Liquid Medicine: Controversial Call to Add Lithium to Drinking Water for “Mental Health”


After fluoride, another (and even more powerful) brain-altering product might appear in drinking water: lithium. Known for its “lobotomizing” properties, lithium would be a great way to create a nation of zombies. Who’s for it?

Here’s an article from The Daily (sorry for the iPad screenshots it is the only version of the article I found).



  1. I think they're lying also. I fear we will all die soon, i heard this drug is only for people with athlete's foot, and has severe side effects such as less gas mileage in your car… Also i think they should decrease the amount of water in our water since even water can act as a poison in large amounts.

    Wow, ignorance is great.

  2. Observational studies in Japan, reported in 2011, suggested that naturally occurring lithium in drinking water may increase human lifespan.

  3. There is a video about water called What the F do we know – an Australian video and it backs up what the guy said about the water. I always bless my food and drink and I am fit and well. Get the video and see the experiments yourselves

  4. THESE PEOPLE HAVE NO RIGHT TO TOUCH OUR WATER.. Gov't just suppose to monitor and provide for fair trade, and protect us from a foreign invasion. THAT IS IT. Putting Lithium in the water and turning us all into zombies is not part of the deal. If they do this, give them Hell.

  5. Wow. I can't believe that these people would write an article advocating lithum, or talking about its benefits, and at the same time, give a list on how deadly it is.

    How it was once used as a table salt in the 1940's, until reports of death and sickness came and in. And how it is also highly flammible. I am just waiting to see fighterfighters use municipal water with this stuff in it.

    Really, either they are just plane nut jobs running all forms of government right now, or their really is a global conspiracy to kill most of us humans off.

    • Agree with you across the board, but as far as the flammability, that's with lithium in its pure form. Just like sodium explodes when it comes into contact with water, but sodium chloride (table salt) doesn't, I'm sure it wouldn't act as an accelerant in hydrant water. That being said, there's no way I'd drink it. Hopefully reverse osmosis takes care of lithium as well, if they ever choose to dump it into that stuff they call water they pump through the plumbing.

  6. "The Water Ain't Safe No More." – Atoms Family

    No coffee this time, but I'll drink the liquid within my mental wiring to get you to question.

    Liquid depression handled through phosphoric acid, pepsi coking you yet? Read your Science, and find that Lithium is just an icing.

    As the battery mines underneath Afghan feet are trillions in currency, you think your wartime is not funding your watered down trajectory? It's all within the congruency and don't leave anything out of your reach, because the hidden hands are as far as you can see…

    Set the standards through each sip of your stained wine glass, because know that water is clear when your mind is sincere.


  7. This is absolutely horrifying. Anybody ever take lithium, I did for depression (I don't know why, I think they were trying to tranquilize me lol)and saw it's effects in higher doses when I was in the psych ward, it knocks you out, completely numbs your mind to everything… like a zombie. It is a powerful powerful antipsychotic. Can you imagine givng drugs like this to a healthy child, there could be permanant damge. It's okay for people who have really serious mental problems (if you overlook the stupifying side-effects) but giving it to overall healthy people is unnecessary, wreckless and stupid. If I didn't know 'they' wanted to dumb us all down before I know now. If the government is even considering this I'm moving.

  8. Is anyone else reading this and thinking "Serenity" as in the Firefly movie? As in the creation of Reavers? >_> Scary stuff.

  9. This is a pretty scary premis because they hide behind the it's not so bad facade. You'll feel better you wont want to kill yourself anymore no worries. What about our childrens brains? What about reaction time to daily situtations. Who cares if we're not all happy that's normal. It would be freakish if everyone were happy all the time. We can barley drink our water now because of floride and now there going to add lithium that is absolutly terrible.

  10. Everybody keeps saying, we need to do something, how do we do something, how can we make our voice heard? I'm willing to put n the work but there seems to be no way. I'm sure an email to the president will b skimmed right over. So what can we do to b "proactive?" Cuz I really am fed up and our voices need to b heard

  11. I think lithium should be added to the water supply of the researchers/doctors who are suggesting it be added into public water in this article. I further think it should be required for the department of Homeland Security, the NSA, the CIA, all police departments, all of the military, and surely it should taken by all Rockefellers, Rothschilds, all members of parliments world-wide, and the US Congress. Perhaps it could be made a requirement to take lithium if you decide you want to 'serve' the public by becoming a politician. Once elected to office, it's required that you take a daily dose of lithium.

  12. I am most lucky. I live in a small town (under 1,000 people) and we don't even have floride in our water. However, this article tells me that I'll need to research any big city that I am visiting or traveling through to ensure there's no Lithium in their water.

    Great article!! THanks for keeping us so informed. Never saw this on mainstream media.

  13. I have been distilling for 3.5 years now, and every month, or so, I "boil" out my distiller, to remove the grim that builds up around the inside. Anyone who would see what is left over, would admit, what ever it is "they" are putting in our water now, looks like crystalfrickenmeth! Before I started distilling, my doctor had me on 3 different asthma meds, I haven't used an asthma inhaler in over 3 years! I realized, the medications they give you, CAUSE DISEASE! Before distilling, I would catch a cold, at least twice a year. But not for the last three years. I feel more healthy than ever. I usually eat all organic, and if I do eat at like somebody's barbaque (like today), I get a big headache, probably from the HFC's in a hamburger bun, or the Nitrates in the hamburger itself. It's definately more healthy to drink distilled water, and eat organic. Never believe those brainwashed people, whom claim "Distilled water is bad for you, cause it pulls the minerals out of you.", is full of something, or on Lythium. You get plenty of minerals from the food you eat. I agree, eventually the water starts to take in carbon dioxide and eventually turns right back into an acid, but distilled water is far from being dangerous, especially, when you see the alternative, drinking the tap water! I think I feel better knowing, all those chemicals are not in my water. Also, you can increase the distilled waters alkalinity for optimal absorbtion w/ potassium carbonate, potassium hydroxide, and sodium carbonate. The greater the alkalinity, the better cellular absorbtion of your water. Increaseing the oxygen level in your body helps to rid wasteful toxins. I would recommend this treatment for anyone suffering from any disease.

    • Yes the alkaline effect is the fountain of youth and wellness. Our body loves to be in an alkaline state which is why Cola drinks are so awful. They make your body acid – cancer loves acid by the way

  14. They sell meat and dairy products from cloned animals and there is no requirement to label those products. The clones haven't even been tested.

  15. Apologies for not giving the live performance link after all that hype buildup LOL

    Enjoy and happy long weekend to all! For all of us Americans, think good thoughts and prayers of remembrance for all of our soldiers, past and present. Regardless of your views about the govt in general, literally millions of these brave souls have sacrificed more for us than we can ever truly know. It doesn’t mean anything other than a show of respect for those who have made real and amazing sacrifices to help protect our safety and way of life, without letting the politics of the evil and corruption of the political leaders who commit them to risking their lives and limbs.

    Just remember them fondly, and say thank you. That’s all. Any of my friends who served in the past and who are still serving, would never ask for or want a big stupid parade and talk show interview with Katie Couric…in fact, they would vomit at the idea of it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Just give them a few moments reflection and time in your prayers, if that is what you choose to do, and simply say thank you for all the good you do, and may God bless and protect you and your families. That’s all.

  16. Who is drinking tap water these days?

    I guess they should put lithium in it to control the fools that don’t filter, or distill their water.

    • Well, I hear what you’re implying here and would agree to a point, but before you go calling everyone “fools”, think back only a few months or so, when it was revealed that even after water had been “reprocessed”, it still contained usable amounts of many drugs, such as SSRIs (Prozac), numerous antibiotics, and so on.

      Yes, this does mean that someone else used the drugs, peed them out (yeah, it’s sick I know, but true lol) and then it underwent intense filtration and chemical processing to remove all the really bad stuff in terms of bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses, etc. , before it was declared “safe” and recirculated back out into the cities and towns for us to bathe, water our lawns and trees….and yes, drink.

      But all these drug compounds were still present in the water, still in usuable quantities, even after going through all the most intense filtration and chemical bombardment that could be thrown at it.

      Your typical storebought, or even higher end pricey RO systems aren’t going to fare much or any better, I’m afraid, simply because they probably weren’t designed for eliminating any and every complex molecule or compound out there – many of which were probably designed NOT to break down so easily – now think about that last part for a second or two…maybe they were, in fact, designed to survive reprocessing by a number of methods, for a very specific purpose, such as remaining active in drinking water for very long periods of time???

      The line is growing finer and finer between what is paranoid and what is legitimate, rational concern. True “paranoia” is by definition an unreasonable fear that takes hold of one’s rational powers of thought and surrenders to always lean toward the most irrational and “they are out to get you” theories, however unproven or ludicrous they may appear on the surface, or in the minds of “others”.

      However, there is always a point (one which we may be very close to right now), where those who are sensitive, in touch and aware of a great many things that “others” who either cannot by lack of intellect or will not by deliberate choice, embrace or at least consider any certain possibilities for fear of being ridiculed or even worse, perhaps, for fear of what they might actually find if they looked deeply enough – they may actually find that some or even many of these “crazy paranoid things” actually DO have a solid basis in rational, reasonable fact and reality.

      And that’s the real ass kicker there…the real point of awakening. And as many people have experienced it and expressed it to me in normal life and through my blog activities, it is like a severe grieving process – to so suddenly, all at once finally grasp that not only are some or many of these very kooky sounding ideas and events actually truthful, but at this point, you also now must look out at your world with new eyes, knowing that the great majority of people cannot and probably will not ever embrace the possibility that so much that is actually true – right here, in the here and now – and now it hits you really hard, knowing that all of what you’re seeing and reading in the evening “news” in whatever forms you take it, must also be a very big and important layer of the coverup and disinformation effort by those absolutely evil creatures who “run the show” – tell you what to think, how to live, what to eat, drink, feel and do – or be made to feel inadequte, wrong, foolish and “crazy” if you dare to depart from the commonly accepted “party line” – as defined by “them”, of course.

      This bring to mind a great old song, which I believe was inspired by the book of the same name, “Anthem”, by Ayn Rand.

      The key line that reminded me here is,

      “Live for yourself…there’s no one else more worth living for
      Begging hands and bleeding hearts will only cry out for more”

      (and the rest of the lyrics, for those who are interested…)

      The best version of this is recorded live, like most songs with this extreme talent powerhouse of a three man band. Before the curse that is “autotune” swept the recording industry like heroin (making everyone who touches it less creative and lazy!), they truly awesome bands with talent saved their best performances for live shows – no lip sync, no pitch bending, and no mobs of crazy dancers in NWO riot gear (or wearing almost nothing) to distract the audience from the real reason they paid to be there in the first place – to see amazing musicians perform MUSIC – imagine that s**t??? LOL

      Anthem – 1975

      Know your place in life is where you want to be
      Don’t let them tell you that you owe it all to me
      Keep on looking forward…no use in looking ’round
      Hold your head above the ground and they won’t bring you down

      Anthem of the heart and anthem of the mind
      A funeral dirge for eyes gone blind
      We marvel after those who sought
      The wonders of the world, wonders of the world
      Wonders of the world they wrought

      Live for yourself…there’s no one else
      More worth living for
      Begging hands and bleeding hearts will only cry out for more

      [Chorus repeats]

      Well, I know they’ve always told you
      Selfishness was wrong
      Yet it was for me, not you, I came to write this song

      Anthem of the heart and anthem of the mind
      A funeral dirge for eyes gone blind
      We marvel after those who sought
      The wonders of the world, wonders of the world
      Wonders of the world they wrought….

      Awaken, my friends, and face both the gloomy reality and the awesome hope and wonder that awaits us all in our future together.

      Peace and wisdom.

      • "Awakening" (Enlightenment) means that you recognize that there is no one out there but you.

        I have never read such a bunch of nonsense. Almost every one responding here has added things which were neither said nor even hinted at. Just making stuff up. Also ignoring things that were stated in the article which make their response totally crazy. I suggest you all read the article over until you can see JUST WHAT WAS SAID, and no more.

        Actually the Muslim had the best view on this. Hope he is one of the nice ones.

      • “Live for yourself…there’s no one else more worth living for

        Begging hands and bleeding hearts will only cry out for more”

        Sounds a whole lot like: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law. Crowley, Aleister

        And Ayn Rand – really?

        Ayn Rand and why is she pertinent to Satanism?

        Ayn Rand is a popular novelist, screenwriter and philosopher who created the philosophy of Objectivism. This philosophy was based on that one should pursue that which brings pleasure to oneself.

        Rand’s own definition was: "a philosophy for living on earth", grounded in reality, and aimed at defining man's nature and the nature of the world in which he lives.

        Rand also believed that all knowledge was based on perception.

        Her beliefs were given flesh in the famed novels, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged.

        Rand was an Atheist, and rejected faith as antithetical to reason. She also denied mysticism and the occult.

        With that said; why is Ayn Rand pertinent to Satanism?

        LaVey used the philosophies of Rand to help shape his Church of Satan. Like Rand, LaVey believed in “radical individualism”. As modern Satanism, via the original Church of Satan, was being shaped, the words of Rand spoke to LaVey as something practical and useful in his new organization:

        Rand is quoted as saying, “morality of life required the pursuit of gratification and fulfillment in oneself; not self-abnegation and acquiescing in the role of a sacrificial casualty.”

        In yet another novel by Rand, Anthem, she explores a futuristic society in which the individual is sacrificed for the good of the many. The word “I” is removed from vocabulary.

        You are on the wrong site bro – peace and 'wisdom'

        LaVey also envisioned a world such as this. He deemed this mentality “herd mentality”. No one dare to be an individual, no one dare to rebel, no one dare to differ from another. As the Church of Satan developed though out the years, LaVey spoke out concerning solipsism. He stated that Satanists should never assume everyone is on the same level as they. He recognized the uber man and woman, and there is indeed a slave society that must be utilized.

        Rand was condemned in her time period for this exact train of thought. But she had the foresight to understand that a Utopian world could never exist. To attempt such a world would create chaos and eventually lead to the destruction of civilized society.

        I highly recommend reading the works of Ayn Rand to anyone who desires to grow as a Satanist. Though she might be very surprised to be a crucial part in the structure of an occult organization, I think she might be pleased to see our embracing her philosophies of individualism and separatism.

        Get some help.

  17. The simplest way to look at anything along these lines is this:

    Being that we know by now for a fact that “they” (the powers that be) do not have anything especially good or beneficial in mind for any of us, any substance that they would want to put into our food or water supply (with ot without our knowledgwe or approval) is definitely not going to be anything that is good for us.

    Quite the contrary.

  18. I was wondering why we were getting so much advice to drink lots of water, so we can be poisoned all the more–makes a body scared to do the what normally should be healthy things. Why are we being encouraged to do what should be good for us–like exercize, drinking water, eating healthy? Oh yeah, it's because the powers that be really care about all of us and just want us to be well and happy. They want us to be physically fit, and well-adjusted, and live a long, long time…and make an impact in the world around us, be free-thinkers, be able to thrive…and live in lala land so we can't discern and speak out against evil.

  19. Do gang bangers sit around and drink a lot of water? "Hey Bob, that was rough hit, better have a water and rehydrate."

    If I remember right, pharma stuff is harder to filter out than lime or metals like iron. So, I suspect we've mostly added female birth controls pills to waste water.

  20. I wish they would add something which would allow me to piss rainbow colors.

    I swear, everyone pissing rainbows would bring about world piss.

    Rainbow urine! You'd bottle it, wouldn't you? Just for a taste of rainbows!

  21. This is insane…but if you were to examine all the stuff your drinking water already contains, I'm sure lithium wouldn't the the most harmful substance. Doesn't make it right, but still.

    I live in Calgary, AB, and after a long debate they recently shut off the fluoride to the tap water here. Maybe I've just been reading sites like this too much but I get the feeling the whole debate and subsequent announcement was to cover up something else…*L* Maybe I'm just paranoid.

    • Vegaswatcher it does NOT make you a zombie, I'm very far from a zombie and I'm not completely mentally disturbed. Lithium has anti-depressant properties and helps level out ppl with mood disorders. Wow, I'm so glad I'm not as close minded as many of you when it comes to mental health. Google Catherine zeta jones

  22. Lithium usually works for patients with severe mental illness, not for depression. As someone else mentioned earlier, it is a worst case scenario for people with mental illness, because it is a last option. In a sense, it does make the person taking it, like a zombie, since it has such a powerful effect on the brain and the neurotransmitters and dopamine levels in the brain. I would not reccommened anyone taking Lithium unless you are a Delusion,Paranoid or Disorganized Schinzophrenic. While the effects for people with Schizophrenia is almost amazing, it would be horrid on people without it,and would throw off the dopamine levels, causing effects that would be unknown. This would be the worse thing that could happen to the american public. I basis my information off of what i know, being a Pre-Med Psychology student. God help us all if they approve this

    • Vegas Watcher:

      Lithium is not used to treat schizophrenia, it is used to treat bi-polar disorder (manic depression). It is a mood stabilizer.

      It can be used off label to treat migraine headaches, chronic pain, and ptsd. In the hands of a capable physician, it is safe. Lithium salts also occur naturally in spring water, seaweed, cudweed, eggs, potatoes, lemons, and milk.

      As for the zombies, this is a sign that either the person is on too high a dose or never needed it to begin with. People who truly need it come out fine provided they are under the care of a responsible physician, follow instructions such as staying hydrated, eating more salt, and taking in electrolytes (gatorade, powerade, etc.).

      Yes, the incidence of kidney & thyroid failure exponentially increase after 5 years.

      Yes, there are drug interactions from both over the counter & prescription drugs.

      No, you cannot drink alcohol.

      No, you cannot take long hot showers.

      No, you cannot make babies (drugs stay in the prostate & is therefore in the sperm, too).

      I agree it should not be put in drinking water because people will overdose on it. Lithium displaces sodium. Maybe "they" want us to buy more gatorade & powerade?

      Maybe "they" don't want us to breed. Lithium is highly toxic to unborn children.

      I agree with another poster, get a reverse osmosis water purification unit for your home. You can mount it under the faucet or get a unit that will filter all the water in your home. It must be cleaned periodically with bleach. Keep activated charcoal on hand, that is what we use in the Nuclear Biological Chemical Chamber of the reverse osmosis units in the military.

      Lithium helped with my migraines & ptsd, but I stopped because I could not swallow pills (yes, i got treated for that). I did not have insurance coverage to pay for the liquid version. I am debating whether or not to start back up again.

      I know u meant well when you posted your comment. God said His people perish for lack of knowledge. VC has this site to increase our knowledge. I am responding to your post so that others may benefit from the knowledge that I have.

  23. isn't lithium an ingredient in meth? It's good to know this is being considered, there is nothing we can do to stop it if PTB want it, it will just be railroaded through like everything else. At least we are aware though, just another danger to bear in mind.

  24. Wow this is crazy. – Lithium in our tap water. The government will control us all if we dont put a stop to it. "A serene social order" Walking zombies. It dampens impulsivity. Im not against anyone drinking "happy water", but shouldnt we make that decision on our own. Craziness. Ericakane01

  25. Appreciate your post VC.

    Yet another psy-ops in the name of science! It is interesting to note that this "research" overlooked obvious causes for these ever increasing rates such as the depraved content of entertainment (TV, Movies, Video Games, etc.) readily available, which glorify death, drugs & violence…just a thought. Unfortunately, members of society are allowing themselves to view such debased entertainment and these forms of entertainment are influencing factors, moulding hearts & minds.

    "More than all else that is to be guarded, safeguard your heart, for out of it are the sources of life." – Proverbs 4:23 (NWT)

  26. One of my friends in America has Schizophrenia. They make her take lithium as a medication, she takes loads of other medication that they can change at any given time. She even used to do electroconvulsive threapy. I don't know, I've seen the side effects of the thing and I would never, ever, ever take lithium. It's way too dangerous.

    • no need to worry my friend soon it will be available to you with no cost whatsoever by your wonderful government.anywhere anytime.

  27. Everyone, stop being fearful and just take precaution. You can get a filtration system placed on your house that does filter this stuff out.

    It's a thought.

    ~A Chic Name Slickback

  28. Typical issues, same as with Fluoride.

    One issue that people don't seem to know is that if you put any drug in the water, you can't really control for dosage. So kids will get a stronger dose than adults when drinking the same amount of water, and those who drink more water will get more drug(s) than those who drink more bottled pop. (and if you drink a lot of fountain drinks, you're up sh&t creek evidently).

    – – – – – – –

    Sounds like a formula for making more docile urban poor…

  29. i like the idea of lithium in the water,…mind you, only my water,,,,i wanna control what i decide to put in my body not have someone else do it for me….im not speaking for the whole population…just my own…so please don't attack…the only reason why i do, cause it actually makes me feel better, but i don't over do it…maybe once or twice a year…i have family down in north carolina…there's a natural source of lithium water…i do have a history of mental disease…and even though my opinion does'nt agree with most of you here…i like it in MY WATER…i get severe depressions maybe once or twice a year…and even though the water does'nt completely take it away…it just eases it a bit…once again…i'm only speaking for myself..

    • Are there any side effects?

      My friend has mental problems too, and it kind of makes her really shake and sometimes seize.

      • i havent really experienced any adverse side effects…like people would think…but then again, you would have to ask a large group of people,,,since everyones system reacts differently to the same stimuli…but, with me…it just makes me a bit more jittery…but thats within the one week time frame that i drink it….to be honest, i prefer the jittery as opposed to what i would usually feel….it's not something i would promote around,,,people know what works best for them…and this helps me out, if this is something your friend would try…ask a professional first…look into other options first…then you finally make the decision…

  30. Okay so we all know what they are doing 2 us. lets stop just readiog all the article on they wonderful works and lets create our own plan. its hard 2 see how staying in the system can help. look around how many ppl believe? the masses dont want 2 and when it all set in they will turn against us who dont want no part. we will be like threats. ever watch those futuristic movies.

    our salvation lies in nature. nature was created before us for a reason. are we all going 2 give up and stay trapped in a matrix that uses our energy 9-5 in a perpetual sick system that we have 2 give the money right back to? they are destroyin nature 4 a reason. but b4 they do we have to reconnect so we can do something the answer i dont know.

  31. next they'll want erection meds in the water, to make sure we all BREED,

    HFCS so we'll all FEED.

    The ultimate battle is for the MIND.

    Google for the important article, which VC should feature, called:

    "The Mind Has No Firewall" for a real eye opener.

  32. Now instead of making an excuse for mass medicating the people they just straight out say that they are going to be giving all of us medication by the millions, without our approval. It just gets easier and easier for them.

  33. Heres a better idea find the reason for sucides? seriously ppl should start finding out how to avoid getting sick and messed up, that way you wont have to take some dope they give to us to treat it. the best medicine there is would be avoiding the disease itself through knowledge.

  34. The power of human consciousness has an exponential effect on the world around us when it's used for good. Just 7,000 people meditating for a few days on peace reduced violence worldwide by 70%, now known as the Maharishi effect. Everybody ought to know firmly what they want and what they will not accept in their lives. Compulsory drugging is one of them. I'm not saying we should just sit around at home and meditate on clean water. I'm saying don't give in to panic. This is a real living world, not some kind of Hollywood film production. You wanna know a secret? Absolutely anything is possible. We have been deliberately programmed to despair in the face of overwhelming odds and plead the powers that be to help us, or to take up arms and do something incredibly detrimental. But that's not how the world works. We actually have divine protection from most of the dangers out there, but it stops working when we neglect or compromise our own integrity. It's possible this drugging might happen, but it's not necessary and it's certainly not inevitable. We are seven billion times more powerful than the mongrels in charge of public policy-making. More than that, we are ourselves divine beings in human form. Always remember that. Nobody can compromise your integrity without your consent. And that's not to say there aren't all sorts of ways to make you ignorant to hypnotize and manipulate you all over the place until it's too confusing to respond appropriately. It's all based upon lies and trickery which should be common knowledge by now. Don't stand for it. This is our planet, and these are our lives. Accept no dominion.

    • Beautifully put! We are the ones ultimately in control. We've just been raised and drugged into believing the opposite.

    • I believe what you say is true & thank you for the inspiration.

      I'm in the UK, so am not yet faced with this, but do have a pretty good grasp on the debilitating effects of Mental Illness.

      And for anyone who is feeling overwhelmed or believes there

      is nothing they can do,check out this website:
      Don't be distracted by the title, it has much good content!

      Also, for anyone into music,please check out PayDay Monsanto & Immortal Technique

      for anti NWO hip hop-good stuff!

      Never stop talking & trying to convince the yet- to -wake-up masses of what is REALLY

      happening. If at first you don't succeed,KEEP TRYING! Blessings.

  35. Big surprise, I've been taking Lithium for manic-depression for ages. And this is beyond harsh, normally, Lithium is for the real crazies, you don't come back from Lithium, and placing it in the water supply is a horrible crime.

    On the other hand, It's not exactly as Toxic as everyone thinks. Lithium is basically a salt, and my doctor specifically instructs me to take my Lithium with quite a large amount of water, or I'll die basically. (My cure is salt and water! WTF)

    And seeing as how I'm not dead yet, and body-wise, I feel fine, I think if it's in small enough quantities, no one will be hurt by it.

    The mind control aspect does come in play though….big time. Half the time, I can't even focus, and it's not because I'm Bi-Polar…..

  36. I think municipalities would be better off putting iodine in the water, as most people have an iodine deficiency. That would improve health more than lithium. Iodine deficiency has a direct link to hypothyroidism, or low functioning thyroid. This leads to obesity, depression, and if severe enough-coma. Many Americans are deficient because of diet and iodized salt isnt enough. But they are too busy turning people into soylent green instead of healthy folk.

  37. Is it possible that the study in Texas may be to see if it is detremental and if it is to try to find a way to remove it from the water?

  38. the future is seeming like an unfriendly place for us , thankfully i could handle pretty much any stressful situation,unfortunatly most ppl cannot and those will be the ones who trample me underfoot when all out pandemonium ravages the streets, still no worries because death isnt the end its only the beginning:) Dont be Afraid

  39. Just curious, how safe is bottled water in comparison — like say Aquafina or Nestle? That's all I've been drinking for years.

    • You'd probably have to worry about phthalates to start with…messes with your reproductivity if you're a male, and may cause issues with your children's sexuality.

      I'd also worry about where it comes from. If it comes from a tap (some metropolitan water system that needs the extra money) you may be getting the same stuff everyone else is getting.

      But…if it turns out the water comes from a deep aquifer (say…around the Great Lakes) then you're okay…other than with the phthalates.

    • seeing as both those are owned by companies who poison everything else they distribute, i wouldnt put it past them. it's just purified tap water. still has fluoride and whatever else we probably don't want to know about.

  40. more prepping of minds for the eventual mark of the beast.

    today, wave your phone to pay,

    tomorrow, wave your hand or position your head for the chip in your face or hand to be scanned for payment.

  41. VC,

    I have no words…

    These are facts stated in the article about Lithium:

    "Lithium is highly reactive, extremely flammable, and floats on water."

    "In the 40's lithium was sold as a substitute for table salt, until it was reported TOXIC and people DIED FROM INGESTING IT."

    "Lithium has been used by the military to MAKE AIRCRAFT ENGINE GREASE, HYDROGEN BOMBS and ROCKET PROPELLANT."

    "Lithiums largest use today is to make LITHIUM ION BATTERIES"

    And this greedy Douche of a scientist doesn't understand why people send him death threats when he suggests we put Lithium in our WATER.

    VC, I swear to god I am not effin playing around any more!

    • Here are few, just because you momentarily forgot ๐Ÿ˜‰

      "If the people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny." Thomas Jefferson

  42. "it's unclear exactly how lithium effects the brain"

    DOH! AFFECTS the brain. It's unclear exactly how lithium AFFECTS the brain. Perhaps it makes people mix up common words. ๐Ÿ˜›

  43. Hey VC, great article as is basically jusy shooting par for you n yr mad skillZ :).

    But, haven't you heard? Lithium is really good for us – just ask Kurt Cobain.

    Oh wait, sorry but you can't…cuz he is dead,God rest his soul. But whatever the caseAnd

    And, I would see that there will be more of this to come – people who dare to research these apparently "taboo" and "verboten" subjects, – people like us, with the audacity (huevos) to question and expose their many errors, lies and outright corruption that exists within the ruling elite cult, their controlled puppet political and corporate leaders (most notably in the areas of entertainment and high finance) – well, I doubt that it is a big stretch to theorize that

    more researchers and/or writers who wander too close to the incriminating truth will continue to be compromised, intimidated out of existence, and yes, probably murdered or rendered quiet and toothless by the enforcer wing of the ruling elite cult.

    Keep up the good work, and say it loud and proud.

  44. How much gets in your system when you take a bath/shower? If you drink only filtered water your still not safe!!

  45. now this is massive mind control that's going to be way more effective than Lady Gaga songs. I hope people won't let this happen. How do I know if this is going to happen in my country? (Belgium)

    I'm never drinking tapwater again just to make sure.

    • I wouldnt be so sure that commercially bought bottled water is any better.. who knows what they add to that too…

    • commercially manufactured water is even more toxic than tap water "laced" with lithium. Bottled water has chemicals from the plastic, (look it up), and the bottles themselves are very bad for the environment. You should just get an osmosis filter for your water, and pray to God that the lithium doesn't affect your mental health.

      • what do they drink? unfortunately thats the only source you can trust

        they take care of themselves

    • You need water to help your body function, all of us are made up of water, our blood, our muscles, water helps us to live, and breathe, you can go a month without food, but you can only go a week without water, and if you don't like the taste of water, you can add fresh squeezed lemon to it to make it taste good, or fresh squeezed lime, orange, pineapple, mint all without sugar.

  46. During Apartheid in South Africa, the government saw fit to experimentally treat black people's water supply with MDMA. Apparently, this was done only in a few isolated spots, and the scientist who led the experiment (Wouter Basson) is now deceased. Im not sure what he (they) accomplished, as its a bit before my time. What exactly can any of us do when our moods and thought processes are influenced on large scale through something as basic as our drinking water?

  47. There would be an increase of car accidents and work accidents. They want to give this to our children! This is beyond f****d up!!

    • First off everyone tripping off lithium needs to shut up. I'm actually on the stuff ad it HELPS people who actually need it. I get blood tests every couple months and I'm regulated. Yes it isn't psychiatrists first choice but I'm on such a low dose its fine. So next time all u people "flip out," why don't u hold ur breath and wait to see what happens first. And FYI they have to list ALL the POSSIBLE side effects with ALL medications…. I'm also going to guess not many of you have much experience with mental health. Do ur research and shut ur face, until u have experienced it you have no idea. And seriously their not gonna put lithium in our drinking water but I think it could help a few of you…

      • First of all why are you so pissed off

        why is not wanting lithium in water making you so angry and your cursing everyone

        people are just afraid for their health no one said anything bad to you

        no one is talking your lithium from you

        I'm a physician I get it your taking a prescribed drug and it helped you

        doesn't mean there are no side effects

        and doesn't mean it should be added into drinking water in such uncontrolled way for one should be exposed to lithium unless its absolutely necessary ,why give everyone this ?????????Its not like its vitamin or mineral why not add vitamin b12 or other absolutely critical supplement to the water

      • A regulated dose for someone who needs it, under a doctor's care is different than a random dose for everyone (including those who don't have bipolar or other mental disorders.) I haven't seen any comments from anyone upset about people willingly taking lithium as prescribed by their doctor/psychiatrist. The article, and all of the comments are about the potential of another toxic, mind-altering drug being dumped into our water supply, with no benefit, only harm, to most of us.

  48. Oh dear god NO. I have perfect mental health! Ack!

    When I was 13 my brother died. To "treat" the sadness that followed I was put on lithium. (WTF, I know!) I fell out of my desk in math class, just completely out of it. When I was walking down the hall, the roof came off the building and I saw clouds as I fell (slowly, I thought) backward. Luckily a fellow student caught me and this was enough for my (evil, money-hungry, prescription-happy) psychiatrist to take mew off the poison.

  49. Yay more to the cocktail of nasty stuff for us to consume and fill our bodies with. lets hope this idea gets shut down before it begins.

  50. THis is also less often prescribed by psychiatrists due to high risk of toxicity…and it builds up in the body and leads to kidney damage as well. Lovely,

    • yes i agree lithium cases damage to many organs

      like kidney and galnds like thyroid and pituitiry and more not to mention the brain

      its definitely toxic only given by doctors rarely and in a strict doses

      to pool it in drinking water is a crime

      and they speak about it in the article as if it is a miracle cure for our society and that its safe

      • have u guys questioned how much alcohol have been taken up to date? thats the most toxic drink that almost every human ingest in their system worldwide. drinking water with flouride and lithium but god knows how much toxic in a pint of alcohol.

      • Japan has a high suicide rate and notoriously docile, submissive inhabitants.

        Even heard of the saying 'the nail that sticks up must be nailed down'.

      • Lets not forget one very important thing pregnant women it will be very dangerous to an infant if he got any through his mother.

      • the psyco substances such as lithium are dangerous especially for the brain activity, used daily these elements may cause hallucinations, vomit, confusion of thoughts, panic attacks, disfunction of emotional neurons. In few words these elements after one month of consuming may permanently damage the brain of person turning the normal person into mad/mentally sick one…using lithium every day the person becomes a kind of zombie with no will and wishes. I saw persons using it, they seem almost died, they had no reaction to external world, the eyes always fixing one point, it was so terrible and sad…

      • HappyPaws – the toxicity of alcohol is not even 1/1000th that of fluoride or lithium. Drink an ounce of pure lithium or fluoride, and you'd best have written out your will already. Drink 2 ounces of 50% alcohol, however, and you'd better make sure not to have 2 more immediately before driving.

      • Actually it has not been ADDED to the water supply in Japan. It occurs naturally in trace amounts. Granted they are looking into the possibility but they at this time are not actually adding it or suggesting that it be added. They are simply looking at how it affects people that drink the water where it occurs naturally.

      • poor japanese people…it seems they r used like a kind of lab rats by the killuminati…all disgustin experiments are first tested on japanese (first nuclear bombs, massive nuclear energy, first mind control subliminal evil messages cartoons which made the most of japanese youth to suicide, the last years the young people suicide so much in Japan that their gov, announced an emergency situation)…so now they are treated also with lithium…maybe it explains why the people is so quiet, almost robotic and young people so depressed there. They are all devoted to work which comes before everything. I'm really sorry for them, i wish japanese people will have better treatment and better future. God help us all.

    • when u first go on lithium you have to have your blood tested within 10 days to check the levels. After that it is every 30 days. If they consistently find a therapeutic amount in your blood & no serious side affects, then you are tested every 6 months. The process is repeated when dose changes. Lithium stays in your body for 2 days after u discontinue its use.

      You also have to switch between ibuprofren & tylenol if you are on pain killers. Lithium carbonate interacts w/a lot of food and medications. Lithium is naturally found in foods such as milk, potatoes, eggs, and lemons. Cudweed and seaweeds also contain natural lithium.

      Oh, you have to increase your sodium intake because lithium displaces it. If you are on a low-sodium diet and/or do not eat a balanced diet, you are screwed if you drink this tap water.

      Oh, serious side effects such as kidney & thyroid failure if u take it for at least 5 years.

      I understand many people need lithium. I don't think they should put it in the water. Foods that should have it don't because we have ruined the earth God put us on.

      In case anyone is wondering, lithium is also used to treat migraine headaches & chronic pain among other things. That is how I know what I know.

      May God bless our understanding and save us from this damned world. In Jesus' name I pray, Amen (so be it).

      • " before the coming of Christ a female warrior will emerge and lead a resistance against the corrupt. The rebellion will be strong and powerful"

        – me

    • I have always said that us humans are the greatest filtration unit around. Those in control know us perfectly from head to toe.

    • i'm a muslim and there's this thing we do everytime we do before we eat and drink we will say "bismillahirrahmanirrahim" means "in the name of Allah the Merciful and The Great". We believe by reciting it everything we eat is from good source and after finishing we will say "alhamdullilah" which means we thank Allah for everything He gives us.

    • Ive done a lot of research on water. Ive asked people of different cultures, faiths and read a few things.. even saw this documentary on it. They say that water has memory, something people didnt know before. Saying a prayer into water, or just saying something positive i.e. your beautiful, into the water will purify the water it will cleanse it.

      I believe it because I was also raised in a home where my mother always made us do that. She grew up in a home that did it and always told us to do it. There have been tests done on water where they would put rice in several containers of water each container having a different label on it. one saying I love you, one saying I hate you and one being ignored.

      So you would daily for a month or more pick up the container and say what was on the label into the water with the rice. It has been tested and proven ( you can do it yourself ) that the rice and water in the container you would say something positive to daily would have a very beautiful fragrance, the one with the negative comment would get moldy and the water dry, and the one you ignored would be the worse off.

      I do believe there are ways around the things the government put in place to turn us into zombies. No matter how hard they try there is a God, Higher being, whatever you believe in. I think that they are fooling themselves in the end, how can a creation outsmart the creator?

      • What language does water understand?

        Can you explain how the water would be affected by your voice?

        If it were true..than someone could say "You are Evil and Powerful" into the water and we would have a major problem on our hands.

        Too silly. Come on man.

      • That is ridiculous it wreaks of the guy who says he can effect the formation of ice crystals with his mind it concerns me that so many people like this comment, I won't deny the H2O molecule is a freaky thing with some very misunderstood properties especially in regards with its ability to store and release energy, but what you said just sounds like new age spiritualist hippy crap.

      • Yes I know that water can change, get the Video (if its still on sale) "What the F do we know anyway" Australian. Your comments were pearls before swine with some people who think they know it all. They just havent got a clue!!!

    • No offense to you Cheq, but why is your comment rated so high. All you said was, "I hate these people". All we need to do is get pro-active. Educate as many people around you as you can. Only present the facts and rationale to what your trying to get across. If we can't convince someone, move on to others that you can. The only way anything in this world will change is if a mass of humanity gets up and leaves their daily routine, even their really important job, and says enough is enough. Stop their profit and power machine and they will either listen or try to create a catastrophe to distract. By then though, they will not be trusted with power over us. God willing we aren't killed in mass. However, these power elite with their god complexes and psychotic eugenicist beliefs make up for about 1% of society. This is why their propaganda machine is working overtime. THEY ARE AFRAID!

      • Its rated so high because people agree with me i guess.

        Well we can educate people and try to avoid the poisons as best we can, but nothing in this world is going to change for the better anyway, things are only going to get worse. It all comes down to God and christ, only they will make a change for the better for their loyal servants at the end of the day. Untill that happens you can try and do what you want but theres no point, either way the elite will have it their way.

    • Well then I guess we should be hopeful that in a parallel universe, everything is well balanced. There are fewer crimes committed and less instances of corruption. There are no wars and no poverty. People actually stand up to tyranny.


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