Lindsay Lohan Posing with Baphomet in Clothing Line Promo


Source: New York Post

Even though she is undergoing reprogramming…I mean…in jail…Lindsay Lohan expanded her clothing line called 6126 and released promotional pictures containing revealing symbolism.

Between prison and rehab, Lindsay Lohan has been out of commission for nearly one month now and amazingly we’ve seen more work from the troubled actress in the last 30 days than we have in the last 30 weeks. Not only is she on the cover of Maxim Magazine, fronting Marc Ecko’s Cut & Sew fall/winter line campaign and starring alongside the ShamWow guy in a new movie, but LiLo’s released the big batch of images pimping her 6126 fashion line.

^ Posing sexily with Baphomet

^ Lohan between Masonic pillars and in front of sun glory. Also notice the “as above, so below” position of her arms



  1. In the 2015 movie VICE, which is a film about a resort of artificial beings where humans can play out any fantasy they want, the main AI character ‘Kelly’ has the designation: 6126. A coincidence?

  2. That is not Baphomet. Baphomet has a goats head. And are any two pillars Masonic pillars? I guess in your twisted little fear-mongering world they are.

  3. I have to say first, that before reading your website, I have never heard of MK mind control. I have tried to look it up in other places but have not found much information so I have to say I don't know if it exists but I do think it is very possible.

    I also feel like with movies like Sucker Punch, and that Katy Perry video (the name slips me), they are trying to popularize mind control so that it is more readily accepted. That's why this concept as well as trans-humanism infiltrates music and movies on such a massive scale.

    This photo shoot can either depict what is happening or already happened to Lindsay or it could be interpreted to make mind control to look cool.

    I find the male figure to be weird and a little unnecessary but I think he represents "LiLo's" morals and values that she "sits on" and in the second figure, it looks like he is trying to coerce her to not go down the path she has chosen to take.

  4. the number 6126 is very suspicious as well… 6 6+6 6… she says its Marilyn Monroe's birthday, and that is speaking of a MK Ultra president model slave that was her 'role model'

  5. And will somebody please enlighten me why the image of the Baphomet is "evil" or whatever? Mythologically speaking it's symbolic of a universe in which we are all one and all and part of the whole. Hence it is made up of animal, male, female, reptile, fish etc… It's just a symbol of unity. Technically, since GOD would consist of everything it's a pretty decent metaphor for the big G. You are taking it way out of context. I have a feeling I'm about to know how the poor templars must have felt!

    Vigiliant crowd, I agree that there is a small group with hideously malicious intent ruling the Earth. They don't like us, but they need us. So they control us to keep us in line, and keep the power to their own. It makes sense. It also makes sense that they would use any method at their disposal to make this happen. Including Magick (which is a massively misunderstood art.)

    In short, Magick is the art of effecting change in concert with will. It's a psychological art for accessing hurt or misbehaving parts of ones own mind, "invoking them" and then setting them to work doing something positive instead of negative. In a way, this sort of art is actually pretty responsible and compassionate. In this setting, one is taking responsibility for their shortcomings and trying to make themselves a better person. Change the person, change the world.

    Now, I'm not going to say that this sort of technique is ONLY good. No, it can be used for malicious intent too as other articles on this site will point out. All i'm saying is that we need to educate the public more about these topics. Not scare them into an unbalanced and one sided frenzy of modern Christian paranoia.

    Christians, did you know that in pre-roman times your group was actually a mystic cult? Did you know that the canonization of the bible became a mix of roman Pagan ideas and the ideas of the Christian mystic cult? And indeed, all of these groups share the same source in human tribalism and shamanism – the very first religions. My argument is that Magick is a very human art. One that has been stolen from us by the elite.

    There is a lot of ground to cover. But think about it. Think about taking your personal magick back just like your Christian Mystic fore-bearers did. If you want to beat the elite, then it starts with US. And sadly, most of us don't even know our own minds.

    Peace out brothers and sisters.

  6. Wow I didnt know she was being reprogrammed in jail. I wonder what they are doing to her to reprogram her. I remember VC or somewhere else I read that the mental facility they took Britney Spears to when she was having her hay days was a programing spot to. I heard they use all kinds of things to "program" there mind controlled victims, it's still kind of shocking to me that they can't wake up out of it and see the things that happen to them are not normal and just say enough is enough.

  7. In the pic with Lindsay and Baphomet, the man is carrying a platter holding an albino peacock. The peacock is the symbol of Lucifers vainity, which has been presented to the starlet/harlot.

  8. But because symbolism is addicting notice this (I'm imagining, I have no evidence or whatsoever and I don't think that everything is meant to be overanalyzed as I stated in my previous comment)

    The guy is wearing a cross… and the girl is seating on him like he's her slave. Like christianity is bowing to them.

    The pillars and the M seem masonic like VG said,

    The feathers on the second picture can be the phoenix. They love that kind of symbolism.

    The shoe of reminds me of a masonic ritual that I can't recall which was it that VG once wrote about here.

  9. Why do you always end up talking about religion?

    I don't feel that mind control and those kinds of agenda are that often related to satanism and stuff. And even though I believe the mind control part and maybe some occult societies connections, I think that sometimes you (and me also) over analyze some symbolisms and see things where they don't exist.

    The photoshot is a bit scary, as a weird feeling to it, though.

  10. what is the symbolism for the following?

    The guys have one shoe off and one on?

    The dresser she is sitting on has a M with a phallic symbol or letter going thru the middle of the M?

    One of the guys is on his knees with the girl sitting on him and him in the doggy position with the girl holding firmly onto him, Lindsay with the arms crossed staring straight ahead?

  11. Prison and mind control go hand in hand. Stress fear and suppression of freedom put people in a negative lower state/frequency where they are more susceptible to external conditioning . Check out Jim kieths work on mind control.

  12. LOL, i like the line about being in reprogramming. that's the very thing i thought of when that whole mess with her started happening. maybe her previous programming was outdated and going a little haywire…

  13. Don't give your talented kids over to Disney, Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network.

    They'll end up like zombies w/ scatterbrains.

  14. And another sad thing is that after the "sacrfice" of Kanye West"s Mother he would of maybe woke up just sick this stuff really is messed up

  15. I have a question: why do these hollywood stars need to be monarch programmed? What is the purpose? Is it just so that they can be sex slaves to the elite who get off on hooking up with famous stars that are really robots? I would think that with all the people out there who are dying to be famous, that any one of them would sing whatever song someone else wrote and participate in any photoshoot or music video theme someone directed them to just to fit in and be accepted without the mind control programming. I have no doubt that some of them are involved in the occult. But why would they need the mind control programming? Or is it so that they can participate in occult ritual ceremonies with the elite in a way that it is kept secret because a special alter personality is used that is set asside just for the ceremonies? Or is it simply to control them so that they will not rebel and go off on their own to create their own company and keep all their own profit?

      • He's also been referred to as a Rabbit. Look up the stuff on Washington DC, the rabbit ears also refer to Bahomet.

        Also think PlayBoy Bunnies. Ironically, the original idea was "Stag," a reference to male deers; but another magazine with that name existed, hence the Bunny logo.

        So a Deer? Would make sense, as "The Goat of the New World."

  16. I kind of hope you do a breakdown of Kanye's video power Vigilant even though there really is no need and also Eminem's video and the song has messages all over it, the video alone has three satan worshippers Rhianna, Eminem, and Megan Fox, there's fire everywhere, Rhianna tries a little too hard in this to me she is so obivious about who she serves, and the song's message "I like the way you lie" The enemy sells you lies , tempts, and decieves

  17. this reminds me of a restuarant i visited in liverpool called Alm*a De Cuba. it used to be a catholic church but now is a restuarant night club, together with baphomet heads and what look likes a bigger version of lohans pillars. take a look at these photos. if your in l'pool, check out

    image 4 and 6 you can see the series of baphomet heads, in the ex church

  18. Let her be. She can continue to serve Satan over little pitty things (fame, wealth maybe even crack!).

    I know that the Lord God almighty who sits on the Great White Throne in heaven has better treasures for me 🙂

    This is coming from a 14 year old -.-


  19. …seen the shadows?

    All the Disney's little stars just grow old in their early twenties.

    Better get a real-life work and enjoy retirement.

  20. A few other things I noticed:

    The man has one shoe off in both the first and second pictures. Isn't that something from a Masonic initiation rite? Also, the peacock (second picture) is sometimes considered a symbol of eternal life in Western art. Note also the black and white color tones, which call to mind the checkerboard floors of Masonic temples. Perhaps the connotation of the second picture is that the gnostic teachings of the Masons and the worship of Baphomet are keys to immortality.

    • Good observation. Could be a correlation with why it is done in one of the initiates masonic rituals, I know you remove only 1 of your shoes.

      • He's also not wearing his shoe in the 1st picture as well and is bent over in a submissive pose. Interesting …

  21. In the last photo, she is sitting on an altar to the Blessed Virgin Mary (not a Masonic altar), probably salvaged from an old church. The roses at the capitals of the pillars are a symbol of Mary, who is sometimes referred to in Catholic tradition as the Rosa Mystica (Mystical Rose). Roses were carried in the mantilla of St. Juan Diego when the image of Our Lady of Guadalupe was formed, and roses appeared on each of the Virgin's feet when she appeared to St. Bernadette at Lourdes.

    The "AM" on the base of the altar stands for either "Ave Maria" ("Hail Mary") or "Alma Mater" ("Nourishing Mother"). This is common on Marian altars. The place where Ms. Lohan sits was made to hold a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The sun burst appearing behind Ms. Lohan was supposed to frame such a statue, because Catholics believe the Blessed Virgin Mary is the woman "clothed with the sun" referred to in Revelation 12:1. Refer to an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe for an excellent example.

    Having said this, there is an extreme degree of sacrilege in this photo. A highly sexualized Lohan sits in place of the Blessed Virgin Mary. She sits with her legs apart (hardly a position of modesty for a woman). Her clothing makes the form of a "V," which could stand for "virgin." The vertex of the "V" is centered over her genitalia, which she appears to be touching with her right hand (carrying the connotation of masturbation), adding to the perversity of this statement. Her genital area is right on top of the altar, which is where things offered to God typically rest. Her left hand (i.e. the sinister hand) is elevated.

    • Wow that was deep. Also the last part where you touched on the symbol of masturbation you can refer or check back to Rhianna's album cover for Good Girl Gone Bad her pose with her hands and arms are positioned in a certain "disturbing" manner

    • Rob, isn't everything you stated rhetorical being that all forms of religion is false? Whether or not she is seated on an altar for the supposed mother of god really doesn't implement anything to those that are aware of the truth. And just so you'll know, the reason why there is a sunburst behind Lindsay in her photo maybe due to her star power but as for being behind Mary, Jesus, and other biblical figures are because they are personifications of the sun. Hence Jesus being the sun of god and the light of the world (see Malachi 4:2); and Mary being the presumed mother of the sun apparently deserves the same since both parables were incorrectly copied from anicent egyptian texts and translanted into being something more than a metaphorical tale (along with everything else stolen in egypt such as the libraries of Timbuktu, chemistry, alchemy, astrology, medicine, art, cosmetics, etc). Everything you think you know about a jewish messiah with a spanish name (jesus-pronounced he'sus) is a duplicate from much older texts and scribes not only from ancient kemet but also from sumeria, alexandria, and other parts of the world fabricated into one. Which is why the modern version of Jesus and the bible are filled with contradictions. As for the infamous "baphomet" it didn't have an evil meaning until the early or late 1900's in which Ephias Levi put his on intepretations on it. What it orginally stood for was duality (same as the masonic checkerboard flooring) which is the basis for human existance; hence positive and negative energies, light and dark, good and bad, happy and sad, male and female, life and death, dim (meaning untelligent) and illuminated (meaning bright with knowledge). It virtually impossible to have one without the other hence the baphomet. And as far as the person wearing no shoes…that answer is no isn't a masonic initation rite (2B1 ASK1). As for your views on the peacock, you stated it yourself its a part of WESTERN art, so it apparently does not tie into eastern mythos. Feel free to retort, but remember there's always more to learn outside one's own circumference of knowledge.

      • It sounds like you've been watching the documentary "Zeitgeist" or reading "The Christ Conspiracy: The Greatest Story Ever Sold." Most of the information on religion contained therein is easily debunked by credible research. Most of the misconceptions about Egyptian origins for Christianity are based on research by Gerald Massey (an occultist himself and member of the Ancient Order of Druids) that misinterpreted Egyptian heiroglyphics prior to the availability of a decent key. Regardless, the theories concerning Egyptian origins for Christianity are dubious indeed. Massey is now utterly discredited by the all modern Egyptologists, regardless of their religious background (academia isn't exactly populated by orthodox Catholics, these days). See this skeptics' website:… or Google "Gerald Massey."

        I did make a mental note of the duality theme of the picture, but I did not write about it. It comes as no surprise to me that occultists would be pushing a dualist worldview, as this is an essential tenet of gnosticism. Similarly, you seem to be a proponent of some form of gnosticism yourself, as you appear to be a believer in "secret knowledge" and salvation through such "secret knowledge." Dualism is naturally very tempting for man to believe, because we naturally want to oversimplify everything. But such oversimplification hardly ever squares with reality. Two equally powerful, yet opposing deities/beings/entities is illogical when one views it in terms of the laws of nature and of reason. There would be no such thing as truth or reality. Science would be impossible. Dualism is not the basis of human existence, but I'd be curious to hear how you could reasonably make such a claim.

        As for belief in Jesus Christ as God-Man and Savior, I do admit that this is a matter of faith, which is of supernatural origin, but for me, it is backed up by reason. My belief in God is totally based in reason, as I think there is ample scientific proof for a First Mover, Creator, and Necessary Being.

      • In all actuality, I've never checked that out but will do so to see your point of view. On another note, are you stating that duality doesn't exist?

      • Philosophically, dualism doesn't work. I think to understand the issue fully, it would be useful to examine the philosophical problem of "the one and the many." Ever since the pre-Socratics, philosophers have observed that there is a unity of all things that exist. We all share in existence, and there is a one-ness to the universe, yet we also recognize that there is division. Even within ourselves, we can recognize this unity and division. We acknowledge a one-ness to our own being, but at the same time, the desires of the body often contradict the desires of the mind (division). However, it would be an oversimplification to say that this opposition between the one and the many constitutes a duality. Ultimately, there must be a unity to the universe or the universe would cease to be. Philosophically and religiously, I believe in a necessary being that communicates existence to contingent beings (i.e. all created things). This necessary being is one and unrivalled. If we were to apply dualistic philosophy, there would have to be a second, equally powerful being whose essence is non-existence, for that would be the only true opposite to a being whose essence is existence/being. Yet it is illogical to speak of a the existence of a being whose essence is non-being/non-existence. It is self-contradictory. That is why dualism doesn't work. The universe (i.e. all things in existence) can't oppose itself or it would not be/exist in the first place.

      • A few other things…that particular shade of blue is characteristic of any sort of Marian decoration. Mary is commonly depicted with a blue mantle. Plus the roses on the capitals and the crosses on the base make it obvious that it is a Marian altar.

  22. People just wake up and pay attention the "Masses" are of world destruction and they are the ones controlling most of the world. I believe they were the ones behind the oil spill

  23. So utterly "in yer face" blatant. Why don't more people question the stupid symbolisms alot of models are used for ! It's the same with virtually all advertising that involves human's just sickening !

  24. I feel so bad for her!! And her little sister is involved too.. 🙁 They need help!!! When Celebs go crazy they are crying out for HELP!!

  25. Everybody just wants to be loved. Might seem like she is lost, but like life, we will all receive salvation. Dont worry. Just keep living and loving all your brothers and sisters even them who seem to be against you.

  26. TO He's Real & Everyone in this post: is the bible you can download for FREE to your iPhone/Blackberry/HTC or mobile phone. You need to have a copy of that every day to read.

    And yes, they have other versions not just the KJV. (King James version)

  27. At the end of several interviews, I've often hear the interviewer ask: "If you weren't an actor/actress, what would you be doing right now"? They have no answer or they say, there isn't anything they could do except become an actor or actress.

    Can you see Lindsey in Macy's as a personal assistant or personal shopper? (Or even married with children considering she's already had a couple of abortions already, thanks to those blind items)Think of any job than where she and the other actors are now in show business and you can imagine John Goodman (Dan from Roseanne's show) on the back of a garbage truck for 20,30, years instead of playing a garbage man on TV for $$$$$ millions of dollars a year!

    You hear what jobs they had before they were famous but most of them were just awful at those jobs & couldn't have lasted long. They were doomed to be fired. And what type of job could they get now if they renounce their allegiance to the devil and come back to the Light like Sammy Davis Jr did???

    Lots to think about if you're in their shoes . . .

  28. TO Legion of Light

    You are right! There are several stories of young actresses who went to Hollywood, young & dumb. When they reached their lowest point, someone came out to save them . . . the Dark Side/Scientology. By the time they woke up and realized what was really going on, they were blackmailed into staying because there was sooooooooooooo much negative information on them, they dare not leave because the publicity would kill them or they'd have to kill themselves. And we know plenty of people in Hollywood with unexplained "suicides".

    Kirsty Allie said this in one of those interviews . . .

    So yes, some do wake up but it's either kill the career or kill the person. Choose your poison . . .

  29. TO A Believer & others in this post, here's a short list of some of those who have sold their souls to be where they are today.

    And that list did have some changes made to it because I did notice Sanjaya from American Idol was not on it a few years ago. It's too bad but you know one thing for sure . . . this list is even longer than we ever thought and the people who are on it are some of our favorites who've made us laugh & cry in films & movies.

    Remember . . . this is a SHORT LIST!!!

    • Thank you for that even though it seems kind of comical and doesn't explain or say anything that list makes sense missing a lot of people but makes sense

  30. We have to be open to the possiblity that many of these celebrities have no idea of what they are promoting. I believe that those working BEHIND them know exactly what's going on, but don't blame Lindsey Lohan for being complicit in it, we can only blame her for being a brainwashed Earthling like most others. But who knows, maybe some celebrities DO know and are willingly doing the bidding of their controllers. But I would bet that most don't and are only unwitting pawns.

  31. I can understand the first picture describing the act of reprogamming and dehuminization. Ali Lohan is the more younger version of Lindsay. She's sitting down very lifeless as if she's mind controlled or a dummy. The male model in the first picture is also lifeless and oppressed. I noticed his oppression because of him having to wear one unlaced shoe with no socks and no shirt. The male model is being progammed to hold Ali up and she is being programmed to wear that kind of style. Lindsay Lohan acts as the programmer. The fact that she's wearing black makes her the evil programmer.

    The second picture can't really be her with the Baphomet because the statue has antlers and not horns. It looks like a Baphomet but I can't really call it one. I don't really understand why the male model is holding a peacock.

    The third picture is actually her photoshopped onto an altar of some sort. I don't know what kind of altar this is, but it looks like a Santaria or Witchcraft altar. She's protrayed as a human sacrafice. Her arms arent really clear for you to say she copied Baphomet.

    If she is posing as Baphomet and posing with a statue that looks like it, she must be encouraging demonic images. I wouldn't say she is encouraging it because she is given orders. But, someone obviously knows what sells. What sells is pissing off the conspiracy theorist and Ant-Satanist to give them something to talk about. Great marketing strategy! There are a lot of truth to these conspiracies but i think some of these truths have been exploited to make a better marketing stategy. Why do you think National Treasurer was such a big movie. Why do you think we love this site? It keeps us wondering and talking…..

    P.S. The Kanye West video shouldn't be explained. The message and images in the video are very clear.

  32. when reading about her 90-days-in-jail thing I remember seeing a bit about notes she had taken very well on paper. it seemed she was more knowingfull then the media presesented her, which was as a young ditzy girl who has been spoiled all her life. but sometimes I wonder. seems it will go all downhill now, or rather, seem like it's uphill but really downhill. they'll 'accept' her back like shes 'better' now, when actually her life is being ruined behind closed doors.

    • @WALTER FIVE–Educate yourself Walter Five before you try slammin someone else…theres a HOPI indian Propechy as welll…drawinngs carved in stone that split two ways, one is downhill and has a negative outlook and one that is left to fill in the blanks sorta…overall manking has a chance to change its direction….Its not just Mayan, Hopi indian prophecys surrounding 2012…theres chinese prophecy as well…Maybe you should get off the VIDEO GAMES AND MTV AND BET my son…..

      Its people like YOU that keep mankind divided and bickering at one another…mankind has to unite to elevate and CHANGE THE DIRECTION THE WORLD AND MANKIND IS HEADED TOWARDS, thats the messsage my Friend….Think again before you slamm someones comments, ESPECIALLY IF THATS ALL YOUR GONNA SAY MY SON….

  33. Wow! Lindsay's ways has been weird since she was a prodigy. Why would a sane person name her clothing line 61 26? it practically means 666! check it out people 6 is one and the other six is 2! It was hidden to avoid people noticing it….jeeeeez! This is another way the devil is penetrating the world more deeply….RUN FOR UR LIVES! I commend u VC! keep up the good work.

  34. Looks like LiLo's photographer knows a thing or three about Wicca and/or Ceremonial Magick. How funny! I doubt she had a clue. Harmless though. And that's *not* Baphomet. Nor in the other photo is she giving the "As above, so below" sign. The index and middle fingers point up in the right hand and down in the left hand, she's just got one hand in the air, and the other in her crotch. You clowns need to brush up on your occult symbolism.

  35. The symbolism is becoming more and more blatant with the Illuminati/NWO scum, It's a shame that these vulnerable people sell their souls for celebrity status and live a lie.As soon as they have out lived their usefulness they are thrown away like used johnnies after a bad date and anyone silly enough to question or developing a conscience is simply erased for profit.

    I weep for humanity as well as smile at the transparency of their arrogance.


  36. These dumb ass celebs have no idea what they are doing which is endorsing slavery. You think slavery is cool because that's what your promoting. Get off your knees people fck the elite.

  37. WOWWWW good jobb its pretty obvioussssss!!!!

    and yea kayne west video is so disgusting i mean its even provocative… ewwww straight disgusting

  38. And also If you guys notice in the picture with Lindsay sitting in front of the sun thing she has a " demonic V shaped pattern on her outfit that baphomet thing scares me because that picture with Lindsay posing with the baphomet with her hand around it, that demonic spirit is there

    • So what constitues her clothing as having a "demonic V shape" as you have put it. So that means that a Vneck t-shirt, prom dresses, and countless of other women clothes, men and women hair cuts are demonically designed too huh?

  39. its utterly appauling to see how people allow themselves to be puppets for the media. they will do anything for the love of money including selling their souls

  40. Interesting that she's doing the "as above, so below" pose on that last one with the masonic pillars and sun-rays. Man…

    • That "as above, so below" pose looks wrong. Isn't it supposed to be Right hand up, Left hand down?

      Besides, the hands are centered on her. They're not out, as in most depictions of Bahomet.

  41. When your eyes have been opened you realize that its not only the music industry but everything under the sun has been tainted. From the cartoons your kids watch to the food you put in your mouth, nothing has been left untouched. Many wonder why would they do this or to what avail. Well, if you be honest with yourself the truth is not that hard to see. The majority of the worlds money belongs to a small percentage of people reffered to as elites, so I doubt they want money, and whoever has the money will have control and power also. What else could they want? I will tell you what they want people, your soul, and it's not so much the people but satan using the people to get what he wants. What he wants is the very thing that cannot be forced from you. That is why he goes through great lengths to fool you, control you, or keep you occupied with other things beside getting to know your creator and his son. All the answers are in the HOLY BIBLE and not one thing can be disproven because it is the Truth. If you would read it with an open heart, your eyes too would be opened and everything would be clear to you. I know many of you dont believe this but guess what…..thats in there to. So this is for those that already belong to Yahweh but may not know it yet. This is your brother…WAKE UP!!!

    • Sorry to expand your knowledge but the holy bible has been disproven numerous amounts of time throughout history. And just so you'll know, the bible can't provide proof for anything that is disclosed in its pages other than something that sounds similar to this… You have to have faith. But what is faith as defined in the bible? Faith is the substance of things HOPED for, but the EDVIDENCE of things NOT seen. Which is a pretty blunt verse about having a lack of sufficent proof other than the minds and hearts that vested within. Again…sorry. But feel to send me anything that you can find credible edvidence on. Don't worry….I'll wait.

      • You made a blanket statement, saying, "The Holy Bible has been disproved several times." The Holy Bible contains dozens of books. Some of them are histories, some are letters, some are prophecies, some are songs, etc. When you say that The Holy Bible has been disproved, are you saying there is not a true word in the Bible? That would be a ludicrous claim to make. So what exactly do you mean? Even non-believers have to acknowledge the truth of many events recounted in the Bible.

        On to your quote of St. Paul. In Romans 1:20, St. Paul tells us, “For the invisible things of [God] from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made." Because of this, the Catholic Church teaches that man can know of God's existence by reason alone (which is what St. Paul is saying here; man can know that God exists because of causality, God being the cause of all things).

        So when you talk about the Bible and faith, you have to make distinctions. Faith actually isn't necessary to know that God exists. Even pre-Christian philosophers concluded that One Almighty God must exist because it was the only logical explanation for natural phenomena. Of course, St. Thomas Aquinas expanded on this at great length in his famous "five ways." However, faith IS necessary to know that God is goodness and love Himself, and that He gave His only Son so that fallen humanity could be divinized in Him. This is not to say that there are no logical arguments in favor of the historical Jesus being the Jesus of the Bible, because there are. There are excellent arguments in favor of Him being the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies, that the supernatural events surrounding His life and attached to His followers are real, and that the events of the New Testament actually occurred as the NT recounts. But even if one gives intellectual assent to all these things, it still takes a supernatural push for man to put his confidence in Jesus Christ and offer his life to Him.

      • All of what you said does sound nice, but you negelected to mention any of the events that can be recounted in the bible. Also would you please mention or posts links to the many "execellent arguments" made in favor of Jesus of the bible that were made by those not seeking to push the agenda of christianity (old and new testament welcomed). Also, please provide historical edvidence that Jesus as the sun of god existed (other than the supposed ark of covenant which was stolen from egypt, the shroud of turin which is still under investigation, and the many other mainstream things from television). As a footnote: it really doesn't take a supernatural push for one to put his confidence in Jesus and offer his/her life to him (the same could be said for the union of marriage) only a foundation of lies told, trust, and ignorance and hence " a believer".

      • I notice you're using a rhetorical tactic that may reveal weakness in your own assertions: you have avoided my questions concerning your statement about the Bible being disproved, and you have turned around and asked new questions. Is your position so tenuous that you cannot even address inquiries about them?

        You appear to be saying that Jesus didn't exist. Correct? You are also asking me to prove that he did exist. I would answer this by asking you to prove that Julius Caesar existed. How would you go about performing such a task? You would look at the historical evidence and artifacts. You would look at contemporary records, writings of acquaintances and followers, as well as enemies, and you would look at the ongoing impact of the man's influence. I would do the same to prove the existence of Jesus. There is ample evidence proving the existence of both men. There was an explosion of writings concerning Jesus from the mid-1st century into the following centuries. St. Iranaeus, a second century bishop (not far removed from the life of Jesus and his apostles), once commented how remarkable it was to him that in his travels throughout the Roman Empire, there was a strong consensus among the followers of Jesus regarding the events of his life and what he taught. To say that there was a 1st century conspiracy to invent a biography and coherent body of teachings of a non-existent man is an assertion that flies in the face of historical evidence/documentation which would require MOUNTAINS of evidence to prove. Not only that, but you are trying to prove the existence of a conspiracy 20 centuries after the fact, which is an impossible task, barring the discovery of a confessional document from the apostles stating, "We invented Jesus for personal gain" (which would be nonsense, anyway, since all but one of them suffered martyrdom as a result of their devotion to Jesus). Also, in the 1st century, it would have been nearly impossible to keep the co-conspirators on the same page throughout Europe and the Middle East, as they did not have the means of communication that we have now. Their conspiracy would be susceptible to changing goals among the co-conspirators, as well, due to this lack of efficient means of communication. To sum up, I have never seen ANY evidence proving Jesus's non-existence, as the assertion is based entirely on theorizing and anti-Christian ideological speculation. Not even the contemporary enemies of the early Christians claimed that they invented Jesus. The claim that Jesus did not exist is a relatively new claim, only about 100 years old, and it is mostly the product of academics trying to make a name for themselves and anti-Christian idealogues trying to find ammo for their arguments.

      • Honestly, more dogma isn't the answer, nor is "Sky Fairy" -who cares about everything you do!- going to help us out of mind-control, poisoned food/water, and other forms of manipulation. I mean, that would be nice, but consider that your Christianity can be just an equally rough form of programming and possession, what with abuse, tongues, and interpretations galore.

        Sorry if that doesn't leave you with an easy answer to saving yourselves from all this. Consider finding a way to get back to your true selves, before you were contaminated by all this useless knowledge…

      • Taken on its own, the natural extension of your argument is nihilism. I may be brainwashed, you may be brainwashed, we all may be brainwashed, etc. As a philosophy, nihilism is not a practical belief system. One can counter the effects of brainwashing by applying your rational powers, regardless of your religion. You are not applying your rational powers if you are making blanket statements about entire religious systems without addressing the specific teachings of said religions. And if the tenets of a particular religion are, in fact, true, there is no better way of truly knowing yourself if that religion reveals deeper truths about one's self that would not be otherwise accessible.

  42. Selling your soul to the devil always comes with a price. People are blind many of these famous people have sold their souls, Lindsay Lohan, Brittney Murphy, Eminem, Rhianna, Jay-Z of course, Beyonce of course who sadly was a Christian, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Pimp C, Left Eye of TLC, Aaliyah, Tupac, Notorius B.I.G., Anna Nicole Smith, Kanye West of course and sadly the list goes on, the world we are in

  43. excuse my language but f**k this B***H. Next time she needs to be punished for real and put in general population jail with the cholas and real criminals…I detest her..

  44. The last photo is also (likely primarily) an insult directed towards the Blessed Mother of God — the Woman from the Book of Revelation — the Woman clothed in the sun. Note the M at the base. Although small it almost looks like it might have been a side altar.

    Their war ultimately is with Christ. They are comparing a harlot to His mother.

    Kyrie Eleison.

  45. gosh, i had a dream that i was going to a disney audition, and i was getting stuck in this room where was mind control stuff and all that, gosh, it was just a dream fortunately!

  46. This sounds terrible to say, but I bet its the truth that her handlers are now trying to make as much money as possible from her, in a short space of time, before they kill her off sometime in the next year or so (EsotericKitten on youtube has a video (Hollywood Deception 26, I believe) in which a news reporter (who seems to be in the know about MK ULTRA) predicts the death of MJ, then says that Britney will be dead before 30 and Lindsay before 25, and she's 24 now. Not that I believe this to be absolutely set in stone, but the fact she's undergoing programming for a 4th time suggests to me that they're getting pretty desperate.

    Isn't it crazy how many in the world of celebrity are somehow connected to this MK ULTRA, though? I'm surprised it's stayed secret for so long tbh…

  47. It's sad to see LiLo in such a condition. She started out as a very pretty red-headed young lady….Now she's so morphed herself into this. So many young actors/actresses start out so innocent and family-friendly and then they turn out to be poster children for debauchery.

  48. Someone mention an expantion on the reprogramming part. If you have read the posts on here and, you will see that there is programming going on all over the media. THe way these artists are behaving and the things they portray in their craft is evident of this. I feel like Lindsay is going to come out with a different personification of what she was. Mainstream calls it reinventing oneself. Think about how many times an artist has come out with a new style or different from the way they were previously. Example, Christina Aguilera. All of sudden now, she is a personification of sex. She wasn't like that when she first came out.

  49. Okay… aside of being sick of hearing about LiLo… is there significance in the number 6126?

    Also… on those two video's posted, Kanye and Waldo! There was no doubt in those videos.. I don't even thing we need Vigilant to explain them… they're CRYSTAL clear.

    • 6126 is Marilyn Monroe's birthday: June (6) 1st (1), 1926 (26).

      And even though these are symbolic props, I find it hard to believe that Lindsay Lohan or her people were aware of the synbolism, much less trying to make a subliminal message. I'm a huge fan of this site, but still skeptical about alot of this stuff.

  50. I would even say that she is being punished for 'getting in the way' of course, what else..? That, and she has been dabbling in the dark side, it seems.. the Devil always comes around for payment!

    • Selling your soul to the devil always comes with a price. People are blind many of these famous people have sold their souls, Lindsay Lohan, Brittney Murphy, Eminem, Rhianna, Jay-Z of course, Beyonce of course who sadly was a Christian, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Pimp C, Left Eye of TLC, Aaliyah, Tupac, Notorius B.I.G., Anna Nicole Smith, Kanye West of course

      • Not everyone who is famous has sold their soul to prosper while here on earth. Some of the people you mentioned I could believe, but Left Eye, and Tupac. Stop playin, Tupac was so outspoken about this evil system. I could not fit all of the things that Pac did to uplift and make the masses aware of the evils that are governing us into this response. For one thing his last album b4 he was murdered was titled Killuminati ( Kill the Illuminati). In it he even says that he will be murdered for the things that he is saying. Left Eye died while doing work for impoverished children around the world. Let it be known that in the country where she died she was reportedly working with a man who suposedly found a cure for AIDS.

      • Don't be so quick to dismiss people's willingness to compromise when it comes to involvement in or their understanding of the "price of fame". Many artists and celebrities are fully aware of the conscious decision they are making. I believe that some may not truly know just how deep or extensive the consequence and repercussion will be in regards to the disastrous decisions they've made. I personally heard Tupac say in an interview and in a song that he sold his soul to satan. And as for Left Eye… What's with the one eye that was her signifying that she was fully aware of what was. I am by no means judging any artist or celebrity I have no desire to do so, my Father needs no help His excellence is Supreme and He is a just God. But one thing is for certain this world we live in is satan's domain. And his hand is in everything here except what God has ordained. With that being said I haven't found myself shocked in quite some time when I see this artist or that artist representing satan. Sinners don't have the love of God in them therefore what else can we expect from them. Be that as it may I still don't look down on anyone actually I find myself praying more and more for them. That God will make it there hearts desire to turn from their wicked ways, accept Jesus Christ into their hearts and serve God Almighty for the rest of their lives. Jesus is the only way to our salvation, I pray for the salvation of the non believers. Father have mercy on them and by His grace they can be saved.

      • @ A Believer

        Your right except for Tupac. He kinda found out and tried to stay away. They killed him, he knew he was going to die, that's why he recorded those songs so fast. You could hear him say he had made so many enemies

      • And this is kind of ironic and strange to me but If you guys really pay attention look underneath some of people's comments and you'll notice lines forming a triangle/Pyramid pattern only on some peoples comments though

  51. Ironic that she been 'away' for the past thirty days or so as you say, yet we see her everywhere, it's almost like her 'handlers' the ones who would profit from her, but who haven't because she is so irresponsible are saying 'well we invested in you, you can mean some profit for us, but only if you are out of the way, out of 'OUR' way' – ' after all, we only need your image, your 'essence' anyway, your 'person' doesn't really matter.. but it's getting in the 'Way! (their 'way')

  52. I keep not wanting to believe this stuff, but VC, you're just throwing the evidence right at me. Boy, I'm so disappointed.

    • OMG, i saw this today and was keeping myself from vomiting of disgust. EW! Why have people NOT woken up when these things are so blatantly obvious! WTF is wrong with everyone!?!??!?! I just want to slap some of these artists because they have become so annoying! I just hope others are just as annoyed and start to think and hopefully come across this site if not another…maybe then they will WAKE UP!!!

  53. hey ive been reading ur page quite a bit and let me tell u u are really smart. im glad theres somebody who cares about this things that usually people dont care, cause they are worry about video games work and have fun.

    i dont even remember how i found ur page but everything started in youtube when i saw the documentary about obama, called "the obama deception". they i started looking for illuminati information and how dominate the media and all that. and then i found urs.

    about lindsay lohan and her pictures are too obvious. i mean theres a meaning under the pictures and what she is trying to say. the 3dr one is too iluminati

    i would like if u can find info and posted here in ur website about the plans that jewish people have to rebuild the temple of salomon. ive read about that and they said that when the build the third temple from there is gonna come the anthicrist. im not sure and i dont have any problem with jewish people but id like to see if u can info about that, maybe im just saying.

    thank u so much for ur effort and for let us know about whats going on in this world.


      • No, jews don't believe in the Antichrist, but the bible says when the Jews have possesion of their land again, and they rebuild the temple, that's when the Antichrist will come. It's not that the Jews are tying to invoke that, but these are just the signs of the end times that the book of Revelations predicts.

      • i too enjoy this website, but your comment is super anti-semitic. jews do not believe in "lucifer" (that is a christian creation) and they aren't waiting for a "messiah." the closest thing to that in judaism is "mashiach" and it's more of a strong leader like King David rather than some supernatural being who comes to save us all.

        but religion is all made up anyway so…

        it's great to make comments on something you find interesting, but try to do a little research on things before you go spouting off.


      • If there's any category you should use, it's banker/financier and all others. Stop bickering and wasting mental energy over stupidities. Conquer and divide is the motto.

        Research some astrotheology and stop fighting over stars … be it lindsay or the ones in the sky. Either way, provided for you by someone else.

  54. O, wow is that her sister sitting on the guy!! FREAKKKY and can someone tell me WHY WE are not suppose to show any attention to a BLACKLISTED MK person LIKE LINDSAY??????? Please I met her in person and always was fond of her why should we walk away from blacklisted people?

  55. Hi vc!

    Could you expand your comment about reprogramming? What are you trying to say?

    It would be nice if you could explain us that comment.


    • I'm not VC, but I'm sure he was referring to Monarch Programming/MK Ultra which is trauma based mind control a good number of these celebrities are under.

      • MK ultra programming was from the 50's and is outdated. The use of more efficient wireless weaponry and other more sophisticated techniques/drugs (not LSD like in the 50's) is now employed although trauma is most probably still used to achieve the schism (tear) in your mind but with less "cruel" techniques. Not to mention, breeding for just the right product. Your genetic baggage plays a major role in your level of suggestibility.

        As with any science or art, conditioning/schooling/programming/ brainwashing/influencing or whatever other term you want to use is perfected throughout the years, especially in more recent times.

      • How are celebrities actually mind-controlled and why do more people not know about this? Do the celebs families know about this? I am so confused!! Also, where and how are they taken to be mind-controlled?? i just dont get it but i do know that their memory is wiped out straight after so that they dont remember what happened to them! And what's all this stuff on celebritites like Beyonce being used as high class sex slaves? Is that actually true? I don't know what to believe but will someone pleeeeeeeeeeeease reply to me??!!!


      • Well these celebrities are being mind controlled meaning being used to carry out these hidden agendas. Like Beyonce she makes it seems so tasteful and classy when the truth is she represents evil and look at her I am Sasha Fierce album booklet and pictures and it is very clear who she is controlled by. And these celebrities may not be like mind controlled by some type of technology but they are literally being controlled because they have no say in things that they do like these photo shoots, videos, their wardrobe, hair and so forth

      • Sally, a very good start on all this is author/researcher Fritz Springmeier. His books can be found on ebay and

      • its marlyin monroes birthday she has tatted which is the name of her leggings collection (failed miserably), might why it came up to 636

      • I took it as 6-1+2+6=13. I don't know what the positioning of her arms in the third picture means though.

      • Accually there are people who believe that the number is 636 not 666. Just do a search for "636 or 666"

      • yes but 6 12 6

        1+2 = 3 x by the number of digits in the sum ( 1 and 2) so 1+2=3×2=6 ……666 the elite are big on numerology

        check out a british advert that came out in the uk go to youtube and type in 63336 advert

      • Made me think of "666", as well…however, what is interesting is that while 1 + 2 = 3, there are already 2 "6's" in 636…and 2 x 3 = 6… So it very well COULD symbolize "666"… Just a thought….

      • And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

        six hundred

        three score (20 years in a score)



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