Killah Priest’s “Information” 15 Years Later


When the song was released back in 1996, I felt that Killah Priest’s song Information described a rather grim, sci-fi-like version of a dystopian society. Like a prophet describing visions of the future, Killah Priest spoke of a beast system, of bio-chips, of silicone brains, of iris scanners and of of the omnipresence of surveillance cameras. Fifteen years later, listening to this song  is a disturbing experience as most of his predictions have materialized today… and them some. He even mentions the NSA automatically wiretapping phonecalls, which was introduced by the PATRIOT act after 9/11. Deep.


Where you gonna run? Where you gonna hide?
When the truth comes down upon you, you have to decide
Where you gonna run? Were you gonna hide? Information
When the truth comes down upon you, you have to decide

[Killah Priest]
The Information we have become with laser scanners,
At supermarket department stores and direct mail houses
Which will record every single item we purchase
Data about your daily habits
And movements will flow into the beast system
From spy satellites constantly circling overhead
Watching us like it’s squirting
666 database investigate
Entire race headed for a cyberspace
Riots, breaks inside of empire states
Every move you make is recorded on tape
Some of us are wired, imprisoned behind gates
Hid miniature videos in the briefcase
Cameras will be recording our every activities
Indoors and outdoors, day and night
Obscenely invading our piracy, our privacy (privacy)
Stargazing because Allah is far amazing
Than any green god of a pagan
Raised in synagogues of Satan
Awaken with this starving nation
Left beaten, scarred and shaken
Robbed of education
My birth was foretold
Look deep within my wardrobe
Embrace the crossroad, we once wore gold
But now we electric probes with silicon brains, synthetic
All faces are strange, pathetic
Check the eyes, a man can’t even recognize his family
I blame it on humanity, for this insanity
Spy satellites, the last battle for life
There’s no day or night
CIA take samples of my DNA
Newborns grow horns placed in uniforms
Shipped off to the military
Where they killed and buried
Interactive TV sets will be watching us
Just as we watch them
They will also report back to the beast computer at headquarters
Our telephone conversations will be automatically wiretapped
And transcript by the National Security Agency
Honesty, modesty, poverty, famine, the sons of Amman
Deal with reprogramming and iris scanning
Breaking out of Satan’s bondage with long garments
Like we bionic, no longer paying homage
Remember after ’96 beware of biochips
Now it’s ’97, beware of Armageddon
Bloodshedding and beheading
Head on head collision in the ‘Valley of Decision’
To lock the beast in prison

[Chorus: Killah Priest]
Where you gonna run to? Where you gonna hide?
When the truth comes down upon you, you will have to decide,
Where you gonna run to? Where you gonna hide?
When the truth comes down upon you, you will have to decide
When that time comes, you will have to decide,
Information, Information
You will have to decide, Information
Where you gonna run to? Where you gonna hide?
When the truth comes down upon you, you will have to decide
Information, Information, information

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babies with horns! little monsters…gaga.

biochips, wire taps, jesus christ this is creepy.

Just a thought. If you are an Industry artist the Odds are that you play the game PERIOD!! They give us heroes and Villains.This has been going on for Decades we are just de-sensitized to the symbolism -It has been around always,But the Now Generation don't really care they are "TUNED" on every level.I_pods/Phones/MACBOOKS/Games Consoles,HD/3D,it goes on.Waking Up can be stressful but in time you get through it.Don't always believe the Artists write ALL their material. Would'nt it make sense for the Unseen Hands to feed us this material as they can say they did not Lie-We (the Common-man) did not have the knowledge or where-withal to decipher the message, we just went along thinking its make believe because its via media-We all lost our sense of REALITY(REALNESS) we use technology to communicate more than just verbal one to one.That was the plan.So while we are amazed at the precision… Read more »

funny ha, how some rappers and those ill-uminati call themselves G's!

music is the rod!

the message is in underground conscious political rap,

from "the devil made me do it" back in the late 80's to nowadays "gangsta-rap made me do it".

sombody tell me how to avoid the new world order??

If you think you can fight technology, watch Transcendent Man.

Deep. Some young people are amazing.

yo, i will make a list of 70+ songs of the best anti-nwo s**t u heard, it will leave ya with chills, waiting to get into forum

In south africa we have something called the pick n pay smart shopper…its a card that u swipe which records the purchases u make so that you can receive "discount vouchers tailored to your personal shopping preferances", and by swiping ur card in the machine u redeem ur points etc…I dnt one have and I'm quite glad I dnt now lol:)

Also you tube is an example of people putting themselves out there and we watch back…

All very interesting… We just need to be cognitive about the type of lives we want to have and make decisions that will get us to the destination we seek…instead of going with the flow and being braindead lifeless "robots" following trends that "society" dictates.

To Me (75), you are not an atheist for not putting your faith in religion. Your faith belongs to God. There is why there are non-denomenational churces, of course you have to be careful

with those as well.

Deny men's philosiphical wisdom and accept God's.

If there is only ONE TRUE GOD as I believe, then if a religion is to be, then there should only be ONE. In our world there are several which is why I don't follow any. Religion is a tool to use against people to keep us in constant conflict and my, what a great job it's doing… Does that make me an atheist? I think not! My apologies, I KNOW NOT!

There is no right religion, there is only one way, the only way you make it is through the word of God.

John 14:6 (NIV)

6Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. 7If you really knew me, you would knowb my Father as well. From now on, you do know him and have seen him.”

'Stargazing because Allah is far amazing

Than any green god of a pagan'

Had me in tears. :')

Praised be God.

If u want to take it that way. I think it´s more ironical phrase since the from the beginning of time, people have always have faith in something. The name just changes.

One more thing. I love all people regardless of race. The state where I live has passed a law that requires each immigrant to have visa. Children cannot attend schools without one. Employers can no longer hire illegal immigrants. Although the government is leading the citizen to believe it is doing right by the state, it appears that there is another deceptive agenda. For example, this will become a procedure to keep data on everyone in the state. If you have a job, the government has your identifications. Homeless people will no longer be allowed to roam the street without being counted by some organization. The mark of the beast is coming. Choose Jesus or choose to eat. Take the mark to buy a new car or not. Scary! The time will come to separate the Christians, Jews and God's people from the others. The song is right. We can't… Read more »

The movie-Book of Eli- is in the reality-friction genre. There will be a day that the wicked ones will burn all the Bibles. That book will become a hot commodity for those who have denied it and want to learn the truth.

The Lord strongly warns us to read it and study it, so we can safely place it in our hearts (minds). When the day comes, we want feel threatened by the acts.

Apostle Paul has warned us what is to come by what he endured while he continued the work of Jesus on earth.

That is a good flick!

I don't think you can get off the radar! They got you no matter what! Anytime you can Google your home address and see a shot of your house, it's done! We are on camera all the time! If want your ass they will find you, trust! So you can tape your webcam, turn the TV off, not buy one, refuse to own a cell phone, it won't do any good if you stepped outside your home within the last 24 hours! The only thing you can do is pray!

Another insightful song is 'End of Days' by Vinnie Paz.

Anyway, the worst thing is that no matter how hard you try not to give into their agenda, those around you actually look at you like you're crazy. I hardly watch tv – my friends think I'm weird. I'm very selective about the foods I eat – my friends think I'm weird. I didn't get my vaccinations at school – my friends think I'm weird. I try and inform them of what is really going on – my friends think I'm weird.

It's so frustrating!

Thanks for reconizing this. REAL hip hop forever!

Have this album , Listen to Expand Your Mind…

The stupid guy says in his heart there's no GOD…*ok i think i paraphrased it!*

This explanation should guys:

even if you are not a Christian it's important to know what the Bible says about Satan's great deception, Mark of the Beast and the Anti-Christ.

Also search on youtube: How Not to get the Mark of the Beast and The Unavoidable Identity of the AntiChrist explained through bible scriptures.

I cant get over the lies in this video. Basically it says the Greeks are the fathers of music as well? This is so far from the truth and can be evidenced by looking at the various styles of todays music. Black people came to America as slaves and produced more musical artforms than any other people on the planet. From the so called Negro Spirituals, Gospel, Rock n Roll, Doo Wop, Jazz, Disco, House, Rap, etc. Look at all the early practitioners of American music and it will always lead you back to Black music. This is not racist but true, racist hide the truth. Somebody needs to tell me when the Greeks taught Black people how to make music? I think it's the other way around. In the caribbean African slaves started many musical styles in the spanish and french speaking colonies – Bachata, Reggea, Calypso, Salsa, Merengue,… Read more »
I've been listening to One Republic's Waking album and I've noticed that most, if not all of the songs in that album has something to say about politics and the world in general. Read their song, All The Right Moves' lyrics and it's like about the people in the upper crust or in the know and the "common folks". All the right friends in all the right places So yeah, we're going down They got all the right moves and all the right faces So yeah, we're going down Let's paint the picture of the perfect place They got it better than what anyone's told you There'll be the king of hearts and you're the queen of spades And we'll fight for you like we were your soldiers I know we got it good, but they got it made And the grass is getting greener each day I know things… Read more »

Also a bit offtopic but kind of relevant:

2Pac – My Block (Recorded in 94 before his arrest!!):

"It appears that I've been marked for death…The underlying cause of my arrest"

Explanation: When he was arrested the only way for him to get out early was to sign with Death Row Records Marion 'Suge' Knight.

So if he wanted to get out early he had to be 'On Death Row'… ironic? Is it ironic that 'a Knight' released him and set him on the row of death?..

Basically the arrest was a one way out trap and quite a clever one, at that.

Check this out too:

Kilah Priest: "..Remember after ’96 beware of biochips."

2Pac 96: "..Before I flee computer chips.."

And here's 2Pac talking about illuminati (it's an interview you can find on youtube easy):

People in jail were telling him that there is this conspiracy of the elite who controls everything. From Freemasonry to the Vatican. Pac DIDN'T believe in it: "Come on man, the POPE is in it? How did that get leaked out? Who told every n***a in jail about this? [laughs]"

Pac said that this Illuminati conspiracy talk was just a way to keep your confidence down. So he publicly said that he created a new philosophy called "Killuminati", cause he was killing all those rumours he DID NOT believe in.

Sorry ol chap but i have to correct you on comment #62. Here's a full transcript of the illuminati part of the interview "N****z is telling me about this Illuminati s*** while I'm in jail, like, the dollars and all of that. That's another way to keep your self-esteem low, that's another way to keep you unconfident and I'm putting the "K" cuz I'm killing that Illuminati s***. Trust me, if these mother****ers wanted to kill you, why the f*** they gonna tell Farrakhan? Why they gonna tell the Nation of Islam? Why they gonna tell this n**** in jail about the plan? How did he know? How did it leak to him? Who told him? The Pope? Who? Cause they're like the Pope and the money… c'mon man get the f*** outta here. You so thinking about the money you not getting the mother****ing money, get the money n***a… Read more »

Tupac on Illuminati and computer chips:

"Some say they expect Illuminati take my body to sleep

N****s at the party with they shotties, Just as rowdy as me

Before I flee computer chips, I gotta deal wit brothas flippin

I don't see no devils bleedin', Only black blood drippin"

2pac-They Don't Giva F*** About Us

"Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle." – Thomas Jefferson, Jun. 11, 1807 So, reconsidering this wisdom that was written so long ago, factoring in all the electronic forms of mass media that exist now in our time, and you've got a very clear picture of the greatest enemy of truth, freedom and liberty for all nations and people of the world. Propaganda, well-engineered lies, relentlessly flooding our minds – 24x7x365. Just the fact that any information is presented to us by any branch of the elite-controlled mass media renders it suspicious from the moment it is presented. The motive of those presenting the information is never to inform us, but rather to mold us into what they want us to be – slaves to serve the ruling elite – just as it has always… Read more »

Here's a couple of podcasts folk might be interested in, consisting entirely of hip-hop tracks from over the years with similar lyrical content to Killah Priest, all addressing various aspects of the control system, versus humanity's conscious awakening as to what's going on.

Awesome Podcasts. I really enjoyed these compilations. Everyone should listen to the real hip hop. While everyone hear focuses on the negative artists, we, like vigilant should explore all of the dope anti-illuminatti music. I would much rather discuss this music than Odd Future, Beyonce,Rhianna, Gaga and all the other mindless crap that is out there.

i'm only 17 so 15 years ago I don't know how similar the world was to today as I was only 2, but damn, if that felt 'super weird' back then, it feels pretty close to truth now, or at least believeable!

This is a song which I personally like, "Illuminati" by Prodigy of Mobb Deep maybe not as lyrically in depth as this one, but worth a listen to. My question is why don't we really ever hear any other genres of music speaking about this besides hip hop/r&b? The lyrics are as follows with a link. The video is all done in cartoon like animation kinda cool. (Fan talking) Ohh, yo, ohh s**t man, what up dunn? Yo where've you been at man? Yo we need you man You gotta put out that knowledge Kick that street knowledge G Please man, you got that drugs I need my fix of that dope C'mon man, please man, you got it man, c'mon man [Prodigy] Now the latest gun drive, jelly beans GMT peyote, I know you feel me P's song is a natural tripping me My rhymes is so vivid,… Read more »

since the devil wants to be like God, who is omnipresent and always watching, this is his chance with the monitioring of our lives through tv cameras everything..

@ Dre. Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world. Keep on preaching the truth my brother (or sister), your reward is in Heaven not in this realm. Much love!

FYI…Demons don't need cell phones, GPS, or cameras to track us. They are in the spirit world!

You are absolutely right. These things are not meant to track, but to distract! Trust me, it is working!

Paithan, thanks for your support. No need to add anything, you already said what I was about to. As I said.. believers throwin s**t at us.

Dre: I´ve done researching and you should too. Starting from here:

"Now the spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving head to seducing spirits, and DOCTRINS OF DEVILS; speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with hot iron."- 1 Timothy 4:1-2

Greetings, I pray that everyone really researches what I'm about to say…the mark of the beast is a system. It's the system of recognizing and honoring the opposite of what the Most High already set in place for us. We honor things by putting it before what the Most High said. The Catholic Church has changed the days, times and seasons. They did so in 325 A.D. at the Council of Nicea. There are 2 systems currently in play. One is ordained by the Most High and the other is ordained by satan. One obeys the 10 Commandments (Exodus 20)and the other does as they will. Most people know the 10 Commandments but they don't follow ALL of them. The longest one is forgotten and VERY important. Most Christians have no clue what the Sabbath really is nor do they keep it. It's a rehearsal and divine appointment with Elohim.… Read more »

"……the mark of the beast is a system."

I disagree for reasons already posted above. The bible is pretty clear about this and God`s Revelation to John in chapter 22: 17-19 is pretty clear in its admonishment about adding to and taking away from the Word.

the bible has been modified through history. its been proven. You can not literally interpret the bible because it was written in an ancient language. So right there, you lose the meaning and the sense of the scriptures as you're translating it. You say to be a Christian then learn the Hebrew or Aramic language and then you will be able to fully understand the bible as it is.

I dont understand why you can not accept a different pov not coming from your bible. its just sad you are so close minded.

The Wu Tang groups were always avant garde when it to their music being somewhat prescient about the NWO etc.

I heard a number of rappers, including Outlawz (Tupac's group) have all converted to Islam stating all their answers are there and that they find the inner peace that "Thug Life" never gave them…

@ voice of reason
Have you seen the movie Eagle eye? I highly recommended, all they need to keep track of everyone is a super computer, which they propably have already. Just look at any CCTV cam and say cheese;)

Super Computer – like this?

You can get the article from the Sun, but it looks like a video was removed, I don’t think the NASA rep was supposed to ‘drop the number’, just guessing.

The National Security Agency is, by nature, an extreme example of the e-hoarder. And as the governmental organization responsible for things like, say, gathering intelligence on such Persons of Interest as Osama bin Laden, that impulse makes sense–though once you hear the specifics, it still seems pretty incredible. In a story about the bin Laden mission, the NSA very casually dropped a number: Every six hours, the agency collects as much data as is stored in the entire Library of Congress.

Hi! No, I haven't seen it but I definitely will check it out. Thanks for the recommendation.

Mark of the beast is: submission to ignorance.. 😐

here's another wu-tang track that spreads truth. at about 2:35 this sample kicks in talking about the fire of prometheus in the statue of liberty and the olympic torch. back in high school this song set me on the path of knowledge…

Ironically, you all speak of fearing this beast that collect's your data…yet you're all online.

Hi! I didn't say I feared 'them' collecting my data…after all, I do use a grocery store discount card. I said that I carry nothing with me that can be used to track my trajectory, such as a cell phone. Regarding my time spent online: I am well aware that, with just a few keyboard clicks, that 'they' can find out every single aspect of who I am…right down to my shoe size. I'm also sure that, somewhere in my government's computer system, is a file on each and every one of its citizens. I don't present the following as fact, merely as conjecture; but the government's computer system probably watches every online move we make (shopping habits, 'non-government-friendly' sites we visit…and how often…and how much time we spend there), and probably uses this info to profile us, in a system that probably runs on a 'sheeple-to-troublemakers' scale (maybe color-coded(?)… Read more »

@ Sir Ape!! Can I please have your sources regarding Thabo Mbeki and Nelson Mandela, and also those of masonic symbols on Piet Ritief's bottle?

Info on Mbeki on this link also I have more stuff but cant post it here,if you go to my website you can post your address to me from there and I will forward more SA

Cant find the Mbeki one but will post it when I do.Also an interesting thought is that many Bavarian germans helped build Windhoek and I have seen a plaque on a masonic building here in Germany listing those that helped and settled there.

TV Watching us?

Well, what do you think the camera on YOUR XBOX 360 or LAPTOP is for.

To Voice of Reason, The answer to your question about the mark of the beast. Well, it's a lot simpler than most people imagine. You see in the Bible, especially Daniel and Revelation beasts represent world powers. The specific beast mentioned in Revelation that had seven heads and ten horns with diadems is a symbolic one. Ten represents completeness in an earthly respect. The seven represent the seven world powers of Bible history: Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, and the Anglo-American duel world power. There is an eighth beast that must stand up for "one hour." This too is a political entity. The United Nations. Jesus said his kingdom was "no part of this world." And the Bible tells us that Satan is the ruler of the world, and that the beast itself sits on a throne and that the dragon, or Satan is the power behind the throne.… Read more »

You have the mark too, look at your social security card, bitrh certificate, you know those red numbers at the bottom look them up on wall street they are are getting paid off of us sheeple!!!

@ Thomas. I totally agree and Thomas, you must know Jehovah. Knowledge is power, but it has to be accurrate knowledge. and that mark does stand for imperfection that is why it is called a "man's number". The "beast" stands for world government. So if you have that mark upon your forehead, it means you internally look up to and hope and trust in human government. If that mark is upon your hand, it means you are an active member of the government posessing that same hope and trust. Babylon the Great simply means worlds false religion. It is not a literal woman. The 'waters' she sits upon stands for 'people'. Revelation in the bible is very symbolic and once you gain accurate knowledge, you are not in the dark about its meanings. The highly feared by many anti-christ is not one person but it simply means, literally: anyone opposed… Read more »

@Thomas, I believe that VC is wise enough to stick to facts that can be corroborated with evidence. If he began dabbling in personal Biblical interpretations which may or may not be accurate, he would loose all credibility. Your interpretation of the mark of the beast is interesting yet wholly personal. None of this can be proven. What you perceive as "the real truth" is your interpretation based on your religious views. A person of a different background would come to a different conclusion and be as valid. On the other hand, facts are accepted by people of all faiths and creeds because they can be proven. This is the genius of this site, something you seem to be overlooking.

Why do you interpret it that way?

@ Piss in boots, you are so right about the kinect!..t.v.s are watching us!….A friend of mine told me about that today and I got chills being reminded from what you wrote….

My dear you are so right:) the apple with only one bite??? Then all of apple's softwares: IPhone or shall I say eye-phone, I photo, eye chat… You get my drift.. The one eyed beast!!! And everyone is rocking it, so sad:(

Read the EU license agreement for Kinect, sound familiar?:

"Interactive TV sets will be watching us

Just as we watch them"

This, and cell phones with cameras with remote access backdoored firmware mysterious updates silent in the background and you ARE ALL WILLINGLY PLACING CAMERAS IN YOUR HOME!

Game systems with cameras, cell phones with cameras, what is next? a camera implant?

They used to call people crazy for saying, "They planted a chip in my head" now you have articles like, "The Mind Has No Firewall" and published information in science mags on various implants.

MKULTRA refined, drink the koolaid, swallow the imaginary pill, you're on TV woot woot your mind is null.

A pleasant surprise to see that within the VC crew are student of Hip Hop's more serious subject matter, always think of The Coup's album cover when I think of certain visionaries of this art and how they've managed to use their gift to produce works of clarity about much that surrounds and is coming …. As usual, the trend of the subject seems to have been lost in rhetoric about things related to religion / spirituality and what can and cannot be proven ??? However, the ideal of what can we do … ??? … and the responses of … Being the best you can be … remain, sometimes, the relevance of things should perhaps be allowed to take some precedence folks …. Killah Priests words need to be observed & learned from, therein lies the beginning of a collective change, hopefully, for the better … !!! … when… Read more »

Jokerhd13 says:

that's the problem you're listening to Alex Jones..he's is dif-ifo cointelpro..

he has nuggets of info but his gig is in fear mongering and getting you buy his junk

tip of the ice burg with this guy and all the "name" truthers

Back in '99 I started to listen to the Psycho Realm, a duo group of chicano rappers that spoke openly about these subjects. the often mentionned Bill Cooper and his excellent book "Behold A Pale Horse" and then i started to see properly. the late Bill Cooper, may he RIP, said that alex Jones was a desinfo agent. And even prooved it in one of his shows, he also mentionned David icke as being rediculous because of his Reptilian theory about the secret goverment and such. since then, just like most of us I've been seeking for the truth and quite disappointed at where we are right now and what we've become as a society. we need to work together a a community rgardless of our gender, creed, race or color because we outnumber them. its up to us to make it happen but not in a riot/destructive way because… Read more »

@dre thank u for your answer but I must admit part of what u said is terrifying! I mean,theres NOTHING that we can do to stop it? So I have to keep watching the inevitable happen and not do anything? Forgive me for asking ,but what the heck is the purpose for us being here if we r to all suffer? I feel somewhat resentful….

@Godblessusall what the hell r you talking about? We are interested in finding a solution for this stupid situation, that by the way we are ALL in and you're too busy logging on here and calling people satanists. You are exactly the kinda garbage that is represented on this site. Who r you to judge anyone? You're probably at home covering up one eye and wearing Lady Gaga lipstick and a lead chairperson of Oprah's Book Club…why dont you go sit in a tub of holy water….

@its me again……Wow personal insults, did you really have to stoop that low??? Where's your respect, you should really grow up and learn some maturity/ how to treat others.

-BELIEF THAT SATAN DOESNT EXIST- where does it stem from: "One will never understand the occult, or global conspiracy, unless he/she understands its guiding force": SATAN. -The great deception of man away from God, and away from the truth was implemented by the elite/freemasons; this deception included 3 policies to accomplish this goal: 1) Make sure that humans believe that Satan and his angels do not exist. (Today 75% of people do not believe in an actual devil/Satan) 2) To have total control over the minds of people through hypnotism (Mind Control) 3) destroy the bible without burning it though the theory of evolution and science: (Satan taught Charles Darwin personally in setting up the principles of the theory of evolution) People must understand and know of Satans plans to de-Christianize the western world through mysticism and the occult. Dont be deceived into believing in and following the great deceptions… Read more »
The NWO , or end time goal of the illuminati/freemasonry and at the reaching of this goal all secret plotting of freemasonry shall cease. – Illuminated freemasonry received approval from the delegates of the ultimate NWO goals: " 1) Pantheism for the higher degrees, atheism for the lower degrees and the populace; 2) communism of goods, women, and the general concerns; 3) The destruction of the Church, and all forms of Christianity, and the removal of all existing governments to make way for a universal republic in which the utopian ideas of complete liberty from existing social, moral, and religious restraint; absolute equality, and social fraternity, should reign. When these ends should be attained, but not until then shall the secret work of the atheistic Freemasons should cease. Meaning rather than keeping their evil beliefs and doctrin secret they will work out in the open, implementing and forcing them on… Read more »


i was raised in a christian house, sent to a christian school and forced for most of my young life to go to bible studies i though i will admit it has been awhile since i have read the "good" book. i am still quite aware of what is written. So please dont insult me by assuming my knowledge /view point comes from just listening from what other people have to say and following along like a sheep.


@paithan ur mistaken..the bible even tlks about false prophets that claim to know the day the workday will end it also says not to believe them for no man or angel knows the hr of Jesus return…hmm maybe you should read it sometime u dnt have to be a Christian to read the bible..if ur really open minded that is. Maybe you'll get a better sense of our religion & know for yourself not just wut others tell u..


um for the record i dont believe in satan so not really sure where your comments came from. As for the rest i feel this site isnt just for religious people but for anyone who has concerns over whats happening! Its silly attitudes like yours that are going to keep people apart when really we should all be trying to work together to find a way to stop this!


The bible is written so that pretty much anything can be applied as signs of the end of days why do you think there as been so many doom day predictions since the damn thing was written?

As for your other comment if you had read what i written i said i dont know what we can do apart from help open others eyes as to whats going on and wait for the moment to do something to present itself.

Its me again, you arent going to get a rise out of me. I'm not going to internet battle with you…If you would scroll up you would see the conversation in its entirety. Thanks. 🙂

Its Me Again i feel very much the same ! we have to be able to do something, what i am not sure of so i guess the best thing to do is just help open others eyes as to whats going on and wait patiently for the right time to act. For me attitudes like Dre show just how useful religion can be to the NWO , they are happy to stand by and let everything happen thinking any day now Jesus will come save them and that all of this is meant to pass so why try and fight it. But as far as i see there is to little evidence to support that your gods are real and i wont be risking my freedom and well being on the off chance some sky fairy has a comfy little escape waiting for me for a play good boy… Read more »

@its me again well dnt be resentful look to god for ur answers and actually be willing to listen he'll show u all u need to know
@paithan gud for u but the thing is we look to god for answers bcuz the bible tlks about all these things in the end days also the bible was one of the first books to be written coincidence? Nah but I'm not goin to argue about religion wut u believe it wut u believe all I can do is wish u the best fighting the "elite" I wud love to know ur brilliant idea on how to stop them tho? Don't worry I'll wait o___0

Well u and Molly can do be what you need to do…Time is almost up and no one is going to force you to do anything- that is your choice. If you were really a satanist why would you come on a website full of beleivers? For answers? Seem you have them already. Seems this site would also be a waste of your time. No? The devil has work for you to do.


You are not alone. =)