Liquid Medicine: Controversial Call to Add Lithium to Drinking Water for “Mental Health”


After fluoride, another (and even more powerful) brain-altering product might appear in drinking water: lithium. Known for its “lobotomizing” properties, lithium would be a great way to create a nation of zombies. Who’s for it?

Here’s an article from The Daily (sorry for the iPad screenshots it is the only version of the article I found).

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124 Comments on "Liquid Medicine: Controversial Call to Add Lithium to Drinking Water for “Mental Health”"

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There is a video about water called What the F do we know – an Australian video and it backs up what the guy said about the water. I always bless my food and drink and I am fit and well. Get the video and see the experiments yourselves

I have been distilling for 3.5 years now, and every month, or so, I "boil" out my distiller, to remove the grim that builds up around the inside. Anyone who would see what is left over, would admit, what ever it is "they" are putting in our water now, looks like crystalfrickenmeth! Before I started distilling, my doctor had me on 3 different asthma meds, I haven't used an asthma inhaler in over 3 years! I realized, the medications they give you, CAUSE DISEASE! Before distilling, I would catch a cold, at least twice a year. But not for the last three years. I feel more healthy than ever. I usually eat all organic, and if I do eat at like somebody's barbaque (like today), I get a big headache, probably from the HFC's in a hamburger bun, or the Nitrates in the hamburger itself. It's definately more healthy to… Read more »

Yes the alkaline effect is the fountain of youth and wellness. Our body loves to be in an alkaline state which is why Cola drinks are so awful. They make your body acid – cancer loves acid by the way

Wow this is crazy. – Lithium in our tap water. The government will control us all if we dont put a stop to it. "A serene social order" Walking zombies. It dampens impulsivity. Im not against anyone drinking "happy water", but shouldnt we make that decision on our own. Craziness. Ericakane01

Well, this is one of the most insane things I've ever heard.

I think they're lying also. I fear we will all die soon, i heard this drug is only for people with athlete's foot, and has severe side effects such as less gas mileage in your car… Also i think they should decrease the amount of water in our water since even water can act as a poison in large amounts.

Wow, ignorance is great.

Observational studies in Japan, reported in 2011, suggested that naturally occurring lithium in drinking water may increase human lifespan.

^ I think they are lying……….

It has to be said:

"Stay thirsty my friends.."

THESE PEOPLE HAVE NO RIGHT TO TOUCH OUR WATER.. Gov't just suppose to monitor and provide for fair trade, and protect us from a foreign invasion. THAT IS IT. Putting Lithium in the water and turning us all into zombies is not part of the deal. If they do this, give them Hell.

Wow. I can't believe that these people would write an article advocating lithum, or talking about its benefits, and at the same time, give a list on how deadly it is.

How it was once used as a table salt in the 1940's, until reports of death and sickness came and in. And how it is also highly flammible. I am just waiting to see fighterfighters use municipal water with this stuff in it.

Really, either they are just plane nut jobs running all forms of government right now, or their really is a global conspiracy to kill most of us humans off.

Agree with you across the board, but as far as the flammability, that's with lithium in its pure form. Just like sodium explodes when it comes into contact with water, but sodium chloride (table salt) doesn't, I'm sure it wouldn't act as an accelerant in hydrant water. That being said, there's no way I'd drink it. Hopefully reverse osmosis takes care of lithium as well, if they ever choose to dump it into that stuff they call water they pump through the plumbing.

"The Water Ain't Safe No More." – Atoms Family

No coffee this time, but I'll drink the liquid within my mental wiring to get you to question.

Liquid depression handled through phosphoric acid, pepsi coking you yet? Read your Science, and find that Lithium is just an icing.

As the battery mines underneath Afghan feet are trillions in currency, you think your wartime is not funding your watered down trajectory? It's all within the congruency and don't leave anything out of your reach, because the hidden hands are as far as you can see…

Set the standards through each sip of your stained wine glass, because know that water is clear when your mind is sincere.


This is absolutely horrifying. Anybody ever take lithium, I did for depression (I don't know why, I think they were trying to tranquilize me lol)and saw it's effects in higher doses when I was in the psych ward, it knocks you out, completely numbs your mind to everything… like a zombie. It is a powerful powerful antipsychotic. Can you imagine givng drugs like this to a healthy child, there could be permanant damge. It's okay for people who have really serious mental problems (if you overlook the stupifying side-effects) but giving it to overall healthy people is unnecessary, wreckless and stupid. If I didn't know 'they' wanted to dumb us all down before I know now. If the government is even considering this I'm moving.

Is anyone else reading this and thinking "Serenity" as in the Firefly movie? As in the creation of Reavers? >_> Scary stuff.

This is a pretty scary premis because they hide behind the it's not so bad facade. You'll feel better you wont want to kill yourself anymore no worries. What about our childrens brains? What about reaction time to daily situtations. Who cares if we're not all happy that's normal. It would be freakish if everyone were happy all the time. We can barley drink our water now because of floride and now there going to add lithium that is absolutly terrible.

Everybody keeps saying, we need to do something, how do we do something, how can we make our voice heard? I'm willing to put n the work but there seems to be no way. I'm sure an email to the president will b skimmed right over. So what can we do to b "proactive?" Cuz I really am fed up and our voices need to b heard

I think lithium should be added to the water supply of the researchers/doctors who are suggesting it be added into public water in this article. I further think it should be required for the department of Homeland Security, the NSA, the CIA, all police departments, all of the military, and surely it should taken by all Rockefellers, Rothschilds, all members of parliments world-wide, and the US Congress. Perhaps it could be made a requirement to take lithium if you decide you want to 'serve' the public by becoming a politician. Once elected to office, it's required that you take a daily dose of lithium.

I am most lucky. I live in a small town (under 1,000 people) and we don't even have floride in our water. However, this article tells me that I'll need to research any big city that I am visiting or traveling through to ensure there's no Lithium in their water.

Great article!! THanks for keeping us so informed. Never saw this on mainstream media.

They sell meat and dairy products from cloned animals and there is no requirement to label those products. The clones haven't even been tested.

Apologies for not giving the live performance link after all that hype buildup LOL Enjoy and happy long weekend to all! For all of us Americans, think good thoughts and prayers of remembrance for all of our soldiers, past and present. Regardless of your views about the govt in general, literally millions of these brave souls have sacrificed more for us than we can ever truly know. It doesn’t mean anything other than a show of respect for those who have made real and amazing sacrifices to help protect our safety and way of life, without letting the politics of the evil and corruption of the political leaders who commit them to risking their lives and limbs. Just remember them fondly, and say thank you. That’s all. Any of my friends who served in the past and who are still serving, would never ask for or want a big… Read more »

The simplest way to look at anything along these lines is this:

Being that we know by now for a fact that “they” (the powers that be) do not have anything especially good or beneficial in mind for any of us, any substance that they would want to put into our food or water supply (with ot without our knowledgwe or approval) is definitely not going to be anything that is good for us.

Quite the contrary.

I was wondering why we were getting so much advice to drink lots of water, so we can be poisoned all the more–makes a body scared to do the what normally should be healthy things. Why are we being encouraged to do what should be good for us–like exercize, drinking water, eating healthy? Oh yeah, it's because the powers that be really care about all of us and just want us to be well and happy. They want us to be physically fit, and well-adjusted, and live a long, long time…and make an impact in the world around us, be free-thinkers, be able to thrive…and live in lala land so we can't discern and speak out against evil.

Do gang bangers sit around and drink a lot of water? "Hey Bob, that was rough hit, better have a water and rehydrate."

If I remember right, pharma stuff is harder to filter out than lime or metals like iron. So, I suspect we've mostly added female birth controls pills to waste water.

Enough that many marine animal that would be male are now intersexed, or infertile females.

Will this be an effort to reduce the population

This is going to KILL US!!!

I wish they would add something which would allow me to piss rainbow colors.

I swear, everyone pissing rainbows would bring about world piss.

Rainbow urine! You'd bottle it, wouldn't you? Just for a taste of rainbows!

Ok…u guys are sooo screwed! I mean those of u who wood be drinking that poison!!!

Only mortals fear death.