Liquid Medicine: Controversial Call to Add Lithium to Drinking Water for “Mental Health”


After fluoride, another (and even more powerful) brain-altering product might appear in drinking water: lithium. Known for its “lobotomizing” properties, lithium would be a great way to create a nation of zombies. Who’s for it?

Here’s an article from The Daily (sorry for the iPad screenshots it is the only version of the article I found).

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I have been distilling for 3.5 years now, and every month, or so, I "boil" out my distiller, to remove the grim that builds up around the inside. Anyone who would see what is left over, would admit, what ever it is "they" are putting in our water now, looks like crystalfrickenmeth! Before I started distilling, my doctor had me on 3 different asthma meds, I haven't used an asthma inhaler in over 3 years! I realized, the medications they give you, CAUSE DISEASE! Before distilling, I would catch a cold, at least twice a year. But not for the last three years. I feel more healthy than ever. I usually eat all organic, and if I do eat at like somebody's barbaque (like today), I get a big headache, probably from the HFC's in a hamburger bun, or the Nitrates in the hamburger itself. It's definately more healthy to… Read more »

Yes the alkaline effect is the fountain of youth and wellness. Our body loves to be in an alkaline state which is why Cola drinks are so awful. They make your body acid – cancer loves acid by the way