Lauryn Hill – I Get Out (video)


No introduction needed.

No conclusion needed.

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I could easily make a conspiracy theory about this. Lauryn is trying to incite riots among the working class so the elite has an excuse to take violent action against them. Just like Maria in the movie Metropolis.


I literally started getting the chills and broke down in tears hearing this for the first time right now… Not only does it pertain to my personal situation and stole my breath, but to all of our situation which makes us all the same, we are all the same to them and not so different because of the repression we all suffer. I am so sad for everyone, I want to start singing again, I've always had the talent, just didn't know what message I wanted to send, I was just waiting for the right one. My chance to make a difference… Thank you Ms. Hill for bringing me back to life… My problems now seem so small in comparison.

This song is an example of pure music! No strings attached!! It's strange though, after she had exposed them her bass player was 'assassinated'…

idk if yall know this…or even believe it….but she is a christian…there is one video from her mtv unplugged where she says "i know they have stopped recording" but someone got it….and she literally breaks down into a moment of worship. its beautiful. she has been exposed to the true light and now the true darkness is extremely evident. i heard this once "if you know a lie, they will make a new one, but i know the truth…the lie will be apparent"

@d i dont think its such a big deal that she brought out a-listers as she was an a-lister herself at one point so she will still b able to pull strings like that, especially in new york, more times it probably wasnt her idea and its not like there are future hits planned with them, the song id off of her unplugged album in 2002 which is one of the best gospel/truth conscious albums i have heard, every song talks about her love for god and her freedom from the "world", absolutely amazing! this just shows that there is nothing to big for God! no matter how far gone you are u can always 'GET OUT'





This is an awesome song, to bad Elvis, Michael Jackson, didnt get out, Tupac & Biggie was trying to get out and u know what happened. If anyone wants a good read about the system L.Hill's talking about just google "thanks for the memories" its an amazing story of a mind slave who I think got out, and she tells the real sinister story that goes on. It was a serious eye opener.

u go girl!

Its sad that Lauren Hill is frowned upon by many musicians, and seen as a wackjob and a wash up. when in reality she was and is still talented unlike hot commodities and illuminati products like lady gaga, and beyonce. what shes sayin is all they wanted is to use her for her voice, and her talent, and not the whole package, And i support her 100% Its sad when singers like Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, even Justin Bieber start out sweet and down to earth and end up, patronized and almost looking ghostly and empty. 5 Stars Ms Hill 5 stars

How fitting that this song only aired on her MTV Unplugged show. She'd shaved her head, she cried a lot and forgot a lot of the words. Most people after seeing that said/thought she was crazy and dismissed her as such. Even those truly devoted fans, purchased the album but the true meaning of this song (and most of the other songs on the album) went right over their heads. Kudos MTV for showing the world how "crazy" Lauryn is.

That is a fairly old performance dating back 2009. Recently she was an opening act for the likes Of Jay Z and Beyonce at the 7th Annual Rock the Bells Festival, which took place on Governors Island in New York Saturday Aug. 28, 2010. She even performed some of the fugees classics.

The video would have been inspiring if it was recent. What she is currently doing totally negates what she takes about in this video.

sadly, like the post i wrote on Britney, I believe they have finally broke her by making her sing and dance for the cameras. When you're born to do one thing, it's impossible to do anything else. We are all born with God given talents that manifest as our purpose. The Illuminati knows this , and they use it as a means to serve them. The woman has to create, and they are making her do so now on their terms.

If anything she looks crazy now, I know something is up. she doesn't even care at half the performances.

I'm hoping she'll come around soon…

BTW has anyone heard the creepy lyrics of the new song ET by katy perry and kayne west


I just watched it! One word "WOW" not in a good way either. Repent, Repent, Repent!

Thank you, beautiiful song.

Let's Get Free!


As a HUGE Lauryn Hill fan, from beginning to now, there is so much I could say. But to be brief, I was deeply hurt when she left the game. I bare the emotional scars of being a young fly girl whose quintessential MC was stolen. But as I have grown, I understand that obviously L.Boogie got out of the industry and has been strategically villainized for doing so by the illuminatti. The "critics" panned this album as being unsuccessful, Yet when you ratio the (no ) studio cost, no production cost, no paying a writer or back up musicians , no advertising , for this album – it is nothing near of a miracle. This is , in all honesty, one of the best works ever created. She will not get her recognition because she is not some white country singer live from a jail house, or proclaimed satanist… Read more »

*nothing short of*

Well said. I applaud your post!!!!!

This is the first time I heard theis song. It's as beautiful as Ms. Lauryn Hill is.

The words seem fairly broad. She could be talking about a lot of things. This is the drawback of hinting around, wrapping your words in a song. I'm half thinking that she is actually referring to religion and religious beliefs, and not so much the NWO. I ain't knocking it, but I certainly ain't convinced it's all that. She needs to come right out and say what she means. I know she's made comments about the Vatican and stuff, but this song is a bit obscure as to what she is truly referring to.

All I can say is WOW. At the very beginning, I was trying to see a meaning, but it could have been taken into the context that she was singing about an ex-boyfriend. But then it got more and MORE specific….I can see what you meant VC with "no intro needed, and no conclusion needed". The song pretty much sums it all up. Left me with chills, and the way she is singing, she has lived through all of that. Good on you Ms Hill for breaking free, you may not be in the charts like Beyonce and Rihanna and Gaga, but at least you managed to to be break away from that industry. This is real music not the regurgitated stuff that is all over the radio at the moment.

This is why I've always loved Lauryn Hill. They tried to make it seem like she was crazy because she spoke out. – If anyone has the time to listen to the one album she released in the U.S. , her words aren't new – the listener just has to understand what's she talking about (it doesn't even need interpretation).

Lauren Hill is one of the only main stream artists that i would pay to see. I knew there was a good reason why she was out of the spotlight for so long. And it wasn't just because she had a baby boy. Love love love her.

HAHA ok so the whole no intro needed and then no conclusion needed just made me crack up that made my day haha i love you lmao. XD

it is really impressing..i read the lyrics of lauren hill s song. It is a kind of rebellion…how she could rebel? how she is permitted to rebel i mean? isn't she any more slave to the occult sponsors i mean?

hi, VC, would you pls comment also the video along with text of "rainbow of love" ben onono? i see many masonic symbols in that video, the rainbow is a masonic symbol and means the door to their satanic godness dimensions. In the blue beam project there is a part which called rainbow and this part includes 7 groups of people to be slaved under the 7 colours of rainbow. By that devil project anyone who will not obey satanic nwo will be worked up by 7 grades of the hell, in every stage the person will have new colour of classification until the victim will not arrive to the last step being dumped totally or killed by tortures, then to pass over the rainbow door to the other hell dimension. The video seems to be a new age (new luciferian religion funded by satanists such as Blavatsky and Bayley)… Read more »