Kurzweil: A Future of Humans Merged With Machines (video)


Previous articles on this site have described how the concept of transhumanism was subtly promoted in music videos, movies and video games. In the recent months, the transhumanist agenda took a much more direct approach as Ray Kurzweil became the voice of the movement he calls “Singularity” – the merging of humans with machine. While pop stars dance around as robots to wow the younger crowds, Kurzweil addresses the adult and mature population.

Here’s Ray Kurzweil during in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.

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116 Comments on "Kurzweil: A Future of Humans Merged With Machines (video)"

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I used to love a Canadian band called Our Lady Peace. Their fourth album was released in the year 2000. It was called Spiritual Machines and was a conceptual interpretation of Ray Kurzweil's 1999 book The Age of Spiritual Machines. It featured spoken tracks by Ray Kurzweil, and The Kurzweil K250 keyboard, which he invented, was also used throughout the album. Interestingly, I thought nothing of it at the time other than the band was playing on the whole Y2K excitement or trying to be super-artistic by going in a "futuristic" direction. I've been following The Vigilent Citizen for several months and loving what I'm learning (to the degree that one can "love" the sad truth of who's running our world), but it wasn't until I read this article that I remembered this entire Our Lady Peace album about machines replacing humanity. Makes me want to check out what the… Read more »
@ Chambek I agree with you partially. There are three different Greek or Hebrew words all translated into one word, "hell" in the English Bible, none of which speak about the Hell in the way we think of it. Fire is symbolic and not literal, and most often, the word "forever" or "eternal" are mistranslations which should read "for an age unto an age". Here's where I disagree with you: Fire in scripture is not symbolic of destruction, but of purification; like melting gold by fire to remove the dross and make it pure. So no, there is not a place of literal fire and brimstone in which sinners will spend eternity; there is punishment for sins, purification as through fire, and ultimately restoration back unto God. And this is for everyone…not one will spend eternity in torment. This is all actually taught all throughout the Bible, but you have… Read more »
I think most Christians would disagree with reborn on the whole "not one will spend eternity in torment" thing. If you don't acknowledge Christ as savior in this life, you won't spend eternity with God. Christ is the Glory and reflection of God, and throughout the bible God directs us to bask in.. his Glory (Christ). Also a lot of people (Christians as well) tend to think that "hell" is a lake of fire. The Lake of fire is actually a separate place, and Revelation 20:14 clarifies, "Then death and Hades were thrown into the lake of fire. The lake of fire is the second death." Fire can be both destruction AND purification, we see it in the bible. However whenever there is fire that destructs, it is for the ultimate purpose of righteousness. Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by fire because of the great sin there. Abraham and God… Read more »

I believe in God

It is stated in the bible that one day a man of sin will come to power and he will make everyone take a mark rich or poor , small and big so that no one will be able to buy or sell without it.

I am more convince now more than ever that this will indeed happen sooner than we all imagen.

My theory is that everyone will be force to take a microchip and since these subjects of integrating technology with man kind is being accepted more and more each day, nobody will be thinking twice or see it strange at all to do something like this.

Interesting video of humans being portrayed as dummies manufactured …( it's a hair product)


Sometimes I wonder what the purpose of this website is, and what the motivation of the commentators are. Is it to be cynical and depressed about the future? To destroy what last vestige of hope remains in human souls? Many of you claim to despise the "Illuminati Agenda", an agenda that seeks to infuse civilization with despair and fearfulness so that people spend time bickering and jumping at shadows instead of being proactive and productive. Productivity is the best defense against tyranny, yet you won't hear that from an angry mob that somehow hates centralized authority while decrying free enterprise and innovation. First Principles are important if you want to form a better model of understanding the universe rather than wallowing in ignorance. I encourage anyone here who is not yet beyond all hope to investigate Austrian Economics, and the likes of Ludwig von Mises, Murray Rothbard, and Frederic Bastiat.… Read more »

translation : we're going to implant demons into your brain so you will do what we command.

Why are they treating disease with toxic technology?

Cannabis cures cancer and most diseases! http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9225E5461D

Research everything, believe nobody, and follow the science.

There are some articles on plus ultratech website about the advances in technology, transhumanism and robotic. It's like science ficition coming true

I so don't want to become a machine….if this time ever comes(it won't tho this is all empty talking) i will totally refuse it because this is sick :S god created us the way we are and noone is gonna play God with my body, i have one God and i wont let some stupid human same as i play this sick twisted game :/ But anyway this won't happen in next 100 years believe me people, there will be some weird beta versions but nothing will be safe noone will use it etc. so i don't think we should worry 🙂 i know i am not

It's obvious, robots are easier to program.

This guy is essentially telling it like it is. This technology is comming weather we like it or not. All we can do is hope for the best stay alive and try to keep our children healthy. Right now women stick bags of plastic in their chest filled with salt water for vanity's sake and there are risks involved in that but people are still going to do that; infact more and more people are going to get plastic surgery and more and more people in the future are going to tamper with this technology. Our children will make transhumanisum the new fad and they may in turn lose their free will. Anything that tampers with my brain count me out. Yes it may make my brain function with a higher percentage but who gives us the programming? Can you trust the software? Who will sell us this technology? Do… Read more »

I agree with your point.

Plastic surgery is rampant.

People can get breast implants, nose jobs, change their gender, change pretty much anything.

People have already accepted false, fake selves to be popular and beautiful because our world now tells us if you aren't beautiful you are nothing. So much so that a naturally beautiful girl will think she is boring because she doesn't have hair extensions, a fake tan and a boob job.

Remember reading Ron Hubbard book, called something like: 'Have you live your life before', which is actually memories of people who were recalling their past lives. Some of them remember living as robots, machines…

This means, this human-robot-machine technology combination did exist and coming back at one point again.

The only thing robots are going to do is make the world overweight, to basically the point to where we are going to live until we are 40. Haven't you seen the movie Walle?

Ghost In The Shell, I'm telling you.

Man the though of being merged with a machine makes me cringe…in someways these ideas are revolutionary, only problem is they Completely defy God. wont go into that so much. But with the creation of alternate realities and virtual worlds and virtual experiences that feel so real that the difference between whats real and whats not is indistinguishable can only lead down one road…for lack of a better term…the Matrix..

Please dont call me a hack from throwing out that cliched matrix reference…its all I could think of 🙂

See, the problem is that there will always be parties there to abuse the technology. Computers and electronics in the body could do wonders for the sick and disabled, the thing is that corporations will use this as a front to use the citizens as guinea pigs.

Children who are born this year will be turning 18 in the year 2029…if you consider how many songs and games and programs they will watch as they grow up showing them how humans and robots interact as friends…and how the transhumanist agenda is being pushed to desensitize the up-coming youth…I wouldn't be surprised if the youth of 2029 were willing to insert computer technology into their brains etc… they'll be more willing because they'll think its normal…whereas our generation is still a bit more sceptical. There is no way in hell I'd ever insert any chip or any part of a computer/software into my body…it's just wierd!! I sincerely hope that people will be more sensible and willing to use their own beautiful God-given brains than the intellect of a computer. How boring the world will be if everyone is able to think in the same way…no more intellectual… Read more »
But that's the point. Children grow on what they are raised on. It's like the 'you are what you eat scenario'. If you feed your child burgers, they will want burgers. If you sit your kid in front of a TV all their life, they might just stay there. If you make your children healthy food, they will develop good eating habits. If you go cycling with your kids or play football with them, they might just stick at sports. Your childhood memories are powerful. I love books and I know I love them because my mum read to me EVERY night. SHE fostered the interest. If she didn't do that, I might never have looked at a book. Children are impressionable and curious. If you get them curious about the RIGHT things, they might grow up to never leave those things behind. I never had a phone or an… Read more »


You guys should watch Neon Genesis Evangelion. It deals with all the bad sides of trans-humanism and has a lot of religious symbolism and even deals with societies with the Illuminati. He didn't specifically state it, but the numerous All Seeing Eyes and symbols that litter the secret rooms of the elite organizations in the show make it quite obvious who he is talking about. Great anime, though. It really dives into the psychology of people.

@ Seen: Look — I don't like it any more than anyone else, but I'm a glass half empty kind of guy and you can see the writing on the wall already. The United States will be the last to fall in line is all. But we are brother…we are. Slowly AND surely. Inaction is no longer a viable option. By the time people decide to take any action it will be much too late by your scenario. By my view of the world, it's ALREADY too late. After all, just like everyone else who spouts out dime store philosophical opinions on a website, I'm an individual capable of doing anything my mind is set on — but right after I finish downloading my current playlist of iTunes, watching Dancing with the Stars, cowering in the face of the latest Lady GaGa "symbols", and oh I forgot — getting in… Read more »

Mr. Salty

I hear you brother.

God Bless

I would change #2 to "Preach conservatism."

you write that you agree with ole Johnny in Revelation… so why are you so down?

are you on the losing side?

we Bible thumpers have known about the details of this battle for a loooooooong, long time.

and we Bible thumpers have always known who wins.

it is exciting for us Bible thumpers to actually be witnesses Bible prophecy coming true before our very eyes.

Psalms 118:23 This is the LORD'S doing; it is marvellous in our eyes.

there has never been a way for us to stop it, that is why we have a guide book.

God has been, is, and will always be in control.

Amen and Hallelujah!!


I love this guy 🙂 He talks well. I still have hope though!!!

Evil. They think a fking machine that man makes is better than God? What a nightmare.

"I love how everyone bellyaches about the “Singularity” on a forum where you interact with humans via a machine." Mr. Salty, I am given to understand that dreams play a role in the occult, and I am given to understand that there are theories involving "Kardashev scale", a scale of civilization type in leiu to an interstellar prospective. Then, there is the LHC Collider/CERN. Here there are three topics that coincidently correlate. If you believe in coincidents, I envy you, but I don't. As I said 'something tells me that the Singularity is not what this guy makes it out to be'. Please allow me to connect the correlation in children's form and unabridged, the Singularity is a tremendous energy source (Rosy, helpful to humanity, and highly beneficial, and it also happens to up us to Type 1 more or less). Then, there's the unabridged; the Singularity is more powerful… Read more »

@ Seen

You are correct to a point. Never underestimate the human and Holy spirit. No amount of planning by so few could match real love and empathy. The battle will be tried but the real winner's will shine through.

God Bless

I love how everyone bellyaches about the "Singularity" on a forum where you interact with humans via a machine. The NWO is 50 years ahead of all of us…we're ALREADY enslaved but your primitive reptile brains seem to think you can fight it. Keep typing away oh great lemmings of the digital frontier!! Meanwhile the NWO celebrates your inability to do anything but mind numbingly read information from the current internet singularity and drool special sauce onto your iPads. They've taken much greater action than just "googling". You're all lost and confused and unable to take the necessary steps — the necessary ACTION (which is NOT typing away your bible verses and speculative mumbo jumbo) to keep them out of your life. You've been bought and sold already people. You're just to scared to realize the bigger picture of the world around you: They've won, we've lost. Time to rethink… Read more »

It is prophecy and unfortunately these things have to happen. Just recently, I watched the history channel about Hitler and the Rise and Fall of the Third Reich. I was amazed at how Hitler controlled every facet of a German's life with fear. Watching this program made me realize the Anti-Christ will have so much more HORRIBLE mechanisms of control at his disposal. He will make Hitler seem like childs play.

But in the end, God will be victorious!!! I am so greatful to VC and Infowars.com which has brought about an awareness of MANY "hidden agendas". That knowledge has caused me to appreciate life and not take anything for granted because life as we know it, WILL change happen at any given moment.

I suggest everyone here watch the documentary "the transcendent man"

look up the trailer on youtube and see if it interests you

it has to do with all the cyborg technology thats going to be coming very shortly

also, i think you can watch it online for free just do a quick google search

is kurzweil hebrew as einstein?…it is a kind of curious coincidence…they say hitler was of hebrew origins (rothschild?), his bank friends/sponsors were hebrews, then most of his scientists were hebrews later transferred to americas and russia to be used by the "winners" continuing the work of sick illuminati plan, newton was hebrew, nobel was so. Rockfeller, Rotschild, Sarkozy, Lenin (mother was hebrew from Germany), and so on….

finally, Jesus was hebrew. I wish all the others were like Jesus…instead.

You're funny..u can tell he's Jew, his surname speaks volumes..don't despair though, there are some normal rational Jews.

Ugh just makes me so DISGUSTED

I hope peter singer doesnt/didnt sell out, just a side thought I had just now…they will introduce the necesssary percursory nanotechnologic research it to our food first, if they have not already. chemicals and hormones and cells I know of but no source they are already performing this research yet, last I read nanotechnology was teleporting electrons,,,no real word on chips in blood cells…anyone have information on this?

also, author, good job. we adults are not here to be "addressed" by this mans megalomania

3:30 he is essentially admitting there is selective intent to protect or rather safeguard the "overseer" slash elite knowledge-holder of science from the effects of his science-yea.Ialready.knew.this. so he then suggests large concentrations of public ignorance to alternative lifestyles, health and welness. gee, I wonder why he doesnt address potential legal issues in terms of ethics? hmm. dont be afraid of someone who is just as afraid if not more so. I'd say this guy is afraid of no one chanting his name in 40 years. sucks for him. at some point, the PIC will have to fight for the direction of science, I bet my own life on it 6:06 I am bored with him, at his insignificance in terms of the biosphere, he has no authority on science's existence in 2040 "if you were in that virtual environment" I had to think this guy is a complete flesh… Read more »

Well since I'm barely 14 I've always wanted to grow up and reach my goal (musician) and I swore I wouldn't let anything stop me.

But since I'll probably be around for the NWO (if it evens happen), like a star I won't go out without a bang. Even if I do something small like punching one of these 'elites' in the face.

Heh..whatever…I'm just a kid with my crazy ideas…

@ Brandon

Your a clever kid – you know more than most adults.

God Bless

Kurzweil is fixated on having his father being reincarnated.

He may be a genius and able to keep ahead of the curve, but he's lost his mind. When other people talk about this singularity I'll pay close attention.

Something tells me that the Singularity isn't what this guy is making it out to be. Depopulation is technically already in the process: 1). Body-Scanners, the TSA uses, is becoming mainstream that they create cancerous cells via its radiation level kinda like an X-Ray, and there's no telling when it'll become evident those who use them frequently essentially become sterile especially men. 2). Globalization, tax-loopholes for industries moving overseas, interconnectedness, and other are effectively bringing about a shift in the global balance of power. If you take out the account gimmicking: The US, UK, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Venexuela, Germany, France, Russia, China, Pakistan, Iran, and North Korea (the earthquake/tsunami/nuclear power plant disaster effectively knocked Japan out, and I haven't been able to find links between Cuba and Russo-Sino yet) are all roughly even. Welcome to the new multipolar era, things are likely to get interesting. As far as wars goes… Read more »
One minute everybodies talking about overpopulation and the next about depopulation. The point is, we do need SOME kind of population control. People talk about needing to kill foxes, rats or wasps because they are pests but so are human beings. Just because human beings have brains and the potential to do great things, doesn't mean that a great deal are not just pests, leaches and piranhas who contribute nothing whilst taking everything. We hunt foxes, kill wasps with spray and get our cats to chew up rodents – why do we feel we should cull animal species when they get 'out of hand' but not the human species? THE most destructive influence on earth right now. Now I don't want to cull people, but I just wonder what people really want here. If we accept that overpopulation is a bad thing because of the shortage of jobs, hospitable locations,… Read more »

No plans to eradicate suffering and poverty so far by providing the very basics needed in life such as food, clothes and lodgings. Transhumanism is my main concern because I was born with a damn chip on my shoulder and have an inferiority complex. Man falls into the fantasies of a superiority complex in order to destroy his inferiority complex.

I rest my case since it's certified that the lunatics have taken over the asylum.

I'm sorry. I don't want to sound stupid, but why are people against Transhumanism? Is it because you believe that it will be used by the Illuminati? Or is it something else?

Do you want a metal implant in your brain, or to have a limb removed and replaced with something mechanical? 'Cause I sure don't.

Here's the simple answer to your question as I see it, quoted from an article I wrote awhile back:

"The rich and powerful will control the flow and availability of technological advancements – medical and otherwise – and that, in and of itself, will leave the overwhelming majority of the rest of us on the outside looking in, able only to envy and dream of having the magnificent toys and medical advancements available to the wealthy, elite ruling class.

You can be sure that they won't be shedding any tears over how unfair it is for the rest of us."

That was written in the context of reviewing the film "Repo Men", which I highly recommend, if you haven't seen it. And here's the article, if you're curious…


Fear of being taken over by machines is the epitome of paranoia.

I don't think it is a fear of being taken over by machines – I think it's a fear of what other people would do with the machines.

is better to die instead of becoming a robot. Whatever would happen to humanity, will be just the result of the choices done by the humanity…choose the good, you'lll end good, choose the evil, you'lll end bad…just logics. I hope, there will arrive the day when all the nazi politics and scientists will be judged and hang up for their crimes against humanity with all their mad ideas such as cloning, robotism, transhumanism, depopulation etc. all uncovered, exposed totally for what they are actually. I wish, i'd see that judgement day personally…

hey vigilant can you do an article on 2ne1 they have a new song called i am the best but i see my favorite group turning into mindless puppets in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7_lSP8Vc3o&fe… =( so many horns and stuff =(

Such thoughts are a result of inferiority complexes and physical shortcomings…the quest of an incomplete man to becoming a superman. Somehow I feel if he looked like this guy http://superstarmagazine.com/images/uploads/2011/… those thoughts would disappear.

lol wth is going on here?

Do I really bother you that bad? The immaturity is nice.Its a nice look too.

What are you so afraid of? Truth?

I gotta finish this up…

sorry for double post but i forgot to add some stuff to my original post:

However, i'm not wuite sure what he way trying to say about augmented reality….

that sounds a little too, emphasis on too, sci fi to be reality within the next few hundred years….

I can agree and disagree with arguments made by this guy. No doubt the human brain is one of the most powerful 'machines' knwon to man. But the human brain plus 2 billion nano-scale quantum computers? we'd have immense cumputing power in both out concious and unconcious states. We'd all be world class scientists. everything would be possible, from the person coming from a working class background to the upper class snob. I dont think Ray Kurzweil is talking about the type of transhumanism that is fundamentally wrong, like cutting off a perfectlygood arm/leg/hand/foot or cutting out a perfectly good organ so you can have a mechanical one, i think he's talking more about augmenting what we've already got. Like using nanomachines to help, not replace, the immune system to help battle diseases that the immune system on its own cant handle, like cancer and HIV/AIDS, or as a detection… Read more »

You do make some good points, but only on the surface…because it's not rocket science to figure out who has CONTROL of how the technology will be used, and abused – the wealthy elite ruling class, as always.

The control the money, the oil, the food, the mass media and communications….what makes any reasonable person foolishly think that they will magically somehow realize the error of their ways and suddenly only use nanotech or other forms of transhumanist technology for benevolent and wonderful reasons to help humanity??

I mean, seriously…you don't trust them with the world's financial system or food supply, but you'd trust them with putting a microchip or nanoparticles in your own freakin brain? Really???

Come on, man!!!

EXACTLY I second this sentiment exactly. Not to mention the idea that the human immune system WILL evolve incrementally and over long periods of time! as a direct result of the introduction, be it gradual or not! how stupid and egotistical, to assume the human condition wont reject the interference

This is an excellent video that someone kindly passed along to me. It's long, but packed with info that I think most of you will appreciate…some that I had never even heard before re: sacred geometry, which is really the basis for all technology.


Imagine if those illuminati folks, whose robotic minds are all over the place and suffer from multiple personality disorder, have set up internet sites and blogs to forward folks’ IPs to their clan to have us persecuted in the near future. Everything is plausible!!!!!

Singularity – "the merging of man & machine in the area of nanotech, and biotech" says man with hideous rainbow tie.

Nanotechnology has already been unleashed on us in a number of ways, unknowingly, or at the least, without consent! My personal fav – death dumps, so you can see them coming.
*23 out of 35 adults and 3 out of 4 children positive for nano fibers

*these fibers respond to frequencies, electromagnetic ones. Let’s hope none of our friendly governments decide to let loose a frequency that awakes these horrors.

http://imageevent.com/firesat/strangedaysstranges… – some of them look like little nanodevils

Seeing our depopulation czar Bill Gates smirking with such an invested interest at 2:44 was a special treat for me!!!

The advancement of technology is inevitable.

The best thing you can do is to understand the technology rather than reject it.

this guy was in nas's first album he was in a music video with biggie smalls and jay z in jay z's song called dead presidents he was in a rap group called the firm with nas anyway jay z became rich n famous so did nas and biggie but az never did his a great rapper but i think this is why he never made it big check it out he wrote the whole song but he only spits the last verse http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7CPrTvQdVI

You guys are fn delusional, what is the matter with you people. It's funny how most of you are christians that talk about everyone going to hell, get a life


God Bless

Which god? And don't say Jesus. I'm sure you are not His spokes person. Money is a god sex is a god baphomet is a got nation is a god self is a god Jehovah is the true god of Abraham and true followers of Christ. So what god do you mean?

@ joanna….. I second that motion.


This does indeed sound similar to the "mark" and will probably be incorporated into the RFID cashless ID/finance chip, because remember it must be required to "buy and sell". Also, everything he said keeps very well with things the elites like Rockefeller and Zbignew have been saying for years that the coming age is going to be designed for a "new man" a smarter man, anyone who rejects the new ways won't be able to compete in the workplace or any field with the "new man" and will be weeded out of society by social darwinism if not forcefully exterminated. Seems as though their plan is coming along quite nicely and being met with unmitigated success, lock-step with the grand design…

Yep, I couldn't really have said it better myself, Andrew.

People are already so dependent and addicted to technology by now that the desensitizing doesn't really have far to go at all…the Beast will be accepted and welcomed by so many, probably not even one generation away. Children growing up soon just simply won't know (or be taught) the difference, or have any idea why it could be wrong to have constant surveillance and zero privacy.

There will be stiff resistance, though, at least at first…which will bring the brutal crackdown and some serious depopulation, I would guess.


The biggest depopulation will be through war, and the so called "elite" will profit from both sides and many young men will die. If you sign you name away for the Army you are working for a Private Company and your job is too protect their profits……. i really hope young guys/women start waking up to this as without Armies there can be no war, no war equal no profits, with the biggest bonus no deaths.

God Bless

Ok this is crazy!! Damn but there will be more!!! Hmmmmmm

oh and it's not true that we only use 10% of our brain. We as mothers know this can not be true. How many times have you talked on the phone while cooking, chewing gum, walking and even thinking about what you have to do next? The person that came up with this statement use this as a reason because "he" was getting his info from wicked one and wanted to make everyone else to seem to be dumb. In fact when "he" stated this 10% thing there wasnt even a way to measure brain activity. These folks are still seeking to eat from the tree of knowledge in which does nothing for them. Knowing something of no real importance is like knowing nothing of it at all….

Summerlyn , i'm sure your 0 years of schooling after high school and your stay at home mom watching soap's gives you more knowledge than the pro's, your right we do use 100% of our brains because after all you are a mother, we all know how hard it is to throw in the towel.

Yeah because 10% is such a specific number that OBVIOUSLY is tge result of anylizrd data. She's got a point. Were not impressed with her gum chewing skills, but I believ that at least a majority of our brain potential remains untapped. But 10%? stupid!

actually she's right that 10% crap is a common myth made up doctors discredited that. we use all of our brain but at different times, like how a computer has different functions but you cant access and utilize all of the functions at once because different parts of our brains serve different functions

Ray, get the terror dome, I got my bio-engineered face on methadone, and I'm about to blow up some some proverbial catacombs. Look and see its already been set in stone, Ghost in the Shell, complex yet my singularity? Neo to Trinity, ask the Matrix if its ready to read, scan the past and see the eulogy, you've already created the possibility… Stand alone within the Duplex, Major. This is not for the simpletons and their stature, its for those who understand the nomenclature, and the 'exact' configure-meant of their own nature. Nurture the masses through subliminal passes, this video is engulfing the rest of your theoretical gases, that is your hot air tempered shouts of "Blasphemous!" Oh man, the game is so far coordinated, you'd think loan sharks are data-chipping your thoughts or something. Oh wait, you realized you are in the jaws of "death" ? Pray because it… Read more »

What music do I rap that to? 🙂 I totally hear this under Lauren Hills "Lost ones" rhythm.

M(r)s. Sofia, You may rap the beat to Ms. Hill or to the beat of your own drummer, as long as the Minuteman is to your own nature. I usually toot my own horn to the tune of my Love's harmonica, just because the fauna falls in rhythm with soothing trauma… Wouldn't you agree? Now with that said, and seeing that this message will be read, let's invest in further upgrades, that is to say that parallel growths are like phase-computations of our modern day. History doesn't repeat itself but actually completes with each momentous spree of experiential calculations if you understand my comparative programming. Now, if your brain circuitry matches the synapses within your screen, is there a metaphor within the hard drives, so to speak? CD-Drive to my Daemon tools, I'm going to rewrite this for you. C= See D = Dee? Seedy Drive… I'm just joking, I'm… Read more »

This is the thing tho, in 100 years every peson living on this planet will be dead. This man speaks of a timeframe when he wont even be here. Come on now, who really wants to live forever on this funky planet. That means you will have an electric bill for the rest of your life causing us to have to work forever. Only God offers eturnity… We were not created for this world, and thats why we die. Everything around us can possibly kill us. They are just tying to find a way to get our money forever, as if a 30 year morage plan isnt long enough.

Everyones worried about machines and aliens.

Does nobody else think that we ARE the aliens?

Before the meteorite hit earth, the world was populated by dinosaurs. Man evolved, as did many other species, AFTER the meteorite hit, which means that the matter that the meteorite brought from elsewhere, is what interacted with earths environment to eventually create us. If this IS true, then we ARE alien matter. The rightful inhabitants of earth were the dinosaurs, reptiles and fish. Everything else is alien matter transported from elsewhere. In which case, why are we ourselves afraid of aliens and the unknown? We are quite possibly the unknown we are afraid of.

Phew. Like Kurzweil, I'm mindful that this could be dangerous if in the wrong hands; thank goodness he's developing it with the Pentagon where it will be used to spread peace and joy all over the world.

Nic sarcasm! *like!

Because he is on the WSJ; Because he throws in some jargon; because he name drops people somehow makes it credible?

2029 Man and Machine will merge? Micro Processors will fit into our blood cells? Little computers in our brains can switch on and off depending on the virtual reality we wish to enter?

Does this man sound sane?

The human brain is the most powerful instrument in the world; we use less than 10% – people like Kurzweil are an Illuminati mouthpiece constantly reminding us that we are defected and he and his ilk have the answers – this is no different from Glossy Magazines reminding women of their defects. Do not listen to his nonsense you are amazing as you are!!!