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Lady Gaga, a Martyr for Showbusiness (video)



See the relation between what she is saying and the movie Black Swan.


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I get the impression from the fact that she seems to harbour an awful lot of artistic freedom with her music, shows and videos, that she is quite aware of what she's gotten herself into and I think she's loving every second. She wasn't an angel before she got 'big'. From what I've read of Gaga, and from all the poser pictures of her before she was even famous, it's obvious she is willing to do anything to be a superstar – I doubt she even needed to be brainwashed! However, I did read an interview in Grazia magazine with Gaga during which she said that she stayed in that 'egg', or 'vessel' as she calls it, for three whole days: 'Interviewer: "That sounds like a David Blaine Stunt. How did you eat?" Gaga: "It was more David Bowie than David Blaine. But I can't talk about it. I don't want my fans to think about copying. Let's just say it was important as part of my rebirth to stay in there for three days."' As if any of her fans would actually live in an egg for three days to imitate her. And where would you get a giant… Read more »


I remember a comment made by Marilyn Manson about Lady GaGa – "She knows exactly what she’s doing,” Manson says. “She’s very smart, she’s not selling out."

"She’s a great musician, she’s a great singer, and she’s laughing when she’s doing it, the same way that I am.”

The "same way that I am" seems to stick in my ears if we can all remember a few years back Manson was very popular and he did it all with shock tactics…


Pathetic! She admits she has no life beyond the stage and wants to be used by others to make them money and amuse the sheeple at the same time. What a pitiful idiot. He legacy will last 15 mins while some other poor schmuck will step in. Round and round it goes.


Justin Bieber is the next TARGET. This way they can target on younger age bracket. I see him hanging out a lot with Kanye West lately. lolz. just saying ^^


Why do these occultist talk about "dying" for others? Sacrificing oneself for others? Hmm… isn't that sort of like playing Bible? What do these occultist know or think they know? Are they suggesting that a death and sacrifice are necessary? Hmm… You'd think, to avoid broader Christian connotations, they'd get as far away from death and sacrifice as possible. Occultists and new agers are so confused. They change their game every five seconds. One minute it's "I'll die for you," the next it's, "No one needs to die for you. We're all one." No wonder people who lack a good defined religion utter lack good defined religion. It's convenient. You certainly do get to make it up as you go along, but ultimately it is hollow and fake. Just like the girl says, it's "magic" that people are after.


Two reasons why Gaga may not be relevant in 2 or 3 years:

People are starting to get tired of heavily auto tuned pop/dance music (at least I am). 'Poker face' and 'just dance' were huge hits…….but now that sound is getting old. She's going to have to change her sound a little bit if she wants to keep cranking out the hits.

And her over the top theatrics are starting to get old,fast.Now people are expecting Gaga to where something over the top…….there is nothing surprising or thought provoking about her antics. Like Marilyn Manson, the effect is going to wear off and people just aren't gonna care anymore.

If she really wants to stay relevant as an artist,like madonna she's going to have to evolve a little.


Heavily auto-tuned? What are you talking about dude? People can't get used or bored with the sound of Pokerface since it was something new in the biz. And Bad Romance showcased her in a totally different way, and still Born This Way is different from what she's done before.


Lots of judgmental comments here.

If you transcend your fear and understand the bigger picture of reality, this kind of stuff ceases to be bothersome. Lady Gaga is just another conscious spark of the divine living out her experiences.

I'd sure love to have a hidden camera on these "religious" people that post and point out all the flaws they exhibit.

But enough of that….please continue casting stones.


Microchip Implants, Mind Control And Cybernetics


Can I find the subtitled version of this video?


I was wondering what it was, honestly I didn't know anything about illuminati… but every time I watched her on video, I felt drained and had a headache after. I'm not being funny, but it happens to me all the time!


You peole are out your god damn mind if you think Gaga is clueless and innocent.. she dresses like a dirty tranny in meat dresses and black death clothing running around promoting luciferian agenda. someone kill it with fire, let's go midevil on this b---h! lol


For the so called "Christians" on this website calling her satanic, you really need to let go of your fear and learn to step and think outside the box. If you listen to her interviews, you'll see she's promoting a message of self love, and acceptance of others(no mater how different they are from you and me). She's not a satanist. This is what organized religion does to people. It uses fear to keep people in bondage. It teaches people that change is bad. And anything that doesn't coincide with the church's teachings is "satanic or "of the devil." This is the main reason I walked away from the church. And it's the reason most Christians seem and sound so out of touch with reality. I can't live by a system of beliefs that is so narrow minded and archaic.


You probably wont even read this cuz its been a while since you posted but self love? that is totally against what God wants of us and is of Luciferian Doctrine….your either ignorant or blind or both….you sound like oprah…walking away from the church cuz you dont want to do what God our CREATOR has asked of us!!!! its not church teachings its GODS TEACHINGS!!!!!!


shoot, I can't watch the vid. Does someone have a link for me?


Now you can see horns on lady gaga… implants in her face… and shoulders… wow… more facts… illuminati puppet. Sad. (See Leno´s show february 14th)


I believe Gaga sacrificed this girl for her fame.
I thought it was a bit far fetched, but after her death, one month later Gaga was a sensation. She was her blood sacrifice. Now she wants to sacrifice herself, how far is she willing to go for stupid fame?


In all her works Lady Gaga, as an Illuminati messenger of Satan, is magically conjuring through dance, music, and symbology, demonic spritual forces to awaken from their long sleep, and possess the minds of her innocent and ignorant viewers and fans. Lady Gaga prides herself in her role as Babylon, the woman or priestess specially consecrated to Leviathan, the Great Dragon, and the work of reviving the 'dead' through the sacrifice of the living. Lady Gaga as herald of the Elite is using artful deceit to announce to the profane (eyes wide shut) the destruction of the old world order (present civilization) through the return/awakening of the gods/demons of a destroyed civilization (the resurrection of Atlantis). Deception is Lady Gaga's true art, wherein youthful innocence is cleverly corrupted through the black magic of materialism and assorted vice, and wherein youthful ignorance serves as the base for self-destructive-self-sacrifice through purposeful conjured demon possession. Lady Gaga and the Elite appear to be working to an occult agenda with the 2012 end/rebirth cycle as an important bench mark to accomplish their "Great Work" of demonic revival/resurrection. "And the Dead shall rise to smell the incense" quote from the Necronomicon. Quote/"In ancient Sumerian cosmology,… Read more »


Truly fascinating stuff, everyone. But you guys are giving this person ENTIRELY too much credit. We're talking about freaking Lady Gaga for Pete's sake!

By thinking of her as some kind of all-knowing shamanistic she-devil, you are taking the bait and feuling the hype (while likely feeding her ego).

She's a pop singer with a few good songs and a great gimmick. End of story.

Don't believe the hype.


Great commentary. I too agree, she just exudes evil inclinations, its her way and that’s why the sad, desensitized, lost world is following her. Don’t be fooled. This world is Satan’s land until the Lord returns, then they will all be cast down. Praise Jesus!


I really like Gaga's music but her new Gaga persona/transformation and new-race stuff is winning over me. I'm kinda getting sick of it!

And her lastest MAC Glam Intro where she's kissing a…. emm… GOAT SKULL just made me see how much she's into this s--t!

I still wonder why is this imaginery so balant and explicit these days… and why does the entertaiment industry needs Lucifer to succeed? Why?

I mean, right now I'm listening more to independent musicians who give their music for free and to more electronic music cuz this pop is getting me sick.

I just can't wait for the "Born This Way" video, I hope she really delivers a message of Equality and not a message of Slavery.


It's amazing how some of you are into conspiracy theories and consider yourselves awake but still believe in mainstream religion …


this chick has lost her marbles…….


even the makeup is very black swan-esque

VC freak

We all gotta pray for her.Hopefully Stefani Germonatta will realise that GaGa has taken over her life

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