the Canada-based BlackBerry maker, will explain to the government which parts of its popular BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) service are private or encrypted. Unlike Facebook and Twitter, BBM is a pin-protected instant messaging system, and was claimed to be the most popular network among rioters.

Each of the social networks are preparing to explain how current powers are proportionate for tackling provocative material. Current measures allow internet companies to identify users who may be worth further investigation without examining the content of their messages.

RIM and other companies can be forced to disclose users’ private messages if served with a warrant by police.

Godwin told MPs on the home affairs committee last week that police had explored the unprecedented step of switching off social networks, but discovered that they did not have the legal powers to do so.

Under the current system, most websites take down material if served with “notice and takedown procedures” by authorities. Facebook also operates a self-policing method whereby its own users can flag inappropriate material.

Two leading police forces told the Guardian earlier this month that it would be a mistake to introduce overzealous powers over the websites. Greater Manchester police and the Devon and Cornwall force both said social networks had an “overwhelmingly positive” role in dispelling rumours and reassuring residents during the riots.

A spokeswoman for Facebook said: “We look forward to meeting with the home secretary to explain the measures we have been taking to ensure that Facebook is a safe and positive platform for people in the UK at this challenging time.

“In recent days we have ensured any credible threats of violence are removed from Facebook and we have been pleased to see the very positive uses millions of people have been making of our service to let friends and family know they are safe and to strengthen their communities.”

Twitter and RIM declined to comment.

– Source

A coalition of 10 human rights and free speech groups including Amnesty International (that usually operates in oppressive dictatorships) have voiced their concerns regarding the measures considered by Cameron’s government, claiming they would “be susceptible to abuse” and “undermine privacy”.

Facebook and Twitter riot clampdown opposed by human rights groups

Amnesty International and Index on Censorship voice concern ahead of home secretary’s meeting with social networks

Leading human rights groups including Amnesty International and Index on Censorship have written to the home secretary, Theresa May, expressing concerns about a potential clampdown on social networks following the riots a fortnight ago.

The coalition of 10 human rights and free speech advocates said they were “very concerned” that new measures to curb Facebook and Twitter would be “susceptible to abuse” and “undermine people’s privacy”.

Facebook, Twitter and BlackBerry maker Research in Motion are expected face down ministers’ calls to restrict social networking in times of civil unrest at a Home Office summit on Thursday lunchtime.

For their part, May and the minister for security, James Brokenshire, are expected to row back on the prime minister’s calls for suspected rioters to be banned from social networks in times of civil unrest at Thursday’s meeting.

They are instead expected to discuss how law enforcement could better use Twitter and Facebook in emergencies.

“As you know, there is existing legislation regulating the interception and disclosure of communications information, the use of communications evidence by law enforcement and restrictions on people’s use of communications technology,” the open letter said.

“It is reasonable to review the existing legal regime to ensure that it appropriately fits new technologies.

“However, turning off, restricting or monitoring people’s communications networks are matters that require extreme care and open, detailed deliberation.”

The letter follows a study of riot-related tweets, compiled by the Guardian, that has cast doubt on the rationale behind David Cameron’s recent proposal to ban potential rioters from Twitter and Facebook.

Representatives of the 10 leading human rights groups, including Brett Solomon, the executive director of Access, and Mike Blakemore, the media director of Amnesty UK, have signed the letter to May.

“We are very concerned that new measures, made in good faith but in a heated political environment, will overextend powers in ways that would be susceptible to abuse, restrict legitimate, free communication and expression and undermine people’s privacy,” they said.

“This is especially so if proposals involve unaccountable voluntary arrangements between law enforcement and communications providers.”

The human rights groups have requested a meeting with the home secretary to discuss the government’s plans.

– Source

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62 Comments on "London Riots Aftermath: UK Government Calls for Social Media Bans and Shutdowns"

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While I may sound ignorant here… Didnt know a riot happened. Read and I still dont know "why" they rioted. Interesting that they just want to stop rioters but never addressed what they were rioting about.

In some ways I am and am not surprised. It is not surprising that a government would try to use something like Facebook to exert more power over their country during a time of crisis (knowledge is power). However, I am surprised that the British police are not being trained in more complex maneuvers. They are not only a small task force, but considering what they are up against, I would think it would be in the government's best interest to give them some military training. The officers may have advanced technology and weapons compared to police of the past, thanks to the advancements of the modern era. However, just for the safety of the police officers themselves, I would think they would need some military training. It is already a dangerous job, and they are facing something that is about as dangerous as a civil war.

Um, what?

The goals of the elite is to push for a New World Order, the way trough it is to destroy the society as we conceive it or "Ordo ab Chao", as VC stated brillianty many times. In the web is circulating a Decalogue supposedly written by Lenin in 1913, while the decalog would be a hoax, it pictures exactly what is happening in our society. This is what the document say: 1. Corrupt the youth and give them absolute sexual freedom. This no need explanation, in this excelent site I find many clear examples. 2. Infiltrate and take control of the mass communication media. This is very explicit, only we have to see the bullshit TV, cinema is spitting all the time, and the bunch of strange simbols or weird things we see, like pentagrams, masonic floors, etc. 3. Divide the population into antagonist groups; encourage arguments between them over… Read more »


Some great comments here – I wish by God's grace the sleeping masses will wake up before it is too late.

These so called satanic elites plot but God plots and He is the best of plotters…their actions will only come to ruin for themselves and those who deny the truth.

Police state humor. Subtle and amusing – great psywar tools for desensitizing all of those unaware minds out there.

Makes you wonder who originates these things so that they spread virally over the internet.

Guys i would aprove the riots, middle-east revolutions if it weren't plans from Elite.


They are smart. 😉

This s**t is Bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S

It was most definitely an experiment and i do not believe it was a coincidence that most MP's and the Prime Minister were away. It also deviated from the fact that another innocent was gunned down….. The plan i believe was a to con the masses into accepting a "Police State" that will be ushered in. It is true that the elite's agenda of the N.W.O. is in effect but if you cover yourself with Psalm 91 and remain sheltered in the arms of the ROCK of AGES, you will be protected. As much as the so called conspiracy's of the past two decades are now coming to pass, it was inevitable. It is written "…my people die for lack of knowledge". Shalom.

true say

To everybody here,

The only thing that matters is loving God and loving people. Dont let all this agenda driven media get you all into a frear fed frenzy. Dont let them get you to the point where your afraid of what tomorrow brings, because the future is as bright as you want it to be. When you wake in the morning and you decide to be happy it doesn't matter what "they" say or try to make you think.

remember love God and love each other

I am so happy to have taken a break from this site, to return to it and realize people are becoming defiant to the should have, would have, could have that has infested our psyche, thanks to media. not should have would have or could have….. IS so what are you today? are you a fighter? a pacifist? controlled? empowered? aloof? invested? do you believe bullshit? do you enjoy being fed it? angry at it? sad at it? assess yourself today, assess your role in life on earth, however small or large. decide for yourself don't let something, someone make that decision for you. again. TURN OFF THE TV. bottom line is….YOU ARE NOT "CONTROLLED" IF YOU ARE A WILLING PARTICIPANT. You enslave yourself if you believe you are not a powerful, infinite being capable of controlling your own destiny and surroundings, you are not powerful if you need anything… Read more »
The deception by The Guardian above is insanely clever. To start off, let's review the basics of mind control. You cause a trauma (ie. physically, emotionally, spiritually), then force a certain idea to associate with it, and then reinforce it over and over, untill the person (or population at large) naturally assimilates it and, through logical and subconsious processes, creates a "paradigm shift" in the consiousness (collective, individual, or an alter's consciousness) in the direction you want them to go. How is this used in mass media? The example given by VC exposes it very well. The Guardian begins with the already established idea that "riots are violent," that they happen for no "good" reason and that they only lead to hardship for the public and criticism for the government. By portraying the riots as chaotic and rife with looters, it forces emotional trauma on the international public. It perverts… Read more »

im pregnant and i keep hearing all this talk about nwo 2012 now oct 28 2011 im getting very scared and dont know how to prepare i just want to raise my baby and be with my husband this all makes me so sick

Hello Courtney Let me interject. THIS IS NOT A FEAR MONGERS SITE. It saddens me that you carry fear while carrying child. Stop. Your child has greater issues to suffice besides the predictive dates and the ultimate universal holocaust or whatever. Take this knowledge for its real value. Control and oppression and how to fight and irritate the hell out of it. Now. Apply it not to just your childs life but husband as well. Learn to be self sufficient. Understand that no matter how much of a good "Citizen" you are that freedom to live peacefully is all of humanity given right. A right that sadly isn't properly distributed anymore. A right that even you must fight for. Our enemies? Corporate political and their elite handlers. Not enemies where we overthrow (maybe?) but an enemy that threatens how we live eat sleep and survive. They don't believe we are… Read more »

There you are! Well said sir! Rebel, simply. And focus on the good stuff….

Y2K was fake. Remember how everyone was scared something would happen when year2000 came? Swine flu was fake. Bird flu was fake. I believe just to get us to take vaccines we don't need. 911 was faked so they could put in new laws we don't need. ect ect ect I believe the purpose of news and most internet sites (even the so called 'truth mmovement') is to keep us scared and in fear because scared people are easy to control. tv shows airplanes crashing buildings-people go :O -then we agree (in a state of shock that they created) to go along with whatever they say. It's the same as if I go to your house and throw huge rock into your bedroom window in the middle of the night..and then sneak off. The next day I say, "aww that's too bad, I know you're scared, lemme put these bars… Read more »

I'd like to add that we should be careful of the whole "fight the nwo, revolution is good!" AGENDA

That would only benefit the bad guys and I believe is run and controlled by them.

Be peaceful and stand your ground. Take care of your family and enjoy each day. =)

Hi guys. i don't know whether i am the most paranoid of these lot but i will just give it a shot: The "elite" ARE controlling the social media. it so simple that when you look very hard you cant see it. Try this: how about mapping the company profiles of these so called "influential" social media companies, and tell me whether one way or another, the financial structure (investors, lenders, borrowers et al) aren't in the grip, or at least within reach of the FIVE biggest mass media companies?? The truth is (again forgive me if you think i am paranoid) "they control everything!". The only thing they can't control is Salvation- pure unadulterated salvation. That is why i have stuck with my JESUS. HE (Jesus) is the only one who will crush the head of this serpent. Hope and pray some see…….

It is what everybody expected. It is easy to control through Social Media, making it "public" is just to disturb more.

none of this stuff matters.

Just wake up tomorrow and go to work so that you can all be good little consumers.

Nothing is new under the sun.

Remember remember the 5th of november…

nwo, is it in you

as a side note….anyone focusing on the children of the future in all this? sure they might use this as a PR point but remember people…our future leaders are watching us f**k up this beautiful world, watching us f**k up our beautiful minds in the process.

this goes for both sides, the profane and the masters. wonder what kind of leadership this will birth in, oh, say 50 years (I will still be alive, God willing)

This is a divide and conquer tactic. Anyone who believes the groups and corporations speaking out against the current mainstream medias allusion to future censorship is a fool….Amnesty International? Lets take a look at their accounting before we assume they are a GLOBAL human rights advocacy group. Follow the money people. Democracy does not exist anymore…it has been employed and bankrolled by the Masters. Problem? Solution! Order…then Death. Profit and prosperity for all who remain alive. Until the veil is lifted. I strongly suggest ALL PEOPLE OF THE WORLD resist social media, resist government assistance and form solid community relations OFF THE GRID. That does not mean you need to avoid technology. It means you should have a very, very healthy distrust of it. After all, the military gave birth to…and raised…the current technological advances we are so proud of….and sickened unto death of…. money is the devil, TV is… Read more »
Double edged sword, indeed. Silly of them to think they had or have the power to "shut down" social media/networking sites … I'm not even a user of any of those social sites (I don't even have a text-messaging plan with my cellphone calling plan) but last I heard individuals have to right to freedom of speech. Don't they? I posted on my own website/blog a few years ago how the USA never was "one nation, under God", and is being run by all sorts of liars, thieves, witches, warlocks, adulterers/adultresses, and abominable men and women, and in the day of Judgment will suffer the same fate of destruction along with the rest of Israel's enemies, and about a week later, my website had "mysteriously disappeared." For some "strange" reason, it was deleted. LOL! But I hadn't said anything profound about the USA and Israel's enemies that nobody else hadn't… Read more »

I always knew that these 'riots' were in some way planned and 'allowed' to continue.

David Cameron left it 3 days before he returned from his luxurious holiday abroad claiming that he 'had every faith in the police that they can control the situation'.

However, When not too long ago the uprising in Libya had progressed Cameron came back from holiday immediately.

Something smells fishy.

In Hungary (2006 october) there were riots as well when people got fed up with the puppet president (Ferenc Gyurcsány). The people started peaceful protests and demanded the president to step down. You can guess – he didnt want to lose control, so this is what they did: they used some heartless agents to provocate the police and the crowd, started burning cars and crashing windows. The peaceful protest has turned into a massive riot. The police were shooting rubber bullets at the people at head height. Women, children and old people as well were beaten by the riot police, maced and humiliated. Some were arrested infront of their homes, just because they were standing on the streets. The "government" has ordered a couple of brand new high-tech water-cannons from Israel (what a surprise…) after the older ones got burned by the protesters. People were tortured in the basements of… Read more »

England is regarded the biggest nanny state .. Just an observation.

I think the predictions of this blog are very logical and mature… specifically with this riots issue. I think that the government's actions are exactly what a parent would do when faced with a misbehaved child.

A child can use a toy for mischief or to entertain himself. If he uses that watergun to torment animals and/or siblings, it's going away. Even if all the other siblings in the family behave themselves, they may see their watergun privileges curtailed because of that one bad apple.

Same thing with many issues ascribed by this blog to ulterior secret society motives.

Use a social media site to plan mayhem and cause trouble? Sorry, it's going away… for EVERYBODY if necessary, thanks to a few hundred bad apples.

This is just another step closer to a Police State.

My 1st thought exactly, and unfortunately it is happening all around the world on different scales.

George Orwell's 1984 doesn't seem very fictious and not-possible anymore, smh

And THEN, when the Elite have essentially realised these police state plans into our reality, there will be a FAKE call for "peace and security." And man oh man I can't wait for there reactions when the Son of Man finally comes…..

Hey VC, thanks but I think you may have posted this too soon…

"Home Sec Won't Shut Network Sites Over Riots":

I remember growing up, that people had "freedom of speech and the right to assemble"!? now we dont even have the right to talk about assembling! SMFH Two "rights" taken away at once!

Yeah containing orders, um! help contain what's really going on and the REAL reason why there's a riot in the first place. There's more to it than that and apparently they don't want the world to know the REAL reason why. My opinion and I'm sticking to it. The same stuff is happening back to back. I think they see and know what's really going on. Countries wanting their leaders to step down, whhhhhy! It can't be what the news channel say. I refuse to believe it.


Shizzle people need to stop talking about the 'Arab Spring' (wtf?) in such a positive light.Libya is now open to European oil giants who want in on the black gold,and there water reserves are also valuable.Just like Iraq/Aghanistan,one of the reasons Libya randomly had an uprising after 40 years of Gaddafi's rule (hmm?) is because of the resources they possess,and not forgetting Israel and their plans for expanding their territory,noone really mentions it from a zionist perspective.facebook and Google are CIA fronts anyway,so either way even if it isn't blocked they are still getting your information and can program the masses through this same information by learning what people like etc.People like Mubarak and Gaddafi were expendable,just like any puppet leader.Even Syria's PM said that 'foreign conspirators' are responsible for the uprising,and blames the violence on 'armed gangs smuggled in from a neighbouring country' (wonder who that could be?lol).

Yeah, lots of credible testimony out there about armed provocateurs showing up out of nowhere… being smuggled in by Israeli intelligence and most likely cia.

The Arab spring protests were somehow disparate even though they had one leading theme; to end the perpetuation in power by their age long rulers. However, couch it in any terms that you want, Libya is all about oil. Also, most of the protests had the backing of the Western world especially the United States. Plus, the new leaders of these countries will be stooges to the powers that be. That doesn’t mean someone like Mubarak wasn’t their stooge, but he had outlived his usefulness and the Elite will not risk or support one old tyrant over a whole country. Those kinds of protests will never happen in the UK because it has a democracy in the parliamentary system. Once we are tired of one set of rulers, we vote them out! I listened to this topic this morning on BBC Radio 5 and they said it won’t be a… Read more »

Oh, Libya wasn't just about oil. It was about water, too. Plus it was a successful example of using Sharia finance without a private central bank. Goldman Sachs and the US State dept had been gunning for "banking reform" in Libya since at least 2008, here's a tidbit from the latest wikileaks dump:

Really, if you want to know what just happened, compare Libya to Nigeria.

snap_pea; you cannot compare Libya's oil reserve to the The Great Man Made River Scheme. Okay, oil is the key element in the fight for control in Libya. It was while looking for oil, that the underground fresh water was found.

Please don't compare Libya to Nigeria (the home of my parents.) They are miles apart. If it's Islamic banking, Libya has had it for some time, while Nigeria is just about to start it with a licence from the Central Bank of Nigeria to form an Islamic bank. Who knows, it still may not see the light of day.

"Social Media allowed in the Arab Spring?" It was, before any protest in the Arab World took place, until the leaders of these Arab countries realised that these social sites were having a big impact on the Arab protests. So they decided to SHUT THEM DOWN, and yes Mubarak closed social sites for a while. But they came back up, why? Because these Arabs would take that s**t and protested even more. And the media is constantly improving easier access. The Social Media sites shut down in many Arab countries, but soon came back up. Because they realised they were just angering the protestors even more. They literally can't do anything to control the Arabs, their going crazy, nothing can stop them. Look at Libya, the rebels just wouldn't stop. Syria is in mayhem. Yemen and Bahrain are holding huge protests. The Libyans also said their on their way to… Read more »
Instead of worrying about social media and "other forms of communication", was aren't the leaders focusing on the cause of the riots, namely police brutality and the deaths of so many at the hands of law enforcement. Now we have another report of and individual "mysteriously" dying while in custody of the authorities…. There have been riots in the US for similar reasons. The London riots and the War on Terror have one common theme (well actually several but the main one being): a totalitarian government trying to impose its will upon a population that wants to be left in peace. Would the riots have started over a few simple arrests? No. No one has an issue with law enforcement doing their job. Brutality on the other hand…. Why does the Muslim world resent the western world? How would you feel if some other force brutally invaded and tried… Read more »

That's their strategy to divide and rule. Social media is allowed in their so called arab spring, but not in the UK where people are fed up with the shitstym.

The "Elite" or the "Handlers" are afraid that these Arab protests that have made headlines around the world and which are organized by social media like Twitter may happen in different countries such as United Kingdom. It seems that the World is finally waking up, well the Arab world has. The London Riots, in my eyes, were more than youngsters looting shops. When I saw pictures of places on fire like the Reeves Company in Croydon, and shops being destroyed in places like Clapham Junction it looked like the People were in control, for once. As if I was looking into the future, where people had enough of their "handlers" and took matters into their own hands. But this is London, its like the heart of this "Elite Family" I knew this kind of Revolution I was seeing would die down straight away. But in the Arab World its a… Read more »

From what I have seen and heard the authorities allowed the London riots to happen for a period of time. These riots had nothing to do with people taking "matters into their own hands". The looters and rioters decided to be a law unto themselves and have effectively caused severe hardships to innocent people, e.g. loss/damage to homes & businesses. Violence is never an answer to problems; it only creates problems…

I think that was the whole idea behind allowing periods of time for rioters. The thinking "This is what the middle/lower class will do if power is put into their hands". I certainly don't condone violent protest and it was devasting to witness the loss brought upon innocent victims, but knowing the agenda of the elite I think it was more thought out as to 'set an example'.

Yeah, I misinterpreted my comment. The looters did get carried away a lot. And what happened to the Reeves family was awful, and other businesses. It was just a copycat theme, each city copied each other.

Although you can't say violence is not the answer. People can't stand their and do nothing and let people walk all over them, and peaceful protests don't mean as much. I'm not trying to justify the looters in London, they were plain WRONG. That should not of happened.

If the Arabs just did peaceful protests, would they be where they are now? I don't think so.

Although violence for no apparent reason is wrong.

You gotta stand up to make a change.

Don't forget the Elite's satanic motto: "ORDO AB CHAO" – "Order Out of Chaos". They are counting on the masses to rise up against the authorities using violence as a means to achieve what protesters/rioters believe will be a revolution. That is probably why mainstream media constantly run these "Arab Spring" psy-op stories, thus predicably programming the masses to buy into the false notion that violence is an acceptable means to an end. Interestingly, I noticed that "Rise of the Planet of The Apes" ad poster has the line, "REVOLUTION IS EVOLUTION". I wonder if VC will run an article on that movie? It seems obvious to me what the Elite want us to be thinking about. I pray you vigilant ones won't fall for it. Remember – violence is not the answer.

"Murad says: August 25, 2011 at 5:03 pm Yeah, I misinterpreted my comment. The looters did get carried away a lot. And what happened to the Reeves family was awful, and other businesses. It was just a copycat theme, each city copied each other. Although you can’t say violence is not the answer. People can’t stand their and do nothing and let people walk all over them, and peaceful protests don’t mean as much. I’m not trying to justify the looters in London, they were plain WRONG. That should not of happened. If the Arabs just did peaceful protests, would they be where they are now? I don’t think so. Although violence for no apparent reason is wrong. You gotta stand up to make a change." i sure wish they had a DISLIKE button on these comments!! 🙂 that is some major BS. i certainly CAN say that violence is… Read more »

ignorant people? wow you sound just like a yuppie who want to stay as far away as possible from lower class filth. i think rising is possibly the only answer. the illluminati maybe want to seem like they are in control of everything! (psyop) so we and our movements can be controlled too. i do not know wtf these pacifists want the masses to do. will just sit on our asses, not lift a finger, unless we are typing on VC telling the godless revolutionary heathens to accept jesus and he will SOLVE EVERYTHING, and welcome the NWO with open arms! Nothing but love for big brother!

The Arab people might think they are responsible for bringing down their governments, but the truth of the matter is it never would've happened if the Illuminati didn't want for it to happen. They most likely planned for it years and years ago, just like nine eleven and the war on Iraq. Notice how the riots and demonstrations in Jordan and Saudi Arabia got little to no coverage while Egypt got 24/7 coverage on news channels, it's easy to tell whose side they're on. If you thought Mubarak was a slave to Israel I bet the dude who's going to replace him (most likely ElBaradaei) is gonna be way worse. Check out an article on VC called "Naming Names: Your Real Government" it Mentions ElBaradaei and his US government ties.

The Illuminati did NOT want the Arabs to take their governments down. They were shocked. Zionists needed Mubarak, Why? Because it prevented Palestine being free, as Mubarak made a preace truce with Israel. Now Mubarak's gone, Israel will be invaded. I guarantee it, by the Arabs. This "Occult Industry" don't want that at all. These protests that are overthrowing governments are a complete SURPRISE to the Zionists, they are scared. These protests in the Arab World are also written in the Qura'an, one of the major signs of the day of judgement in Islam is blooshed in Arabia, look at how many people are dying? Another sign is people overthrowing their governmented and kings. PALESTINE WON'T BE FREE, UNLESS THE FELLOW ARABS MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Their Leaders and Governments won' t do anything, they've slaves to the Zionists. If anything these Arab Protests were a HUGE SURPRISE to the Zionists,… Read more »
@Murad Merali – I honestly don't think the Zionist are too worried about the Arab uprising bro. They see the division among Arabs and Muslims worldwide and will use that against us…they will continue to incite sectarian, and political violence like the Sunni vs Shia you see in Iraq and they will try their best to destabilize any Muslim country which attempts to seek independence from their corrupt system. The type of unity needed to make a difference we do not see yet in 2011 and it would take way more than just Arabs alone to do the job. Egypt is still under Military rule and until there are fair elections the revolution there is not complete yet. Tunisia where the uprising's began did not complete their revolution because there are still remnants from the old regime running the country. Libya has a long road ahead… Morocco, UAE , Bahrain,… Read more »
I didn't know that there were riots in Saudi Arabia, but for me It's no surprise that these riots receive few or nothing of attention of the mainstream. The saudi family is part of the Illuminati, they played a crucial role in the simulation of the peak oil crisis in the early 70's, that was the turning point or the begining of our beloved neoliberal system, and they are working side by side with the occidental elites, the illuminati city of Bahrein is an example. But yes, the arab revolts have the illuminati trademark. One of the goals of this revolts, besides of geopolitical control, and seizure of natural resources, is to cause a great flux of migration to Europe. With the crisis in Europe and the rate of unemployment higger than ever, this won't only cause crime rates to ascend, and more misery, but a prefabricated (and expected) conflict… Read more »
@Sunbeam First of all, please don't say my comment is BS, you just have a different opinion. I certainly do think violence is the answer, in terms of not letting people walk all over you, and making a change, even if it means protesting for 4-6 months (Syria & Libya) and only to a certain extent. Not harming people for no reason at all. That is uncalled for, I'm not trying to justify the London Looters. @Essential Truth Yes, you are right, this Shia and Sunni thing is still a MAJOR problem in the Middle East, and it needs to be resolved, fast. But I doubt it will. This is one thing that is holding unity back in the Middle East. But have you heard of Quds Day? If you haven't, please look it up. It happened recently, all, I mean all Arabs countries (Shia & Sunni) as well as… Read more »

Here we go again. If the illuminati didnt want it to happen? i personally think they use events to their own ends and decieve people into thinking that they are in control when they actually never miss out on grand oppurtunities. but everybody takes VC word for everything and forget one important aspect they he is trying to promote, THINK FOR YOURSELF

The problem is, once people get in control again, what will happen, because:

1) We can never be sure that the entire old regime was wiped, therefore someone with knowledge about control can take advantages again.

2) Say the humanity is clean again and a just and wise leader rises, will we go to heaven as catholics call it? or maybe we will live in an 1000 year long utopia?

3) People doesn't know what they really want, almost no one does, and those who do are busy with other matters which are more important to them.

Therefore I give what I (only my opinion) think, to help one is to help all, even if it's yourself, or others, but you have to make a choice on who to serve better.

its petty that how the British always quick to call our country dumb,stupid,evil,or dumbfounding when they should be worrying about theirs and not ours we have our own problems to take of