Lawrence O’Donnell on Police Brutality at Occupy Wall Street (video)


Sometimes, in the pile of crap that is mass media, a gem of true journalism can be found.

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82 Comments on "Lawrence O’Donnell on Police Brutality at Occupy Wall Street (video)"

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I literally cried within the first few minutes, frightened of this world, but more than ever I'm motivated to stay true to my beliefs – despite the opposition.

why do you think that cop did that? Because he does not care about us or what we are doing.

This is not surprising. I personally feel this global protest will be used to introduce the New World Police to govern the unruly crowd. I'm just counting down.

Thanx for sharing, VC!

As I tod all of you in another comment above, you are being conned in a major way. Read this and see what you think.

Who is behind the "Occupy Wall Street" protests? It's quite obvious to most of us who are paying attention, but to simplify it – two words = George Soros. One of the most evil and wealthy men among the entire global elitist cult.

Formula: Prepare and create the chaos and destabilize society, prepare to crack down on the anarchy and offer the "final solution"; i.e., Martial law, Global government and global currency.

Useful idiots, indeed.

The more things change, the more they stay the same….now more than ever before.

This is just physical what about the physiological harassment? Just google gangstalking.

Odonnell is a piece of garabge and now that his side of politics is under fire he is acting like a little girl!!! Dude you deserve to have your face caved in and how you treated Mr. Cain, a man much greater than yourself, made me sick!! The funny thing though is that he crushed you and now you are back tracking and looking for black racists like Sharpton to come to your aid!!! What a pathetic little man!! Hey what were you doing during Vietnam Lawrence?!?!?!

I work by the area, and Occupywall street has been there for 2 weeks, everyday more and more cops are in the area, watching over 50 cops, when its obvious the people are peaceful and kinda quiet, they act like they are criminals instead of the quiet peaceful group they are

Occupy Wallstreet Update! The Marines are Coming to PROTECT the Protesters

Updated Oct 1, 2011

this mainstream media opinion piece reeks of carefully strategic chunk of PR stunt/ propaganda to me… This report has two-pronged approach, one is to give the viewer the brunt of the full police experience in the comfort of their own homes. In essence, we are subtly told not to protest peacefully, as he says at the end, no-one will get prosecuted in the police, even if you film it. (Also who doesn't watch this and silently think, glad I wasn't that person getting pepper sprayed in the face…) Secondly, to place the blame at the foot of the police, and not at the govt, which diverts the viewer away from the real villains in this story (goldman sachs et al / govt/global elite) it's like blaming the violent dog, when their owners have trained them to be so.. The job role is complicity and obedience to the laws, (that they… Read more »

What if the man with the pepper spray was not a cop. You notice he walks up, unholsters and aims, sprays then just walks away. At least the other commander that beat the s**t out of the guy with the camera stayed there and arrested him. I think they are trying to provoke a response, then they clamp down.

It really bothers me that the news refer to the movement as "a few people," but what OWS is trying to represent is that 99% of the world is being screwed over.

We're not God.

God is us!

People like Mr. O´Donnell brings me back my faith on human being.

Bill O´Reilly should spend some time with him and try to improve and learn how to be a good person.

For those cops I have 3 words: PIGS – BULLIES – BASTARDS

c'mon. it's msnbc. it's like faux, but with different logos in the background. owned by the same elite who financed fake protests in 3rd world countries, so yeah. when msnbc gets "hardcore" and does some "real journalism" it still sounds so fake.

Police need to wake up and realize that they themselves are part of the masses. The elite rulers will chew them up the same as the rest of us. In the global slave state they are building, the police are being trained to be the NWO's overseers. These videos are of the good overseers whipping the sheep that get out of line. The Constitution says you have the right to protest, but corporate America has other ideas. It makes me sick. Those NYPD officers need to be held accountable.

This is absolutely disgusting.


America : Aren't we the country that brings "peace"(sarcasm) to other countries?

If that's so, then why are these police officers beating human beings?

How do they(Police) feel at the end of the day? "Well I did my job" Yuck! How does their food taste that they bought with the money they made by beating and hurting other human beings?

Sad very sad. For the honest cops out there, Wow! keep your head up,because your uniform is and has been judged just like us…truth seekers, vilgilant citizens.

Amendment I:

"Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."

Everyone buy a video camera, and keep it rolling!!!!!!!

I've been reading articles by Vigilant Citizen for a long time now but this is the first time I've commented on matters. Back before the story I'm about to share with you, I was as brainwashed as the rest of the herd. Sure, I had acquaintances and friends who spoke passionately on these subjects but it had no real lasting effect. In retrospect, I regret that I hadn't investigated further into detail. It took my own experience of being in the crosshairs of a sneering corrupt cop's Remington Shotgun that brought about my enlightenment. This was quite a few years ago but it still feels like a distant memory. I shudder even thinking about it… I was in my early twenties at the time, living in a typical (I can't stress that enough since this goes on all the time around here) suburban city in Southern California surrounded by yuppies,… Read more »

I was crippled by cops after gangstalking, false arrests/convictions that have ruined my life. IEven attempted murder! am sorry for what happened to you. Mine was all covered up and the more I tried to tell the truth, the worse the sheriff/cops treated me. I doubt I'll Everett see justice in my situation. I hope I did. God bless.

Thank God you lived to tell the tale. This is shocking but actually I'm not that shocked. It a shame you didn't get the support you needed to actually complain and get some kind of justice for what you experience. Instead you were faced with ahrrasment and intimidation. Stories like this make me glad to live in Britain where cops do not carry guns as routine. Not to say we do not also have police brutality but an incident such as this would not happen and if it did they would never be allowed to get away with it. Bursting into an unarmed mans house and shooting him in the head for no reason, then dragging his injured and unconscious body around the house – my goodness. I believe that they will be held accountable for their actions in some way even if its not until judgement day.

Basically everywhere is more or less the same. Could you tell me what kind of things goes on in England?

Hello again, I'm sorry I haven't replied since the last time I commented on this subject but my internet had a fallout. I'm amazed at how long my post was but I just couldn't help myself. The words just seemed to scream out of me. Especially when I typed the last paragraph which was practically the length of an essay. This is my story and my reality. But I was one of the lucky ones that was actually able to walk away from this. They may have left me bloody and abused but I'm still standing and breathing so they can't break me! It happens all over the world but sadly we aren't ALL unifying against these criminals, and I do mean criminals. I've heard stories from my lawyers from drug running /protecting dealers, hit and runs, even assassinations. I even met a former police officer who fled the state… Read more »

No words…

I am so sorry that this has happened to you.

May God bless you and keep you and your loved ones safe.

God sees everything,even things that take place in the dark.

Peace be with you.

Given the video evidence, can the police actually be charged for assault?? There's a thought!

They could, but it won't stick…the police department have already given these officers a pass, and really, the police are just doing the bidding of people who could easily get any charges dropped anyway

So now it's illegal to peacefully protest? Police State becomes more and more of a reality every day.

By the way, Lawrence O'Donnell, is an admitted Socialist with an agenda, his reporting is not to be trusted as a matter of rule.

Exactly. This is absolute socialist propaganda and rhetoric, and I really thought that people who regularly visit this site of all places would recognize that. Disappointing. Anyone with a discerning mind should know by now that mass media edited video clips like this that emphasize only a few moments in time are deliberately seeking to paint a certain picture, not reporting the facts of the situation. Words out of context, or actions – it's all the same tactics, and MANY stories like this going back to the Vietnam hippie protest era were later shown to be exactly that – riots organized by Weather Underground and other communist agitator front groups, that were done specifically to provoke the police response, precisely so that it could be exploited on the evening news. Then you cleverly edit out and ignore the bottle throwing, etc that incited the police response to begin with and… Read more »

So what is the hidden agenda behind this video? What is this video and lawrence o'donnells hidden agenda suppose to provoke in me?

I normally LOVE and rave about your blog. But in this case it is important to know, that police brutality aside and despicable, that what has happened with this "Day of Rage" has been orchestrated and funded by George Soros and is not an organic movement but generated by the communists/anarchists and socialist activists. Please do this research, as your site is about exposing the truth behind what lies beneath the exterior veneer. This link is not the BEST place to start, but it is a good place and links to others. Communism always uses "revolution" to infiltrate and get the people behind it. I have watched a lot of video from what is happening there, and find many instances when youth seem to purposely try and agitate the police.

Nobody is talking about socialism or communism. Its about free speech and the right to assemble without violent repression from the autorities.

Free speech is guaranteed even to those you don't agree with.

Please describe the "agitation" you are referring to that warranted police brutality. I watched the videos myself. Freedom of speech may agitate the police, but it is a constitutional right.

This is the sickening police state.

Well, I'm going to theorize that MAYBE the reason that MSNBC (mass media) reported on this in opposition to the police brutality is to make us aware of the consequences of a peaceful protest. Basically, look what can happen to you if you oppose the elite or governement; Even though it's wrong, you will be assaulted and there's nothing you can do about it. When people think of protesting in the future, it's already in our awareness that the police could harm us with no real consequence, therefore making people not want to protest. Maybe I'm becoming paranoid about all these agendas, but I question all motives now….

BTW, watching the Rodney King video was horrific. Haven't seen that in a long time.

I don't really agree. My BF and I were inspired to see the media recognition and justified position portrayed. But our minds are, perhaps, not as self-defeating as your own. The way the world looks is affected by the lens you use. When you feel a victim, you see cruelty even in a news program trying to bring light and attention to a wrong-doing.

I suggest you all take the V's off of your foreheads, if you are sporting one, and stand up by at least protecting yourselves and slowly getting off the 'grid' so the Powers That Be can't track you or starve you out.

I don't find the difference negative, but rather, that one would willingly think of defeat. That's just objective reality. No matter what you want, or how you want it, never limit yourself!

Interesting that you find a difference of opinion as "negative". That's narrow-minded thinking.

To Diana below me:

…the loner approach? Hot air, my friend. We seek to connect to everyone we can and organize them to at the minimum, being informed and self sufficient, and at maximum, to join our ranks.

Save your vitriol and negativity for yourself, loner. We've had enough from the 1%

There are strength in numbers, my friend. Your approach is taking a loner approach. That will not get us out of this situation.

The problem with this is the subliminal message that is hidden here, the whole clip talks about the police brutality, news should say who, what where when how, and WHY. Who: people protesting, cops abusing What: police brutality during protest When: the past week or so Where: wall street How: mace, batons ect. Why: ? tell us msnbc! why are the people angry? Why are there protests? the MSM ignores the most important part. The sinister subliminal message they program the audience with: the guy basicly concludes with "this happens every day though, it never changes, the powers that be actually support this and turn a blind eye, it has been this way and will continue to be that way so YOU (the audience) should know thiswont change, its the way it is, there is no use fighting it they/WE the elite controlers Have and will always win." Unknowingly your… Read more »

Lawrence actually covered all of that earlier in the show…this is just a segment on police brutality. The first 17 (or so) mins can be found on youtube. He interviews Michael Moore live in NY and asks all the questions about the protest.

You said it better than me, but I totally agree!

Please check out the Anti terrorist channel on youtube – too understand/educate yourself on the full British legal rights/laws the Police may or may not have …….. excellent tips on protecting your Freedom of rights.

Good luck America, you have destroyed yourself being ignorant all of these years. Big up from Romania.

This "Occupy Wall Street" thing is baloney. Vigilant Citizen should know better. "Thesis played against antithesis leads to the Synthesis". Socialism is the favorite system of the super-rich.

I call shenanigans, good sir or madam.

I am a member of an Occupy movement, and we don't want ANYTHING to do with government or politics. We as a group (I will not speak for individuals) do not push socialism or any other failing ism, just freedom. We as a group do not tolerate anyone using our protests as a soapbox for any political party or regime, because a lot of 1%ers aren't even in politics- they OWN the politicians. A good lot of us don't even want taxation in any respects. Socialism still requires that the government tell someone how much of what they have they HAVE to give to someone, and that's still oppression.

Please be informed, and please join us (the 99%) or Anonymous.

ack! Both of those are .org sites, sorry.

Not to divert, but anyone interested in direct support please go to

Anyone more subversive looking for more info and interested in protecting self-sufficiency for the future (fall of gov't >.>) look here: (Yes, bees and hivemind are bizzwords ((lol)) there but mainly because hivemind was an old 4chan meme, and the group acts as a unified mass (to protect individuals. If you're not familiar with 4chan, now is not the time to get acquainted. That place is crazy!)

I applaud these efforts. Government and Politics are corrupt. The system is broken and we need to stand up to this as it's our money funding this corruption. Think about it. Please let us know how we can support this movement.

This is disgusting. I want my tax dollars back.

the police state is in full motion. And this is just a taste of what's to come. Moving away from the illusion and disillusion is the only way of surviving. I sympatise with these protestors fully. But if they move away from, the glamour of the big city and sustain themselves through farming and other activities. They will see that being apart of lucifer's world is basically redundant.

Is it now illegal in the US to peacfully protest?

Police Brutality is rampant in the city that I live. Last week in my city, three people were killed by the APD. All three were completely seperate incidents, all three were shot in the head. The three police officers involved were suspended with pay for (get this) THREE days. One of the men killed was carring a bb gun.

It made me cry when I watched the videos of the police using violence against people who were doing nothing against the law, especially the second video (black and white one). Although I'm not American, I'm sure it's happening here in Britain too, and I'm absolutely disgusted just thinking about it. Something has to be done, and soon.

Yea I cried too, but what do you really think could be done that would fix anything? Humans are hopelessly flawed. There will always be heartless, violent people out there..

well if they can get away with it , im gona carry my pepper spray with me when i protest, and use it against them, but oh no thats an assult to an officer, well im gona take this matter to another level and give them a taste of pepper spray, to see if they like it, lets walk around now with legal gas mask when we protest to see what theryre gona use, problably, there guns ? if they can get away with it i can to, no body is above the law even cops, i was gona join the police department but by seeing this no chance im putting my good name behind a bunch of loosers that abuse the law, keep up the fight The Spanish Templars are with the people and the good name of the Catholic church, God is good, God is great.

Yep go and give them a good taste of your capoeira skills.

thats right.somebody has to. im not gonna hide like a b***h and let this bastards do what they want, all i want is peace and freedom for everybody , no matter there color or religion.

We the taxpayers are paying for our own brutality and slavery! I am so disgusted! Not just at this video but all they are doing. True justice needs to be served!

let me correct myself.. I am not disgusted with this video, I applaud Lawrence O'donnell, I meant I am disgusted at the abused authority in the video.

I am glad that they have not involved the fire department yet like they did in the 1960's using water cannons and hoses to push people back at civil rights and anti-war demonstrations. That would be the time I would have to drop the hose because it is meant for life safety, incident stabilization, and property conservation. This is horrible, I am sure there are many in uniform who would like to protest but would risk losing a career over it and a lifeline to support their families. It is ashame that rescources like this are mis-appropriated and the few bad apples are selected just for this kind of function. Most people in uniform (Police, firefighters, and rescue crews) are for the greater good and for peace! It's just a small few are a POS or do not know any better and can be seen on this video.

I'm aware of delta corrupt to the core because the sheriff is corrupt. Be orders his cops to do harm if he doesn't like you, or better yet, wants your property, etc.

ladies and gentlemen, we have team of highly trained, intelligent, woman slapping, Rodney king beating, trigger happy, pepper spraying, doughnut munching, crotch scratching, overweight policemen sworn to protect and serve you, should you be the victim of gender violence, racist attacks, armed assault, peaceful protests, etc. we might as well give badges to the murderers, rapists, paedophiles, thugs, and terrorists coz they're also doing the same job pretty damn well.

the system taking their course of action. Please take a look at this if you have not seen it before.

sorry here it is.

There was no reason to act like that that was just uncalled for and unnecessary i guess this the messed up world we live in

so honest. his fervent journalism is refreshing.

I want to hug Lawrence O'Donnell. It's so hard when no one believes you about police brutality. It's like people think the police are demi-gods that can never be wrong. A bad cop is WORSE than a petty criminal in some ways. They've abused their authority and betrayed the public trust.

Yes, the mainstream media is a steaming pile of crap. Not since the old school days of 60 Minutes was there a possibility of just glimpsing the truth in the mainstream media. Even then the door was closing on any hope of light shining onto the dark truth of the world. Do not for a second think that this news reader was giving it to you straight. More of the same is more like it…bend over. To want to give this "reptilian shapeshifter" (as noted @8:48 in video/sarcasm) a hug is understandable, until you take off your blinders. This nightmare of an agenda (Ordo ab Chao)is pretty much scripted and now it is time to throw those who follow orders, under the bus. IAm willing to bet that you will start to seeing more of these "cop smearing" treats pop up in the great steaming pile, like bits of corn… Read more »

A bad cop is worse than any criminal PERIOD……………..

The police brutality is uncalled for. Way to go police for detaining and locking these "criminals" (I use that term loosely in this post) up because we all know harsh, retributive puntive measures are the only way to deal with "criminals" — sarcasm by the way.

The way the police are acting is nearly as disgusting as the 1919 general strike/riot in Winnipeg. Women and children, mostly, were beaten by police.

what do you mean they didnt do anything?

they are not being blind obedient sheep staying home and watching main stream media

they are actually taking a stand protesting and expresing their opinions and needs

thats the worst thing any of us can do according to the police and the government

you allowed this to happen in palestine, Irag and afganistan to innocent people and children and now it will happen in USA .


And they wonder why people don't trust the police i can see why now

Do you guys know what is the difference between a cop and a criminal? here's the answer, I guess:

A criminal has got a gun illegally, and a cop carries a gun legally. So, that's the only one difference between them, because uniformed or not, they end up doing the same blurred, such as killing, beating, corrupt, violate, extort, taking something that don't belong to them, and so on…

It's impressive how people are personally similar to the Lord, and still can think in that petty and stupid way.

Peace 🙁

I'm a certified nurses aide at a nursing home. If a resident at my work so much as has a bruise or skin tear on them, resistive or not, there is an incident report filed immediately.

If they feel that it was caused by force or abuse they investigate it.

If it is found to be abuse then that person loses their job and if the employer so chooses to, they can report it to the state and that person loses their certification/license and are banned from working with children or the elderly for the rest of their career.

THAT'S how it should be for ALL PEOPLE who SERVE PEOPLE.

But the cops are never found guilty. They cover it up. Even after they assault,they will bring false charges on u to make u look bad and ruin your life. And you paid 10000. In fines so they are robbing as well. The retaliation one receives is even worse, if u try to do anything about it.

boycott JP Chase, their subsidiaries, their supporters…

unfortunately, this leads you to the Federal Reserve. we are to blame for the police state which is fostered by banks, which are created as a means to control the profane, by NWO FASCISTS and because we buy into this system, because we BELIEVE THERE IS NO OTHER WAY (which there is, clearly, another way to live your life) we are to blame for the fact there is a police force, fostered by banks, that batter and bruise us as a society.


The day they interview the protesters and show the world what EXACTLY what we are angry about and why (for which there a countless reasons) will be the day i tell these sick corporate media clowns that they actually did their job….