Lady Gaga, a Martyr for Showbusiness (video)


See the relation between what she is saying and the movie Black Swan.

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200 Comments on "Lady Gaga, a Martyr for Showbusiness (video)"

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I get the impression from the fact that she seems to harbour an awful lot of artistic freedom with her music, shows and videos, that she is quite aware of what she's gotten herself into and I think she's loving every second. She wasn't an angel before she got 'big'. From what I've read of Gaga, and from all the poser pictures of her before she was even famous, it's obvious she is willing to do anything to be a superstar – I doubt she even needed to be brainwashed! However, I did read an interview in Grazia magazine with Gaga during which she said that she stayed in that 'egg', or 'vessel' as she calls it, for three whole days: 'Interviewer: "That sounds like a David Blaine Stunt. How did you eat?" Gaga: "It was more David Bowie than David Blaine. But I can't talk about it. I don't… Read more »

I remember a comment made by Marilyn Manson about Lady GaGa – "She knows exactly what she’s doing,” Manson says. “She’s very smart, she’s not selling out."

"She’s a great musician, she’s a great singer, and she’s laughing when she’s doing it, the same way that I am.”

The "same way that I am" seems to stick in my ears if we can all remember a few years back Manson was very popular and he did it all with shock tactics…