Lindsay Lohan Posing with Baphomet in Clothing Line Promo


Source: New York Post

Even though she is undergoing reprogramming…I mean…in jail…Lindsay Lohan expanded her clothing line called 6126 and released promotional pictures containing revealing symbolism.

Between prison and rehab, Lindsay Lohan has been out of commission for nearly one month now and amazingly we’ve seen more work from the troubled actress in the last 30 days than we have in the last 30 weeks. Not only is she on the cover of Maxim Magazine, fronting Marc Ecko’s Cut & Sew fall/winter line campaign and starring alongside the ShamWow guy in a new movie, but LiLo’s released the big batch of images pimping her 6126 fashion line.

^ Posing sexily with Baphomet

^ Lohan between Masonic pillars and in front of sun glory. Also notice the “as above, so below” position of her arms

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153 Comments on "Lindsay Lohan Posing with Baphomet in Clothing Line Promo"

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And will somebody please enlighten me why the image of the Baphomet is "evil" or whatever? Mythologically speaking it's symbolic of a universe in which we are all one and all and part of the whole. Hence it is made up of animal, male, female, reptile, fish etc… It's just a symbol of unity. Technically, since GOD would consist of everything it's a pretty decent metaphor for the big G. You are taking it way out of context. I have a feeling I'm about to know how the poor templars must have felt! Vigiliant crowd, I agree that there is a small group with hideously malicious intent ruling the Earth. They don't like us, but they need us. So they control us to keep us in line, and keep the power to their own. It makes sense. It also makes sense that they would use any method at their disposal… Read more »

In the 2015 movie VICE, which is a film about a resort of artificial beings where humans can play out any fantasy they want, the main AI character ‘Kelly’ has the designation: 6126. A coincidence?

Lindsay Lohan is 27 years old this year, 2013. I'm praying for her.

That is not Baphomet. Baphomet has a goats head. And are any two pillars Masonic pillars? I guess in your twisted little fear-mongering world they are.

I have to say first, that before reading your website, I have never heard of MK mind control. I have tried to look it up in other places but have not found much information so I have to say I don't know if it exists but I do think it is very possible. I also feel like with movies like Sucker Punch, and that Katy Perry video (the name slips me), they are trying to popularize mind control so that it is more readily accepted. That's why this concept as well as trans-humanism infiltrates music and movies on such a massive scale. This photo shoot can either depict what is happening or already happened to Lindsay or it could be interpreted to make mind control to look cool. I find the male figure to be weird and a little unnecessary but I think he represents "LiLo's" morals and values that… Read more »

the number 6126 is very suspicious as well… 6 6+6 6… she says its Marilyn Monroe's birthday, and that is speaking of a MK Ultra president model slave that was her 'role model'

Wow I didnt know she was being reprogrammed in jail. I wonder what they are doing to her to reprogram her. I remember VC or somewhere else I read that the mental facility they took Britney Spears to when she was having her hay days was a programing spot to. I heard they use all kinds of things to "program" there mind controlled victims, it's still kind of shocking to me that they can't wake up out of it and see the things that happen to them are not normal and just say enough is enough.

Forgive me if im being paranoid, but is this advert reminiscent of baphomet

In the pic with Lindsay and Baphomet, the man is carrying a platter holding an albino peacock. The peacock is the symbol of Lucifers vainity, which has been presented to the starlet/harlot.

Wow, Lindsay needs more prayers than I thought.

But because symbolism is addicting notice this (I'm imagining, I have no evidence or whatsoever and I don't think that everything is meant to be overanalyzed as I stated in my previous comment)

The guy is wearing a cross… and the girl is seating on him like he's her slave. Like christianity is bowing to them.

The pillars and the M seem masonic like VG said,

The feathers on the second picture can be the phoenix. They love that kind of symbolism.

The shoe of reminds me of a masonic ritual that I can't recall which was it that VG once wrote about here.

Why do you always end up talking about religion?

I don't feel that mind control and those kinds of agenda are that often related to satanism and stuff. And even though I believe the mind control part and maybe some occult societies connections, I think that sometimes you (and me also) over analyze some symbolisms and see things where they don't exist.

The photoshot is a bit scary, as a weird feeling to it, though.

this is so true. i found this article on here today right after she got out of "rehab"

what is the symbolism for the following?

The guys have one shoe off and one on?

The dresser she is sitting on has a M with a phallic symbol or letter going thru the middle of the M?

One of the guys is on his knees with the girl sitting on him and him in the doggy position with the girl holding firmly onto him, Lindsay with the arms crossed staring straight ahead?

This grieves me and every born-again believer alike.

Prison and mind control go hand in hand. Stress fear and suppression of freedom put people in a negative lower state/frequency where they are more susceptible to external conditioning . Check out Jim kieths work on mind control.

masonic symbolism in terror and contrived disasters

Does this mean that Lil Wayne, T.I., and Gucci Mane were being "programmed" instead of being in jail or prison?

Could be true. And you notice how these celebrities end up with the same "90" day sentence Ironic.

Its called a paid lawyer.

Dont forget DMX!

DMX is a strong christian! He might get killed he was arrested twice! Over crack charges WHICH IS NOT TRUE!!!

After watching that! You cant say that he is not against the Illuminati! They were also pumped up about his album "And there was an X" where he mentions Jesus a few times!

This is coming from a 14 year old!1

He mentions Jesus on all of his albums.

LOL, i like the line about being in reprogramming. that's the very thing i thought of when that whole mess with her started happening. maybe her previous programming was outdated and going a little haywire…

Don't give your talented kids over to Disney, Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network.

They'll end up like zombies w/ scatterbrains.

And another sad thing is that after the "sacrfice" of Kanye West"s Mother he would of maybe woke up just sick this stuff really is messed up

I have a question: why do these hollywood stars need to be monarch programmed? What is the purpose? Is it just so that they can be sex slaves to the elite who get off on hooking up with famous stars that are really robots? I would think that with all the people out there who are dying to be famous, that any one of them would sing whatever song someone else wrote and participate in any photoshoot or music video theme someone directed them to just to fit in and be accepted without the mind control programming. I have no doubt that some of them are involved in the occult. But why would they need the mind control programming? Or is it so that they can participate in occult ritual ceremonies with the elite in a way that it is kept secret because a special alter personality is used that… Read more »

I believe in that picture Dear head or not it still symbolizes evil

How so… Isn't the baphomet presumed to be a goat?

He's also been referred to as a Rabbit. Look up the stuff on Washington DC, the rabbit ears also refer to Bahomet.

Also think PlayBoy Bunnies. Ironically, the original idea was "Stag," a reference to male deers; but another magazine with that name existed, hence the Bunny logo.

So a Deer? Would make sense, as "The Goat of the New World."

That is a deer head, NOTICE THE ANTLERS.

I kind of hope you do a breakdown of Kanye's video power Vigilant even though there really is no need and also Eminem's video and the song has messages all over it, the video alone has three satan worshippers Rhianna, Eminem, and Megan Fox, there's fire everywhere, Rhianna tries a little too hard in this to me she is so obivious about who she serves, and the song's message "I like the way you lie" The enemy sells you lies , tempts, and decieves

where can i watch the kanye video? searched youtube and couldn't find it.

You can catch it on mtv or vh1 maybe. I saw the video on MTV Jams