Lindsay Lohan Posing with Baphomet in Clothing Line Promo


Source: New York Post

Even though she is undergoing reprogramming…I mean…in jail…Lindsay Lohan expanded her clothing line called 6126 and released promotional pictures containing revealing symbolism.

Between prison and rehab, Lindsay Lohan has been out of commission for nearly one month now and amazingly we’ve seen more work from the troubled actress in the last 30 days than we have in the last 30 weeks. Not only is she on the cover of Maxim Magazine, fronting Marc Ecko’s Cut & Sew fall/winter line campaign and starring alongside the ShamWow guy in a new movie, but LiLo’s released the big batch of images pimping her 6126 fashion line.

^ Posing sexily with Baphomet

^ Lohan between Masonic pillars and in front of sun glory. Also notice the “as above, so below” position of her arms


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And will somebody please enlighten me why the image of the Baphomet is "evil" or whatever? Mythologically speaking it's symbolic of a universe in which we are all one and all and part of the whole. Hence it is made up of animal, male, female, reptile, fish etc… It's just a symbol of unity. Technically, since GOD would consist of everything it's a pretty decent metaphor for the big G. You are taking it way out of context. I have a feeling I'm about to know how the poor templars must have felt! Vigiliant crowd, I agree that there is a small group with hideously malicious intent ruling the Earth. They don't like us, but they need us. So they control us to keep us in line, and keep the power to their own. It makes sense. It also makes sense that they would use any method at their disposal… Read more »